Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 10, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, November 10, 1958
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f * *s >•**. A f~< . ___M*»irfayi Naveffiber t0, t9SI 1 H a Pf STAI, H 8 P it AUK ANS A S -PHi lM»i O ^**N 'M f** "^f"^ u t CIETY Calendar 15 .Wdslcyaii gel-Vice CSliild Mo, 12 of The First Methodist Church Will theif regulaf meeting tlsy, NoVtmbCr 10 at 7:30 p, m, ili the home of Mrs, Sill Wray, |? Circle No. 4 of The Presbyterian Church will meet in the home of Mrs, Thomas Hays 1401 EdgeWood on Monday, November lo at f',30 p. m. Mrs. William Tolleson, chair- fflan, The Wesleyati Service C-uild No. 1 will meet Monday 7:3o p. m, in HID home of Mrs. Garland Medders With Mrs. Rachel Edmiastoh as as> sociatb hostess, All members are J'e.mindcd to bring their Week of ^prayer offering. Tuesday at 7;3d in the home of Mrs. Eldd« steadman. Circle 1 of the First Presbyterian Church will meet at the home of Mrs. W, K, Lemlei' at 10:00 a.m. Circle 2 of the First Presbyter* iart Church will meet at the home of M'rs. John Lowe at lOsOO a.m. Circle 3 of the First Presbyterian Church will meet in Fellowship Mali of the church at 2:30 p.m. with Mrs, Olin Lewis and Neil Crank as hostesses. Mrs. The Ann Wollerman Circle of the First Baptist Church will meet in the home of Mrs. J. T. Bowden, Jr.. at 310 West Ave, G at 7:30 p, m. Monday. All members are urged to be present. Circle 4 of The First Presbyter- Ian Church will meet at the home of Mrs, E. E. (Mays at 7:30 p.m. V Tuesday November 11 The regular November meeting of the Jr.-Sr. High School P.T.A. in called "Parents Night" and will bo hold in the High School auditorium November 11 at 7:30 p.m. All parents are urged to attend. The Friendship Class of the-First Baptist Church will meet at the church for a pot luck supper Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 7 p. m. Hostesses jjU'e Mrs. Jack Fountain, Mrs. Denver Hornaday and Mrs,'Jack Hogg, All members and associate members are urged to be present. Hope Iris Garden Club will meet Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 2:30 p.m. in Chapter AE .of FOE will meet Tuesday, November 11 si 3:00 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Jim Mc» Kenzie with Mrs. Carl Hinlon as co- hostess. The Beacon Sunday School Class will hold their monthly meeting Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Fred Mathenia with Mrs. Richard Haggard as co- hostess. All members are urged to attend. He nhd .Mrs. William fi. HsirHs The topid discussed Wfts *'i25s chahfe: Good, Ideas, Pe8ble fn jprdpfiale mUsie was ftiffUshe thi-oatfehoui ihs- sefViee by Mis TirtS Pilkihldfi fl! the plafid. The group joined in sifigirig seV feral familial- hymhS duHHg th service. Consecrated gifts to th building of God's kingdom wer< those brought by the ladies lo various Wqtnen's groups in th South Pacific, Births Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Ward of At lanta, Texas, annbuhde the arriva of n nine pound boy born November 1, 1058. His grandparents are Mr and Mrs. Guy Card of Mope anc 'Mrs. Neil Ward of Shrcvcport, La Mr, and M'rs. James Mazxard o: Shreveport announce the arrival oi a son on November 6. He has been named James Mitchell, Malerna grandparents are Mr. and Mrs Clyde Osborn and paternal grandparents are iMr. and Mrs. B. M, Mazzard, The LLL Sunday School Class of First Baptist Church will meet in the home of Mrs. Orville Taylor, 316 E, 13th street at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 11. Wednesday, November 12 The John Cain Chapter of DAR will meet at 12 noon Wednesday, Nov. 12 in the Trimble home in Washington. Mrs. R. L, Searcy, Mrs. James Marlindale, Mrs. Dick Watkins and Mrs. Charles Taylor will serve as hostesses. The Azalea Garden Club will meet Wednesday, November 12 at 10:00 a.m. at the home oi Mrs. E. L. Archer, Jr. Brookwood PTA will meet Wednesday, Nov. 12 at 3 o'clock in the school auditorium. The executive Mr. and Mrs. Jim Robertson of Malvcrn announce the arrival of a son on Tuesday, November 4. Their second son weighed seven pounds, 15 ounches, and has been named Mark Wilson, The maternal grandparents arc the Rev. and Mrs, RtU'tls F. Sorrclls of Hope. Coming and Going Mrs. Lexis Stirewalt 'and three children of Gilmore, Ark., have been recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Grady Burton and their family. Mrs, Jess Davis went to see her mother, Mrs. W. O. Wade, in Conway, after attending the A.E.A. meeting in Little Rock last Week Mrs. L. B. Tooiey and daughter, Nancy, visited Mrs. Tooley's mother, Mrs. B. T. Farley, in Clarksville, Texas, this past Saturday. Though she has been ill, Mrs. Farley is reported to be improving now. h ?" nC °l, M _ r . S ; ?_ w ™ >"_? " Uh committee will meet at 2:30 in the Mrs. W. I. Stroud as co-hostess. The Practical Nurses will meet Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 7:30 p.m. in ~thc"court room of the City Hall. "All members are cordially invited to attend. -The firemans Auxiliary will meet LAST SHOWING 6:30-8:30 JOHN WAYNE Tuesday Only Sizzling Sexy Jane Russell in Pink Fuzzy Night Gown wirh , Keenen Wynn Ralph Meeker EXTRA PONT AX ME ISLAND EMPIRE auditorium. Mrs, Royce Weisenberger Platform Guest at The AEA in Little Rock. As president of the Hempstead County Classroom Teachers organization, Mrs. Royce Weisenberger was a platform guest at the Friday morning session of the AEA in Little Rock where Amy Vanderbilt -.was guest speaker. Mrs Weisenberger and A] visited Thursday night with her sister, Mrs Curtis Lynn and family and joined Royce at Comvay Friday night where they, were guests of the Gar- larid^Darw'ins. "Mr. Wcisenbergei attended a meeting of Prosecuting Attorneys Saturday morning anc they attended the Hardin-Simmons game Saturday afternoon. Mrs, R, V. Herndon Hostess to Friday Bridge Club Mrs, R. V, Herndon entertained with a luncheon proceeding the regular meeting of her Friday Bridge Clu'b on November 7. Lovely chrysanthemums decorated the serving table and other points oi interest in the home, Following an afternoon of Bridge, Mrs, C. C. Lewis was the winner of the high score prize. Others joining in the game were Mrs, Tom McLarty, Mrs. R, E, Cooper and Mrs. M. M, McCloughan, Hope Unit of The United Council The First Presbyterian Church The Hope Unit of the United Council of Church Women met on Friday, November 7, in the chapel of the First Presbyterian Church, The meeting was in charge of the Council President, Mrs, B, W, Ed' wards, During the business session, Mrs. Jack Lowe was elected Treasurer and Mrs. George Rob- json was appointed Chairman of ihe World Day of Prayer, to be held in February, A very interesting program was presented by Mrs, James Pjlkin^ ton, assisted by Mrs. Jim ^ insist-.on i|f m BT 20 YEARS OF REDUCING SUCCESS prpiple lias l)?!pgd;igfirs on wsm It's 3'§emp!§t8 fi . Mrs. W. A. Williams went .with Mrs. Vic Davis and son, Bill, when they returned home to Waco, Tex., accompanied .by Mrs. B. N. Holt, who visited Lt. and Mrs, James N. Holt and son, Todd Mrs. Webb Laseter, Sr. had Mrs. Clark Joplin and Mrs. Lillian Davis of IdabeJ, Oklju, as her guests On Friday afternoon. Mrs. Tom Kinser has veen visiting the Tommy Kinser family in Stuttgart. Mrs. S. L. Murphy returned home last week from Killeen, Tex, where she has been visiting Capt, and Mrs. Joe Martindalc and son Mark, ! ' ' -i•" <•" Mrs, Jennie Sutton returned ,-to her home in Texarkana after,. : a, visit with Mr, and Mrs. Carl Ro-" barts, Mr. and iMrs, Henry Morton, Mr, and Mrs. A. B, Orsborn and Mi-, and .Mrs. H. E. Sutton of Blevins. Irish Players Take Partita Documentary , i '— Star ISnuruving •-• Among some 200 parents attending the annuarParents' Day week-end at Mary Baldwin Colleoc 1 in Staunton, Va. wgs Mrs," D. Lamar Cox, of'1123 East Third Street, Hope,'Ark.\Mrs, Cox, right, is t shown here with her daughter, ,Miss Caroline Cox,'during'a special demonstration of teaching in, the' new McFrirland Language Laboratory at the Virginia college, .Parents tried out the electronic equipment installed this year in a new academic program entitled "New Directions in the Liberal Arts." In the week-end visit on November 1 parents were', Invited to meet the faculty and, to inspect, firsthand the educational program offered their daughters at the'<116-year-old Presbyterian college for, women As Usual, Divorce Injures Youngster Hospital Notes Branch Discharged: Mr. V, B, Otwell, Texarkana, Ark,; Mrs, Cecil Rogers, Hope; Mr, T. C. Luzador, Hope; Mrs. Etta Stroud, Washington, Ark,; Mrs. Cornclious Jones, Hope, Memorial Admitted: 'Mr. A, B, Gunn, 'Hope; Mr. Ike Burson, Hope; Mrs. Luther Volentine, Hope;; Leslie Roy Hill, Rl, 2, Emmet, Ark.; Mrs, Bobby Wilson, Hope; Mrs. J, C. Howel, Rt, 2, Hope; ; Mr, Arthur Holland, Saratoga, <Ark, IM'J 1 . Coy Moses, Rt. 1, Patmos, Ark, ;;Alvin Martin, I}t, 1, Hope.; Mr, Kennie Atkins, Hope; Mrs. Madfe Reese, Rt, }, Hope; Mrs, William Bearden, Hope; Earnest Duffie, Rt. 3, Hope, Discharged; Mr, Joe Burlcey, Hope; Michael Murphy, Hope; Mrs. Kenneth Wood, Rt. 3, Hope; Mr, A, E, Stark, Rt. 1, SprioghjH, Hijl; James Johnson, Columbus, ArK.; Mrs, Henbert Hatcher, Hope; Mrs. J, C. Howell,' Rt. 2, Hope; Leslie Roy Hill, Rt. 2, Emmet, Mrs, Bobby Wilson, Hope; Gwendolyn Wilson, Hope; Mrs, Roy Nations and 'baby girj, Rt. 2, H.OPOJJ Alvin M'"U'Ur», Rt, i, Hope. 'Mr, and 'Mrs. William L. Bearden Jr., pf Hope, , Arkansas, announce Jh,e- arrival of a baby girl bcr JO, 1958, Fewer Mexicans in Cotton Harvest WTTJJJ RQCK <APi-"More do- mestip workers and fewer Mex> carjs were employed for the Ar- cpHpn harvest t,hjs year 9Qrnp,aj-ed tq {ast, E;mploym,ent Se A4 m wistot°r f- B.Jprfd ,said the number pf domes T «e workers "emplQyec} in the har, vest tqUied 73,7^ compared t9 61< JSH Ipl year. Mesisan nationals ;otaled gQ,$Jg cgmjpared, -,(o £9,757 1 1957, ' . • The ftaryest, wil l 'bp 75 to 80 per ent with ane'ther >v?eH of plesr weMher, Dealer Named ,Q£cgoJtf,'s Q| a dealer, iq^ay Dear Dorothy Dix: I've followed your column for a ong time because i was interested people and felt you handled icm very well, No\v I'm one OH those "paople" and hope you can help me. No one else has been able to, I'm 15, the child ot divorced parents, and soon must make up my mind which I should choose. My father has remarried, has two children, and f visit him every other weekend. His wife is difficult, Shu resents me and makes no bones about it, However, my father says that unless I decide to make my home with him I'm to stay away entirely and he'll forget he ever had a daughter. My mother hasn't remarried ar)d owns a small, but thriving, dress shop, Regardless o£ :my decision, I'll always be a daughter tp her, welcome at any time. J love both my parents and hate -to hurt either one, — r Daisy Mae, Dear Daisy Mac; When parents decide on. divorce as the solution to their disagreements, their customary attitude toward their children is, "Oh, they'll adjust to it, Children really don't -mind these things." Well, they certainly do mint], they do not adjust, and their Jives carry permanent scars, ,even. though tfje parents never see? them, In rnaking your choice, Daisy, you must be guided by your own. instincts, Go to the one you love best, and to the household in you'll /(ij4 the .greatest happiness. This would appear to be your mother's home.' Since your stepmother resents you, it's doubtful if you'll find joy in her home. father Js making a. phjldist threat, T( he fceeps jt, he will be th,c loser, Study hard, wort hard.,, and de* to^mine lo give yovu 1 children, when, you fyayo thorn., ' the bbjjcfjt pf a , wiled home, "• Pear JRoygthy, Plx; ^ , I JWVP beep going with three months sncj \ve'.fe^erj-jbjy in, love. J-Ipwgyer, lie. ,]| JJQW going wltlj a woman who ^jy^ Wj-g }?o,tli SDH and money. jHp |a/§»hl only gocji vyjtJj Jic> becaysj^r? In debt,, JJe jJoesa'i.take mo out" • ""'" w """-~ jtfe sisyg J\e is' 19f wedding l?eJls Jje can't afford that kind 9! miisic; JJe's'^Q q)id i' 'B IQP yovon'g to plan, pur QU in & year pr gq,,'is-« igg \has ; byj , 'to toe' . , h|na/;gia - ,,-:, ^iMslysM^ u g«i«'iW-v T .c WitlJi^^fwAp^e'^te' if, Vjafe ing ' motorcvcles., »?fhev. exnact -us —• Polly and -Dolly, Dead P. and D,; Congratulations, If- the tavern crowd' Ignors ^you, Jinc, Ditch the boys and the crowd, and,'start work on a,new batch"of Dear Dorothy Dix: ' ' ' 1 am very much in love with n boy who doesn't oven know I exist. I've been sending him greeting cards on his birthday and on holidays, but never bother to sign my name, Should I continue? — Carolyn, ' • ", Dear Cnrolyn: 'Your carefully selected cards get just the treatment .any anonymous mail,deser,ves seett UP) Heilyweed HpLLYVVppAElUW) t3arH6's fflWltiilS "Elib\V«y hi," nnd fontbrtlt ftuts wefc scrVdd lip ft sdHes 61 IHrllls fthd Ifttijjhs Stittday when "Tlio Twentieth Century" TV show presented a 1 dddUHieiltttry on Ktuite.-.n.ockHo. Composed of film dips nf the 'tal gridiron mentnr, and har- rated segments nf Irish tdfthis in nclloi:, the profirfim rekindled many n m e m o r y for football buffs. "Thcer, Cheer for Old Noire Dame, , ." the film starts out, and moves quickly Into streaked nnd blotdlty old celluloid shots of Ihe 'wool Rocltne's prncllee Devoted Te Humor Unlike the Pat O'Brien iiortrHy- nls ot the fnmctl coach, this half- hour show Is devoted to Rock'? humor and philosophy on college football, Interspersed with pulse- ioundln« shots from spectacular games. DurlnK /o)ie practice workout J?opknc can bo heard raising cnln with his quarterback, Frank Leahy, when ho «oofs an tisslgn- ncnl, ThoiiKh he was killed In a '1031 plane crash, Rockne's humor wf recorded on thousands of feet of film, During (i linttlc over his controversial brickfield shift, he aid: -"If tlu-y abolish the shift I'll change my kind of play from the intelligent, plover like smart, the Four sllm-anklcd Hfirscmi'ii and ,7'JI go In for the coW-mlndcd nlppototnmtis fatty type that...so many schools use now. And so, when you sec a football picture of a Notre Dame tcnm about four years from now, you'll notice the aovlno expressions nnd ox-knuckle mkles predomination, "And the follow with the mus- loche doing his bcsl to exude an aroma of cunning—why, that'll be mo." Oldtlmers Get Preview At H preview of the halMioiir show CBS-TV invited 10 Notre Dame oldlimors lo see themselves n action, Such Irish greats as Clipper Smith, George Trafton, Cur) v V' iLnmbcau n)id Ldo Word wore on hand to swap experiences vilh teammates they hadn't seen 'or 30 yours. ' ' • Tihelr faces were wreathed 'in smiles as they listened ,to lockno's old dressing room] pep nlks, and they hov/lcd happily When the cOach barked:", Hey!,,I guess that fcllow,,didn't kriow^ who you were, All r lndinna —' a quick trip to the wastepaper basket. There arc better ways to got, .a , boy's attention. Send a stumped, self-addressed envelope for- my leaflet, "The Way to n Boy's Heart," •! Send your problem to Dorothy; Dix. Be sure to enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope, and ad- ujress hr'car of this nwspapr. WJWrtUc;j. : 'Vl and _ Peffeetioitf owned by MM. Potter Rodgers , yesterday w-dfi junior whlklftfl horst» chatttpldtilftifl» A ' s of ihe JilSte ttbfse Shaw JubHd H, hdfc. the wdldr'y gftyi* the RedgfirS <$ tierttinhcht possession of the Liwda ,-'4 Lou'Hoed dhflllettae Trophy, ^, ^ CAfWlAeJE, fex, (AP)-JohH f,1« Ulcfitin'n of Bentofi, Ark.i was kilU s "~ ed yostcfttfiy in a onc>t«rir highway flleldeftt Mat here. Six other peP« , SoHS, IheltidinB BferrHrth's Hvo st>HS , nhd H dnllfthler, we're Inltlredi, 1 KOCK (At 1 ) An rtiWofJHiilloh increase «S,000 lo $30,000 for the Fort Hospital here tins' fdstiltotl In stepuv ed up rosonrdh In treatment oil aged, mentally ill persons, Asst, .Hospital Manager E, L. Wilbur' snld ycslerdiiy. 'flhc fcscnrch pro« Is concerned mnlnly with thi effcfts of tlow drug itenlmtttit WBSf fLAlNsT Mo, fAP) « Thohins Shelby Mnlnny, 73, of, Moko, Ark., Is In fnlr condltlcsn and his wife, Llz/.lo, in serious condition nl n hospital here follow*, ng nhend-on hiitomobllc collision Snturdny, nlKht, An occupant nt ! Hie-.second..cur, «Nniicy' Ellxnbclh- Lmvc,* t4,~ of West'" Plains, "was killed. ... .,.,_•, NEW CHILEANS (AP) - Wilson Tucker ol Poi;t Smith, Ark,, ycS'^ .erdny wtis nnmed western..assl.t- lortl niitlonnl vice commander -of. he Amvets, The veterans group's Thlrd M N(itlon;il. District ils Its nnntnil -meeting here. LITTLE HOCK (AP)—.The Ark- Air Conditioning CovPi a 'Stih- sldiary of Arkansas Louisiana LIo., 'has purchased the bugg.v. nuking oparntlons of Iluntlnburj} .1J4* (Ind.) Wagon Works Inc., Ark La *'-,| President W. U. Stephens,announ^^ffi cd Saturday. Stephens said Ark' '•" also plans to establish n wagon' manufacturing plant near Kmnipt, )ct\ycen Pi;cscotl nnd Hope on U.S Highway 07., • ••'''. LITTLE HOCK (AP)—Arkansas' I Mi ft quota for December Is' 03 lien, state Selective Service Hend- J ; quarters has announced, Tn# lallonal call for 4 thc month is 11,000. _._ ,- >^^ KANSAS CITV (AP)— Philip < uower, 6, ot -Knyetlevillc, • Ark,,chocked, lo donth on n tiny ballon, ic apparently sucked into his wind- 1 )ipe Saturday, The boy, son of Mr. < nnd 1 Mrs, Clarence"'W, Lower, nnd' iis family wcrd' visiting relatives lore. •.,,„' , , , r '>,,;- lalfbnck. Next time he' comos ,by," ie won't dnro run past -you, Show lim your clipiiln(js again," "" j Shots of the (Pour Horsemen, In, notion cal)s3d '«* stir among' Um lid-timers when it was recalled •' he famed^ backriold averaged ''lily. 157 .'pouncls—lighter than to-, ay's averaRe thigh ..school' team," ( -Hockne's "concern--for his play- rs" future; Was* brought out, too, 1 . , "After ,you »,« Ka d u a t e from 7^j, chool, Tommy, are you going 'to'"',,-;& ie o football coach, a bond sales- iL ~ nan or 'arc you going to, work'/'' TheA.B.C, •«. s -, The right to purchase or refrain from . •„ -,., „ ,-. purchasing this publication gives you, the,,, ,.,„,. reader, and no one else the power to ::: .1' ';;';" pass judgment on whether" it shall continue - •••:*,, t . K" < to survive, .^ This symbol represents the standards. by which your voluntary" response is measuredi K - „., /It testifies to the value of this publication^

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