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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 7, 1958
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To City Subscribers; If you fail id get ysur Itar , pleaw telephone 7.3431 by* 6:36 p. m. dftd a special will deliver yauf- paper, dnfffftt tftit Rbfcif Kftif* For lUportf a* BeKsm el Thu 60TH YEAR: VOL. 60 — NO. 22 HOH, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, NOVEMIiR 7, 1958 Aiford to Find • Opposition in the Congress WASHINGTON' (AP)-br, Dale Aiford may encounter sliff oppo' siiion when he arrives in January to take his seat in Congress as n Democrat represenling Arkansas' Fifth District. 9 'Hep. John A. Blatnik (ID-Minn), yesterday asked House Democrat' ic leaders to designate Aiford as an Independent rather than a Democrat,, Alt'ord, write-in victory over Rep, Brooks Hays (D-Ark) in Tuesday's voting and ah outspoken segregationist,, has said lin intends to enter the House as ft Democrat. He had to run as m) Independent in order to oppose — Hays. 'W But if the move lo prevent him from being 1 classed as a Democrat succeeds, Alford could he deprived or a major commitlce assignment Blatnik said he sent telegrams l.o House leaders pointing out that since Aiford ran as an Independent he should be listed lhat way and "should not be extended the privileges of the Democratic majorifv when they caucus," Rep, Wilbur Mills rD-Ark), 'head' ,A of the party group which handles ^commitlce assignments, was reported en route to Washington and not available for comment. Blatnik said he sent telegrams to Mills, House Speaker Sam Rayburn (D-Tcx) and Majority Leader John McCormack (D-Mass). Blatnik. a congressman for 12 years and a member of the Dem-' ocralic Storing CommiUeo, said the party designation of Aiford will be one of the first issues to be rf- ^ solved when Democratic representatives caucus early in January. Aiford's victory over Hays marked Ihe second lime on record that a candidate had been elected to Congress on a write-in vote. " Sen. Strom Thurmond OD-SC) was the only other man to do U. Thurmond defeated state 1 ; Sen, Edgar Brown as a write-in ( candida,te in 1954 by-'a decisive margin '— 143,444 to 83,525 ' ," Aiford defeated ^Hayss -by-Aibfaut £ 1,300 votes. Memb«Fi the A». Ntt Nid & mat. & Audi! Bu»au of ,M, 36, Hid <— ),t&6 PRICE Se AND AFT£R — pie charts show the bsrnocratle- Republican stahdlngs — governors, senators and representatives — before and after the November 4 elections. In the Senate, 26 Democrats eleotedf increase of 13, with holdovrs a total of 62. filght Republicans elected, decrease of 13, with holdovers a total of 34. In the House, 278 Democrats elected, three Democrats leading In undecided California races, increase of 46, Republicans* elected 1B3 ( decrease of 47i One Independent elected, Governors, 24 Dswocrats elected) net gain of 4. Eight Republicans elected. Democrat leading In undecided Nebraska race. — NEA Telephoto Work Starts on First Npt'l Bank Building Contract has been let for erection of the new First National Bank building at Third and Walnut and actual construction officially started yesterday. The general contract went to the Arthur J. Arnoy Construction Co., of Pine Bluff, who moved in yesterday, Completion of t)ie new building will be sometime next -'I* -AWARD ^"French Premier GenriCh'arlesf defGaulle'f fright, presents England's Sir "Winctbn Churchlll/>wlth* Franoe'svhighest award, .'Medal' of-the Companion" of JLibel'atiorv- at Jcsrein'ony. in Paris hotel Matignon" gardens. -Award'marks end r of v longlpo- litical feud> between the two statesmen.', Only two othei-tforelgnsrn, President Eisenhower and King Mohammed of Morocco,, have received the Medal. — NEA Radio ,- Telephoto -.,.*,, • ,- •' Democrats in Dollars "When complete Ihc new First National Bank home will toe a mqdernistic onc-slory structure ^ with public resl room facilities, a ™ drive-in depository, a parking lot for euslomers and many'other fea» tures. NVeother Experiment Station report for! Faubus repeated previous as- ..hn n-s nnriins at 7 a. m. Friday sections of loyally of Ihe Pemo- LITTDE ROOK (AP) — Both Democratic Rep, Brooks Hays and Dr, Dale Aiford, the man who unseated him as a write-in candidale lasl night urged parly members lo support the "Dollars for Democrats" campaign. Their expressions were contained in letters read at a meeting opening the fund raising drive in Pulaski County, Aiford ran against Hays as an indepcndenl bul declares he is a life-long Democrat and expects to take his Congressional seat under the parly 'banner, Tho lellers were read by Harold Jinks of Piggoll, a sajarized representative of the national Democratic Parly, who attended Ihc mooting, Gov, OrvaJ E. Faubug wns among the 33 members present. So \vas Claude D, Carpenter Jr., who managed Alford's campaign and Jhen returned to the stale chairmanship of the "Dollars" drive, Extradition-Ruling Soon for Holdup Man. >>'» \itW. «&•;*« •'5?kHi",>$,»4^ti!*>!»»!n<W'ipii^'i*> ST, LOUIS (AP} — A-- ruling is due today on a • court case 1 in \\;hich John F. Kinney, former convict identified as one of two bandits in an Arkansas holdup, is fighting extradition, William Bailey Ferguson, a former St, Louisan, identified the 47- year-old Kinney at a 1 hearing yesterday as one of three robbers who forced their way into ' his home al North Litlle Rock, Ark,, and look !jU,,000 lasl December. Judge David W. Fitng'ibbon of the Court of Criminal Correction said he would rule today on the request by Kinney, a St, Louis resident, for his release on a writ of habeas corpus. Once Richest Man Quits Public Life BAYfcUX. France CAP") *of Hyderabad, who oiicp 18 million people and was known as the richest man in this world, announced today He Is re» tiring from publli; life. He said he would devole all his time to his big family, Tile lasl census showed the 72'.venr-o1d prince he.d more than 2(10 chiU drcn by the many women In hia harem. Earthquake Shakes Japan, Damage High TOKYO (AP) - A' major earthquake spawned deep (n (he Pacific rolled over not them Japan In'a thunderous wave today. It smashed windows and broke power lines, No casualties or serious age were reported, however. A tidal waVc alert was flashed immediately across the m a i n northern Island of Hokkaido and northern Honshu but was canceled later. Unusual wave action was reported from Wake Island, 'east of Japan. A weak il<jUil wave hit Hawaii. The Hawaiian islands of Oahu and Kauai reported rises of a'bout a fool along their shores. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. The quake rumbled and jerked across Hokkaido for two terrifying minutes, beginning al 7:58 a.m. Lesser shocks surged as far south as. Yokonama, a distance of some 600 miles. The facl that Ihc quake was born an estimated 60 miles below the ocean floor east of Hokkaido was believed to have saved Japtui from extensive loss. , It was Japan's worst earth shake in five years. Newlywed Is ?4.lioufs ending at 7 a, m. fviday, High 83, Low 32; No prepipitatjon; Total JD58 precipitation 'thruwgh °° tober, '47,08; cjunng Ihc same per-- iod a year ago, 61, 5* inches — Clvar to cloudy this afternoon t 311 "! warmer with Jowest 40-50 toijjght, Saturday parUy cloudy and coo}, ov with highest 55-S5- . ygATHIR gL-§gyHi«i THE A?§951ATgp, Hiih sw cjoudj 1 • ?6 ?$ (3Ue, c)P^J - ' §§ 4Q cjear ^ §6 42 §5 44 §0 3* ,01 §0 H 51 f 31 §9 ?8 W 33 53 33 , 67 ?8 56 38 M & 5S 46 Pi §3 ffi « - f <'t»8«te- *tear.~. ,:„ * ' v tt M • l : -ftW, mS'.^i' «^Hg?T,,^3^ 2> *mt&*tf4m^&'i. Boston, pjoudy Buffalo, clem- Chicago, clear PleyejMna, cloudy Denvev, cjear p?s M9iPes, cloudy Detroit, plear Wprth, plcer cjosr ' Angles, sJoudy K9W Jiew mm ^ •-w^-j cratic Party and s&id iio would never leave it unless ''driven out," Carpenter made a similar slate- •nenl, Ho said he wouldn't Joavii unless "they throw me out," Missile Shot Is Delayed in Florida CAPE CANAVERAL, rj n . —A strangp knocking noise insjd? the misslje early today ca,usecj postpoiumenl of Ihe latest Ai»' force attempt' to shoot a satellite the moon. huge pioneer moon ropket Slowed in the rays of (loocUjghjte j'or more than (wo hours Jn'a, drivi ing rainstorm bpfore- the launch. was palled off a.L j?;34 a.m. TJic Air Porcp has two mor<? ciwnpes tQ shoot for the moon this fljoplh. -«- In the earjy mornipg l^ours of §4>tW ( 5iay an,cj Sunfey and then o;ily within $ grUical tijno period of 18 jq^O minutes, •The. Jln^e on";a ipoon. launphiog l§ crjtles it?ecauss? th.e earth and IIQJUJ ave |(i Ihp Qgnortung posi- ttPB toy JM?t in.cn fajl t tp fjre the s|jfieiJEjed linje, they ' in ALC Loosens Purse Strings, Okays Raises LITTLE ROCK CAP)—The Ar< wnsas Legislative Council loosened Iho purse strings yesterday and recommended, pay /raises for -IBS employes oi'the State Hospital, It was the first large increase Ihe council had agreed lo since opening budg'et hearings Oct. 7,' Approval of two other budgets also made It ihe most procluetivo clay of hearings, The cpunci) okayed, for recommendation Jo the Legislative,, a budget of ?0,}5?,pQO a year for the State JHospila], >• 'council also "approved pud, gels of $762,§QO a year, for the state Health Department' R nd, 3 ?400,QOO a year for the Arkansas Children .s Polony, , - ' Psy raises'yve're-hic}udeci in (ha State • Hospitaj budget despite {he lonUn at jt & fi,i'Sduption of almost 5.90.QC1Q a.ypar.from the current one, TJie increases yvere wprKed. •n by cuts in other expenditure's. The comi?U w»is scheduled' to consider 'today requests of the 1 " Department. Vocational °?noo3, yocalionaj Re: r, - . ., • Seryjce. and Librijn 1 Commission. * CHICAGO (AP— A young ncw- lywed took a flyer at a holdup in Grand Rapids, Mich., Thursday, chartered an airplane to Chicago and two minutes after landing was captured by police, Tho captive, Waller Molenkamp, 19, was carrying a revolver in a shoulder h'olsler bul he surrendered meekly when ho saw four deleclives, revolvers in hand, rush al him, Molenkamp, astonished at the reception, quickly admitted he had obtained $1.400 in a holdup of a Grand Rapids gas station, "I was desperate for money," he told Detectives James Riley and Mike McCarthy. "I got married last Tuesday and I only make 90 eenls an hour at my job as a car hop, I had just needed the money badly and thought I'd lake a flyer at Ihc holdup." The pilot, Roberl C. Gable, also was {startled when the policemen surrounded Ihe plpne, Ifo was im- aware that his lone passenger, who had paid $69 for ihe 200-milu •flight, was a fugiiivc. "The only Ihing we lajked about was ho\y he could get a scheduled airliner to Clovis, N.M.." Gabjo Said, Police said they found $1,143 in small bills stuffed in Molenl;emp'.< pockets. "f planned to go somewhere in Arizona," he (old detectives, "When f got there, I was golnij to send the money to my wife Beverly and ihpn I was going to AEA Resolution Irks ALC, Money Request Delayed LITTLE J10CK (AP)-The sin!.} Legislative Council retnlintlng against iirt Arkanstts Education Assn. resolution, today indefinitely postponed consideration of the Mate Education Department's pro* posed 42 million dollar a yeai 1 budget. The AEA yesterday went on record against tiny move to abol* Ish the public school system as an antMntcf-rallon measure, and , Although GoV. Orval 15, Fntibtts authorized a committee-system ot keep watch on the 105!) "Legislature. i AllhoUnh Gov. Orval 12. Pnubus has stated thla he Would oppose legislation to abolish public schools entirely, there lias been Uiik of such n possibility among some legislators, [ In addition to its refusal to consider 'the education 'budget, the Begislativp Council named committee to survey teacher reaction to the AEA resolution, referred It itb a council committee Investigal- 'ing possible subversion behind the school integration struggle and in- yitcd Gov. Faubus to appear bo- fot-c the council to express his reaction. Yesterday, the council recommended pay raises for J85 Stale Hospital employes. Bobcats New Company Planning Plant in Arkansas LITTLE; HOCK (AP) — Potlatch Forest Inc. of Lowiston, Idaho, recent purchaser of Bradley Lumber Co. at Warren, is negotiating for an Arkansas site on which to build a multi-million dollar bleach board 'and, ^pulp mill, it was learned ttoday. ?Uoth' GoVr'-Orvar E.' FaCibus and' William P. Rock, director of the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission, said they had known about the Potlatch negotiating for some lime but withheld an announcement pending word from the company, •We'..think we have landed the slant," Faubus said, "and if wo lave it will be the biggest one , _ , •- < • v , - * ' *','",-•' " „ . — SUtr Phob & Engraving BOARDING a uus for Conwny shortly before 1 p. m. today were 34 members of the Bobcat team, three coaches and four stiiil-nt mflmiflei'8. The Hopa boys will cot supper at Rnzorbnck No, 2 on Highway 07 In Little Rock about 4:30 p. m, and go on to Conway. Labor to Have Strong Hand in Legislation By NORMAN WALKER WASHINGTON (AP) Labor Robert 13. Bundy, president o/ the Idaho firm, was myself, Molppkamp, who paid he would fiivo extradition, told police a finance company had threatened Arkansas Democrat as saynig th if a suitable site is acquired a pull mill would be -built in two or thre years, "depending on market con ditions," Jn addition lo Ihe Brndloy Mills Potlatch owns the Southern Luvn bcr Co, al Warren, may have a stronger hand Hum jusiness, II appeared today, in shaping legislation' In Ihe next 'ongrcsjs lo curb union corruption, If so, II will mean lhat business strategy backfired In helping kill •)l'f the Kennccly-lvcs bill svith its thai business a/id .Miions report lo the government various types of mnnqgi-ment-ln- bor spending, The labor bill was a bipartisan ompromisc effort, sponsored b.y Sens. John I<\ Kennedy (D-Mass) aiid Irving M. Ivos fll-NY), Business fell the bill was loo lenient on unions and too restrictive on management. The AFL-CIO, which supported the Kcnnedy-lves measure, How says it wants n similar bill bul moje favorable lo labor," "Lenders ot Ihe AFL-CIO inlcr "proted Tuesday's voting as :i rrmn dale h lo enact things labor wonts, The AFL-CIO Executive Council iiaid, in a statement Thursday thai volcrs have "sharply and publicly rebuked Ihose cynical politicians and big business reactionaries who soughl to make political cap ital oul ot Ihe isolated Instances of corruption in labor's ranks exposed by the McClellan ComnJV tee/' Last year's drive to enact a Jiv quoTecfby" llie S' ;or control bill was spurred by as suvniL' ilnl 'disclosures before the Senate com- Remember, Poppy Day Is Saturday Thousands of disabled Veteran have made the red erope papo. poppjes which American Leaici Auxiliary mejTibers and vojuntee workers will distribulo Saturday Help these men salulc their fuljen comrades — Ihc dead of Work War I and H and Ihe Korean conflict. Wear u Poppy on Poppj Day, in memory of Ihose who died for you. Thty will be sold in downtowj Hope on Saturday. Arkonsan Dies in Lebanon, Mo, LEBANON, Mo. rAP; — . prylr Earl Laug'hlin, 20, of Rogers, Ark.. died in a Lebanon hospital earjy .... , , ..... ... ------- . lo repossess his wife's engagement loday of aulpmobHe accident in an weddi ' '" rl " c wedding rings.' That, he said, prompted him lo holcj up Ihe sps fttatjon where he took ?J,200 froni to cash register and ??00 from jfne attendant, d juries. The Highway Patrol said his ran off of U. , S. 00 about seven miles east of Lebanon and over* turned in a grove of trees, Iy The Star Staff ' struck ... spjrft today . , . those „ to make the "special" can ta|k of nothing else and those \vhp san't go are wjUyig listeners although &&AR isn't gjloiyed cljre^lly frpfij the CO«T a play by play report \vil| fep ,m,ade ib,y tele- -, the only hitch vvill be Uj? " • - - pf me _ JO to, jQ minutes . , . jtoype \Yejsen ' Kov. 10, ihe Game" and fish Commission has listed the'fp}. Ipwing checking stations , , , Hope City and Arkansas §ta.lg Police Stations , . , Blevins — Hampton Cm* eery - , , 8ing_ejj — Stuurt Qrp,c 7 cry a_t the HJfihway {{I erossvoads . . -. Jones Hardware < , Chism Grocery fs.atm,os — Rider's Store , . . Spring i — ^ven's Grocery ' , -- J. ,fi. Ci^tdweU jgyocury .,ibe ^iftiis jyerB set up by and, fester Wade, sta : shorn AO/tfee; sjate ;.,-; resg|y> MK^ jfftisU'v tfe-M^ acwx{M.'|^ -M ffjr- -•"• -^ s»- wiiif* i rStii'rt5^ "Slim t~ ^ e 11 OAA mittoe headed by Sen, John L, McClellan i D-Ark), To AFL-CIO called, also for a SeiwuJ overhaul of the Taft-IJnrt- loy law plus housing, education, rivii rights and other measures, The federation demanded repeal of the Tafl-HarUoy low's section 14b which sanctions the state Jaws lhal bun the union shop whereby workers are required to join a union. Moony, AFf.-CIO pros!- denl, said labor wonls Congress to enact legislation of to Kyn- nedy-Ivcs type to help curb cor. ruplion — nat only in unions but, ho said, among employers who "subvert union leaders ihrough bribes mid gilts. SURPRISE VICTOR — Democrat John Burroughs wna the surprise victor In New Mexico's general election for governor. Burroughs unseated Republican incumbent Edwin L..'Mechem. who' served/ an ^unprecedented three terms and, was seeking a 20 Marooned Crewmen Are Rescued ANClfOHACB, Alaska (AP) — Drifting Station A's 20 marooned men wore snnlchcd lo safety Thursday nujht in a dramatic arc- lie rescue carried out by the of tlure.s. All 20 of thg rescued scientists and .airmen were reported lo ,bo in excellent condition despite five duys of isolation. They were stranded Sunday on Lbe Arctic Ocean 300 miles from the North Pole when an unsoasop. al polar storm ripped Ihelr mile- square ice fioc apart, The scientific slalion Ihcy rnaintaining was an InternuLioonl Goophysicai Year project, A C123, from Thule, Greenland, iuidc-d only by flares set oul by ,ho men themselves, landed and hustled them aboard, Thcru is n<? cjaylifjht during the arctic winter The 11'Air Force men and nine civilians will be flown lo ful-t md then to Ladd Air Foce BF.SO, Russia Fires 2 Nuclear Tests, U. S. Announces WASHINGTON (AP)-Thft Unit ed Stales announced today ";lh1 Itussln hns fired two "' N ""*' '•'£ weapons tests since this country-; hulled testing. President. fc!!scn«|; howcr snitl, however,' Ihnl*«th'fi* American silspenslll continue'- lor * 10 lime bollitf. In n stttUittiGlit, penled to the Soviet In Join In a temporary bnn on pcrlmenlal miclonr explosions, At the same lime he warned "If there is not shortly ft corr'fi^ ((ponding rcnunclntlon by thc"Sd*'S viol Union (of lostlm?), the, United' States will be obliged to reconsid:; cr Its position." _ .^'H^' Announcement of the'licW-rtOd-'i Icar explosions In the'Soviet Union**;' was made by the Atomic .Energy.. 5 Commission, "> " ft '^' There was an Implication f lnf the AEC statement that * the Soviets might have thought the two-lestsj would nol bo detected, althpugh'l his was morcly-'a spcculatloni^-lf The AEC statement said!"The Atomic Energy ,Co lion today announced dclectlohWbt!, two nuclear weapons tests whlchf occurred In the U. S. ,S. U. '£< " Nov. 1 and Nov. 3, rcspbctlvelyft? "Bolh explosions were ^of 'rcln-f;! ivoly low' yield. They wcfel.cofUjf lucled al a test site in, the soulh-I^ 2rn part of the U. S. S. R; rathprV linn al Iho Novaya Zemlya^lpst'- sile north of Ihe Arctic ,Clrclc| vhero mosl of Ihe tests In recent! weeks have been held." /'•\,*^«i Elsenhower in his stalcmenl| said thai "this" continued-, tcstlngl jy'Ihe Soviel Union has occurr3fi| despite-the' fact that-'negotiation's^ or tho suspension' of testing'^ot- mclear weapons have slricc^Oct'^ 11 been under way at Geneva!^ The United States, he recallcaj* nnounced Aug. 22 that cohcu'i>U •onlly wilh Iho opening of'J;lhi?f encva negotiations it would.'''BUS- )ond Ihc'testing ro'r.,ano f yenr <,'|r' ess testing "is resumed hy t'ic.j.1 viel Union "-'.«,-'. ' '-",%t,-'4; f?p| Eligibility Ruling on L R, Athletes LITTLK HOCK <A'P> ~ The nil- •7g agency dc-c'irfed yesterday thar LJtUa Eock's Conlral and ifnl Tigh Schools will npt bo allowed .0 field athletic- tearqs after thy plose of the football scaspn if the schools do not reopen, The decision was made by tho J2xo.eutive Committee ot thu At'- cans-is Athletic- Astn., which alsa ,'Jarified several eligibility rcguljt* ions in, connection with the *f(i(ji qlion resulting /com closing of (lift schools against integration by Qov. Qfva] K, Faubus, The committee j'uled that mbiic high bghooi exists in Rock" unless the schc/ols reoperj iy Dec. ). This will permit students to be- :orne eligibly for uthjotjcs at the rsl school at which they it The comrpitteo h&d hekj usly thai publip schools ^iy 'hat permiHcd Central and no to ont'nue to field football, learns de- pHe the fact lhat no passes v-ore ping field. It preveotect (heir sty- lents flow bec-uming , jj}igi,b,le ther schools ftr a year, to the other school 4 is ' Viet. ' - • . ' new ruling . clears the \yay pr pTiv^lp scljaoU to" |ioJ4 ^. ' '"" Alaska, Ihe base" of op eraiions for moi.1 of the civilians and Uie home base Jor Hie Air Force personnel. The JO-foot-thick ice fioc, first manned as an 1GY scientific «ta- lion In ilia spring of 1057, was ripped /nto two J,000-foot-sr;uarn pieces by the storm, Tho men were marooned on tho campsite half. The runway used to supply Ihe station was <M the other half, nicn were jiv plane's ap. a he formed of the praich 'hy radio, Tht-y rnudtt "M dash by small boats across a and a half pf open water t< runway' half of thu island. the Cites Danger inX~Ray Program LITTLE ROCK (AP)—Dr, iferron, the Arkansas stale health"^ officer, said yeslerday slalc chest x-ray program ually will be curtailed bccauscj.pl danger to the human body cumulating radiation. ' But Dr, llciron stressed,that;ha| did not consider the "X.ray^|pro-f gram for detection of chest tuber-! culosifc dang'erous at the' pregcni or in immediate need of sus'peiv slon, ife said the danger -''-'*• still a long way off. ^ The- health,officer first mcntjiliS; ed the probable eventual cur|9U r ment at a meeting of Ihe Ark"'-* " Legislative Council. He later orated al his office. Jfe sale? the existing radloa/cliy"^ safely margin in Ihe 'body 1 •'—"- 1 - 1 decrease because of in of nurlear fission materials in^thjf.^ medicine, industry and the deforis* program, "All of these radioactive Is arc cumulate to some" in the body." he said, •> ually Ihe tolerance point* reached," 'Ail S was saying," he <?; later, "is thai some b'f cloys the stale wjli have some olhor, and probably Tielhoci to locate luberqulosj§ ; lj The scientific station, under comnjafid of Air Force Cqpt, James' i-\ Smith, Oklahoma CJty, wps engaged jn a w;dc variety of 10 Y studies Tjie chief scientist was George vjfcanoYieh of Columbia Lfnivev any, New" York, Anathej- one o( Uu- ojvillans WMS. Futhev Tliqinis unnjnghajT) ui parrow, Alaska, n expert on polar jge 0ondjtjon? The A'r Foreu said there probably would be no attempt to gel jorsonnol back on the island, tlus wmt«r, because of the danger 'Dr. {ferron said his iol mean that the prcspVitr' n-ogra.ni is dangerous "and \\,,, ,,. discontinued next month, "'hesti year or by a certain date. 1,,$^' saying lhat sooner or JqtctHt- vy. Hive to be curtailed." V^s Train, Ayfo Hit, Man Is Killed SL DOBAOO, Ark. Charles R, Wright, ?8, oi rad.o, was killed insja.ntlj today when his automobile ' ' ' collided switch grossing here. , It was the first lvaffjQ"-f|f this year irjsjde the parryjng out otal W. o»(jr»Uo^ in A(r said th« <;, U Matsher Infant iij'lusle o,f Mr. aftd Uatgh.er-1 died ypg. Syrv^-s tepret *W* Mtto-frVA.^"* 'WJ^:FMW .if - n i« i «u « t c?4.... /~* mn .., .. i'* i_ A j-i * ? " i .-, *•* £ i M > ^- ^n * ."a-lTM'v, IT t y^M^f 4 «AfWte^» ? . C^nlfw^Jp^ IhS °pU"-s -h artC* , ri - a --— - - •* A ? - - ' • - * i*'- T^f fc ^ *A^^j>v v /' " ' If* city limits. The The Iqcomotlve \v^§ siderably, ' w,a,s 4 -

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