Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1958
Page 5
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,1958 H6>t STAlt, H 6 M» A It RAMS AS ,>* 1 -rW-£h**4-* t '"-K*4* f : 1 ? 1 * 1 * v ' Awards Given Out to Seven Newspapers Nursery Tolas » Ji" nii> 11 wiA *Ji\a>Aif» AnCl« \**.j. » *- t **~ '-ty seVefl newspapers aild six r&clio stations today were awarded cita- fi'ofts for outstanding hews aru! fiewspholo coverage by the Associated fcress Managing iMtaf-s Assfi. The awai-ds were made at the 1 opening sessiott (it thd APMfc's Silver ahiitversfiry hntlohai convention. The citations doncef-necl almost every smash nett's and picture sldry in the.domestic seu-v- (]tk for 1058. Citation after dilation have gohe lt£> not only the speed iittd ekcel« lehcg of large and small news- fidpet- and radio cdVefagJ l"tt fe* latod how they went far beyortd {heir normal duties of cooperative eMehhhge of headline copy to give The Associated Press Wide corn* pdtitlve margins, Many Instances ' vtere cited in which newspapers unselfishly covered news and pie' .(tires when not publishing, thefe» Oy giving their rivals In opposite cycles their own extensive and dramatic coverage. The awards were given in three classifications: 1, combined news tind neWFphoio. 2, neWsphotos, and & news, ' ' • •• The Pr6vidence (H.I.) Journal St Bulletin was cited for the fifth time in the eight years 'APME has been awarding these special cita* tlons. It was for that newspaper's I SutstnndlnK news and ,photo stuff 'job of .the dramatic Pawtu'cket siege in which two polk'omon were killed and the collision of two tankers off Newport. ' The citation winners: COMBINED NEWS AND NEWSPHOTO • Arizona Daily 'Sun; Flagstaff, Ariz.; Bay City (Mich.) Times; Bluefield (W.Va.) Telegraph'and Sunset News - Observer; Duluth (Minn.) Herald and News. Tribfjjmc: Huntington (W.Va.) Publishing Co.; Idaho State Journal, Po- catelldj Jackson '(Miss.) Daily News; Lancaster (Pa.) New Era; Lincoln (Neb.) Journal ; Mead-' ville (Pa.) Tribune; Ottawa Ottawa (Kan.) Herald; Paducah (Ky.) Sun-Democratf Providence Journal & .Bulletin; Pendleton (Ore.) East Orcgonian; St. Louis Globe-Democrat; Saginaw (Mich.) News; .Wichita Falls (Tex.) Record and Daily Times. 0 _. . Deaths Around the Notion By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS TAMFORD, Conn. (AP)— Howard Lognn Hildcbrandt, 84, a nationally known portrait painter, ciied Tuesday after a long illness, He was well known for his* por- /^raits of college and 'business ^president's and'" executives, BRYN MAWR, Pa, (AP)--Benton 'E. Wnrren,' 59, manager > of the Sun Oil Company's 'Latin Arne.rican production division, died Monday of a heart attack. He also.,was vice president anrt general -manager "of several subsidiary companies in Latin Amer- Jca, He was born in KeJler, Tex, PEORIA, 111, (AP)—Mrs, Mar- i/jaretta Brucker, about 70, of i Shelby, Ohio, author of several 'books for juveniles, died Tuesday, She operated n. restaurant,81 Hnr- bor Springs, Mich,, during the resort season for more than 30 years. Blames Closing on School Tax ,„ LITTLE 1 HOCK (Api-Tho clos- '.In? of tha" city',-i four high'(schools" ^yas Mamod yostercKy for .the Litt}e Hock^Schpol Board's decision not to propose a lax rate reduo* lion. Wnyno Upton, board president, snid there had been a possibility that the board would, propose a tfiJ? rate of 38 mills en city pro porty bul that i\ was now out of the queslion, The currcin rate is 40 mills. . • t ' S Upton, said about 8">!)Q,000 \vas >w}tfthejd from the sghool system because of th<? closed schools pnd tf)a(. a twQ'piill ta.\ reduriion would mean, p tota! Joss of' almost 8750,000. He said the- school district could pot stand such a 'Joss. ACROSS IMfilhef ( 1 Wagers tupboatd\va« 3 fi In Mistress Mflfy's garden § see»-s*"=t MarjoHe DaW If Btefc 4 fthishfd plant l IS Most Sensitive i? tune IS Wisef 19 6td*tifflef 51 Double you! 23SUH 24 Possessed 27 Moral w SOfhallaftd £2 Ascended 34 Show 56 SttWIViS 37 Peril 3fi Paradise 59 Pieces otiti 41 Compass' paint 42 Spare the — — and Spoil th« • child '44 Wiles 46 Interpret wrongly 49 »^- Dinsmore 53 - -Baba • 54 Mangrove . roots • fid— -de- Janeiro, Brazil 57 Atop 58 What Simple . Simon wanted 89 Light brown 60 Amphibian £1 Otherwise TIZZY 6 Numbef 7 Mislay 8 Resident! fit Latvia 9 Birds! 10 OpeMtta Sold 11 daulion 16 Blaekboafd 2fl Red 22 Wash lightly S4^_^ and tortoise 55 5ry 4§ glahl 2fi AftiUsertefit 46 f rSdifif piac* 28 Jewish serviw 4* Hifj bones 30 rtigh cflrds 48 Italian fiVef 31 A —child 33 Spflflish gelitlefnail 3^ Greater 40 Kind of 43 Depository 60 Dirt SI FolldWe-f3 fid Essential being 65 Like two peaS in a — *I ll o IL t' t.M. Slj. U.S. Pii. W. " / $| (SSI b r NtA 9»il». Int. •IT i m •AMtl.? J' v fev P8S nB'Bl6.,.YB22lR } C»P..,AWfTJL ' "" " BLTTVOUAN'Me/Jl' BK3/ OOP '. WAH ( ftut t KM rr.. MM AM'\DuJHAD 1HIMS... ..gut HE > HAVE JO- "Anywhere! Just so long as they-don't have windows on both sides of their football field!" PIE By Nadine S«.tter By Kate Oiann ROACH * HUGHES INSURANCE |Avt9 t Fin t biff * CMU 151J5, :Wiwii 7^111 ^rkr / , <j © IMt k; KCA »t*», »* T*. fi-e u.t PH. on. C35 UK Mil, me, .T.M. Rl(. U.S. Pat. Off. i) USS.liy N£A.Stn«f, Inc.. •TURW LITTLE" WJPJ:, . - 1 CAW'T LBT VOU 5TWK6 k H6R! Btt6Ni<SOlM AMOlOdK.i VOUR POOR titu m &O&M m m 61L6M M WE. Mfc. __ WILU1 1H.. 'VOUPIPN'Tu .WHAT,Y0U WSKfrrfr EVERVTHIN6 TO S PAV' SHE WOW'T L6 W6 THIS I'LL TAKK HSfc OUTA- 'VC)Ll ' ' H6R6, I'LL FILL'VOU V»TH 6UCK5HOT1 • tl AMD If 1 Cfr . —. ,'Buw.vouxe ONLV MM<IN6 CAPTAIN ' ^ vai—*w ^ i RAN SHORT) ' £r OP MONEV <L -THIS WEEK BLONDIE ALWAYS KEEPS A LITTLE 1 SPARE CHANGE IN THS^ , IN ,THE PAMTR/ I , BIONDIE WHAT'S \ THIS,?,,.)'. (&± ^°^'^ £-^ [^ ROSES ARE RED,,; VIOLETS ARE 8LUBJ, I'M SORRX DEAR, )r I-RAN OUT "Hear the latest?'Sweetie Pie has a hope chest!" By (Ulbrafth 5IDF "Anybody for a midnight snack?" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS POOP-, PLEASE "- 30TYOUR to ><• & < -. 1 HE PPOBA&LY CAM'r HEAR. MEOVEp.THE' NOISE OF THE-POVVEp. SAW/ YCO-HOO!MR •"•>"7^":5W' M, S. IATI5 '*"- neffiW^ jH»F!4.Af)iiniii W?LL, PON'T JUST STAMP THERE ON THE POOR— COME ?N IN //-ra '. I'M WITH TH5' CeN§U§ PURgAU,HOW /AANYPEQPUgUlVe i ' AtSPWi, . VVL\05. j* ^N^? . Pit, m HER BUDDIES »i>> NE> 8«lvi li?y UB. , HOLLYHOCK, FOR LETTING ME' PLAY MY ROCK 'NT ROLL RECORDS ON YOUR PHONO' ' >^ -I WAS N '(ULK) HAPPY J -TO DO IT < PRISCILLAjJ , "— r: ^ • .rpA'i por OUT OUH WAY I GUESS NOW YOU'LL PUT ON SOME OF YOUR BACH AND •MOZART RECORDS i. NEEDLEJ If I I, J, B. /ith »^jpr. HoopJ*»'- j| r ^ "Qur §peak§r"ha§ been delayed, ?<? let's §II have a , time till h« gate here!" 'HATPIPN'TPO •AY D MV MOTHER NEVER HAP THIS-'WHEW THE KIPS CAMp TO OUR, HOUSE IT WA& OMW MUPPy ^ Ey'Ul. 86 IUUIMG FOR HERB SOM PAY/ CCff, I—__ V AV, •^ ^; WHY MOTHER MUST BE(3ETT1M£ SOFT IN W6 MfAt) ._ T ,-_. •••-,,. 6UARTJ AND U^T HIM POT OVER A KID TRICK AS Pp.- 4 1WIS ON&/TH& LAST TIM& H£ TRI5D.1T H£ ?Q- "- |T " A BAK(?eL FULL 'Of WATER WAtTli4(5 tO CATCH WELL..6N& HI/A TIMS AND HE'LL.66 W* HOME—AND HE'LL- FlMC> THAT TH& I OP A KB^TUCKy^ATHBUN ISNOT A5 <& AS x5, IVfl * kV 3 s?T2Sv^ 5,;*5W '• W* n^Ai.-*. fM>k'> ' "•"• 'f,^.? i'*//. ?wjr Itf-eJ »is'

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