Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 8, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1958
Page 4
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Page ftat MOM STAR Mighty Bobcats Whip Contvay By 73-6 Score And Get 9th Victory Hope Team on One Yard Line As Game Ends Emmet Cogers Win 2 Prom Spring Hill ,'*• - j|^«H«v ioys in the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service have learned, the 1 hard \Vay, that life Is not one long 1'otind of beer and skillies. If it ign'l one thing It's another. Somehow their best-lnid pinna hnvc nn uncanny capacity for going completely hnywire all too often. iAbottt 20 years ago, the limit on clucks. With certain exceptions, was 12 birds a day. Then the farmer"!, notably tho wheat farmers, grew too hungry-, They driunncl the prairie pot holes ancl mrirshi's of the northern stales and the suulh- ' cfrn. .provinces of Canada and con- .verted this land into farmland. .Deprived of Ihuir former nesting areas, the North American duck "fldelc dwindled. At one time it was e'Stimaled that the total cluck pop- Dispnse. foorl shortage, prcdntlohi poaching and other Illegal killing fulls far short of equalling the an* nual crippling loss. First-off, it Is the duty of every cluck hunter to Ic-nrn to recognise species before he shoots. All tod few gunners can look at a duck In High! n riunrler-mlle away and tell jou what kind of a duck it is. TO the Rrr>;il majority, a cluck is a j and. as such, fnir giime. Su' <l clllc ' k 1S . l)u , b ,,. c | in t f le (llly - s ,.s to invllo (irresl. Thus, the duclt Is discarded, wasted. '. . . . liinn -, n .. t ! m i Simply by using a liltle cnution, ss was made. 'Then came three dry years In a' 1 row, the past three Not dry Jrf enough to lower the water levels, , uto the danger point. The lowering 1 •of-'(he water levels didn't bother | ,'"the puddle ducks too much — milliard, pintalc, black duck, teiil, antl *~ so on — but the diving ducks, c.m- vasbflck and redhead mainly, have' had three bad nesting years. The' rbslill is that these, as well as some 'V'dfJhe other diving varieties, hnvc {"'been reduced in numbers until tho V danger point shows all too plainly. li^,.,The A result has been that Fish | ; -»i.and' Wildlife has found it ncces-1 ^ I( |saryi to place rather drastic shoot- '^'ang restrictions on these two species ^-V-'the oanvasback and the redhead. v-Tho daily legal limit on these two is now two —- two canvas- or two redheads or one of each, two in the aggregate. <«&-'•' Now Fish and Wildlife, mainly !>',/ through the'7merlium of newspaper jlj-'r , columnis(s''as well as the balance ^-,, 'of tho outdoor writers, is ui gins' ^'.faithe'-duck huntors of the country to j a hand in this emergency. "*] Every year the crippling loss' !£ 'among the nation's duck flock is | ^..^i tremendous. This loss, carefully) $*• .estimated, runs from eight to as ..--"'* i-t'-. >' tfQfi *, W* £ V f~*f §>>f • 1 &4f vt ^ "• '"S'/i'" - lOiW-fRICI TV WITH JXCIUSIVI MOTOHOIA OOIDEN OUARANTEI 'Full year guarantee op all .'tubes'and pwts, 6 years on ^Golden Tube Sentry Unit, r VUw*M «t»reo speaker, Fin, /w>al,''Grawed ._ !Z>* o c Mithpganypr OOQ 95 O.r«jn»d fmJLs s,]BJopd. Mod" ~"~ \n% Y8PR THADI PAY STORE ? n d, 1. Trigger-happy business of letting fly at anything thnt passes, even though there is little chance to kill the bird. 2. Inability to judge distance — fellows with this difficulty try to knock down every high flyer that comes over. The duck flinches but doesn't fall. Gunners who do this drive out all the ducks in the area- ancl spoil other's sport at well as their own. 3. Poor marksmanship — the kind of gunning .done by the man who refuses to practice and then tries to sharpen his shooting eye on every bird in sight, regardless of lange.or species. 4. Inability to recognize limitations in the range of modern shells; Overemphasis on long-range shells encourage firing at non-killing ranges. Result — another cripple, 5. Failure to retrieve birds — many downed birds are lost in mnrsh or heavy vegetation by the failure of the gunnor to drop them in spots whore they can be recovered. Heaviest crippling losses occur in the early -part of the season when marsh vegetation is mostj dense. Decoy shooting, over decoys set at proper range, tends to reduce crippling losses if the hunt-! er will confine his shooting to birds that are over or in his decoys, As n guide to gunners who have the best interests of the sport at heart, here are three suggestions which, if followed, will aid materially in reducing' crippling loss, 1.' Shoot only at birds which are surely within killing range, In this way, when you connect, you have a dead bird; when you miss, you miss clean- 2. Use a retriever — it adds to the sport and cuts cripple wastage by more than half, 3. Think before you shoot. Will the bird come down, a clean kill, or will it go on to lose life slowly, needlessly? Of course, duck hunters are no different Ihxn any other people, Jn every walk of life .you will find the unscrupulous and (he chiselers, tye can't expect much from these, But it the honest gunners of the nation make a serious effort to lend a hand in duck conservation this seat son, next year the probabilities are that we will have more ducks, About a ton of paper, mostly tape frcxm. stock brokers, is swept from the Js'ew Vovk Stock Exchange each day, Safety — For Silence — We Install EJriternatiQnal Parts Mufflers All Welded Construction , for tiff of Car Ne Installation Chfff f if Glass & Salvage Co, ^w«ir. H^A*^. ?M^7^ By CHARLES WYLIE JR, Thd Hope Bobcats Inspired by 1,000 local pdrlisnns outclassed the! Cortway wnmptts Cats 13-8 In ondj of the biggest Interseetlonal AA lilts' of the year last night in Conway. The Bobcats definitely proved they afd one of the top ranking pigskin powers in the stale. T.he Conwdy Wampus Cats won the toss and, elected to receive. .John .Graves' kicked off for thd Bobcats and Ronnie Duke returned it to his own 25. After being held for three doWns the Wampus Cats Were forced to punt. The Bobcats took over on their own 33. The first play from scrimmage Graved ran 10 yards for a first down. After two unsuccessful cracks yt the line* Graves tried a quick kick which was blocked. Conway recovered oil Hope's 34. Hero the Bobcats played a little swap out as the Cats recovered a Conway fumble on the next pltiy. After 3 downs Graves punted to the Conway 18. On Conway's 2nd down n pass was attempted but it was intercepted by David Watkins. The Bobcats ran lip against a potent Conway defense and Graves was forced to punt after 3 downs. On Conway's 1st down, Robert Lewis scampered 37 yards to the Hope 33. The next play Conway was penalized 5 yards but it was refused by the'Bobcats, At the end of the 1st quai'ter the score stood at 0-0. On the first play of the 2nd quar- te'r Duke threw rt pass to Edison on 1 the Bobcat one yard line. Ward plunged over for the TD.'Hogan's attempt for the extra point w,as no good. H6g£in kicked off and Wayne Camp returned it to the Bobcat 38, the next play the Bobcats were penalized' 15 yards. Immediately the Bobcats went, to work as'John Graves raced to the Conway 47 before he was stopped and Conway was penalized 15 yards, Four plays Idler Don Booth plunged over from the 6, ' Watkin's PAT was no' goo'd.'For the rest Of the 2nd quarter the .two teams battled to a complete standstill; Both bands gave a fine halftime performance. Bobby Erwin ran Hogan's kick- oft to the Bobcat 20 arid this is where the Cats really, went to work. 13 plays later Fullback Don. Booth jolted 18 yards for a TD, Graves made tho extra point. Robert Lewis returned Grave's kickoff to Conway's 21. For the next 12 plays the Wampus Cats worked their way 73 yards to the Bobcats G where they lost the ball on downs, The next play, Booth reeled off 55, yards to the Conway 38,,The 3rd quarter ended with the Bobcats leading, 13-G, t In the 4th, Ihe Bobcats drove to the Conway 30. But there (hey were stopped by a determined Conway defense. Conwa'y had possession of the ball ,in jb,e last seconds of the game and 1 attempted to pass, Bill Butler intercepted and plowed within inches of the gopl line before (he whistle. Coach Pierce said "The whole team showed determination and l beljpve that the spirit shown by the' ffopo fans helped us to win this game." Nojjt week is home-coming fcvr the Bobcats as jh,py meet the Arka. delphia Badgers in Jiammons Sta. dium, STATISTIpS- Hppe' First downs 15 jo Yards gainpct 278 150 Penalties 30 ys Passes attempted } 7 Passes completed J 2 Punt Avg. 36 37 Emmet add Sprihg Hill ecrs spill d IHpleheadef last flight i in thd Emmet Gym, with thd Em I met Stnior and Junior glfls get* ' ting wins and the Spring Mill Senior boys trtking thdif gdtn Suznnne Jones hit for if to lead tho Emmet Junior girls to a 2/j<l i ? victory. Sue Hnrvel was high for Spring, Mill with !). Spring tllll led 7-f) the first period, HM2" at the! half, trailed 18'lfi the third period nnci only made 2 points the final ciiuirlcr ns Emrnel picked up *?, Emtnet's lop scoring ace Juanlta Dougan hit from all angles to galh-« er 33 points and load her team in it 40-28 triumph. Bdbbye Faulkner got 7, Janice Matthews A nnd Lorraine Thclss 2. Linda Galloway was high for the losers with 12, Betty Cox looped 10 and EliTifl Nell Barnes 0. Emmet led 18«10, 24-12 and 32-1G at the quarters. Spring Hill Senior bo.yS. last years courtly and district winners, rolled lo ii 54-33 win after loading at the quarters 17-4, 37^12 and 44^ 28. Terrell Townscnd hit for 15 and Jmries Huckabee 12 for the Winners Gilbert dotigan paced Emmet with' 15 ancl Jumos Cummings got 7. Officials were Bob McBrayer and Jack Burson, timekeeper was Gory Coffee and rcorekeepers were Shirley. Wright and William Hamilton. Emmet and Spring. Hill tangle' again Tuesday night, Nov. 11 in the Spring Hill Gym, the Jr. girls game starting a( 630 p.m. JACk'S HOUSE BELLAIRE, Ohio (#)—The House That Jack Built is no more. Built in 1871 by Jacob Heatherington, the .mansion got its name frOm the likeness of a mule named Jack carved on its keystone, it was his tribute to.a faithful mule which helped him earn his fortune in coal mining and, .later, to build the riiansion. The unusual keystonf is going to be used In a motel located on thd site. ADS MUST'1C IN OMICI DAY BEFORE PUBLICATION _ PHOMt 74431 FOfc AD TAKER The schedule of SoiUfihf Periods, as printed below, has been taked from John Aldett knight's Soiuh.ar' Tables. Plah yotif days so, that you will be fishing hi gobd tefritary or hunting In good cover,during these times, tf you wish td find the best sport that each day hai to offer. , • The Major Periods are shows in boldface type, These begin at the times shown arid last for an hotlf and a half or two hours thereafter. The Minor Periods, shown in regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. '/ • ,, A, M, P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Saturday 2:25 8!35 2!50 9:05 Sunday 3:20 9135 3:50 10:05 Monday 4:2010135 4:50l1i05 Tuesday 5:20 11:35 5:50 Wedncs. (1:20 12105 (J:50 12!35 Thursday 7:20 1105 7:50 1!35 Friday 8:15 2:00 '8:45. 2!30 Saturday 9:10 2:55 0:40. -3!25 Sunday 10:00 3i'45 10:30 '4:15 DIDN'T MAKE IT SAN DIEGO, Calif. (/P)—A-prominent speaker was scheduled-to address the District' Council of Carpenters on "How to Encourage Greater Attendance at UnionvMeet- ings." But he forgot to attend. CONFUSING » WINCHESTER, Vd. (/P) — It was confusing enough for the .maternity ward nt a hospital here when two women with identical names were admitted. It got more confusing when both Mrs. William Leach and Mrs. William Leach each gave* birth to baby girls on the same'day, *\ t JouS E.L. WITHERS Arkentes By THg ASgOPlATED 'PRESS Hope 53, gonway ?. . ,t ' 46, snyJhovUlo'' 7 , Hot prinss 37, Ppft Slttt 13 Mile Rwk ecntraj it, . N«f tu JN8T1SE ' 'W TJHB PBQgAjg sgURT 9F TtiP MATTER THE STORY: Trapped- on the roof of her home, 12-year- old' Katherine has at last attracted the attention -of , Aunt Millioent. The aunt urges the ch'ild to jump. Chapter- XVIII K a t h e r i n c, hisse'cl . at her. "Where's Paul" "Oh, he's in the house somewhere, He must be in his room. I'll go call him." "D o n ' t call ' him." Katherine drew back for a moment, catching her breath, Then she said, "I mean, don't bother him," "But you have to get down from (here, darling," Her voic,3 had taken on a plaintive edge. "I don't know where the- ladder is, I don't even know it there's one here," "We don't need a ladder." "You're going to jump" She looked up, her face a pale waver- iny blur. "Can you pull that, table over here, under me" "Yes," "You could stand up on that and hplp me," Katherine had a feeling of the aimless glance once more, It puzzled-her; it was not an expression she was accustomed to on Aunt Mjllicent's face; nor *. one thai seemed natural there. It was put of place now, Aunt Milljccnt should haye taken command of tho situation; she should have Known 'fVom ; the first instant she heard Katharine's voice, just what should bo done, and exactly Iwy to set about it, Jt worried her thni that hard, insensitive forc'e of eijr ergy which she had never bofoi'ij found vulnerable, should now be so totally dead. She watphed, leaning against the corner of the phimney, wUUe Aunt MjUigent went across t)ie terrace sjosviy — .almost rplviP* tantly, .she thought •<—' toward the big iron table at the far side. She leoked ,nt jt, and then sajd' oyg? 3Q, p-ine Bluff Jg Little Ropk. Cathojip ?6, ville-7 ' Forrest Gity ^ , J8n.esl}pj-p- Q Malveju 33,-genjofl'pi- •- M,prriltpn. 53, ^jab^lyalp'B .-. Camden §0, gmapjjoyer De queen, 47, f^ra^en, 18 ,: , ; * Masionna 7, Stuttgart 9 Rogers SK Berry villa §, '• • Spr|ngdale IQfyonlin;, M°- fl ;Y.an 'Burerj g7, JiujjUYJUe 9 .West Memphis 5^ WelPHg fi , ss i?,,sylvan Witt a?, fiiitmJU* &* OStatfl -• (T ( •s^ar-^Gir s *™™ ff '~^ •*» 7?-" -\ %«mpi n iI'-Mi|M\|[ ; ;:>-?|M' m her shoulder, with a kind of agonizing fo'olishness, "Is this the table you , mean" "Yes. Con ybu pull it over hre" "Well, I guess I can," She took hold of one corner of the table, and began to drag it with her, stepping backward- over the pavement, "But I don't want Paul to hear," • i'Well, I 'clon'l know why you—" .' "Is he'in the living room" ' "No, darling! I already told you, I don't -know where he is Ancl anyway, he ought to be out here - h e Jp i n g, I'm not strong enough for, this kind of thing,-It hurts my back," . The table was almost dgain.st the-wall, There svas a sound of th<? last moment of struggle, and then a thin clank as it touched the edge' of tho chimney Aunt Mil. licent said, "You 1 moan thaH yen) want me tq get' UP on the table to help, you" "Yes." "Oil, honestly!" -Some of tho impatience swttm back into view ''Can't you jiist jump 'down by yourself There's -Jmithing hard about that, It's "not dangerous at all,"' , f"» •1 Katherine was s ha K 1 n g, Shf> whispered ag'ain stubbornly, "Noj I'm afraid to." . ( , "Oh, .all right."' f ' A,unt Millicpnt went baeH across ,}he terrace to\vr>vd n chair, and began pulling it over beside the table, When she had it in position she climbed awkwardly up ont9 thp seat, and from there to thn top o fthe table. She said "W, I'm' ready now." , {She cfrew back pnd said qua? mjngly, "I pa n't ,do H," "Of course you can I'm right here bejow you, I'll catch you, nothing trip Jea'st bit dasu a,bout it-, Just id ie« HI ttuy • W« tell' *• »KAL MTAtfc Hi D, fHAWkLlM A, -P, C*l6B«y, e«Ul«r, 51st»tic« Call MOVING? UtH Ml liitli, H*Ve V»n» - Will PRfiSCOtT * 06. BASMAM > Brothers House Movers, insured and free estimate, Write Barhahi Brothefs Gale, Arkfiflsis; 214 Mo. not be responsible for any deBts- 6ther than those made by me. Floyd Wright.. 0-3tp WOUlit) all persons Haying sewing, at Mrs. George Womaok's, 117 E. AVd, & plettse come by and pick it .UP- G - (C ' ' • -' 8 Acres, Hope edge, modern 4 room furnished, $(3,000 "- $2,500 down payment. Balance like rent. 106 acres, good stand of pine, some logs and pu'lpwood for mark' et. $10,000.-'Tefhvg, Sti'out-'Realty Agency. 620 West 67 Highway. 21-1-m-c iro Community ' Ettrier Hick* P«henii 7-4671 or 7-4474 Thought Fbr the Day Ptiblic opinion is a weak tyrant, compared with our private opinion. — What a man thinks of himself, that it is which det6rmines, or rather indicates his fate. —• Thoreau said it. Calendar of Events The Excelsior Chapter No. 128 of Washington , is sponsoring a Bancftiet, Saturday night, Nov. 8, at 7:30 at Lincoln High -School. The' price is 50c per plate. The public is invited. N. A. Tyus, Wl Matron; Emma Jones, secretary. Revival services will begin at the Holy Ghost Temple Church of God"'in Christ-at'McNab, Nov. 10. Elder L. W. William's of Nashville will be, g^uest minister. Elder L. C. Washington, pastor. n happened. IPO; rap, jd.}y' 'f(\\ at onpe. Sh'e' 414 not Jia.ve Jo push herself; 1 hej- hold, was. gone, she began" .slidJrig dosv.i) th9 , She' felt ' tge' psjge P| them, ps \Yfre? ojit iri 'ljple''. bo4 v w rp.of fi9w' t , ' The'Altar Guild .Club will meet Sunday", Is f ov. 9 at 4 p.m, at the home of Mrs. Laura Johnson. All memibers arc urged to please be present and on time, Business of importance to bo discussed- There will be" a, fish fry given in the basement of BeBce Memorial 'CME> Gh'iiroh, Satdrclay, November 8 1958'starting at 5;30 p. m, The public is invited. Hot coffee will be served. ' Sponsored by Stewardess Board No. 2; POSTMAN MAY NOT RING .. , AT' AllL |J By FARLEY MANNING Owners of -well' trained dogs wHV not be affected by Postmaster 'General _Su'rrimerfield's recent ruling .fegafdirig the curtailment of- mail -delivery to homos where dogs have -bitten mail' carriers, • In his ruling, 'Mr, Summertield said 4hnt' s ( d p p' i n g deliveries would, be^tlfd last,- or desperation rrieasuire 1 ;- A- letter seeking the c'oo'peVati'on of the' clogrowners will be sent first, when' a mail carrier reports that. He was threatened by a dog., If there JS no cooperation, a second letter will tell the dog- owner that mail service will be d'iseontjnued to h'js home and his mail will have to be picked up at the post- office, TJiere is nothing in the postal Ja\ys. 'which makes it compulsory tor the carriers'- to deliver mail to a pcrsdn's house', This is a guv- ernment Pe'rvioe .— Jong established. and ninclr appreciated — but still' a' ?e'rvl'ce, Therp are a'n estimated 25,000,000 "flo|3 in the United States, PwnecF'by approximately 17,000,000 fa'rililies, % >vhich means of course jhat mpny people do npt own 4°8S aW ' ih°>' e ns' e 'others who nwy : rjo1 }ike "flogs, Mail car' ' ', fee' in any one of the 'P§! .,- . . -801 hps' an-wripsnny ?epse of t9 differentiate' is fill .the Ptt who PJHV? |or iYhy,d(siihe dogs'.^Jv; d piade" it' sJpar that <? ^nti=4'pg, He m$ J^ loyes ^JTO8} S .aofl i« s 9'^B"g -owner t gVP?umabiy pqst off will ^ e reasanabl? in of til? npw roan sut- ruling,' ., , .'$$&& Ru| J;|wfl .afer t'' W'M'i'ib^ wayt te$ lv ii' ftr Sift „..- sereefig, dears, stofffl windows, weather * Stripping, iti' sUlatioft, r"o6fin.g", aWnitigs, ,|ttt« tefirtg, ornamental rfitlihf, ..Fi-eff estimates. Andy Andrews, Pnofi<j H6U3B TO'fiE MGVfiB- Fof sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, ttopei Ark, Raymond Byei-s Phone WANT AD RATES All Wont AdS if« j36y8b'« !« advaiite but ifids will bd -jcccpte'J 6vef the. teiephbrtg dftd ofrtfhloeld- f|6ft'ttM|$uhte 8ll6W?d with th§ tih- fctefStdMdihS the decSUftt Is WheH Sfateftieht IS fertoered. 1950 STtftiEBAKES pickup. Cattle: bed, heater, clean and itV good condition Phone 7*2504 of 7-4011, 29'tf FIVE 'room house, $1,600. .A good buy to rebuild or move, Jqha W, Webb, Ozan, Ark. 2t-'lm.p 1051 OLDS Fordor, hardtop/Good second car. Call PR 7-2487. ' .. 27-tf FIVE room home. Dinette and car-j port. Completely furnished. Sell cheap for quick sale. Phone 4047. • 31-12tp BLAKEMOOR'E Strawberry plants* 50c per 100 at farm. 75c deliver 1 ed. Good plants. W. C. Johnson) Blevlris, Ark. Rt. 1. ' 7-3tp „., SriS Throb Of Wbrds bay Up t6 IS -.45 16 to 20 .60. SI to 2S t .75 1.5 26 to SO , .W". 1.0 31 to 35 't'hVj.n.%M 34 to 40 ' 41 to 45. ,l.a 46 16 50. 1,5 .90 1.20 1.50 '.06 bay$ Mohth 1,50 4.50,1,, 2;00 6.06% 2 50 i*.SO 3.00 §.60 3.50 10.SO 4.60 1100 4.56 .13.50 5.00 15.00 '• CUSjIPlJED'tflSfLAY 1 tlhie .....'.'./-...'.".'..../... '8dc pel Ihch 3 tiflieS 1 1...Si.v.H..'XL'..;;..' &5<i pjf inch 6 times- -,a:.!...il.'.i;.j..'..'.... S5c pcf inch . Rates qiJoM'vabovis dr<3 f<5f cpti» seeutive IWeMfbHS. IfVedular bfs'klp . dote'tfd£'\vlli'.ttiks'tH6' ohd-day rdte.fi All,daily pltijflfiec^oclvefHsirid copy '* will,.bf. pqtepted.iUrjril 5, p.rri. for publldatlbfi the'following day. TM publisher taicfve'i trie right to fevlse or edit all odvostlsements of fered fdf piibllca'HoH drid • to • reject ony oblectlonable advertising submitted. .Initials of orie or more letters, groups' rif fiquros, Uicli as house or telephone' rtiimlSers" count as-one-word. The- Hope Star, will riot be responsible-.for errors ,|n Want Ads unless errors rare' colled"fo bur' attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for* ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. £ PHONE: PROSPECT. 7-3431 For Refit LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Service. Call Day or Night. 7-9055. 8-lrrioc UNFURNISHED house H2 W. 18th Street. No children under High School age. $45. Phone 2374 Bodcaw. • 28-tf NICELY Furnished 4 room apartment. Adults only. No drinking. 801 East 3rd. 3-tf CORNER building jit 3rd and Walnut. Same block as new bank building.'Contact Talbot Feild Jr. 7-4509 or 7-2109. ' 5-6tp NICE unfurnished 4 room Apartment with washing machine con; nections. Gooti neighborhood. 1108 S. M'ain. Phone 7-CG24. 7-3tp UNFUURlNIsft'ED" apartment. Mid- dlcbrooks Grocery. Dial 7-3791, ' Female Help Wonted TWO waitresses, Apply in person, Diamond Cafe, 'Hope, Ark., ' ' 19-tf MAKE money at home assembling our items. Experience unnecessary. Elko Ind, 406 S. Robertson, Los Angeles 48, Calif, 7-2tp G1R"L for car hop, Must be Id, Apply at King's Drive-Inn, 7-Bto Wonted Hope Star route o'p'en'"*or boys 12 years and over, Apply ; at'.Hope gtar Office, , ,GOOD used tin and.lumber, Boxing and 2x4 and 2x6; Also .fresh Jersey milch- cow- PR 7r48)0, Hope Star Star ,of. Hopt ,1899; Press 1927 Consoliaafcd January 18, 1929 Published evoiV Weekday afternoon by ' " STAft PUBLISHING CO. , Mrs. .C. E. Palmer, President i Alex, H. Woshburn, Seey-Trci. , at The Star Building 212-M4 South Walnut Street Hope, • Arkarisas • AICX..H. Woshburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. G»»r«t W, Hasmer, Mcch. Supt. Entered as second class matter at tht Post'* Off|cc at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act-of March 3, • 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of : Circulations Subscription Rates (payable In advaniO By, carrier in Hope and nelghb^rina {owns — Per week .............................. S .30 Per year ............................. !*•<> By ,maii In Hempstoad, Nevada, LaFoyette, Howard and Miller Counties '— ' One nionth' ........................... $ •« Three months ........................ 1>8 i . $i* ,months .., .:,,..,. One year .............. . All other mall — Oric month' ..',.,..' Three months ............... , Six months ........ , One year ,..:. a. 50 1-30 3,°0 7,80 l*-*0 Ndt'l Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Dailies, Inc./ 1602 Sterirk Bldg. Mcrnphls 2, Tenn.; 505 T exos Bank Bldg,, Dollos 2, Jews; ?60 N Mlchloan Ave., Chlcaao 1, III.; 60 E. ,, 42nd'St., NPw York 17, N. Y.;,l763 f ^ PepobsGor Bldg,, Detroit 2, Mich,; Terminal , Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. ' ' Member of The Anaclated Press: The, Associated Press is entitled ex- clusjvely, to the use for republicatlon of qll-the'local news printed'in this newspaper, as'well as all AP dlspotches, ' EXPERIENCED cook nt once, ifS.5 por week, Hours, 6 8,m--to 2 p.m, Apply at Grill Cafe. , 8-3tc SEVERAL colored, sna'psho'ts near Scott's. Please return to Ward's Drug Store or ca}J YUcon 3-?54p ( Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Syria) OAKCREST Pjaj PR Servjcei Offtrtf " w /row**' -TWIT Wr isrt Wi JH . B,'gQ9th, 'UJ.JUiiJH.ll .Jj....,. ? , t y.,..J-> 7 W'— - ,4&ysbJew.r>iu «°4l- J • P w% mvm ij&< ^ARiw, swtew:- ft^wxtM 5 Mv:M Tovlor & Jordan USED CARS — BODY SHOr — FOREIGN CARS — 816 8, Haze) p'h'pne 7-4022 Orvllle Taylor^ John BUI Jordan WANTED TO BUY Plus PjjIpvvpoVby -truck -X, gut in Woods or ,Qtneryvi§ e »' HAROLD HENDRIX ', •• 'Ptiohe-pR 7.4381- 4 . !§th * y>y(?lanai H°pe>, Ark.

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