Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 10, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1958
Page 6
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Page Si* H6PI STAR, MOM, A I It 1800 5,308,060 1830 12,866,000 1860 31,443,000 1890 62,947,M0 1920 165,710,000 1950 150,697,060 r 1958 175,060,660 i'TsTmiilTonmai'k, 17'"miilion more than were around when 1890, when the ,,„, -•-., ..r u n1nnr i M ^h President Eisenhower was inaugurated in 1953, almost 170 great flood °t foreigners which hwP™ W-^- jo - fa j ^^'»£^-^?^^^ ^SfS^ffi^^f 1 ^ ^'S^S?Z^,^^KX ^^r^^y^^^s Seneca County, N.Y., and we then numbered over 12 million, moon rocket sped up and up an 1 Up-symDoac, peinuib, In 1860 the Civil War clouds were gathering as South Caro- America's population of the future. DIRTY, BUT HAPPY—More American homos, at latest count, have television sots than have bathtubs. This is nol meant to arouse doubts about the cleanliness of the citizenry, but merely points up the tremendous growth of the 12-year-old. TV industry. AeeordiitR to Television Faclbook, '12.4 million homes, or 8-)' per cenl oi' the total, have one or more TV sets. This figure is exceeded only by the number Of home radios. ,te>y E.L. WITHERS (J) I95J b( Kinehim & Compere, Inc. Chaper XIX And then ns Ihc thoughts sank .lower and lower, she huurd Aunt Millicciil'E voice close tu her e;u - — loud, anxious, worried. KaUterine managed a gasp, but: thai was all. •'Here. Let me help you up." She bent over, looking massivo as an elephant Irom Kalherim-'s perspective, nnd began hauling her up, pulling nor by the shoulders. "Are you hurl" "1 can't Ml." "I don't know how you jumped that way. You must lw\c pushed yourself completely oul over me. You wore already paat before' I could cnlch you." K a t h e r i n o said. "1 didu'l push." 11 cost hor dearly to spor.K, Aunt JUillieelil had rolled her around onto her -back, ,iml gotten hor up now into n sitting position, "Can you stand up" "No." , ''You'll bo all nsht. You don't Ji'ave any."broken bones," She began-hauling' lior up again, and Katharine allowed horn 11 to be hauled, She was thinking: I didn't push my.M'lf. I just lei go and slid off the roof. Aunt Millt- cont must have stepped back »v done something, She duui't even - try to calch me as 1 fill. Aunt Millicenl kopl nu arm around her waist, supnonins her, 'bracing' her up; and when they tried to lake a flop ihey almost fell together, "I can't walk." "Of course you can, d.irlinij, AVe've got to get you inside the ,' ' house — out of Ihts r ( iiu. I'm soaked, myself, by now," Jlor soaking dicj not, however, sewn 4o have dampened hor saints. She- went on talking loudly, ruthlessly, fis-sho led Kalhcrjnc! U>\v;u'd th, 1 •\vjndows: "'Look ai you! Just look at you! What on enrth ha 1 .o 1 you been doing with yours • We've been worried lo death about you. Why cpcir. t you conic u> ilin- 'n,er darling" "1 was up on the roof" - ' x ''But why didn't you um,\.\ -- when all of us called to you" "J wa? asleep," . • ! '4s}eep in that rainstorm/' by NtA "My feet hurt." "Come on. You'll be better when wo get you dried off. You'd better take a bath too — but gel yourself dry first." She started on n to the living room as Knthurine tood up, holding her soggy shoes ind socks in hei hands; and thoji, ipparontly noticing a peculiarity or the first t i m e, she said, Where lire your glasses" "1 broke them." "How did you do lhal" "They just fell off my nose." "Wheio?" "In the . . . on Ihe root." "Well? Whore are they now? }on'l you have them?." 'No — they fell down ... dosvn lore . . . 1 couldn't sec- where, can't see very much without Ivm." Aunt Millictnl turned back to ho windows. She stuck her head out into the rain again, turning it back and forth like a T 1) e n she s a j d, 'They're not oul there now." She led the way across the liv- ng room toward the hall. Katharine, , trailing 1 painfully behind icr, squinted around the room: all the lights were on; empty coffee cups stood on tht tables; the cush- on in-the 1 chair by Ihe window AVIS flattened, but Paul was not thyre. Aunt MUliconl had gono on into her bedfom, and Kpthcrlan to her bedroom, and Ktiiherine the wet dross in onto the floor of iier closet, and then went over to the bed and began pulling the spiead down to the foot. She saidi "Now come over horrf and lie down," Katherine lay d o w n on Inn' back and felt her head sink gently, s o f i ly into the jacket spread over the pillow. It seemed lo hor IP be incredibly luxurious, euml'orUYble beyond anything she •had ever dreamed of. She floated on a wave of pure happy sensation, fouling tho mattress give under her k'gs wild back, feeling everything dry and warm around her. Aiml Will^enl had s° uc into tho bathroom to" get tho lowol. Kalh- erme ulcsed Upr eyes 'for A mo- how did you got up thoro \\\o first place What were you on the roof" Jt , was |he question Kallu'yifio Link Letter in Fine Form at Arizona Fair By BOB THOMAS AP Motion Picture Writer PHOENIX, Ariz. <AP) — Art Linklettcr was in fine form before 3,500 nitizcns at Ihe Arizona SlaU; Fair. Breezing I h r o u g li his daily House-party TV show, he sx- changecl quips with the oldest old maid in the audience, galloped a Itorse down tho race track, chatlud about the Wild West with a 92 yo.nr-oldster atop a italic coach, walched thice housewives try IQ Sift-wrfip Christmas hams (livc> and gifled a pair of newlywecls with a door prize (n door). But the bi,t;gesl response from 'he Phoenicians came al the efii'1 of the show when Art sal down Cor n quid conversation with four 0-year-oltls. It's possible that after all Ihp plc-lhrowings are forgotten, Link' letter will bo remembered for his conversations with kids. After a year, his book, "Kids Say • thp Darnedest Things," refuses to budge from the best-seller list. Besides his daily sllnt on the House- party show, clips from past programs are now being syndicated as "Llnklctlor and Ihc Kids." A sample of the Phoenix dialogue: Art: Who's Ihc boss in your family? Girl: My mother. Art: Why is that? Girl: She's older. How does Linklctler .manage to wvoke choice comments from the It's not a mailer of Officer Shot to Death at a Roadblock . Colo. (AP) — A fain of bullets cut down a city balrol> man early Sunday at a roadblock where hd ahd another officer had halted a car ot suspected robbeY5. Officer ttaymond McMaslef, 30, wns struck four times, He died a short lime later at BoUlder Corn' inunily Hospital. , Sheriff Arthur T, EVcrsott said Itevilo Hobcrt -Sides. 22, ot Ccii« ver. was arrested here Sunday afternoon. He Was questioned for moie than two hours, then jailed without charge. Everson said of' llcc-rs here and In Oenvei' are r.rckmg Sides' brother. JVlcMastcr and Patrolman Mow» nrd Orothjan halted the car north of this university city within an hour of a $1,500 armed robbery at n roadside cafe at Lyons, 10 miles north of here. The officers first believed only one mnn was in the car. The driver emerged add stood mute. Me Master circled the car and sv,-^ shot down by a gunman Who had left Ihc car unseen on the passcn- ger's side. Tho patrolman sprawled on the ground while tho bandits fired at him. When another police cruiser approached, McMnstcr's kill crs jumped in Ihe bandits' car and escaped. The original driver fled 'on foot across a field. MciMaster and Grothjan fired nine shols. The getaway car .was found abandoned in North B o U 1 dor. There were blood stains in the back scat. Monday, November 18, IfS§ Father of Sen. McCiellon III HAS LAST WORD—While Communist Chinese on the hearby mainland rain shells on Qucmoy island, a girl member of the Nationalist defenders' shelters in high weeds to broadcast ahti* Communist propaganda to the Kcd troops. Their positions art in sight of her post. yesterday's meeting whore ttplon,' ftath, who rcsigrcd in piotcst tc \V. Frank Lambrighl, Harold J. Engstfom Jr., R. A. Lile and Dr. W. G. Cooper Jr. Lambright was named to the board Oct. 9 by its present members to replace Henry V the U.S. Supreme Court's refusal to grant a 2-year suspension o; integration at Little Rock Centra: High School. The School Board and Schoo Supt. Virgil Blosom often have feLWF, Ark. S. McClellah, 8t-yoar-oid father of Sen. John L. Mcdleliaii (t3-Afkl, was 1.1 grave tofidltiofi at a Pines Bluff hospital today followiH|T» stroke. 1.4, The sehator was scheduled to v<« turn to Washington today bill his brother, Pine bluff toslMflstti- Joe McCJlellan, said he Would await the outcome of their father's cofl^ dilioh. ' , . the elder McClcllan suffered n heart attack Friday and the stfokd followed. Joe McClellart said, Isaac McClellan is a relirckt at' torney. ttc lives ot Shoridaii, Ark. been subjected to criticism from dov. Orval E. Fatibus and seg" regatiofiiit groups, Redrill petitions lo remove all but Dr. Alfred were circulated by the pro'Segfogatlort Mothers League of Central High but never filed. Tihe only announced candidate! for the School Board in the tiec, B school election Is James T/ Karatn. <a Litlle Rock clothier, Neither Supl, Blossom or Dr. £,'• ford would comment on yesterday's meeting. 8 Fatalities in Arkansas on Weekend By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Eighl persons died violently in Arkansas over Ihe weekend, rals- 1 ing the state's clcalh toll to 22 for Ihe week which ended last m'd- nigiil. The traffic death loll for the seven clays totaled 14, with six counted over the weekend. The week's toll also included two persons killed by fire, Iwo who died in separate logging accidents, a fatal industrial mishap, a drowning and a man who died of a head blow. Slalc police reported that a transport truck plowed into the ' Board admitted today .that he and rear of an automobile yesterday on 1 other members are considering- a U.S. Highway 79, one and a halt'mass resignation. L R. Board May Resign, Report Says LITTLE ROCK (AB) —' A mem bcr of the Little Rock School V V s m THIS FLOOR WON'T SPOT! miles north of Hughes. A Negro man and woman were killed. They wore Trey Forrester, and Chris Kstella Moore, 29, both The member, who askco: not to be identified, said he did not know what effect the 'Eighth U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling of tool Hughes. The driver of the truck! day \»ould have on a decision for and the driver of the car, in which, 'resignation.. the Iwo victims were riding; In "t. 8 decision, the appellate apparently were not injured. court directed Federal Judge John Two cars collided near Earle ' K. Miller of Forl Smith to lake Saturday, killing Julius Clove and positive steps to accomplish into Smith, both Earlo Negroes. Officers said 30-ycar-od youngsters? ithnnce. "Tile secret of our success is in planning," the emceo explained, "Our teacher, Dorothea Fitzger- nld, works with the schools in lining up the children, The important thing is not to get the smartest ones, but the kids who are liable to say something bi'ighl and provocative. "On the day of the show, way lo the studio, Shortly before I go on the air, she hands mo outlines of what tlio kids can talk about. 1 study them a few seconds mid I'm ready for the show. "It's easj' to get good results If you know your subjects. That's why I [eel it was ridiculous lo fix those quiz shows, If you know your contestants' fields of knowledge, you can easily plfm questions lo make Ihom win or lose." In the smnll towns in Greece girls dance with a handkerchief in their hands. They do not want !Q touch the hand of a man unless he is the she is going to wed. car driven by Carl E. Banks of Crawfordsville crashed into Smith's auto, which was stopped on U.S. Highway «4 one mile east of Earle. Banks was hospitalized at West Memphis. A highway accident two miles north of 'Lehi Saturday killed Mar-' tin B, Baker, 39, of Memphis. Stale police said Baker's station wagon striiek the rear of a cotton picker, operated by Busier Smith of Hughes. As the machine svas turning left off Stale Highway 147 Smith was not hurt, Four miles south of Hoi Srpings, Leslie Collum, 22, died when his pickup truck plunged through r* State Highway 7 guard cable and into Lake Hamilton. Collum's brolhor-in-lnw, Donald Crandajl, 28, of Hot Springs, was thrown oul of Ihe truck but he managed to cling to the wreckage until a passerby pulled him from the lake. Crandajl suffered only minor injuries, boat overturned in near DcValJs Bluff A fishing While River yesterday, drowning Eugene Allen, 37. of Memphis. Mrs. Allen and Jimmy Thrash 13 were in the boat but rwam to shore when Ihe bOjH capsized. Both were wearing lifejackots; Allen was not. Lupnnto authorities were continuing their investigniton into Ihc death of M, M. (Lum) Muvchison, 73, whose body was found Sat'l''- day nei.r the Rjyervalo Cafe he owned Police Chief G. E, Ouin said arj gration at Little Rock but did not spell out htow this was done. A meeting of the Little Rock School Bard is tentatively scheduled for later today. Some decision on a mass resignation might bcmo at the meeting, A source close to the school board told the Arkansas Democrat that if such a resignation is decided on, the board probably will buy up Ihe remaining 19 months of Supt. Virgil Blossom's contract, In effect this would relieve Blossom of his duties and free him for o job elsewhere. • The Arkansas Gazette reported earlier that five of the six members ot the school bo'ard met yesterday to discuss the possibility of resigning en masse, "We nict at the -home of the one of the members to discuss a good many Mings," said Wayne Upton, board president, But he declined to elaborate, The absent member, the Gazette said, was Dr. Dale Alford, the outspoken segregationist who last week was elected to Congress in a write-in campaign against tfep, Brooks Hays' (D-'Ark), Alford often has been at odds .with the majority decisions of tho board. Those who. reportedly attended. autopsy showed that Murchisw died from a blow on the head, A coroner's jury returned an open verdict in th'e e«so. Tho chief said throe of sis per. sons who wqro picked tip for questioning have been released. 8 12 FT. TO NEW from Congoleum-Nairn VINYL floor- wipes clean with a damp cloth! •"• Bleach, fruit acids, hot grease, mercurochrome , . , even lye won't stain, won't spot. Easiest floor in America to keep clean! ' • n All gloss and glow . , . no hard work . , , new Forecast Vinyl floor never needs scrubbing.,. never needs waxing, • Brighter, longer-lasting patterns sealed in vinyl, • . "YOUR f . FEET NEVER TOUCH ITS BEAUTY." • A new floor in minutes! No installation! A pair of scissors is all you heed, Flexible, easy to handle, no adhesive, ._. , , > t Perfect for any room,,, kitchen, playroom, dining room, mXwv o •COM ATOM v' laundry, bedroom, too, .. PATTCKN* . SO BEAUTIFUL! So colorfull ., Yet the average room costs less than 92OI Satisfaction Guaranteed,or Your Afoney Back Hardware — Phone PR 7-2271 • Furniture —' Hope, Ark, ances 120 So, Elm , 8 years early And just Uien'slie 'hoard Aunt MiiUeent 1 .? voice, quit.e ploso la her, s a y i « g -soflly, "Are you ' S.ho thought , tq herself: It's t^en h(?j' a" Jong time to get a towel. And Ui?n ?he'*tl\&y§ht! I ought to open my eyps 'find sit up ' Sij« made Ihq effort ; ' she opened her eyes an$ looked, around, huv AmU m?t», wa-U h 8 lit stood under tha Myn,din.g at iHe feSm Ite?y^ ivgi* • ,ajl', undone sh« 3GpK?>SS§-?UM»-j*fis*-". . ' KiWRKn niillftd-viho ..dress oft ovw

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