Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 3, 1963 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1963
Page 18
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PAGE EIGHTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JUNE 3,1963 If you plan to Buy, Build or Refinance, select the RIGHT HOME FINANCING PLAN! • WILL THIS MORTGAGE LEAD TO DEBT FREE HOME OWNERSHIP? • WHAT ABOUT THE INTEREST RATE? • WHAT WILL THE MONTHLY PAYMENT AMOUNT TO? • WHAT ABOUT THE LOAN COST? • WHAT CAN WE AFFORD? WHY NOT COME TO ALTON SAVINGS FOR ANSWERS TO THIS LIST! FREE PARKING IN REAR SAVINGS & LOAN Association TV Shows Should Last Full Season Uv CVNTHIA LOWUY AP Ti'|p\isioii-R;ulio Writer NEW YORK (AP>—Somebody land T think it was Uk'iinrd Bormo a ntiiplo of seasons hack when he was sjiMlint; bored playing Paladin year after ycarl wearily suggested a law limiting any television series to a maximum life of three seasons. This vie\\er. having spent the! past season flipping dials andj sampling prourams, now wishesj there were a law giving every| program a full season in which creep into the hearts and habit of the public before a derision is made about its continuation. But. alas, in network television, if a series fails to grab an enormous audience—according to the rating services' estimates—a couple of months after its debut, its fate is sealed. NBC's "Sam Benedict." now on reruns and due to disappear in j September, is a ease in point. It j began as a breathlessly busy | show, with one major plot and two i or three sub plots in eaeli episode, and left the viewer tired and dix- xy. Then it slowed down, improved and simplified its story lines and after a couple of months became a good, entertaining show — not great, but okay. Speaking of lawyers, the season's record for sudden death has iieen chalked up by NBC's legal iOiip opera. "Ben Jerrod." It nade its debut in April. It dies it the end of this month. That roving "Route (16'' show on 'BS has its problems trying to lig up new dangers for its heroes •ach week in a different town, 'oo often on Friday nights the cries turns up with a story Begged to a theme of small-town uspicion. ignorance and intoler- ncc. Last week's episode, about a group of small-town folk ready to assault a tramp suspected of bringing tick fever into town, was Monday Evening TV Digest <R) Denotes REPEAT Program KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSD (NBC) 6, KPLR 11 6:00—2 4 5 News 11 Thrpp Stooges .6:10—4 5 Weathti 6:15— ?, City Camera & Weather 4 News: Cronklte 5 Huntiey-Brinkley 11 Rocky & His Friends 6:3C— 2 Dakotas (R) 4 To Tell the Truth fi Movie — "Thr Bravados" (1!)3S) Gregory Peck Jonn Collins 9 TV College 11 People Are Funny 7:00—4 I've Got a Secret 11 Best of Groucho (R) 7:3ft—2 Rifleman 4 Lucy Show (R) 9 P.S 4 11 Movie — "Before I Hang" (1940), Boris Karloff 8:(10— '2 Stoney Burke (R) 4 Danny Thomas (R) 9 Mclroplex Assembly 8:30—4 Andy Griffith (R) 5 Art Linkletter 9 Balance of Terror 0:00—2 Ben Casey (R) A Password 5 Brinkley's Journal 11 Movie — "Rarnona" (1936) Don Ameche, Loretta Youhg 9:30—4 Stump the Stars 5 Biography — "John L. Lewis" 9 Metroplex Assembly 10:00-2 4 5 News 9 Book Review 10:10-2 4 5 Weather 10:15-2 Steve Allen 4 Eye on St. Louis 5 Johnny Carson 10:30—4 Movie — "Whispering Smith" (13IS) Alan Latkl, Bronchi Marshall 11:40—11 Movie — "Holy Matrimony" (19-13) Monty Wolley 11:45—2 Peter Gunn (R) 12:00—5 Tonight In St. Louis 12:10—1 Movie — "Wives Neve Know" (1936) Charlie Ruggle: Mary Roland 12:15—2 News & Sports 12:30—5 11 News 12:35—5 Almanac 12:40—5 Weather 11 Newsreels & Religion 1:35—<1 News & Religion Hospital Notes Tuesday Daytime, June 4 typical. It's not a very nice image the series projects, nor, one suspects, a fair one. Recommended tonight: "David Brinkley's Journal," NBC, 9-9:30 (CDT) — the newsman explores I commercialism at Gettysburg. 5; |-—4 Give Us This Day 5:50—<! News: Tom Brooks G:00—4 Town and Country 5 Continental Classroom 6:30-^ P.S. 4 7:00-4 Morning Scene 5 Today: Hugh Downs 7:30—2 Mahalia Jackson 4 News;^ Carmichael 7:35—2 Farm Report 7:40—2 News Break 4 World of Mr. Zoom 7:45—2 Washington Univ. 8:00—4 Capt. Kangaroo 8:15—2 Tree House Time 9:00—4 Calendar 5 Say When 9:15—2 King & Odie 9:25—5 NBC News: Newman 9:30—2 Romper Room 4 I Love Lucy (R) 5 Play Your Hunch 10:00—4 The McCoys (R) 5 Price Is Right 10:30—2 Girl Talk 4 Pete & Gladys (R) 5 Concentration 11:00—2 General Hospital 5 1st Impression • GET OUT OF DEBT n DO YOU OWE $500 TO $5,000 Consolidate at Our Office. Get on a Current Paying Basis. Brine a list of everything you owe, regardless of how much or how many, into 'our office. ONE PLACE TO PAY. PAYMENTS YOU CAN NOW AFFORD. NOT A LOAN COMPANY. ALTON BUDGET PLAN 309 KIDGE Bonded and Licensed HO 5-2911 Open Saturdays 'Til Noon MAKE FAMILY NIGHT! SHOP TILL 9 P.M. A & P Food Stores 411 Piasa Biederman Furniture 202-204 Piasa Carson Jewelry 215 W. 3rd Franklin Union 300 E. Broadway Hurwitz Jewelers 212 W. 3rd * J & R Auto Stores Spiegel Catalog Desk 400 Belle L & L Furniture 4tli and Piasa Sts. Myers Brothers 3rd and Piasa Sts. Paul's Fabrics 206 State St. Schaefter's 108 W. 3rd Sears Roebuck Co. 305-23 Piasa Slack Furniture 203 W. 3rd Stone Bros. 118 W. Third St. Thrifty Drug 328 Belle Thrift Hardware 500 Belle MONDAY NITE FREE PARKING METERS 11:23—<! News: Townsend 11:30—2 Seven Keys 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Truth or Consequences 11:45—4 Guiding Light 11:55—5 NBC News: Scherer Noon—2 Ernie Ford 4 News-Weather: Roby 5 News: Jim Burke 11 Newsreels 12:05—1 My Little Margie (R) 5 Charlotte Peters 12:15—11 Modern Almanac 12:30—2 Father Knows Best (R) 4 As the World Turns 11 Jack LaLanne 4 Pass%vord 1:00—2 Divorce Court 4 Love of Life 5 Ben Jerrod 11 Movie — See Mon., 10:40 p.m., Ch. 11 1:25—5 News: Kalber 1:30—4 House Party 5 The Doctors 2:00—2 Day in Court 4 To Tell the Truth 5 Loretta Young (R) 2:15—11 Movie — See Mon., 9 p.m., Ch. 11 2:25—2 News: Dreier 4 News: Edwards 2:30—2 Jane Wyman (R) 4 Millionaire (R) 5 You Don't Say 3:00—2 Queen for a Day 4 Secret Storm 5 Match Game 3:25—5 News: Vanocur 3:30—2 Who Do You TrustT 4 Edge of Night 5 Make Room for Daddy (R) 4:00—2 American Bandstand 4 SS Popeye 5 Wrangler Club 11 Three Stooges (R) 4:30—2 Discovery '63 4 Movie — "Public Hero No. One" (1934) Chester Morris, Jean Arthur 4:55—2 American Newsstand 5:00—2 Superman (R) 5 Range Rider (R) 11 Mickey Mouse Club (R) 5:30—2 Highway Patrol (R) 5 Sea Hunt (R) 11 Quick Draw McGraw 5:55—4 Sports: Carmichael LONDON — A painting of the Prince Philip in his underweai was sold recently for $152.00. GRAVEMANN WEDDINGS ALL DIRECT COLOR! MON.-TUE.-WED.! Home Grown STRAWBERRIES ON SALE! Nicest of (he Season/ Georgia PEACHES V- Peck CO* Ready fop Basket WtfC Eating! Fresh TOMATOES 3 CA_ Firm for Lbs. v9C Slicing! Arizona Vine Ripo CANTALOUPES 3 KQ- Ready for 396 to eat! BROADWAY &MAIN DRIVE-IN PRODUCE MARKET 2530 East Broadway St. Joseph's MEDICAL Valentine C. Miller, Edward ville. John W. Hughes, Graftori. Mrs. Laura Krull, Richard Heights, Mo. Mark W. Taylor, 510 Central. Daniel F. Ewing, 1016 Highlam Graver Jackson, 526 William. Mrs. Cora Smith, 1524 Market. Mrs. Dorothy Foster, Rte. 1, Brighton. Gary Vach, 241 Dooley. Mrs. Emma Graham, Edward ville. Timothy Holden, 3005 McCormicl Maurice McKee, 157 13th, Woo River. SURGICAL Miss Delberta Wrestler, Jenning Mo. Mrs. Wanda Wrestler, Jenning! Mo. Mrs. Nellie Priest, 516 First, Wood River. Mrs. Roberta Duff, 1111 Fifth. Miss Betty Frese, St. Louis. Mrs. Hazel Eagle, Strong. Mrs. Doris Dooley, 822% Fifth, Mrs. Betty Hagen, Jerseyville. Mrs. Magdalene Knowles. 920V E. 7th. Mrs. Patricia Roper, 102 Dooley Tom Rizos, 2414 East Broadway Mrs. Opal Kruckeberg, Rte. 1 Godfrey. Dave Brooks, 5262 Vernon St St. Louis, Mo. Robert Lee Ward, 3180 Paul St Miss Lori B. McCoy, Rte. 1, Dow Mrs. Mary B. Grisham. 2308 Hale. DISMISSALS \be Baiter, 725 E. 6th. Monte Brills, 1129 Harrison. Sam Cereniano, 603 Liberty. D eter Paul Coffler, 5363 Humbert Mrs. Faye C. Edwards, 429 Bow man, East Alton. Mrs. Ann E. Fry, Rte. 2, Edwardsville. iugene F. Furr, 1322 E. 4th. Mrs. Eleanor Marie Gifford, 274 Edwards, Wood River. . Mrs. Barbaara Hatfield, Ed wardsville. Mrs. Allison Lowe, 360 Valley Dr., East Alton. Mrs. Norma M. Sachs, West Alton, Mo. ames R. Willeford, Hartford, lichard M. Wilson, 2725 Host wick. Irs. Tallie M. Winslow, Cottage Hills. Villiam S. Yavorski, 2615 Sanford. Asti: Eldon Rich, 304 Pence, East Alton. reggory Helgen, Bethalto. Carolyn LaTempt, 204 S. Central, Wood River. Irs. Sharon Manns, Rte. 1, Alton. Irs. Patricia McAfee, Dorchester. dwin Quade, 551 Leslie, Wood River. Irs. Haron Quinonez, 1212 ] /4 Central. . Leroy Rhodes, 2300 Clerk, /Irs. Barbara Stassi, 605 E. Ferguson, Wood River, ohn Stone, Piasa. Irs. Ella Swain, 105 E. 9th. liss Shelia Tite, Pana. Irs. Carolyn Koontz, 3132 Lawns. /Irs. Alice Lahne, Hardin. /Irs. Mary Coleman, 1933 Esther. /Irs. Carolyn Eddinton, Brighton. David Harris, 1819 Smith, ohn Depase, Des Moines, Iowa. Jersey Community MEDICAL Mrs. Ed. Kirchner, Hardin. lobert Zipprich, Jerseyville, Mrs. David Gettings, Dow. Mrs. Joe Hurley, Hardin. VIrs. Janet Mortland, Hardin. Charles Halemeyer, Golden Eagle. DISMISSALS VIrs. Ed Kirchner, Hardin. Mrs. Emma Halemeyer, Brussels. Vliss Otha Draper, Jerseyville. tephen Pohlman, Jerseyville. 'heresa Bick, Batchtown. Ruby Weaver, Grafton. Wood River Township MEDICAL Mrs. Nelle N. Ellspermanh, Bethalto. Senjamen G. Howden, 401 E. Acton. Vliss Kenna W. Soper, Bethalto Delbert L. Woodson, Selma, Ala. SURGICAL Deborah Sue Malley, 636 Washington, East Alton. ennon Ray Sutler, Cottage Hills. DISMISSALS Mrs. Annie L. Nance, Rte. 1, East Alton. /Irs. Maxine L. Curtis, 304 Park Lane. Truman A. Hargiss, 243 Penning. /Irs. Judith Y. Hauser, Cottage Hills. Ars. Mary L. Rose, Cottage Hills. Inert W. Dixon, Rte. 1, Dorsey. /liss Flossie M. Hansell, 323 Elble. Villiam E. Davis, 141 East Alton, East Alton. Howard French, 133 Whitelaw. /Irs. Ruin E. Miller, 2728 Rock Hill Road, East Alton. Jsa May Nolan, 1013 Madison. /Irs. Anna Rose Luman, 212 McCasland, East Alton, eth M. Elliott, 427 Church, East Alton, andra Fay Ross, Rte. 1, East Alton. Johby Raye Kellim, 517 Wood River. Irs. Dorothy E. Cannon, 227 McCasland, East Alton. Alton Memorial MEDICAL ickey Davis, Dow. larold E. Paul, 2004 Wilkening. Irs. Emma Nolan, Godfrey. /Irs. Ada Dowdy, 1917 Washington. icky Lankford, 2623 Ida. erome Cresswell, 313 Bluff. (imberly Baldwin, East Alton. PERK MARQUKTTK STATE PARK Camp Piasa YMCA SUMMER CAMP FOR BOYS 8 TO 14 Michaiel Hewlett, 1335 Monroe. Kit Murphy, 3410 California. Mrs. Violet Esarey, 313% Oak. SURGICAL Jeanne Johnson, 915 College. Rhonda Summers, 2508 Alfaretta Vera Schaefer, Bethalto. Mrs. Vclma Bridges, 3212 Duco. Patrick Lyons, Befhalto. Marsha Gregory, Wood River. Randy Hartsock, Brighton. Steven Platter, Wood River. Donna Underwood, Wood Rive: Mrs. Florence Dunn, Brighton O'Neal Burks, Brighton. Miss Theresa Lara, 918 Willard Mrs. Thelma Little, Godfrey. Lawlon Coulson, 3616 McArthur Stanley Dnnnahoe, Roxana. Willard Livingstone, 3 Fairmoun DISMISSALS Mrs. Hilda Page, Cottage Hills. Edward Hall, Godfrey. Joann Nasello, 2901 Fcrnwood. Jane Kirbach, Carrollton. Mrs. Yvonne Casey, 2411 Co! lege. Vera Schaefer, Bethallo. Rhonda Summers, 2508 Alfaretta Roberta Scehausen, 278 Madison Charles Milligan, Hartfond. Mrs. Nellie Schroeder, Dow. Lloyd Reynolds, 3215 Duco. Danny Lee Dillon, Moro. Mrs. Beatrice Hill, Brighton. Christopher Palmer, East Alton Theresa Chapman, 1244 W. 9th. Mrs. Roberta Stewart, 4 W. 16th VIrs. Janet Means, East Alton. Stephen Beuttel, Godfrey. Michael Downing, East Alton. Isaac Davis, Collage Hills. D eter Green, Edwardsville. Mrs. Mildred Yacger, 2406 Belle Mrs. Patricia Purell, 3527 Berkeley. Janet Berry, Wood River. Michael Kraut, Batchtown. Jeanne Johnson, 915 College. Clancy Miller, Alton, Edward Maupin, 814 Spruce, awrence Wooley, East Alton. )ran Diveley, South Roxana. <im Brooks, Bethalto. "lizabeth Reid, 3405 Lincoln. Tina Klein, Moro. ohn Hunter, Jerseyville. ,eo Wickenhauser, 3520 Wickenhauser. Norton Davison, East Alton, lenry Roberts, East Alton, rtrs. Dorothy Leppert, West Al ton, Mo. ' ilrs, Flonnie Deck, 2724 Residence. /Irs. Sandra Romann, Edwardsville. St. Anthony's MEDICAL eorge Hensler, 1411 Dorothy, ouis E. Brenner, 337 Dry. /Irs. Lara S. Jackson, Main Street Nursing Home. drs. Maude Bennett, 3549 Fullerton. , trs. Fern Vogelpohl, East Alton. /Irs. Nellie Vinyard, Cottage Hills. ftrs. Bonny Louise Yager, 412 Rozier. /Irs. Mildred Geiben, 2734 Sanford. rs. Margaret Earley, 3414 Leo. i-s. Mona Travis, 848 Tennyson, Wood River. Irs. Dorothy Ridder, 3021 Fernwood. Irs. Cheryl Marie Vogt, 3634 Coronado Drive. Irs. Sonya P. Maxfield, Bunker Hill. ssac C. Hamer, 204 W. Elm. DISMISSALS Irs. Elsie M. Reynolds, 2923 VVerges. /Irs. Nora J. Krankel, Bethalto. 'heodore Patton, Cottage Hills, irville C. Pratt, Bethalto. /Irs. Kunigunda M. Wittman, Rte. 1, Godfrey. /Irs. Margaret L. Gravemann, 3878 Coronado Dr. loy Michael Manner, Brighton. radley D. Wyatt, 3818 Western. /Irs. E. Lucille Byers, Bethalto. Irs. Agnes C. Holnback, Wood River, laymond Reiter, Belhalto. Ron Smith, 3 E. 10th. ames Armstead, 2506 Belle. /Irs. Leota M. Pitts, 509 Mitchell. homas Watson, Godfrey. /Irs. Annette G. Hard, 1124 Warren. tanley Kaiser, 307 Harrett. •Irs. Fern Pugh, 605 Rosier, ames M. Crawford, 2829 North, ohn Pierce Beall, 1700 Liberty, flrs. Eleanor L. Cole, Cottage Hills. /Irs. Ora Elizabeth Shearburn, 2007 Park. South Roxana Dads To Meet Tonight SOUTH ROXANA — The Dads' 'lub will meet at 7:30 p.m. today t the clubhouse. Dinner Guests SOUTH ROXANA — Mr. and /Irs. Roy Hill of Poag avenue ad as their dinner guests Sunday, dr. and Mrs. Delbert Combs and /Irs. M. Sullivan of St. Louis, Mr. nd Mrs. Thomas Johnson and dildren and Mr and Mrs. LeRoy ill and family of South Roxana. Visiting in New York SOUTH ROXANA — Mrs. Dorohy Dike of Wanda is in Newburg, J.Y. making an extended visit /ith her son and family, the Rev. Opens 7:00 — Slnrts Dusk CAPRI OIDSTIOUISRD Cl 42114 TONITE Thru TUES. FLESH AND FWUB NEW VFW OFFICERS Mrs. Edith Lyons, left, was installed president of the VFW Auxiliary and Lowell Bush, right, commander of the VFW at ceremonies in Wood River Saturday night. New Wood River VFW Officers Installed Will Promote Efficiency in Bible Study Addison L. Abernathy, Jehovah's Witnesses circuit supervisor, vill make his semi-annual visit to lie Alton congregation during the >eriod from Tuesday to Sunday f this week. His visit is designed 3 aid local ministers and slu- ents of the Bible to become more fficient. James VV. Kogel, presiding min- ster of the Alton congregation, aid the week's program will ge- gin at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday with a ministiy training school. Wednes- ay through Sunday morning will )e spent making house calls and risks to all interested in Bible iscussion, which will be encour- ged among persons of all faiths n the community. At 8 p.m. Saturday there will 5 a program designed to help 1 in improving their personal linistry, together with a halt- our program of audience par- cipation revolving around the atest Bible research. Sunday at 3 p.m. Abernathy will peak on "Is Your Destiny of our Own Making?" All meetings /ill be held at the Kingdom Hall, he public is invited. Brandt Rites at Trinity Lutheran Funeral services for Gustave r . Brandt were conducted at 11 .m. today in Trinity Lutheran hurch by the Rev. Reuben Baer- 'ald. Pallbearers were William Wei- e, Al Brandt, Charles Beckman, ohn Caperton, Martin Stein- rook, and William Wilken. Burial was in Roselawn Memry Gardens. Killebrew Burial At Glasgow, 111. The Rev. Lolard Simmons con- ucted the funeral services o f ohn Killebrew at 10 a.m. in Sta- en Chapel today. Pallbearers were Arnold Liebig, Mwin Fessler, Lloyd Bowens, Sari Whitehead, Larry Northrop, nd Harry Northrop. Burial was in Glasgow Ceme- ery, Glasgow, 111. WOOD RIVER - Lowell Bush and Mrs. Edith Lyons were in- slallcd as commander and president of the Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Saturday night. Harry Kramer, past commander, was the installing officer. Other post officers installed were: William Dcadrick, senior vice commander; Jim Adkins, Dr. Thomas Kelly, surgeon; James McClenahan, quartermaster; Carl Benefiel, advocate. Oscar Oiler, three-year trustee; Jack Creekmore, five-year trustee; and Harry Young, corporation treasurer. Other auxiliary officers installed were: Mrs. Floyd Bunt, senior vice president; Mrs. Allan Fulkerson, junior vice president; Mrs. Jack Creekmore, treasurer; Mrs. C. McReynolds, chaplain; Mrs. Carl Benefiel, conductress; Mrs. Thomas Dixon, guard; Mrs. Villa Frailey and Mrs. Charles McMillan, trustees. Mrs. Rose Moxey, flag bearer; Mrs/ Charles McMillian, banner bearer, Mrs. Harold Clark, Mrs. Royal Saylor, Mrs. Glenn Westerholt, and Mrs. F. Z. Carstens Jr., color team; Mrs. Otis Little, patriotic instructor; Mrs. O'Kcllie Summers, historian; Mrs. Villa Frailey, musician. Mrs. Fraiely was presented a citation from the Department of Illinois Auxiliary. Mrs. Jack Guccione, 12th District president and Wood River member, made the presentation. ZAGREB—The American exhibit at the Yugoslavian Trade Fair will be made up mainly of recreational wares. Your Favorite Family Drive-In STARLIGHT o Demon's Dividends PARIS — An elderly matron is eported to have stormed the rench stock exchange demand- ng to sell her shares in a firm he has just found out to be a maker of rum. nd Mrs. William Dike and chil- ren. BOX OFFICE OPENS AT 7:00 T ONI I E TUESDAY LOADED WITH FUN! Child 25c This En|[ti«ement Only Color Cartoons—Free Plnynround TONITE; Ends Thurs. ALFRED HITCHCOCKS "TlieBird TECHNICOLOR* A UHlVIMAt RIUAU STARTS FRIDAY "HUD" TONITE! LAST TIMES — OPEN 6:45 MG-M _ onms I BROTH H.HAHXDHECHT TARAS BULBA PLUS! "THE MAGIC SWORD" 3 One Week Periods June 9 to 15 June 16 to 22 June 23 to 29 -Swim! Hike! Canoeing! Nature Study! Horseback Riding. Archery. Trained Adult Supervision. One Week — Member $21 Non-Miimber $93 Opens 7:00 — SUirts Dusk BEL*AIR H W 1 664111 I H 6 V 6 J 6 Call The YMCA for Information HO 5.6604 AUNIVCRSM.REUMC PLUS! "PARANOIAC!" "Shown 7:20 0:10 Dolores Hart, H. O'Brien Karl Maldon. Pamela Tiffin, Lois Nettlcton TUESpAY—WED,—THURS! OPEN 6:45 BOGARDE 1COULD GO ON Singing JACK KLUGMAN IECNWCUOR-PMAVUION UNTED i Presented at 7:15 &9:IO CTADTO CDiriAVil |ut > Hope • Lucille Bull'' STARTS FRIDAY! -CRITIC'S CHOICE-

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