Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1958 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1958
Page 9
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Natemter IS, IfSI MOM ITAI, MOM, ARKANSAS Page Mill' Police Said today tf>py WcfC hold ing a 26-ye«f-bld coal ftiihtf bit aft opt^n ,cfiaf!e itt Uifi dyrtdffiitihij ot the Osage School. Prosecuting Ally,"-Stanley R. Cos if. would hotiidchtily IHc man, escept lo S8y' h8 lived IB tlic small minihg ecHimufiity of Osggc about four miles h-offl this HoMh* em West Vitglrtift tdWfi, Authorities have said lliey believed the bdmbihg Was related lo the school's being integrated, They also had expressed 'belief (Hal IHd bombing last Mofiddy Was set oil by outsiders, the school's 240, pupils, Ificlud' ing 50 NdgfOdS," relumed lo c'lasscs today In now quarters, insurance adjusters ddclihed to eslimatc the blast danlagb Until all wreckage has been" cleared away, Unofficial estimate's l-ahged from $230,000 Id $500,COO, The building was Insured.. About 20 FBt nlcn, headed by E. Hugo WintciTowd of Pittsburgh Were assisting 1 stale and county officials with the investigation, ECGS-QUISlTE — A "looslet" thai sinpiised everyone by laying an egg is held by Us ownct Olio Hatch of Maicehnc, Mo A looslci in eveiy othei lespecl, the New Hampshile Red was dubbed 'Chilstine" . kilH kf NIA Mnk* M^ CHAPTER XXII The soft click of Ihe latch as Amy closed the Ufcor behind her snagged, caught, and uulled her awake once more, from the hajl ^outside/ she could hear voices *— Aunt Milli- ccin's saying somelhing she could not understand in that new, nervous, indecisive lone of voice—the lone lhal meanl danger now—and then Amy saying: "Poor little sweet thing! She went to sleep< • ight away." Aunl Millicenl's voice mumbled again; and then by Ihc lime Amy answered Ihey had moved farlhor away down the hall, - and the words had 'become a', distant rustle, like the rain on Ihe window, like the waves on the. beach. Kathcrine* thought: So now they know, Everything's set up for In em. .They know thai I'm in here alone, asleep; they can . do,,anything they want to, Miavc (plo" get away before they can catch up with me again. And Ihen, suddenly' she was'in the grip of panic, She opened her eyes. She sril, up and swung her feel over ^he side.ol" the bed. ,Tho black .roomf- was"-filled wilh the whispering, •flittingghosts of the day's 'horrors,*' JVIaybe * Paul and Aunt Millicenl '"were 'already in the room, too. ,,-£> > Shs stood up" Hurriedly, The -bed squeaked lUnderVhei-'; ,she was *.qot frying; to. be" 'quiet', only' (o get away. She blundered across the room, -•'unbuttoliing'-- her pajamas as she went,'. Her papic re- cecded a little, slid <had to force herself lo think ; of_ .practical things. Clothes."Shops!" A raincoat, • - • -V " ' She pulled ,out pants, socks, q skirl, a blouse, shaking each one and then touching, it, carefully tu be' sure she had whcil she wanted. ^ She carried the pilti ot clothes and laid it r quietly down en the corner of the carpet. She took off Ihc shirt it oi>her pajamas, and then the trousers; she put on her pants, and slood quirjtly behind the curtain for a moment,, listening. She ;'was still alone in the room. •$ She put on her socks, and then her shoes, and tied the laces, wondering desperately what she was going to do now! she did not dare to venture out into the house, tout the unseen menace outside the windows seemed even more terrible to her. She put on her raincoat. She was ready to go. She held her breath again, and pushed the button, The distant 'whirring began, tnen the closer sounds, end the window slid back away from the Avail. The curtains billowed in at her, with the misting, rain behind them. ( Something 1 elsc, u —^.something wet and "shaggy "and" smelly" —dashed -in, bounded against her, pawed her legs. Rex. Kathcrine almost laughed. She reached down and felt his coat while he sniffed at her. lie was drenched, He, like his mistress, had been out through the storm. No one luid thought lo Jet him in, She said, "Do you want to go to bed?" He dashed around her, past her, heading in the direction of the closet where * ho could find that delectable array of shoes. She hissed after him, "Leave those alone. Come back here,." and she heard him stop, and then come pattering back over the rujj until his nose brushed her ankle, She led the way into the bathroom, and he followed her, She smoothed out his rug and sasv |hal there was water in his bowl. She .wondered if he'd had aiiy- Police Hold Miner in School Bombin§ W. In I860, Izard county grew near» ly 1,000,000 pounds' of tobacco and production was also heatoy In Wash* ington and Bcnton and Boonc counties for a time following the Wai' Between the States, v thing to eat. Probably not. Bui Ihere was nothing she could do tot him. She'd:, fed him in tlio morning when she gol back. She closed t|he bathroom door; through the panels she could still hear Rex slurping'! The window had automatically closed itself while she was in r >the bathroom. It stayed open : for 30 seconds, then il slid back"into place again. She pushed the button; it whirred, whined; • ground, and opened, and she stepped out cautiously over the sill onto the grass. She waited-apprehensively, .her fis-ts cl^.iched, bul ^nothing happened. The rain molted' softly on her face and 1 ' into her hair. She did not mind it now; sho wns d_ry under the raincoat. Be- hind''.Her the window softly closed itself. She was/scaled out now. Slie had no choice but to go on. The lighted , house floated in the distance,- . half screened by the rain, the white windows shining un the. wet,' grass. Nothing moved b'etween- her and the 'house. Either, she was not bein follosved, or her pursuers were more clever f than she, able to see in the.'dark, lo fade into the landscape, i .*.'.. Here there was no sort of light, with the Irees black over hci head, and last'.year's dead leaves pressing soggily under her shoes. Sho stopped to listen. Surely, >£ her ^wn^-pas.sagp.jhad ;been> so noisy, no' .one 'else could get quietly, .But llic only-sound she hoard were Ihose Ihc woods made by themselves .— thp rain on the leaves, dripping. on 'down into the sticky path. No one -was following her, She -turned ,back 'toward Un clearing, and '.only then noticed for 'the first time that the Ran- somes' house was dark, She thought: Thais' funny.- I've heard them" lalk aboul • how late they stayed up. ' No one answered her knock, no Jighl showed .ihsid'e, She though hopefully: >If they thep'rc 'really' sound" asleep, they might not have'heard me, She rapped' o'nce again, lightly; but back down, off'jtjie,, porch and then, without' w~aiting to sec i it had any, more, .effect, she went started' around' tine side of (he house, feeling,her-way .along the wall, (To Be ANY REGULAR A*P SHOPPER CAN TELL YOU, No Limits at A&P Cloud •N day Sunday. SOAP FLAKES Lux Flakes Large Pkg.. 33' DEODORANT SOAP lifebuoy Reg, Bart Mti DEODORANT SOAP Lifebuoy 2 Bath Bars TOILET SOAP Lux Soap 2 Reg. Bars TOILET SOAP Lux Soap A Bath Ban ; BLUE DETERGENT Rinso Giant Sii« g & DETERGENT Surf Gianf Size f 9 DETERGENT Breeze Giant Sii« , j,j ' DETERGENT Silver Dust Gianf Size LIQUID DETERGENT Lux Liquid 22'Oz.Can,, 69 CONDENSED DETERGENT It Hit all 2 45 FLUFFY pETERGENT > "all" Ojgnj 5iz*,,, 75* UQUIP BlueWisk ^ $&•....... 87* Chili Beans -*?1^^ .'S?*|f'*lA CUT GREEN BEANS 2 25 ARMOUR'S STAR DEL MONTE WHOLE KERNEL GOLDEN CORN. • EXQUISITE FREESTONE SLICED PEACHES AKMUUK'5 STAR jf^ VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 A&P FANCY CRUSHED 4* m m PINEAPPLE 2"™," 45* A&P FANCY CHUNKS , g\ mt*. PINEAPPLE „ 2£r49* _ ,_ UBBY EARLY GARDEN O 0 C GREEN PEAS™, 2 &" 3 9c &!• IONA YELLOW CLING SLICES OR HALVES • . PEACHES ___ LjSs31c Quoit Po*k FRESH PORK ROAST "SUPER-RIGHT" FRESH RIB END Pound,::*;..,„ "SUPER-RIGHT" FRESH PORK LOIN END ' Round *„ 4 • Center Cut Pork Chops "S'Sl. &...: lb . 59^ "Super-Right" Fresh Pork Loins &, b 53* Fresh Pork Country Style Backbones AUCOOD BRAND SlICED BACOM : j "SUPER-RIGHT" SMOKIES 59< SWANSON TROZEN MEAT PUS 2,45* OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY Sauce V/HOIE OR No. 300 STRAINED Can DEUCIOUS V/I1H HAM OH TURKEY 23 DOIE ffiOZEN CHUNKS Pineapple 25< TEXAS JUICY ORANGES c.5X39c WASHINGTON STATE WINE^AP APPLES 2 u*25c COLORADO YELLOW ONIONS it. 5c U, S. NO. 3 IPAHO RUSSET DOLE FROZEN PINEAPPLE JUICE |9* T£XAS RU8Y 8EP LARGE • ' " Grapefruit 3 For 25c /*** C1 I /""N D A /*** T C" \/ A f* ! CfiH.Q RnQ feXAS -PARROTS 2 u* 19e . MINNESOTA ' DO15 fRQZEN BtENDED JUICE <5-9Z, O*»A Pineapple.' Cqn 4>iw FROZEN BIENPED JUICE 6-oz« it Csa JAN6 PARKER SpanNh JAN6 JANE PARKER DELICIOUS

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