Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1958
Page 5
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Ne**mfci r IS, 1111 MOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS rift Trading Post 1 Shows the New Mercury Friday A brilliant cofribinatioil of in- W.'Hor spafiioxiSneSS tot etfthtorl, ftiechahlcal fexccllaiice, advanced dcsigfi ahd superior porforrmtfice ahd fecohoriiy is fcrcseiiled by Mel-- cui'y ih its lotaily tlew cars loi' jy.«"*jMeiciiry's KuW ariiuVei'Siiiy Models, They will be on display at Hie iraditlg Post in '"Ihis new M'drdui-y is the hicsaiunnpiiL-ud cat designed lo .spcfUieany and ekcHUswoiy tor 0,1 c rhcdiurti'* pHded iioiu — uveiy okier iiiouutm pric't'u cur I'oi 1 JUotf slturos its ouuy srtuil With a low- priced car inaKCi ' saiu Ben D. iviuisi gunei-ui rtianajjcr 01 trio M'Ji-'ii uwisioli and a vice pl'esi' ctC'iu ol fora Motor Compdiiy, "i'hc Mercury ior luoy is a big cai'"U nus sue lor a purpose"Hs spaceU^pJuiiiiea oodles provlue 'i totally new experience ni pusseiv yer cunuurt in 'Uinn iront ana OUCK .jj.-uiSi Mr, MUis ctcciareu. "And uicu s Ior tnree people in both seals," he emphasized, 1'ne entire iront seat and instrument ipanel areu are ro-ctosigiiuu to muKU spacious, iviajor engineering uuvelupiiicius result in cutting almost lUui me vouiinu ol' space UiK.cn tip oy tnu transmission urn- llui nunip uown tne eeiHcr ol tne car, nus reduction 01 uic tunnel gives Mercury anotncr inaustry ^'jii'sl" in .passenger comioia t.v *rcatly Increasing leg room ior inose sitting in tne midcile ot tne i'ront seat and by improving .cushioning in botn I'ront and rear seats, 4-H Chomp Turns Out to Be o Girl Mass. ' top 4-H airyrnan this year does most of the work with 53 animals and SOUTHDEERFIELD, AP) — Massachusetls 1 counts hunting hobbies. But make no and shooting as mistake champ isn't a burly, young man. 'Miss Joan Van Petersilge, 19, a pretty beauty school student, won the state tille from among hundreds ot 4-H'.club youths specialize in dairying. who 'Extension service officials can't Remember when tare tltlo. a girl last won Space-planned bodies which provide a totally ttew experience ih passenger comfort in both front and back seats ai'e presented by Mercury in its entirely new cars for 1959, In its 20th anniversary models, Mercury otters a brilliant combination of advanced windshield and rear window increase glass area more than CO per cent at the front and 46 per cent at the rear, Mercury's high-compression V-8 engines provide an c)cact blending of the most desirable features of economy and pott'er, Pictured is the Park Lane four-door Cruiser, Ike Calls on Johnson for Additional Aid By JACK BELL WASHINGTON position party in the Senate, he has worked closely with the Republican administration at limeJ, especially on problems involving foreign policy. He said in a speecn last week the increased Democratic majorities in the new Congress will meet president Eisenhower at least halfway. Johnson is generally expected lo API 'riif>i rctam ms 1:)ost as 'Democratic *••*" ' -lilt. ' i,,,,,.,,.., ,,.u n ,. , i-,n GfiiiMi* t-vinte irt EiswilioWor nclminislraAion lias I called on Sen. .Lyndon B. Johnson CD-Tex) lor anolner bipartisan task — discussion o ^continental problems with the incoming president of Mexico. Johnson, the Senate's Dp"nocrat- ic leader, Js expected to go to Mexico City some time this month to confer personally with Prerii- rlem-elcct Aclolfo Lopez Mateos. in Congress and the Slate Department tne invitation to Johnson to undertake the personal diplomatic mission to IViexieo was regarded as an indication the administration wants lo work closc- Jy with* the party loader in shoring tip Latin American relations. It was the second bipartisan been week. State- Dulles had announced Johnson had agreed Ijo speak in.the United Nations in 'behalf of the American resolution for the peaceful uses of outer space. Although Johnson heads the op- leacter when tne Senate mcts assignment Johnson has asked to undertake this Previously Secretary of January. (D-Wis), Sen. otic William of an Proxmiro increased number of liberal Democrats In the now Senate, said Tuesday he lias found no indicaUotis of dissatisfaction with Johnson's course, One senator-elect reported Tuesday he understood Johnson had called the 13 Democrals newly elected to the Senate lo meet with him at his Texas ranch next month. Johnson, in a telephone interview, discounted talk of a pro- session meeting and said he had issued no blanket invitation lor But Senator-elect Frank E. Moss of Utah said later he had tentatively agreed to meet with Johnson Dec. 5, and got The impression in talking with Johnson thai at least all the new Western Democratic senators svotild attend. Johnson's visit lo Mexico City is expected lo precede Lopez Mateos' inaugural on Dec. 1. He will be representing not only the State Chrysler and U AW Reach Agreement Chrysler and the tlA\V rcnehrct (iRrccmehl five weeks ngo on n now three-year continct fctr production workers, bul settlemeiU on demands of three locals rcpie- sentins approximately 32,000 eh- j.'inoers WHS left hanging. Dt*dge nssplnbly opernliohs Irt Political Boss of Boston Dies at 84 BOSTON (AP)—Jnmts Michael Cm-ley, Insl of the ,big city political bosses, died at City Hospital. Me would have been 84 Nov. 20. Cm-ley was a Democratic lender for more than half a csnlury, serving tour terms as mayor of Boston, one term as governor of Massachusetts and four as a congressman. Slowly failing health hnd marked Curry's last years and he was long under treatment .Cor diabetes. Death came a few hours after a team of seven doctors performed a 55-rninute emergency operation in an attempt to clear a clotting of the artery whlnh sup' plies the small bowel. •Ho underwent surgery Nov. 4— Election Day — for an intestinal j Plan, blockage and apparently was making satisfactory progress until Tuesday night. Earlier Tuesday he had walked the hospital suburban Itnmlrnmek \vetb shut at II a.m. and 3.500 producllch workers sent homo. Chrysler Said new cat- drivers rdfusad lo diivc through pickets between the assembly line ahd Iriad.ng docks. A Plymouth nsscinbiy plant was closed and 1,200 sent home. Horej Chrysler said a shortage of bodies developed when drivers refused to dross picket lines to bring them Into the plant. Normally UAW members do not cross picket lines of fellow unionists and this would close nil 34 plant where pickets appeared. LfAVV headquarters announced lihcrc would be no strike at any missile or lank plani operated by Chrysler. Major issues of conflict were demands of white-collar workers for area-wide seniority, an automatic pay progression step-up and a narrowing of differentials for similar work. Douglas Praser, UAW bargaining clr'uf. said the company refused lo change its position on any of these. Johh D. Leury, Chrysler vice president^ in charge of personnel said salaried employes were offered economic and other benefits at least the equivalent of those 1 accepted by the UAW for hourly- rated workers. He listed these as company offers: A three per cent annual improvement factor wage increase; a cost-of-living increase; additional wage increases In a number of classifications; improved pensions; improved hospltaliKalion and medical coverage; improved supplemental unempioyrrienl compensation and a separation pay Doparlmcnl but the top-heavy majority of Democrats in IJie Somite which expects to begin an early inquiry into Latin Am'erican relations. corridor and had posed for newspaper photographers. Tuesday night, Mrs. Cm-ley and Curloy's two sons, the Rev. Francis X. Cm-ley, S. J., of Holy Cross College and George J. Cur' ley of Boston, were summoned. Father Curley gave his father the. last rites of Uic Roman Catholic Church. NewiBritfi ' UP) »* tdleaalfcg fe the fcnsVWesl ebhferbffce tm pre« veflliori of surprise flHaeks mel for On mifixilcs todaj*. Ihch Issued" rt eotr.rmmlcivte w!ileh m&rely snid they continued to discuss "the plan of work of the conference." Anolhcr ttieetlUK will be held Thtn-sdny. Since the opening session 'Mwidnyt meetings hnve been in ptlvnlfc. Oclegfiles nre from firltaln, Hip Uniled Slnles, Holy. Canada, the SovliM Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Rumania and At bahln. . ' AUCKLAND, New Zealand (AP) —The first landing at Ihe South Pole during this nnlnictlc summer sensort will be made Sunday, the American Iteadciimrters for Opern- lion Deep Freeze, announced today, The headquarters at 1hrist« church said two Neptune patrol planes will fly in six U.S. Nnvy men and six Intctnnlionnl deo- physical Year workers. They will rcMcvo men who have been til the South Pole almost a year, MONTREAL (AC)—The bodies of eight men and five women hnvn been recovered so far from the ruins of a mid-town apartment tolock dcslmyed In a weekend blaze. The fire Is believed to have claimed at least 10 lives. PARIS (APj—• Frimce Is having trouble finding, plutonium for her atomic bomb, Pierre Gulllaiimat, army minister, said todny. This appeared to conflict wUJi a statement by Premier do Oinillu on Oct. 23 when he said confidently, "'Everyone 'knows that we now have the means lo assure, ourselves of nuclear arms and the day approaches when we In our turn will lake parl In losls." France .has ytsti to scl off a rut clear, explosion. VATICAN: CITY (AP) — Prime Minister. John Dicfenbaker of Canada was received by Pope John XXIII today In it- special audience. This 4-dopr Hardtop Cruiser is the luxurious Park Lane by Mercury, Also available in the distinctive Montclair and the popular Monterey series. The brand NEW 59 MERCURY shows you what NEW really means Americans are looking at the now cars with a new Jopjt in U^ir eyes, They're searching ibr the best combination of all the things that count in a cnr, The answer in 1959 conies from this completely new 20th Anniversary Mercury. Sii NiW CIIAN'PYNAMIG STYLING Distinctive^Merpm'y has exclusive body design; it is the only car in its class Uwt does not use a body shared by a low-priced car. IN A NIW KINP OF CQMFORT No car in ite plsss has more usablo roopi, For easier entrance, rigors arp wider than those of Costliest; ears, Up front^9 jncijes more knee rpQm! TJje tunnpj.hurap in the fiwr HAS PISEN CUT IN HAW! The roan in the midOie doesn't Everything you want en wheels sit with his chin on his knees, And that lower hump makes room for tm'pker seat cushions, FEEL tlVitY NIW PERFORMANCE Not just high horscpower^-slthough Mercury offers up to 345 _ but a new kind of response, quiet, obedient, effortless, ENJOY NiW ECONOMIES 2 out of 3 newrcar buyers can afford Mercury, The big special is the Monterey with its new Economy Engine, You get top performance on regular (not premium) gas^it's like "riding free" 10 mjles out of every 100, Add it up and you get everything you want on wheels,_.the '59 Mercury, We invite you to try this great cajvst QUT showroom. NfW CQWfQRT yp WONH That'tunnel-hump you'll find on other "59 cars is §0% smaller in Mwwry, S (att^ifn yiders pan sHre^l! ouf (iocj«dit)g the waq lm Hie i Can't Smile at Insults, Lewis Has Trouble By VERNON SCOTT UP! Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPIJ — Jerry Lewis is' flal on his iback in a hospital suffering Ihe tortures of n bleeding ulcer, J)p says II came from his-: Inability to smile at insults. y\n crlraoi^dinarlly sensitive chr.ractcr, Jerry can be moved to tears by the slightest provocation, A running feud with Hollywood's trade press and t sharji attacks by a few columnists apparently floored the bouncy, IW-yeiir- old comedian. "Jl's not overwork Ihul gave me this ulcer," Jor raves. "So, I've done a tew TV shows nod two movies in a row. That doesn't bother me at all. -I've been work- Ing hard [or years. "And it's not what you cut. It's What cats you thai slarls an ulcer. "Jerry spoke /og-glly from /'is flower-bedecked room al Ml. Sinai Hosplta.1. He was heavily drugged with sedatives to relii'vo the pain, An efficient mine hurtled In to .administer n pill. "Gel oul.ta here, Sally," ho howled. "How do you like this girl? She wakes me up at (5 a.m. to give me a needle to 1 can a° back to bleep." Licorice Between Meals Sally smiled prettily rind handed Jcriy u bmfill paper biig. "Licorice bits," .Teny explained. "It's the only Hung I'm allowed to eat between meals, The test of the time I'm stuck W)l)i collage cheese find pearB But I'm lucky. I like collate t'hccsc and pgar.s." The wucky funnyman grew FO- rious, denying that recurrent blasts by Pean MarUn (his ex. partneri have effected his heallh. 'That's aJJ dead and over wilh," Jerry s,aicj "I've been here for 10 days now and 1 haven 'I heaid hum Dam, ! don't expect to, But that has nothing IP dg With my condition. 1 suppose moht of it is my weakne&h is sensitivity. I wunl to akncs 14 sensitivity. I want ii> mature and do belter things,, but L don't want tw Icain to brnlle at insults, Bud reviews don't bother m,c, but the little unkind jjospipy Ihings worry nio to death. I'm happy hu>' j in the hospital be- ause nobody $ays anything nasty about anyone else, There's no unkindness here." Jorry has dispatched more Ihnn JOO bouquets to loss lorluiuile pa- .icnts in thu 'hospital, most of ,hem from TY una movie stars. its visitors include Danny as, JBrnjp Borgmne, Jimmy •ante and Helen "The nicest thin? that's hap- sened wos u visit 1 had ycster- Jerry, s.aid, inbdued. "The door opened and there stood Cecil fie Millr «>nd V, |-'raiiis FraCf nan — the two big'gest inert «t Paramount Studios.. It was really touching. They spent a whole hour with pie. .her of them had tq b£ here. wanted to .say hello,'' Jerry was overcome fpr a nio- Tjent, then he opined p;j hU' goocji PRICES GOOD FRIDAY AND SATURDAY BEANS ««" 5 TISSUE 4 25c MKS, TUCKERS SHORTENING 8 1.99 WHITE GOOSE FLOUR 25 50 Lbs,» 3.38 GODCHAUX SUGAR 10 99c EGGS 3 DCI 1.17 ^. PUFFIN BISCUITS BISQUICK Can BORDENS INSTANT COFFEE 5 Or, Jar IVORY SOAP 20 DEL MONTE — SLICED OR HALVES PEACHES 3 No.,,2i. Cans REDEEM YOUR ROBIN HOOD FLOUR , i ^ <n! #--n ^ <J?f »*, 3 .. K7i f " COUPONS Betty Crocker — W»ite, ^Yellow, Honey Spice, Chocolate 3 Pkgs. <* «F!«51EN FOODS r ? STOCK UP NOW ON THESE FROSTY ACRES ITEMS — ; English Peas — Cut Corn ~ Squash' ^-4 Brussel Sprouts — Baby Limas — \ Ford Hook Limas — Butter Beans CutOkra — : Whole Okra —- Spinach Turnip Greens — Green Beans; ? ,ONE DOZEN ITEMS MIX THEM f " I S< g ,,3'i m 5 PKGS. HOME CENTER VALUES; BUY ANY OF THESE 25c ITEMS FOR 19c NO LIMIT A • *» ST, JOSEPH ASPIRIN — STANBACK POWDER^ ~ STANBACK TABLETS — B,lC.;POWDER /, I B, C, TABLETS — ANACIN TABLETS CHILI GUARANTEED TO SATISFY OR ADI BK 7Sfi 79® «H *^^* ^^ ^ r^Vf^ '-P^ * IA6H EACH. . No Limit CUDAHY PURITAN SLICED GRADED 55c .Pork .Chip's Center Cut pr Rib ; -55c 'W DRY SAtT U. S, NO. 1 SMAU SI0ES 39c Lb, r'i:THi§;is mi Your Chsn?e tp- ? tB§, ef Ojur aeW Seyntry Style Wh£J§ l SAUSAGE "89c' WF HAYI 59MI QF OWJR THANK5S1Y1NQ TUBKgTI -I ON W5&AY NOW. eHISK.WlTH US.WJifiN

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