Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 7, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1958
Page 6
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l*a§i HdM STAR, ARKANSAS 7,19SI fH6 SfORY: It Is raining and Kflthrflhe Is trapped on iHt fobf, Where she Is hiding to SBcSpe from Paul, her stepfather. Katharine knows Paul /rturderSd her mother and nt- tempted to make, it look like a swlrtiming accident. Chapter XVII She clidiVl ic:ili/r thill she \y.is ff'liittR nslwp. In;-! HH wild of horHbk' I' e i\ I i I i r s \Viu- slipping SvVny from lu-i Hut the MHI! v> .11 relaxed. She had bei-n un;il)le lo sleep under the sunshine. but llic j-iiin acted like ii lulla'jy. tappuu! monotonously. bathing. irjmbilifi. She c :i 111 i itWiikr suddenly. There wns no chance nf enjoyim! the leisurely plcasurr*; c-l assem- Wing her f ;i c u I I i e .' Sin- li.id dropped off tu sleep slowly, insensibly, without kimwmK it. Sin- had betrayed her vipil. She must.) her liend and looked around. H was much darker I him it had been before, and I'm a second fhe wondered if "In li,n( slept ill through the niuht anil were mm' /waking up to the dawn. But the stronger light vvju eommg from ibehlnd the rool toward the west. There were voices inside, and then Aunt Millieenl's came up clearly, saying In Amy, "She must Iwve gone donn the bo.ich lo visit somebody, and decided lo slny 111) the rain stopped." "She'd have called to tell us." "Maybe <=hr forgot. Or Maybe she c decided to slay nhd ImVo dinnri with Mr. Wethcrby. She likes him " Amy stiicl stubbornly, "1 know her She wntitd hnve called." And then Paul's Voice, saj'llig 'indifferently. "Oh. don't worf.V ' i.bout her VWI1 jusl have lo fjo on i.ntl eat We ran find something for her when she gels home it .'he hasn't had her dinner." Amy s o u n d e d reluctant. She snir. untlecidedly. "Well . . ." "Yes. of course. Thai's the thing I to do ' Thin voices drifted away, lcnv» it\K nothing behind them but '.he pound of the rain. Katherine looked at her watch. It said 10 minuici: to seven. She held it lo her ear. It was still liekinu. The rain hadn't hurl it, 'inywny I She fell crumped, and iinendtir- tilily cola, fin/on down to her bones. Her joints were stiff, and | as she tried lo move, te scoot j herself up a little wny on the I slant of Hie roof, they gave her a rough. jj.nfilinR pain. Her headache was still with her, too. I She looked down at the terrace. It was running wet. If OVEI-AU MAO. ncnJ« TU« SO. IN, AKIA !low-rmci TV WITH EXCLUSIVI MOTOROLA OOIDEN OUARANTEI Full year guarantee on all tubes and parts, 6 ymira on 'Golden Tube Sentry Unit. Use aa stereo speaker. Fitt- Uhes; Char- (w, Chcmoal IM>M «oal, Grained Mahoganyor Grained Blond. Mod•1 21T68. ms YOUR EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E. 2nd, Hope, Ark. The next t i m e she looked down at the terrace, the shadows were Bone from the bright reflection, II mtis! hnve been Aunt MillJcunt •before, and now she had settled down with her magazine for the rest nf Ihe evening. Amy's bedroom was on tills side of the house. Could Katherine make her way down tho length of Ihe slanting roof She looked over her shoulder at it, squinting, trying hard to sec it clearly, barely able to distinguish a sort of dark, li eaeherous wetness stretching all around her. If she made even one slip . . . It was jusl at this moment —21 mliui'.es alter eight, as she looked at her watch — that she heard a sound from the room below her. She couldn't Icll what it was for a second, and then she realized dial it was the sound of someone's shoe stepping onto the metal threshold of the long windows. Someone, was standing there below her looking out into the rain. She leaned forward again, craning, and peered at the reflection. She could not make it out clearly. Tho rain slanted softly across it, and splashed irilo it, wrinkling ihf> surface, the hi irk t; pr.Umrht v a• <n - .iud£>, in- tiUtificlj il fflithl nSt* bWfi Atlfil MilliceM; it fnljht hftte '-' Pa\il. And then the Shadow ffiov'cd. f(s rti-ms waved iri the rofjcdtlori. The person In the doohVny Was lighting a cigarette. Whoever was had hot fnoved Away, .._. was still looking out into Ih6 frtlii, And as sorftclhifitf IH the sha clow's position shifted, Ralherihe knew lhal it Was Auhl MilllfcCHli Kathcrihd sloclcd hchself. She leaned nut as far as she cotilc beyond the odgd ot the roof, afic said sofily — wondering if the sound would carry through Ihe j-nlr) __. or .just .tiow far U woulc carry: "Auhl Millicehl." The shadow moved again. It Was looking around; ahd Iheh A.unl M i 11 i c o n I' s voice dMfted up "Katherine" "Yes." "Ara you titiisidc" "Yes." "Bui v/liy doh't you come in side Where are you Whal arc you doing?" Knthcrine said, "Shhh," again mid Ihcn as distinctly as sh. could, Irylntf still to keep her voice just above a whisper: "' can't get down. I'm on the roof Conic and help me." And then, at last, with escape so close to her, she. could no i Jon per control herself; she began [ to cry w h i 1 c the rain poured down her face. The shadow disnppercad for a moment. Aunt Milllccnt's voice floated up, a sound of purpose in the drifting rain, "Jusl lut me get a coal." Almost as soon as she was gone, it seemed she was back again. Knlhcrinc leaned forward again ^nd hoard her say, "Darling Look at you! What en earth have you been doing" Katherine shook her head. She whispered loudly, trying to make her voice sound forceful, assured, "I can't get down- without a ladder." Some of Aunt Milliccnt's confidence returned, She Said, "But darling, it's not far il all. Jusl jump right on down and I'll catch you. Il isn't more than 12 or '13 feet." (To Be Continued) (Copyright 1957 by Rlnehart A Company, Inc.) Transferred Athletes Eligible Dec. 1 LITTLE ROCK (AP)—The Arkansas Athletic Assn. today ruled that athletes from ' Little Rock Central and Hall -High Schools will become eligible for athletic participation Dec, 1 nt schools tliqy now are attending or schools xh'ey may enter by thai date. The ruling furlhcr said that that football player? who do, not f J Ct *• $.. f~*,\> &• ' fy es.- He's Your Mem... At regular intervals, an A.B.C. circulation auditor visits our office to delve into our records on your behalf. He's thorough, exacting, complete. He leaves no stone unturned to get the . circulation facts, When he has finished his audit, he tells us what we have, He produces the facts on the quantity and quality of our circulation, He's your man, actually—he works for you, The AJB.C, report, based on the auditor's findings, is your guide to more productive advertising;. The facts he reports', are your protection. They tell you, in the precise language of an accountant, exactly how big a circulation audience you are: buying, where members of that audience live, and,'; • gome of the reasons why they eboie • to k@. : a part of that audience, •'*;,-. • to £@e a copy of our latent A.B.C, report»\ "THIS I^WHERE I LIVE"—Although 11-monlh-old David Wright isTbo young lo know it, he lives and plays in a very strange house. David and his parents are the occupants of a living laboratory in Urbana, 111. His daddy, scientist Richard Wright of the University of Illinois, helps direct a research project on how best to heat or cool a home. Their $40,000 "test lube" house includes every form of current home con- strUclion in Its design. Eighl miles of wire conned 475 lempcr- alurc-nicasuring locallons with a central control system, where David is standing above. The house was built by the National Warm-Air Healing and Air Conditioning Association of Cleveland, Ohio. Prescott News Brownie Troop No. 2 Meets Brownie Troop No. 2 held their meeting on Monday afternoon at the City Hall. They made cute little laced leather coin purses. Prayer was by Vernia Oglesby. •Hostess Helen Friend was assisted by her mother, Mrs. Clayton Friend, in serving refreshments to Brownies Gilda Fay Hines, Jan- nctte McAnally, Glenda Smith, Susan Ward, Janet Jordan, Giriny Gray, Sandra Kay Anderson, Charlotte Arnold, Dorothy Govington and Gail Graham, Mrs. Garland McAnnally and Mrs. Aubrey Anderson. Presbyterian Circle 2 Meets WiVi Mrs, T. E. Logan On Monday Circle 2 of the Women of Ihe Presbyterian'. Church met,in the cottage of Mrs, T, E. Logan at Suckles Lake for a covered dish luncheon and meeting. A fire burned in the fire place and the mantel was centered with an arrangement of marigolds. A Thanksgiving cloth and napkins gave p gay note to the serving table centered with a vase of roses The invocation was given by Mrs, Logan, Mrs. J. R. Bemis, chairman presided and opened the meeting that followed the luncheon with prayer. In keeping with Stewardship monlh M'rs. J, H. Robertson presented trie Bible study on "A Hope-Filled hurch." Scripture readings wore by Mrs, Allen Gee, Mrs. Guss Me- Caskill, Mrs. Carl Dalrymple, Mrs, D. L. McRae Jr. Mrs. D. L. McRae Sr, and Mrs. Bemis. Tho meeting adjourned with prayer, Others present-wore Mrs. R, P, llam'by, Mrs, W. P. Cummings, Mrs, D. W, Durham and Mrs. C, D, Atkinson. Mrs, J, W, Gist WSCS Circle 1 Hostess ( M'rs. J, W. Gist was,hostess jfd WSCS Circle 1 at her home on Monday afternoon with 17'mem.* bers present, Mrs. Floyd Wren, chairman pre* sided. The program was in charge of Mrs, A- E, Pearson and she gave the devotional on "Thanksgiving" reading Die 105th Psalm, Mrs. Lige Martin read a harpe mission article on "A Home Away om A H,ome." The meeting cjos- ccj with a poem "Thp Village PJow man's Thanksgiving" by Mrs, Pearson. Pie and coffee was sewed, by tho hostess, Mrs. Pydley Rsuse Presbyterian iQircl? ? Mrs, Bob Reynolds was go-liosl- ess when Circje 3 of (he Worj-jeji, of the Pi'psbyteriqn CJiu.rcl\jTiet on Monday evening in Ihe home of Mrs. pudley R.onsp, Lovely ijrcsngenients of 'robes' and da,hlia,s decorated the rpoms. Mrs. John \V, Dayjs, phaiivnuo, ljod ,the meeting to order, with Prayer and gpndu.cted Jhe business, Mrs. f^ax, <B,vya",i Wanted, tbp P}>ble study prj "A JJop? * "Filled. juirch" a(\ct Jpd |he conversation, on, "s" " TJ>e ^r, fyfc wpuW-.Jaefop*? ijiYj (he " up- ftlWlji Pf. -P?S, .^; -. > . * '„? ,-\ , T4f« f idling, n^ale ^p^^ttofiUW. bw»'c«i\ piupMi?. w34.p4v.^fe^9W§- itpwgjftT /^%toii»;,wh9 ( |Jj-^4x' coffee to the 15 members. NOTICE The B&iPW Club is sponsoring their annual turkey sale thai began this Week. Conrad White and Gordon:White of Little Rock spent Sunday with their mother, Mrs. : W. R. White. M'rs. J. E, Regan has returned from Chicago, where she visited her sisters, Mrs. Ed Cantley and Mrs. Chester Whyle. Mr. and Mrs. Vuel Chamberlain Dear Crof hes Info on Auto , Ark. (APi- An 185-pound buck deer crashed into ah automobile driven by Jerry Jalton of Paragould oh stale highway 25 about seVen miles west of here yesterday. Thd deer Was killed and Nation's car Was damaged badly. Slftco tho seasott for deer doesn't open uhlil next Week, Ihe buck Was dressed and given to the Greene Coltiity Nursing Home for its patiehls. A deor also ran inlo the 'path of a pidk up truck on a couhly road neat- Dclaplaine yeslcrday, darns Warden Tom Fears te- pbrled. The buck Was knocked down bUl jumped Up and slagger- ed off inlo the woods. were Ihe guosls Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. A. 0, Ingram in Pine Bluff, >Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mubbard spenl Sunday in Hoi Springs as the gticsls of Mr. and E. L. Glenn, Mr, and Mrs. John W. Davis and Mi's. Robbie Wilson Were the week end guests of Mr, and Mrs. Scott Smilh and Scott Jr. in LiUle Rock, Mrs. 0. G. Hirsl has returned from El Dorado where she was Ihe guest of M'rs, C. D. McSwain and attended^ house party attend- by former class' males at Galloway College. Miss Louise Martin of Shreveport was the weekend guest of her parenls, Mr. and Mrs, Leroy Martin, and had as her guest, Ray Cooke of Shreveport. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Fore and Sharman of Hattisburg, Miss, spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Fore ,and Mrs. Bryan Ritchie. Mr. and Mrs. M,. R. Whitaker and ; Judy of Little Rock were weekend gucsls in Ihe home of Mrs. M'ildred Dawson and Mrs. Fannie Newth. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Banner had as their weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ray Hannie of Garland, Texas. Mr, and Mrs. Bob Fincher and Miss Sue Fincher of -Jonesboro spent tho weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, W. P. Curn- mings. Weekend guests in the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Hooks were Mr, and Mrs. Orvillc Kelley and Johnnie of Ncdharri, Texas. l»lE5ilO "DEAR 3IR,'"-« ' two dollars for every lellef lhal •.goes out of an office, according ''to a review of cost analyses In various firms made by North" western National Life Insurance Co. Biggest item is Ihe indispensable secretary. Her cost, shown above, is based oil an average of 25 lo 30 Icllci'S a day, with coffee breaks and etceteras figured in. Less important items, including the boss; come next in oi'der, New Clerk Tokef Over of Cdmden CAMDMM, Ark. (AJ»1«- C'diihlJ' Clerk Mdbecca fiafftef sworri in by Circuit Judge GUS W, itoties yesterday lo succeed JoHH Teel as counly clerk. Teel Jtfr sighed after being ihciicled bP a grafid liry on m i S d 6 HI C iJHdF chai-ges of rnishahdliflg coltflty funds. tearlier, Jones had fined Teel $250. The judge said Ihis WaS thd maximum seiilchce he could lm» pose on Teel. tic denied a fcpdft Which said he did hot assess a prison seiltetide 6UI of sy'Hl« pa thy for Hie clerk's family. No dulails oh the charges of ' feasahce, malfeasance arid fcasahce were given In the gftthd jury report submitted to Johds yesterday. County Treasurer Carlton St-y^ ant's records showed Teel paid $1,100 into the treasury several months ago and $2,914.02 into lliC treasury Tuesday, The money J*e' portedly was due Ihe county fi'om Ihe operation lo Teel's office Under the fee system, Teel had pleaded guilty to jj\c misdemeanor charges. , I . Special Justice in Appeal Case LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Little Rock attorney Leon B. Catlett war appointed yesterday as a special justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court to act in one appeal. Catlclt was named by Gov. Orval E. Faubus as a member oC the court in a case Involving constitutionality of the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission, set Up by the 1957 Legislature lo regulate new car agencies and .their salesmen. The acl was declared unconstitutional by the Pulaski Chancery DIRECTOR FAlRWEATHEft SAN BERNARD] NO, -Calif, The new director of Ihe Air Pollu* lion Conlrol Dislricl is John M, Fairweather. Court, ufliose (rlecision was- appealed by Ihe commission. , Q Catlett replaces Associate mia- Ucc George Rose Smith, who disqualified himself. The appointment led lo speculalion lhal the other six juslices were deadlocked, The Supreme Court declared unconstitutional a 1955 act Which sot up a similar commission. The new act was designed to eliminate tho scclions which caused nullification of. the earlier law. For Safety — For Silence — We Install International Parts Mufflers • All Welded Construction • "Silikote" Protection • Guaranteed for Life of Car • No Installation Charge Wylie Glass & Salvage Co, Hwy. 67 West Hope, Ark. Phone 7-2786 ...for the You're looking al Ihe '59 Ford SlyJe- side! And for '59, there's lots new besides styling. There's new strength— ••" from new heavier bumper lo husky wrap-around body corners, New gas savings with' Ford's Short Stroke Six, •New comfort—colorful cab interiors, smoothest ride of any half-ton pickup! ...for the New additions to Ford's '59 line of 3?1 models—Till Cab Tandenis, rated up lo 75,00(Mb, GOW! They combine all the advantages of modern lihX'sb de? sign with the carrying cnpacity of tandem axles, Olhey aU'liew jnocjejs; 4-wheel drive units at jo\y For'd prices, avpijable early in 1959, t,. .for the - H'S J.he '5,9 Ford. 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