Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1958
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

Ftuf MOM SfA«, HOM, AHKANJM. Networks May Moke Brags on Election By WlLLIA.n KWAL0 Soft* f>sHls«n miiSM baftelS in Koto Ihi News Briefs EL DOftAtiO. Afk. 52. . NEW YORK u ilfetfcorks will he i . over f.lch moi lodn.v All thief victories Bui nil ')JL' eliortpcnkfs, hronnir": mul choco lli.lp liivors, ail of wlilih wore S'tp- 'plird by (hr ipon««t -i-)i«. ini-ldm- 1 tally makes chfr'rcnkfs, blown- i its iinrl eocnlntr Inyns. As I srr it, (his filvcs NBC-TV community, 15 ""- , . miles south of here. J3KHRYV1LLE. Ark. (At 1 ) — A | t)f! clu shcd H 52*J-car-pld Houston. Ark co nstl'uctioh Workof to dfiulH y t .. s t c rdny nt n clearing project ai =tnffrrs waded --IrttO 45 gallons of co ffi-c, 83ti •- sandwiches. 1,000 pieces of pastry ' Slid 3 bnqels. It wa.s suggested „„„ lute retuins. lu-ir "is the j the vieteuy in snndu ,chrs bnketl 'Straight election m«ht rlnpo I brans, pot ft In -nl:.d end pcnrfi, """ i At NtJC-TV st'iffi'ih eon-1 tipple- e-hcny nnel cocomil cilstnrel _. lovl _ _, _._ „ ... .... -•Slimed 45 gallons' of' coffee. 1.100 hues AUC-TV clearly «<-•!<; the win -fn'jle- Rock Lake ill Missouri, 16 * •tundtt'ichcs i2 la\ei i-nkos, 15 in cvttw and clvcsccahe and lnl ],, s noilh "f here. '~gailOh< of'potato s'-.lafl, fl fi.illons brou-ine-s And CHS TV rnmp tin Thc victim was 0. E. Drapw, " 6/ baked bt-ms mid 4R ehorry. with n clrnr lend in pastry ns wllo W ns worklhc as a cable man. "'•"fthnle, inimpkin ,'iid c<.coiult cus- well us bn«els, nlthnugh the latter . shurlff Tommy Walker of Stone ~iard pics. \ic-tory is a hollow one. County, Mo., said Draper sUfferCel — 5 At CBS-TV "taffrrs waeled Aside from ijustiilory matters, ., broken neck. --- iheso ofhcr tilings hnpprne>rl fin TV All throe noltt'irks trotted nil! NEXT W. take off in K TIM IIYSTUDEBAKER Big car room inside Small pocketbook price right size outside ^Pin money operating cost Beauty you never saw before ^'Driving pleasure you never knew before "V 'Your New Dimension in Motoring" •Sec and drive Thc LARK by Sludcbakci at your local Dealers' soon TELEPHONE j TALK /0/JCe Smiley, Wlr« Chief, Hop*, Ark, WOULD YOU HELP US? Would you like to help the Hope telephone people cut down on billing errors? This cnn be' done- by giving the ' oponUor your cumplete number when placing a long cUb- The pi-oppr wny to phico a Ions dis>tiince call is to aive the operator. 1. CaUcd pliR'o L' C.Ulcri number , , 3. Culled party with whom you wish to speak lif the t'iill is person to person) -I Your complete number Tin 1 operator.'! hr.ye bpen instructed to use the phrase, "May 1 huve your complete number, please?" . Hope takes enlla from six other towns besides Hope that have prefixes to the telephone nuinber. It is very eas.y for the operator to put the wrong prolix on a number u she is not given the complete prefix and number. We take from HOD to IfiUO calls a dav, so you see how easily someone e|ie coiiM be billed the call in another town. We would likt- 10 ihank the ones that have already ue- jjvn jfivins their complete number wiien placmg a long cliatance call, A NEW FAMILY PLAN }-'nr some time now, railroads and airlines have been iiR people dbout "Family Flans". Well, 1 recently heard of an older couple \Vho thought up their own -'Family Plan" foe get-togethers with warned, children living out of town. On the first Sunday of the month, Bill, the oldest son. calls and puts the whole family on the line. On the second Sunday, it's the middle boy, Ralph, Jane, the only girl — she has a little girj of her own now -- - calls on the third gundsy. On the fouilh Sunday, it's Tom's i-urn, #e> the youngest, and just married, ! I didn't learn what happens when s month has live Sundays, but 1 know that these Sunday palls t^m, a lonely into a happy one for the folks bae)« hpme. FLAVORS PO YOU HAVE" J siipposo that's a questipn heard many t-imes a by the gill behind the drug store ice ci-pitm gounter. .'fS^eptly J heard of a switch on that questiyn, A little -jsppped ppe of our telephone installers 95 lip was se -gut P/ W? trucks , nwhut colors dp you have?" ?hc a^ed. n seems that her agnl has a gruei\ telephone, anq e eU'l was just wondering how many djfje.i-^u eo Whcu he ipleptoe man told she \V9UW J[ifee Wue pa»no rtay But the fu K, 5^ *'. "- '• if Uor niptHer pail> us'-i an4.we l\oj»p siw Jiaes — \VJP U -IM hyiviw ab.om Ulepnone^ «uw;y^in«$s svw» e 11 , 0 *'*'*' JS/Vlufci 1^^«J ycUo*, JM*I fivajr, iieifii* ead I-O«P j?iak. - •^CMlj'ii J»P(r s'w'U order w MVS Ww? lEiPplWW* Att9r LUS ANUMLKS lAI'i Noted | i hlsloi-Uin Dr. Will DuraiH, 731 'years old lodiij-, is ill with B sori- mis infection of undetermined IU- turc. ! in .L .JI, Formosa (APt—Artll« jlcry dueling resumed today in In* I offshore war aflc-r a 27-hour lull 'Jfcd Chinese guns opened up pri ' ihn Quemoys before dawn. Na-l iioiuilist b uttnries returned the, , fire. . I fire. There were signs of conti/ni- Inn lied buildup of mainland W sitions opposite both Quomoy ana Mnlsn, ISO miles north awesome mechanical m o n s t era with names like UN I VAC, HAM AC. and UEDPS, but at one network, N13C-TV. two newsmen could be spotted working in green eye shades . . • CBS-TV's Doug Edwards reported over the air that a lady in Michigan had accused the network ol placing a man inside UNIVAC to write out all those fancy predictions. The first prediction of UNIVAC. the wizard of odds, took place fit (i-24 p.m. c.s.t. when it gave 100-t odds that the Democrats would sweep both houses . . . NBC-TV> RAMAC made Its first, prognostication at 2:22 p.m. when it said the new House would have 271 Democrats . . . n round !1:-10 p.m. i ABC-TV's electronic brain said > there would be 290 Democrats in 1 the House and 62 in the Senate. I Boo-Boos Department: ABC-TVs I John Daly referred to the Mid- Iwcst as the "Mideasf and later 'apologized ... A local. CBS-1V nnmmnccr referred to Democrat Chester Bowles as a Republican ' and later apologized .. . David Brinkley of NBC-TV got an mdi«- nr.nt call about clBsslfying West Virginia with the southern bloc and he apologized . ABC-fV s John Vandercook called the network's electronic computer a "commuter," but he didn't apolo- uizo _-I guess he figured the machine wasn't listening. Legal Noti.ce No 8M2 In the Chancery Court of llempstead County, Ark. GEORGE JORDAN ^ Plaintiff EMILY D. JORDAN .... Defendant! WARNING ORDER Thc defendant, EMILY D. JORDAN is. warned to appear in this court within thirty days and-answer the complaint of the Pliuntilf, GEORGE JORDAN, Witness my hand the seal ot said court (his 15th day of October 1958. CLARA BYERS, Clerk By Katherinc B, Lautcrbaeh, D,U tSEAb> Oct. 16, 23, 30, N.OV. 6.-10aa _ Legal Notice NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ^ ^ COY EDWARD PAGE, deceased Last known address of decedent: R.F.D. -1, Nashville, Arkansas. Date of death; October 22, 1958. The undersigned was appointed administratrix of the estate of the above-named decedent on the oth day of November, 1958, AH persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the tirst publication of tins jiotjce, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published tHn day of November, 1938. Mrs. Richard Wollt Arministratri-s Bingen, ArH»Rsas F. C- Crow, Attorney for Jhe estate. Nov. 6, 13, 105§. PRQgATj'gQUflT Notiee is hereby given that the following jSxeeutrjees an4 AdWW- istratrix have filed. ih,eiy Fin^l &eU tlemonts \vitU Pie Prpbste PPUrt pf Jiempstpa4 aoynty, Arlsansas, fop approval and confirmation,. iQ'Wit: First and FJnsl £eUJ.?rnunt Pf Fioride p, TOii8« AdiPinUtrainss of the Estate pf ing, "deceased., 1958,. - , First ana Final SfiiU?m?nt Lydis pau-icift Busby, E»PS« of Ih9 KsJate of JPSMy* geutley ' JKaBMBBiB8BWHaa«OH jfif™^alK^jB^iffiw'HlS!KiTO Wv"- 1 ' 0 ™"' 1 ""^* rjo •?. &-*.•** <r ••• lAiPSTORIWIDE LOW PRICES ARE , , , Just What Your Budget Needs! Glased Sundays' Ne Limits! Glased Sundays! Ne Limits! Clesid Sundays! j «V.^»^^ TOILET SOAP PALMOLIVE SOAP 2 Reg. Bars EQUAL TO THE BEST —YET COSTS YOU LESS dexola SALAD OIL HORMEL'S TOILET SOAP PALMOLIVE SOAP 2 BaHi Bars . 2/C TOILET SOAP Cashmere Bouquet 2 Reg. Bars . 1 9c TOILET SOAP . Cashmere Bouquet 2 Bath Bars. 2/C VIENNA SAUSAGE ARMOUR'S PLAIN CHILI ARMOUR'S CHILI»"" BEANS RABBIT KRAFT FRENCH DRESSING BROWN LABEL IS'/j-or, 1111111111 * tx*on IS'/j-oz, Can BLUE LABEL 5-lb. ....Btl. ANN PAGE 23c AIR-DEODORIZER FLORIENT ANGELUS .-.75c PINK DETERGENT LIQUID VEL MARVEL PERMANENT'TYPE 22-02. Can.... 69c KRAFT CHEEZ-WHIZ z ; : 55c ANN PAGE STRAWBERRY . t, . • •v.'v'v** *w«w***KMJil •„«•..•*..".{:•:•.- ••> -«':..,-..x.V« "SUPER-RIGHT" Fully Dressed — Fresh or Frozen Jane Parker Specials Cqp'n John's FROZEN SEA POOPS FISH STICKS ;;33< CAP'H JOHN'J fROJEN fRIEp . •. Ib. "SUPER.RIGHT" SAUSAGE , "SUPER.RIGHTV THICK CUT , SLICED BACON : B^EF OR PORK 1 FROZEN PATH'S CHOPEHES X JANE PARKER «a, JANf MINCE PIE JANE PARKE* DANISH NUT RING JANE PARKER WHEAT BREAD : MNt fAKKEH ' FRUIT CAKES 16-ai. *, tgaf , — $3,8S, Sift CAP'N J fROZEN jnKlrnr RATH , § FROZeN , ' 59< VEAL CHOPETTES JANf ; : *» '&, "BARTUETF PEARS YfiL-WVY V ' ONIONS U,

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