Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 8, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1958
Page 5
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Jahj/Jay, §,,T$8§ -. t - * • H6M § ! tA*,. MOM, AfU A MS A 5 )emoerats : oce Problems Years By JAMi§ MARL6W NsWS AflalyM >AP) = fhd had belief watfch Ihelr slepg, they're riding hifeh after TtieS' ring's elecilidfis, With VisldfiS of a i-tpelitiefi in 1§60, fiut ifiej- face problems these next two 'ydat-g| So doe^ Pregidetit fcUehho^et- iti with thettii Utist Uvd years the-Ddttio« have outnumbered the fie« pliblleahg 49-4? iH the, SehHte, 6hd 233-200 ih the ttottser in the hexl two yeats they'll outfiuttiber them 62 to 34 ill the-Setiate,, and at least 2bl to about 153 fft' IhV' Hbltse. With these overriding majorities IB both houses they'll .be In a far batter position to, sh,ape and put through the kind of 'programs they jtont. And, if Eisenhower falters a his leadership, thsy may wind up doing most of lho,',leatiing, 6ut these big majorities mean they'll also hnve to take more responsibility for any failures to put through Congress what the people wunt. When their margin over the Republicans Was smaller, Ihe two parties could blame each other for what went wrong, fiy the same token, of course, the Democrats can . claim more Vcdlt for the good thing's. It would seem that by sticking together on programs with voter a'ppeal the Democrats can grease 'their way towards the 1960 ' elections. But the balance among' the Democrats — between. 'Southern ; conservatives and more liberal Northerners and Westerners — was changed Tuesday In favor of the latter. , This mny mean sharper in-fight- f 'g between the two groups, and it certainly will in the fielcTol' civil rights. The spectacle of Democrats split and wrangling won't -Increase their 1900 appeal. , And no matter how pod 'the Democrats' legislative record is, these next two years, there's still n chance the" party will -split wide open at the 1960 convention over civil rights. • If that happens — if the South« Tiers walk out or rally around a ird party in the South — "the door is opened for ' a < Republican victory. The Southern members of Congress will think twice before letting that happen. For this reason: ' ',. 'In this Democratic. Congress Southerners hold a majority of the committee chairmanships, ''which are prize plums, They'd lose the, chairmanships if the Republicans won, % i . ', « From the standpoint' "of.'- pai'ty armony the Democrats are 'lucky, to have 'as dheir lea'dei-.s^— , 'Sen. Lyndon Johnson in the Senate-'and. Speaker Sam Rayburh';' ^in!" the, House — two Texans , \ytio 3'ar'e. twQ of the best congressional gepe'ifals jn this century, • ' •.';-• t ; ,f 1 V''">?~ , .They're real pros, If, anyone could keep the party rolling smoothly, they should,. But it's; going to 'be tougher for them to, call the shqts - those;,' jioxt^.twp, yearf| jjjan in the pnst'hyo'jiecause they have more Dempei'aV to '• Handle now, ^ ;* '*•• Because of s their . Tuesday" vie". tqry the Democrats — if 'they stioic together — are in a more dorni* npnt position tihaji in -any Congress since ear)y*New Deal i dayg ' to< tell a president what kind of programs he can have, and how much, , For just that reason Eisenhower '-7 if he 'tjopes to get his'-prpgra'rns « rough' — . will hnve .jo w'brk'even' rdor at getting ••.alpngMvith tn'n Democrats, He's been pretty successful 'at it ever since, they took ppntrol of Congress in- "1954, •" '• ' i But, .since he'll JVnve to try to get alpng, ho vyonT'be 'in ajposj. lion to Piny partisan"politirs: wjtli tl>e Democrats. So-'tlie RepubJK cans, 'if they hope 'Jo.flnd tender* jship that will carry-'lhern ',to ,v}cr tpry in 5P60, must Jpojj elsewhere*, than to Eisenhower. ' these s np^f ' In Old Ireland ACROSS If OUfc 12 Proh e tb°lti6fils« 29 fcibbdfi (comb. 43 Wings ' '" *" ' 44 YoUttf,Salmon 17Shld«tre« weight 36 Cry of 46 Another iffttUFth Slfhtalertishef bacchanals -fdrlfelfifld •, Arikbiift Mlipji 22 ifthdisd Slfhlegumenf 47 Perils go Genut 61 23 Average Uuffi*) * 4S Lampreys ' Cattle, 24 Stair ««• S? Everlasting 60 Bind' --;•" tiBdufldifii 2S Petty 4Uarr«l (^oel,) 6IEven"(cdhtf.) • S§ Number fig Beagle. 40AMifile ' - SffSelfle} 5 •"I 28 ClaSSiRed 2? Legal oath 41 Notions 64 Musical 32 Malaysian (with dire) 42 Communists syllable SS Female ruft 54 Feminine a^eilptlotj i. SS Detnethe 1 . estate ' id Cylindrical ! SB Revoke A « Sell* in small lot* 42 Knock 45 CoftCluiloo . Vice President. Nixon; pyen though he as presjjJantial .anibi s , can't very well fa}?e ! a ro^gh with the Pempcr'ats ' while' hQwer p{ayg <jt pjce. 'Ttje f>enwrnts • SOT not ci»rnb*,,enQ\!eii to stand ;or a dPHble»piay at th'ejr fjjpense, , ROACH-HUGHK , »2 Dinner course ; 55 Town in |, Connecticut I SB Antenna SI Placid ; 58 Remains erect . DOWN * 1 Cyprinoid flsh •2 Russian river '3 Road edge l 4Hew,branchei 5 Island (Fr.) .TIZZY 36 15 5T w 51 "He got hit slghali mixed, and passed when he should have Waited out the clock!" ' j ' i ** SWFF-IF PIE By Nodine S«.t«ep •y Kote Oionn ', ;,' ' "V" ' "''T^^i--", Lj_* <W^fit!f^* , ''"'•. • ' '.' ' •' '"''^'- ' FLASH GORDON .' rtj *« *NAM THWHIS PUT" ifdVER? 'oOULbNif," ] HWTlT'A LOT " ( , d&?WN l.W^' SVVIPE WUtt twftONB A,M' yrfidUGHfefcOM IV YlflOt .5 / ITS' LlVfe IN CLC5V6ft?.V M^euVERS/ .rid. U5UM.LVJ OM.THVROAP. -THATS HAll IL/ >Llnt I fc!fc?» M£h" ^HAPiU&'A' HOMEl-^ TO MAKB YflU.CR .-. J JUST WONQE WHERE ".Well, how was I to know it was'a gopher,fiole?"^, — -i *"--• " ' ' 8y GclbrattK SIOF „- /'\"We still have,some'popcorn. What's playing v " ! , at the Cameo?" -, -' , ,- FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS TtH; JM(* Utf' jilt 9fl« j j + ' *.*» 9fi(tAf4 foltti- A^A/^H I' i •- t )1»M t> Mt 6»rrfet, >». j.«' , i" rj / fyBS.n^B f}!* «lf ^R» , - .^ . \ j, ii^fesi HER, BUDDIE* WHEN RAINING AT'LEAST- WA|T,V •';,-' TILL IT STOPS'' : HAZEL! -YOU VC* CAN'T GO-OUT IN ON RAINCOATS! JUSTiWHAT NEED por (lUi WAY (yi& PACK, FROM C ' PLg/TH AI P oi LV -raev ' PHONED At^P 5Hg 4 W*K'N<5 OV is IF- J HAWS .

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