Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1958
Page 3
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. * If; H 6 P;f '^t/Mfc , *H 0 Pt, ARK A N § A S A.Mi ana 4 P.M. The regular NovsHibei- f>f (he Jf.-Sr. Hi«,1 School f.f.A, i.-. called "Parents Night" ahd Will be held in the High ScHool auditorium November ll at *;50 fy.m, All parents are Ui-g-d to attend. The friendship Class 1 of the First Baptist Chtirth" Will meet at the et$-ch for" a pot luck supper flies' day", Nov, 11 at 7 )3, w. Hostesses' .ire Mrs. Jack Fountain, Mrs". Deft' Ver Hornaday ahd Mrs, .fork Hogg. All members ahd associate mefri» bors are urged to be present., The Practical Nurses Will meet Tuesday, Nov. 51 at 7,'SO, p.m, in the court room of the City Hall, All members are cordially invited to attend, C.^e firemans Auxiliary will meet Tuesday at 7:30 in the home of Mrs. fiidon Steaclman. ,,''", Tho Beacon Sunday Schpol) Class of the First Baptist Church will hold their monthly meeting Tuesday, Nov. It at 7:30 p. m.'-ln the hnmc of Mrs. Fred Mathenia Wlili Mrs. Richard Haggard as co- hostess, All members are urged to attend. fne LLL'Sunday School Class'of First Baptist Ciutreh will meet-in the home of'. Mrs. Orville Taylor, 316 E. 13th street at'7:30 p.m.'-Tuesday, Nov. 11. bfl the sitojeet "A Changing Curriculum- for a Chattgittg World." Hof><5 C~bttficil of Garden Club will trivet Friday at 9:30 a.m. at the hoftie of OVlfSj Billy Oah Jones. 200 fineefest Street. Milts Against Try to Hamper Dr, Afford ^ NJrtf }f 1 l( ^ Tlt The Friendship dlnss pnrtv of the First Baptist Church ached- tiled for tonight has been post- Doned tthtil further notice. Wednesday, November 12 The John Cain Chapter of DAR will meet at 12 noon Wednesday, Nov. 12 in the Trimble home in Washington. Mrs. R. L. Searcy, Mrs. James Marlindale, Mrs.-Dick Welkins and Mrs. Charles Taylor will serve as hostesses. The Azalea Garden Club will meet. Wednesday, November 12; at 10:00,, a.m. at the- home of Mrs. E. L. Archer, ..Jr. Mae T6 StAnn 4-H Club The 'DeAtin' 4^tt Cliib hold their monthly meeting on N'ovember 3 at the home of MUses Erma Mae and Barbara Jean Avery. Nine members, four adult leaders, one visitor, (Miss Kathy Allen and Mrs. Lbt'alne B. Wylie, Home Demonstration agent were present. Due to the absence of David Burke, president, Kaye Burke acting president called the meeting to order.. iHeVrJ|->nal was given by Patsy Roberts. / 'iPledges to American and 4-1-1 flags and the 4-1-1 motto were repeated,. Becky Willis, secretary read the minutes. ' During :th buisiness meeting a Christmas party was planned. Mrs'. Wyll.e discussed the books on the different projects selected toy .the club members and passed out pamphlets on cooking, sewing, wardrobe. riiaglc and flower arranging. The meeting adjourned to meet Dec. 1 at 7 p.m. at the club house. Brookwoqd PTA will meet W,ed nesday, Nov. 12 at 3 o'clock in the school auditorium. The executive committee will meet at 2:30 in the auditorium. Oglesby PTA will meet Wednes day, Nov. 12 at 3 p.m. The Executive meeting will be at 2:30, The Paisley PTA will meet on Wednesday at 3 p.m. with the Executive meeting at 2:30 p.m. Thursday, November 13 The Spring Hill PTA will. meet Thursday at 7:30 p.m.^ ,in f i\\e Jtorti School auditorium. "All/ parents are urged to attend. The Guernsey PTA will meet Thursday, Nov, 13 at 2T30 p.m. in the High School auditorium.* The Executive Committee; will meet at 2 p.m. All members are' urged to be present. Friday, November 14 The Jr.-Sr. PTA Study' Group will meet at the 'Home Economic, ullage Friday, Nov, 14 at iq.V.m,, JitJius'Adams, principal, will speak' TONITE 6:30 -8:30 JANE P.USSELU : : "PINK'FUZZY NIGHTGOWH". Starts, Wednesday TBN The Woman's Society of Christian Service of First Methodist Church Met .at The C"urch The Woman's Society of Christian Service of First Methodist Church...met Monday afternoon in the sanctuary of the church. The group sang "Breathe on Me, Breath of God", followed by prayer by the president. Mrs. J. C. Carlton. Mrs; Gallic,. Ward gave a report on the "Week of Prayer". Mrs. Maney-gave:a report on "Spiritual Life," .as-she>won a delegate to aldersgate from the local church. A prayer was said followed by a song, "Sweet Hour of Prayer". ' Circle 3 und 6 tied with each having 'eight present. Mrs; L. B. Tooley had charge of the Study Program, "Concern of a Continent". Those on the program were,,Mrs. C. V. Nunn spoke on'."Hawaii, USA," Mrs. Gallic Ward 'on "Growth of Historical Churches in Hawaii". Mrs. Bob Turner,."Christian and non-Christian Faiths and Mrs. Ross Moore ohJt'iProblems: sW^'as,. Protestant' Christians Face." ' . The next study will be Thursday, November 13 at 1:30 p.m, at the church which will be on "Caribbean Islands", as announced by Mrs. Tooley, . Mrs, Max Bolar will be in charge of Thursday's meeting, The meeting concluded with prayer by Mrs. Manny, f There were -two guests present, Mrs. Charles Benson and Mrs, M'c- Clellan.' -Sep. Ml* bur Mills (d-Ark) raid today he Will sirentioitsly oppose any efforts 16 prevent Dr. Bale Alford of Little Sock frorri being Sealed as a Democratic member of the ttmisi* "H is my intention lo do everything I can to see lhal he (Alford is sealed as a beffiocrfil and in see that he gets thg best dottimil- tce assignment possible," Mills Irtld reporters. Alford, running as a write-In cdh- diddle on a segregation platform, defeated the Veteran Rep. Brooks 'Mays (D-Arl<) by 1,200 Votes irt ! Arkansas' Fifth Congressional Ols:! Iriet lasl Tuesday, i Mays has described himself n-s a moderate in racial matters, Alford's right to be sealed as a Democrat has been challenged by #ep, .John A, Blatnfk (D'Mtniii, Who argued that the Little Rock physician ran ns an independent, defeated the Democratic nominee and thus should toe labeled an independent. Me has indicated he j would raise the question at a cau-1 cus of Democratic Mouse members ; the day before the new Congress i convenes. i A n Independent designation I might prevent Alford from geillna ' a committee assignment — or at I least an assignment to a major committee. | Mills satd today that thore is ample precedent for seating Alford j ns a Democrat even though he do- . feated the party nominee.' I Mills said it is his. position Ihnt. j Alford was elected as ,a Democrat i arid that the district is ciititlnd IQ have its choice considered a member of the party. Because of his position as chairman of the House - <Ways anrl Means Committee, Mills-heads t.hr> Democratic Committee tin Committees which assigns new 'members to committee posts. He also is ! West Virginia School Blasted by a Bomb ,,.,', ' i ," <- ii ,*,«'. ,.T / , • Fabric takes on new depth, dimension and vibrant color In both, suits and coAts this fall. Cranberry red mohair tweed is used (left) for suit with soft cape collar and slim skirt. Gold wrap coat (right) is in curly wool fabric cut with notched capelet shawl collar and push-up sleeves, These are both from William Devitz.—By GAILE DUGAS, NBA Women's Editor. , OROTHY Happiness is Different at Twenty and at Forty Dear Dorothy Dix: i Will you please tell me how I; her • w '»h an illegitimate child. I'm .- possible choice to preside OVPI' can 'get something out of life 'a- • engaged to be married arid won• •—••• ' der if I should lell my fiance about my brother who Is a Republican. the Democratic caucus: Elizabeth, Eddie, to Wed in Month MEW YORK (AP) — Actress Elizabeth Taylor plans to marry si.naer Eddie Fisher within a month, the New York Post said today in a dispatch from Hollywood. That sources, comes from the best of said the story by Sid- Schenectady, N. Y. are visiting Misses Del? and Florence McClan- ahan'and Mrs, W. P. McGraw'dur- ing November. gain? I"m a widow of 42, ; educated, attractive an excellent homemaker. 1, have a good job'l?ut that isn't what I want. 1 want' a husband and home to look after, a kitchen to work in, .domestic errands to run. I've been a widow for six 'years. It seems the best part of my life is gone/tout I'd like to make something out of the-rest of. it. — Discouraged. - , Dear Lady: The best part of every woman's life is gone when she reaches 42. She has passed the creative, productive years and nothing will (bring them back, Those were the gay days- of courtship, the happy months of early married and life when you shared hopes Mrs. John H. Hollis of Rock, Miss Katherine Arnold — B. P. Dear B. P.: The first time I received n variation of this joke 1 thought it was funny but constant repetition has worn away, the humor, Won't you kids please change the record? This ,' one '• has been around much too. long already, of Minden, La., were all guests' of Mrs. John Arnold on Sunday. -Coming and Going •'Mr, arid Mr?, Harold Tipton and family of Little Rock were here this weekend with her mother, Mrs, GJcn'L. Williams, and her aunts, Misses Mari'e and Nannie Perkins, Mr, and Mrs, Dale McGee of Mal- VOj'ii were -guests of the Rev, and. Mrs, Rufus F, gorrells'on Sunday, - ,Mr, and'Mrs," Vance Crawford of Mr.-and Mrs. Robert Jesvell and children, Frank and Linda, of Little Rock spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Al Jewell and with Frank Rider. Mrs. W. P.' McGraw was in Little Rock on Friday svith Mr. and Mrs, W, P. McGraw, Jr., and Jenne, Mr, and Mrs. Jim Cole and Ann )\cfe visitors in Huston, La, this past weekend. . CAMERA OUTFIT eded /?r - Jsstwiog ihf tetek ' ,«tUfff , mm MW Jte&k P*sk«t tliir/ltoi^Jfesj bWuk yiiwtXi sod a W* m • «t *»wietl»l' J5«Mj!«^o ,-,l2f wisfiijfte dsiJ^gl A Its.' Mr. and Mrs. T. H, Cornelius have returned from Little Rock, where Mr. Cornelius recently underwent surgery. They were brought home by their grandson, Garry Darwin, who is a senior at the University of Arkansas Medical School. > Capt, Martin L. Orow't^who' is wit)} the Medical Corp at Sheppard Ail' Force Base, Texas, visited his parents, Dr, and Mrs, F. G, Crow, o^ Sunday, Mrs. C, Y, Washburn, Miss Mary dreams with your husband, and finally the years when you Little knew satisfaction of accompu'sh"- o f merit. You had one hapoy marri-! ,$%&, lit unlikely, that ybu'll have another. This js a cold fact but must be faced. A woman of 42 has very little chance for marriage, There just aren't enough eligible men around. While life doesn't repeat itself, it docs go on. And the more realistically you lace it, the happier you'll bp. Stop this wishful thinking about matrimony. Don't^-tae n wailing widow and you'll find Juts of friends. You are blessed with an interesting ^and rewarding job. If you chase'happiness as avidly as you'd 'chase a man, you'll catch it. Give yourself a cheerful outlook by dressing cheerfully,. Bo a little extreme — 'not too, but enough to create interest jn your-j self. Wear smart clothes, color j your hair, "use a daring nail polish, j Plan and save for a vacation off} the beatep track.' Satisfy your j loye for cooking by inviti.ig friends in for-a different Sunday brunch. There aro'so many things to do if you will just tackle them with the right attitude, Dear Dorothy Dix: A father - daughter banquet is being planned at our high, school. My father is unable to attend and I wondered if it would be all right to invite one bf my fa'vorite leach* crs (older and married) lo attend with me. No emotional crush is involved and several other girls are being escorted by family friends — Audrey. Dear Audrey: Thumbs dgwn on unemotional you both; might feel.'^lt would cause la Ik, I'-m sure some relative or family friend would bo happy to escort a pretty girl for her big occasion. Arkansas Post wns named jn 1709 when the Spaniards look May Launch Big Camera Satellite CAPE CANAVERAL, Flu. (API —Reports 'circulated at this famous missile center today that ;i monster cnmeru roconiuilssiincp snlellile weighing several toil's may be launched in the next few months, The reports center around Son- try, lha ' Air Force "camera In the sky" project which could bo the first to- relay back pictures of the world'— including Russia—as tho fnleJlllq. whirls through orbit, Sentry came to the fore when one qf the huge .«orvice lowers'for [ JIUKlt.rtWTUWN, \V. Vfi. (APt— An integrated school (H n <imnil northet'h West Virginia eonl mining lowH was bombed ieulny In early mornlrig darkness, dltflrtps A. StevctiBoH, superirt- tcndeht bf Monongnlln Collnly schools, snld thcrt? WflS hi) evidence (He ' thunderous b 1 n sI slpmmfed Crohl r n c t hi troubles. 11ie PDt began nri immediate in. vt'stljtntloh. The explosion ripped through the ground floor of Iho, emjity two- story brick st'hoolhouso In Osngc, four miles northwest of Morgan- lown, Tho school served about 230 pupils In the first three grades nr*d the seventh, eighth, nnd ninth grades, Cliissos for the foltri'i, which will be blasted from Van- dcrtbufff Air force Biis» missile grounds In California, , fifth arid sUttti firittt** {Tfe held JA the old asdfe lltffc Mlttf. - tr) PUlsbttrffl, nrf Fit st>6Re*»- mim s«ld; "If J0oi*S $&.tf*' Strninl Job, From wnnt Wfc hnw It looks like $otWon6 %?^ ' l «« . Stevenson snitt it Vrt>iil<il< Knril «tt> pstirrintot) $?60,oor« -td fteptece-.tn-e' slritciute, 0 ~ "• It wns the first silcli faofnbinl Ihcldctil reported In Weal ^,. County wns Ihe fiWl In West Vli-fllnln in Integrate- IIS Schools nnd the I7-roofti Osft&S school Is in the fmiMh yea* 6t integration. ' ' tjombs have dattiaged five tfeW,' Ish structures lhl« Wnf fn' Ulffffj; Southotn stales,, ond schobls Itt , Uvoslnlps in lhi» South haVf b6*rt .' blaaletl. • "'i, three lnr»o churches al Mlftmj -» I'f'celvfd Iclcphoned bomb throats Suntlny, bul no bombs \yet-e, (bunrt\ nt any of (he structures, Neg'fdeY rdcenlly hnd attended servltfq^ tm» - invllcd at two of Ihp churdhes-" cnch Protcstnnl. The third church threatrnod Is Roman Catholic, -' Blnrr Crosby first studied law be- foho Paul WhUrnnn told him he WftS bettor ns « slngyf. . , , Coiivalr's intercontinental ballistic missile was modlflpd nnd extended ''recenUy^ Maj. ,GL>n. Dona Id N. Fates, missile center commander, said Hie Air Foree was taking advantage of n stancldown, when the tower* is not being used, to make modifications; to' .accommodate, a follow-on series of 'Atlas firings. When Sentry is Jauiiuhcil it Is expected to use the mighty At Ins as the booster for a two - slat,;' launching rocket. Some quarters beliova a small prototype oJ the camera satolliti^ weighing' several hundred pound* i'will be fired from the cape as control of t|ie Louisiana territory, I prelude to the larger version WE ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF OUR Here's a club 1 to which all can belong — a.cjub.thqb' , will help you do the,things you desire next Ghris'tmas!', Put in a little each week, receive a substantial Christ- 1 mas check 1 next;year. That's all there is to it but il's\ the surest recipe we know for 'a 'Merry Christrngs/. and a debt-free New 1 Year. ,'\2 Deposit Each Receive Early Week For 50 Weeks Next December 50c 51.00 $2,00 $5.00. ;.,,.. $10.00 '^/^ $25.00 $50.00 $100.00 1 $250.00 ' $500 00 CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Member F. D. I. C, Hope, Ark. Dear Dorothy Dix: ' I'm jn love with,, a soldier. Jic j doesn't get home often-but when! he does, he expects me to go out Frances Billingsly, Miss Jeanie on an hour's notice, I like hirn too Washburn, and Chris Wasburn, all, much to bj-oak. off. What shall 1 of Cabot, and Mr, and Mrs.' John do? — Judy , Paul Sanders of PayetteviDc were! Dear' Judy; iKeop your hair wav- weckend guests of Mrs. Stith Davrjed, your hat handy nnd your prol-' enport and I-,on Sanders, j tiest outfit pressed. Since you do) , __ no t, wsn \ i 0 break off with him, i Attending the production of, you'll have to adjust to the army.! "Auntie Mame" in kittle Rock, I ' ~ , I Dear Dorothy Dix: | would Jike to see' a {Saturday night, were a number of local people including Mr, and Mrs, Robert LaGrone, Mi', iJfid Mrs. i for President ^ Club" smarted, Would 'i Brqoks Shults of Fulton, Martin ] any of yaur readers , be interested? i Pool, Jr., Mr, and Mrs. Jimmy j If something isn't done about it Branch of little Rock, and Hal I soon we n.eyer j }vijA have a woman Branch, preside^ and that will be a bad ' • -- break, for good' wornen.— Frank p. Miss l,ou -Nell Cox, a student at I "Pear Frank: Women haven't Jfej)drjx CoJ}ege, jvjrs. Mary §ue,dQne any feeing. to, d^o and I'mf •anS Luther Hojlamon, and R?m.» sm-e , wheij , the Ume - eames, and i . , , moll Young of Coqway, wore in the the right candidate presents her- audience of "Auntie ftfanie" Sat. j self, she'll 'find supporters. How urday night, and, th,ey were the'corqe a. nian is- \vllling to sponsor! guests of Mrs, Dora. Henry in Con- 'such, a Tnovempnt? I'm sure th'i*j • way on Sunday. ladies ppprociatc, your interest but! w<? £ * l ' e WliHWe to tafcp pprp of. ourselves, attending a medical meet. m§ in Lijlje Rock last week, Dr. , and Mrs. J. y. Branch also went; Dpar. Dorothy Dix; \ to see tip Saturday presentation' 1 I have n very'big premium. My i qf "Auntie 1\fa.rpe/« , , mother is jt dope addict, my fath- i w- 1 t er is jn 9 montiil jnstitwtion, ono; had as ]\is week,' t brother is a ^epubliffaq and tho I .guesjs, hU fc-n an4 wife, Mr- J othpj-' i? in jail- My" sister's boy. Mrs. Joh^n ganders of pa^t friend has run out pn ille. John is a chemical en* ' ' ' ' * T T * •*' ^—" l - •" Vniyprsity' Iney j "Eyevy si.nco E4dic's ! breakup, with fiab ( feje jReyn9l|js, ' i"; [ H«'S{ flfd W, "C, Tpllespn^ Sirbv,"'4vk. ; *rowd ^atHj'siVPls' with"Jijni.js of, " BilStupg^!- Qoy Wape?, ftt. 1, • w« there, toe," jpntmq8;r Mrs. ,,0has, \y, Wilson,, fie a<|clc4 th,^, JPB£, . --' * , 3 M«fc j gppargble," >tune JFlo\yers, Hope,' iSlwnp pYej\«t hp.r The car you hoped far-" at the price.' Makes history by making sense " < ' new kina sf «ar! A §01i|IJy built. ?aw§ff«d t» sf ye. l!i?ie§4 witb the without pspula* .'^-,vp ^ *,H/ *

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