Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 14, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1958
Page 5
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,' §TAR8U8§T-This gold j fel, aboVe, will be a\vafdcd by an Ihtertlatiorial jUty td the ha» AtioH Voted as having the best T Million at the Bt Ussels Wofids } Fair, A silvei- st&i- and a bfohze ' staf will also be g i V e h at ' awards tirrie in early October, AiHw*f to Pf*v(5ui Puiito H6>E ST;Vt> B H 6> I ty! US EDUCATIONAL GROWTH HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES AS KR CENT OF fOPUUTiON r QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE —The number of Americans with at'least a high school'edu- cation is expected to more than double in the generation from 11940 to 19J5. Newschart above gives past, present and future figures, supplied'by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. The .trend is also reflected on the college level. The outlobk for 1975/is .for...a two-thirds ."increase over 1957. in number of College graduates. BIG D|G ~ Designed '/or the'- deepest penetration of ' earth I Sjfrer ;af (emntecj by man, is the 1 ! «nu ghown in painting above , A -group of British' scientists ! d' by DP. T, F. Qpskoll of the :" ' '" ,pso ' use, t))e l device to dig -10 mjJes ' «<?wn; qnd hopes s'onie day to I «nk ; a hole all the \vjty to the ! s 'core, • Si JJqdio Sweden has a daily English JtJfUJUBge program to give news of: tbe-world, weather forecasts and ^iper information to the vast rmrn- , ter of American and English' tpurjslg \yho pj- e sightseeing Jn §\vedcn.* , • • i, 'Ifelguim, 3ias four.' ys which cnoircje the ROACH • HUGHES l& 7) 10 it i»~"'i' ~* —;~ ** ISKG ifi food 14 Sailor's lefffl f Biblical •IS Meadow tdUHtty i™«—«— 16 Railroad fiOHheeheek 2? MdhbFatjie «i=*»M«f!Kef • Wofkef , 9 Charily fhefilfoHS 42 CookS Use it 1§ LoVef df fiMS IBOceaHs 2§ Scent 431H this {slice 50 Operd Wotkef 11 Card game 2S tndiaH weights 44 Regfbtt' 21 Medical i? Lessened - SI Baseball 46 t'eticef'i specialty Igt5espised plai-ers have it fi\vohl 22CiCatHs 23Gi;aHt<i SSSeVeHty 47Cfypf 24 Essence- 24 Microbe 38 Put back bacchanals 26 Printing tefM 26 Afro\vpoisoi» 40 Supreme 48 Grade 2? Variety of 2ti Scrap happiness SO Citiiert (ab.) lettuce - • ' !«•,,«• 30 Tangle 32 Ridicule 34 feathers use it . 35 Newspaper Wol-ker 36 •-—-at Wofk 37 dowwunists 39 Fish (pi.) 40 Wait 41 Speck 42 Rock 45 Gayer 49 A submarine has it 51 Eggs 52 Angers 53 Follower^ 54 Negative word 55 fieverages £6 Golfers use ' theni 57Watch. • • DOWN •, \ Farmer's hay . package TIZZY a our/ SH CORDON is; as* , HE just i WA. . SVltH OOP?1 tHAt'5 ^ ._, DAMQ ,O)., AM'A It ALL, t ) THINK /HE HIT 'it PLUMB. C6NTEK! MAN, VVE'RB iM / ALLEY, CC5MM, My t«3U8Le, BOX / -LAE3... i'M SURB It \ TROUBUfe, BOY, / -LAP... 1 M SUKB I r / 7 UU uu I WN rv KV 810 TROUBie.' CAKi'T 6E NEkR / COMOUERtH' J *" A^-^,.^. ..^>V, THAt.r^BAO 1 WHOLE WRLO// ,, ©'t9S» til kEA S.r<it». Irii. F/ out* M I41< If h "~«'^.*iW!,^. *,).'! tM *»«: U«. rtl Off ( ; *"• •—•-' •—-.--• ,-— . - • - , {»' i' "Tdld everything wrong! I didn't keep my head .down, ; ['" | w :|' • I didn't watch the ball, and I beat him!" By Nadin* Se.ticr .. ICOULb Rlt>6 WITH VOU swSLAD TO HAVE Sour—-. -I KNOW WHW TH6^RE SHB'S . PLA.VIN6 IfJ? TO r-JF PIE KWOW f CAN FlWO ? tLLEN'5 WOTHl WO,,,BUT I'LL. HOQUIRS AT ALL" OP' '6to TILL-I FIND HBRl SK6 MU£T 66 TOLO HtfW BAOLV 6LL6W NP 00 " 1 HS»-tAOTH6R KlOWl I'LL RUM -•• IF tc^weot; , ly Kate Osann ' e »M» »J «* (tracK ta. ' r«. »«f. u.s. pa. OH. "If you look at it from the left side, it looks like you weigh two pounds lighted" FRECKLES AMD HIS FRIENDS «£.•?«•«•• "What's wrong? I've got him on a leash like you''said!' ' By G«ibr«ft>> f* ta"»l / ^wtv* * n ij ' |Wfc?i / SH& ASSUMED Ht* OUTV TO TH6 c-t CHILO. 6UTCALL ' ELLEN FIRST!' CAPTAIN EASY > 1968 liy NEA Stf Ri| U B. Pit. (MM /! ITS THE THIRD DOWNAND.TWO VWRDS^TDGQr- THE BALL IS PASSED- BIONDIE •S-. EXCUSE ME,DACaWCX)Q ITS TIME FOR AUNTIE NELL'S v - • • RECIPES >«!•- / ^*« WHIPPED EGG • WHITES. ADD " ONE CUP OF S' RAISINS -o HI -fa, DAISY DOtL/LET'S' SHH/< ' pLATTep.\ ^^A^^f JUST BAZOO--- vo,'*- ' QUIETER .fa CUTT»IAf *H& \<b ft \A\NOE.' \ \J r r -.-. . _!•'-;•• ^ ' ^4 \4 • «I j c 1 ^ ' ^^ (B 185B b< HE* Sirylc.. Inc. T.M, Bi>. US. Pit, Oil. /A// fJI^Iv 1;^ ^TAiiTiii:. P.». P»t. 0«, e i»y S? Hi* ?tal«.'»»i. in Itcr e " j ^^^'TS A- 1 -JSl. i 1 * * ?<-X,,: WINTHRQP/I 4TA «,—i .H.—.i-^i-.amjjjipci-^ --=^, w-SJSS-BW W *•"-»i^Ji-ii=-r a- — . . — -T ~ -. ._«,». _ — they come, fellow. Remembgn I ?9wld have Jght a new hat'fsr is§§ th&n J paid for yey!" - PRISCILLA!) TURN (DOWN.' "s. /(I CAN'T > HEAR MYSELF 5-,di P J' ^«r^ ^ V^ COLJUDN'T >YOU THINK A LITTLE, UOUPER /». OUT OUP WAY J, PL WWteini Q.Ul? f With .fUVHlMlHREf,. l«. MINUTE < OH. I THOq&HT" TH' LAW MAPS 'EM pgr COVEI ^LL"' A.. ... ., TOP,'. NO, NOT OM MME/THEY KNEW J WA& INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO KEEPMVSELF O(JT O'THEM' I HAVE FOR' n HE TOOK* TH' COVERS OFF TO CHAN^g fiEAK BUT IT <&IVES HIM A CHANCE TO SAY WHAT HE'S ALWAYS POUT 1 NINNY- IES (J5/. THJE IK III «tt AH, WALDO, ITri A telBMOLY e/ PgRHAPS S YOU CAM g£ OF SQMe HELP TO } A MAN iHACRU^LPiLe/ViMA/ V . Ft(?WpR» HELP VMHEN I' MflRTHA AMD I AM COMPLETED ' P5C50MA NOM .. efATA AT HOME/0 YOU ffM— 'IF SH& SO FO ^HOSPITAL/ TH' 'At ^^^/j QUIT6 A1 4 "OMFOET* ffi -t U THg TQP TP, !S5*?r/ '/• y. ! j*,' •a* ^» j, • •' *»^ AULTHAT . W ^ V

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