Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1958
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1$SI H 6 M S t A R^ H 6 M ,r A * R A N § A* IETY Calendar fhursSsy, Navsmbsp 6 the Order of the Eastern §tap will hold it's annual friendship meeting fhtirsday ( November 0. Pot tuck at 6 p.fri. ahd regular meeting at 7:30. All old dud Hew members arc urged to Tho Calhoild Alter Society will h!*p their nnhual spaghetti supper Thursday Nov. 6. at the dathoUc Mall, Slipper will be served from 5:30 till 1-.SQ. The Mope Unit of the United AENGER AST DAY fcramount present tHEDONHARlMAM Roduct.cn "'. —M- v— — mm ™ \." V .'•"••A ' y Matchmaker ITARTS FRIDAY 'TWIN - ACTION Features < ASSACRE — PLUS — f Council of Church Women will tneet ih the Chapel of the {"irst Preg' bytefiflH CHtircH al JO a.m. ort ffav. ?, Mrs. Jafnes Pilkinton will have charge or the progi-afti. the theme of it will 'be "JSJcchahge! QooVt Ideas, People,' Those attending flfg asked to bring warm clolhlhg and an offering. t.iriufri JJo^-ember 11 nt *:3fl p n All parents are Urg-?d to attend. ftose Oai-doh Club will meet on Friday, Nov. ^ at 3 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Harry shiver. Mvs, W. fi. Magon ahd Mrs, A, S, Spt-ag* gins will be assistant hostesses. Mernbefs are asked to bring their Christmas packages for hospitals in Behton. Saturday November 8 The Intetrmldlates of ftept, Two of the The First B-iptist Church will have a hay fide Siitiirciny Kov* ember 8, The group will meet at thi 'church at 7 p.m. and each member may invite n guest. Monday) November 10 Wesleyan Service Guild No. 2 of The First Methodist Church Will have their regular meeting Monday, November 10 at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Bill Wray. Circle v No.- 4'of The'Presbyterian Church will meet in the home of Mrs. Thomas Hays 1401 Edgewood on Monday, November 10 al 7:30 p. rn. Mrs. William Tolleson, chairman. Tuesday November 11 The ,r.esul9i\Nov?m,ber meeting of the Jr.-Sr. Hign School P,T.A. L-. called "Parents Night" and will ba held in the High School audi- Heidi AHnuaf leetf. „.„_. fHC fifth grade trf faisley Schoo ..pjd It's aWuml book paradS IH Ih schrfol rtuailofitirh ort Wedttesda inoi hihgi »}ithiiiy Bfdwli Isd the Flag sa lute and announced the Jjafade finch rneihbar of the elass too! part in the pafudfe. the class also made fidok Poem edlleetiofis ar^d Book Mafks ih eel ebralion of Book Week. Miss Patricia fiarwlck from Henderson Stale feaehet-'s Ctflleg is ddift^ pj-aclite ledchiftg with thi Coming and Going Miss Flofehcc Welsigei- and Con nie smith of Oklahoma City will ar rive Saturday for a visit with Mrs David OflVis, Hospital Notes Branch Hospital Admitted! Mr. Cornelius Jonps Hope, Ark.j Mr, T. C, Luzadoi Hope. Discharged; Mrs. Raymond By ef$,.Rt,.4, Hope, Ark,i Lottie Davi Hope, Ark. Mr, nnd Mrs\ Levi C, Martin an nouncc the arrival of a baby boy ii-4'58. Memorial Hospital Admitted: 'Patricia Webb, Ozan Ark, | Michael' Dean Murphy Hope, Ark.! Keith"Byrd/ Hope Ark.; Mrs. Roy Nations, Rt, 1, Hope,,Ark.; Tom'Williams, Rt. 3, Hope, Ark; Gwen Wilson, Hope, Ark; Mrs,, Chas.. W,' Wilson Jr., Hope, Arlc;; Miss Christine Frith, Hope, Ark. Discharged: Mrs. Kenneth Stone and ba.by b,Qy,.,Rl,.,4, .ffppR, .Ark.; Mr. G. J. Gilbert, Rt. 1, Lewisville, Ark.; Mrs. Howard Reece and baby girl, Rt.,2, Hope, 'Ark; James The Change is to CLABBER w BECAUSE... Ounct (or BAKING • ounce, Cl«bb»r Girl costs ' i™"", -T ; . less than other kading brands) PQWDER BECAUSE ... Clabber Girl is ' I Cowl rteufeke'epi'nj'y •xclusively known'as the baking ' k&4i._'.«»*fiX powder with the balanced , f^jtimmms^. doub | e action ... balanced (or uniformity in both mining bowl and oven. BALANCED Double Action Means BETTER Baking tf •^•f»Aig; | rt)'U- ^f.ii^.-i^p it; *, *.# *~ 9> /4 PERMA COTTON f MATERIAL 5 bolts only of-beautiful pampered cotton. Wash and wear. Hurry while it lasts, • , ^-flg ,A Reg, 98c Value Yard , , , , . C THERE IS ONLY 43 SHOPPING DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS, USE OUR LAYAWAY TO PUT THOSE .MUCH NEEDED ITEMS A \y A Y WHILE THERE IS A GOOD SELECTION TO PICK FROM. "MAVERICK" WESTERN JEANS A real Western Jean with slim legs. 1334 Oz, 1 Denim Reg, 2.69 Value . , , RED 1 FOX 51 Gauge - 15 Denier, Reg, 98c OOC j 'Men Cotton — Reg, 1.29 C "• QQ- VVhiteorEcru , ^ Pr ; OOC s White and Colors A I Size 6-16-Reg,'39g nr For I Mattress Pads tailor made quilted-,- Mattres.s Pqd? - . le and dQubl§ for-Jgstinp seryiije. 'Reg, 4.91 Value , , , Men'?, Wpmen'? gnd 1 Children's Sock§. All si?§s gnd, cslpri- Yglwe? tp 59s i*-i Can Can's Girls §0 yd. Cgn Cgns, Red, Pink, Plue gnd White, A limited supply -pf this ex Reg, 4,45 Yfllwe, , ,', ; 'WWiTS ' 'TWESI ; A'R| YSUK SCHOSUCPWR Reg. 2,98 the Facts, Ma'am, Befarg Telling Tale§ borolhy Dis: •My only daughlct- Is Wnl-rltd Id a tfavelitig salcstnnr). 1 ftaVe leai-H* ed .lo my hot-foi 1 , that ho sees gifls while he is ort trips. My dnitfthldr does hoi suspect such ft Ihihg nhd Inist hihi cdmplclely. She is n high type fierson, loyal fthd devoted ta her husband and ehildi'eh. Do you Ihihk 1 should reveal the knowledge i have to toy son-lH-la\v? i feel II would be belter It he get work close to home, Should 1 suggest this to him? 1 am deeply resentful of his unfaithfulness to my wonderful daughter, — Maggie f, l)eai- Maggie?. 1 Of ju'st such mn» terial is the legend o flho iiHerfer- ihg tnother-ln-la\V made. In the Proclamation the meli Ih volt-rain's hospitals id Arkansas have labored diligently Ih tanking and WHEREAS the poppy Is n syiv bol of tribute to our vnllnnt dead. who, in past wars fought lo preserve olir freedom, nnd \VJlKREAS the proceeds from the sale of these poppies nr? used for Child Welfare and rehnbUH.v tloh purposes, and the members of the Famed Ballet to Show at SoengerSoon American mldlfnees will tar-offered for the first Htrtt nn oppo^ lunlty !tf Witness n eomfiiett 1 eVcn- ftftllr-f this Mnnk- inliori pfps^titoHort of "the feol- Bflllet, 1 ' with prlma Uallofirta its , U llnovn. will haV-e first fiiblle petrei-iUfiiiCE* »n IS nt the Sneil&tPi 1 theater, by critics through* mil the world ns n hnllrflrtrk by which nil other hrmips twist be judged, (he* Bolshnl Ballet's per greatest fl \m fltmett trt floynl Opera tttmse CaVeht'"d'|Pf in Lttiidon, T • ' t **&/** ' Ulanovn dances • Ifar'-ItilMi classic ••rJlselle" in Iruffttftt rilsct lins six olHpl* BflllSl' fljl - "-TV * sments tjtfonl -of IhS *HU*8lanf-& repertory. „, > , ^ 'i^ American Legion Auxiliary wilti the help of Hie Girl Scouts will first place, dear lady, you have | sell poppies on Saturday. Nov. 8 "learned" (how or through whom you do not say) that he "sees girls." There is certainly nothing exceptional today In any business* man's* seeing girls, taking them to lunch, buying them coffee, even in downtown 1lopc, Arkansas, :NOW, t deor«oi poppy itt ttietttorj' or our dounrteit heroes. ,.,! this HbWfdSPgND M6NEV i tttOHMONt), Vfl. f/t*) -"Si ! Thomas C. Sander's, director 0f ing af Uallct ort film ns pcrMrnwl i fortaiinco last year In tnndr.n has _,.,„*—-.'— ....— . ,- • been recorded on Kastman color rum and in wwc-Acrccn just as hjnIw?.WoTHTthSdlidV scheel'e!^ perfornied rtl ho dovcnl. Onrdch business ndiiilnislrftUorl, sdys'U Bf^*&& «... mv u'' ' Mnjc * ty Qlit<c ' t1 TCii*itbelh|f ol .g 02 courses in hw to Hjafcatol loiu > • money nnd this yoar will ottGf ni.m , , T))p HrtisHn) flrtiipr film i« / | tl HOW tn spend U. Jta says ff_ 4 , r .„ SlONEDj unique. H brings to the sereon In j folks don't Ihlnk Uitiy HCed griy'jfliy^.'j a nmtiner that hits never before i stnieliotis In how IP Spend but "''" been attempted the bvonllvtnklng! they do. T, Crazier Mhyar, Itopo. Ark. ^^m .< '< -<r t&f T. Frazlcr, Mayor of the Clly of Hope, Arkansas, dp hereby pin- claim Saturday, November 8, 1958. as American Legion Poppy fit>frtl fhllli, ind itirbMrt All. on- hut all, lilt, Itcilhin, monciiycir- idl, IDdlum btftiUllt, clitic >dJ, Vlliiftln A, iHlflclil tiMnt ind lUvorlttj in blindid in Cttsmo; taking them out for occasional dm»|Dn.v In said City nnd oall upon the ners, It is most certainly nothing j goo d people to buy and Wear n for you to push the panic button SO SUPfftfOft In FLAVOR aftrf QUALITY Even Women Who Have Nev«r Prcviouily liied Margarine PKAISS IT about, Even if your son-in-law went out ,vith girls more than was necessary in the course of. business, it Is doubtful if.you'd^.be the one to a jjirl when he finds out she llkos him? — Troubled Lee. Dent 1 Lee: When n Rlrl makes it apparent that she's interested stir up a stew about it. If you have! In a certain boy, he doesn't exact had a close and Warm relatlonrfllp b' dislike her but he sure is afraid with your soivln-law, you' co'uid i of her. Your brother's friend Isn't speak to him. If there has over ''ready for dating yet and will resent any nltcm.pt to force him into it, If you realty want him, wall. He'll be tirourid for quite some time. friction (between you, you'd foreyer stamped as "that meddling battle axe." I recommend ,hat you got some definite information before calling out the mill- Lia. You're probaply upset over trivialities. I hope so. Dear Dorothy Dix: I'm a very unhappy bride of 17. 11 and. I fell, in ,loVe a year ago ind though he claimed he was true o me, I know Im wasn't. Every ime I caught him out with someone else, he begged me lo lake iim back and I did. He coaxed me nto 'a secret marriage three mon- hs ago and over since then he- lasn't been faithful. .He lives home nnd so do'l This arrangement sat- sfies him but 1 think we should ell everyone we're married §o ,\s;e can be together '— Joyce. Dear Joyce: You sure believe in compound mistakes. Gil's bchav- or left no uncertainty about his inwillingness to be a faithful sweet leart. How could you expect him o be a loyal husband? Tell your oiks about the marriage and let hem guide you from there- Jt> ««sy la undei-stantt why Crenmo i« 10 •uperior.,,the ingredients Hru the beat. Used In ' any margarine, The ingredient used ln.highe»l> prlccd spends is blended with other Ingredients. to give nn excellence of quality njid flavor a •Ingle ingredient cnnnot produce, Try'Creatoo. We know you'll.like it. • ' Creamo MARGARINE Nothing finer REcARVil'sV oVpTlcE Dear Dorothy Dix:, I'm 16 and staying with my mar- ied sister, She doesn't want me, n fact, no one. does. My father, is t lead, my mother didn't want me and neither of my sisters does, aid I,don't have dates, I'm fairly retty 'but the only boys'- aro'und lore are'fast. Should I go out with hose boys or 'stay home and bu onely? I hope you can road this otter. I didn't go to school much. — B. T, Dear B. T,': At present I think •ou have a greater problem than he two you wrote about. It's quite vident from your letter that you idn't have much schooling and strongly recommend that you get , now, You probably work days, nit investigate the night schools in r community, With an improvement in your writing, you can pro- ross to a business course, and in nother two yours, will be able to ake care of yourself and get away rom'your sisters. At night school, oo, yovi'll find .boys, who are in- lustrious, and ambitious. They 'on't have time for much dating ait will offer rewarding friend- hips, Dear Dorothy DU: I -like my brother's bust friend ut he doesn't care about girls including me.>, My mother says m dping. svrong by trying to get im interested in me. is she right? is it true that a boy dislikes <9c Pepsodcnf Tooth Paste and Deluxe Hair Brush ^ fOV*. STOMACH 18 Ox. Perfection HAND CREAM MILK OF y MAGNESIA TABLETS « nun UKE CANDY Minn $2.38 Value $129 nts-'' $s-r'--& WE GIVE S&H GREEN STAMPS PHONE7-4616 HOPE. ARK. ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY 4 W M^V^f ?j A , r •.• mf •• 'If i ftv\t, «;**)!'« 'A Quillinm, Hope, Ark,; W. N. Mullins,' Emmet, Art;-: M" 1 . ponal Parker, if ope, ArH., 1 Eoja EJUs and baby girt, Rt, 3, Hope, Ark,; Jamos Johnson, Columbus, Ark,; Mr. \y. L, McCoy, fit, J, Hope, Ark.; Mr. C, L,, Faught, Hope, Ai'K.; CajroJyn gray and baby boy, Hope, Ark; Mr. A, J3. Butler, Boclcaw, Ark. I M»'s. Joe Keespy, Hope, Ark.; Wr, J. T. Hatch, Jiope, Ai'^, , ^r, and Mrs, Chas, W. Wilson, j}-,, of Jiope, Ark,, announce the arrival Qf a bat'y b »y Noywnber 5, ' YOUR FRIENDLY *'• SEE THE MOST POPULAR SHAVERS IN AMERICA.. REMINGTON! Tltfu can help you win yviir sliure of $160,000 Coe$ where you no, Works jn car?, i>o»ts, planes »mj at home, ST, REGIS, 40 HOUR Regular 5c brown Of black • < i.i in M ' i A S iV-« ^^i i«B^r Princcu with Exclusive Guard • Combs' *?* ,COME, IN TODAY) Ott your free entry blank for ftmnini/lQH's Share of Aitierica Conte$\{ Assorted Colors Always Call For Your S&H GREEN STAMPS At. , Cox's A SAVINGS OF 7lc ' s ^% »«'"•'»«.,-' •* 1"-% Combats sore throat miseries & relieve? cough due to colds. tf-oz/Anefrin Syrup, '2 Keller Loxcnucs. 19 Po-Do HAIR DRESS asHvt mgn, $«,<n'tH'e-'«W..,,..'.,. 59 C DR. WEST'S ADULT ^_ T * -,- - _ f, -^ "• * G*nn Fighter Tooth Pcush Choice of / » Si cpjors,;,,,,.,,,, JJ. * <.s£f $?& ^j-.^AYjfi-js.f ~ s *>! w »...-, DRlY'E'lN THIATRi ?^w Y.'i <i , ts- <• ,«**-".p8 f £*M # u-:f t;| ""in '..^ '^'-"i.'T^'^v 1 '« \y\ ' f V W,' ^^ m ^^

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