Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1958
Page 3
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Ktantfay, Nsvember 17* 1958 Hep E T A e 1 Pagi Tfcrfl PH6RS ?44§1 §StwS8H 8 A.M. <5Rd 4 P.Mi WSCg Circle No, 5 of the First Mbthodist Clnli-ch will meet in the AENGER LAST Mire 6:30 - 8:30 Tomorrow Nite is the Big Event of the Year in Hope ... A Once in a Lifetime Event.. ONC PERFORMANCE ONLY 7:45 P. M. All Seats . . . $1.00 "A MAJOR 'EVENT OF THE DANCE SEASON. ,,A MUSTI" JOHN MARTIN, NEW YORK TIMES THE HANK ORGANIZATION lakes prfde tn prelenttng THE featuring ' "Giselle" Inlwoocti * Barring GAUNA ULANOVA Exactly at pr*ienfed hefort Her Mojeity, Queen Elizabeth II £t the Royal Opera House, Coven I Card** 9 ADVANCE TICKETS NOW ON SALE home of Mrs. j. C. Atchlcy tonight at 7:30 with Mrs. Doyle Reaves as co-hostess. New Board to Be Decided in 3 Weeks Tuesday, November IS Mrs. Lahroy Spates, 308 South Spruce St. Will be hostess to the American Legion Auxiliary Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. Members are reitiinded lo bring ah ap ron for the Christmas packages now being wrapped in the VA bos pilal. Jaycettes will meet in the home of Mrs. Paul MeClellaii. Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. wlUvjM'rs, Hufus Smith as co-hostess. Mrs. Manuel ttamm is guest speaker. The Couple's No. 1 Sunday School Class of the Garrclt Memorial Church will meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bordelon, 420 Edgewood St., Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 7:30 p.m. for their class meeting. All members are urged lo attend and bring a friend. Wednesday, November 19 Mrs. R. L. Gosnell's Elementary i and 7th grade Piano Pupils will give a program for their parents and friends in the Garland school auditorium Wednesday, Nov. 19 at 4 p. m. 8y ftllftfift ... LITTLE ROdK (Af>)~- In three weeks Litlle Kofck voters will have another opportunity lo ekpress SeH< timend on school integration. T'h^y \vil Ichoose among ,15 candidates seeking school board membership, a now somewhat dubious honor here. Ir recent balloting, LilUc R"ock voters have preferred — Segregation and closed public schools, to Integratioh and Open schools. A staunch segregationist as coll' pressman; to a veteran lawmaker with moderate racial views. There is no Indication, boWevt'f, that any candidate for tho six hort' salaried school board jobs will run on an integration platform. Instead the issues probably will be sogrcgu* lion at any cost versus maintenance of public schools eVert tit) the cost of integration. Last week, a dramatic mass ro- Eignatlon opened all six school board positions to the regular Dec.. school election. Five member/-* walked out, The sixth, Or, Dale Alford, will leave to enter Congress as a general, election write* in victor over Rep'. Brooks .Mays (D-Ark), In pulling free of the federal- stale vise in which the school board has been caught since September 1957; the resigning' members The Patmos P. T. A. will meet Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. in the \ W <H meet Thursday, Nov. 20 at 7:30 school library. A meeting of the I P- m. at the Masonic Temple for executive committee will precede. All members and friends are urged to attend. Lilac Garden Club will meet Wednesday, November 19 at 3 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Graydon Anthony with Mrs. Loyd Kinard as co-hostess.. Each member is asked to bring bulbs for the Jr. Garden club members. The Second grade Brownie group will 'meet Wednesday at Garland school at 3:30 p. m. their regular meeting. College Notes James Gilbert, son of Mr, and Mrs. Ansley Gilbert, was recently taken into the Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of Arkansas. James is a sophomore and a pre- dental major. Mothers of children of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades of Jirobkwood School will meet Wednesday at 30 a. m. at the home of Mrs. Jim James. Thursday, November 20 The Order of The Eastern Star PRE-CHRISTMAS PERMANENTS DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON JEAN - EDITH - DIANE Pho. 7-3118 204 S. Main Harvest Sole * * BEGINS TUESDAY MORNING 8:30 A. M. r AT THE FASHION SHOPPE RESSES All-New Fall and Winter Merchandise ,. . Jr,. — .Reg, — ' Half, Sizes Values to 12,98 NOW Values to 14,98 NOW Values to 17,98 NOW ONE RACK DRESS 1 to $22,50 CREPES - 4*98 COTTONS ~ WOOLS mn^iMZSP T !W' ffflvfiA BStijj -J-^A^t-jS-k—JJ! Sjcirfs New fall Gotten; Slim & Fy)l Styles AJI P! &$• ' Slip Qyer SryJes l §jzg§ Also at the University of Arkansas during Open Rush, Sieve Grain inici Jimmy Jones, Jr., joined the Sigma Pi fraternity. Both boys are freshmen at the university. Steve is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Grain and Jimmy is the .son of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jones. Coming and Going Alice Roach and Ruth Hoelscher attended a stock holders banquet at the home office 'building. Old Roekland Life Ins. Co., at Texarkana Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Howard and children, Teresa Ann and Randy of Dallas spent the .weekend with Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd Coop. Randy remained for a longer visit, Mrs. Lloyd Tarpley and children of Shreveport are visiting in Hope with Mrs. Mary Ha mm and Miss Brenda Ha mm while Mrs. Hamm is a patient in the .County Memorial Hospital. Hempstead County 4-JI Club champions, Kay Burke o£ Do Ann and James Cummings of Rt. 3, Prescott attended the 13th annunl 4-H Club Congress in Little Rock, Nov. 14 and 15, Miss Lanelle Fuller, student at Baylor University spent the weekend in Hope with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Horace Ruller and grand parents, Mr, and M'rs, Will 'Munn, Circuit Judge Bobby Steel of Nashville was a Sunday visitor in Hope, He was the guest speaker at the morning service in the First Methodist Church, Mr. and Mrs, Joe Barrpnlino and children of Pine Bluff spent the weekend in Hope with Mr. and Mrs, Orville Allen and Mr, and Mrs, C, E. Barrentine, Mrs. Mack W, Cowarl and son, Chris, formerly of Norfolk, Va., are visiting lier parents, Mi', and Mrs. Bill Marlar, before going to California to join Mr, Cownrt, w'"> js in the U.S. Navy, A^ter he com» pletes a period of training on the West Coast, he will be stationed in Puerto Rico and his wife and son plan to move there. Several Hope High students attended Homecoming at the U of A last Saturday. They included Judy Kay Wright, Sharon Foster, Julia Peck, Charles William Wylie, Jimmy Tate, Bill 'Hairv, Billy Puller, J?on J3oothe and Johnny Graves. Boothe ai]4 Graves were among those invited, to sit on' the bench with th? JUzonbaek learn. HQspitgj Notes Bobby Ware, Hope, J?i?eh|rged; Mrs, CepiJ .Rogers, Hope; Mrs. Barjene FcnwicH, Hope Mrs. Horace. {Jale and. ba'by gii'l, §teyepson, IH, I, Hjopo; G. g, S^anton,, Saratoga; yertestene Jiogej-s,- , Hope, 1 Mrs. Pansy PJumley, IJope; M.rs. Oon. aid Pdd.y, §ta'mp?; R}vs. ^ighar4 Jf.^AHen, jRt. }, ^jjust Mi'5- P'UT ipn jj, f}a»-yM. fit- 3, Bepe; f. »- ,SmlUj. son, 1. Gets Buck Final Day a Season Star Pholo & Engraving HALFBACK Eddie King killed this 17B pound, e | ght point buck Saturday morning .m the Proving Ground) the final day of the fii'st deer season, ., ; - v,-., : '— Star Ph'ulos & Engravings- SHOOTERS of all ag?s turned-out yesterday afternoon at Fair park for the Jaycee-sponsored Turkey Shoot. Top photo; left to right: Genie Lowe, Sue Ann Smith, Georgianne Lowe and Suzanne Sommerville. , y " "• Bottom, left to right: Fred iMathenla, Don Grlner, Harry Hawthorne, Raymond Byers, R. L.,Ponder, Bob-Connor and Wallace Martin. > • •'-• i '-<-'ji *.\,^-,-, -,•", • t ~, • ,, , t Winning vjrkoys in the' shoot vyere, LaGrone Williams, Tom Hancock, Jessie Tullis and Don 'Griner 'shooting ,22 'cal. rifles; winning turkeys in the shotgun division were.J.'T. Still, C. R. Brown Clifr'ord Messer (2),. Jim Wilson, Dub Flowers, Herbert Dodson (2), H, O, Grlsham, Richard McDowell and'James Braden. Grass Piles Against Building BBESKT ~- Star Engraving A WIRE-TYPE grass leaves the appearance of fog.or mist as the wind tumbles it against Memorial Hespit^l, Keerjan William? sop of Mr, and Mrs, LaGrgne Williams wades through the grass, The gross piled up to the top of the building.- noted that thoir successors ~ whoever they wight be' — still would bo faced with federal Court rulings commanding integration, The new 'board also will haye io try lo reconcile the fsderaJ court;!' uncompromising utlitude a,pd Goy. Orval E. Faubus' unyielding" anti- intograiion ptad, -which led to thu closing of liiUle Roek's'four high schools. U.S. District Judge John K. Mjllev of fort gmltlj,- Ark., said yesterday ho would ''proceed in ati ordprly. fashion" In carrying out tljo latest 'director' of. -the . Eighth U.S. Circuit Court pf Appeals. Ufe St, jLoui$ court last Monday- the jeusuig of , the pmpty school buildings lov wsp jis sphopls, and di,stt'iet judge an-cl the _ o higl» The appellat^ court 4'd npt say what steps' sh9UJ.d,-.T?e tijkpn or hgw they- ,s.hoj,j|d , filler i$ lyiij. rfo. liey and former' school lor - -• 2. John Wesley Clayton, Instance myn; "Mrs. , Roy M'orrison, Jiousewi^; Everett Tuckev Jr.j jq du.striai ' dc'voJapmuH director "for the-LittJc flock Chamber O f Comra- cj-ce, , , _ - , 3. Russell H, .Matson, genera} contractor;, C, C, RaUey, business manager for PJurnbers and Slearot fitters tpoal J55; Vaughan Winston, trucking- soryige 'operato?,' 4. Mrs. •' John Wesley Clayton; .Robert W. .faster, municipal fie jvjdge; Mrs, Charles Whops, -P3}'£nt-Tpac'hci'? ^ , />,' K$ I,, 3V|cKinJey. Jr., former sUtb-rney and a-Iofmei 1 state don., 'Q\\ QpQrge tisi 30^ member of the ' Slate§ Rights. Council; and manj Mrs. Pauljne Divided on o Strong Civil Rights Plan JACK BELL Mress Moiitibiii Writtr Demo- crallc siitte Chairmen are nearly equally divided on whether tne parly should ndopl a strong civil rights pltmk itt lOtit) or compromise with the Soulh. This division of senlimcnl was apparent in replies rccui\o.t from Democratic leaders lit 43 states lu DOROTHY Family Jok§§ May Laugh Youngster Into Tragedy bear ttorolhy J3ls: Mit#n/lno$ nhcl always saying "Glrla tide in their fitil con- Eti ii- nn Associated l j rcss inquiry. The s u i- v e y tilseiused somo' Cheryl" strong support outside the South for flenling with civil rights on n bnsls which would not drive Dixie itieinbers otit or the ptirty In i< presidential yotir. On the other hand, chairmen of 18 status representing Dl)(i of tho 1,372 voles east I the 10.10 national convention look a no-oompro- pose Ihc mdllicfs won't llslcn? wtnu won't, If sh» llslchs ttl hid nl nil. she thinks hiy problems nrtf funny nntt pnsson Ihom ish to the fftmily fls n hug*} joke. NflUtrfilly Ihr?i,lnli3h nhd t feel ridiculous. I R\icf(s purl of my mothers' re ocllon In my pmnlc'tiii Is ihnt she mlse stnncl. Thej* declared for a strong plnnk even if It menus a Southern welkollt. Those 1H slates included: New Jersey, NcvV York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and ' Rhode Island In Ihc ISnst; Michigan, Mlnnesola, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, town, Illinois, Nebrask;i and Missouri iti the Midwest; Colorado, Washington, Oregon niul California In the West. Eleven Southern chairmen weiv solidly against the party taking any .stronger position than .it did two yours ago, particularly on school inlegrtiiloiii Chairmen of 11 other status, mostly In the Midwest, said UK- Views of Southern delegate should bo taken into consideration. Arizona Chairman Josejin Walton, Maryland's T. Barton liar- j'ington and Nevada's Fred Strosnider declined comment. Strosnl- dor said •National Chairman Paul M. iBuller has instruced parly ol- fieials not vto answer such questions. Butler expects to find himself involved vvltlv the issue at a national coi.jr.iii'ce meeting here Bee. (3. Ho ii.,.- sold liis remaining as chairman may depend on reaction to his demand for a stronger civil rights plank than that of JU5U. Two years ago, the Democrats committed themselves to "continued efforts to eliminate illegal discrimination of any kind." including that in public education. ill the same time, the court decisions," said Mrs. Morrison yesterday when asked for comment on her candidancy. Most of IJie candidates said it was "loo early" to discuss the issues. Rector, Tucker, Matson, Mrs. Stephen's and Lamb were entered as a slate by a group of downtown businessmen, who lirsl tried lo persuade the old .school, board members not to resign and later failed m. an effort to convince the! city's bank presidents lo run for the board. Until the final hours before the filing deadline Saturday midnight, it had appeared thai the only James T. Kararn, a clothier and school board candidate might be James T. Karam, a clothier am) close personal friend of Gov, Fau- bup, lie pledged lo oppose any integration at any time, But Karam withdrew, sayiig that he had been advised lo do so by a "close personal friend ,., who has an uncanny ability of placing his many friends in places where they arc best needed," 7 Karam did not identify his friend. « nl thd Iri (flble Sl.'id! o! life — Dcnr Chrryl! liven If mom Is at the "Irritable staid of life" (n euphemism If ever it saw olid) she cnn'l be excused for Ignoring hct drtUKhler's problems, Perhaps she should rend the some magazines and newspapers you do. Leave them n round the house nl strategic points. The kitchen table or thd Ironing ibonrct, for Instance. Clip this out and paste II over the kitchen sink. Any mother who dlscourogcs n young daughter's secrets is missing something she can never re- CHiptiire. She is also neglecting one of her prime responsibilities. The proper guidance of her children Is her jnb and If she doesn't know whnt problems they face, how can she help them? Perhaps your mother isn't very smart or doesn't think she is capaible of coping with your secrets. She can .get help from many sources, so Dial's no excuse, If you look elsewhere for help, If you gel the wrong advice, if you get Into any kind of trouble, your mother will be largely responsible. You're n bewildered young girl and should not be the 'bull of family jokes. (Unless your family realizes that, they will ,be very, very sorry. Dear Dorothy Dlx: Several months ago my husband deserted us. 1 have heard that there is an organization ..lliu'l tries to help families in our situation. j would certainly appreciate having their address — Lin a ;lf. Dear Lino: The organization is the .Family •Location Service Inc., at 81 Union Square 'West, New York 30, N, Y. Their aim Is to locate family deserters and 'reunite (families, Dear Dorothy Dix: Our only child; a boy, will ibc 21. Ho is a ffne son, goes to college, works pwl lime, Is kind, thoughtful and helpful. TVly problem is that 1 always want lo know his friends, where they are igoln'g and in whose company he is, Jf he goes out of town for a weekend !l think 1 ..-should know where he is going, how long he will ibe and when he will be 'back. Suppose something happened sit home !nnd we had to gel in touch with him? ilie 'feels it isn't necessary to give me till those details when he is two—Just n tJenr Alom: Naltifnily you Want lo know where your one lariib Is nil Ihd time. ItJut he's n %lg bdy nmv, well able lo lake care of him self without the restrictions of ay* ron si rings or horse i-clnft. You must adjust lo the fuel that he's a grown man and cnn live part of his life without reporting oVery detail. You governed his destiny for 21 ycnrs nhd did a very good job. .Now It's lime lo relax. Learn to do it With grace. Dear Dorothy Dix: My husband and t can'l afford lo go oul much because we're buying a house and have two sitmll children. Sometimes I play dance records and ask my husband to dance with mo. tie says he's too busy to ibe ibothcral wills such. nonsense — A.B.C. iDcar A;D.C. ; Toll him It's just for practice so you won't get rusty 'before Die house is paid up and the children grown. Kid him along about 11 and he'll join you in lire mambo ~- a iblt sheepishly at first ,bul he'll do It, Send your "problem lo Dorothy Dlx. I3c sure lo enclose o stomped. self-addressed envelope, and address her care of Ihls newspaper. Loreta J. Velazquez, posing as LI. Harry T. Buford, was n tlolort woman spy on the confederate side In the War Between Ihe Slates She ,luul to wcai; a special brace, lo make her appear masculine. • lOW-f*ICI TV WITH eXCtUSIVI MOTOROLA OOIDEN OUARANTEI Full ye»r guarantee on all tubes and parts, 5 years on GoliUn Tube Sentry Unit. UM •• stereo speuk'or. Fia- Uhe*: Char- ^ ct,ar«wi " coal. Grained Mahogany or 0 i a i n • A Blond. Mod- si 31T68. ' LIII YOU! T1ADI EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 .E. 2nd.- Hope, Ark. For Safety — For Silence — We Install International Parts Mufflers • All Welded Construction • "Silikotc" Protection • Guaranteed for Life of Car • No Installation Charge Wyjie Glass & Salvage Ooi HWy. 67 West, Hope, Art. / 'Phone 7-2786 lovable Comparable ro Pictures Costing A? Much As $2,50 Each of your child FOR ONLY Ages 0 Thru 6 Yeqrs ALL WEEK TUiSDAY THROUGH SATURDAY NOY, 18 THROUGH NOY, n PHOTOGRAPHERS HOURS; WEIK DAYS — 8j30 A, M, to 5 P, M, SATURDAY? — 8:30 A, M, tg 7 P, M, Yes, a BIG §x7-in«h photograph of your child costs ONLY 49c at West's! A photogrgph mode with the sensational all automatic electronic camera (d$ s signed entirely for babies) captures an'mgted pictures at' the amafino, speecj of 1-1000 of Q second, • 1 er 2 shiJdfgn in s family fer 4?$ each , , ; , additions! ehildren in the sgme family §1 f " « S1,QQ stftg, Limit 19 9 grsup/ . -

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