Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 4, 1963 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1963
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JUNE 4, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE NINE Two Couples Married Dietrich-Shaver St. Cecilia's Church In Boston was the setting Saturday, when Miss Marilyn M. Shaver became the bride of Charles W. Dietrich of Edwardsville. The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Francis L. Phelan celebrated the 10 a.m. nuptial Mass, A wedding breakfast at the Charter House overlooking the Charles river followed the ceremony. The bride wore a go\Vn of white silk-faced peau-de-soie with a fitted bodice and bell- shaped skirt. She carried a bouquet of white roses and stephanoUs. Mrs. Victor Vaughen of Oak Ridge, Tenn., sister of the bride, was matron of honor. The bridegroom had his father for his best man. The bride is a graduate of William Smith College and received her master's degree from Syracuse University. The bridegroom received both his bachelor's and master's degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Following a wedding trip the\ couple will reside at 51 Park Drive, Boston. Ragen-O'Neil Miss Peggy O'Neil became the bride of Lt. (j.g.) J. C. Ragen Saturday at 6 p.m. in the First Presbyterian Church of Edwardsville. The Rev. Walter Mehl officiated. The couple received in the church social rooms following the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Josephine McKee, 837 Madison Ave., Edwardsville, and Charles O'Neil, Edwardsville. The groom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Ragen, 190 Morrison Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa. The bride was attended by Miss Joan Blain of Belleville, Mrs, Shirley Dunn of Edwardsville, and Mrs. Shirley Hon- buckle of Cahokia. Mr. Ragen's attendants were Henry Jones of Belleville, Eston Honbuckle of Cahokia, and Edwin Hessel of Granite City. Organist, Walter Nolte, accompanied vocalist, Mrs. Archer Logan. Prior to her marriage, the bride was employed as a secretary by the Ralston Purina Co., St. Louis. The groom is attending Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, Calif. The couple will live in Pacific Groves, Calif. Born to: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Morris, Tucson, Ariz., formerly of A1-. ton, a son, Clyde Edward III,''' 7 pounds, 11 ounces, Monday, first child. Mrs. Morris is the former Miss Mary Lou Davis,, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Davis, 1314 Main St. Paternal grandparents of the baby are Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Morris of Alton. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Tomerlln, 137 Shamrock St., East Alton, a son, 8 pounds, 8 ounces, 8:29 p.m., Monday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lowery, 402 Lorena Ave., Wood River, a daughter, 6 pounds, 1 ounce, 10:06 p.m. Monday, Wood River Township Hospital. One elder child, Mark, 2. Mr. and Mrs. Th'omas Noble, Rte. 2, Godfrey, a son, '7 pounds and 2 ounces, 11:20 a.m. Monday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Elder child, Jeff, 2 J / 3 . Mr. and Mrs. Larry Johnson, 328 Oak Drive, East Alton, a son, Kynan Kyle, 9 pounds and 2 ounces, first child, Monday, 11:08 p.m., Alton Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Johnson is the former Miss Tanya Rae Hatcher, daughter of. Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Hatcher of East Alton. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Claude Johnson, South Roxana. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mansholt, 203 W. Wind Drive, a son, John Herbert, first child, 7 pounds, 3:49 a.m., Monday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Mansholt is the former Miss Juanita Map Shaw, .daughter of Mr. and Mrs, John F, Shaw of Alton, Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. John Mansholt of Alton. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Minnie, Charleston, 111., formerly of Wood River, a daughter, Linda Renee, 8 pounds, 1 ounce, May 23. Mrs. Minnie is the former Shirley Winders, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Winders of Harrisburg. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Minnie' of Wood River. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dodd, 2825 Tenth St., Yucaipa, Calif., a daughter, 7 pounds, 7 ounces, 11:19 a.m. Monday, Yucaipa, Cullf. Mrs. Dodd is the former Miss Sharon Ann McFarland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William McFarland, formerly of Alton. Maternal great-grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Long of 2119 Rockwell St. Paternal great-grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wall of Humbert Road. Mind Your Manners If a neighbor wants to tell what she paid for a dress, that is her prerogative. However, do not ask. Hospital Notes MRS. KAGKN MRS. blKTIWCH A Motel Monitor By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer When choosing a good motel, says an expert, observe the little things. Examine the light bulbs for dust, observe whether the linens are clean and whether the em- ployes look happy. And, it there is a swimming pool, cautions Gloria Peters of Montclair, N.J., take a good, long look at it before you let your youngsters take a dip. The 38-year-old pretty, brunette mother of five, helps check on highway vacation trails — for 'pay. "People who travel with children are primarily interested in cleanliness and comfort," she points out. "When on a long trip away from home, one needs some reliable guide to help make choices." She's Law Student ' Mrs. Peters bounces on mattresses, eats in restaurants and talks to chefs in the motels and restaurants that are on her list in Northeastern United States. It comprises one of six travel guides, available at some gas stations, that cover the whole country. She is incognito until she has made a preliminary study, and paid her bill. There she asks permission to go through their food storage, and to observe how they handle garbage. If they act suspicious, her educated nose begins to sniff a mouse. "A woman traveling alone must be especially careful," she says. "You can't tell about a place by its facade. I know a darling place and decided to return to it, but it had changed owners since my last experience with it. They had removed the phones, perfume was stolen from my room, and on one occasion the new blowzy, blonde owner knocked on the door, say- ing "Darling, there are three fellahs who would like to meet you." She Checks Dust No stone is left unturned to keep the guide up to date, she says. Each place is rechecked each year, and a file of some 50,000 restaurants in the country is kept. A tall woman, she can check dust to her complete satisfaction, including door ledges. She runs water, observes heat function and whether ventilation is adequate. "I can get a pretty good idea from floor coverings how the place is kept," she says. "People who say they don't want to speak to me after I identify myself are just hiding something." She keeps everything honest, she says, by paying her own expenses. She receives a good salary that permits her to eat at the best restaurants and stay at the most plush motels during the travel season, "but I don't make enough to take my husband out to dinner," she says laughing. Three Soon in College Mrs. Peters attended William and Mary and Northwestern University and goes to Seton Hal) law 'school at night on a scholarship. Besides her job working with the Mobil Travel Guide, she does some television commercials, all in the interest of increasing her earning power. "With three children on their way to being in college at the same time, something has got to give," she says. "Maybe it's Mom.'! Wood River Township MEDICAL Mrs. Lois W. Smith, 326 Tower, East Alton. Walter Blind, Moro. Mrs. Dora Harbke, Roxana. Herman Johnson, Hettick. Miss Carol Mitchell, Cottage Hills Mrs. Vera Bimslager, 553 Mildred Mrs. Mabel Ragusa, 3202 Batson. Christine Abefnathy, 116 Lorena. Mrs. Willene Hafmer, 812 Brown St., Alton. SURGICAL John M. Schoenleber, 762 Rice. Patrick Hoffmann, 240 Central. William Dorman, 155 Tenth. Mrs. Louise Duncan, Bethalto. Paula Stephens, 205 Tomllnson, East Alton. Sherry Melow, 101 Madison. DISMISSALS Mrs. Vera Bimslager, 553 Mildred Mrs. Marzella Retzer, East Alton Mrs. Pearl Maws, East Alton. Thomas Rogers, 714 Edwardsville Road. Mrs. Connie Oster, East Alton. Mrs. Mary Courtoise, East Alton, Mrs. Gladys Darr, East Alton. St. Anthony's MEDICAL Clifford Clark, 3285 Hawthorne. Donna Kelley, Godfrey. Mrs. Barbara Allen, Hartford. Mrs. Ora Fitzhugh, Hartford. Mrs. Martha Nance, 1918 Piasa. Robert Garvey, 228 Haller, East Mother's Helper by Haimonn & Pearson Alton. DISMISSALS WHEN YOU BUV shorts or trousers for your busy young son, look for the kinds that have extra room in the rear seam. Then, if he should split that seam, don't merely sew it up in the same spot. Let it out as' much as you can, then stitch it firmly and he'll have the additional room he needs for the most active play. e 1943, New York Herald Tribune Inc. Doggie Hairdos Enter 'How Silly' Dept. By RUTH MILLETT, Perhaps you saw the picture of the pretty model with her hairdo designed to make her look like a long-eared basset hound. The New York hair stylist who dreamed up the Basset Bob says it is going to go over big. If this flop-ear silhouette with the hair fashioned into side- hanging loops goes over, we women may be in for all kinds of doggy hairdos. We may be rushing into our beauty salons demanding "sheep dog bands," the "terrier tease," the "French poodle twist," the "pooch page boy," or even the "cocker coiffure." If we are going to the dogs for our hairdos we might go a step further, and take our own pooches to the beauty salons so that our hair can be set to resemble their particular hairdos. If the color of the hair doesn't match the dog's coat, that, too, could easly be changed. Irish setter red would be a nice hair tint. So would Labrador black or poodle sliver. Goofy? Well, it's not any sillier for women to go all-out to try to look like their pets than it is to try to dress up their pets to look like people. I even read about a dog who had his own custom-made mink coat. "It's not a blanket," his proud owner insisted. "It's a real mink coat—and it wasn't easy to get a mink coat made for a dog, either." It would certainly be less expensive, and easier on the pets, for madame to dress her hair to resemble that of the pooch, than for her to buy her pooch outfits to match her own. (All rights reserved, NBA) Miss Myrtle Scovell, 609 E. Fifth. Debra Mindrup, 3818 Western. Mrs. Emma Gent, Edwardsville. Daniel Stoeckel, 2721 Edwards. St. Joseph's MEDICAL Miss Cheryl Parrish, 1205 Union Cynthia Cunningham, Jerseyville Mrs. Olivia Hoffman, Edwards ville. Courtney Richardson, Alhambra Joe Holoman, 1419 Clay. Mrs. Evelyn Mann, Rte. 2, Greenfield. Mrs. Pearl Kallal, Rte. 4, Jerseyville. William Henry, Glen Carbon. Henry Holliday, 105 Missouri. Mrs. Billy Lemmon, Godfrey. SURGICAL Mrs. Geraldine Hayes, Rte. 1 Edwardsville. Mrs. Venida Spurgeon, 616 S Tenth, Wood River. Mrs. Virginia Wegener, Godfrey Fred Pittman, Edwardsville. Charles Drelle, 3627 Horn. George Arnold, Roxana. Miss Lisa Stosky, Hartford. Elizabeth Velloff, 3412 California Mrs. Edna Brown, 3057 Alby. Mrs. Margaret Hancock, 110 Elm. DISMISSALS Clyde Cutts, 1814 Sycamore. Miss Betty Frese, St. Louis. Mrs. Helen Grosham, Godfrey. Mrs. Patsie Hoppe. Bethalto. Mrs. DeVerly Klingman, Ferguson, Mo. Mrs. Agnes Liefferig, 937 Union. Bruce McBrayer, Jenkins, Mo. Miss Lori McCoy, Rte. 1, Dow. Mrs. Grace McGraw, 3161 Belle. Mrs. Shirley Morrison, Edwardsville. Mrs. Lorraine Peterson, 1628 Annex. Mrs. Sina Whetzel, 5 W. Delmar. Joseph Wright, 1105 Putnam. Robert Taylor, 1318 Garden. Alton Memorial MEDICAL Howard Dams, 2755 Grandview. Nick Barach, Wood River. George Wyatt, East Alton. Mrs. Vivian Cole, East Alton. Mrs. Wanda Atwood, 1218 Seminary. Albert Becks, Edwardsville. Paul Hoemen Jr., Meppen. Mrs. Louise Russell, 3643 Aberdeen. Mrs. Mamya Radliff, 320 Main. Donald Rushing, 2112 State. Sharon Jordan, 2600 Tulane. Robert Jeffries, 2420 Main. SURGICAL Wilbur Rothe, Brighton. Mrs. Barbara Lynn, Wood River Mrs. Zetta Darr, 827 Logan. Wallace Foster, 906 Washington Lawrence Spririgman, Jerseyvill< John Nasello, 316 McClure. Mrs. Lucille Watsek, Moro. Mrs. Eva Murphy, Elsah. Phillip Carnes, Brighton. Charles Glossup, Jerseyville. Mrs. Goldie Show, 3309 Mayfield DISMISSALS Mrs. Pauline Bivens, Bethalto. Mrs. Jane Dyer, Wood River. Dorothy Ryberg, Godfrey. Gary Williams, Cottage Hills. Danny Romine, 2800 Sanford. Mrs. Dorothy Herring, 2221 Cen tral. Melvin Thornhill, 443 E. Third Jerome Cresswell, 313 Bluff. Mrs. Margaret Sheldon, St Charles, Mo. Ida Mae Blackwell, Fieldon. Charles Luft, Godfrey. Mark Cope, East Alton. Louise Hammons, Moro. Jersey Community MEDICAL Woodrow Robertson, Jerseyville Mrs. Gerald Pruitt, Jerseyville Mrs. Fred Marshall, Grafton. Mrs. F. S. Snedeker, Jerseyville Mrs. Earl Rench, Jerseyville. Collect $161 For Cancer at Chesterfield CHESTERFIELD — Mrs. Keneth Wood, chairman of the caner Drive for the Chesterfield rea reported today that $161,85 ad been collected. Solicitors were: Mrs. Carol Dams, Margaret Brooks, Mrs. *uth Wallner, Mrs. Wilma Davis, /erna Davis, Mrs. Lee Clark, Irs. Louella Sarginson, Mrs. P. . Adams, Mrs. Barbara Duckels. Class to Meet CHESTERFIELD — Members f the class of 1938 of the Chestet- ield Community High school will old a reunion, Saturday evening t the Chesterfield Grade School. basket dinner will be served at p.m. Chesterfield Notes CHESTERFIELD — Mrs. Forrest Nifong, will entertain members of the St. Peter's Episcopal Guild Society, Wednesday afternoon at her home in Carlinville. The monthly work meeting of he United Ladies Aid Society vill be held at the Church Thursday afternoon. Daily vacation Bible school will open Monday, at 9 a.m. in the ocal grade school building. The name of Berry Wallner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wallner, was omitted from the list of graduates from Carlinville Community High School. Bunker Hill Youths South Roxana-Wanda Bible School Planned SOUTH ROXANA - Teachers and officers of the daily vacation Bible school for the Wanda and South Roxana Methodist churches KANE — Mrs. Jesse Ashlock have completed plans for the J-nd «iter Mrs Almrf a*;h- school which will be held for one week beginning June 17 from 9 a.m. to noon. All the groups will lock, and Mrs. Marie Villeneve went to Centralia. Mo., Saturday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Victor Sears. They will also visit have opening exercises at the I Benny Ashlock and Roger Lane at South Roxana Church and then Columbia. Mo Sunday they at- the teenagers will go to the Wanda church for classes. Mrs. Bernice Wiegand is superintendent, assisted by the Rev. Rickey George. Teachers of the pre-school and kindergarten group are Mrs. Clarence. Ash, Mrs. Joyce Gordon, Mrs, Shirley Knipping, Mrs. Marveline Knipping and Mrs. Virginia Jones. Primary teachers are Mrs. Virginia Cuthrell and Mrs. Ruth Littleton. Teachers of the juniors are Mrs. Betty Pruett and Mrs. Rosemary Smith and teachers of the teenagers are Mrs. Hertha Southard, Mrs. Jackie Hawkins and Mrs. Delia O'Neil. Mrs. Ralph Niepert will be organist with Connie Holland as assistant, and registrar is Norma Legate. Closing program for the school will be at 7:30 p.m. June 23 at South Roxana. At Music Camp BUNKER HILL — Eight grade school band students are attending The Egyptian Music Camp at DuQuoin this week. They are Linda Stevenson, Diane Lawton, J. L. Marsh, Roger Huette, Charles Brueggeman, D e b b y Girth, Janice Lorenz, and Ricky Acuncius. The students all received a part- scholarship from the Band Boosters. Family Dinner BUNKER HILL — Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wood entertained will a family dinner Sunday in honoi of their son, Barry's, confirma tion. Those present were: Mr and Mrs. Joseph Makowski o St. Louis; .Mr. and Mrs. Harr. Morrison Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Harrj Morrison Jr. and son, Gary, am daughter, Linda, and James Wood Mrs. Virgil Denham, Jerseyyille SURGICAL James Turner, Jerseyville. Everett Shackles, Jerseyville. Mrs. Paul Briggs, Jerseyville. Diana Briggs, Jerseyville. DISMISSALS Charlene Duncan, Grafton. Cindy Weed, Grafton. Mrs. Joe Hurley, Hardin. Mrs. Ronald Bartlett, Hamburg. Mrs. Ronald Woelfel, Virdin. Mrs. John Pohlman, Jerseyville. James Turner, Jerseyville. Mrs. James Harp, Jerseyville. Mrs. George Scott, Fieldon. ended the wedding of Miss Caro ears and Arthur Dollens at Cen ralia. Billy Joe Clendenen has retuni 3 to Norfolk, Va.. after spending 10-day leave with his parents. Vlr. and Mrs. Albert Clendenfn. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Varble and amily left Saturday for Lancaser, Calif., to make their home. Mrs. Marion Everts and daugh- er, of Jerseyville, visited last veek with Mrs. Lou Ann Hatfill. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hawk, Mr. ind Mrs. Eldred Robley were sup- jer guests Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd McLane in Eldred. Miss Janice Guilander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guilander of Kane, was a graduate ol the Jersey High School this year She has accepted a position as secretary with the County Mutual Insurance Agency in Jerseyville. The Rev. and Hilton Longberrj visited the past week in Chicago with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Abbott, Ben- me Ray Abbott, and Robert Flamm attended funeral rites foi Mrs. Paul Erthal last week ii Rosewood Heights. Bible School Under Way at * SouthRoxana SOUTH ROXANA — The daily vacation Bible school at the First Southern Baptist Church opened Monday for a two-week session and about 70 children attended the first day. The Rev. R. M. Mapes is principal, Mrs. Wilfred Major and Mrs. R. M. Mapes are teachers of the intermediates. Mrs. Nora Copeland, Mrs. Opel Jones and th< j *ev. L. E. Shelby are in charge if the juniors; Mrs. Vera Barton. Mrs. Lolitn Jeffcrs and Mrs. Kay Ball are in charuo of the pntmir\. ind Mrs. Wilma Bixallion is teacher of the beginners. The kitchen commit tor is Mr*. Lenna Cunningham and Mrs. Rene Fraim. Mrs. Lela Rohrkastc is pianist. Mrs. R. M. Mapes, secretary, and Mrs. Vera Barton, song leader. South Roxana Fire Auxiliary to Meet SOUTH ROXANA—The Fireman's Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Georgia Arnoldi and Mrs. Mildred Aiken will be assistant- hostess. NOW IT'S LOWER ALBANY, Calif. (AP) — Mayor Joseph Egenberger told the city council the U.N. flag in the meeting hall was a full sevei inches higher than the American flag. Nine inches were cut of the U.N. flag staff. MELBA'S BEAUTY SALON 307 Ridge Street Alton Gloria Brown is Joining Our Staff Open Evenings By Appointment HO 5-8951 SUMMER CLASSICS FashiOh requirement for entrance into a world of practical eleganct ...KORETOF CALIFORNIA'S cultured FILIGREE KNIT coordinates. 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