Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1958
Page 4
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* Page H8PI 5fA R, He Selections for Football Games This Saturday By HAROLD CLAASSBN ''Associated Pr*ss Sports Wrijfcr NFAV YORK lAI 1 - - Ai itn«tt<- Day' The- Tumii ii (hi' \itii in •fool-ball force M si cr ihppnrpntly will fievef eeast iu-1 b rt clUii=e Piti«- bui'Sjh lust R.'plurdfi* spoilcH IMS bllioplalp specially by winning )'' the fnif'1 11 eiTu-vK I'l was fine of 12 incnn-erf pick'; amoni/ thr --10 cifrixinri.' Naming the coming weekend's Winners while diKL' "K the li..\h<i]i' d full foot deeper• LSU over Mississippi State H6sv .you nnnnn lv;it ii lenrn Ih.ii has a cannon foi Us ninjoi wrnp rill? That's B'lly C'nniinn. of course. Iowa over Ohio State 1 The- Bhfl- cyof are cnuifcrrl ;hp H.u.ktvcs : arc en^a^ed—to play in thp Ho^r- •Bowl .)an. 1. The Icwans In slot) CelebratiiiK just loiiii I'lii-uah t" win in a c qi.i 'ikci Army over V 1 Ihe Cadt I, vaiMtv hoahh tnp MID, workout here -Auburn over Pl.ilnsinen finnll\ 16 pa with their (.Wisconsin ovei rmny s»p i brickfield •he Missouri V r oliiMl over Tennessee: The lave nn answer for l-'nmklln's j- N( I Inn. Thornton X- Co Purdue: B'lr- pui on a show !m Ihf The !•' pom's ;i.isi .,., inn I S ,M 1 Air 'hnslu.ii over Texas r have ci 1 on up only 40 ?pvrri K "'f f and have i luvvn ' M routf lo Col- iu ] funs Mr 1 1 nl ion F(TCP ovei VVyomiliR 1 lurk c.'il i'i« <• nil. •flint Noire Dame '-• litiii- Tli. Tiithc'C-1 mns st.ienk \f iji l/o >. )i i-'-es Rvi ;icii''e over OlIIIIRe will pilrci . i North Cnrn- - six-game win* •ken by up e: T Ii P score ill if Krtill" n bowl bid. P i 1 t s b ii r K h uv ( r j Those Cnrnhusker-. (;< Nebraska shocked tr InniiVa: is buck 'A ill JfCl Kvrn in i:n fificirl Georgia: T h e ha vi an of fen-" vaunted defense Illinois: The ;Bacl«crs walloped Purdito ,'il-(i .-iricl Purdue. 1 In Hun walloped Illinois 31-8. " 'Oklahoma over Missouri: -Tiie Soohers make certain nf another trip lo Miami's Oraiiyo Bowl. Too OVH-AU DUO. nCTURI TUBE lit >Q. W. MIA lOW-PRICfi TV WITH EXCIUSIVI MOTOROLA OOIDEN OUARANTEI 'Full year guarantee on all tubea and parts, 6 years on Golden Tube Sentry Unit. UBO ai stereo speaker. Fio- lehe«: Charcoal, Grained Mahogany or Grain, d Blond. Mod•1 21TB8. MII TOUI THADI (*, chor~ o c 5 EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E, 2nd. Hope, Ark. Washington over California: Tho leiiis 1 Hove Ro\vl ambition* suffer sliK'it drrnilment Once KWT lishil.v. FRIDAY Maryland over Miami iN) SATURDAY FAST Bost.m College over Dosi University. Cornell over Dart- niouth. Delaware over Bucknoll. Alnli-'i't over Williams, Harvard over Hi own, Penn Slate over Holy C'ro.-s. Penn over Columbia, Pi ir.eeton over Yale. Rutgers aver Qiimiliro. SOI.'TH- Vinxinin Military over The Citadel. Oi-VHlson ove- Rich- moiKl. l''lnridn over Arkansas Stale. Navy over George Wash- m«ton. f'U'nrgin Tech over Alabama. Kentucky over Xavier. Mi-=- 'tilSKippi Southern over Virginia |Tech. Clemfon i-ver North Carn- 'lirin Stat,\ Snuth Caroliim over I Virginia. Tuhme over Vanderbill, i Duke over Wake Forest. West Virginia over William & Mary. MIUWF.ST: Wichita over Drake, Iowa State over Kansas Slate. Cincinnati over Marquettc, Michi' fi'iin over Indiana. Michigan Stale : over Miinifsota. Oklahoma State lover Kansas. Ti'lsn over Texas (Teeh. I SOUTHWEST: Southern Metho|dist over Arkansas. Houston over North Texas State, Rice over Texas A & M. Texas Western over Arizona. FAK WEST: Brighnm Young ovor Denver. Idaho over Utah | State, Montana State over Mon- j tana, Washington State over Col' lego' of Pacific. Oregon State over Stanford, Oicgon over UCL.A. Col- onicio pvor Utah. Coach May Quit to Enter Business SALT LAKE CITY (AP> — Sports Editor John Mooney of the Sail Lake Tribune said today University of Idaho fool-ball Coach Skip Stahley' is rumored to bo thinking about quittin;'. to enter 'private business. But at Moscow, Idaho, Stanley said: "1 have no plans at 'present to give up college coaching. It's my life." For Safety — For Silence — We Install Internationa! Parts Mufflers • All Welded Construction • "Silikote" Protection • Guaranteed for Life of Car • No Installation Charge Wylie Glass & Salvage Co, Hwy, 67 West Hope, Ark. Phone 7-2786 Coaches Praise Fans for Support at Conway Thn ttopp Bo-brats pfppatinjj for their Homecoming Friday night ngninst Arkaclelphin, deserve n lot nf credit for their victory over ,1 firt'rt-tip Con way te»m last week. Coach John Pierce ntul his crpvV hadn't wonted (he Cornvny team but had heard you had to plop them around end or got beat. So he geared his defense to halt those swift backs breaking outside. Conway soon discovered they couldn't move that way, hence they started gaining yardage through the middle which was weakened. Thus Conway gained right pertly upfield but couldn't go as they moved near the goal line where the Bob- rats were able to put more men in the middle. Coaches Pierce. Sevier and BeaS- ley outlined their defense at the Booster Club meet prior to the game and It was interesting to watch il work perfectly against Conway, even though the Wampus Cats played their best game of the season according to some reports. In regard lo the Homecoming game Friday the Conches had this to say: "The boys played good football again last Friday ni^ht against a determined team at Conway. We believe the crowd that followed us up there helped more than anything else. The boys had the de- lerminalion to sltiy in Ihere and fight bul Ihc crowd surely gave them encouragcinenl when the chips were clown. "Wo have Arkadelphia hero Friday night in our homecoming game and they have the boys capable of boating us. Their line will be larger than any we've played against this year and they are sure to be ready to try and down us. "AVe coaches hope the town will get behind the boys again and help us win the next three. The Bobcats know they are good end this is the altitude that can get them beat. "They have gotten to the point where they won't listen to the coaches. In other words, they've got to where they know more than the Coaches that are trying to help them. "With this, .attitude it wouldn't be hard to knock them off and Friday night could 'be it." Porkers Work on a Way to Half Meredith Funeral Director Robbed of $1,000 WYNNE, Ark. (A'P) V- Three armed men forced their way into thii home of a funeral director last night and rnbbed him of $1,000 in cash, several watches, two pistols and his aulomobile A.- O. Filzhugh. ' a Negro, •;told police Iwo white men -and a Negro appeared at his door jusl before midnight and asked lo use the telephone to report a wreck. After hr> admiit'cd Ihem they forced him (o open his safe. Before leaving the ,trio lashed him and his wife to chairs, Fiu- huch said. The stolen automobile was found abandoned loday north of hero. FAVETTKVlt.t.E. Ark. (AP) — Tht> Arkansas Hazorbacks, who Worked ifjj a pass dcfpnse that played a major i-nlr> In Iho success of their la°t two »nmt's, hope In polish it up a bit for use agains! Southern Mclhodist hero Saturday. With a tnp passe-)- like Don Mnrp- dith tn fare, the Porkers fimif*; they'll need a little something exlrn. "Morodith Is our main problem riffhl ninv." Coach Frank Croylcs said yesterday. The Purkprs spent most of the day's spssion on pass defense, with special emphasis; on the "sslgn- monts of linomcn. Broyles said his loom has some adjustmenls to make in defense against SMU despite two straight victories over pass-minded tnams like — Texas A&M and I-Tardin- Simmons. Two players missed yesterday's session. End Richard BeJI o£ Little Rock, team co-captain, spend tl\c day in Ihe university infirmary suffering from influenza. Fullback Johnny Fields of Atkins still was hobbled by a twisted knee lh; - .i has bothered him since the Texus A&M gnmo two weeks ago. Hope Star Classified Ads A8S MUST §1 IN OFFICE DAY SIFORf PUlLlgAffON — PHQNf 7^3431 FOH A5 TAKER ^Ff^^^^ m^ •f'fl^^V ^^9 ^9^9^J^P I The schedule of Soltiflflf as printed below, has beefl takeH from John Alden Knight's SoItiflSf Tables. Plan your days" so that you will be fishing in ^ood territory or hunting in good cover during i these times, if you wish lo "find the [ best sport that each day hfts ta offer. The Major Periods are. Shewn In boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hbttf and a half or two hours there« after. The Minor Periods, shown in rrgnlar type, are of somewhat shorter duration. A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Wrdnrs. 0:20 12:05 (i:50 12:38 Thursday 7:20 1:05 7:50 1:35 i Friday 8:15 2:00 8:45 2:30 'Saturday !):10 2:55 0:40 3!25 Sunday 10:00 3:45 10:30 4:15 Southern State Asks Re-entry Into AIG MAGNOLIA. Ark. lAP) — Tho Southern SUitc College Bonrd of Trustees voted last niahc lo seek immediatjc re-entranco fn'r the school to the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference. Southern Stale's application is expected to bo considered at a conference meeting at Little Rock Dec. 13. The decision to seek rend- mittance came at a special meeting called after collegi: officials met with a conference committee last week to discuss the move. Southern Stale and Arkansas Tech were banned from.conference athletic partioijintion in 1055 by Jour other conference members on charges of illegal recruiting. Tech remained in tV league hv payment of its dues bul southern allowed.".its membership to Ifipse. Lasl year Tech was allowed lo resume conference basketball and- thjs season, conference football. El Donido, with a population of 23,0-17 in 1950, is the lar.fi.osv cily in Ihe nil production area. The words "el dorado" in Spanish mean "Ihe golden", ThL-i city is well named, because when oil was discovered in Arkansas, it did, so to speak, become a city of "black gold". Supporting Form-City Week Nov. 17-22 it's in style to be comfortable in Jockey Rrnnri t& Midway" de only by Mpre than ever befpre, the §eg$sn'$ news jn men'? styles is'the cpm/or/gj?) e/ , , « 1M "»! eose" gppegrgnc? that's ej ^ , Jt'5 tailpre^ (9 fit Ihe male ,,^» t „ , , -j - resistant fykber In wgijtbgnd stays Ii ,,. addea 1 leg length % e«trq 1 feel 0,5 §99d as ys>Y /9?k,,, pigk yp MAGNOLIA, Ark. (AP) — The , Southern Slate College Board of i Trustees voted last night lo seek I immediate re - entrance of the ; school into the Arkansas Int.crool- 1 U'giatc Conference. | Southern State's application is j expected to be considered a(. :i I conference meeting at Little Rock ! Deo. 13. ; The decision to seek readmit- i tancc came at a special meeting 1 called after college officials met with a conference .'committee last week to discuss Ihe mos'e, Southern Stale and Arkansas Tech wore banned from conference- athletic participilnlion in, IDS.") by four other conference members on charges of illegal recruiting. Tech remained in the league ,by j payment of its duos bill Southern allowed its membership to lap^o. Tech was allowed to resume ! conference basketball last yeai- i,nd conference football this season. Noted Doctor Undergoes Operation 91 \ CHICAGO (API — Dr. Emu H, Grubbe, internationally noted phjv : sician. underwent his Olst opera- lion Tuesday for cancerous burns suffered move than SO ypars ago when he became Ihe world's first scientist to uso >\ rays in V\ump-n inodk'ino. Dr. Gnibba, 83, whose pioneer work Jed to saving or prolongine millions of )ives ( was reported making sgtlsfaptory progress afl. or Die I'i-hoMr opergtipjj, Siu-eeons operated on the fB< maining tljree fin??rs on li|s right I'anci, and dirt additional \vorl? on his nose which had been practical- jlv destroyed py tha seeds; of /rml» j iPKanoy scattered, iljroimh his body jby hjs early Pssperiments, >' ; Dr. Gmbt>c j s upppr Jin. his law, left hnnd ancj most of th,e right Side D| his fs)cp luivo beei) eHten away, fir, Grubbe, who roUrag 'from' aetlvp. prapticp in J9J.8, has tau,gh,t more- than. ^,0,00 'physicians ho\\' tp US' 1 X rniS-for heijlinp nuroosos. In Jppl, thp ypjar tiook of American Roenteen ,X crpdited pr, Gvgbpp gs JUe J tn use ^ rays ju tyflpympnts As a. yqunj physicist, h'e a besim o| J^ fays to ti-esU ej . an 9an9er -patipnt In jphlpftgo in. 1,88(3, This W9§ Ofly.' a MV .months \vU 1 v).i)i Rqj»\tp,e«v , a -^ p,hysjlel|t, djispaveml 'hat in* " Spring Hill Captures Two From Emmet Spring-Hill cngers took 2 out of 3 games last night in Iheir own gym from Emmet. Sue Harvel had 7 points to lead the Spring Sill Jr. girls to n 17-10 win. Lame Booker was high for Emmet with 8. Emmet Senior girls copped a 4031 victory wilh Juanita Dougan yelling 10. Linda Galloway wus high for Spring Hill wilh 12. Coach Billy 'Mitchell's high flying Senior boys lo a 70-28 win' over Emmet's hapless hoopsters, as Terrell Townsend grabbed 21. Gilbert Dougan led Emmet with 9 tallies. Officials were Robert Mize and James Blackwood. Timekeeper was Scott Key and scorekeepers Shirley Wright and William Hamilton. Friday night, Emmet journeys to Guernsey for three games and Spring Hill goes lo Bradley. Two More Colt Gridders Crippled BALTIMORE (AD — Two more Baltimore Colts turned up with broken bones Tuesday,, but they presumably will be ready -for Ihe game against the Bears in Chicago Sunday. Linebacker Bill Pellinfiton frnc lured a thumb. Guard Sieve Myhra broke a small bone in his wirst. They were injured in the Colts loss" to .the New York Giants last Sunday,, .', Quarterback Johnny Unitns suffered fractured ribs some 10 dtiys ago. L. G, Dupre sustained a shoulder separation. Dovis Cup Team Is Australia Bound LOS ANGELES (AP) — Auslra lia-bound are three members of the U, S, 'Davis Cup tennis team and Capt. Perry T, Jones. Departing wlIU Jones Tuesday from International Airport were tennis stars Bacrv M'.-Kay. T)ny- ton, Ohio; Chris Crawford, Piede. m'ont, Calif., and Earl Bucholz, St. Louis, Mo. They will join '(eammnles Ham Richardson of New Orleans niul Alex Olmedo of Lps Angeles in Sydney Friday. They moot the Jtaly-Piiilippino zone winner in Forth DPC, 1S-21, If successful, they'll tackle the Aussies in the challenge round in Brisbane, Dec. 29-31. Negro Sinqer Dies m Awtp Wreck MARION, Ark. (API—A Negro singer and vepording artjst was in* jured, and' a cojnpanion was killed, last night when their ?ar and 3 fe'pd truck collided on U.S. H.igh,* way 61 a mile north of IVJailon, gam. Coqk, 27, was injured in the crash which killed Arthur m, -42, of Brpokjyn, N. y, Also Injured were two, other passengers jn the car, Louis Rail? a"n,d Cliff White, 38, both of Los Angeles. Shevilf f'ecU Goodwin said Jlje fpur jfeeroes -were on rpute frori^ St. Lpuis.to Gre|nvUle, Miss., to pipy an engagement,- _Rglis \yas Uslte-n to EI - Memphis hospital wd,w«s in,serious con- pyjjon today, Cppke and Whjt? w^ere Jess seriously injured. One of Co«.ke'§ jnosj poplar rep^' oj-ds was "You Send-,ft{e," ffo - his, heaclquarjers m Fcmal« Help Wanted \vallfesses. Apply ifi pe'fsofii ftiamofid dale, Hope, Afk. GIRL for car hop. Musi be 18. Apply at King's brivc'lhtt. t-fitc AVON Cositietics has Immediate bpohihgs for mature women not otherwise employed to service excellent Avon territories. Can earH $2.00 or more per hour. Plensanl, dignified work. Openings id Fulton, iMcNab. McCaskill and Columbus. Car neces- sai'y. Write Avon, Box 3*7, Hot SpHngs. Ark. Give directions to home. 12-IOtc Lost BtiACK Pig. 2 mo. old Monday. near Hwy. 4-Shover Springs Roacl. Phone t-48GO. ONE red, white facied cow and one white cow with horns. Contact Otis England, Hope Rt. 3. ttwy. 29. 10-3tp Wanted to Rent 2 BED-ROOM house. Furnished or unfurnished. Contact H. O. Ward Phone 7-3270. 12-Gtp The Negro Community Esther Hick* Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the day An ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree eating acorns, but never looking up to see where they come from — Dexter. Calendar of Events The Hopewell PTA will meet Wednesday. Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. All parents and patrons are urged, to attend. For Salt ALUMINUM screens, dodfs, stflfffl Windows, WeSthef • Stripping", iB« sulation, roofing, aWnifigg, gut* tei-ihg, ornamental railing. Free estimates; Aridy Andrews, Phatie House TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street. Mope, Ark. Raymond SyefS Phohe 1D50 STUDEBAfcEfi pickup. Cattle bed. heater, clean arid ifl godd ' condition. Phone ?'2204 6f 7«4011, FIVE room house. $1,000. A good buy to rebuild OP move, Johjj W. Webb, Ozan, Ark.. 21'lrtt'p 8 Acres, Mope edge, modern 4 room furnished. $6.000 — $2,SOO down payment. Balance like rent, 190 acres, good stand of pine, some logs and pulpwood for mark' et. 810,000. Terms. Strottt Realty Agency. 620 West 07 Highway. ' ' 21-i-m-c 1951 OLDS Foi'dor, hardtop; Gobd second car. Call PR "F-2487. 2T-tf FIVE room home. Dinette and carport. Completely furnished, Sell cheap for quick sale. Phone 74047. 31-12tp LIKE new, 2 bedroom house: close in on pavement. $100 cash. .Small monthly payments. T. N. Belew. 7-4308. 10-3tc UPRIGHT Grand piano and one Standard Royal Typewriter. Call 7-3768. ll-3tc 6 ROOM house to be moved. For information call 7-4001 or see Ralph Saunders. 12-tf 19-48 HUDSON Club Coupe. Clean, Good condition. Call PR '7-5864. 12-3tc Lost or Strayed -Revival services are in progress at the Holy Ghost Temple Church of God in" Christ, McNab. Guest minister is .Elder L. W. Williams of Nashville. Elder L. C. Washing- Ion, paslor. The Athletic Department of Clow Training School, under the direction of R. D, Hawkins, will present A', J. Talley and his variety show featuring the ' ! D,pts," the "Flamingoes" tihe "lijover.'V and the "Johnny Williams Quartet" of Yerger High School, Thursday, Nov. 13 at : 8 p.m. Admission 25c. "LHUe B, B. King" will furnish music for the social, LIGHT roan cow, with shorthorns, weighs about 850 Ibs.' Contact Burgess Garrctt, 7-4489. -12-3tp For Rent LOCAL trailers. -Byers ' Gulf Ser vice. Call Day or Night. 7-9955,' 8-lmoc [NICELY Furnished 4 room apartment. Adulis only. No drinking. 801 East 3rd, 3-tf The Anna P, Strong Club will meet in the home of Mrs. Leona 'Metcalf Friday, Nov. 14 at 7:30 p.m. All members are asked to be present. The- CYF of BeBee Memorial OM'E Church will hold its installation service Sunday, Nov. 16 at 6 p.m.. Guest speaker will be Mrs, E. L. Hicks, The public is invited, Lincoln High School News The NWA Chapter of Lincoln High held its first meeting of the school year recently, and elected the following officers: President, Delois McFaddert; vice president, Mary Lee Reynold; secretary, Jessie Mae , Ackins; treasurer, Mary F, Walker; reporter, Mildred Cheatham; historian, Annie Jean Walker; Parliamentarian, Hazel Weatherspoon; chairman of social committee, Bobbie Stuart; chairman of program committee, AHie I^ash; sergeant at arms, Bettie Sue Booker! 'song captain, Ella Jo Brewer, Obejective of the year is to "Keep the NHA Department look' ing beautiful at all times, as well fis ourselves,'' On Oct. 17 members of the chapter attended the' district meeting which was held at Columbia High .SchQQl, Magnolia. 25 NHA apters were represented and fjve JS'FA chPRteS's. pplois pcFadden. of Lincoln was elected pistrict yice presdieiit. Approximately' },000 delegates attended. At 9 a.mr'Nov, 14, the chapter will present an Oratorical contest at Chapel Assembly. Three ayvarjjs will be "given- The public js invited to .ijgte's ?3y<j'-J!asp of pojio \yas ported, ye§j?rdfiy, a parqlyue , a pgr§pn'\vhp had, 'not ^H™ P o1 ^ The stpte Health been re tjli? Wine gf year prfl,du,ce4 y.s!.^ Sin il f\Mge> ttu'QUglj a iujw, .floispn j^t ,5^ , » 'i'^',' p -a ,-vai KSSwqitf;,ww',Jiw«l W •xSmtMz - l U'Mgk 'PWfto«;ae4 ff""l«r" "• *• '•%'> , '^Y ' t^l nnn ' * FURNISHED apartment, Middlebrooks Grocery. Dial 7-3791. I0-3lp 4 ROOM unfurnished duplex with private bath. 1002 S. Elm. Phone PR 7-2253. ' . H-3to 2 BEDROOM home, Close in on pavement, Like new. T. N, Belew. 11-3'tc Help Wanted MECHANIC — Must be sober and willing to work. Good working conditions. See Burl Billingsloy, Prescott Motor Co., Prescott, Ark, 10-3to Wanted Hope Slar roule open for boys years and oyer, Apply at Hope Slar Office, • ' WANT AD RATE! All Wdrit Ads ati fidviSb 8dvcihci but <6(!s will be bvsf the telephone and 3. . flbfi bcioWifi allowed wim thf Un- dSl-slcina'ihg the accouhf is fiayoble When statement is fchclered. Nurhbef 6ne three Six 6n8 Sf Wofds Day Ddy^ bays Motith Up to IS -.45 .90 1-50 4.50 16 fb 56 .66. 1.40 2.0d 6.00 11 to 55 .n 1.50 250 7.50 26 »b 50 .90 1.PO 3.00 9.JJC 31 16 35 I .OS S.10 350 O.P 36 »b 40 1.20 2.40 400 12.00 41 fa 45 1.35 2.tO 4.50 13.50 46 to 50 1.50 3.00 5.00 15.00 CLASSIPIED DISPLAY 1 {| m £ 80c pef Inch 3 times '..'......".'. 65c pet ifich 6 times S5c pet ihth ftates quoted abbve bre fbf ebh-' letullvd insertions. Irf-egulbf of sktti date ads will take the one-dby rate. All doily classified bclvcHkihg cotty Will be 1 areepted unHI 5 p.m. fat faubllcdtlon the following dby, A the publisher rererves Ihe fight t^ revise or edit bll bdvestlsements of fered for publication and to reject ony objectionable advertising submitted. . , IhlHbls of one or more letters, groups of figures, such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. the Hope Star will not be responsible for errors In Want Ads unless errors afo called to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-343 Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated Jonuiiry 18, 1929 Published 'everv weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs, C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Scey-Tres. ot The Star Building M 212-14 South Walnut Street .^ Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmer, Mcch. Supt. Entered as second closs .matter-at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription' fcotos (payable In 9 advanja) By carrier In Hope and neighboring •towns — • Per week , : 5 .30 Per yeor 1 s60 By mail In Hempstead, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties — On* month $ ••' Three months 1> 8 > Six months 3,50 •fie vear «.*0 All other moll — '&' One month I' 30 Three months 3 - 90 Six months 7,80 One yeor 15.60 Nat'! Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sterirk Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn,; 505 '''oxos Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N- Michigan Ave,, Chicago I, III.; 60 F, X2nd St., New York 17, N. Y-; 1763 Pcnobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklohomp City 2 Okla Member of The Awaclateii frets: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcatlon of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news f dispatches. MA'N age 25-50, Old established Ins. Rt. Contact Earl Fra^io'r, P.O. Box 103 or Snyker Hole). Salary and commission, Phone PR 7-3721, ' H-3tp Funeral Directors Ambulance Seryjpe Burial Association OAKCREST FUNERAL ROME- Pia) PB, 7-2J23 Services Offered us reneynt* yew oW , Wf ,?pesj8lif» te ' MATTRSSI IH9F 8}i\}fb|«r$nf., We hiv* mtii ?w d««p i^itit. In »i ** bu/mi, ' -' r - W* s«wwo mewm and siryjpg, S13 Sast Bssih, Pl^PR 7 CUSTOM sjsughterjng, Hogs |g s cattle fpr hidps. Hsuleg f l '^ e i'B tQ JO niijes. Ph,pn? PR f,257§ flf 7-870}, • , '" S7«J'IJ»8 SEWING reasonable. ,AlS8 holes apd, belts, ^aJJ ftjrs, ey. " ' Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — BODY SHOP — FOREIGN CARS —• 216,3, Ha?el Phpne 7-4022 Orville Taylor • John Bill Jordan WANTED TO BUY Pine Pwlpwpoo py Tryck Gut in Woods or etherwis?, HAROLD HENDRIX Phen* PR 7.4321 16th GRILL CAFE — IRIAKFA5T — 3$c -^ 50c —' 65c Home Styk Hot Biscwit Open 3 A, M, to 8 P, M, MATTRISSW Dt «p.MM* Jnt« i wring, W«rM 0«»r*nttil, 9m Bjiy. ; |tr,¥let: . PAYIf Furnitlirf i MtttrtM Ct, Swrjal -;-- | Ambulflnct S«mct

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