Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 10, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1958
Page 2
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4) HOPE STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS , N&fsnibif 16, 1958 Plane Down a! Contin'tidd Ffofh Page One his Wife tlnrnth.V: tlcnty Ililrd ftcritteil, M, Southporf; 'Conn., rr- lircd sct-rt'lar.v of (lit- C. O .tHiiff dorp , of StnithpoH, and Gcorfir ' W; LoViB. 45. Fat- .KasU'rii, sproiil isi Ttir National 'CU'ographie Muri- n?.lnt\ Long is mnrrk'd nnci thf ' falhe rof threo children * The other PHSBCMIHUIW -won? lifted as seven Germans, five tii'H- ons. threr- SelRians, two Front h ttiufi' and seven Portuguese, 'flip pilot and copilot wei-o-Bullish niitl the other four crewmen Poiln- guose. * Veres snid tho nren Is bninp searched "with nil intensity and minuteness possiblo during '"».' , night and the mr-ttilnjj." The U.S KnibnsEV Haiti Jin American search (Matte reported skhljttR the clowned alrcra/l, and .was Irving to tfulde , It back . by radio. Thorp were no eonfirmin? reports from other senrch plnin n or vessels, .. ...., FaubusSure Private School il Continue - .NEW ORLEANS '(AP) — Cnv. — Orval E. Faiitms snid today he J> w'as ' 'sill e ' private' schools 'WOulf ' .continue at Little Rock. '„»..., HO made -the .stntcmrnt-'iifter learning that the 'Eighth U: S; ' Circuit Court of Appeals had "• directed tho -Little Rock- School ••' Board to takt! ' positive "Steps to ' faecomplisli integration in its 'dis- , see no obsiatacles (to private * sch'ools) that had not already 'been - anticipated, such as" facilities "and '.. finds, mid these hnVe bocn and, .'are bsinirrnut," UK! governor sliid: "> 'He added; ". ' "1 do not think it 'is anticipau od by anyone that- tlie 1'ederu! • courts will close till private schools ,- in the nation, thus denying a basic '- American right that has boon ex- n ereisod ever before and since tho .'."Torming of the republic." . , -Faubus will address > a mass meeting of the Citizens Councils of New Orleans tonight. \ r * _ '.I, i >.. ' ....The.'first-'St-ate Fair-was held -in- •"'SLMllc -Rock'in 1800.' • • Cot-ton Crop Estimate Is H,7 Million WASHINGTON lAl'i- The Af<H- culture' Di-pjirtn" nt Incloy est! muled (hi 1 -- y(..i s KnvfTfiiriohl»i-«»' slricti'd rnltnn crop to 11.9($4,000 bnlos nf "ifm pounds: gross weight Thi« fr.iiM' is W.OOO link's morn than lust m'mth'.'- forecast of 11,' 675,000 l-nlcs II compares with Iftsi' y<-ni-'s very small crop of 10,06,4.0(10 hnl— -nd M.I30.000 for lh(? tfh-ycnr ' ltH7--iOi nvernKC. Arfcan«.*is' Rinninjis Ihis year .ihd lasl ;Ve:ir. resppclivoly. were (!!•! • 'ft>2 n'nd '•(? M7 bnlcs 'I'he cvi|i WJIK Ri-'nvn under rltfld UOVPi-nmc'il niiifkftinp f|liotns ntid 'n <;nil h;irk- l:ind i-i'lireiiH'Ml pro' gram dc ; i'4in i il I" help prevent over prndur'tioM. Pi-ndiiction will be supplemented by H.700.000 hairs accumulated from p.'isl I-K/I.IS. The'di-f'.-iriM'''iii '.lid the crop is turninp out bettor than psllmnleq a nidiith ;'.<;« in (lif .?oiithp!ist. Ar- •kMtisn^. ouiahnmji. north Toxns nnd New Mexico. Says Notion Ignores the Dental Problem DALLAS i A I'i—The president of Ihe American Dental Assn. charpvd tocUi.v 11-,'it the nation hus all but ignored dental problems of liospitnli/i-d nnd confined persons. Dr. William R. Alstadt of Little Hock. Ark., made the charge In a speech formally opening the as- yocalion's national convention. 1-U" said Mio vast majority of more Ulan five million persons with chri'iiic illnesses in hospitals and institutions are without need- oil denial •(•.' rt>. Dr. Alstadl snid thousands of persons in pejia'l and mental institutions need dental attention and "the ijcrceiilane of stale institutions which furnish adequate dental care is pitifully small." He also said "one of the great problems that must not be over,looked is that of bringing essential central health service to those who can he called 'dental orphans." Skyscrapers in New York City and other metropolitan cilios distort radio and television broadcasts. This is- why WKAF 'moved from Manhattan to Long Island. v,.*,> /Sctehce Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery ) Stops ttcK—Relieves Pain , York, K..T.,<9pMUi) —For.,the first time science, has'Jfpund a new hcnline subslnnee^wlth the nstou- 'fshiiiK ability to shrink hemor- j-hoid8,«btop itchinR, ni)d rehuve pain,T-.without «urgery. • . ».< >*( . , 1 n,case, after,caBC,,,vhno gently rnileving p»in, actual reduction (ahrinkugc) took place. Most nifiiizinfr pf nil—rosuHs were sp 'thorough -Uiit 1 nuffcrera made nptonishins stntcmenta like "Filet h»vo,ooascil to be a probleml" The svcrel is n now henlinB sub.- sUuico (Uio-Dyne*)—discovery of n \vorhl-fniuous research institute. •. Tliis.siibslnnco is iiow nvnilable in stiiipoxitory or ointment fori* uniliT Iho iiiiiuo J'rcpnration 11,* At your drugeist. Money-buck ir. U, Si. P.t. Off. finest travel service S , TO ANP FROM , NEW ORLEANS-KANSAS CITY pfPQT TICKET OFFICE Telephone 7-265\ 20 May Have Died in Fire at Montreal Ike Sets Up £lcm to Aid Asian Nations Qo. (API — Fire By MARVIN L. have started from an s{3AttLE| WoBh . (API— Presi- 4, that may exploding .,..- throuMh ah old brick apartment j dent .... _ bunding was believed today ioja five-point program of have claimed- at least 20 lives, jiional economic aid for Aston na- Some 6f the 106 tenants and oe-1 lions. He pledged full united cupahts died screaming as the states cooperation m creeling blaze flashed froth apartment to '>•>«••'•!»'- ncainsi tvrntmv and the- apartmcnt early Sunday—so fast that a fireman said it was "like turning on a lot of switches." sq.tifld . tn6fi$Uf8* bf EiserihbWP? recommended! . 1. Hxparision of. irttt-rhational tracts. i 2 Wider sharing of {echnieifU skills, whie?h he tabbed Ihe tto'dg., j ro'c'k -of economic dcvelopmeWi I 3, Ever gi-eateit- emphasis on pfi» investment. drealef provision tot' public . Others jumped from thii-tl and locrlh story windows. One man •A0V WW.+K- V* <M«>S fto •*&*f&.<> **X 1*.'f&,,*H*r: -r-- • ^ - - -V' V1>"""x«-flft'v \ BAR BELL BELLES—A biimh nf Dt-lllahs of ting like Samsons, these oquamaids get into ; shape by practicing with barbells between water-ski show's at Cypress Gardens, fla. Girls aren't 1 likely to strain any muscles lifting those."Weights." - „ " liv •' • * _ .••^•J.*•• »^.».. i • ... i.. i.. . -.—...——^ i in . i. a in iji*iiUiim»^i ni»»-iiini 11 •i-A-iinjii_irL»i«int*m^^^^n»^^^^^BMa^^^i^l^M^^^^Ma^i^^«a^»M«M»MB«MM^^M»^M^ai^iaiamfc^aMBMMi 'barriers against tyranny and war which tyranny breeds." The President put no over-all price ia.u on the program and ho did not intimate this country's share of the cost. But ho did call lljl'llll DUJJJ >V1IHJU»^J. \-*lll_ 1.1H.1. fl| ifl t IT V'l !•!••- »_•..... .« ... v --— ,..-. threw hii nli-year-old son out of n|on the heavily Democratic new ' ' Congress to provide adec|Unte— and additional — financial re' sources to help 700 million people "v«K>5 * * •?% "•/••< <tV\ S IT"**' ' •, < * ,V\ •* s •• -. « / * 1 T * •"* 1 V* * TMMBBWWWf-* %v^ ff .. * «w\ f --* . CURBED DETERMINATION—A nasty old curb was only a temporary obstacle to little two- year-old Sue Vmey on her way to the "Sun 'n' Soil Festival",in Frankfort, Ind. Sue hauled n waaonload of harvest items (including a bowl of'goldfish) to the Kiddies Parade at the countywido event, held to give thanks, for a bountiful harvest. Her efforts' were rewarded, for sho won first pri/.c in the decorated wagon division of *the parade. Prescott News Mrs. Wilson Entertains Mrs. J. H. Wilson entertained a fesv friends with a bolivia parly at her home on Tuesday aflornoon. Lovely arrangements of roses .incl specimen yellow chrysanthemums were placed at vantage points in the living room arranged for Ihe players. The high score award was won by Mrs. U U. Mitchell, Other guests, were J. R. Ilesl- erly, Mrs. T. E. Logan, Mrs. Clyde Marsh, Mrs, Fred Powell, Mrs. A. SV. Hudson, Mrs, \V. P. C.im- mings and M'rs, AVrcn Scott. A dessert coursu and cuft'oe was served by the hostess. ' once in Ihe high school auditorium | Mom 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Mr. Wilson 1 principal, will be glad to answer any questions parents may have concerning the school curriculum. '37 Contract Club Entertained By Mrs, Archie Johnson Members of Ihe '37 Contract Club were entertained with a dessert- bridge given by Mrs. Archie Johnson ()t her home on Tuesday, The parly rooms were festive with arrangements of chrysanthemums. Mrs. 0. L, McRae Jr. won tho high score prize. Other members present were: Mrs.Tom Bemis, 'Mrs. J. R, Bemis Mrs, Frank Gilbert, (Mrs, Jack Han-oil, Mrs. Jess Hays, Mrs. 0 G, Hirst, Mrs. Mark Justiss, Mrs. S. B. Scott and Mrs, Barrel M'arsh Mrs, Guss MeCasKill and Mrs. Glenn JiiUrston were guests. Jr.-Sr, Board Meeting Held The Executive Board of-the Prescott Junior - Senior PTA mpt on Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 4 at 2:30 j m the teachers lounge with eight members present. . The president, Mrs,- P, A. Escnr- re conducted the business session, Mrs. H. H, MeKeiiiez gave the financial report concerning the PTA dinner on del! IB, It was decided Ip have a tea honoring the teachers at the next regular meeting on Dec. -l. Plans were clis- c-ussed in regard to the, open house | which will be hold at the Jr.-Sr, 1 high school on Thursday, Nov. 13, Jr.-Sr, PTA Ha? MeeUng The ProscoU Junior-Senior Parent Tea.vb.crs Association' met on Tuesday afternoon. Nov. 4 at 3:45 in the high school auditorium with the president, Mrs. P. A, Kscarre, presiding, Tho devotional was given by Mrs. Martha .Craig. Mrs. W>a.vnp Eley gave the state- presidents message. The secretary, -Mrs, Allan Brskine Jr, read the minutes of the previous meeting. jyjrs. H. H. McKenzie gave the treasurers report. Mrs. |5sciirre Announced that another study course \vould be hold fit 3' 30 p.m. Nov. 13 at tl>e Home Economies Cottage. 'Mrs. G. F. Anderson introduced t\vo stydcnts from HSTC who art- doing 'practice teaching in the Jlgipe ejonoivups department under the supervision, of -Mrs. Edward Bryson, ~ >3VJvs. Escarve said that Mrs. Yenioj} Buchanan, ijnaijco chair- mqn. t>"d, pdded Ihp following to h.er pojnmittee, Mrs- r Allan Ersklne i. Pue' to the vasignalion y ohaiv Mrs T. E. L,ogan left Friday for Memphis where sho is the guest of Mr. and Mrs, Tom Logan and Judy. Prescolt friends \vill regret to know that Mrs. Tom Logan • is ill in a Memphis Hospital. Mr. and Mrs, Charlie Pye have returned from Crosvley, f.a, where they visited their daughter, Mrs,,' H. 'A. Firmin nnd family, L. L. Buchanan attended B meeting of the State Parole Board jn Lntlo Racls Wednesday. •Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ford of B.eai don and Miss Opa.J Paniel of Hop were the- Wednesday night guests ol Miss HazpJ Matlpfk qnd attend' od tho Pveseott-Befu'den game, i Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Pejers h«ad as their Wednesday auysts, and Mrs. John Ross of. Little and tUtended top PregooU'Be football game pt Cummins F}e}d, Wants to Talk With American in Amazon third story window into some bushes, The boy was only slightly injured. \VilrtesSeS tokl of seeing a moth- in free Asia. er and her new baby -appear at a j n speaking Window and then disappear into the flames. Investigators dug grimly into the ruins of the four-story build-- ing in their quest for bodies. Only eight bodies had been recovered, and only three of those were identified. Police issued a list of 13 missing persons believed to have been in the building, . But apartment dwellers said at least seven more persons were holding a party in one apartment. before the fire. Police expressed uncertainty about tho final death toll until all the regular" occupants—about 100 persons 'including several night club entertainers and recent emigrants from Europe — had been accounted for. Detective Cr.pt. Cqcil Row.e, head pf the arson squad, said preliminary indications were the fire •was caused by, a gas stove explosion on the third floor. Hu said a gas stove, with all its valve controls open, was found in the ruins. The. building on dead end St. Mathieit Street, wss known as '.he Oldfield and stood on a cliff overlooking a string of railway tracks 50 feet below. Those who managed to get out of the burning building said they were to •'stunned to recall precisely what happened. Edgar Eisenbraun, 37. opened the front door of his third-floor aoartment When he heard the screams. "Flames came in , at me. T opened the cupboard. Flames came at me. I threw my son out of. the window. I aimed for the bushes and. he landed in them." His hair singed, -Eisenbraun said his wife jumped and was taken to a hospital for treatment o£ fractures. It was the third major blaze in. three years at the Oldfield. 5. .Expansion of development fi« nanciHg to provide boi'rbwefg wltn groatef flexibility regardifig re, payment . The President holed that Con gross last year created the oprncnt loan poses. So fa fund for sltch In two years abolit „ of tyranny he did not mention in so many words UV.S lhre.it of Communist aggression and economic penetration tout his meaning was clear. Eisenhower outlined his aid plan in an address prepared for delivery at a meeting o flop diplomats aUondine the 18-hation Colombo Plan conference on cooperative economic assistance for South and Southeast Asia. The President urged the World's better-off nations to . 700 million .dqllais have been 'pro vided. and tile administration Is planning to ask for a 223-millipn' dollar supplemental appropriation. in January. Eisenh6Wdr said the Colombo nations have received more thnri half of the 700 million so far made available, and that they are asking further loans' which exceed the t6 sources on hand. The admitil lion reportedly would like to HIP over-all loan fund on a billion* dollar-a-ycar basis. Eisenhower gave no cite to how much the administration will seek in economic aid for the Colombo Plan nations foi' the fiscal year this country in carrying out his 'program for underprivileged countries. He said it is designed In 'repel the tyranny of hunger as well as the tyranny of authority." But lie also called on the Asian starting July 1. In the year which free ' ended last June 30, tho United, join-Stales eaVe an estimated 900 million dollars in. till forms of-aid to those" nations. The amount for the current year probably will bfj about Ihe same. Since -1050, 'when the' Colombo Plan was set up. American aid has amounted to IJUII lit, CllOU V.Uliv,vt V'li ntv. **t.-«-. .,...—-._, ^ . nations to be aided to develop'more than four billion dollars. NOTICE HOLIDAY, TUESDAY.. NOV. M The Banks of Hope will not be open on the above day in Observance of Veterans' Day. FIRST NATIONAL BANK CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Legal Notice RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) — The U, S. Consulate would like o get-in touch again with Walter Youngblood, 31, an Amercan who hawed up mysteriously in Brazil's vild Amazon basin six weeks ago. The self-styled mining engineer old of hfiving crashed in a small Jiang with two companions who, 10 said, were, killed. The Brazilian Air ( Force never found the supposed plane or any bodies. The U, S, consulate made ar- •angemcnts for Youngblood to re- .u'rn to the United Slates. But now le's missing again. Brazilian police said Youngblood, a native of-. ATlene, Ark. and. graduate of 'th'e University of Arkn- sas, had entered Brazil' illegally om Colombia or Peru. The U. S. Consulate pave Youngblood a ono : way, one-trip passport permitline him, to go to Miami. The husky young American already had a Brazilian exit visa find,'was to have left via Pan American Airways, Saturday night, Pan American was holding his- passport and ticket, bought with U, S, Stt\to Department repatria-r tjgn funds, The consulate said Youngblood id, showed up el the air office, ciistj'ncted ,the attention of U|e ~r-,r-,, grabbed the UcK.Pl and pass- jjoi't, and fled in a taxi. The taxi, crashed, Youngblood _ . out, caught pnotl»er (Jn'o disoppesji-ed,, , No, 8146 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. Bobbie Jean. Marshall Plaintiff vs. James Marshall Defendant WARNING ORDER The Defendant, James Marshall, I is warned to appear in this court ' within-thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Bobbie Jean 'Marshall, Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 17th day of October 1958, Clara Byers, Clerk By J, P, Byers, D, C. (SEAL) • ' Oot, 20,,27, ; Nov,'3, ,10, 1958 FLEXIBLE, SHATTERPROOF ADE BETT£R,lAST LONGER I Branded on, the Edge Means.' Satisfaction Guaranteed Pttfli Enilnum, St»™ Dion anil Window! HOPE HARDWARE CO. i j ? Hardware — Furniture — Appliances Phone PR 7-2271 , , Hope, Ark. 120 S. Elm rtt from South Carolina for an ed. visit \yith her daughter, Mrs, Bill Dales find family, Pfjends of Charp Npvytl} will bo g}8^ tp Hnow hp is repovorlng from Injuries reserved in a fall .:, W' 1 *- 9m ' Sl 9P» giy-ffu »t the fiesi regular -' t #wM*i> nm»; WH*»JV ^ ^ ";2l««*f :.-»*^.moft.^n '.*\n\\r n»i, *' Mrs. W. L. 'Jsqm has SOLD BY YOUti LOCAL HAROWJOtE LUMBfcK

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