Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1958 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1958
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

, Hmmbst 11,19Sfi Soviet Bear Only Growled, Failed to Bite 8y (AP) — West more easily today bc» Sallse the SusSiafi be6P &ild Us Qefttiafi followers Bjjfieafed — fdf the itiofiiefil^-td have ffiet'6 owi than bite, ¥he lifrnff ejttle in 6 ft&U's esfi- f&t'ettM Wednesday by Premie? Otto Gi'oleWHdl 6f Germany, sieVei-al pbHd6HtS attfehdbtl, ost of thfeffi exjleeted §oftie t)f a dl-aftlatid folidWUp id Nikita Khntshtihev's detnand that the Westei'h Allies give Up West Berlin, a capitalistic thoftt buried 110 miles Inside SoWfntinisl &iM Gene FisMn I sea fish 1 * Wtlt Iftoifln ft Bj*i itt.Jsafti* I* mMlBi«h • *S\Tl fofrtsh SEsiM i 16 PeHsiftifig la i bidflge 11 Spanish iif SI MdthW bl '"* i - Aueiid -iVifltiy ^.vji » vojjuiivitiim viiuu^ui, Oi'Otewohi had beeil tapped by the •Soviet prernie! 1 id annoUhce thiit the Rtissiahs wei'<i giving the East dei'matis Control bVfct' Allied mili« tafy traffic irttb West SeHin, The AUjes prefer Russian Cnhtrol bc« cHflse this permits them to avoid 1-ecognizing the East German rb' fiime. • -, GrotoWohl strode into the con- Sference room 10 minute's late, Hfc | Said he knew the correspondents I expected something sensational I but wouldn't get it from him, 1 What they got was nearly tU'o hours of Communist' vet-biage about peace, German unification, the Berlin situation and the possl' byity ot negotiations to get Soviet 1ii™jps out of East Germany, Throughout, Grote\vohl gave the | impression he may -have \-eceivod the word frohi Moscow, So when he mentioned negotiations about Soviet troops, the correspondents figured they had a sensation after all But six hours later .the: official Chmmuniat East German news agency ADN put out a correction which drastically changed- Grate- wj^l's remarks about th'e troop n^otialioiis. Tn response fo "a question on Khrushchev's speech, Grotewhpl said: "Yes, I interpret the weekend speech of Khrushchev to moan' that the 'Soviet. Union will re-ax- amine the Question with the aim of pulling out its troops.:Perhaps Mere would have to be a nrovho that the-'Western-Allies- take {he same stw On West Germany)." The ADN correction eliminated t£ word' ".perhaps" 'and_ substituted "naturally." So Grotewohi r.mv was saving fhnt~ naturally the Western Allies would have to pull out when the Rursians leave. Around the World ALGIERS fAPI -— A Moslem candidate- for the French National Assembly has called-for-a French '{Pelting pot" .for Moslems similar to whai thp Uniteijl Statos offered mil)fons of .European, frami- grnnts, Robert Ahdessalam, lawver and internationnlly known fnnis wlav- pr, made his proposal Tuesday in the first formal cnmnaipn snfech preocrli'if the legislative elections Nov. 28-30. |"Tho United States has accented millions of npnnlp air'.irivcn ))ir>m ••j'Afeeling of belnncine," he said. Prdnno should follow .the same road to integration!!' * 1. i it f j j. »*•—«IM •%.*»*«» i wi I V'HJ IH'S . UV\*VIII|1V/I» ttithacatcH 22 Ffeebaatef 32 Essential feiOnftwha blfish 23 Af tef'dihHd? beiht > — 84 Even,, 21 §Ie6pTes. Latvia "* Oklahoma tab,} | 24 gcmdufcied 25 Turkish Wi<5 46Ttleartetf i 2? dirt's Bftm» 48 Lo\v sattcl hlil 43 Noblemert 28 Aquatic! 29 Possessed 44 Wav host HlaHiffial S3 At'a.bian , ehieftam SS R6o{ edge* 88 RihgWoHH SSEHglish rWfif v 39 PiscatdHM . 42 Of greatest ' . 48 Cereal grain point " SWirfd 64 tforrfv. * notion ST^rightened , 58 Rehts I 59 Lamprey ',1 Drunkard 2 Range 3 Buoyant song HAVANA (APWAfior reporting the release of 33 ncrsons from onpturprl airlino'-s, ttm Cuban 'rebels hold up -today -Hie -return of arrrtv nvishnprs UMM fhn- nnvorn- jTient explains an alleged violation pf n re.hr>! cease-fire. The Jifirh command of rebel cj^pf , FHel Castro oniiouijPT] r J,(P.sdav Ihov handed, ovej- (o tho Red Cross 1 25 passenfrW, incUid- ing 1 an American,' nnd ^ crpvvrneh of two Cqbani Airlines DC3s. i Tho plqnrs wore soiled ip flight ' Dot, 21 and Nov. 5, WARSAW CAPI ~ Wladvslaw GomulHs. Poland's Communi-st chief, returned frnm-n "friendship lour" of the Sqv|et Union today, 'jJIENNA (AP) - Bulgarian coTTrts have passed 31 death sen* tences iij the past two years on Cotnrnuplsl party and government o/fjpjfl?s jvho ^tolo or ernbe''''^^ state funds, accordii)g tp the saw newspaper Trj-bunq ~ ROACH * HUGHES FJrt f?^i' •InfoniTll^a^UMI f -s'/A3i KANSAS X" CAN'T HELP T well, IT'S CLE/kREO " I HOPE $0! Y VOU'R6 PRIUIN 1 THRU,, . I'M WOKKI6P SICK ABOUf 1MM5BTHIW6S LAST IW DUB IM \ YORKVILtB?. TWiTB rtM.IUAIpHINt.. UP,tHmL 6y 6ITUATIOW VORKUII.L& WHERE EUEM* MO.THER TOMORROW / IS BOOKEP W 50W6 NIOHf! A SHOW THIS WEEK I K5 UNCLES A8USB 1 . •y Kote Oidnn t CAN'T FIRE HIM- HE'S 7XX> -y- INTERESTING) ', I'VE GCfT-TD CURE DAGWOODOF TAKING THOSE TEN O'CLOCK .NAPS EVERY MORNING T.M. Rtf. U S. PM. OH. ® 1»S8 bj NEA S«f<!ce, Inc. 'I know some kissing games © 195» b( NC» S.r.iei, Inc. T.M. Rl{. U.S. fil. (Ml FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' 1 THINK 1 To PO YOUR. THAT'S RIGHT, CARLYLE! YOUR MOTHER IS' VERY, .INTELLIGENT -T PERSON! I If WAS A MISTAKE- Fofc/ PUT// SMITH- -\Ve Meib~: 7:..: , . ATe MEep OF HE'S LIGHT/I'M DARK. 1 SO I FELL FOR HIM' AT FIRST'SIGHT." WELL, YOUR MOM,) ,^-J FATHER WHAT ^fAND I ARE DO THEYMX)PPOSITES MEAN BYbr—••" "OPPOS1TES ATTRACT' , R, WHIMr* nu» / WEUU.THAT'S GOOPTH/NKINe V5R HIT WHEN A 'UNCH CPMIM &6Ap,.i wopgR WHAT UIFB is Z ANZ.I PAfJ/PR PASO PASO, OR f/4 TH^ 1$ HAZARDOUS AHP THAN MY PRE&EMT UY MOWING I5AIOS& FEA e (.oviMs MAN THAN AM HURT, WE TIEP THIS POXltJ' (5UOVE ON THE ARROW, Me All^HT gp TKe ' "But by th§ time we got gyr furniture in here -there . . . _ .-* I _l .- I A. I-- _.,_ _**_... l_ J__ _.-! _ I- . . I _ l____ltl MARTHA LfANfcS A\5 AS Y AS SMAKeSPeAR JM'M'ORTAU. HAMI.ET/ vSJwX'.- V g.^4- > >V I- \? <»t--' wouldn't b§ wm fneugh to §j?in a hula HQYYgO YOU UKeTHtfr? AMANFKQMMAR€ FW?V((S7i B&fA OUTER SFfcCe PONT IF AWSTJ6 IHf ' •- v- "' , - >*; j-v«"'" $$ *£ 7^~~ 5 ?^H'^ J *^?r~^'

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