Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1958 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1958
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

KOPI AR'tTANSAf GOPsDoNot Have Voters Confidence * §y JAMtS MABL6W Associated Prsss News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP)-¥he fi(« jniblibans had better BefeiH eJ:am» ihirig IheirtselvesS. ¥Heir defeat by (he Befnodfatg Tuesday for cohtrol of Confess 1 —tHe third tirne in n ro\V—shows a clear lack bf Voter confidehcd In Did' pai-tyi . «*# ft shows most distinctly in the sharp choice the! Voters haVe 4Pia"de among President fiigenhoW* et-. his party and thn Derrtbcrats. JSlseiihoWor <J/a& elected oVci'« whelminsly in 1952 and 1956, But in the three, coneressioiiid rasos sidde Eisenhower look office, thn Votdrs have g'ivett thb Democrats control of the legislative branch Tuesday's beating/ forces the Republicans to face this glootny question: "Unless we can some" how regain voter confidence, how can we possible hope to win the presidential and congressional elections in i960" No Republican in sight, from Eisenhower down seems to have the answer. Despite nil the campaign urging by Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon—some of it pretty shrill—the voters still- put theh' faith in the Democrats to run Congress, This sometimes gets difficult to Understand since both parties are "nsically conservative except that the Republicans, or many of them, seem even more so. One conclusion seems fair: That the 'Voters definitely think the Democrats .more truly represent their views and interests; are more responsive to their- needs, and in these days of vast 1 Social changes are more progressive. That can explain to some extent why the voters elected Eisenhower while defeating his party in Congress, for he has tried 1o follow a moderately progressive, line iii hisj- administration; But neither he nor his party can claim that a majority of congressional Republicans could, or per- hhps would- want to, be called. Eisenhower Republicans. It seems difficult to-think that either Eisenhower or Nixon can give their party more political sex appeal by I960. 0, Both men have had six years In which to lead their party down a road that pleased the voters., They couldn't do it. ,/ I There's no reason to believe the two men can do better these next two years. Therefore, the Republicans as. a party seem to face this problem: 1. Either chang'e their views to conform more to what appears to, 'be the voters' desires, or— 2, Just wait" to see whether Ihc Democrats will make such* ,v mess, of things that the voters demand a change, That looks UKO wishful thinking, Since Eisenhower has adhered —between election campaigns -• pretty much to an above-lhe-strife political attitude, H can hardly be 1 expected lie will try very hard in his last,two years to reshape tlie party, Nixon has tried different tactics. He's been a very active po •.heal partisan, But he mny have t'o concern himself greatly wUh his own, political fortunes these' next two years, The victory of millionaire Ni»l<son Rockefeller in the New York governor's race gave Nixon a sturdy political competitor for the' Republican presidential nomination in 1960, The result of this now competition m,ay be a change , in Nixon's tactics. Air,. Land, Sea *»' Pretfetfr Vessel 5 Land Vehicle 611 dies' iti the slf Vessel' Into V16W 3 Kottl6h road 4 Peel) 5 Bicycles (coll!) 8 Empley ? Pigpth 8 Retain Monkey 1§ Devotee 14 Son of geth ISAtallumw leLockdpehef 9 PrejJbSitidft SB The frlhlte 4JATti£ IfftJHWUS lOtirasped ="=» ihld the 44 Adfialid wifid British school 11 Dornefetic smvd aiF 45 Beast 18 Rolihded 19 JWet 2? Nalilldai tdrffl 46 Shiall Island 1 li 3 .' 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PROBABLV OUR MAMM PULU ALL RIGHT 'What do you mean by scaring up SV/fr"!? PIE that crack, 'How about me some sugar'?" By Hodinc Se.txer By Kotc Osonn> 11-6 © 19SB b, NEA Strriei. kx. ,T.M. R< s . U.S. Pa. OH. T.M. die. U.S. Pn. (J> 1958 by NE» Seniw, lno, : , II-& ' SHUCKS I . OWCB IK) A KE/XL I 1^. (it\ rWP* rl/UI** Vo7»i* « I !•'*•? tl I 1 UC 0' THE *Ky/ LU ™ WON'T.LAdT LOWd! CAPTAIN tASY VOUK WEKSHBORfTy IKNOW1 BLLBW' ISN'T 60 HO£PITW3LB! \CALLED H6 WM6D U$ DOWM' WAS 50 IM SPITB OF HI6-*'.- / 6HE,«:OULC) UIE1, NieCB'd PROTBsrsVNO^'HE'LLTfcV TO * , HERE'S A DOLLAR.SON-. ' \ QUICK,TAKE MY SUIT < j TOVER TO THE TAILOR'S J I AND GET IT PRESSED f* ^~ • "« *,: / HIONDIE _EE,r,COULD'VE'' M USED'fTHIS DOLLAR'] A HUNDRED 'I !-<&'• ' They must have seen us coming!" AMCFf By G«lbraith ^^ Drys Fail in Two Arkansas Counties By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Attempts to prohibit filcolioJio beverage spies in' (wo Arkansas cqvinties hpve foiled in Jooa.} op. tior) e.Joctions — in one 1 instance by onlv seven votes, In White Counl.v, which already permits sale of beer and' light wine *?oJy, the vote Tuesday was 3,76(1 tp 3,703 against complete prohibi' tion, Jn Qreen County, where' gij jjq, nor spies aro lopa), " tho • vote against cpunty.-wisjo prohibition — IMG \o 3J0G, ROACH • HUGHES INSURANCE t fir? t ur s A 1*^ 15§ i, "T smell smoke. Is it the phone?" " FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS »' ' ,STJU- FIFTeeN MINUTES TO ENJOY SyMRHONV ;p3Up. PURSERS yVW Two MALTS / oNe CHOC AND ONE- FI22.-- eeTVoue OKP>ERS N ) I Hope t Now, DOI-US^ AMD iri-u RFAoy WHEN We ,) C'ATes - •;; ; ii^i^iiiM ?,^ Ic'*i5, , *®i I*,.** fQQii 1 a§ they're ?ld enough' tQ go to 6§{J ! wjth» a whimper, we'll be stsyiiig awake half the night listening for them t9 S9me in]" HER BUDDIES .' LADIES ARE JEALOUS THE;Y SEE YOU KISS ME QOODBY EVERY .AND THEY WISH THEY WOULD BE KISSED LIKE' TWAT>BY A T.HOLJGHT- - -- - . FUL (HUSBAND! u-t -AGOSH, HAZEL> IF I 1 THAT 'I'D OUT OUR WAY J. t. WiHiQpia MOUSF With YOU MK3HT AS WEL^ TAKE ON A V, GOOP 6O5H, YOU'RB A , LITTLE RESPONSIBILITY AKJPI WAI^T 1 GENIUS ATTURWIM' YOU'TO PAVATTgWTlOK) WHII-CT EX' \ PLEASURE IMTO WORK,' FLAW THIS TO YOU/ $ p'ctocx /s LATE ) JXL. BE WA&TW'SO PNPP0HTO Pp PUT, SP KEgP LOOKIM6 -/ MUCH TIME CHBCKIM 1 AT MY,WATCH AM' WHEW THE WTTLE / 0»J IT, 1 WOM'^HAVE HANP'£ OM 8 AWp 1 THE SIS PWE'S y-M AWY LEPT PER PN 12, COV>E iJ SSF ^\&4 CH^NQEP' YOKM " AE s V ^KV/ JO^T iil^B®0tt£Mfr.' »' ^**w«r ,3£$%^ l ttfl£&f]f? : I . \^]^mi^m^m^ & _ i x^^^^^^^^^^^^^BfiKKKV." ^M<K^^^Hfl., ' *:, .'^

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