Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 7, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 7, 1958
Page 4
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tags taut 1,000 Fans Board Train At 3:30 for Con way Tilt ,, -, ,—' - *' *' * •> "<a m " *•' •'" •'"' Porkers Favored for First Time This Season FAVHTTKVILLE, Ark. " 'Wenrly 1.000 Hope folks will J* .jbjpfli-ri a IB-cnr special tinin here ii—nl 3:30 p.m today foi Ccmwn> I ' "Where Ihc UMdefcalcd nnd united J^J§St5eats meet the highly regarded w Wnmptis Cats. I — -Reports from Conway indiciite I ^_ Itttti 'tho enthusiiism being genci- *~ nted by Hope fnns hns Rot the | wmWttttipus Cat boosteis excited E\ • ^*6H though the Bobcats aro favored oil season piny. Conway fnns rerncmljcr nn upset victory' North Little Hock n couple j ****6T weeks ago, so nothing is ruled ^Tbut ns far as they are concerned The University of Arkansas Razor »*iThc Conway boys hnv-c lost only to backs travel to Hot Springs today ***a Very strong Catholic High team for n final workout before their ^.of Little ftock. ! mcoting tomorrow with Harditl- ~. If the Bobcats get by Conway Simmons at Little Rock. ""tonight they have a very excellent Coach Frank Broylcs hn,s work- ^jB'h'hhco of going all the way as eel the squad all week "on pass »»lthe remaining opponents on the | defense but indicated his fpar o,( "» Hope schedule arc not considered j the Cowboys' aerial attack Hasn't '~ ,loo potent. But win, UKC or draw I diminished *'»'*iiic Bobcats this year are an ex- 1 "I'm afrnid they're going to put • •Cillftg learn and the season can't'that ball into orbit Saturday, Broy' be anything but successful with lies commented. eight straight wins. I Hardin-Slmmons, ranked fourth i-. Tonight's contest should prove, in the nation In passing, also ' • 'one of the ibcsl of the season and boasts a hnrcl running fullback in J''"js" regarded with much interest Pete Hart. - .' istntcwide. Future ratings of both Broyles said the Porkers' •» teams depends on the outcome mental condition seemed good. 11 'Following the contest tonight the) "They showed a lot of interest ! .special will return directly to Hope, in practice." he said. "They seem ," arriving "about 2 am real interested in trying to get . » I ready lot Ihc gome. We nil know A ft tf A MS A'S 'Ff}cfay7Mdve»bef 7, USB AERIAL APPLE—-Jet-powered, free-flying targets will be used for'the fii'st time in an Air Force weapons meet when iho 10- day "Project William Tell" begins Oct. 20 at Tyndall AFB, Fid. Shown above is a close-up view of the "enemy"—the Ryan Fircbce. which can streak through space at 600 m.p.h, and at altitudes as his-h as 50,000 feet 1! will try to evade the Air Force's top Interceptors, hurling deadly missiles and rockets against it in wbnl Gen. Curtis LcMay describes as "a major test of our abililv to stop an air attack against this country " Wing-lip pods un the Kircbee carry electronic scoring devices, camera's and radar reflectors. The drone is capable of being recovered and u.--ed again, unless destroyed by direct hit Much Interest nope Contest By JOHN R. STARR ^Associated Press Sports Writer it's going to be lough." 11 was considered a strong possibility lha'l halfback Fr'c{kiy'"AkeYs of Blythcvillo —.\yho has missed pracllce all week because of influenza — will not see action Saturday. He was released from the infirmary yesterday. Billy Kyscr of Camden took over -Akcrs' second loam halfback spot. The Hogs will hold a workout at Hot Springs and spend the night there. They will leave for Little "'Big Nine conference football j Rock " few hours before game teams confine themselves- to tin ie tomorrow. Ica'guc bickering tonight with two' ' : ~~ key contests on a four-name slate. '/.Fort Smilh and North LiltU' the two main threats lu El Dorndo. fnce rugged *?"'Diesis w 'ln Hot Springs and Little ••'••JlQck Central respectively. "'', ET'-Dorado, on tlic other hand, ^Kas^a comparatively easy assignment against Blytheville in the Oil City. • Texiirlcana's visit to Pino Bluff is of little moment, except (o thp —rHaV.orbacks who stand to finish last ,if they lose. * Fort Smith goes lo Hot Springs, -where the Trojans still are smarting from last week's upset loss to 'Bly.lheville. Hot springs once en' tert'nined championship aspirations, . Now it must be content with a Sees Grandma for First Time in T>yo Years PORTSMOUTH, Va, (AR) — "That's my grandma " Ten-year-old Bobby Summers held out his small arms and for the first time in nearly two' weeks a smile crossed his face. 'Mrs. Elsie Otto of Lichtenfels, Germany, moved to the edge of Bobby's bed in the Portsmouth Naval "Hospital and gathered Bobby into her arms, Her visit was spoiler's rolo as the only powerful I lnc , m svvor to the first of iwo team still to play both Fort Smilh and El Dorado. , -North Little Rock, with tho |i'- homo field advantage, holds a slim "prcj-gamc edgu o\vr Central, al' though the Tipers arc- duo a good week after last week's defeat at the' hands of Memphis Ccntrnl. Both those clubs ha vis been un and || 'down all season. The one that's l|L;.,i xip will take U """ An intersocUonnI battle ibelweon two Class AA teams — Hope and holds considerable in- great wishes expressed often by Bobby. The second wish will not coma true. Bobby wants to be out of the hospital and homo with his pni 1 ' cuts, JVI. Sgt, and Mrs. ' Robc'rf Summers of Ft, Monroe, Va., ill time ('or Pjiristmas, But C|QC(OI^ say cancer of the bladder will take his life within a few weeka. Bobby doesnU .know he has such I a short time to live. He was stricken in May and after a period oC m . . '... .- ;;-""i""T , hospiUilization returned home, But i>"n i r £ Wl1 - ^- lho . ln « l , b '« he had to enter the hospital again | Mestfoj-How, whicliisrankec four-! 0cl 27 , , hj (i t , doct •'" .Ih in the state. The Bobeals put s;licl h . k , . , ' n a.porfecl 8-0-0 record on the lino ^B^t'smolhc, and \athjr were other earns nskporfwt mBri . lcd wnUc summers was sta- ,„„.„,,. _ Wn .i Memphis - lloncd ,„'aoripnny. After his /u- CORN-FED—Enjoying v a taste of 1 owa's"bumper 'corn'worop,, is this Scottish Highland'-cow on the Bennett' Bedell 'farm''near Cedar Rapids. The Agriculture Department has predicted a CO-bushel-un-acrc corn crop and a, bountiful harvest of other grains, l.yj Con way — If*/terest, This at home, 'iX'Crawfordsville won Ms eighth ,-il straight Wednesday night over »5* Luxora while Little Hock Hall ,V~"(STp.-PV beat Subiaeo 38-21 last •'-Anight. : ,£>?• parlo C8-0-01 n .nd Fnyelleyillo l ; J v'(8.-0 : 0') \yore idle this week. r-f • TJierp 'is a solid state of CJas< f^/'AA cortferenee' gnmes tonipht but v '*---•'--, js considered of key tide In, ..Posides the Hclonu-West .clash. Newport is at „ ..,.,..._ and Jonesboi'o at Forrost ^)t/,in' 2AA; Benton is at Mai- .and Little Rock Catholic et in 34 A; and Smack- Pe Qiicp in 4AA j to sec his grandmother. | For tho past two weeks that has , been one of his biggest wishes. i But after paying for tho doctors j and medicine, his parents dirin't have enough money left over tq send for Mrs, Otto, The Newport News Daily Press reported (he plight of the lad and, radio station WGH conducted a drive to raise funds to hove l\'Jrs, Otto brought hero, In no time a! all HOOO was raised and Mrs, Otto was on her way, She arrived in New York and was mot by Bobby's parents They arrived at tho hospital Thursday. Lane Is to iy HAND is Spprts VV ^yfucysj?', N.Y. CAP) - ins '-"~y. k lightweight djyision takps " !>?&'P to. Prf s»5(f jit Off ff r Some Puck Hunting Linemen Get Recognition for Good Play By TED SMITS Associated Press Sports Editor NEW YORK (AP) — College linemen are finally receiving their due recognition in 1958, A callover of All-America rec- oiTurtendations from the 12 Associated Press regional boards today showed many top teams credit linemen for their fine showing. Here aie some candidates: ,, . t—President 13isej\h.o\yev fliPg to Ollio )od.ay to hunt dupks after hunting first for ways to cut fpcleral spending. Before Jeaying, tjip Prosicjpnt arranged tq spnfev with, Budget 'Bovevnment 'spending * program for A* tho 'esi'dn^ycT Pg^pr" CiHb. qn (lip V^kf Pi'i? s %l'f Toledo", Qhiq; 'pjse,nl]R)v"er \yj Ihe ftV!?st of jQeor|se j^j. |f----- ' his first" ?pprptory v pf the of ducfe g'lWPJjns Chalten July '3 1R ppRon,gnt Jigs not #Hf» Wm^> j/M'f^' ^^^;^n^'M^, m m PKLAHOMA — gob cpptor, rated by coach Bud Wilkinson as the most versatile man Oklahoma over had at the position, ^fR FORCE ACADEMY—Brock St'vpm, tackle, the inspirational leafier of this undefeated Cinderella' team, JUTT — John Giiik, a guard wfio is PJH and does everything he is supposed to rtp, AUBURN -r- Z'ekp Smith, guard, an,d Jackie Huvkoit, center, key mjsji in the No. 5 team's sturdy clcfqnsp. M,ONTANA — Stan Repping, a afi^-pqisnd guard, who stands put dosnito' his team's sorry record, I^SjU — Max FilSleVt pontpr on the No. 1 tepni. ,jiK. guard.. $iy\ 51 great all- around lineman. DRKGON STATE — Ted Bates, a tapkle, who ha? been oi{tstnnc\- ARMY — BoV NpyofiVfit. a tackle, who did much' tb slop Pitl. VIRGINIA TFCH — Carroll Dajo t jui end, who ha? been loos in the Southern, Go.iifpvpnc,e for , CALIFORNIA - rlin McKoeyer, an end who has, n. gyo.at even jn ' Jjis" tegm's tassSes, , ' ' MlCfllfJAN BTATP - * S a m W.'JIla.lBSi anatiier powgrj^l pjid, on q lqs|pg Iprjm.. ' ' The Assopjntpd'prfss Alj-Amfiv |pa will be gnnoupcfd Rpy. ,4 and, is J>a.se$ oiHh,e veeorp l T l « 1 PdAM i rrt& tals|ng Jn " , . fepmps \hrough th £1 SOY" |}«-' iipjiii^^ Johnson Says Demos to Ayoid Bi partisan By ERNEST B. VACCARO WASHINGTON '(AP)— Sen,' Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tcx) pledged victorious Democrats today to meet President Eisenhower at | least halfway to avoid partisan warlaro m the two years ahead, -The Senate majority leader said that a nation "cannot exist in the field of foreign alfairs and defense when it speaks with two voices." At the same time, Johnson sketched the bioad outlines of a 12-poinl legislative program, somp parts of which are certain to dra\y Eisenhower's fire. Johnson also took obvious note of Eisenhower's campaign speeches calling some Democrats spenr!> thrifts, radicals, boondogslers and gluomdogglors, but said his party would not seek revenge. • , "Every campaign, of pourse, produces its exaggerations and its. heated remarks." .sa^d. Johnson, vho with House Speaker Sa/ri Ray* burn will lead the ne^'l- Congress. "Some pi.6pje will say Jj-jings-rT- when they see a few votes fading away — whiph they would never say upon reflection." Johnson's speech as prepared for a Texas Business Bdupatioi) Day at Pig Spring, Tex. popie? of his address, his first sjn.ee Tueg. day's elections greatly increased, PI e m o c t r a^tj i P congressional strength, were given out at ja!)»» son's Capitol offipe, When Ihe perrtPerats. agrgp with the President, they will try to, sun- port him, Johnson said, and when, they disagree; '{hpj 1 *vill try to p\-e : fenv consiruetiye alternatives, Some of the proposal Johnson, outlined today apppared certain to win opposition from Eispnliower, \vh,o re,empl)asiited at a-\ye( day news ponfevence >vhat palled the dangers p f • " spending. ADS MUST 6t IN Office DAY BlfORE PUBLICATION — PHONf 7^3431 FOfc AD TAKER The schedule of SolUhaf/ Pefibdi, as printed below, hag beett tflkefl •fVolTi John Aldetl Knight's Soluhai' Tables. Plan yotif days so that you will be fishing In good terHtor f or hunting in good cOVef dtifittg these times, If you Wish to find th* best sport that each day has t6 offer. The Major Periods ate shoWfl in boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for an houi? and a half of two hours there* after. The Minor Periods, Shown in regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration, ' ' A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Friday 1:30 7MO 'li55 8110 Saturday 2:25 8135 3:20 9135 4:20 10:35 5:20 11:36 0:20 12:05 Sim day Monday Tuesday Wcclncs. Thursday 7:20 i:05 Friday 8:15 2'.00 Snturday 0:10 ,2:55 Sunday I0:0fj 3:45 2:50 9105 3:50 10105 4:50 11!05 5:50 (i:50 12135 7:50 1135 8:45 2:30 • <J,i40 3!25 10:30 4:15 Strvieti Offtrtd LfT tii *f«6Vit« j sruf old ait* •tfsai, We ipecialii* la If A • ififiSf l»f ifif , " 711 W**t 4th, Pbob* 7-iteJ I* WhVve meat J <f««lK Sec ui be- CO. Sales*atfd SeMa*;' 513"fitist Sfd. Lr ! EI Bodth, Phdfie PS CUSTOM slaughtering. Hogs $2. Cattle for hides. Hauled free Up to 10 miles. Phone PR 7-3578 or 7'270l, 27'1-mc Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Burial Association OAKGREST FtttffiRAL HOME Dial PR 7-2123 20-lm-c Help Wonted r >...;, ;\» i,,---* ,.,.» Duck Season in Arkansas LITTLE ROCK (AH) — Duck and geese became fair game 1 Arkansas at 6;05 a.m. today nn the nimrods were out in force, bi they faced dismal prospects be cause of a water scarcity. Last year there \yas ' plenty o water but few dunks. ' This year the waterfowl crop ample in most area's. ..but" excel on private reservoirs there is no cnotisrh water to sustain uoo shooting. Only in Northeast Arkansas doe the shooting outlook appears brigh On both the Bis; La'ko ' area i Mississippi Counlv and the Blac River area in Ciay, Greene an Randolph counties, there is happy combinalicn of ducks an water. However, thn Bnvou Do Vie area in Poinsett County has bee closed because of the water shor age, Harris Brake In ' P n rry County Conwnv Lake in Faulkner Count nnd the Nirrnod area in Ye County have an-mle wntnr bui fei ducks as yet. Water conditions ar 1'nir in tho Shircy Bay area i Lawrence Countv but the bir ponulation is. small. Big 1 Lake is Ihc bo=t bol, Gam and Fish Commission snottft counted 10,000'to 15,000 ducks i thn aron ycstordav, The Grand P.'-nirip aroa in Ai Ijnnsas qnd Jefferson counties — normally some r.f the best due tp.(Tilory in (he worlri — is al Devoid of water. Whnt little ro mained has 'been pumned into th private reservoirs, Most of tli nrivnte wonds pro tormina wi f biijds which would iv<>fer hronilo expanses of wnto rif such wer available. r Tbo gigantic P.DVOII Moto bun ing srounds jn the Grand Proiri promise Ijitlo sno'-l this vnnr. The Seven Dovijs ?hootinff are in Drew Countv has nlopty o water but no duoHs whilp th Sulphur Rtvor nvon in Mi County and tho Dnffmnr nrea Moprow County have neither wale i- ducks, Gus Albrjsht. . n-^rne and FJs Commission -publicist, said yestei day 'fiat duok,s f\\]\ arp-nourin into thp stafo nnc] that hun'in conditions \yill bo - nr-a,r perfec hfi-ovpr (hero Is wntor. Dailv- bag liipits for tl^osn ,\y,h aro lucky are four 'ducks and flv gepse. j- of AURORA, Jll. t|ie usually voluble yoj-a, v.as sijent ^hurssjay a|tp wi>s fpnyjctefj by a'^ury of djs pondnpj pd fipigd, who has p.?en' lice Chief Donald, ga-jiisn ppjjpp fnj-ee, die ng| .testify during thp .rial pi'es>(Seri P,\'er fcy the Peaep A^,ej1 ft', n,o Defense wjtnessps, and. twp .qthpy wjtfiesip, sf qg^inft DVP 'fi9-iVp Ti^ypr, \yj\o '\yns ai'res|e<:| •pn Qpt. 14 pt {i mefttigg It) piK^tjfmnt Jo to for WTTW5 a fishwg^reppj'l W d fp^SASl the Arkansap Gtanje ' pn,d' on Uv* i\n4 artificial frflHi , goort'ou worms ajxrt ^v|4k_qis ,Lk« fork: ' "%tt, S>, a l«' feplset' No^-cmrt "La^a. §o mv ay! \Vitw ^mfi'M ',VM <JB s.vwii?js}'4JiiiU .cw &U' .o/i -n^QSKi,,- -,; ;%;. 7 >" v -^7,, <• J4W ^WIMWM" • L fil > 48lfte\,lto^is ft^W^^S^S??"' mstefe r H^toiVaiA^lS^vl MAN wanted for Rawleigh busi- ''ness'in.S, Henipstead Co. or Hope, • Real opportunity, No experience needed Ho start. See Cotjviri Crow, Rt. 1 Box 30,'Nashville or write Bawlcigh's Dcpt. A'KK-641-0, Memphis, Tcnn. . '" , ' 7-ltp Wonted Hop'e Star 'foute r 'open for boys 12 years and over. 'Apply at Hope Star Office. GOOD used tin and lumber. Boxing and 2x4 and 2x6. Also fresh Jersey milch cow. PR 7-4810. 4-Gtc jNegro Community v Eith'er Hlcki f>hon« 7^4678 or 7-4474 Thought for th« day: Dignity of position "adds to dignity of character, as well as to dignity of "carriage — Give us a proud position, and sve aro impelled to net up to it.:— Boveo. Calendar of Events ,Thp 'Excelsior Chapter No, 128 of. Washington is sponsoring a Banquet, Satqrday night, Nov. 8 at 7:30 at Lincoln High School The price is 50c per plate. Th public is invited, N. A. Tyus, W Matrpn; Emma Jones, secretary. For SoU One Left! U.K.C. Registered Toy f es Tefrlef puppies. Call 'Margid Hafrie at Shipley Studio, '"f'San. 5'3tc ALUMINUM screens, doofs, stofrn ft» lt« windows, weather * stripping, i stilatioft, roofing, awnings, gtl tering, ornamental railirtl. Free estimates, Afidy Andrew's, Phbne 74867. 9-tf BOUSE TO Bfi MOVEfi For sale by bid. 422 West Thltd Street, Hope, Ark. Raymond Byers Phone 7'29od. 13-l'ltt*t> 1950 STUBEBAK.ER pickup, Cattle bed, heater, clean and in gOo'd condition. Phone 7-2204 or 7'40,11. 29'tf FIVE room house. $1,000. A good buy to rebuild or move, Johjj W. Webb, Oxan, Ark. 21-lnvp 8 Acres, Hope edge, modern 4 room furnished. $6,000 -^ $2,500 down payment. Balance like 'rent 190 acres, good stand of pine, some logs and pulpwood for mark* et. $10,000. Terms; Strout Realty Agency. 620 West 67 Highway, 21-1-m-c 1951 OLDS Fordor, hardtop. Good second car. Call PR 7-2487. 27-tf FIVE room home. Dinette and carport. Completely' furnished.' Sell cheap for quick sale. Phone 74047. 31-12tp CHOICE paper shell Phone 7-3298. pecans l-6tc 18 HOUSES located on Hwy, 67 West and Tin Row. All sizes and condition. Must be moved from pro'perty within 30 days from sale. For information see Ralph Saunders. 7-4001. Sale starts' 1Q a.m. Saturday, Nov. 8th. 4-4tc §10,0 DOWN, small monthly pay ments 'buys a 5 room' modern home. Close in on pavement. T N. 'Belew. ' 5-3tc BLAKiEMOORiE Stra'w.berry plants. 50c per 100 at farm. 75c delivered. Good plants. W, C. Johnson, Blevins, Ark. Rt. i. 7-3tp For Rent LOCAiL trailors, Byers Gulf 'Service. Call Day or Night, 7-9955. 8-lmoc •Revival services will begin a the Holy Ghost Temple Church o God in Christ at MoNab, Nov, 10 Elder L. 'W. Williams of Nashville will be guest minister, Elder L. C Washington, pastor. The Altar Gujld Club will moo Sunday; NOV. 9 at 4 p.m, at the home of Mrs, Laura Johnson. Al morn'bsrs are urged to please be prgsp'iit'find on" time. Business o importance to' be discussed. Cpming anjf ,Gpjng 1VI|', an'd Mi's.'Jesse Payton hay£ r^n'rnpd to their 'lib'me in Shrove port after 1 speeding several day \yi\li 'their aupt', 1 Mrs, /Vera Jones ^.jvtJ- 3* Y MAINININQ Often ,dpg judges are asj$ed add,fe^s 'fennel o)ub ^lectitigs 01 "What a Judge Wants'of'a Do, in the Show Ring," The organisation of those speeches,' ancj il)p detail? that fil them,' vary »s widely as tho jvi'dges wfto make th'em an,ci th( audiences to which they are ad dressed, Put an over-all analysis finds th^t the gist of them uV boils 4qwn /in^lly to this; The 'jv4ge' want's every dog tha 1 eqt'pj's h{s"'ring" 1? be (a) a typi pally rppresentPtlvp specimen 01 its )nwcl; , (b) .in prim,e physica --•--""-"!'and'ic) Amiable, ajert Thes'e" v {ire pxectiy the same ' Uiat ?>ny owner' w^jif? . „ _.,.irdiai\'or family pet to jii!'f)iJ,> ' w ^8»hPf ^npvp is' anj plj^c^Jrljal the dog will pyey sbr fl* ?!)ow'oj- not. j{ jiie family clog i,s a dog's pt fee i'pqwi'pment i( ({i)> A ' i? -•—'--'-• '"-gnj jt {P <t Jiolrtev's pye; t'o -' ,,,( --->' it? y ,i|. with, fflat to i?m ,9i %si'w,,^ -f^ito yte wsi'/Mjat 9 '^^ %*; iwM me.; &&' W J .? 4 «»Wtt.- Uw w$ ati^4-w$&'l» iter^waw#\ teAte'MhW'Wffi^iv^-;;' -'/. -^omm^jf,^ fe^.Wftl *s*^ l|,^iiP^5- uv ;a" •:";-.-: S^M UNFURNISHED house 112 W. 18th Street, No children under High School age. $45, Phone 2374"Bodcaw. ' '28-tf NICELY Furnished '4' room apartment. Adults only. No drinking, 801 East 3rd. 3-U CORNER building at 3rd and Wai nut. Same block as new bank building. Contact Talbol Feilcl Jr. 7-4509 or 7-2109. 5-6tp NICE unfurnished 4 room apart ment with washing machine connections. Good neighborhood. 1108 S. Main. Phone 7-0024, " 7-3 Notice WE Buy - W* Sell - W« Rrat '" t ""' T R, D, Ji'RAl'IKLIN'COMPAHTr /i, P, Delonej, Manigw •'" Howard Collier, Saliioua MOVING r Long Distance CtQ Collect 582, Fret Eittmatw, Bates, ' . ; • Have Vant — Will Tr»vt) PRESCOTT TRANSfWI ^«. »w^ l,«k »-,»• BTpHAOB CO, Brothers ' If pusf ' ers, 1 Insured' and free "esti Write Barham BrPthf^s ' Arkansas," ". ''8l4 pot be respqnsjbje'.for-sny other than U'' ' me. Floyd \Yrighi; VWMJ all peyspns having sowj^g at Mrs. Qeprge WorRapk's,, 111 E, Ave, C, please pon\e by and, Femole Help WonUd SPIJ- in 1 ' P8sn\etjc$ ' Jigs openings fqr m«twr,p women otherwise employed, '}o ggr e^cciipiit' Avon i?!',rii?i'i^- &W •pn'rH' $2,00 'or niQrf per " ings ih Fuiten, - your - - , , , .^igUijjUf^' ff^'iv^M^ .frft, $$$ml^^^\m)M£M3£ •^wfwijsr%pws^Ai* ! i v 1 -i t <• , v* '!, A-t 1 V a ?».TLD WANT AD RATBS All Wdht Ads Jf«* pbyob'S in advohte but dds will be tcttpl&i ovec the t^l^pRofl^i and ir.ibmbdd'- flbft SciduhfS allowed with )he urt* ddfstaHdlhg th* oeeoufit is payabls »hiB sfatemeht IS tendered. Nuftbef 6f Wofds Up td IS 16 t4 26 il tb 25 26 tb 30 31 16 3S 36 'lb.'<0 4J to 4S 46 tb SO Day ,45 .60. .75 .90 .t.6'5 1,20 1,35 1.50 thfde Days .90 1.20 1.50 I.PO 110 2.40 5.70 3.00 Days 1.50 200 2 50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 1S'0 9p6 10.50 1100 13.50 15.05 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 Hrrte" ..'. ......... ....... 80c t>6l inch 3 tlrnpS ....... '.'..' ............. 65c per Inch 6 titries ....................... 55c pef ihch ciuqted above bl-o for ebrt-> secutive IKSeHibns'.' Irregular or skip cfbl? "dds will 'take the' one-day rate'. - M . f 'AII -'daily classified ddvcrtiEirtg copy Will be accepted until 5 p.m. fof f>ubllcbtlbn the following day. The publisher reserves the right to feyisq or edit all advertisements of fered for 'publication and to reiect any ,ob|ecti6hoble advertising submitted. • Initials of orte or more letters> gfbups''pf flaiireS, ' such as house' or telephone nlimbers count as one word. • ".'the.VHopejStar will'not be responsible for errors jrt Want Ads unless errors arp called to our attention af.fer F.IR5T 'Insertion of ad and then for'ONLY the" ONE incorrect insertion. RHONE; PROSPECT 7-3431 Star Star'of Hope 1899; Presi 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday aflernoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs.' C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Sccy-Tros. ''* at The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, .Arkansas K.- H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor' Donol Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmer, Mech. Supt. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act'of March 3, 1897.' Member of the Audit Bureau of ' ' ' Circulations Subscription fcotss (payable In * •' advari:o) By carrier In Hope and neighboring towns — ? er week S .30 er year li«0 *""!''" ' >By mall In Hempstcad, Nevada, LaFa'yette, 1 Howard and Miller Counties '— ' Ont month •. $ -85 Three ' v months !••* $!«;?months ' ,....,.., , 3.50 On* 'year ! 6-50 ; V • ,All other mall — One month ,.••> '-30 Three' months 3,90 Six''months ' 7.80 One year , 1S.40 Not'l . Advertjslng^ Representatives; Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sterirk Bldg, Memphis 2, Tonn.; 505 Toxas Bank Bldg., Dallas 2,-Texas; 360 N Michlagn Ave., Chicaqo 1, III,; 60 E. 42nd "St:, Now York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg,, Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla.' Member of Jhe A««ee(atcd Press; The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcation , of q|l the local neyvs printed in this _ newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. ' ' 4 411 Taylor & Jordqn UStKJfrS- BODY SHOf CARS — '. 21(5 ',3. H«e| Pb?ne 7^4022 Orville Taylor - John Bill Jordan TO BUY i pulpwQoo' by 'Truck Load, HAROLD PR 7321 , MAD KING Ji^^^l^iJJf €>

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