Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 3, 1963 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1963
Page 19
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MONDAY, JUNE 3, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE NINETEEN Pontiffs Successor To Be 262nd in Line BEFORE BECOMING POPE Pope John XXIII is shown at earlier War I; as a young priest in 1921 when stages of his career before becoming he was Father Angelo Gieuseppe Kon- head of the Roman Catholic Church, tialli; and in 1934, as a bishop. (AP Left to right: in uniform of medical Wirephoto) sergeant of Italian Army during World Pope from Small Village Nestled at Foot of Alps VATICAN CITY .(AP) — For Pope John XXIII, home was Sotto il Monte, a tiny village nestled in the shadow, of the Alps. There, most of his close relatives remained, never quite gel- ting used to the idea that Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli had gpne away to the big city and eventually he- came Pope. The day before his coronation Nov. 4, 1958, his sister Assunta, carried to Rome a gift of homemade sausages. "His stomach has always been delicate," she explained, "and God knows what kind of food they will give him here." Assunta, who then was 74, journeyed to Rome for the cornation with 3 brothers, 18 of the Pope's nephews and nieces and 20 more distant relatives. All came from Sotto il Monte, about 50 miles from Milan and a hamlet with a name — meaning "Under the Mountain" — describing its location. The three brothers— Zaverio, then 75,' Alfredo, then 69, and Giuseppe, then 64—each carried a heavy cardboard suitcase. "We brought along provisions to last out our stay here," Giuseppe said. "We have been told that city food is not as good as ours." The next day, in the great Basilica of St. Peter's, the Pope's PopeJohn Was Famed For Peace VATICAN CITY (Iff)) — Pope John XXffI achieved world renown for his efforts in behalf of world peace. The late pontiff made a number of attempts toward uniting the of Christian world, the latest which was earlier this year. Just before Easter 1963 the Pope issued an encyclical entitled "Pacem in Terris"—Peace on Earth. Its broad appeal for all basic human rights drew a response from governments around the world and from spokesmen of other faiths. The U.S. government, which never had commented on a papal pronouncement, called il a "historic encyclical." The encyclical, divided into five parts, considered the relations among men, their rights and duties as citizens of the state, the conduct of affairs between nations, the world community and pastoral advice to Roman Catholics. Appealing for disarmament, the encyclical declared: "People live in constant fear lest the storm that every moment threatens should break upon them with dreadful violence Even relatives had places of honor for the coronation services, they were dressed in their Sunday best. But it was the rough country clothing of the peasantry, and the contrasts with the bejeweled Roman nobility present was sharp. It dramatized Pope John's origin—as a countryman, the son of a sharecropper. Giuseppe had recalled the Pope's background on the night he was elected pontiff a week before the cornation. Sitting around a kitchen table in Sotto il Monte, Giuseppe told newsmen: "My father was not a rich man, and we did not have plenty of food, f remember sometimes when Angelo—he was a young man then and I was a child—was able to lunch on a dish of cornmeal and fried egg. He had the egg and I had to content myself with cleaning up the dish. But we were always healthy." More than four years later, in 1962, when the Pope fell ill with a stomach -disorder and serious anemia, Giuseppe remembered the good health and remained optimistic. "The Pope has a health of iron," he said. Of course at his age one cannot always be as well as a youth of 20." The brother also mentioned that once he became Pope, John XXIII no longer had the time to write his family personally but kept in touch through his secretary. "When we want to see the Pope," said Giuseppe, "we turn on the television set." Pope John was one of 12 children. At the time of his election only Assunta, Zaverio, Alfredo and Giuseppe were still alive. Their father, Giovan Battista Roncalli,. died in 1935 at the age of 81. Their mother, Marianna Mazzola, died in 1939, when she was 84. At the time he became Pope in 1958, John XX11I had 40 nieces, nephews, great nices and great nephews. Almost all lived in Sotto il Monte. HOW MONTHS GOT NAMES The 12-month calendar used today is the Gregorian calendar devised almost 400 years ago by Pope Gregory XIII. January was named after Janus, an ancient Italian diety that presided over gates, doors, and beginnings; February after a Roman festival of purification, Februa, on the 15th of the month; March after Mars, Roman God of War; April, for the opening of buds, after the Latin word "aperire," to open; May after Maia, mother of Mercury; June after Junus, a famed Roman family; and July and August after the two Caesars, Julius and Augustus. September, October, November, and December were the seventh, eighth, ninth and 10th months in the old Roman calendar and retained their Latin numerical names. Poniff > Had too Little Time By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News' Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — Pope John XXIII said he preferred the medicine of mercy rather than that of severity, and he used it to minister to the ills of the world. He had been ruler of the Roman Catholic Church for less than five years when he died. That wasn't long enough to bring about a recovery to the world's troubles. He hardly had time to do more than write out a few prescriptions in his eight encyclicals arid his Ecumenical Council. Yet, it is doubtful any Pope in more than a century gave such a sense of vitality to the Catholic church or created so much good will among the non-Catholics of the world, both those with a belief in God and those without any. As he lay dying—he said he was prepared and had his bags packed —Catholics, Protestants, non- Christians and atheistic Communists alike regretted it. He had tried to open the door to unity—at least unity in the sense of better understanding— between <the. Catholic and non- Catholic worlds. Real unity is still a dream. Disunity was too deep for a quick solution. John, out of a peasant family in Italy, was a pastoral Pope warm humble,- extremely contemporary, and optimistic. He went to work at once. Pope Leo XIII, on the night the cardinals elected him in 1878, immediately sat down and wrote Chancellor Bismarck in Germany where Catholics suffered under repressive legislation. This opened negotiations and in a few years Bismarck lifted the legislation. John, within a day after his election Nov. 4, 1958, went on the radio to plead for peace. He began efforts toward some form of working arrangement between the Vatican and Communist governments—in the interest of peace and of Catholics behind the Iron Curtain—and his efforts seemed well received in Russia. In almost no time he did what no other Pope had done in almost 100 years: he called an Ecumenical Council, a meeting of the car-, dinals, bishops, and leaders of the church. More than 2,500 went to Rome to take part in the'first session. It was different from other such councils. Protestants and representatives of the Greek and Russian Orthodox churches were, invited as observers. More than 40 Protestants and two delegates from the Russian church went. The council lasted from Oct. 11 to Dec. 8, 1962 and then recessed until next Sept. 8. It's possible John's successor will postpone the next session but very unlikely VATICAN CITY (API—The successor of Pope John XXtll will be the 262nd recognized pontiff on the official list of sovereigns of the Roman Catholic Church. But so was Pope John on his election in 1958. And so was Pope Pius XII on his election in 1939. The reason for the conflict? During World War II the Vatican took a new look at the list of Popes and decided to drop a few, add a few, and question" a few. The result was that the list of legitimate Popes was reduced in 1947 from 262 to 261, including Pius XII. In 1961, the Vatican again revised the list, dropping an eighth century priest who had been listed as Pope Stephen II. That brought the count back down to 261 including John XXIII. Died After Election Stephen was dropped because he had died on the third day after his election in March 752, and before he was consecrated as Pope. In those days there was no coronation, but a consecration cere- he will cancel it. The council has several purposes, among them some church reforms, like letting priests say parts of, the Mass and administer the sacraments in their own tongues instead of all in Latin and beginning closer relations with ,thc Protestant world. What John did, since any hope of unity he had could hardly be achieved in his lifetime^ or perhaps in several lifetimes, was to open access on a new road for Popes coming after him. Encyclicals are circular letter; to Catholics. But even here John broke new ground. His two most famous encyclicals were Mate el Magistra (Mother and Teacher) and Pacem in Terris Peace on Earth). He addressed the latter not only to Catholics but "to all men of good will." So far as this writer can learn this was unprecedented in Church history. He delivered Pacem in Terris last April 11. He called for peace, disarmament, an end to nuclear weapons, and a worldwide organization with power enough to assure peace and the general welfare. In addition he asked for a broad social program—really a cradle-to- the-grave program—to be sure the needs of no one are neglected. He had laid down this socia program in more detail in Mater et Magistra in which his concern for people earning their daily bread was a reaffirmation of sim ilar concern expressed in the en cyclicals of his predecessors in this past century, especially Leo XIII, who died in 190,3, and Pius XI, who died in 1939. All three Popes favored labor unions.' Leo and Pius condemnec doctrinaire socialism. John acknowledged that changing times and needs have made it necessary for governments, on behall of the general welfare, to do many things which once were supposed to be the private domain of free enterprise. ,But John, like Pius XI, warne^ against interference by any state with the legitimate freedoms of individuals and voluntary groups. But, where Leo and Pius were outspoken in their denunciation oi communism and socialism, John in Pacem in Terris never mentioned communism by name although making it clear he opposed its doctrine. He seemed to indicate that while Communist doctrine won't change, its practice may, and that while il would be impossible to accept the doctrine it might be possible to deal cautiously with the practice. 'Moscow praised (he encyclical but printed only the parts which suited it. though it is difficult to believe that anyone would deliberately take the responsibility for the appalling . destruction' and sorrow that war would bring in its train, it cannot be denied that the conflagration bay be set off by some incontrollable and unexpected' chance. "Justice, then right, reason and humanity urgently demand that the arms race should cease; that the stockpiles which exist in various countries should be reduced equally and simultaneously by the parties concerned; that nuclear weapons should be banned; and that a general agreement should eventually be reached about progressive disarmament and an effective method of control." But even before the encyclical, Pope John won recognition for his efforts on behalf of world peace. In January 1963, he was named winner of the $51,000 Balzan Peace Prize. Premier ' Khrushchev messaged the Balzan Pri/e Committee in Switzerland that their choice of Pope John was a wise one. Among those at a general audience at which the Pope was notified of the prize were Alexei Ad- zhubei and his wife, son-in-law and daughter of Khrushchev. The Pope saw the couple in a private audience later. The meeting inspired specula- lation about a thaw in Vatican- Moscow Relations. In (he month prior to the meetings, observers noted a chunce which was extending even to satellite nations. NEW MINISTER AT GRACE METHODIST Transferred by the Southern Illinois have moved into the parsonage at 714 Conference from Grace Methodist Church in East St. Louis to Grace Methodist in Alton was the Rev. Glen Creek and his family, consisting of his wife, Catherine, and daughter, 6, Rita. They Henry St., and the Rev. Creek met his parishioners Sunday, delivering his first sermon, and participated in the official board meeting Sunday night. mony served a similar function. Experts always had argued about Stephen. Old lists did not name him because in the eighth rentury a man was not considered Pope until he had been consecrated. Recent lists included lim because current practice is to consider a man Pope from the ime of his election, even though his coronation might come weefcs later. In 1961, Vatican experts decided in Stephen'? c.ise to go by HIP custom followed in his time. The Vatican still ones not gUiir antee that its revised list if P -pes is correct. Nor dnes it maintain that the new Pope will be unquestionably the 262nd supreme sovereign of the Church. Official ly, it has given up counting the Popes. Until 1947, the official Vatican yearbook counted them and gave each Pope a specific number. Recount After the World War II recount, the yearbook eliminated specific numbers and merely listed the Popes, as nearly as possible in chronological order. It simply accepted as confusion the consufsion that has surrounded the list of Popes for centuries. Many footnotes were added to explain the conflicts on the list partly caused by faulty and missing records, partly by schisms or internal struggles within the church. Here are some of the changes made during the World War II recount: . St. Anacletus, who supposedly reigned about 100, was eliminated when research showed he nnd St. Cletus, who reigned about 76, were the same person. Bonus II was stricken from the list. Research showed he never existed. Alexander V and a previous Pope John XXIII, both 15 century figures, were relegated to ttie list of anti-Popes, or false claimants. John, the most popular papal name, has caused much of the confusion. The pontificate of John XIV (083-4) was once divided into two, erroneously adding a nonexistent John to the series. Canadian Dock Dispute Continues CHICAGO (AP)-A labor dis pute that has tied up the Canadiar grain ship Howard L. Shaw at a Chicago loading dock for almos six weeks, continued today. Jack Connor, president of Loca 418 of the Grain Elevator, Flour and Feed Mill Workers Union said the local's members con tinued as individuals to refuse to load the Shaw. The union is under a federa_ court injunction directing it to end its boycott of the ship, bu Connor said the decision not to load the Shaw was made individ ally by the men. The grain union is in sym pathy with the Seafarers International Union which is locked in a bitter dispute with the ship' owners, Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd. of Toronto, over hiring o crews. Upper Lakes, which used to have SIU crews, now em ployes members of ths Canadian Maritime Union. PUBLIC NOTICE TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: You are hereby notified that the Hy Plan Commission of the City of Alton. Illinois, will hold a public tearing In the Council Chambers at City Hall Building on Tuesday. June 8, 19B3. at the hour of 1:30 P.M. to consider a request for amendment to he zoning ordinance of the City of Alton, namely, to rezone the follow- ng described property, to wit: The West 200 feet of Outlet Number One (1) In Abbott and Blair's Subdivision In the City of Alton, Illinois: (said property is situated along the north side of Blair Avenue approximately 450 feet west of the intersection of Blair Avenue with Easton Street in the City of Alton, County of Madison and State of Illinois;) 'rom R-2 Residential to C-4 Com merclal District. You are further notified that al persons Interested in subject rezon Ing may appear and will be affordec an opportunity to be heard. Dated this 31st day of May. 1963 /s/ P. W. DAY, Chairman—Alton City Plan Commission. LEGAL — 3 Clean Up Workshop Home workshops can become fire hazards unless they are kept clean. Oily rags should be burned or stored in a tightly-sealed metal container. Flammable liquids should be in labeled, tightly-sealed, non-breakable containers and stored in a cool place. Every amateur workshop should have water or a fire extinguisher read- ly available. ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL — 20 27 G-3 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to all persons that the First Monday In July, 1063, Is the Claim Date In the estate of JOHN H. GROSS, Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without ssuance of summons. Dated this 10th day of May, 1963. CHARLES R. GROSS, SR. Administrator. Attest: DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. Malcolm D. Durr. Attorney. LEGAL — 20 27 6-3 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all per- ;ons that the First Monday In July, 963, Is the Claim Date in the estate of MELVINA J. MEYER, Deceased, pending in the Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without 'ssuance of summons. Dated this 10th day of May, 1963. FERN G. BOESEWETTER Executrix. Attest: DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. Malcolm D. Durr. Attorney. ' EGAL — 3 10 17 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all persons that the First Monday in July, 963 Is the Claim Date In the estate of ELLA WORTHY HILBERER, Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of summons. Dated this 27th day of May, 1063, JUNE FREDERICK CHRISTIAN Executrix. Attest: DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. Schlafly. Godfrey 4 Fitzgerald Charles B. Godfrey) Attorney :.EGAL — 3 8 10 NOTICE OF CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION Promotional written examination for he position of Deputy Comptroller 01 the City of Alton will be held Tuesday, June 18. 1963, at 9:30 A.M. Ellglbles must contact Civil Serv- ce Office. Room 204A, City Hall, by 3:00 P.M., June 17. 1963. CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION Don Koppenhaver, Chairman City of Alton. ANNOUNCEMENTS LBUAL NOTICES EGAL — 3 2-63 3-63 4-63 5-63 6-63 7-63 8-63 9-G3 10-63 11-63 ALTON COMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 11 Alton. Illinois NOTICE The Board of Education of the Alton Community Unit School DIs trlct No. 11. Alton. Illinois. Is In vltlng bids on the following work to be performed during the months of June. July and August, 1963. Letting No. Work 1-63 Alton Senior High Schoo Interior Painting Fosterburg School Exterior Painting Fosierburg School Interior Painting Lincoln School Exterior Painting Lowell School Interior Painting Lowell School Exterior Painting Milton School Interior Painting Rufus Easton School Interior Painting Union School Exterior Painting McKlnley School Concrete Walk Alton Senior High Schoo Concrete Work Specifications on lettlngs may be obtained by calling or writing the Board of Education, 1211 Henry Street. Alton. Illinois. Bids will be opened at a meeting of the Board of Education to be held at the Board of Education of flees at 1211 Henry Street, Alton Illinois, on June 10. 1963, at 10:00 A.M. D.S.T. The Board of Education reserves the right to reject any or all bids or parts thereof, and to waive al technicalities. HAROLD W. DAVIDSON, Secretary Legal — 24 3 10 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the Village Clerk of East Alton, Illinois In the Munlc ipal Building until 2:00 p.m.. COST on June 20. 1963 for the constructioi of a sewage treatment plant and sanitary and storm water improve ments. Instructions to bidders, form o proposals, plans, specifications anc form of contract may be examinee at the office of Sheppard, Morgan & Schwaab, 215 Market Street, Al ton, Illinois. Copies may be obtained from the office of the engineers upon deposit of $20.00. The amoun of deposit for one set of docu ments will be refunded to each party submitting a bid to the Village for the improvements describee herein, upon return of the plans anc documents in good condition withii ten (10) days after the letting. A bid bond, cashier's check, o a certified check made payable to the order of the Village of East Al ton Illinois, in the amount of Ten Per Cent (10%) of the gross amoun of the bid, must be deposited by each bidder, with his bid as guar antee that in case the contract is awarded to him. he will, within ten (10) days thereafter, upon receipt o written notice of award, execute such contract and furnish a satis factory contract bond. Upon failur to do so, he shall forfeit the deposl not as a penalty, but as liquidate damages, and acceptance of the bl will be contingent upon the fulfil ment of this requirement by the bic der The checks or bid bonds of al excepting the three (3) lowest for mal bidders will be returned withir ten (10) days after the opening o bids and the remaining checks o bid bonds will be returned withir three (3) days from the date o: which the executed contract and th required bond have been finally ap proved by the Village of East Alton The successful bidder will be re quired to pay all laborers, work men and mechanics performing work under this contract, not les than the current prevailing rate o wages as has been determined by the Wage Determination decision o the Secretary of Labor which is on file in the office of the Village Clerk. All proposals must be made on forms furnished by the Engineer. The Village Board reserves the right to waive or not to waive any irregularities in the bids and to reject any or all bids and to deter mine which is the lowest and bes bid or combination of bids for th improvements. By Order of the Village Board o CHARLES A.' VANPRETER President of the Village Boarc 0 LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN 0 — 6/4 FOUND — Lady's watch. Wilshire Shopping Center area. Friday evening. 259-6818 after 4 p.m. 1 _ TP • FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE You can place your classified ad, classified kill or classified corrections 24 hours a day. SPEAK SLOWLY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH NIGHT CLASSIFIED NUMBER HO 5-6511 5 P.M. TO 8 A.M. CALL HO 5-6511 DAYTIME 465-6641 HINTS ON USING ELECTRONIC AD TAKER: 1. GIVE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER. (Spell your name out). 2. BE SURE TO STATE THE NUMBER OF DAYS YOU DESIRE YOUR AD TO BE PUBLISHED. (IF YOU DO NOT TELL US WE WILL AUTOMATICALLY RUN THREE DAYS). 3. Speak slowly and distinctly. 4. Remember, this Is a mechan ical device. It will answer your call and give you recorded instruct ions on whal to do, but other than that cannot answer any questions. 10 — ;t LOST: Small black Chihuahua. Upper Alton area. Reward. HO 2-1859. 10 — 6-1 .'! IN LOVING MEMORY 'lN~ LOVING MEMORY of C. F Wolffbrandt, who passed away June 3, 1949. His memory is as dear today, As In the hour he passed away. Sadly missed by the family. MONUMENTS — CEM. LOTS 3 2-GRAVE LOT in Roselawn Ceme tery. Lutheran section. DU -1-7460 PEUSONAI-S 7 — 6/21/83 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — Help for the problem drinkers. Men and women. HO 5-1612. 7 — 6-24 ALL TYPES of confidential Investigations. Downstate Investigation Service Licensed and bonded. D. A. Landers, AT 8-3155. Rt. 4, Ed wardsvllle, — 6-14 LICENSED -DETECTIVE — Legal photography. '. E. Hurt, 2006 Washington Ave., Alton. 465-7350. 5/6-20 G/3-17 TAVERNS, triple your money back, if Rlesen Clear Glass is not the best back bar, bottle, mirror, table, and glass cleaner for less. CROWN. HO 5-5503. 7 — 6-19 TRY DIADAX TABLETS — (form erly Dex-A-Dlet). New name, same formula, only 08c. Honke Phar macy. SOCIETIES and LODGES ) _ 4 FRANKLIN LODGE No. 25 AF and AM special meeting June 4th. 7 p.m. Work in 3rd degree. Visiting brethren welcome. Refreshments. CLARENCE J. SMITH, WM. ) _ 3 WOOD RIVER LODGE, No. 1062, A.F.&A.M.—Special meeting Monday, June 3, 7 p.m. E. A. Degree. Visitine brethren welcome. HOWELL K BARNETT, W.M. MISC. FOR SALE BOTTLE GAS FOR COOKING — HEATING JIM JONES, INC. SKELGAS 911 MILTON ROAD ANNOUNCEMENTS EMPLOYMENT 19 HELP WTD., Male * Female Ifl _ 5 ------- -- WANTED--Strawherry pickers. Apply III. State Employment Service. S7 Henry. Alton. PERSONAL SERVICE 10 DRESSMAKING—TAILORING 30 — 6-22 WANTED: Slcnngraphcr-Expcrlenc- ! od-Summer Opening. Statistical Typist-Experienced. Bookkeenlns- Mnchine Operator Experienced : Cocktail Waitrrss-Hxprrience Preferred-Work Evenings-Weekends; Baby Sitters-Stay-C.o: Median HnKineers- Degree; Cost Accountant-Degree. APPLY IN PERSON ILLINOIS STATE-. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE. 87 HENRY ST. ALTON. NO I-EE CHARGED DRESSMAKING—Alterations, pants cuffed. Reasonable. References. In my home. CL 4-4034. _____ 31 LAUNDERING rti _ in IRONINGS WANTED- -Free pickup and delivery. Reference. HO r>-r><Mf>. BUSINESS SERVICE 32 BUS. ANNOUNCEMENTS 20 SALESMEN 32 — 3 BUD'S WALL WASHING SERVICE — Also household maintenance. Worker insured Tree e-uimntes. INSURANCE SALESMAN wanted. Guaranteed salary, plus commission. Excellent fringe benefits. Call 4li"v(i022 for appointment. 20 — 5 -MAN TO TRAIN for assistant manager. must be neat appearina and aggressive, salary and commission. hospital benefits and retirement plan Apply Sinner Sewin:; Ma- rhlm Co . 212 State St.. Alton. 20 — 4 - . -----MANUFACTURER'S REPRESENTATIVE— National laboratories. We desire a salesman between 2li-.ll years of age Owns car and can qualify We offer: Nationally known line, protected territory. No collections or deliveries. 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Paid on the job training We supply latest furniture trailers and all loads. Age 21 or over, pass physical, own or can finance '5i or later tractor. Write Mayflower Transit, Box 107, Dept. V., Indianapolis 6. Indiana. 17 — 4 WANTED—Married man for farm work. Arnold Stahlhut, 1 mile eas & 1 mile south of Junction 112 Edw. 656-5144. 17 — 5 WANTED—Young married man for general farm work. Call after 8 a.m. Edw. 656-1643. 18 HELP WANTED—FEMALE 18 — 3 HOUSEKEEPER and care of 3 children in East Alton. Must stay. 372-3811 or 254-8495 8 — 8 STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS has opening for 3 dealers. Car necessary. 466-1176. 8 — 4 WANTED — Woman to care for home and 7-year old child while parents work. References required. Write Post Office Box 'il, Alton. 8 HELP WTD., Male & Female 9 _ 4 ACCOUNTANT—Credit clerk, clerical (must type), experienced shoe salesman, manager trainees, sales representatives. Statistical typist, stenographers, clerical typist, wait resses. baby sitters. American Em ployment, 726 E. Broadway. ASSISTANT RECORDER University graduate with a minimum of one year of experience in university records work Edwards- vllle 656-2890. 8 — 5 SOMEONE TO BABYSIT—In their own home. Must be close to Mark Twain School. Days. 465-7563 9 — 7/2/63 STRAWBERRY PICKERS — Apply Brand Strawberry Field, Brighton, FRontler 2-3419. FRontler 2-3745. FINANCIAL MIUKn F.O.I.C. GENERAL HOUSEWORK Ironing. Call 4G2-0!184. 22 — 4 And HICiH SCHOOL SENIOR wants babysitting in Bethalto area. References. Call DU 4-472'2. 22 — 4 IRONINGS — Day work, cleaning, babysitting. 4(i5-!Ki28. 22 — 13 WANTED — Typing at home. Reasonable rates. Call HO 5-9250 before 2 p.m. 22 — 4 WANTED — Ironings. Reasonable. Also any free clothes hangers. CL 4-1136. FINANCIAL 23 BUMN1-SS OPPOKIUMIIUS )3 BUILDING — CONTRACTING 6/15 A-l CARPENTER — Additions, remodeling, alum, siding, doors, windows, roofing, painting. Reasonable. 462-2001. 33 — 6-10 BOB WOOD—Basement wuierproof- Ing & cement work of all kinds. 466-2407. 3.'1 — 27 CARPENTER REPAIR, block laving, concrete work, plumbing, now homes, painting. HO 5-243B 33 — 7-8 CARPENTER WORK — Patch plastering, roof repair, plumbing work, blocks laid and cement work. Also interior and exterior painting. Call Charles Stormer. 4(ili-1437. 33 —- 6/27/63 CARPENTER WORK — Home improvements of all types. Experienced. DU 4-9290. 33 — 6-22 GUTTERING — Roofing, painting, odd jobs. repairs. Reasonable. Prompt service, 254-3649. 23 — 4 FOR SALE — Price, when ment. Cafe, good business, shown by appoint- Phone Marine, 111. TUlip 7-4516. 23 — 6-6 ' FOR SALE—One of Alton's better restaurants and lounges. Fixtures, property included. Box 1130, care Alton Telegraph. I 23 5 , INVESTORS WANTED j Mfg. Co. issuing a limited amount ofi 1. 2 & 3-yr. debenture notes. 3-yr. note pays back double your investment. $500 minimum. Call CL 9-2924, Alton. 111. after 5 p.m. 23 — 34 DECORATING 34 _ 6-18 A-l PAPER HANGING—Save money. HO 5-8764. 34 — 7-4-63 BEST IN DECORATING—Painting, interior and exterior. Paper hanging and removal. Free estimates. Reasonable prices. 466-1134. 34 — 6/21/63 PAINTING. PLASTERING—Removing wallpaper. No job too small. "Ladies' ready to wear — other interests force sale — get in on the ground floor In new college town." COLONIAL AGENCY, Edwards- vllle 656-7381. 23 — 3 MAN OF ACTION Looking for a challenge thai wll get you into your own profitable business? New business frontier is franchising. Write for free list of exclusive opportunities in your area. Continuing guidance assured. Partake 103 Dewey Dr.. Collinsville. III. Ph. 345-0032. 23 — 8 PAINT & HARDWARE STORE — With stock. New building. Phone 326-3341, 326.3171, Mulberry Grove, 23 — 6-3 RESTAURANT FOR SALE — Due to ill health. I must sell this fastest growing restaurant in the area. Great opportunity to purchase a well established and advertised business. Buyer must have cash, $8,000 to $10.000. Phone CL 9-1861. 3 to 6 p.m only. 23 — 5 TEXACO STATION—Inventory for sale. Good location. Shamrock and Main. East Alton, III. CL 4-7123. 23 — 7 SEWERS WANTED IMMEDIATELY Work at home doing simple sewing. We supply materials and pay shipping both ways. Good rate of pay. Piece work. Apply Post Office. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. 23 — 3 WE OFFER KEY TO SUCCESS COIN-OPERATED CAR WASHERS 100% Absentee Management. No building to buy—no overhead. No land needed—no labor problem. We provide all locations subject to your approval, complete installations, training, supplies, promotional materials, etc. Equipment guaranteed by oldest and largest manufacturer of Car Wash Equipment. $4,150 minimum cash investment required. Qualified people write Box 5009f_ Alton Telegraph. "ANNOUNCEMENTS" fcOTO-ROOTER FOR CLOGGED SEWERS A DRAINS OI.SON-UEANE KOTO-KOOTEK CO. ALTON —4B2-608fl Free estimates. 466-2852. 462-9657 34 — 6/12 - 63 PAINTING — Papering, remove paper with steamer. Work guaranteed, Kathryn Gayon, HO 5-6944. 34 — 6/25 PLASTERING PAINTING. Wallpaper removing. Work guaranteed. Free estimates. Alton, East Alton. Wood River. 254-81S9. 34 — 5 WALLPAPER REMOVED — Ceiling and floor tile work. CL 4-2847. 36 FURNITURE WORK 36 — WINCHESTER'S CUSTOM RE-UPHOLSTERING—132 E. Elm. Ph. 462-8235. 38 HOME BUILDING SERVICE 38 — 3 A-l CARPENTERS—Improvements of homes, old or new. Siding, roofing, repairs, painting, etc. Free estimates. HO 5-7991 or CL 9-6190 38 — 6-18 CARPENTER WORK Repairing, remodeling, roofing, sld- 254-2303. ing. No job too small. Estimates. M STOWAGE —.MOVING 40 — 6-12 Free Estimate Call HO 2-8240 PRES BELCHER Agent For VON DER AHE VAN LINES World Wide Movers 1018 Elliott Ave., Alton, 111. RENTALS SLEEPING ROOMS — 6-11 41 41 MODERN SLEEPING ROOMS—For men. Close in. 123 E 5th. 41—4 _—__ NICE SLEEPING ROOM — Kitchen privileges, employed person References. CL 4-6176. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily BRAD'S PEST CONTROL ONLY ONE DOLLAR PER ROOM eliminates roaches, spiders, water bugs, silver fish, ants and other household pests. All Woik Guaranteed DON'T DELAY CALL TODAY CALL 462-3576 Business Establishments Estimated Free FINANCIAL FINANCIAL $25 to $800 CASH NOW! Only Home Owned Loan Co. In Downtown Alton • Under State of Illinois Supervision Let KKN CAHSTKNS solve your financial problems . . . with Ills 32 years' experience .. . Loans un Your Signature, Furniture, (Jo-Mukur, Auto or Diamond. • Apply Today— Cash is on its way! OPEN TILL 8 P.M. FRIDAY WE DO NOT PRE-COMPUTE INTEREST* *(We do not charge interest in advance;

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