Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 14, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 14, 1958
Page 4
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Pagt '*•*.. HOPE STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS 14,1951 Homecoming Tonight for the Undefeated Bobcats A luckless Arkartelphiii Icnm comes to MupT tnnlght fur n rdntest With the potent Tin.- contest stnt Is at 8 o'elnck A victory for Hope wmild flinch j tiib dtelrlel title Anhthei- Incentive I foi- lht s Bobrnts is Ihr homecomilis festivities scheduled to take place JJrlor le, the kil'koff On the locnl scene his-t niahl Ihc Mope Juniors lost to Cnmcien 5y a 20 In 7 tnll.\. II \vas also homecoming tor the local liids. In the opcninu c-nnt'est the 71 h and {ilh graders also lost to the visitors by ;i single point Only a riehw of ruin a\ snme- lime, it rained here most of Friday morning, will prevent ;i lurgo crowd from turniiiR out to see (hi 1 Bnbenls in action in their fiiijil home g'alnc. Two other contests are away from home A win tonight, and Hope is fnv- Ort'd to tiiaki* the score about .vlial they waul, would be No. 10 for the season. The Bobc-nls have' an excellent ehnnce to HO ilnnuuh nnrtcfeiilod \\ith I J resrolt and Nnsh- vllle the final two foes. Both usually Rive Hope nil they AvaiH but neither team is expected to be able to cope with the liiKh- 'i'itlihg Cats who hnve mowed down everything so fnr this se.-ison. if the Bobcats cnn HO through inndofeiited it would .be the first thnc in the history of Hope High School. S'rt its a chnnt-e, the final tin .the htime field, for the fans Basketball Uit Night Fridny Night, No*/. 14 Krnmrt nt CtUel'hspy Siu.nu ftitl nt Bradley Tuestlay Nlghl, Nov. 18 Roricim- al Einmol S;intl'it!n at FonUe Fritlny Night, Nov, 21 Knmirt at \VillisVille Spiinti Hill at Guernsey Sin ntoMa at De-light Saratoga Cage Schedule Is Announced Snrntoea basketball coach Lovtls Singleton announeed his Complete Sr. boys and Sr. girls roster and Ihe schedule for the 1958-59 season. The Sr girls learn IniVe been vie- loiimi'. in 2 gnmei already played, winning over Koukc 3'l-32 and lak- to see a Bobcat team in action that is likely r to be unbeaten. ItiK Bradley 40-42. SaralnKn will enli;r the Nnsli- ville Iin'it.'ilioiifil toin-n.imc'tU Dec. i7-l!) and will host their annual tournament .Ian. 21-24. They will also enter the County tournament to be held in Ihc Spring Hill Gym .7nil. 2H-31. Senior girls scjuad mc'nrbers are Charlotte Green, Myra McTjarey, Sue Purler, Molly Ellen, Jimmy MURRAV ft6§§ Pciii SpSHi Writs?- NfcW VOfik tAPt - OOP litrt flBhlbi- Is Bound to foe tooled tiff Irthtghl whett tavoied Tom- Art- Ihrihy Ui UBS «h fenniiy ftny uf cago nl Mhdisnn Square Uardort 111 a {bit-Vision lo-rtnihtlt-r AHlHwtty, Dif (ftp light w(?l|Hl eoiitendPr. has won isIJ: strnifihl lights this year, five knnrkouls Jtay. milked sivth b.V ttlttR a /id Irifh by ihf M?U hns nine iti a row. Tnll Tony Is a 3-1 to keep his streak nliVe. It's n risky fight for the 23- yt'at-'Old Now Yorker. He'll collect about $5,000 just to keep busy. A defeat by the comparatively obscure Day would be damaging lo Tony'S llghthetivy position mid his heavyweight nmbilions A victory would add nothing. Ct)river>-ely. thir I? a big one for the 22-yetir-old hay. The ex-Ql is a newcomer to the top ton. Me Won n berth flmotig the elite grouii by stopping .Jesse Bowtlry in Iho ninth round Sept. 24. A pro four years, Ray. fi-ll and J72 pounds, hns compiled an 18-5-ftl rt?eorcMrtclitdihg seven kayos. He IVas been stopped twiee. .Anthony, G-l, 178-pounder, lias a 3C-S-I record, including 28 kayos. {is five defeals were by knockouts or technical knockouts. SWC Title Race Tie Could Be Broken Saturday Hope Star Classified Ads ACS MUST BE IN BHICE DAY ftEFOftl PUILICATI0N — PMONf 7-3431 FOR AD TAKER §y HARoLb V. Ass&eiated Press §(ioMs Wfltep The Southwest Conference foo' ball race is expected to stjunfr away Snlurclay for thp bis! show , . . . . ,- . Christian and Southern Metliodis' ' The schedule 6f Sbitiflaf PeflddS, Chilian and Southern Melhodv as P rin ted below, has been takefl ore favored to win. from John Aldeh'Kfttght's Soitinft* That would alt hnve lo happr-n Tables. Platt yoUf dSyS 'So that because Rice and Texas Christian you Wili^be fishing ifl good teffitdfjf tird for lead with unbeaten' °f hunting in gobd covef __ clash next week ; these times, if you wish to "find best sport that each day, h&s tb offer. The Major Periods al-e shown la boldface type. These beglh at the the record, will Southern Methodist has to come through in order lo slay in Ihe race, nice get battered, buffeted TPN- as ian face bitter Worth Southern nt Houston. To*rts Christ- ; tirnes shown and last for an haitf Texas al Fort and a half or two hours there. Metnoclit jour ' after - The Minor Periods, shown ih Porker Frosh Roll Over __j__t Texas Tech • 'KITTLE ROCK (AP)—An offensi tlirtt rolled off yarriape in imprest lye chunks brought Arliynsns Shoats a 3S-0 victory over Iho Ti-x ris Tecli freshman tenm last night .Tech made only one scoring ;' thrust nnrl it was cancelled by a penalty, 'With the air attack nf quartor bafclc Sonny Holmus and the ground woik of a trio of speedy backs, •the Shoats were in complete- control from the opening whistle. Halfbacks Lance AUvorlh and Curtis Cox and fullback Normal' Revis accounted for most of Iho rushing yarcingo that nelpocl !hc :Shpats rack up 370 yards in total offense. Tech's lolnl was 172 r- A :M-0 halftime lead set Ihe Ar :-]cansns frosh off on a rout. Holmes completed four straight :passes, to bring Arkansas UK first touchdown, connecting with Al worth on a 10-ynrdur for the core Later Holmes tossed again for .a touchdown, this one In end Edward Evans on a play that covered 7') yards. Evans run 50 of them. A third Holmes touchdown pass jn Die second hi'lf went to eatl Jerry Mas^-anti. it rovi'n-rl six yards. Halfback Bruce- Fullor'nn open sd Arkansas' second half string with it 10-ynrd touchdown Ihrusf. find the Shoat third toam account- ad for the final marker. .HnlPoafk Jim Slirevc sot it up by returning nn intercepted puss 35 yards to the Tech 5, then wont over throe plays later from the one. The victory was the fourth in n row for Ihe Arkansas fri-shmon Thoir only remaining gamp is against thn Tulsa frosh, which also defeated Tech. Football College Arkansas freshmen 33, Texas Tech freshmen 0 High School Norphjpt 26, tyui-fresboro 19 Mountain Home 19, Harding 7 Wright. Virginia Motoii, Ima Parson. Sarah Brown, Wilrria Parson. | Sondra •Mc.Iunkins, Nan Shirley, Patrlria Jeans iiiid Lliida Moton. Senior boys learn: James Fred Slanton, Samuel Mc.Tunkins, Lawrence Smith, Allen Crawford, Mc- fClroy Dillard, Dean Hall, J. W. Lewis, Larry Van, "Bihn M'cJimkins Vincent We'b'b, Jambs Chlsm and Greg Delligor. Team managers are Eddie Bell and Thomas Clen- dchih. The Schedule: Nov. 18 — koukc, There Wov. 21 —.Delight, There Dec. 2 — Blcviiis, There Dee. :">,-•- Ouoriiscy, HerC Pec. 9 — Ki.rby, Here Dec. 12 — Bradley, Here ;Dec. 13 — Bod caw, There Pec-. 17-10 Nashville Tournament Jaii. 2 —. Bl'evins,. Here Jan. 0 — Guei'hsey, There Jan. !) — Hope, Here Jan. 13 — Mineral Springs, There Jan, 10 — Spring Hill, Undecided Jan. 20 — Murfreesboro, Here Jan. 21-2-1 Saratoga Tournament Jan. 27 — Delight, Here Jan. 28-31 County Tournament— Spring Hill Fob. 3 — Murfreesboro, There Feb. G — Mineral Springs, Here Feto. 10 — Lockcsburg, There Feb, 13 ~ Kirby, There Feb. 1.0 — Nashville, Here • Feb. 18-21. Sr. Girls 'and Jr.. Boys District Tournament Feb. 25-28 — Sr. Boys District Tournament. Key Games for Many High School Teams Full yf»r gupifiQtfg on all .GeJdia fab & sWtjy " 929^ UM^ld mtfmf n*ei EASY PAY f IRE STORE By JOHN R, STARR Associated Press Sports Writer El -Dorado, gi\u'dy dreams of a tale football championship ring ng in its head, bids to )oek up he 1958 Big Nino football raw unk'ht at Hot Springs. The Wildcats can annex their irst crown in the history of the eague either by beating or '^viiig tie- Trojans, lill Dorado takes a -0-1 rpcord into the eontost, Lite Rock Ccnira!, which can tie or the championship by winning s hvo. remaining gamfis only \( :i porado i slvtmbles, is tl)0 only other club stjl) jn the, race. }21 Dorado pan hardly depend pn either of Central's upcoming foes to settle thu r'ncp with an ijps.qt The Tigers, mot fine BUif| t° ; i)ijht and, ^lythevjllt) ne.^l yi'BpJf They own just two confd'rbnop triumphs between ih^m. . Nortli Little Rock ati'd Port Smith play for the third pJnpp tonight in the Porder City, A? least IHp \yihnpr will lake third on the pretty good assumption tliftt doosn'} lose ng.'Un, ana is at plytheyilje in tba other Big Nine game' with ihp SMU Thinks Arkansas fo Be Tough By JACK CLARY Associated Press Sports Writer) Maryland Conch Tommy Monts is ''beginning the weekend's fool- ball activity on a revolutionary hote if we are to believe sonrf! modern concepts ol how a football team should >be run. MoiT.t complained recnlly that Mont complained recently that the pressure to win has dictated the use of his most cxperieneer.1 players and a 2-0 record doesn't justify this policy. When the Terps lake) the field in the Orange Bowl tonight to play the University of Miami, there will be somo changes. Foremost will ibe quarterback Dirkie Snarbarth and end Kc! Berker, both third stringers. They will be part Of Mont's gamble as he plans to give some of ,his less experiended players a chance. There may be a revolution of sorts Saturday too, if Missouri i-.p- .sets sixth-ranked Oklahoma in their battle for the Big Eight championship and n berth in Ihe Orange Bowl. Oklahoma hasn't, lost a Big Eight game since 1047 and will try "to keep Its slrea.k nlive before a regional television audience. There are soina battle-royals on Saturday' schedule. One is be- tw'e'eh fop-ranked Louisiana Stale, driving for a national championship, nil undefeated season and a Sugar Bowl borlh, ad Mir.issippi State,, in a Southeastern Conference game. LSU has an 3-0 record. At Iowa City, Iowa's Big Ten champs and Rose • Bowl-bound Hawkeycs try lo aVonge a 17-14 licking from Ohio State last yoar, This defeat cost t!\e Hawks the Bis Teh c'rovVn. Ohio State (No 161 has lost N its last two games at Iowa. Thp Southwest Conference has a couple that could ^brenk n tie tor fir,st place and send cither Texas Christian ,'or Hioc to thp CoHon Bowl. TCU (No. 9) tackles Texas in a regionally tojc-vised snme. Rice (No, 17) meets the Texas Au- gios. If TCU and Rice win, their K'a.me next week could decide the title,, The Big Ten, which ha.° settled down to pla.vins out the schedule, has fifth-ranked Wisconsin tryniA in soljdifv _ sp.eond place against Illinois while Purdue fNo. 8 met* 13lh ranked Northwestern in n TV regular type, are I shorter duration. A . M. ncy into the 0?rtrk Jo p"lii.V an Arkansas team that didn't hit its strdldc unlil it was oo lae, but | hope to make up for it with a i driving finish. Fuday 8:15 Bice and Texas Christian, have | Saturday 9:10 '3-0 record, Southern McAhndi* Sl '"^ay 10:00 2-1. The latter hns t oboat Arkan- i Monday 10:50 sas or be eliminated from the race Tuesday 11:40 unless Tevas A&M should upset I V'L-dncs. Rice nnd Texas beat Texas Christ- fhursday 12-41 lah. In thai event both Texas and j'' nd;i .V l:3 ° •SMU would still be In contention ! Saturday 2:15 tiecalise they Would have (wo tie- blllltUi y 3: 00 fUaU and Rice and TCU one apiece. 'SMU thinks il faces the toughed row Saturday, meeting the resurg- ing spcdslers of Arkansas nn Ill-sir home lot. Statistically, SMU seems to bo far superior. Arkansas has the Worst defensive record ih conference. Southern Mbthodist of somewhat P.M. Wonted Siaf fattte Bpefi for boys 12 s afld ovef. Apblj- at MopB Staf Office. Wanted to Rent house. Furnished or unfurnished. Contact H. o. Ward PHortd 7-3270. 12-6tp Salesman Wanted MAN wanted for Rawleigh bus! ness in S. Hempstead Co. or Hope, tteal opportunity. No experience needed to start. See Corwin CroW, Rt. 1 Box 30. Nashville or write Rawleigh's Dept. 4I^O. Memphis. Tenri. 14>2tp Instruction Minor Major Minor Major 2:00 2:55 3:45 4:35 5:25 6:1 ° 6:55 7 '-* 0 8:35 9:1 ° has the best offensive record. But Arkansas in its last (wo games has loomed large in the picture. beating Texas A&M handily and smashing Hardin-Simmohs. Texas Christian, too, has the danger signals out. Texas is crippled but still potent, as last week's triumph over Baylor atlests, and the TCU game is one of the biggest on the Longhorn schedule every year. Rice is favored to beat A&M about as it pleases. Some 130,000 fans are due to turn oul fo rlhe three games with Houston expecting 60,000, ',, Fay 30.000 and Fort Worth elleville 40,000, Baylor, already oul of the rac-3, rests this week girding itself for a great effort against Southern Methodist Nov. 22. A perfect five-for-flvc last weoR was as welcome as a loan without interest. Confidently: Bice-Texas A&M — It surely would' bo an 'upset but thorp 'ust doesn't seem a chance for the As- gies to win; Rice by three touchdowns. Texas Christian-Texas — A fas- ler, hard-fought game with Texas Christian's mahpcnVer Iriuinphth'sr. Southern Methodist-Arkansas — Passing scores faster than even 100-yard runs; Southern Methodist by a nose, 8:45 9:40 nil's 11:35 12:25 1:10 1:55 2:40 3:25 2!30 3:25 4H5 5:00 5:45 6:30 7:15 8!45 8:45 9:30 Rosburg Top Threat in Pro Golf By WILL GRIM&LEY Associated Press Sports Writer HAVANA CAP) — New ienath and confidence off the :tee have transformed California's Bob Rosburg into one of the chief tourtia menl threats on the in-ofecsional golf tour. "I was in slump until I pretty much of n got a new driver jrj lo$er scheduled to share the with Pine Bluff, Hall, the non-competing and y\e only OOP \yjih a pprt'upi record, is esppoled to n'ipK 'up its ninth sii-^isht yiclorv at Jackson ville. Conference charnptonslji Class ^4 Rpg'ions Two and should be seltjo^ tonight. Fprrcs! City and West Memphis b'aUle |6i the Region T\vp UUP Bl Memphis while JJope can the Region Four crpwn by ing Arkadelphia at h9n\e. Besides Hall, Hop? <8 \Vpst Memphis (§.p), four ieams put perfppt r'peords line tonight, Faye\tevi}lp (|-Q5 £jv ? Spring|ioW, MO,, (8-0) is »( a,t Fourlh-rariked Auburn, innHoiblu for a»y bowls bpfnnso of NCAA nrohnlion, meets SEO foe Georgia, A yiftorv by ifte clofpnrljns- nn- lloii'ij chamns nnrl nn LSir dpfpnl would «r>nd Auh'urn (nln (he RRO load, Mhsissinnj (No, T\ a phtpp- tin! bmyl-parlicnQf! 1 ^ plnvs Ten- iip?ep in n,ri'nther ST!C ffamo, In thp Klhst, third-rpnkpd Armv "Ift.vs Villnnovn !ls Joel gpmo bp- NnvV N^V 20 Rvrnpuse dNn, ig), for Ihe Gnipr, Pniton Judge Milwee Plans to Retire Today LITTLE ROCK CAP) — Veteran lnfe Supreme Criurt Jitstico Minoi- Millxvee stnos down from the bench tncjav, relirine on aisabilitv after 13 vears as nn associate justice The Arkansas Judirial Rettrp- Board granted thp .n7-year- old fiu'ist's rbciue.") for rctircmeiir vpstorday aftor oipht doctors testified ho suffered from a serious he.irt condition. Millwce, dpfeaied for ic rp'iominfitlon by Just after the Masters Tournament Insl spring," the pudgy former Stanford student from Palo Alto said, "and things have been going svell ever since." Rosburg, who lias won $25.000 this year, carried a one - stroke lead today into tho v -sccond round ol the $45,000 Havana Intel-nation: al Tournament; The tournament is .still wide open, with the hand-picked field: cjC 43 closely packed, Seven players ore within two : shots of each ottie'r. and only four shots separated the top 20. Rosburg had a stroke edge over a trio ol tough old campaigners; the favorite Sam Sn.ead of White Sulphur Springs, \V Va., Dona Ford of Yonkers, N.Y, and Marly Furgol of Shermr.n Oaks, Calif. Each with an even par 70, Another stroke back at 71 are IHree of the more formidable youngsters on the lour, Billy Maxwell of Da/Has, Don January of Eastlsnd, Tex., and Wes Ei'is 'Jr. of Ridgewood, N.J, Six including PGA champ Dow FinsterwaW have 72s pnd seven have 73s, in; eluding former worlds champions •Julius Boros and Tex Kroll, P.RIVATE music lessons on all Sas- aphones, Cornet t Trombone, Baritone. Piano, Piano Accordion fc Organ, .Phone PR 7-3309 or see Rev, S, Joseph Oeno for complete details. 13-Otc The Negro Community . Either Hlckt , ' Phone 7-4678 OP 7-4474 . NEQRO NEWS .... Thought for the day Happy Ihe man who early learns the wide chasm lhat lies betsveen his wishes and his powers—Goethe. Calendar of Events Revival, services are in progress at the Holy Ghost Temple Church of God in Christ, McNab. Guest minister is -Elder U W. Williams of Nashville, Elder L. C. Washington, pastor. The Anna P. Strong Club will meet in the home of Mrs, Leona Mctcalf Friday, Nov, H. at 7:30 p.m. All members be present, . are asked to For Salt Screens, doorsj stbffM Windows, weather * stripping, ift» sulaltohi roofing, .awnings', gut= fcerihg, ornamental f&ilittg. Ffefe estimates. Andy Andrews, Phdh'g MOUSE TO se for said by bid, 422 West fhjfd Street, Hope, Ark, Raymond SyerS Phone f- 1950 STtttDEBAKfi-R pickup, CftttU bed ( heater, cleah and in tpod condition. Phone 7-2204 of 7*4611, 20-tf FIVE room house. $1,000, A gotfd buy to rebuild or move, Joha W, Webb, Ozan, Ark. 2Mrrt^ B Acres, H'ope edge, mo'd'ern. 4 room furnished. £6,000 — $2,SOO down payment. Balance like rent. 100 acres, good stand, oi pJrie, some logs and pulpwood fof.mark' et. $10,000. Terms, Strottt Realty Agency. 620 West 07 Highway. • il'1-rri-c 19/51 OLt5S Fordor, hardtbp, Good second car. Cdll PR 7-2487. 27-tf FIVE room home. Dinette and carport. Completely furnished. Sell cheap for quick sale. Phone ; : -7 : 4047. . 14-6tc -f- 6 ROOM house to be moved. For information call 7-4001 or se Ralph SaUnders. 12-i WANT AD RATES An Want Ads 5?a p<H-ak'd 6dvdflc6 buf Ods Will b£ 8ve? iHe* telephohfi ohd a llbri HcfciuWs aildwed Mm \M UH- th* ocrounf Is fiayobla Stbtshidht is l-endcri'd. . 5f Wbtds Up (5 15 16 to 50 21 td 55 $6 to 56 31 >6 35 41 40 td 45 to £0 Day .45 .60. .75 .90 1.05 1.50 1.33 1.50 Ddys .90 1.20 1.50 1 PO 2 10 2.40 2 ?0 3.00 Six Days 1.50 2.00 250 300 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.06 dnd M6nlH 4.58 6.00 . 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 CLASSIr^ieD DISPLAY I tlw* 6 times SOt del inch 65c pof Inch 55S pef inch qubted above ate fat coh^ Insertions. Irregular of skip ddlS dds Will take the drte-day rate, All doily clossl/lod ddveHlsIng ctft/ wll.l be, accepted until 5 p.m. Wr publication the following day, Trie publisher fcscfvei tKe rlqht to fevlse or "ddit dll 'a'dvestiEornents bt fered- lot publication arid to fe)ect ony objectionable adverllslng submitted. Initials of diie or mbro letters, groups 'of figures, such as house or telephone numbers count as one word, ,. The .Hope Star will not be responsible for errors '(n Want Ads unless errors are cplletl ' 16 OUr attention otter FIRST -insertion of ad and then for ONLY the, ONE incorrect insertion, PHONE: PROSPECT 7-34^1 1948 HUDSON Club Coupe; Clean Good condition. Call PR 7-58G.4 12-3t For Rent LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Service. Call Day or Night. 7-9955. 8-1 mo< NICELY Furnished 4 room .apa % i;t ment Adults only. No drinking 801 East 3rd. 3-tl The CYF of BeBee Memorial OM'E Church will hold its installation service Sunday, Nov. 10 at 6 p.m. Guest speaker will be Mrs. E. L. Hicks, The public is invited. All members of Hempslea'd County Barrack, Veterans of World War I are asked to be present for a meeting at .the Community Center, East 3rd -Street; Saturday, Nov, I? at 1;15 p,m. Please bring your discharge. Business "of importance will 'be discussed. Lee Tyus, commander. 5 ROOM unfurnished house. New ly decorated. Miss Lillie Middle brooks. 7-2894. 14-3tc Female Help Wonted Saturday, Nov. 15 will be "Poppy Day,'.' Let us remember those comrades who gave their lives for America.' On Poppy Day, let vis, be among the first to wear their memorial flower. Wearing u Poppy means we honor, r and are grateful to those who gave their all that America might remain a free land. AVON Cosmetics has immediate openings for mature women no otherwise employed to service excellent Avon territories. Can earn $2,00 or more per hour. Pleasant, dignified work. Openings in Fulton, McNab, McChs- ' kill and Columbus, Car, necessary,' Write Avon, Box 377, HoJ Springs, Ark, Give directions'. home, , . 12-lOtc Business Opportunities Jini Johnson of Crossott 5n the Primary, Tho judfie dic^ not rovenl, his , future Plans, HP is entitled to receive half his SI 5, 000 a year salary ns retirement ppy, ; Gov. Ova! IS. Ftubus }\t\$ nit- tboritv to ani?nint a successor but hns not indicated whnn he ^ \v!ll do so or whom ho will ' choose. • Group Spreads Good Wi!l for merico WASHINGTON CAP)—A group of youngsters that Included two Ar- ' kahsans told yesterday how tlioy spread American goodwill during several months of farm work overseas. In the group wore Carol Joan Bejjgley of Humphrey, Ark., who visited Germany, and Ruth Davis of Magnolia, Ark,, who visited Denmark. The youngsters made the trips under the international farm youth exchange pj-ogra.nl, Clu'b No, 3 of the Rising Star B'aptist Church will sponsor a chilli supper in the annex of the church Saturday night, Nov. 15, Ice cream will be on sale, Mrp. F, N, Piggee, chairman; Rov, M. S. Riley, pastor, r'"al Bowls, Polgnte. merits intrastote (No, lO" 1 nlnvs Iho Ouintico Mtirinps. Ru'- has a ?-0 Oporeia T^oh (No. .20) meets Alabama, both of whom havp bep-n mpntiohpd for p oost'-'fepson bowl, \yhile F'm-ida State. (No, 18) faces ISlevpnth-ranked North pni-oH'i8 Roes -Tftpr its soypnlh slnipht vi"r <m-V in thp'fnpp of No<rp. Patnu's fiPOr^f Izn sine' his iii'Hiniiii oo" c 'n«. P!ti CNo. HI fi'ftsh from its 39-?a Vtp^et of thp Irish }a$t week niin a phgsihlo in ij H^' «y pawl, nHiYS Nebraska. The Air Poj-cg 'A'p,i(|pmy ordinjince dav. N AGP Dismissed LITTLE ROOK fAP)— A npnJnsI nn NA4T offic-ifl] of yto- latine North Littlo Brick's BenjjpU was, dismissed yest'er« \ „ , The charge was pending in PtiV inski Circuit Court against W. A, Fair, vlp e ovesidc-nl o( She Little Rock ghqotor of Ihe tional Association for the mpnt of. Colored People, North Little TlocH City AtWrney Red Thomnson. told Judpo J. Kiyiby he \yjjntecl to di rharac beeaus^ 3 similni' lodaod Cousins Jailed for Store Burglary 'FORT SMITH, Ark. CAP)— TWO. young cousins were Brresied tod^ij' }{1 conpecliop with thp burglary of jh'e Wljjiams Hardware Co, at Fort Obituary Notice ,'Mrs, Mary Wafer Liggins died nt her h'om'e in Fulton Thursday, •Nov, 13, Funeral arrangements are incomplete, and will 'be announced by Hipks Funeral Home, Inc. Responsible person from this area t'o service and collect from auto- malic dispensers, No selling. Age not essential, Car, refer'en'ccs and $400 to $700 investment necessary, 7 to 12 hours weekly nets up to $300 monthly income, Possibility full-titn'e work, For W'cnl 'interview give phone -and particulars, W,i-ilo P.O. Box 865, Oklahoma,City, Okla. 14-ltp Funeral oft Ambvilance Sefvic^ , . ^urinl Association OAKCREST FUNERAr, ,HOMB Dial PR 7-2123 ' Service* Off«r«d Legal Notice jfo, ?J30 . Jri the Chancery Court „ , of Hempstejid Comity, Ark, \V. B. HOLIDAY • ........... •• PJp'nW t ys: : SONNY BpY KFMP find WSSSIJ3 p, PALMER, et al., .. . , Defendant BOY . ,. The other' phqrgp is slgajnsi Birdie ' ' Tuesday night, TJjey were booked as Robert L. Bellinger and Gecrge A. Eliington, both 2-1, of Abilene, Tex. Dofecr tjves quoted theni ss saying tlioy Were cousins •Petectivos Ralph iv^jdcjleton mfd Robert Twn?r picHod up the nt p Fort Strath rooming The officers said {he two statements admitting thp ill wlu'ch, about $100 in cash tyi'i nparjy $3,0(50 worth of mercl\8n f}iso was tpHPO. of the loot \ya? The defendants, SONNY and tt^SSJE D, et pi,, ^re warped to appear in thjs iii rehbvit* J yifir . old * mattress, We ipecjaliw in »r*Hurt- «ed - }nueri>rtpi.' .. J " ;.„ ' '• COBB MATTRPSf iHOF . PJ»P»t Hope Star $»or of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18,*. 1929 Published ^verv weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President . Alex. H. Washburn,-Seey.Trcs.C- •• • «t The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alt*. H. Woshburn, Cdjtor & Publisher Paul H, Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. . Cntered as second class matter at the Post'Off Ice at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of, the Aiidif Bureau of Circulations Subscription kolas (payable in ' advanH) By carrier In Hope and. neighbjrlri'j , • • towns — - Per'week ........................... A S .30 Pit, rear ,., ............................ Ji60 B/ rrrail In HornpVtead, Nevada, * LaFayette, Howard and. Miller Coufv ' ,15 .85 Orlk month , .......................... -f$ , Thrie-'rrVofttrt ..; ........... •„.,-...,..',• 1. Sl« months , ...... '. ...... v ».l..i.,..s 3' - ,- '-All^orher mod — '.' '.'One' month ' , ..".,..•. ...................... 1.30 Thrte nibnrhs ................... •, ...... 3,»0 Six months ........................... 7.80 One year ........................ , ....... 15,60 Nat'l Advertising Reprcsehtativos; bailies, Inc,^ \~60T, Sterirk Bldg. .Mpmpfils 2, Tenn.; 505 T exas Bank Bldg,, baljas 2, Texas; ?60 N Michigan AVC,, .Chlcaoo 1, Ml,; 60 E, •42nd-St., New York 17, N. Y.; ITfJ Penobscot B|d9 v Detroit 2, Mlcf.f Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla, Member of The Atwclatod Freii: the Assoclate'd Press' is entitled. eK- cljjsjvely ro the use for republlqation 'of- all, the local nljws prlrft'ecl.in this jl'eWspaper, ns well as oil Ap nev9s dispatctibs, - - '1 Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — BODY CARS , 2J»;9,. Hazel Phone 7-^022 Orvllle Taylor • John Bill Jordan RALPH ifopffemery if*rk*t, cui- torn iJnughtertog, W« Iwyt- for y»w deep frttzt, At* ui SEWING MAGHROS CP, Sales and Servjcpf, 5J3 East ?F«i, t, B, Booth, Notice wiihl'i triirly.dBys ai)d answer the cQmpl.aJnt of the plaintiff, W. P., HOW4PAY. •\Viir,ess my hand and the sea} of pouH tliis 5th day of J^Q- C]?rJ?, B, P. Q. vembor, J9J58. CUSTOM" slaughtering',' Hogs $?, Cattle for hides,' Hauled free UR to 10 miles, phone PR 57-3578 ' WANTEP TO BUY pin? Pwlpyvpoo by Truck Load' CM! In.Wppds or otherwise, HAROLD HENPRJX " Phons PR 7'4?21 . i 15th,* Louisiana, Hepe, 7, H, 1958 Legal ,N9T1Q§ SSURT 9F SQUNTY, SEWING reasonable,. Also hoies RII^ belts, Ca}} Mi's. ey, ' Notice GRILL CAFE «- PRIAKFAST — 35c ~ 50c — 65e Hemf Sfylc Hot Biscuit! Open 3 A, M, to 3 P, M, ^. j,, JSiJ »4n-\-« ,1, _ junih* . A. J*" trf-M ' * iLjWWWW fprJnji r ,^... _,_,,„. Oni Biy"liryltt . ,

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