Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1958
Page 2
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Pa§§ Twa HOPI STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS 13, 19!§° Buck's Amlico Station Plans Open House Slick's Ahilico Service R §rd and Walnut Street <;. will bfate its official opening Kiirinv fthd, Saturday willi nn open prograrH, Ja/ncs (Bucki The most important thing about BAKING H't the b*l«nc* of tnorcdtents In baWn« bowdw thilt oover/ii Hi (MWwiht *4loft. Only when prr<'l Hiinr prizes, including ;i girl's biryrle.nn flee>' .mri nifl nl rp'>) <scl « . r irdr>f| .it t!lf close tlf lin f!;i v includr a can W*i b* tM 6l uftlform at- Uon In the mining bowl plus Hint final rl*e to Isohl nnd dully to«- h/rt In It* oven ... That's the »t»f)r6f Clabber Glrl'd balanced double action, V*** W "' Guaranteed by \, it'i each 12 (if Finn Sup- n ; inf iiPrfird- b" n limit' > lubripnlion 'it to uniy "n. and >vc fiivnds and ('m ing I he •nid ''Inri- pri/.e.-i ' Ameri' To Determine Corttlhued From Page One ? thnt M,-"-/>'i <-ni fi ; i't CLABBER GIRL (XCLUSIVEL1/ known at the Baking Powder with the BALANCfD double action some Puerto Rirnns h:>< •• \t'<m dt'liied the right tr- volr >-i ,Vc>« York City TheV rrporfi <'ly c.m read and write spf.ni«h. iiu; " •< I KiiRlish. Llleracv in 'hi- KngiK , language is required of \<tfrs u tier Ntw York's lav/s. {•"or some lime, thi- m'tm 1 •- > '\ has been checking <'hrnM ri'gisll'nrs in Al.'ibarn i '<•. County have kepi Nrutoi Voting. Last Oct. 2fi. ih-.- i sion demanded i'-fords fr county's Vrtor HI'L!" li .• tp n I! . I The board, rnllovvinu I';'ll. i-;n'i s advice, refused. It is this rpfusfil (hnl prninp'r'ri the commis'-ion to set up ''.i • now constructing | Montgomery hearing More tVn i:).«t;it<- m.-irkcting j M.ricon Counly. ho\vr\ii. mini's libi'i-al uso of eonsidci-ed. Complnmls hn\-f> bcr i J'eceiVOtl froln other cminln p.. :n»i bi:nid name of Ameri- Ihe commission may lake HUTU in- in. the nation's now- j together. nl compnny. The imrrations 2 vcars i ,fi-r wilh P.'inl'iif il- it'on and lator ac- miilr-te ho'tlitlfjs of city (111 Company, bnsed firm 1 !. Early • t'ofripimy mndc :ls aci.|uisilion in a pur- I'otro-Atlns Corp'>r- wholly iwrted subsi- Rufining Com- Knni.is. Fina Wrecking Telephone Coles WARREN. N H (AP) ^ Bears ;>rr> wrecking New fihglahd Tele* phone Co. polos here in a mis- f-'uidcrl search for hohey. The company Sftys fH* bedrs hen i the humming of the wires mid believe (he noise is caused by \ifC1 Somp 50 polos are under bttap.k, ffninld M. ftobinsor). tHe 1 coffi- nrmy'si plant personnel SUpcrVlsol'i "Almost all of them show & Mi nee of bear visitations but the worst one? have ben cuffed odl i to a flopth of two or three inches," ' hp siikl. "They slancl on their hind I'-rs rind swnt at the poll's With I hoi i front feet, about five foot iibiivr tin? ground." .Supreme and Fina Gasolines are PRE-CHRISTMAS PERMANENTS DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON JEAN - EDITH - DIANE Pho. 7-3118 204 S. Main NAACP Plans Continued Fiom PBGO One slow cotiri I'ncr l i Wreck Blamed on Broken Heel 1 HOt.rA'WOOD (AP'—Bing . ny 1 !-- wifi blames a broken high ' liiH-l for an auto collision that hurt her and scnl another motorist to A few hours earlier the cfbbh* normally tssos The sprawling, lls.onn-pupii t)m- 1'as system is tinder fcrlcrnl cuiirl orders to integrate, but no specific time was set. The Dallas district, would !"sp up to two million dollars ,i yrnr in state air) If 11 follows fp'lcr.-il or- der r : lost Hie more Ihnn n KJ-sliite distributed through I,SOD retail outlets in marketing area. Rogers has resided in Hope for the last 12 years. He is married the father of two children, and j Attorneys say the ruling in effect resides at 1520 South Pi,i>?. He is Mold the board to try the stale a veteran of World War II. scrv- j courts. ling in the U.S. Army in tho Philip-j A state court declared this week iplne Islands. i that it did not have jurisdiction to integrate. It also '.VOUld scholastic accreditation and nine school board members would foee jail and fines under .state Kegregalion laws. Board members, on the other hand, also could face jail if they balk at federal integration orders. The board asked federal courts lo issue a simple declpration of whether the board must follow federal or stati laws. The Rlh U.S. Circuit 'Court of Appeals said it had no authority to issue such a declaration. School Strike Forces Chrysler to Close Plants CHICAGO (AP) — A strike of some Sli.SOO United Auto Workers inteinational Harvester C6, {slants Union employes today shut do-.Vh thrstifehout the ha lion. Picket linos were repoHfed ir* derly as tHB strike WOM Off &t ? o.iti., local Urne» in IS plants, Bfforts to aVert the walkout failed Wednesday night after federal mediators met with manage' rtioht and labor officials. Union and martagerrtdnt ffcpr> sensatives planned another session today The UAW gaVe the go-aiiead bit the strike after the company rejected a union package- fjraposft! for a new conti'dct to reol'jce the one which Gxplr.ed Aug. i, Since that date UAW members hi>V(> Continued to work under art 6;i< tension of tnc old contfaet. Duane Ot-eathouse, IfAW president arid director 0 fits Crittenden Deer Hunters Disgruntled er's son, Gat-y, Was involved Irt a similar rear-ehd smashup. Police said Mrs. Crosby's po\v* der blue sports car struck the roar of a car slopped at a traffic light and knocked It 73 feet, Mrs. Crosby — actress Kalhryn Grant, 23 — suffered a cut chin, other minor injuries and shock, She told police that When she tried to apply the brakes, the heel of her shoe broke and shi; pushed the accelerator. The driver of the other cat, Herman Magad, GO, Los Angeles, complained of back and head in' juries. A car 'driven by Gary, 25, eldest of Bing's five sons, was in a collision in Beverly Hills Tuesday light. He was not hurt. MOdR tAP) - tJi«- gt-uhllfed" deef hunters haVe coHr plained to the Arkansas Same ft Sish fJorttmlsslo that Cfhtendert dctUity ]aHdoWhe^s haVe Virtually dfefef»hUhtih| to the public. was ufermitted to in- elude daes in ihe scvefl'day season whieh started Monday betause of > ttit ever papula tied af feHiale- deei- and the resulting ei-sp caused by enlarged (3ug Albfiuht tit th« Qdwe k Fish Commissten said that the drittatt' den Gbunty fatmgfs hud tts-ked for relief ffdffl the Cf-ejJ dBhlflie rirtd seemed satisfied thst &h open sea» soft ofi 6be& wstlld hfelp, "Aptiftrently they had n change of heai't a few days befote the se&gott epeAed and most of them posted their lands and even had pa<fblmdh ol!t 16 Wfiffl hlintfifs thnt they wete hbt permitted to shoot," Albright said, "Much of Crttteftden County hunting- Is do«e oh PHvate Club leases dhd thefe Is fi&t 6 lot nf hllfitlhj tttea f^^ public hUhtefs," Pi'lvnte clubs ae^eed td take only bucks despite the. open season on does because they. apparently were fearful th'at'dOe->kllUh£ Would deplete the ' hei»dsV -^ > Albri"|lit"'sald repoi-ts today from trittehden'.lhdlcst^dr 10 dbes and 40 bucks, had . beeh harvested, . He s'a'ld In 'his opinion* 300 does could 1 haVe'.'beeH "harvested without hurting; Jhd./ul.UtV de'cr crop. In all, of Arkansas, through yesterday/ ntmrods, -killed -3,wl' deei- legally. There ..Wctfe- 45 illegal kills. This represented , about 700 to 800 moreiWlls than the first three days of last year; • • "W<*''had a go6d -growing year and 6ur"dee"r herd Was 'jtrst that much, larger," Albright said BARGAINS GALORE! AT THE s ORNER SECOND and MAIN STREETS FINAL CLEARANCE En *' DRESSES J Stock AS LOW AS FREE CANDY BALLOONS to DRIVE MODERN . . . say FIN A in a«(J join the fun! Sample pur fthe" s « , . new FINA SUPREME and GASOLINE , , , fine new FINA Motor Oils , , , and Goodyear Tires* pst And, Collision jokes o Second Life SPRINGFIELD;-MO. CAP) — A head-oYf- collision" netif West Plains, Mo , has taken a' second life. Mrs. Elizabeth C. - Matnew, 75, Moko, .(Fulton.County) 'Ark,, died in .a ,Springfield; hospital today. Her hUsband;THbmas,. 73, remains in sei'ibus • cOridltiph "s'u f'f e r i n g trom ' internal. •. injuries and a brokph .leg, •" '•" '.T v ' Nancy'"Elizabeth'-^Lowe, .14, of rural West Pljiins'Vj$ killed Saturday night' when ,'the. Matney car and 'one driven'by hi^r brother Roy crashed- on: ,Miss-b'uri Route 142. about' 15''miles*southwest *ol .Wept Plains. Roy, ,aged" 17,- received multiple lacerations., • 2 For $5.00 Hey, you good shoppers. If you have had your eye on one Of our dresses, waiting for a lower price — Now is your chaiice. Every dress in our stock has-been marked down again. Every One is below wholesale now, so come and get your share of bargains. Sizes 5 to-20, a few -\ sizes'. Season ahead,' season behind and in season fabrics, ALL ARE REAL BARGAINS. Bids Token on L. R. Reserve Center 'LITTLE 1 ROCK. • (AP)— A Pine lurt contractor .Vubmitted the -apparent lo\y. bjd for'.' construction of an Army''Beserve training center on Myrtle 'Street- immediately outside the ^Prne'.' Bluff 'city, limits, Army, en^ineers/ahnouneeci today, The bid "of 'Arthur' J. Arney was $199,288.->,The- ^overnmetit estimate was' $197,537-,90,< ';: other,. bidf .v/ere received. cujturail implements division, said Harve$ter.',had''rejected linjon dp- mprids for 1 .'a .contract' similar fo th'at granted in the' put?' industry spectafic,"union' -demands, have' not been spelledi, out,; ' - '' •-.,'• A'Hfirve'sJer "sppkes'mah -said the principal ("stumbJing '..blocks sre .IHJ- jon • insistence , pp.' , retrp^rtjyJty to A'ug,*, ?3 'of '{an/, -riew; agrement conditions '.hn4>;4f}plu§ivp,,'of em- ployes -}n .cornjppny », parts , depots and {ransirejrijbiis'es,, ' The cornpsnyr hp saW, im'sists on dealing 1 locally wit employes in such, depots ' ; Many up to $22.98 NOW . 3 OTHERS and UP 2 PC. Black LINEN ENSEMBLE, Q f\f\ Dress & Jacket, Size 15, was $54.98 nowO.UU 0 , ., were' in agrpem^nt on, the amount of the -annual 'improvement wnge — R 6'4'. cents '^°.w)y wage poost or s 8$.j>0r.cpn{ jngfepse, whidv eyer }s gr^ster, -. Tlje pomBftny ' SPid- pyoductipt) and 'ropinteniinc?' , employes now repeive ,ir? 'a verPfe' 1 Jjoufjy w«)?P of $? 34, - ;• " • • i Among, \hv* unsettled jssues }ij the jiegpjijiti^ns, 'wjjich ,hsve under wgysinee midsymmp Jncj-enseci -peipjons', longer v r npfl (ions ' end piecewprK 'o Of the some 3§,5QO bers,' }3,MT Bl'p' emplqyf^ in foyr plants jrj (he ehipsgp .ares, Qt $r$ In Canton, R.OPK FaUs; and.fast MflJ'n. HM m T?rt REPEAT! REPEAT They're Still ? Sensational * - ONLY RED AND BLACK TOYLAND OPEN Lqrge assortment. See the assortment of Master Industries, Stuff Animals for Teenagers. Use Our Lgy-Awoy Plan IN THB MATTER OP-

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