Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1958
Page 2
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Twa HOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Range Rocket May Go Out of Existence By ELtoN C. FAY WASHINGTON (APi — TUP long range intercontinental h/illn tic missile and the cold fj<'ls nf the intermediate rnngc rocket "nt Ibe itermediafe range rocket out tit the United Stale;-- arsonal That trend was indicated in a hews conference by Secretary of P'fensn McElroy Thursday MeElroy hastened tu say th;it United SlHles will HO nhc.nl <• 1 h production of the Thnr and oil PI- JRBMs to complete onion • weapon* to bo deployed to 'it-opt---to England and probably i II tily. ( 'Tin' the defense chief nlso saH vl mt "the farther you go clown the •"ad of the 1CBM. the ]f. gs intpr- FstlMp it is to employ ntlditonul ''"•HAls • With the ICBM, which would be launched from buses In the Unit- t.l Stales, "we Would have com >.'•' to control." commented AtcKl- riv. This presumably menu! that the United States would be fiee cf the complications of shnclna v.'ith other countries control of '.ho i misn'los which, in Ihe case of the IRBMs, would be fired from buses I in allied nations, MeElroy had another point t rnakc: if .->n enemy hud to use his own IGB'Ms to strike U S. missile bnsos, the job would be more difficult at 5,000 miles range than at .1,600—the range of an IHBM. The first missile to be pitched would not be ours, but the enemy's. \Ve would have more time, even If only hall' an hour, to start countermeasures than we would if the reliance was on mcriium-rani.ro missiles at forward bases o\vr- Soas, he implied. McKlroy's remarks seemed to suggest encouraging hope Tor per- fpcllon of ICBMs. Currently, the Air Force has three ICBM projects. They lire (ho Atlas, the Titan and the Minute Man. The Minnie Man is to be a solid fuel instead of liquid fuel rocket, more reliable in firing and easier to install in heavily fortified underground launching positions. MeElroy's news conference also Man Jay, , 19S8 brought word of another change in military planning. The 'Defense Department, he said, will rcinst&te ils program fdr cutting 55,000 more men out of the Army and Marine ground forces. The cutback was delayed when crises developed in Lebanon HIS LAST ROLE — Tyrone ,Power wears the biblical robes for his pr.it as Solomon in the film "Solomon and Sheba," being filmed In Madrid. Spain. The 44-year-old actor collapsed and rilen of a he.irt attack on the set. Power suffered the attack Im- medntely after engaging In a strenuous dueling scene with a woulcl-lu 1 assnssin, — NEA Telephoto Til© j-JoUSe ,a. suspeneeJfiavBl toy E.L.WITHERS (£) 1951 by Rin«hort & CompuDy. IM. XXV She looked at Mr. Whotlun-by and Formosa, and U S. were rushed to Lebanon. troops MeElroy said "svc arc about ready to start" again on the o'ut- baek. This means that by next June 30 the Army should be down to 870,000 men and Uie Marines "to 175.POO.' , .. . Theater Brawl in Philadelphia da,y afternoon theater audience • p'pured into the streets and engaged in a free-for-all with the police. The trouble was touched off by a Negro boy who slipped asvny ' during the fighting. The theater manager, I r v i n ' Timbers, 35, also a Negro, tried to eject the boy for using loud and obscene Jangimgo. Patrolman Pat)] Rowlings entered the tbepler just as 1 Timbers was dagging the boy through the loliby, Howlinga, who is while, told Timbers it was against the law to strjke the boy nnci arrested the nianag'er. Timbers objected and the two fought. Thp audience heard the dis- iur>bnn.ce and pome rushing out. Pplice reserves arrived and, usintf riot sticks and blackjacks, broke UP the brawl, ft involved about 200 adults nnrt teen-age j-jj, most of closely now, watched him calmly eiiiijig his breakfast, and wondered what help he could give her. She still fell, jusl as she had fell with Amy last .night, thai she did not waul lo involve anyone else, thai involvement would complicate her plight. She was not going to loll him anything, but she wanted in some way to make him her ally. She was still considering in si- lonce how this might best be donb when Jill brought in her break- last and put it down in front of them Negroes, Bowlings and Timbers wo ,. c treated for cvits nnd bruises. Timbers was booked on charges of aggravated assault find battery and j'esjstijig arrest, Mr. W e t h ej- b y snid, "Now. Thi.s'l! make you feel better." Kalherine said quickly, "What makes you think 1 don'I fool fine now ' "You look," sdrl Mr. Wetherby, "as if you hadn't slept very well. That's Ihe only thing that g'avo me such an idea." '•'Oh, I slept all rit>ht." He nodded his head, looking al the driftwood. "The fact of the mailer." shn said, "is that 1 spent the nltfhl out lust night." Sho .regretted saying it the -moment the words were cut of her mouth, but it was !po late. "Out" "1 mean with the "You did" Yes, What's tho matter I I slnyc-1 She could li U that she had said something wrong. His expression was loo bland, loo mild. She put a bile of oag into her mouth, thei a pieep of bacon on lop of it, nnc chewed thorn together, gnziiu away at the pictures on the wal in front of her—hunting prints ii white mats and red frames—anr tried to summon up the innoeen look, "But the Rimsomos weren't a home last- ntghl," obliged tc yesterday afternoon just as they were leaving. I'd gone out for a walk." ''They might have come back," she saifl slubbornly. He 'smiled at her pleasantly. "They pulled up and talked to me for a moment, I like them, don't you Such nice,- /natural people. They said they'd just been over to your house. They were g'oing up to town for the weekend, they said. They planned to be back Tuesday. They'd brought you some fresh country c£g, e they'd gotten because they wouldn't be able to use them all." She was trapped again, of course, a nice, everyday little conversational trap, Why hadn't she kept quiet from tlio beginning Now there was very little pumt in trying to change her story. She said, "Well, I sort (If camppd in their house." "Ah." "The front door was unlocked." lie looked away from her again; ho had withdrawn his attention. In a way she was relieved and glad. But then she began to bo sorry, too, lie did not believe her, A page of Paul's diary sprang up in her memory, She coulcl see it as if it were before her ey?s: 11:00—Shopping, Post O t f i c o, 1:00—Martha and Ed to lunch. Water Covers Rail Bridge Near Hardy JIAHDY. Ark <APi— Plbodwat- IM-S of the rain-swolifd Spring f r covered the Frisco biidKP at heat-by Marnrnbth today the bridge wae Inundate last nishl after a heavy dowhfjoil Ir this area. U s Highway 03 between Hard; and Mammoth Spring was tittde water for about six hours diiflH. thp night. Arkansas Highway lit 1 partment officials reported. Traffie Was able to get thfottg* on the highway today, Highway Department spokesmen snld several Sharp County bridge were impassable because of hljj/i water. They snid Tumbling Shoal B f i d g e on state Highway 2s j above tteber Springs Iti dleburtin 'County also wfts flood out, full extent of the flooding botild not be- determined Immediately No Injuries were reported. Near tin I'd v a family of six pel-Song Jidc to te evacuated from low-lying ground last nit?ht and reports sale many head of livestock had to move from Inundate areas, Girls Named Heirs to an Austria Castle SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Two girls, whose home is a modest flat over a San Francisco grocery store, have been named heirs to an Austrian castle and one-fourth of a million dollar estate. The Chronicle said today ;they are the daughters of the late Archduke 'Albrocht Von Hapsburg Loth- Hngen, who once hoped for the crown of Hungary. He died In 1955. The newspaper said it learned of the girl's good fortune by telephone from Christian Broda, an attorney in Vienna, Broda said an Austrian court had ruled that the archduke's trite wife was their mother, Catherine Lorraine, a well groomed clerk in a financial district office hero She had not told lldika, 16, and Sarolta, 18, that they might, become title holders until 1952 when she filed a suit here and became their legal guardian. The mother is to receive a comfortable living from 1he estate, Broda said, but the daughters will get a much larger share. The Austrian court ruled out a Mexican divorce the archduke" hfid oblained, the at'ornev continued, and then ruled that it Would not recognize his subsequent marriage to Lidin Straus, a Hungarian singer with whom he lived in Biienos Aires until his death, ' 4 The mother's 1938 marriage to the -irehdiikr broke up shortly after lhf>v fled to America in 1944, the newsnaper said, and.tho moth', and her datichlers"* setUed^fnV n Francisco while the aroh'"chike tnnk HIP namn AloornY Conde' Sif-^ ana and moved to Latin America Winter Spreads Continued From Page One pi)«d tin during the weekend. Three BOY Scouts and two •What" Sho look at him now, "i met thorn cui on the road GET SLIM SW SLIM insist on STAUWBR THE OHIY.NOIIE PUN BACKED By 20 YEARS OF REDUCING SUCCESS Tfi§ staufffer prjiwipie ha? helped m ifi§ n §/nii.li§(i wpirien remike their figure^ 'A il'f 8;S9mplete tiwttewtfylne p|p gjf fr/ ; H Mr. Ransome. was Mr. Wetherby, They wore all friends. They called each other by fhoir first names; Paul and Mr. Welherby played, golf together; tho Ransomos stopped their cat to talk to Mr. Wetherby when they saw him walking along the road. It was all horribly like a conspiracy, the c 1 o s e n p s s of the grownups around her, the neighbors, tho friends,. She was the only one who was by herself. She fejt so urgently the need of making contact with one pf (hen) ~~ with Mr. Wetherby in particular— Ihttt she heard hpi'self blurting out the incautious question; "Do you really like Pan]" ''Why, of course l like him." He was Ipoktii!.' at hpr again now, He said, ','Why do you ask" ''Oh, no reason." "Your mother was a wonderful woman, my dear, And she layed him. That's a recommerjda- Mon in itself." "But he*—•'' l 'I see thgt Jill - forgpt your pickleci peach, Just rjng the balj again, wilj you... .01^ Jill. Yes. You hadn't forgptlen it- after all, had you Splendid. ..." Jjll hacj goqe again; the en cloQr flapped 'in its frump Ml'. Wetherby said, "Some of tl)e th,(n<>^ I 'see are surprisingly ornamental. I b e 1J y q you're quite right. JI would be fun." "Yes." There \vere.pne ^jte pf egg and, one • pijspe of {^don Jeff pn. Jiis pjpte. fie ate Jhem both, and j hi§' chair. Jj, '>\'%9 a fhaf alarmed 1 Rather -'--'-'•'• ""* " ths ' ' Ariz., measured 14-inch snowfall. ' A pair pf cold fronts ripped th Tf>'as - Oklahoma border resin: with tornadoes causing 'at leost 3 i"hinps. i^vaii were hurt in , Wichita Falls. Tnx,, trailer par 1 H'hore throe Irni'or? were tipsol narnage wa? pxfens'vfl at low Park near Wichita Falls, when thn Texas-Oklahoma Fairgroujsd wpro wrecked, Tornnernturos drowned 30 bfhind Ihe storm fro*it, Tho Weather Bureau warned o tornado and thunderstorm condi lions in the arpa between )l!l W f^tT,J1 E T T £ P OF THE MOUNTAlN-Through rain, snow, sleet, etc., the great stone |?s °o) £M£?^±ieS 0 IS. ToUTe ^K'r^cSi^tS "i S $££ *!£L f ™..^ M, J f e T' 8 hond, shows ! h ? nt ' W 1 ' 0m) - 8 «« ^phlthealeY' wliere' park patriotic programs. Further back is the Memorial View Building where visi- rimiririg the sculptured heads of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Teddy A. ,, 1Linco , ln through large Windows. Beyond is a 450-cai' parking lot It's all Dart L e_Nallonn1_Pnrk Service's Mission CG Improvement program for park? and Weather Continued Fiom Page One er Tuesday and in west portion ate tonight. THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr. High Low Pr 53 40 Albany, cloudy Albuquerque, snow Anchorage/ snow Atlanta, clear Msmarck, snow 3oston, cloudy 3uffalo, cloudy hciago, cloudy Cleveland, cloudy 3enver, snow 3es Moines, rain Detroit, rain ort Worth, cloudy Cansas City, rain ,os Angeles, clear iouisville, cloudy Memphis, cloudy /liami, cloudy tlilwauke; rain .50 46 27 .34 32 26 .3d 82 59 31 24 hfi 4fl 50 45 67 G3 .02 04 59 1.39 34 13 .31 07 50 .24 52 49 .04 77 75 .OP 71 62 A9 47 40 75 GO 82 G9 81 75 59 49 T tfpls.-St. Paul, cloudy 59 50 \ T ew Orleans, clear 83" 71 r ew York, cloudy 59 49 Oklahoma City, cloudy 73 67 )maha, rain ,69 »4 hiladclphia, cloudy GO 48 'hoenix, clear 5^ 36 ittsbur^h. cloudy '. " 89 57 ortland, Me., M 47 M ortland. Ore., cloudy 42 32 lapid City, cloudj' lichmond, rain t. Louis, cloudy alt'Lake Citv, snow an PieRo, clear an Francisco, clear eallle, cloudy amna, clear f ashinpton, rain .07 M ,26 28 14 77 54 B8 62 1.10 29 18 .02 59 M M .•iC 30 40 M M na 64 63 52 —Missing; T—Trnre Welfore Asks Park, damaging houses and trailer houses, It also blew down power lines^ Other* windstorms hit CMldres, Olney, Comancho. Burkburnelt and Snydcr. 11 Injured in Storms Over Texas IOWA PARK, Tex. (AP—Tornadoes ripped through west central and north central Texas today ahead of a pair of cold fronts lhat dropped temperatues as much as 30 degrees. Eleven persons suffered injuries. Tornadoes struck near Eastlaml in west central Texas and at Wichita Falls area in north central Texas near the Oklahoma line. •rt/r . J» i%_ * » • m -i**-'J*to'l"lfe tiO MlCail.H-Jtl, »JJ- H*W Most of the injuries occurred fit [ Southern Baptist convention dcs- Hays Has No Thought of WASHINGTON (.AP) — Rep. Brooks Hays (D-Ark) said yesterday he had given no thought to , resigning as president of the Wichita Falls, seven of them when a funnel flashed across a trailer park. Three large trailers were overturned. Winds hit Iowa Park, several miles svest of Wichita Falls, and wrecked the Texas-Oklahoma Fairgrounds. Osca/r Singleton fire chief, reported. He said damage covered a-four-block-area. What witneses described as a tornado hit four miles eest of Iowa oite a demand of a Baptist laymen's group In Jackson, Miss. Hays, who was defeated for reelection by a segregationist write- in candidate, said the Jackson group had no official standing in the Baptist church. In an interview filmed .for television station VVDSU-TV .in Now Orleans, Hays said that extremism in efforts to settle Little Rock'a Fired Workers | File Charges atBoonevillc LlfTLfc ROCK (AP)-Two f'$ V mer employes of the state tuber* * culosis sanatorium at BooheVlllfi y. have" filed slilt charging they \vern "%'<' fil-ed because they testified in 3 <>}' probe concerning the death of a £ O'Hldnth-old baby at the insllttl* lion. Thfel Beavers ahd Mary Evcr- etts filed the action in Pulaski dhatlcery Court, Narrted as defend* ants were members of the sanatof iuhi board. (Jj ( The W/o women, who said they' Worked as kitchen assistants at the' sanatorium for 14 and 4 years respectively said they were sub* poetiaed to appear before the AJ-* JiaHsas Claims Commission 1 Nov. 6 tb testify oh behalf of claimants In a proceeding filed to recover damages, "for. the death of Rickey Neai Biggei'S, a 9 months old baby. "Each petitioner appeared w obedieiice to the subpoena atff' testified truthfully," the women said in theli- suit., "On NoV, 3, 1958, each (petitioner was summar* ily discharged for alleged 'disloi" ally* to the sanatorium'because uf having obeyed tlte subpoena in testifying." The suit contended the plaintiffs were deprived of their constitutional rights. It asked for a mandatory injunction requiring the board to reinstate the two, Pill chif Americans have a choice of some 200 different ice cream fla* vors. _• 'Public kindergartens in Crowland, 'Ontario, are bilingual, teaching in both English and French. lead only to disaster and frustration. He said he did not favor ma/.'n integration or forced integration. "I take : the position." he, said, "that extremism, in ,th'e sense that calmness is abandoned and extreme views advanced, is not tho wise course and will lead only to disaster and frustration. It, will keep our public schools closed, and will add tb the tensions in the community that, are disastrous." Hays said he believed that most Negroe," want an upgrading of their own schools rather than -coif|||i plete integration. "If you integrated in the complete sense, I don't believe many Negro teachers would have jobs In school integration problems would I the South," he said nnd Enipoda, Torrential rains in southea? Missouri touched off flash fjpods which sept doer hunters seurrylnJ for -vifptv. Eleven inches sloshe<? the Fremont prea Hn^mjlps south, east of St..Louis in little more (j>nir an hour, The eoM hell covered from tho Par>ifin Ocpai) across the RockJps through Dakota* arid Into nprtJiern MJnn,e, t"tn. The temperature drppned to in Los Angpjp$ in 38 ji} San Wilt now-roo a spiui qf pan|o, •, . ' Rut hp sai4, - "WiU yau esp,use 1 foi' a f<?W- jji 0 nj e n } 5, dear" • ' ."I hay* ta gpt 4i'*5$e,4 is church." most of nlnteaus, ' n'nra frnnj JO 'In ?i) f}at with 'below ?<»(•(} readings jn One of the \va« 9 bpjow « of in >"ith si Border POYjBvincr qt las, Ariz . nnrj three jnphcs f,om- , whitened, 4 with aniniu-ijii'r(?nfliii« to jt faot jti spetions. an4 fnnr to . os in AtHep parJs P| ihjp sn,ovv- In the From the ALC LTTTLE ROOK (AP)— Tho state Welfare Department today asked the 'Arkansas Legislative Council to okay a budget reciuesl of more. than 56 million dollnrs annually /or the coming biennium, This is almost four million dollars 9 vcar higher than tho curroiit annropritiUon, v HOWPVP'', tho stale fiinds involved— $14, 3dO 000— RVP the snmo a<s in buclppt. That would . Jeave more than- 42 million a vpar to be granted In federal funds: Aft, \VpKare Comm;«"'oner A. J, Moss told tllP fniinri] perppnlaee of m n t p h i n p W0"ld he At the makers, thp j-prnvr] for the nation of ,Ron-)p law- r>r\)s to cr>( Mi) fu»d« tu indiaent wplfnre rafhor th'irj ^ th,e Merl- ipnl Cpntnr hpvn.' Inability of nij- tipnt 15 in niltlvinff ppnnv ta r(3Pf)ivf> pfllnjpfli cf thp pouter has toeen lpt)p-sinnHjn« problem. 1V>f> f'ounc" thp wnvU- of the Welfare lad incrp.i«T) to a point 4nn.AOO nprsnns How Many Beans . . . Perhaps you, too, stood outside a store window in your youth and tried to estimate the number of beans in a display. Guessing the circulation of a newspaper was once quitej a game for advertisers, tcfe * -i, ^,-r But the Audit Bureau of Circulations took all the ' chance out of this game, A.B.C.' 1 auditors don't stand outside and estimate — they come inside the publisher's office and count, , When the auditor is finished and his precis^ finding's published, well there's just no room for guessing, It's all there in his report—how much circulation, where copies were circulate.^ how much people paid, and some of the reasons, why the people bought our paper, • mPHon a ypa>- for salarlps T'n's is phout 11(10 ftOO hi^hoi- thnn Hi ji (ha pvivrpnt qrlps.wa? Sl.firfOOOO annusllv. porn* tn thn nrfigpnt Sl.Slfi.OOQ. Th<» - in middl? and Jowop Brackets. is w*.!d,. She measure fpo feet ovwv There's no reason to f ueg§ about the'-pi audiencj you get when you adverto in our paper, Tbe.fe.ots are down in W^k and white &r you to see, ,. , v: a copy of our latest A»B.C.-.rejx»4. < 4' .

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