Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1958
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

Page Twa HOP! STAR,-MOM, ARKANSAS Prescott News Mrfc. fhewat Mrs. Charlie Thorna"! nntPtlain dA with a buffet supper at her homo oh Thursday evening for the Welfare Board mpmbers, and llu>ir families' flhd the 6fflce personnel The Serving table was covered With a Thanksgiving cloth and was cetlferffd wllil n bn^kcl of clirysaftllidmufns', fruits uhd tmls Following the super. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas showed picture slides of thelf tflp a.bro*d last suifimoi flhd gftV6 iftfefesllng There weN? 1& present. MnVi-MUIIoal ttietftherii Were for (he Wedkly luncheflh meeting of the UM4 Cltib ofi Thursday Moon at the Broadway Hotel. SoldofS 81a<!kibitrrl, pto^ram thnir ManVln'tfOdttt'ed J, Jt. Roberlson wh6 played" folk soflgs and ballads oW his glflt-fih ^aek" CflVtiieAS Was Welcomed as a hcW tntffrtber. fllliy 1loe was a gtlesl. Ot/ncAft Nam«<( , R. Nelson had charge of the program at 'the Tliiil'sduy meeting 6f thd K(WahlS Gilib hold at the broadWay" Hotel and inlrodueed t. A. Gr'eetf of Spfirighlll, Ln.. dls- (flct manager 'df tHe General tclc- j5hone Cttripany of the Southwest. who in turn inl.r6d"Hced F; K. High' tOWor of T^xarkahn, district mana- Her. -' ' ''Mr. UtlghtdwcT'saVe an informa- Uve talk on the change from the rrtanual to the dial system, the a'p'pf'&xinialc' cost of the change ever and the rate" Increase that dart be niitlefprfted. ; Tilman Worthington gave a rtf- poM of th'e' nominating committee arfd preSehted thd following slate of officer*.' Pfesident, Ned Duncan first vice president, N. R. Nclsmv, seccfnd vice pfosldcrit, Bill Ward; Treasurer, Bill Gdrclon and cu'rect- flfS W. d. Wesley, Juge Nassau, F16>'cl lUibbSrd, Jack HoBoy, Ern- fiSt Ja'meSon, Jim Nelson arid Bur- reil Whitmarsh. Tri-Servloe 6lwb Mas , All Day Meeflpg Wednesday "Merrib'efs of thdj.'fri-Service Club met Nov. 5 at 10 a.m\ ih the home of Mrs". J, R. Beniis for an all day meStirig. Mfs. Earl Epplcr was assisting hostess. Arrange- iVients of roses, chrysanthemums nnd zcnnlns' wore placed at van- poinls in the living room. nnr! rnnastn was with Mis Hnh Heynolds \vlhhing high SCIII-P prize ni bridge flhd Mrs Dill Wnrd won ihe high siMf8 eanasla jui7.e. Al iHion it eovprrtt rlish lunehenh wns served from the dining (able spread uilli /) linen cloth. Vellow chrysjiritheijjums in a silver tiowl flniikrd li\ yellow nindles in silver holders formed the centerpiece. Coffee and dornrfs Were. set'Ve'd during the morning Other members present wer'd Mrs. K. Adams. Mrs. Jim Morris, Mrs. Dudlcv House. Mrs. Adatri Jr Mrs. C R. Gray. Mfs. Bilght Mrs. .T. B. Franks. n<rt) Y.irbrough Mrs. GvM and Mrs. Bill Dates. Mrs Hale WCfU Meets Wi».H Mfs. Ofirtldrt The home of Mrs A. B, Gordon was bemiliftilly decorated with arrangements of ehrysanthemums on Thursda.N afternoon when she Wfis hostess 'to the WCTU. M'r.<!. Paul Jones and Mrs. H. F.'. ftflVlS Vef'e a B 'i"tin« hostesses. ... The pit'ildenl, Mrs. L/ C. Gatlirt, presided and Ihe rfieitjng .Wa's oiJenc-d with the song- '"nils' 1# My' Fathers' World." followed will^ prayer by Mrs. Tlu-o Elgin. Mrs;, Lige Martin gave thd devotional on the (Heine "The Tftic? Mt-.'i'iilng of ThnnksKivinjj." Scripture readings were Deuteronomy 8)10 and Psalm 1)5 1:0 nnd Colosslans. 3M5. She led in prayer. Her op'crtthg thought was "Thou Hast Given ''So. Much to Me " A chapter in the study book," "ProlecliiiK The Temple — 'OUi 1 Body" wax reviewed by Mrs. Briec Stewart, the meeting closed svilh the Aarnnic Benediction rfrpuato'd in unison, A dessert course was served by the hostesses. Barbara Wilson C e lebrates Birthday Anniversary •Barbara Wilson celebrated her Seventh birthday with a party, given by her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Tilman Wilson at the'-Teen- Age Club on Thursday afternoon. Games were directed byi Jane Brown and Caroline Wilson. •"-_' The 12 guests were served ^individual cakes and cold drinks from a table covered-with a white cloth and centered with an' -ar.-; rangemunt of fall flowers. The pink birthday cake -was••decorated- with pink flowers and topped with East Germany ProM Page OfiS that It is n rmn puppet Without fjfrpfilnr htif.n Jl WAS li» bMjr in U'li wfvlh<</> (his offensive would !ir ;ifviir.ji?m- ied by a helve war .-mamst isulnl- rft Berlin, "f flhl lit Ih'e opininn ' V MI nfj:o- MfllfonS will take pl;<r > shortly between the government nf the c.itrmnfi betttocrntir netmhli • ana (he Srivlel grtvprhmen; i«vrr ihr ivilhdrtlwal of Soviet Irnijic, f ro m Germany, " Grotrvvohl said "By this moans we will i ncoiir- og'e the WeStei-n powers U follow <itiii. t belldve we will find enough ifl biHh fJfirtS "f Oorrfinhy Who will fight for thai. Thorf by we Will come one step close- \t> i\ ponce trehly." There are an psUmntfd -uio.flfn Soviet soldiers in thf Soviet xmu 1 pink Cfifldles. Favors u-r-re bnlloons nfid fly back bulls mul bats. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cunimings have returned to Con way after a Visit With Mr. and Mrs W. P. Cumffiirigs. (Mr, and MfS. Torn Demis and their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Fad jo GrtvvefiS Jr. Ben, Chatl and Tommy Of VI. Smith spent the weekend at ihC''B(*mis cottage at Grassy Lake near'Fulton. (Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dalrymplc spoilt the weekend in Little Rotrk [ilnd '.were joined there by their So'hiVCn'rl Jr. a student at the U. of A, They attended the Arkansas- Hardln Simmons football game and saw the show "Auntie Mame." — Three-dlmertsiohfll plastic easts are now 1 being used as smudge-proof, positive means of identification. DeVel* oped by the U.S. Army Quar* tcrmaster Corps, the cast is mude by spraying the fingertip with n liquid nylon compound which hardens in seconds and then is easily removed. Mrs.. Harland Hill and children! and-Mrs. Mattie Harris of Little] Rock were the weekend guests of Mr<..and Mrs. J. B. Franks and Mr. arid Mrs. Jesse Crow. j •aw'r; flnd Mrs. Elwood Robinson and children of El Dorado were Uie guests Saturday of Mrs. Metlie Robinson and were accompanied home by their daughter. Jenny, who- has been visiting her grand mother. .Mi*.' and Mrs. Coy .Dewoody spent Suijdny, in Camden with Mr. and ^i:sf'''Earl Haynie. Friends of Mr. Haynie",.will regret that ho is ill in rtiie Warner Brown Hospital. M.iss Louise Martin of Shreve- (ibrt' spent .(he weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy'Mar- tin. Fire Gufs Home, Aged Negro Dies FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) —A bllnrl. RO-viier-old Negr6 mail died in a fire that razed a s'mall frame house liere today. Dead is John Hawkins, who was alone in the house when the lire broke out. He lived with a daughter of Germany and about 300,000 U.S., British and French soldiers in Western Germany. Grotewohl did not elaborate un- df-r whnt conditions the Soviet Union might agree with Communist Easl Germany lo pull out Its troops. In the past the Russians have ma'de .Allied withdrawal Irom West Germany the condition for Die pull-out of their own troops. The Western powers have refused lo pull out their forces unless an agreement could be reached on the reunification, of Germany through free elections All-nBw Trferdtoj)^^ styling in the •Jo^^toonneist Ever seen in Arkansas W TJii'J Tfie new ?•] Country" ?»» B*W C»¥ntry Jqijift , (• \*v>* :J >$ T«k§ your pjrk of six Ysy've hmr had it so new, never Ji»<l li so cdml'^fi* 3»Ws as in iheie 5i) fQr(i wagons. They*^ lU? IPU^SI, iwffi> t fogiijiest | ? onl wa^oys #v?r, YOU rUI^ in UfllPUSiu^ coi'ufoft oij ;i iung^r HS«inch ivhe?ltes?^ IPJQ|' 'i %$% JiH'^?<' "pivturp vviijdtAv" ,up fron^ And K/» ffiii fft?$ /WH'«''<( in evjry l'\H'(,l wa^uii, ^?e jiud rifkl Sfl? pf sl'^*# h^utifb S fc^; s r^-, \'>,>. t'>\-v / l L "J ,V . riij,t town's Higsr wMj-i'nFuua' G4P ^ ' !" , ^V*JirV RPAkfJ||| r JF^MSt J ^"%w^ „ *t Ii- *fc R/ ALC Hits Snag on Budget for Porks MTTI/K ROCK <API —The AC- Xnn<iii>- l.faisfintiv(- Council rnh into a snng today over WHetfiCT tftC Ptiblinty & Parks (.-'ofrsmission shnulri rf-vonl in i ( ? budget hrnv each strip psrlt during the nest two years. Tiff qiirsllofi stemmed from thg rommisylnll'g enrrmi-kifig 8100.000 fm- \Vivlholrnifia Park near Mofld and S22 ''CO fnr thr proposed H'arnp- son Memorial Park a( Wilson, artel n n t specifying n n y particular amount for other sin to parks. Srvrral members objected to a sug'ips'ion thill funds be "line itemed" for all parks, fhpy said such r.n action would put request* ing officials "on the spot" ami cjiiisc disscnslotl among Legislative Council Members. However. Stnfc Son. Roy Hiales of Mona objected 'o deleting the line ili'in for Wilheltniita Park, say- iriK he feared the project ollim'* wisp would not aot the amount i requested. The 19.17 Legislature inadf separate ppprnprinlions for Willielmina and Ilampson Parks. Karlier the Pftrke Comnlission i had instructed 'Director Ted Woods : to furnish the Legislative Council I more complete budget tnfo'rmatlort jw'tlioul specifying eStact expenditure's for the various parks. The Council then went, into closed session to discuss the bude'Cl fur- tlH'l. Budget requests for Southern Slate College and Arkansas Slate Cdlege also were presented to thy Courtcil today. President 'Dolph Camp of Southern Slate asked for a regular budget of $555,000 a year, the same as the current one, but a supplementary request asked lor nearly $923.000 annually. The Council was told that Arkansas Sla.te expects an enrollment of more than 3,500 students by 1961. Current enrollment is about 2,750, The college asked for a hefty increase in appropriations. who was at work. Mrs. Bryce Rivers, another' daughter, dho lived next door, saw the flames and tried unsuccessfully to get into the blazing house. Ark-La Buys Out Another Big Plant ftO'CK (AP)— Arknnsas L o if 1 s i ft fi a Gas Co. today an- MOimeed the fitfi'ehase of ftey'ffoJds! Gas Regulator Co, of An'lersnri, fntf.. for one mitliort dolisli'S. Trio ahohuiicorneht by the ulil* Hy's board of dii-eetors raid the aecfuislliort would lead in the establishment of d factory employing 100 toersoiis in AfkahsaS witlv in a year. The Reynolds company was dos- t'ribed as ti leading prodUder of gas regulators and control devices for utility and liquified petroleum gas industries. Every gas customer has at least one such device ori his premises Arlt La ai.-i Every gas-burning has a regulator and all gii disfributioh sysiehis require tfte cfeviees for control of p'res* W. ft. Stephens. Ark La . cttairmah and president, s^'d the AridefSori factory would i?nntWu6 its operations and would be s't'p- pJeSiffttfed' by the new Arkansas plant. Stephens said surveys for the iiew factory site already were well advanced but thai the only thlftfl certain about its location was that "it will Be on birr system." Ark La serves 36 coifntfes in AtkaflsrS*. The Anderson factory employes 90 persons. Ark La took poses- Sinn of the new property Monday without a break in operation's. Stephens said that Floyd CkUiit of Anderson, a vice president of the Reynolds Company, would act as general manager of the maiUi- facUirmfC outlet. Acquisition of the new subsidiary was described as another step in a diversification program wfiicft Ark La emfcafKe-a" 14 Io-' MSVI Calfe W -Of W c in ihe city scHdols sum* iiier course on auWmbbilfr dMviftg, only one failed to complete the course with passing grades. Hd moved away. PfinatHd Canal was bbeHed In January ISIS. PRE-CHRISTMAS PERMANENTS DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON & JEAN * EDITH - DIANE Pho, 7-3118 204 S, Main JA UHi ^5?^ *W THURSDAY - 5 p. m. to 8 p. m. We invite you to bring Mom and all the youngn's out this week and enjoy something new in family entertainment. Xou're certain to enjoy a delicious rrieal, cooked home style, served in a friendly atmosphere. You'll see too why your neighbors hoveh't been int home on Thursday evenings. Regular Price Chicken & Dumplings (Like Mother Made) .85 Fish Dinner (Fresh Water Channel) 1.25 Shrimp Dinner (6 Jumbo Size) '.'...'. T.OO Sirloin Steak (Choice, Tender) 1.95 T~-Bone-Steak (A Real Buy) 1:50 Fresh combination Salad, Hot French Fries, and Hot Dinner Rolls served with all Steaks, Fish and Chicken dinners. Family Price ,69 .79 .69 1.49 Oaks HI WAY 67 WEST HOPE, ARK. THE GASOLINE CREATED BY ATOMIC RESEARCH <u gsfgg^ -NM^MULA f'i«>, (.^ A Better Gasoline and « B»Uer Buy Too.,,., If ypy •>*<u> -fcamt .;^ ., , T , ,%- .-'. '" ,"-, CVn',?^'-' ' .''• % '^"* 1 "-'"^ ' / '« *' - ^""^^i'y^ €«%>< v"v, : '/-TvV. ' Jl ^<''>" 'j||*P#^J '$£: I yif

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