Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1958
Page 6
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Page Six HOP! STAR, H6PI, ARKANSAS Monday, Netimbtr 17, Iflr „,_— ..^.^.-..^CTCTaMt. —•».— MI Royalty Reigns at Homecoming for Bobcats Friday wrapped if) his chule and huddled under a tree. lh{i>rrhitteht clouds. snowfalls and ha?e prevented" the pilots from scanning much of ihe letrain Sunday and aerial search operations halted at dusk. TV mperatlires dipped below freeing in the 8.000-10,000 foot Wasatth Hangc section where Bom and Liggett were believed to have falloh, J'tttified trees (whef-e geologic nciinn changes tho wood to agate) arc slill found In northeast Arizona Indians ohce used the tin-! usually hard rock to make arrowheads. Deer Hunters Escape Heavy Missouri Rain PlEtJiViONT, Mo. (AP) - Tor- rcnlinl rains hit southeast Missouri last flight and d number t>' hunters gathered for the opening of deer season today narrowly escaped With their lives. The heavy rains sent a number of small streams out o* their banks, causing a sciies of flash floods. Unofficial reports were thaf feboUt 11 inches of rain fell in a little more lhafi otic hour )ri the Fremont area of darter County. Several deer hunters lost both their cars and equipment. Two St Louis hunters, Woodrow T. Hunt and Chester Mall, blinded by the downpour, drove into rampaging Mc-Kenzie Creek near Piedmont and Were swepl into thf flood. Hunt, 45, swam out and sum- monfd help. More than two hours later the P.vhaus,ted Mall. Z"t, was found a mile downstream clinging to a tree limb in wr.tst deep water. Mall said the car was turning end over end in the flooding creek when he last saw it. They droVO into the water at a low Water bridge on a road bet-.Vcen Clear- water barrt and PiedfHonl. A party of 15 dSef fitffit&fs f>6Hl Scott dduhlj* 1 as temfaofSfil? trapped ih cabins along 8 f g Barnes CJreek in the Ffferhonl 8fe3. They finally ffiatte Iheir wdy SUI of the area ih 3 cars. Si* other ears wefe 1 either Wider water or Washed awny along **lh most of theif equipment. ^ The flash flood on McKohie Creek IHUHdated low=lylfig secliohSi of Piedmont, foicihi! the Cvacllfl- tloh of about 2(3 fdWiiies at ftiid* night last night, Mall was i-cscilcd by a sdarch party of abbtil 30, including mem« bers of the Piedmont VoJurtteci? Fire Department. B.VPW Club Meets Tuesclny Prose"!l .H.ViHV C'liib rncnibi'is Jliel Tm-sdiiv i-vrninj; ;il Die Liuv-j son Hotel. 'I'll" president. Mrs. Robbir Wills.ni. pi-r-.Klrd and Miss Fay Loinnis :: u <• tin- un m-atmii. Miss Hai a Jane Jk-Ciill. nnliima! Security ch.i; n i :;<n. liad rhargt' uf tin' program aiul «avu iin instructive talk mi "K.ifi'ly." discussing llio iliffi-ri-iil accidents Dial might nc'c'iir in Ihe luinii.* and how they could In? prevenled. Shi 1 also told .•sever,il first nicl measures lo uso in case nf iiecidents 11 was annnuni-cd that nil money — Photo by Shipley HOMECOMING Queen Catherine Del Vecchlo reigned over ceremonies Friday for the Bobcat Homecoming, Hope easily defeated the Badgers by a lopsided score to remain undefeated. Left to right, Maids Jahet Cox, Judy McDowell, Lyna Purtle, Queen Miss Del Veoohio, Ann Colo, Joyce Rlley and Sandra Hobbs. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain NVw Y,,rk, N. Y. (S|./-<-i,,l) — For tlio first. Unit 1 science has found n new hcnlinR sulislniH'o with the nston- ishiiiB uliilily to shrink hcmor- rlmicla, slop itching, and relievo j»ii» — williniit nur(fory. In case after case, wliilo cenlly relieving pain, ncdinl reiiuctioii (slirinUau'e) took place. Mnsl aina/.in^ nf all— results were so Uioroucb Unit, sufferers mudo nstonishinff stntements like "Pilei have oeaseil to bo n problem!" The secret is n new hcnling substance (Hio-Dyne*)—diseovcry of n world-famous research institute, Tliis substnncc is now available in suppository or ointment form under the name Preparation II,* At your druBgist. Money buck guarantee. •Keg. u. s. r«u on. from the turkey salt- and the name must toe turned in 'by Friday, t4ov. 21 lo Mrs. iBuss Gist, Mrs, lErnma McDnniel or <M'rs. Naomi .Patrick. Mrs. Marie Chainburlriin lud a discussion on various projects that the club may undertake in the lulu ro. The meeting closed with the Club Collect. There were 14 members and two visitors, 'Miss Palsy Mancus and Miss Billie Sue Waters, who were guests of Mrs. :t2mmn McDaniel, present. Fidelis Class Meets Tuesday. The monthly social meeting of the Fidelis Class of the First Baptist Church was held Tuesclny evening in Ihc home of Mrs. Johnny Jockson with seven members present. •Mrs. Wnrrcn Ptiync voiced the opening prayer after which the business session was conducted by the president, Mrs. Kenneth ,Rcav- Four Hg reasons why FORD OTHER '59 CABS AT THE BRUSSCLS WORLD'S FA!R, (lie 59 Fords were ;t\sardi'd 1lic Gold Modal for haiulsome now styling elegance by the Comito Franeais cle 1'Elcgaiiue, ANYONE CAN FIT IN A fORD: Our cars are built for people—/M//-SW people \vho waul space to stretch out. And all passengers ride in deep-cushion comfort. The world's best-selling car is the car with Thunderbird elegance Jn the greatest styling decision of the year, the American public has already shown a clear preference for Ihe new Fords, Ford sales are way ahead of all competition. Why? One reason is tht classic simplicity of I Heir Thuuderbird- inspired design— clean, crisp lines that nro pure automobile! And Fords are built for people— to sit in, to drive, to ride in— with comfort,. The car in hottest demand across the land has greater roominess and comfort Thousands o| customers have bought the new Ford over all competition for another compelling reason,— it's a true ,s-(>-passenger car. (The only passenger car we recommend is Thunderbird!) All si* Ford get plenty of every kind o| from leg and head to. elbow und hip. ftear seal passengers c|o»'i feel likl Uiey'reridiiJgwiUjtheirfeeUnabucjiet! itmn v .v«« Ford, for ypu'll save up to a dollar w engines t])at run Mjperbly pi) rff/ulnr The NP« 1 car in saves money on gas, pn Pil, pn maintenanoi bills f A new Ford will sa.ve you yp IP, 5f § gallon on gas, That's because bjHfi standard engines— Sis or TJ)un4prtunJ Y-S— thrive on regular gRs r An^'Fprd saves on oil, too, with a F»}i*Flp,'w p}J Filter as sl%nclar4 fiquipoiesUi.PrJy* 4000 miles between oil phaB|9§! 'M4 you pan forget sboukwislwg.ypur- fijtuft Fflrd/s piginonci {Ajstre Fjniijj «teyi Ford costs you less right 4°.SB ih? \WM w>«ipeUti9«« tags anci you' and M.rs. Allen )Vc(ine?day in 4iP_t Springs Mjss. fitri 'Ann jRogors the guest Wednesday oj 1 Two May Sti! Be Alive in Snow, See By JERRY TRAPP HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah (•A(P)—'Arc two Air Force ofti'cc-rs who btilcc! out of a crippled cnryo plnno still alive after more thnn three days in the blizaa'd ravaged mountains of northoastorn Uath Hopes for the survivnl of Capt. Donald Llirgutt, 40, Indianapolis, Jnd., navigator, and LI. Donald E. Born, 28, Anciovor, N.Y., pi'.ot. were dim as the frigid dawn- thin morning, Born. Liggett and six other men parachuted from a C119 Friday night when one of its two engin.r-s stopped on a flight over the ru;«- g'cd mountains about 30 miles e*.iKt of here. The plane was en route to its home base here. Sgt. Ivan Probasco, 3.1. Buhl. Idaho and Sgt. Joseph A, IReagan, Nellis AFB. Nev., died Saturday from exhaustion and exposure as Ihey tried lo fight IheJr way through waist • deep snow and freezing temperatures to help. A group of the more than 100 weary rescuers combing the desolate mountain area on Saturday found Sgt, Royno Feltncr, 36, Hazard, Ky., Sgt. Walter P. Bigeli.nv. 28, from nearby Oeden, and Cpl. Ray Copeland, 22, "Enliatt, Wasa when they stumbled into a shep-, herder's camp. Copeland ancl Feltncr, bolh Ar my men and Reagan were hitchhiking a ride on the C119 when the plane commander, Capt. Harry O. Blount, 33, Great Falls. Mont., ordered thorn to jump. The plane flew 150 miles on automatic pilot and crashed. Rgtgan died the next day it Feltncr's arms. Foltner said ho was quietly preparing his own death bed in the snow when a search party found him. Blount was found n few hours after tht. parachute jump. lie was es. Games were directed 'by Mrs. Jackson, Open faced sandwiches, eookjrs and coffee were enjoyed during the social hour. Beauty Unit 11 Meets Here Eight mem'bers of the Beautician's Unit 11 met on Tuesday evening at Elizabeth's 'Beauty Shop, with Mrs. Delia Stewart hostess. M'rs. Elr/abeth Wilson, president presided and conducted the business session. Tl)e highlight of the evening w?s a demonstration of u hair cut and ruiir style. .Refreshments were served 'by the hostess. The next mooting will bt a Christmas party Dec. 9 at the phia Salon of Beauty, Mr, and Mrs. E.ppler Entertain Mr, and Mrs. EarJ Eppier enter* (ained the Couples Bridge Club with a dessert bridge at their homo on Tupsdny evening. Colorful ar* ran,gements of chrysanthemums WPCU placed at vantage points in the .rooms, High score prizes were won by Mrs O. W. Walkins and J, B. FranHs. Mr, and Mrs. >B,ob Roy nolds were guests. Other mem bers were 'Mrs, ifVanKs and d\Jr. Welkins, ' ' •Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Bratcher ar? jn ppljas to be with thplr daughter rs, Eddie 'Landers \\'ho went surgery. Mrs, Harold JJonddx and Mjrs, Horace Jones weru Wednesday yis« (tors fn H,opo. &Jrs. Plarke \Yhil9 has returned [rom CUongview! Texas where she ivas the -guest ol Jw daughter, '1'r^, p. B, pannon Jv. and family. ADVERTISING . . . THAT LASTS! , - \%7'*vsx.-. : ?;.•*<£ , ;- : -->-- v /;' l ?.S|;|ii '. '.'''.•••.•:."^»S?''V%S - rf-^ , ' 4 *Vv° s -f i ,,^-i I! ^ V 'vftftfc>' i' Golden West-August 17-29,1958 map by Alex, JJ, Washburn This is a reduced photo copy of the cover page of the Qolden West Tabloid, Last Augw?f Hope Star took five Hope boys on an educational tour of the Golden We.st, The boys saw the bears in Yellowstone National Pork, Wyoming, ond. the Indign cliff-dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park, southwestern Colorado, Publisher Ale*, H. Woshburn took 230 black-and-white and 300 color photographs of the 4,602-mile tour. The best of the black-and-white will be presented in a 16-page pictorial tabloid on which the newspaper orgqni?atjon is now at work, x The tabloid will be printed on 45-pound Oxford book ppper — • a separate insert of begutiful gppeargnc/g and permanency, It will haye an enduring appeal to the locgl public, because? of its interest to Yoyth-r-the Hope Star newsboys and all ihejr young friends — end to adults as we|J, becgu§e g surprising number of local people, have mfld§ this tpur grjd in this tgbloid segtion they will find professional pictures of the. p|gc.e§ they themselves visited. This Newsbgys Tog; of the Golden West Ecjltion offgr§ gn oppprtwnity |pr insjfitytiongl gnbrgnd npme pclyertising by loe.o.1 incjgstries gnd 'business hoy§§§ -^,g cpmpgct and b'ePwXlful tgblpid segtipn whieh will presfrvgd for yegrs tp ?ome, Np more thfln half pf the ]6 pgges will be gygjjgblg for Thf 5tgr t? grrgnging' for Q special purchgse of this mgggjjn? pgper gpg 1 rngtehipg. ink/ on complete teehnjcgl gdyige; howeyej-, if g ink snjegr sr ether jtechnicql prpblems makes its wse'irpp'pssible wt thg ripht tQ prprfysf tJhf pjgtorigl edition on stgndgrd newsprint -^ gjid surSlOO pgrnble. Jn gny eyent, jt will b« Q production Hopg is, feqund IQ be prpud pf« Tw§nty»two yegrs ggg the librodqrj of the Algms gt §gn Antonip, fdiJpr thgt pyr Arkgnsg§ C§ntfnnigl WQS Jh§ in fUhfrArkgns.gs or Tews, in The @pl4fn W^st Tgblpid §?ction will pe included jn th§ rggwlgr pf The Stqr an the dgt§ gf jsgyf, but thf i^iien will al§o bg §9l"d , at I? BSP sgpy, ' - Maay fpiki will want IQ mpU tb? TgWpi4 i° distant i qu?§t- p - J^lfa^9Big§ sh9wla.J??'flwte «°w §0 wf ggn b§ g ' ' and is* i t? cwr ^Sf^VF ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^~^S^' t ff i ^^^^ m&ii

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