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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 14, 1958
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To City Subscribers: If ysu fail t5 g§* yeuf Star ptea§g fgiephdfle 7*3431 by 6:30 p. m. and a speeial will deliver yauf papir, Star Fer Wtafrhir See Caluwo at §oWem of This SOTH YEAR: VOL 60 — NO. 28 Mr tl Mm, 1IM. JM. II, t»I» MOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, NOViMllft 14, 1958 the AttftetalEd Pt«« i Audit Biiftfdu 6f firtnlallani At, Nef Cnld Clttl, 6 msl. thdlftd Siflf. 36, 1«J« -» 3,488 PRICE Be Seek Candidates for 1, R. School Board Posts LiTTLg HOCK (AP) — Littid Itock sought candidates tot its Vacant school board posts today While ti court buttle shaped Up over School Supt, Virgil filossom's contract. A friend of Gov, Orval E, Fan- bug is expected to {innoUiicd ft slate of school board candidates tonight to replace the flVr- menv bcrs wh resigned Wednesday after declaring their position *>as one of "Utter hopelessness, helpless* ness and frustration/ 1 Meanwhile, Blossom, architect of Little Rock's plan of gradual Integration that hit a snare, was prevented from collecting payment on the last 19 months of hls'cort* tract, , \ .Before the five board members resigned, they voted to 'buy up Blossom's contract and release him at the end of this month. The move Was regarded as an effort to protect him against an incom- ing'hostile board. The issu eof paying Blossom was challenged in a slate court yesterday and now must go through legal, channels that probably will be lengthy. Only one candidate has announced he will seek a school board post in the Dec. (5 election. He is James T. Karam, a Mairt Street clothier and a close friend of Faubus. It is Karam who plans to announce a slate of candidates tonight, He has been endorsed by the, Capital Citizens Council, a strongly pro-segregation group. 'Efforts to form a slate of candidates among the city's bankers apparently were not progressing. All six school board posts will be open in the Dec; '6 election Five became vacant by the resignations -of Wayne- .Upton, R. ' A. Lilc, Dr. W. G. Cooper, HaroU Engstroni and Frank Lambright. 'Dr. Dale Alford, an avowed segregationist, did not '"resign but n* ^..representative—elect he will-no 1 , seek another term on the board. "''}, Continued on IJ»ge Three "; •Experiment Station report for 84-hours ending at 7 a. m, Friday, High 78, Low 50; precipitation 1,28 inches; total 1958 precipitation through October, 17,08 inches; during the same period a year ago, 01,94 inches. k ARKANSAS— Scattered showers and local thunderstorms through Saturday, No important, temperature changes, Lowest tonight in 60's highest Saturday in 70's,' Extended Forecast for the Period , Nov, '14 to Nov, 19; ' Arkansas: Temperatures 3 to, 6 degrees above normal, "Normal minima 27 to 48, Normal maxima 55 to 70. Warm with cooling trend Sunday, Precipitation' locally heavy, Scattered showers through weekend. (Arkansas Regie nalForecast By THE ASSOCIATED, PRESS All sections of Arkansas: Mostly cloudy with occasional' shosvers and local thunderstorms and little ehang'o in temperature this after* nopn, tonight and Saturday, High this afternoon nw 70 central, mid 60? to, 70 northeast and northwest- southwest; low tonight near 60 centra], northeast and northwest, low 60s southeast and southwest. LQUfSIANA — Considerable cloudiness and mild through Ss;* ucday with a few showers, " THi WfATHgR e^ THg ELSEWHERE Albany, Albuquerque, eJeai: Anehprsge, snow 'Atlanta, clear -Web ' 5J Boston, cloudy uffalo, . jyjQipes, g}eqr, fPetvoit, §5, 38 J3 '*2 f 73 59 '55 3^ ?0 \1 52 §0 ,57 66 W ,31 aa 57 .yi 09 3? - fi9 5? m si M 7§ gg • 'f I). ]9 11 m ' Miami. 71- - 11- 1 67..4J ei L R, University Beard Quits Too LITTLE MOdK (At»i—When five of lh(i sik members of the Little Rock School Board who resigned Wednesday Highl, five of the si.v members of the Little hock University Board of Trustees also qliit, That's because the School Board is also the University's offiuiaf board. And that's becaOso the talc George W. Donaghey specified it was to be that way. Gifts of Donaghcy, a former Ar kansas goVdrtior, made possible establishment-of Little Rock Juin lot College, which has since be corii'c Little Rock University, tn» come from business properties left by Doiiaghey go to the university. The "bard set • Up has been upheld by the Arkansas Supreme Court, The university, however, is not a part of the Little Rock public school system. Negro Gunman Kills 2 Women in Virginia BOWLING GREEN, Va. (AP)— A middle-aged Negro drifter was seized by two members of a posse today as a suspect in'thcyfatnl shooting of two white women at a Caroline County home •• Thursday night, Sheriff R. Garnett Brooks of Caroline hustled the man off to state police headquarters near Ashland. He said the man, who identified himself as William Brown, 56, 9helbyville,, Tenn, 'admits he was in'the house." Acting on a telephone tip from a woman who said she saw someone answering the gunmen's description, the suspect was seized about six miles from . the white frame farmhouse where the two women were shot to death. He said armed with a loaded pistol. The two-women were shot after a Negro intruder held eight poisons hostage as> he terrorized their home for two hours, | ' Willed while they sat tied in the dining room were Mrs., James S, ,Brook?, 33, "wife bt-gJamtfcgSp-^C&n Brooks' and the' mother of four small children, and her mother- in-law, Mrs, Halt Lewis Brooks. 74, Frederick Van Allen, in the Brooks' home to give a music lesson was injured during a scuffle with the gunman and was hos pitali^.ed at Frcderieksburg. More than 150 stale and loca) police sought the slayer with bloodhounds near this central Virginia town of 700, some 20 miles south of Fredcricksbiirg. Edna Mae Parker, 18, a Negro hired as a rnaid by the Brooks earlier this wok, gave this ac-count: About 4:30 p,m, the intruder knocked at the back door, When Jean Brooks, 9, answered hi- pullcd out a pistol and forced thu girl and maid into the dinina room- There he collected the younger Mrs, Brooks, Van Allen and Mrs Brooks' twin sons, Lynn and Lew is, 5, Ho then tied the three adults, The elder Mrs, Brooks came downstairs and was tied with thu rest. Asked if she had any money, the jounger Mrs, Brooks said she had $15 or |20 in her purse up stairs, The gunman sent Jean aft er the purse, When (he telephone rang, the intruder had Jean answer it, ]t w«3 her brother, Mason, 7, asking why hi* mother had not gome to act sc|iooj for him, The intruder had Jean teJl him his mother was taking a bath, M,ason rang bac)t a few mm< Ktes later 8n<J saj dthe art teacher wps sending 1 him home in a taxi ?3b, When the taxi arrived, the gunman Nd Jean go outMde ana the driver with a $5 bjJJ. short time Jater* the younger prooks 1 husband drove up JirTcTthe intruder went oytside {« meet him- They spuffled in fr- „ , , s»iW8)} then returned t«t the house aM gjiot the two worn •Yan Allen, niennwhile, had to worH loose 5n afe The iiwrud with him but the music teacher left get into his car as th.e mnmgn him- The - to i<. Jsnqwn m DISMISSED — Wayne Upton, left, president of the Little.Rock, Ark., School Board,' has announced that school superintendent Virgil T. Blossomi right, has been dismissed without cause.' Upton also annoilhced that the entire board, with the exception of Dr. Dale Alford, was resigning. •— NEA Telephoto CAN HARDLY ,WAIT — Four-year-old' Raul Medina can hardly, believe his eyes as he hugs a Handy Santa Christmas gift which struck his fancy in El Paso, Tex,, but he will have to wait until Christmas--morning to begin playing with it, Handy Santa helpers, .sponsored "by, the Herlad-Post, are niending toys which will bring Christmas cheer and gifts to needy children at Christmas time. — NEA Telephoto PTA Approves Sex Discussion in Classes TOWSON, < Md, ' (AP) — Should high school pupils be asked ques» tion? dealing with sex, stealing and whether they are losing their minds? A Parent-Teacher Assn, group said the questions were perfectly all right, The president of me school board said nothing doing, the questions were objectionable. The school suporintendet tossed in the towej. He said publicity gsyeii the psychological t e sls had destroyed their value, 5o pupils in 33ajti,more County schools no longer will such things as? Do they wprry abovit tors ' ' r 'Pid they steal when they were younger? Are they afraid of losing their minds? mat; came to a head after pupiis at FranWin 'JuniorrSenior High took the tes,tg. Some parents objected The fuj'or got into the papers Supt. gdward G. Staple- Jpn said "any value the program offered has peen destroyed by publicity over the thjng." fjrnest E s Woodptj, president pf the Boaj-4 of.JScJy&aiion,,^ "We to vejy on, the ''rec^mmenda- of the superintended," jhe <> bogi'4— without t comment r< - the test? Unusual Scheme '- FBI Breaks Up a Big Numbers Ring NEWARK, N.J, (AP)— Federal Pgenls claim they have broken up a 530,000-a-day numbers ring (hat operated out of a candy store ami neai by apartments, U.S. Secret Service agents and local police seized bushels of numbers slips, financial records and ?10,000 in cash m the raid on a candy store and two other IOC»T "Severe Weather SW> Arkansas L1TTL12 ftOCK (Af'J—The U.S. Wenther Bureau lodny issued n severe weather alert for southwestern Arkansas. "A few severe thunderstorm.*, With one or two tornadoes, are expected In extreme northeast Stxlts, extreme southwest Arkansas, and extreme northwest Loii- islana ibday from I lo 7 p.m. (CST)," Die bureau said. "The : approximate area is iilona and GO miles either side of a lino from 50 miles southwest of Dallas. Tex,, lo 50 miles cast of Tcxarkana Ark." ' Arkansas today got Its first rnin In several weeks. And on the heels of Ihe precipitation came a U. S Weather Bureau warning of possible severe thunderstorms, or a torhndo or two. In southwest Arkansas. 1 The Weather Bureau said the turbulent weather could expected in extreme northeast cxas, cxlt'cmi' southwest Arkansas and extreme iiorlhsvcsl Louisiana between 1 and 7 p.m. The rain, which ranged from light in some parts lo heavy in others, fell in mosl sections of Arkansas, whose woods were fell- ins dangerously dry. A spokesman for'the Stale Fores- Iry Deparlmcnl said the precipita- iiori had eased the danger of forest fires al least temporarily, "Wi> lave no- fires going at present." she said. Yesterday State Forester Fred Lang had warned of "critical" clan- ;er of forest fires as a result of the dryness of the woods. He said ahout 2,000 acres nenr Hardy were iianiaged by fires this week pud 1/500 acres svcre burned near.Moun- tain View. 'The heaviest rainfall repoitcd today was 2084 inches at Jcssieviile, lear-'Hot Springs. Hot Springs it- Self had 1.12 Inches. " Alicia in Lawrence County had Lip .inches. Black Rock, Boles- ville .and Searcy each reported 1,10 PTA Group Holds Special Study •— Star Photo Si 12nd A SPECIAL PTA study group meets monthly to discuss various problems and plans. The last meeting was held In the Home economics cottage with Principal Julus Adnms as speaker. From left to right: (front row) Mrs. A. N. Bailey, Mrs. Edward As'lh, Julius Adams, Mrs, Frank King, Mrs, Hamlltln Mane- c|an; Back row, (left to rltjhO Mrs. Hubert Thrash, Mrs. Kelly Bryant, Mrs. Homer Beyerley, Mrs. Bob Turner, Mrs. JlnvCole, Mrs, Lnjnar Cox, Mrs. H. W. Seamans, Mrs. Will Ed Waller, Mra. H. W. Llndscy and Mrs. Fred Ellis, who had charge of program. Present but not In the picture were Mrs. Harold Porterfleld and Mrs. George Wrlciht. The early morning measurement al Little Rock was .33 of an inch, jut the fall continued find the Weather Bureau said the total would be considerably more, Little Rock's last measured rain was .21 of an inch on Oct. -21-22 On Sept. 30, Little ain of 1.25 inches. Rock lisi'd a tfons Thursday jght. Arrested in were Joseph the candy Romeo; his sfore wife Jrenej qnd two brothers, Frank and Ralph. Patrick Pecararo and Mrs. Mary Martin, Mrs. Romeo's jnolhev, were arrested at their hotne» nearby, They were arraigned and re- Jeaged jn $10,000 bail each on charges of failing to obey svagoiv ing tax laws, _ Joseph F. J. Mayer, director of Internal Revenue here, called the operation one of the biggest .policy syndicates in the country. Mayer said Treasury agents watched the candy store lor lour months 'after an agent walked in accidentally and found 12 to 15 men writing numbers slips ritght in the front of the store. In addition io slips, Mayer said. the rsjders impounded unset dia- TurkeyShoot Sunday at Fair Park The Hope Junior Chamber of Commerce will hold a Turkey Shoot Sunday, November 16, 2 p, m., al the now rifle range in Fair Park. There will bo divisions for shot guns, 22 rifles, and archery. Entrants can furnish their own guns and archery equipment, or the Jaycees will have guns and archery equipment available for use. A turkey will be awarded the winner in each contest of the rifle and archery events, Each person attending the turkey shoot, whether a participant or a spectator, wjJJ be given a ticket that will make them eligible for a drawing, which will be held during the shoot and a turkey will bo awarded the winner, free of charge. In event of rain or bad weather, the shoot will be held the following Sunday, All Jaycees are urged, to be al Fair ParH at 1 p, m. Sunday. 19 Counties Exceed Ratio of Assessment LITTLE ROCK CAP)— Nine-ten. of Arkansas' . counties have readier or expected the required 18 per cent figure on property assessments. the stntc Assessment' 1 Coordination Department reported today. Hussell Morion, attorney for Ihe agency said a 2Glh county — Liflle River — was expected to be centered at 18 per cent or higher next week. State law requires that property must be assessed for taxation purposes at 18 per cent of market value by Doc. 15. Penally lor failure to comply would be loss of a" proportionate share of stale 'turn-, back fun'ds. But counties w v< u». J v"* s «»«v/j.vtj»x« the" deadl ine'' h a ve**-a; year '.In', which to reach the assessment require-, mcnt and reclaim the turnback* money. < ' Morton said thai five counties- Cross, Stone, Union, Washington, and Woodruff—have assessed at 20 per cent or more of market value. The remaining uncertified counties, he said, are in somo phase of reassessment or have lakun steps toward obtaining reappraisal. He predicted that some counties would tail to meet the Doc. IB deadline bul he added, ;'il is impossible to tell how many." Morton also predicted that no county would suffer a permanent loss of turnback funds. Other counties which have reached the required assessment level are Benton, Calhoun, Columbia, Dcsha, Howard, Independence, Jackson, Lee, Lincoln, Perry, Pu- laskl, Sebastian, Madison and Clark Little Rock to Issue Bonds LITTLE ROCK (AP)— The Little: Rock City Manager Board will sell $3,300,000 worth of municipal improvement bonds yt a public; auction on D'-'c. 12. The bonds will bo part of a tokU of worth which wc-rc au thorized by Little "Rock voters at the Nov, 4 general .ejection. The remainder will be sold Jrttcr, City Mawatfer Dean I. DauJpy .said ho had been advised by security d«iliirs ih'U the city probably could get a better rate of interest by holding an auction than it could by taking sealed bids, monds, jewelry gold. and scales Soldier Killed in Auto Wreck JFAYBTiBYJW^ H.O. (AP; 4 fqyj, Jlrigg soldier was te on -y v|He. ^notjjer crilicalJy injured last -tjieir automobile faUtd curv t c i?nd overturned ?01 near scattered ovei the J. RobJnson. jp, 5 Casser .hospitalized with a b'S coynjy. Hop.e Barracks 559, ,. ,. , , WovW War 1 (white* me^s at g JESS.KX, Mo. M,ursn . , Robyn (4 Maplewood, a St. J t pujs will election Csiudidates'fliust file the ,n,atit>n«il- duck calling Missouri 4H gO days prior to the election al i)l<ice4 iirst in t year. (n a $wa''C^dr,ea Jiye fcwp. r m.MK>m> wtopWit. re> tv\f\\rati j TMh ««*/»*!•«. ^ rv-i t ict -"h a i»n J-\r»«n Ihe siite." gn4 BilitaKtba o| 5tes- Inn nlncerf Kf»n^lt/l. , ~> -I ' t T* .< All Around Town ly The A report last night that a plane Wfis down in the Lewisville area so far has proved unfoitnded , . , Officers of Lpfayette and Hemp- itead iilong with State Pqjige searched most of the night on, ruraj rqads bul came up with ex, vctly nothing, leading them to be fairly certain it was= alj 3 big mistake. Hcmpstegd's first deer season continues through Saturday and a ehec^ Thursday night rQyeaJed 116 Jiijled in this .county ,' . , one. Warden reported more hunters than evec before with at'least Alpha Thota, iliberal Arts i'rti- tcpnlty. Olddhoma Slate University's Jail enrollment of 1?,408 includes three students from Hope they are Trenton Cooper, graduate student; Billy Joe Gentry, engineering freshman and Dayid Q, Gdffii). en> gipecrlng Laneburg officers include; pickk Carlton, president; Lylo Miller, vice-president; iVJark Arm? strong, secretary; Charles Cross, treasurer; John, JJenry, sentinel; Edward Tlmand, reporter; |ti!mp» ton Lw, junior adviser. With the annual school election sot fur pccember B, Saturday, No- vemher 13, is the deadline for school boajd candidates to file lor i'fNtfr QUEEN .for tonight's football game between- Hope and Arkadelflhla is Miss Catherine- Del Vecchio, 16, ' daughter of Mr,'and Mrs. Phil- . lip John Del Vecchio. Her * maids will-be Sandra Hobbs, Linda Purtle, Ann Cole, Janet Cox, Judy McDowell and Joyce Rlley, HD Council PlonsAnnua! Yule Party M'rs. iiaxol Jordan," State HU Agent, will bo the principal speaker al the 15th annual Hempstcad County Homo Demonstration Couiv cil Christmas party to be held at Hope Gospel Tabernacle Fellowship Ijall'ir) JDocombur, according to Mrs, Lorraine B. Wylie, Home Demonstration Agent, Also appearing on the pujgram will be Miss .Dorothy Price, District J1D Agent, J'lans for the annual Christmas party wcje completed Wednesday, Nov, 12, when the Hi'mipslead County J1D Council Board rncl al thu home of Mrs, Krnest Graham, the council president, The program will (begin with registration at 10 a.m. and Will conclude with the gift exchange at 2:30 p.m, Tliq Hopewell HD Club will serve as hostess vlub. Other club rcspon- .vMllUfs include; Decorations, Liberty 11)11 and Ilinton; cluan-up, CtiMervjIle and registration. Victory, The traditional Christmas dinner will he served al noon, A door prize will be given at the conclusion of the days program, Other business transacted by the board included plans to serve the annual Production Credit Assn, dinner at the W,O W. Hail Dec. ? and lo .sponsor 4 J H Club girls activities m the- county. The boaid meulmg svas, opened with prayer by Mrs. Graham. Pot luck was, served, al noon with Mrs, Lester Kent Libeity Hill, giving the invocation, Board members attend- f No Change in Defense Polky, Says MeElroy WASHINGTON (API — Tlis Sliilo Dcpnrlmonl snld lodny, )tl the wnke of Pentagon slntdHidttts nbout U.S. missile plans, that (hcfe drc no basic ehfihgts In tf.S, do; fonse i)ollcy. The Slnlo IDepiirtmenl look'im uiiustinl stop In Hiving Its Inlerp' rotnllon of news confeionce ra> mnrks by Secretory of Defense Noll If. MeElroy. The dcp.itimont emphasized, np« (Jin-unity lo reassure U.S. allies Irt Europe, Hint: 1. The United Stntcs still wants Us European nllles lo set Up In* tormedloto'rnnge ballistic mtssilo biises. . ,2. The United Stnles still stitnda . ready to help European allies pro- . ducu their own missiles. Including Intermedlale-rtinge missiles. , •"• 3. The U.S. progrnm for dcvel-\ oping interconllnenlal missiles IB; s ">t only port of the over-all' defenseY- strategy for the free world. ISmphnsis on the Inlercontincn- '• tnl missiles as only port of free ^ world defenses npparenlly Was *•"; filmed at erasing any iden.that -| the United Sliilcs might supplnnt .1 Intermediate missiles with Inter- -J continenlal missiles. < 1 The slalcment was read by de- 1 'J| partment press officer Joseph ,W. ', ". Heiip who declined to answer any/\»j questions. ' v 'I i 5 "'•f' .Reap said the slntemcnt was ln..j£ response lo Inquurlcs arising out"! of McElroy's news conference ,;| comments Thursday. This, w'a's "un- y| usual since the Stale Department''If ordinarily refuses lo Interpret $1 Pentagon slatements, .referring * .'*$ tiuostlons to Ihe 'Defense 'Depart-r'f menl. ,, '•*;"* Al his news conference-Thurs-ft^ day, MeElroy indicated that' Uiouf long-range intercontinental mlssil? t f might shove 'the (Intermediate' '] range missile out of the ~U. 'S, 'ar-'/S scsiul, : f\''' i ^ t ! I ' -" ' Decide C ' Hi.* I' 4 " : Soon on Hike: in U.S. Taxes WASHINGTON (AP) — - The Eisenhower administration 'wlll have to decide soon whctheV Co ask Congress to raise Ihe federal gasoline tax and postal rates' to, help offset mnssive deficit spendo Ing, . '- 4 .' An administration source proposal lo increase the g, to help finance superhighway con-' H H sinicllon is one of about a doxefi;3 measures ' now being considered *•* for inclusion in Ihe 1059 live program, . This source said any Iqx ,HiK<? i~l probably wpuld be in. the, ™ borhood of 1 to 1& cents a ...»~ M ^. .. vw . ^ VV»!V»? I* fc,H**Mt-»:£ The present tax is three cents,-'-}; Press Secretary James C, 'Hag.,, erty said he could neither *con«; firm nor deny that a firm recom-\. mendation for a gas tax 'increase^ had been ;senl to Eisenhower, Tools Examined Not Murder Weapons ,« ^ 9 \ < -i i i *" -v, *•.«* itig Spnng Mrs. Mis,, Mrs. Huckabee, Vision Willis, Victory; Mis, Sid SHinnor, Cwilur- yiJJo; I4'rs, WUliama. Melrose) Mj-s. J. K, iyjcWiU*3)iiS, Uin; Mrs. Jicnt. Mrs. Qraham and Mrs-. WyJiiv Gets Ready far Puck Call Contest held maul? MEMPHIS (AP) — Two K , uv .», 7 ,, slulned tools authorities have baetiM studying for weeks apparently " z not the weapons used to bludg....„ Dr. Gaynor W. Henry io death. J Blood found on the tpojs -^ J a s R wrench and a caulking iron—do?,f"-l not match the blood type'of the3 slain veterinarian. And does it match that of tr, who turned them over to Ihe attorney general's ported today. James Capos, 43, first Said ««' '"snagged the tools whijc {jshiji^'^hj ' a lake 1 near the Henry Clinje whew the veterinarian was mu Luler, Capes changed his and told authorities he planted tools after smeorjng the*ni with Wi ' own blood. Police said Cape? has £" record as publicity geeHeVt «'».« gent to a mental institution foy. servation. He now is servin $50 fine at the pe;U Varm „, , disorderly conduct convietipn. ;,.^' The 45-year'Old, bachelor narian was beylpn io deaU 14. The killer set fire to bedroom aA the ing. Some Jg.spo in coin? rcncy w,ere found scstiered the room.

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