Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1958 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1958
Page 7
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HfeM Workmcn^Are Entitfaff Board (AP)—THe Sy- preiiie doiul ruled B-3 today tttal wo,Prfien who pay board and lodg- ihg at job sites away frorh their established residences rhay now include the cost as busifiess e&- peftses oil ihcoine tak returns. The court's decision was ah- ^hotiticed in an unsigned opinion. ^Justice tiqttglas wrote a disseiil fj'oined by Justices Black ahd Whil» ilakef, 1 The case was brought by three jforth Carolina worktntn. Had ihr^ won it, the principle would Jnave applied to thousands ot other Workers al a cost of tnany mil ;llons of dollars to the U. S. Treas' Wry. Sl.The thi-ee workmen were Jnmeg E, PcUrifo3>, a Weklev with a res- Jfiehce at Ktire tecaclii N. G; Paul iV. Sillies, a plumber: ?ahd John S. Mall, a welder, Jaolh i-dsicleHts |f HaleSgh, N. C. m In another action ••Invtaivlng pa- f "-tUiatly mahy mlilidflg' 6f dollars (fak revenues, the high court ^•refused to consider a 'jelaim by Pi. H. Macy & Co. Inc., New York ffetailer. for at least $i,008,'?50 fa* jiund of federal income,a,nd e,xce$s .^profits taxes, Ma cyis iciiappealed Ihfter losing in the U. S Circuit JCottrt in New York. The case hinged on Macy's right :o use for certain years prior to 1934 the so-called LJFQ system jtor figuring the value of Inven- ftoii.es. This Last In, First Out. y^fcm operates in favor of the nerchant-taxpayer in periods rls- ng prices. AmonK other actions, the hlah ffcourt; I Refused to permit California to sue in the -highest court'• to bar ;enforcement of State, of Washing[ton from enforcing. California said ^discriminated against California |\vlnes. The case had aroused major interest in other wlne-nroduc- inj* states. New Yfarn filed a iWC In support of California's move. Agreed to rule -on whether the [Federal Power Commission may. approve a natural gas pipeline project without determining .'the validity of rates to be paid." for the supply of fas. The commission, without approving' n s"upp1y price, approved a plan by Natural Gas 'Pipeline Co. to extend its line in Oklahoma and Texas to gcJk gas for sale In the Chicago arra, Oklahoma Natural Gas Co.,' a cometing_buyer, challenged the commission procedure. Noted tv Dltlt Turn* ' ACR6SS 1 Moled, *e« time S f hfougM es slitch § He also was a g 1 glcmis h ' 14 GfcehiUe 15 Chief god 4 Dcclipahl 5 C'ushiofc 6 Heitact •r SttilbloF 8 Month roof 8 Moulhward JS 8 t^^A M 9 Mouinwara \l l E ?t d -?w« tf ?« 10 "fcmct-ald Isle" IB Pertaining 10 »? d^.» ,,i,:i,n._»* 26 JroquoiaH 42 SaVoted JhdiaH 43 Oroop $1 Cbl-ded 4S Pester* tu UM.VICI.U la.t' fabrics 4? Mowers II Small children 28 Back of the 49 Expanded * «..* ji. --K 19 Harvest heck 60 Smooth L6hg'dra\\B glpi|f er 30 Toward the SI Poker stake speeches 23 Stratagem sheltered side 52t)eeiease i Alb S hy 25 Mis friends 31 Rip 54 Window a tlssu<* in Prussia S9 Vehicle 59 Church seat II Plan Set Up for Highway Billboards WASHINGTON (AP)—Secretary of Commerce Weeks today"' an. nounced final federal standards fc^regulating billboard advertising network. States which agree to abide by the minimum regulations will receive a bonus of a half of 1 per cent of the cost.of the new- roads. The federal government • already pays 90 per. cent., The standards, based on'.a con troversia.1 provision of thr> 1958 highway law, do not forbid all (outdoor advertising', • Billboards can be erected within 12 miles of reAaurnnls, motels," filling, s(§- tions and other businesses wlu'ch they advertise, Signs will toe rnQi'Q than standard size, however,' qnd their numbers will be limited, Some of ^he 41,000-mile system is exempt from regulation, ,TJ}(> standards generally will 1191 apply to roads running through incorporated municipalities, t commpri ejal and' industrial areas gild along old routes, Weeks said UII.-/T wii be no billboard contrpJ along aff.easl 25 par cent of the new highways, At no point would more than two bUJboard? be permHtgd in- ad/ one-mile stretch] RADAR FREg DEHVERY OMAHA (IP) ^ State Safety Pa. troJman W, R, Pieycy i wfwls it known tie nnd his partner are not running a branch postoffice, An oi^-pf-staie ear stopped at 3 radijr check point manned by Hie trWipers and a passepgej' tried, jo post main in the three*leeggd. rado? bo>;, • " i "ffe tried to stuff it Into ihp 'i?f)fK |lap of'the got," said Pjercy,; ROACH-HOGHIS S1 * INSURANCf t fjre t Hff 1? » ^ 2&Mis friends OIIMV ./i ... f secured him a 32 Steamers (ab.5 65fiJt—^ A , Jr*"* ? t ,, orK ,,, ..j Consular—=- 35 African liver 56 Commtttllsf* 24 Negative Word • - ........ .. _,. 25 fteiste td 29 Cudgels S3 Mineral rock , S4 Scheme 30 Permit 3? Small draught SB Heroic. 40 Ofgati of hearing 41 Examinations 44 Click-beetles Switzerland 48 Before < 49 He was U.S, consul at < . Scotland, from 1880 to 1885 b3 Small candltt ' 57 Lease 58 Tree fluid CO Identical 61 Grafted (her.) 62 Mariner's .direction C3 Olrl's name 64 ObnuNlous ," plant TIZZY r.t. p^. u.«. fa, on, • «J IMt b« NtA 8»r,lc«. tne. I 57.- % 'Jimmy and I will have our ^"'^^^ iust b * Tn6 SpJirC rOOm( DUi ii w t ^.„„^..^-^-.ta*-^. PIE Bf Nodine Sc.tier By Kate Oionn © 1966 b; NEA S«(>lc«, Inf. ri«. R»g. u.'s. p»t. off. T.M. *>!• U.S. Pit. alt. 9SE b, Nt» S<»ice, Inc. DOESN'T *^Y mN> SHOW 6*rHt'. WOK'AWVW SHE'* PLWIN6 VOWtVIUfe THIS WEEK CAFTAIN IASY '«||'( DADDY, WILL YOU > HELP ME? I'M [ TRYING TO TEACH ELMER TO ROLL OVER AND ME DOESN'T GET IDEA "I'd like to marry a prince, too. Only when we're old enough, there probably won't be any left!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS "Let's go home—they've already had dinner!" Sir»F ff.AMCFt fy PIONDIE NOW, DADDV- SHOW ELMER WHAT VJE MEAN BV ROLLING r-\ OVER,' HE'S GOT IT, U!* WHSM 1 DADDV;-j£ ^VOUNG'FELUO^ GETS MARRIEC| , HE DOESNstjf : REALIZE ALH C 1'LU FIND OUT WHICH OF ALL Tf-^E BO/5 iN SCHOOL IS THe EIOP OM Ml(A-TO ]BM<e (AE TO Trie PROM IM ' JANUARY/ HERE •MA'P-TWTo /VALERIE! P Ek WU y WHEKE AHPvi/ WPUI-P YOU'LIKE 'SfpAlSHT 0 OD r S HER BUODlEi WONDERFUL! I'- FINALLY BE AT'MRS. STUFFNEY r,U;>w,M>A'$ PCI PUT OIJjH WAY f.&Atfl AND SHE'S_A j Sr PLAYER. 1 NO, NO... I MEAN,-^, SERVED A NICER* LLJNCW!, ,», With "Clyde i§ going through a throwing phase; Dp ygy ha' sotnt nlo«'«eft pQth9ldtrs h« can play with?" Tfjri" • l At *"*« 1A--.T"' J'h WHAT MAKE?. YOU THINK .._": , UP §9 HIGH?/ l^S?SftV ,- , ^^ % ^^^j»' <M^L**^L S=^=^fcT Nv •I "* »"! s%E. T~^i\"^ jm^tsmgwi

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