Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1958 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1958
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Page H6PI SfAl, HdPt, ARKANSAS Tfiunday, Ncnmbef 13» Declares Facts Offer Hope to Race Problem By MERRILL SWEDLUNd FRENCK LICK, Incl. i.AP) A SdutlKin ti'wsp;ptt odiiiM smd todtiy ncciutiti'. rcimploli- f.irls offer the only hope fin -,i filiation o/ "Uip ti-Hfiic conflict" ovrr ffhr.ol Inlcgirition In Ills ,innii;il I'cp'iif i,s president nt the uprning ol Tin. 1 Associated t'l 1'Ks Mannijiny I'jchloi's CoilvtMitinil C'ol.'llHl'l A. l of tin- NiishvillL 1 Tcnnes- • - ' V43a^th^W/& scnh said ol tin- nMcgi iition inob- Icin, "Opinion. 1 ; .'in. 1 IIIHII.V imrl iiftuii OJttl'Clnc. They rxcilo hnlicd, bit- toilless, violc-nct- Amid nil llu- i'U- Stillfinl din ,-it id i-inifiifiori, Ihci'i. 1 is the constant ami fimcst iiui'i-y. whfit iire Hit? fni't.sV FiiC'.s iii-c Uic basis of rciisou. tin- (.illy hope of a solution, "A public that dors not know the facts cannot ;:ct. intc'lligtnUy. A public lllut rloi-s nnl comprehend the facts Ls t'migriuu.' Th.it places a treim'tidouK n>spunsibility Upon newspapers." •ncvicwinu the |iru|jiTBK niack' In news prusc-nl:ilio:i since (hi: APME Whs found in French 1/k-U 25 .y-i.-nr.-. ngo, Harwell celled the AP "an example of dt-mucnn-y nt its best, n rare combinatiun uf the jjeimis ot coopcrniuin and of competition." Two oilier s|irn)ters .slres.se.il Community service nt the opetiin." session of the silver nnniversdry convention, .-illenflcd by almost 40i) editors and ihelr wivos. Ben Reese, co-chnirmnn of the advisory bonrd of the Americnii Press Institute at ColumWn University. stud 11 community has a right to expect its newspaper to "bo a guardian of the town . . . , try its best to preserve public vir- 'tue. . . fight Jin- the rights of it.s renders " "Ncwspr.pers must ra..ike themselves indispensnl.']e.." ynid Rceso, a .former m;m.i;;lng editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "Public :scrvicc is a sure u ay to do it. Louis M. Lyons, cuiMlor of the Nleninn Foundation, Hurviird Unt- verfcity. spiel, 'The luotlcm of making our cities fit ui live in still invites, HP\\ ,pnpei attention " Lyons, whose ioundation ol'ters advanced study at Harvard for •newspapermen, said the press KOiierally lagged in recoiling neu s about science und education end even the Supreme Coiut fieciillinn Adl.u Stevenson's 1952 complaint about \h,il ho called a "one-party pi ess." Lyons said: ,''Ih most cities there is no debate in n political campaign. As the number ol cnu paper;, s-hiiuks, auitil most cities have only one, At altitude of about 40,000 feet, unit U dropped'from Boeing KC-135 jet and drag chute opens, Nose cone separates, freeing parachute-borne radiosonde which will telemeter weather data from lower altitudes. Chutes stabilizing rocket launcher open, Preset timer fires rocket to 150,000 feet where it will take instrument readings. Judge Millwce May This Week I iTTl.rc ROCK (AP)— Associate Justice Miner Miliwee of the Ai^ ka r,i*- Supreme Court reportedly plan<, 'n file foi disability retire- rtv i. 'His week. Cnpitol sources said TVtilwee, rti-ff-nVil for re-nominatiorl by seg' ••(•(tiiiiniiist .tim Johnson of Cros- «rtt -A-ai ndviser! by his dbetbr to li'avr the court as soon as possible; Milhvee. 57, declined to Ctitlv ment on the reports. He has been under medical treatment for a number of vcnrp Tlv .judge's current term oil the coii! I expires Dec 31 JET-BORNE WEATHER PROBES—Radiosondes launched by n streaking four-engine jet plane are part of a new weather-sensing system being developed by Bcndix Aviation Corp. for the U.S. Air force. Engineer's sketch above shows how two types of measuring units will be can-iecl in the same package (1). Parachute-born radiosonde (2) will monitor at low altitudes, while one In rocUcl ('!) will take readings at Sonic 30 miles above the earth. The jets, literally "Hying weather stations," will range 4i5QO mllei on- «ach:flighl and continuously feed weather information to both military and civilian ground stations. K;irrn, on her fifth birthday. After Karen opened her gifts, games were played with prices beiiia won -by Tena Solton ahd Paul.-i Parsons. Each one present fished for trinkets from a fish biivvl. Ice cream, cold drinks and the chocolate birthday cake decorated in yellow and inscribed "Happy Birthday Karen" was served from ;i table covered with a Happy Birthday cloth. The guest list included Jackie Warn-n. Mary Kate Stewart, Debbie Hod.ues, Elaine White. Tena Boltoii. Angela Payne. Frances Sue Hunt. Steve Hale. Paula Parsons, Debbie Bolls. Dannie Joe Beaver- etl. Brenda Steed, Lynn Nelson, Jim l)c J Lamar. George -Mitchell, Debbie Covington and Kalhy Kolba. Mrs. Kolba was assisted by Mrs. Warren Payne and Mrs. C. D. Huddlcston. maternal grandmother of the honoree. Prescott News such u forum becomes increasinu- ly impossible." Vincent S. Jones, Rochester. N.Y., executive editor of the Can- j nctt Newspapers, reviewed news events and newspaporing of the 'if, years, using news pictures to illustrate the period. "Twenty years ago, scenes of raw violence were common," Jones said in tracing the development of organized labor. "Today's iballles are won >al the bargaining table and on the voting machine." Concei ning televised political conventions, Jones said, "The conventions on TV had their moments, but they bored as many people as they enthralled, because ihcy couldn't! be edited," F.'reivifin Hold Monthly Meeting' Mumlicrs of Prescott Fire Dep-.ulnient met, :n thuir regular j-nonihly meeting':Qn Nov. 4 at the Davis Cafe. 'Buin-ell Whitmarsh delivered : the invocation. Food was served and a conversation period followed. Chief Cotlinghariv called the meet ing to order and Ihc regular order of business was v carried out. He gave a brief, account of his recent big game hunt in Colorado. The Fire Dept. has recently become a unit of Civil 'Defense and officer of the National CD will deliver an address and igiyc instructions about (he duties of this unit on Nov. 11. Secretary Garrelt reported three minor tires for 'the month of Oc- tober. .'Lindell Buchanan and Hubert Willis attended a firemen first aid school of instruction at -Hope on "Nov. 4. Mrs. W. P. Cummings Entertains Canasta Club The home of Mrs. W. P. Cummings was beautifully decorated with a variety of chrysanthemums on Friday afternoon when she entertained the 1950 Canasta Club. (High score honors were won by (Mrs. Jim Yancey. A sandwich and dessert course .was served <to a guest, -Mrs. N. ,N. Daniel and members 'Mrs. J •••B, Hcsterly, Mrs. Homer AVard, Mrs. A. . W. Hudson, Mrs. Imon Gee, Mrs. E. iM. Sharp and M'rs. C. G. Gordon. Karen Kolba Has Birthday P.arty Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kolba entertained with a parly at their home on Saturday afternoon for the pleasure of their daughter. and the new Y^puum-fresh package Vou^'e smrt to stive the di ( , t ^ when tlie finest epff ee pome's , - ' i?Vfl YflpminWresh package, APMIRATION'3 new plnsljo p? it fre^i four times , Anrf no o(t\ev coffee, no I hoy/ ejspejisiye, e^ijess of i - > ADMIBATION, AsJ? ^9 $854000 T»s»U.Tesl! Or try APMiRATION for J'PUV^elf, Chpnpes ju-e, though it IV-'S. t 34! ' l * £%vit£ ft' 4i Sandra Kay Anderson Honored Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Anderson honored their daughter, Sandra, Kay, with a party on her ninth birthday at the Legion Hut on Saturday afternoon. The hut was gaily decorated with paper lanterns and balloons hung from the ceiling. The main, table was covered with a Happy Birthday cloth centered with a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and the pretty pink and white cake i topped with a china doll. Another > table was covered with a while linen cloth and held a huge bouquet of red roses. Prizes oi' molding clay were won by Janet Bright and Stanley .Mc- AnnaJ'ly playing musical chairs i and find the (button. 1 After Sandra opened her gifts, refreshments of ice cream, cake and cold drinks were served to guests Carolyn Hallom, Dorothy; Covington, Janet Bright, Gilda Pay Hines, Joan Smith, Gary and Jerry Beck, Kenneth Formby, Verna Oglesby, Christine Billingsley, Kathy Rettig, Phoebe Johnson, Ga,il Graham, Mary Jane Erskine, Jan- ctte McAnnally, Jim Fail-child Kay: Vandivcr, Glenda Smith, Janet Jordan, Linda Cox, Donna Mitchell Charlotte Arnold, Helen Friend; William Taylor, Mike Bannister, Jimmy Dickcrson and Jenny Lynn, Belinda Lambert and Donna Colo of Emmet and Jackie-Easterlfng of Hope. Long paper blowout horns were given as favors. Mrs, Anderson was assisted by her sister, Mrs. Lawrence fosterling of Hope, M'rs. Jim Cole of lEmmot and Mrs. G-ar- land McAnnaliy. Mr, and Mrs. Gordon Danncr and 'Mr and MLS, C, G, Banner have returned from several days stay m Memphis, Mr, and Mrs. C, O. Watyquisl spent 'Friday and Saturday in Lille Rock with Mr, and Mrs. Woody Wahlquist and Mr. and Mrs, Clyde Wfihtquist Jr, and their families, Mr. and Mrs, 'Bill Ward and Liza were the weekend guests of her parents, M'r, and Mrs, W. M. Morgan in Fordyce, Mr, and Mrs. Wsid also attended the Arkansas- Hardm Simmons game m Little Rock Saturday, iMr. and Mrs. Hody Butler Jr. of Dallas spent the weekend with their parents, Mr, and Mrs. H. W. Butler and Mr. and Mrs, Hcr- jmm Tippitt. Mr. and Mrs, Dick 'Bright Scott wore weekend visitors in Fai> dyce 'with Mr, and Mrs. John Massey and Pine BluiX where they visited Mr, and M'rs. Wilton Steed, •Mr. and Mrs. J, H. Bemis had as their guests Sunday, 'Mr. and M)s Jim Compton and children ol Magnolia. Mr. t\ncl IVlrs, Jackie Bolls and daughter of LtHJo Rock visited, their parents, Mr, and Mrs>. Fre4 Bolls and Mi', and Mrs. ArdeU Clark of Hope, Miss Mary Jewelle Herring, U" of A student, spent thi. weekend with her parents. Mr, > and JVJ'rs.- Hansel Herring, Mrs, J. W, Brea2cale has re; turned to Mai shall, Texas after a visit with Jipr daughter, Mrs. Jim Nelson apd fanuly, Jeff Livingston, Mrs. \VayWft JSJcy, Bruce Eley and Jerry mprelawl attpnded U\e Jiardin Simmons game in Saturday, ftijd Mvs. Fred, polls, ^ Barbara spent Sunday 411 \vitJx 6? nip. - and Mrs. B.UI her X?ith9r, Pvsd Qovplon, who is in thg »U',#, MlJf^iJfW v ,, 111 py W^*^^iy^ftto^Steg^; iteti^ SHOP OWEN S WHERE PRICES ARE CHOPPED! USE OUR EASY LAY-A-WAY Buy Now For Christmas - Only 5 weeks off! ST, MARYS ELECTRIC BLANKETS 2 year Guarantee Reg. $25,00 Value $16.99 $1.00 Puts in Xmas Laya*Way LADIES! & CHILDREN'S CAR COATS AND SHORT COATS Children's Coats 5.95 ,o 10.95 Ladies Coats 8 95 »o 24.95 50 YD. CAN CAN SLIPS White and Colors Reg. 3.95 Value Put Them Up Now for Christmas HERE IS A WEEK-END KNOCKOUT! LADIES', NYLONIZED "ARAYON PANTIES Hollywood Brief Styles While 1000 pr. last. In White, Pink, Blue. 3 Pr 1.00 SOMETHING NEW! 50 Yfe: CAN CAN SLIPS Trimmed in Gold In White, Pink, Blue and Red with Gold trimming. $3.66 JUST RECEIVED! ,BIG NEW SHIPMENT OF TOBY LANE DRESSES Jr. - Reg. and Half Sizes Buy now for Xmas — Pretty as they come — Use our Lay-A-Way 7.95 to 13.95 SPECIAL! 40 IN. HEAVY BROWN Domestic Yds. 99c SPECIAL! —1.39 QUILTING Cotton White -— Full Size 97c Roll SPECIAL — 15c CANNON WASH Cloths 12 For l.OQ SPECIAL! — DARK QUILTING Cotton 2 Lb. — Full Size Reg. 98c Value 68c . SPECIAL! 36 IN. HEAVY OUTING In Dark and Light Stripes 3 yds. 99c SPECIAL! INTERWOVEN NEW TYPE CHENILLE SPECIAL! 20x40 BIG THIRSTY CANNON TOWELS Reg. 59c Value FIRST QUALITY PATRICIA NYLON HOSE Reg. 98c Value 2 pr 99c Buy Now For Xmas SPECIAL! 3.95 BIG COTTON DOUBLE BLANKETS Buy Now For Xmas, SPECIAL! 79c to 98c Value Piece Goods Big Nesv Variety 2 yds 1. 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