Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1958 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1958
Page 10
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?., I , Prices Good Friday and Saturday at Barry's Gro, and Barry's Quick Sak FREE - FREE - FREE ALL OF THIS, NOTHING TO BUY, Just register, Come fd Barry's Saturday. Genuine Pig Skin Football, Big League Basketball and Goal complete with net, $10 Basket of Groceries to be Given Away All Day Saturday, You do not have to be present ta win. Plus all of the 'SUPER' 1 VALUES,^ , QUALITY MEATS GOOD LEAN PORKC Lb. tHE H6U§fe ONI tH§ 6EACH 8y E. L. WifHEftg fHfe St6RY: KaiheriHe Has escaped frehl hSh tMp IH th§ chfmrtey by climbing ta iRe root. Now she Is at loss 16 18 what ta de. Her stspfatHef, Paul is trying to kill hec be, eauss KalherlHe kR6W» he hep metier. FRESH DRESSED HENS BEST GRADE SLAB BACON BABY BEEF CHUCK ROAST GOOD RIB STEAKS FRESH, LEAN GROUND BEEF BRISKET STEW MEAT 3 MIX' SAUSAGE COUNTRYSTYLE 4 Lbs. DON'T FORGET OUR BIG TE SALE THIS WEEK END A || Flavors — Raspberry, Grope, Cherry, Apricot, Blueberry, Pineapple, Peach CRYSTAL PRESERVES ^,20^ 5 For 1.00 BETTY CROCKER NEW DELICIOUS BOSTON CREAM PIE MIX PURE Box 39c LARD 8 BL J*«1.39 OLEO SUN VALLEY Lb. 15c PILLOW CASE BAG AND STAINLESS STEEL TABLEWARE IN EACH BAG PURASNOW FLOUR 25 £ 1.89 BAKERS REGULAR 3* OZ, CAN FOLGERS COCONUT 2 \*«S7c. COFFEE 1 u..c m 79c Chapter XVI One of the voices Was Paul'sj one was Aunt Millicehl'S; and Hie other two belonged lo Martha ahd Ed Ransonie. Tlie KaHSomes lived in the next house down the beach —a modest cottage; nothing in comparison with this hoiisfi*—but they were nice neighbors, Katli. ei'ine liked t h e m. Everybody secrtted to like them, Mr,«. Ransome said tfl AunI Millicent, "How's Kiitherlne" "Oh. she's fine." "Not too upset about her mother Well, I suppose she's still young enough that she can't tjut'C understand it all." "As a matter of fact, she does seem upset. She's such a high' strung child, you know. BUI 1 have two little girls of my oWn*—" "Really 1 didn't know that." "Oh, yes. So I suppose I'm used to dealing with children." "11 must have been a terrible thing for her to go through," Mrs. Rap.some was speaking in a low voice, .tactfully hoping that Pali.l wouldn't hear her. "Oh. T know!" Aunt Millicent's voice had the same Hushed; eon'- Fpiralorial lone. "But f do think slit's getting over it all 1'tghtV She and Paul went swimming togetliei this morning. She doesn't scum to be afraid of the water. And' o' course she adores Paul." "Isn't that lucky" "And he's so wonderful with her — just as if she were' his owl daughter — but, of course (more for him, too." Their voices fluttered in the'air but Kalherlne could' not hear theii words. She thoupht: Of course Why didn't I think of the Ran somes before 1 can go over to their house, Paul can't get me 'there. I'll be all right. They migh let me stay all night with then — I don't think Aunt' Millicen w o u 1 cl mind. I'm s UT c shi wouldn't. As soon as I can ge her to help me down from here I'll go over to the .Ransomes' And once I get there, I can show thorn the paper ... She pushed her grimy, burning fingers, up under the band 1 of the sleeve, searching for it. She didn't find it at once. The spot where it should have been was empty. She stuck her hand in farther, feeling, liantically along her sh(5ulder. And then she touched it. It had slipped farther inside, but it was still safe. She took it out and looked at it, and then^put it back inside h'cr sleeve. She was dimly aware that from ihc living rom beneath her tho voices had ceased drifting up to her in their vague waves of sound. Everyone must have gone out on the driveway in front of the house. At 12 minutes after three she heard the faraway voices In trie living room again, Aunt Millicent was saying 1 , "You hnven't seen Katherine, have you" From inside the living room Paul's voice swam out to her; •No, I haven't seen her," "I wonder where she could be." She turned around toward the bench, and called. "Katherino , . , Katherine . , ." Big Pensions for Defeated Congressmen \VAStftNGTOtf (AP) — Many members of Congress knocked out of political jobs in Tuesday's elee- ions will get hefty pensions iii heir yrnrs r,f Involuntary rotirr- rnerit. Under the pension plan through, vhich members can qualify for annuities by paying 0 per cent of heir annual $22,500 salary, pen* sions up to about $18.000 are pos« sible. Generally speaking, the pension based on 2'a per cent of the average of a member's five high' est congressional pay years, mill, llplied by his number of years of Service, with a top of close to 30 oor cent of full pay. The normal age requirement for retirement is 02 years, with a minimum of 5 year? of service required. Members may draw reduced annuities at lower ages If :hey are retired involuntarily as quite a few were Tuesday, bill they must have had at lhast'5 years of congressional service, Added to that 5 years, for pen sion pin-poses, is any time a mem her spent in the armed services 01 in any other federal job coverck by the government pension plan The pension provisions applj equally to senators and .rcpreseh tativos. Boiler Explodes in Spa Laundry Pork Becomes More Popular This Season WilKUV P68B REVIEW By Pork is srWwirig its regular sea- s"bhal popularity in the nation's supermarkets and neighborhood grocery stoi-es these days, Some of t he more numerous terns include pork loin and other roasts, baked hams, th e srhall known ag "picnics", smoked btits, and" bacion, Bulk sausage meat, arid the" more ekpensivd link sausage's, also ate* popular Chicken also is cheap rtow. Prices in the big Delaware-Mary- lahd'Virgihia producing belt last niohlh Were the lowest for November in rhdi'e than 10 years. 'Look for favorable prices on shortening ahd margarine, thanks lo less expensive food fats and vegetable oils. Supplies for the marketing 1 year started last month iire reported up 1/5 per cent from the 195?'S8 year, Potatoes once again head the best buys among vegetables, with the important fall crop running 12 per cent ahead of last year. dauli« flower, cabbage, bi'tissels sprouts mushrooms, Celery and lettuce — Where available from nearby fields -«>• also are outstanding bnf< gains. Other good bets are iceberg lettuce, southern squash, nearly Spinach, peppers from a variety of places, sweet potatoes, radishes, pumpkins, endive ?nd esfia- role. Tomatoes are in good supply and moderately priced. Sweet corn is a bit lower, stilt on the edge of a good buy. while those who fancy radish^n and seal(lions will find them cheap. Apples abound in the fruit df- partmenU. Western grapes and pears also are bargains. Callfof*- fiia oranges and lemons are fairly good buys, while darly season oranges and grapefruit from Fl* rida are in the same category. CLEAN SVVEfeP VALPARAISO. Ind. (#) — Walter Janowskv was plenty sore when he found thieves had stolen S200 •worth of radiators from his auto parts lot, despito the watchdog he ' had placed on guard. JanoWSky I couldn't even scold the dog. The i burglars had stolen it too. exploded. Fifteen of the 60.employes at the plant had reported for work whun the small boiler blew up at 7:20 a.m.. Plant Manager Fred Glidcxvell said there was no damage to the main building of the plant. An -estimate 'of the loss could not be made .immediately. Glldewell said operations would continue. FIRST LEAD BOILER HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP)--A boiler in a laundry plant explddbd today, blowing away part of the roof on the building which housed the boiler. No one was injured. The explosion of unknown origin occurred in an auxiliary boiler at tho Howlett Linen Co. Live steam filled the area for more than an hour and at first company officials thought the main boiler had LARGE now,, and each made its own little puddle as it tapped Katharine's skin. Her dress shosvecl little dark' wet spots, and where the water met the soot, which was streaked over her arms and legs and her dress, they made a sort of black ashy mud. Rain ran off her h a i r and trickled down her f :i c e, Her clothes became wet clear through. (To Be Continueo 1 ') (Copyright 1957 by Rinehart Company, Inc.)" IOW-PBICI TV WITH, IXCIUSIVI MOTOROIA OOIOIN >UARANTEI Full y««r fiMiantM on all tube* and parts. B yeari on Gold*n Tub* Sentry Unit. UM M rtMM speaker. Fu»- Ubc«: Char : fat O^Q" _r«Tn«d 4m£f7 Blond. Modi •121TW. UM'YCUI TIADI EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E.'2nd. Hope, Ark. MY HIM ~ . ' ^*S* iXwL. f"\ ft B k »t M POP-GUN... VAIUB ONLY 39c with a purchase of Two cartons POP KOLA At Your Favorite Dealers c « I THURSDAY- FRIDAY and SATURDAY U. S. GOVT. INSPECTED MEAT NECK BONES BEEF TRIPE PICNIC HAMS GROUND BEEF GROUND CHUCK SIRLOIN StEAK ROUND STEAK T BONES MIXED SAUSAGE L.b. Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. Lbs. 19c 29c 39c 49c 59c 69c 79c 89c 99c t _ IslEXT TO COLLIER TIRE & APPLIANCE GEORGE'S MEAT MARKET 112 E. THIRD ST. HOPE, ARK. BETTY CROCKER PANCAKE MIX ZEE TOILET CAN TISSUE Roll Pkg. 19c BISCUITS 3 SHORTENING SWIFT'S JEWEL Lbs, S\VEET POTATOES NO. 1 Lb. 7c TURNIP GREENS Bunch JETTUCE FRESH CRISP HEAPS Lb. lOc POTATOES EXTRA SPECIAL 25 & 7.9c C The cry sounded very loud in 1 Knthorine's ears, huddling int° as small a space ns possible to avoid detection, But ns long as she was hiding, where pould she have found n bettor place than up here behind the chimney Surely, how^ ever carefully they might look for her. they would never think of looking here, . _ Aunt Millicent was sa-ymg, •'Well, I guess I'll fip on down,'-' At 20 minutes after four Awt Millicent came up from the beach, Katherino heard her coming, heard her footsteps in the grass, and the sound she made with her beach towel, slapping it against' her logs as she walked. She Re* gan nerving herself up to' 1 lean around the ohimnpy. Rut how could she attrapt her aunt's at* tenlion "Kalherine never dm come clown to swim." "Didn't sbe" , , "I wonder whoyp slip could, be as she jppen around tho Jipuse" "I haven't seen her," Paul's voice was calm, .fcwesj, pintsr? cstect And at that moment the su,n went behind a - ploud. I vvet and flchirjg, (pit a , chill, it pouldn'l Ptart tg rain While she wa§ stWPH "Ji lle H the roof! It couldn't'!' Bttt the' stayed hidden. s i^ l*Pfe?d' up the sHy, Jt was ftp fej3gej' 8' blazing blue. She heard Au>y sJ<?P ou t thp terrace, glie "must teg I«P around now, that' |insi9iS5. P?5J sioji oj; lier fap,5l ' ,^P! % J|Jg and thfi'P, Kop(n^ t 0 ' JpA'ift of a s^irt flashing $Ql&i>9 shrubbery. Amy 8 voice dr-jiJgd-3$ Jj-gnv hg^ ow, celUjig: -"{^^iOf » 4 i*\; At t«at iastanj/' % w|iV^' «w' fi Pj^ •aiiufo'J 91 \, pecond ; These Gold Bond Merchants Help You Enter «£ GOLD Hope, Ark, "REXALL" DRUGSTORE 121 S, Elm HAMMOIS BOOK & GIFT SHOP Elm & Front Sts, IDEAL 107 I'rerrt St Siiii STORE W, Third SI, / * • STAMPS O

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