Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1958
Page 2
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Page MOM STAI, MOM, ARKANSAS 19B8 Widow of State Officer Now a Sheriff SALfcM, Ark. (Af) - The 37- Jreor-old widow of a foimei st IIP Jjoliceman will lake offiec J.in 1 as Fulton County sheriff Mi's. Liicilfd Brooks Wait, moth' ef Of fiVc, rt'oii the post in Tu.-; day's sehern) rleclinn ovei inr)r-- pendehl- Ivan tellioti, she polir.i I,r4t votes, Elliott 703 in the county's 20 tJfcdlrttft Mrs. Wail ehteied the race afl^r -her husbhttdi who htul won DeniO' erntifc riomiiinlion in the party nri- marj', dlod stulMbiily THe cotun\ committee^ declared hei the paily nominee. Tiie new sheriff is expected to appoint .1 m«tf v chief dffiuiy vvhi Will assume the lasv enforcrmen 1 duties' off tHe' office. OtV'at least two 1 other occasions Afkhimats hhs dleeted a wothnn shdi'iff,! OHCO to a 1 full tiiim ir< IM the' dflsd (if Mr~s. Wait. Mrs, Sam 1 Abcvnnthy of Otiachitn County won' a 1044 election her hittfbdnfl' Was Unable to n second- tct-m because of Mi*.<f, l^hiil'iK OlriHf of Orailt County ran unopposed l\\ a IflSfe spcci.i^ election to fil\ the" uneVplivtl term of-' liei' deOd'ase'd' Husband Woincit frecjuenlly Vnvo received RUbernatdHi'l 1 appointments to complete tholr husbands' terms. Newsmen Get AtidienGe With New Pope By FRANK BRUTTO ^VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Jotin-XXllI.received -some 500 rep- rosentfrtivds of the" world press in -a jovial special audience today and' urged them to write tru'h- fully. •The Pope- chuckled as he com- merit'ed on< rcportors' dfforls to pry into the secrets of the conclave thn<< elected 1 him the 2G2nd " pontiff of' the Roman Calholic Church Oct. 8.. "The dlforts- ofi the press have 'be'em formidable, but the silence • (of thl? convlhvc) has been even better,'" said' thb 70-year-old pon- ';tiff. !1 '\* The neNvsmbn laughed with him 'j; at! tliath !{ l " ^Seatcfd'djis'tha-throne in the Vnti- \v^ cpn's- GlcmSntine Hall; Pope John ^ ! > >v sP°ke' s > tn^rqpicl French, without ''j 2 - noles'f and with' considerably loss i«. f - formality' thaii his prcdoccsgo 1 ;J"Pope Piusi,XII, used in his an- 1^ diences- for' tlie' press Frequently ^ hb look'ed ub from the microphone ty,i and' smilb^ -Broadly aphis listcn- 6?w" '"- 1 £ ! m ' s '"' a ' ""vice at this rib r.f, of universal 1 Pnthurhood." ho s.iid, i,'- usmgi* the' familiar first pprson ^.singular instead'ol the "we 1 ' popes :J : 'r normally use, s* 'T- will' confess' to you," he con^ J tinlied? witll* a.* sniilo; "that reading With Election of Alford Men fo Pie for YOUNG RAILROADER, OLD ENGINE — Younit Bivnn P.IVICIC ot ISrontwoOd, l j a,, uses a bit of spit and shine on (lie hendhfht ol ihl« model of tin IBOH steam locomotive. Model wns i-xiiibiUJ in Pittsburgh Push-bullon rnllrondiim eriiup- nviU .ibouniUd but Bryan passed it all up for the oki-timci Exhibit was sponsored by >i local unit of lite Eastern R.nlro.id Presidents Conference, Jests End Wcrh a Perfect Shot ,»»"E MOVES RUST* STAINS htm MINIUK" SINKS ftUIO IUMNRS- FREE SAMPLE Wm«N HOfctKTX, CAPE CANAVERAL. Fin, fAP) —Tlie Army has completed its Redstone ballistic missile lest program with what reportedly was a perfect 250-mile shot across the Atlantic lest ranee. The 03-fool rocket, most advanced ballistic weapon 1 in- tlie D.S: nrsent'l, blasted skyward .from the. cape Wednesday nifilU. Tlie .nodFtoiv', wlliclV reportedly detonated nuclear warheads over the Pacific three limes, already is beiiiH used by NATO defense forces in Europe. The workhorse missile also pro* vicled Ihe firsl-Ftase vehicle for the Jimitcr-C satellite rocket' that fired three Explorer mboiis into, orbit, The Chrysler-built Redstone first was fired from life cape' in 1953. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is considering plans to use tlie Redstone in part of the man-in-space program. as 1 do all the, newspapois, I oven lind it aurooalfl to read all those stories about n'vysolf. . .and those allegedly revealing the secrets of Ihe conclave put me in a truly e<ood mood for the entire day." The Pope criticised articles which "can be construed as nd- vicc to us on how to run things. You must remember that we stick to Die traditions and, rules of the Church, The Pope said ho hoped his list' oners would not feel insulted al hi? uiuing them to .toport truthfully "This," he said, "was intended as a latheilv—or even better — as brotherly advice aimed at help- JIIR you in youi woik," Tho Pope concluded the audience by piving his blessing to ths newsmen. Bear Wont- Go fo an Individual ; MEMPHIS (API—The director of •Overtoil Park Zoo here says a bear caught in a residential neighborhood last week will never be handed over to a private individual j Raymond F, Gray was commenl- jlnif on reports that circulated I throughout Memphis yesterday, 'flic-- report's said the 7.00 would turn tile- boor over to anyone who iWanled it. • No oho! knows? where ttic be:lr came fromi , "T u'oiild not, even if I had authority to-, sell the bear, sell' it to any oilier th'an a recognised place that could take care of the bear as well or. better' -than thfi zoo," Gray' declared firmly .Ho a.ddod:. "\ would,.rather see the .animal destroyed than let it be put in a- small cage, or tied up in front of a hot dog stand or some roadside ozo." Gray was irked at the idea the bruin mieht be "commercialized and stjiek in some liltle dark hole " He thinks the proper thing would bo to pet the animal back to the woods it may have come from. Gray believe" the bear t> \s wild, If no one claims lho^||?ar sopp. Gray 4 Plans to ask the W*hnossce' Fish &• Wildlife Commission to transport it • to a bear preserve such as Groat Smokies National Paik. "And he most certainly could ^ake. care of himself in the wild ITe has a nasty disnosltion," tin 1 director nddod & MAIN 5T. OPEN FRIDAY AN ^SA NEW SHIPMENT Bucket Purse Rlvtheville Police Pension Passes BLYTITEVJLLK, Ark, 'API Blytheville residents have voted nearly four to one m favor of a pension nlnn for thn Blytheville Police Department, Final returns from Tuesday'* general election showed the plan was approved 2.073' to fi^fl Graham Partlow, the 2(5 year old Blvtheville attorney and son of Circuit Judge H'. G. Partlow, was elected city otlornev. Ptu'tlow d>«- fonted incumbent Elbort Johnson. Who was seeking a fourth teim. By JOHN HASUA'M Unifed Pf£$* iHterndUeHS! LITTLE ROCK lUPl)— Mow did the wnlf-in campaign of fit'. Dale Alford a political rteoprtyte, nicceed in oustins an established ciRht-toirn campaigner like ttrpT Brooks trays i D-Ark ) in TAieS* day's general election That was the question oh the minds of thousands of raccoon* scions Soulhttrm-rs today. Was it Alford's outspoken sen.lU ine.nl against integration Was it the tacit support he got from Ciov. OI'val Faubus? The upset victory, as shocking as Faubus' own overwhelming summer nomination to an almost unprecedented third term, was explained to their own satisfaction to most of those close to the scene. Jimmy Karam, a Little Rock haberdasher and poisonal friend of Faubus. said Alford's success was due to Of) per conl Faubus bucking' and '10 per cent to his s'!g> elation stand. ( Only Outspoken Segregationist Alford, a 42-year-old eye, ear, nosu and tnioat specialist, is the only outspokenly segregationist member of the Little Rock^chool Board. * *WIII In his campaiHH of only eight days, Alford said he wanted to noip "our groat governor" find a solution to keep Southern traditions. "That's what did it," Karam pid. He said the victory was 'fabulous and unheard of." "rt was a victory for states' rights and the governor's stand." Karam said. "The people spoke their backing of Faubus, first in re-electing him this summer, and second in voting to keep the Lit tin Rock schools closed rather than to sec them integrated," . Karam said "Alford's election was a, ratification- of their earlier backing of Faubus " Faubus never came right out and endorsed Alford. He always told newsmen he does not vote in the central Arkansas Fifth Con- gVcs'ional district. But Faubus' former aide, Claude Carpenter Jr., quit his state job to manage Alford's campaign. Stand Highly Important ' Carpenter thought Alford's sep- ropation stand was "hiphly important." "t think the' people resent federal- encroachment on states' rights, and I think this was just an outward show of that resent- nTTit " Carpenter said. Was the governor's -implied endorsement a factor ' "You can'.l tell how important it was," dhrpcnler raid. ' "There is no way Ip measure, I think my going with Dr. Alford showe^ the"" people' the 'governor was not particularly displeased with Ihe action Alford had taken. A personal friend' of Hays' felt, the write - in campaigns' success culminated- a sentiment- that had- been, mounting for. years against 1 Hays' "soft-attitude" toward labor, taxation' and the racial problem. PINE BLUFF, Ark (AF>— Av- kahsas penitentiary trusty F>an<t William Nail, 25, yesterday was Jorrrtally sentenced to death in tHe ptfcle electric chair for the f£it,i) shooting of a fellow prisoner. Cucuit Judge Hehi v \V Smith set Dec 12 as the execution date Nail's court-appointed aUnffleys said the case would be appealed | to the Arkansas Supreme (Sbttr'E' Nail was cofivifcled last week 1 of first degi-ee tfiurdkr for the death of James StoHlgbhief-y, also a .trusty, at f lieker Prison F~drm last iftiHte. A jllry fiSed' his punishment at death. i utaotHg prosecution charged that! iNail shot dbWH the unarmed Mont-1 j The prosecution charged that I ed with him fo rwhipping a horse.' MeC!@l!an Says .A.. Ml mM a -' «• MEMPHIS (At 5 )—Sen. John Me*- ClellaH (D-Ark) said yesterday Ui£ decisive Sehatp and House majol- ilieS won by the Democrats in of the people's faith in the Detnoctatic Party." But the victory places a heavy responsibility oh the party, the Arkansas Senator added, He listgd' tee" Wsue.s al "thes most Vital that confront us. 1 ' 1. Instability in America's fof- eigH affairs. 2. Lack ct integrity in labor-Man* agemfeht relations. ^ 3. Instability in the nation's )• hancial policies. 4. Instability of the Supferric Court. p Denied a Slaver LITTLE ROCK CAP)—The state Paidon and Parole Board yestor- <1ny infused to grant a parole to Mrs Elhol Linda Head, convicted in Prairie County in 1953 for slay_- ina hci o-yoai-Told foster daughter, The hoard did grant paroles to 39 convicts. Eleven others were recommended Cor executive clemency Mrs Head is serving a 12 year sentence. ' CAR GAI NEW STARTER SETS: Here's 3 fompletp package of three .. .„ viewing fun,,»!H a special i-y pric?) Each set JMS 7 ,, „„.(!" picprps'pf * favorite ^ subJFtt , , , plus the famous ' ustpr $te rco Viewer,,, plu-i 21 «x(rg' pifj' pictures. Starter T "cpme i TPt toWtf tA MtU. FW?'fW&M I f f \. ->.:. t^*'^ ' •^if »v H f r rt V V'*/ jf ff iff* \ GET MORE! V f ft 'V ^?l SANFORIZED COTTON BROADCLOTH PRINTS! Penney's special makes it- easy to sew new-look fashions for minimum cost! A lovely selection of machine washable quality prints. 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