Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 1, 1963 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 1, 1963
Page 6
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PAGE SLX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 1963 VILLAGE OF EAST ALTON TREASURER'S REPORT - Gal 1 VILLAGE OF EAST ALTON TREASURER'S ANNUAL REPORT MAY 1. 1062 to APRIL 30, IMS OBNERAL FUNDS Cash on Hand May 1. 1062 S $ Receipts from: Corporation Taxes 63.083.27 Finos 8.407.00 Parkins Infractions 17100 Business Licenses 4.050.00 Liquor Licenses 6.645.S3 Dog Licenses 382.00 Rent Vi. WO. 00 Police Department Sale of Confiscated Goods 2-00 Telephone Commission 200.44 Thermofax Copies 227.00 Sen er Permits ° "0 Insurance Claims 226.66 Sale of Maps 68.50 Utility Pole Tax i?-00 Damage Claims I' 1 - 00 . Reimbursements ' ,^1 , Interest on Invest.ments 2.'-.i.O.i Transfers from: „.,„,,. Sales Tax Fund? 11.000.00 Public Benefit Funds 1.000.00 Mutz Judgment Fund 10.»1 New Building Fund 3.1S2.b3 Corporation Taxes 3,512.89 Net Receipts 3.512.89 Total Receipts • Disbursements: Director's Salary Supplies Equipment Gas and Oil Radio Service Director's and Committee's Expense Uniforms Maintenance Equipment 6,696.40 475.00 88.05 600.00 9.06 400.00 168.33 107.64 286.57 Engineering 1,226.93 rotal Disbursements 38,891.18 Tola! Disbursements Balance Cash on Hand April 30. 1963 GARBAGE FUND Cash on Hand May 1. 1962 Receipts from: Corporation Taxes Transfer from Sales Tax Loan from Emergency Fund 2,134.71 Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 MOTOR FUEL TAX FUNDS ON DEPOSIT Balance on Depo-if May I, 1962 Allocation of Motor Fuel' Tax from State of Illinois Balance on Deposit. April 30, 1963 MAINTENANCE US No. 67 M.F.T. FUNDS | Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 Receipts from : State of Illinois No Disbursements 3,962.12 2-1,887.38 49,911.31 65,798.69 52.38 346.56 |Npi Receipts Nel Receipts Total Receipts Disbursements from : SALARY FUNDS President's Salary 2.400.00 Village Clerk's Salary 4.350.00 Clerk Hire 1.062.00 Stenographic Hire 3.1:17.41 Village Attorney's Salary 1.800.00 Attorney's Expense 275.00 Village Trustee's Salary 3.315.00 Village Official's 1.578.10 Health Officer 50.00 Village Treasurer's Salary 2.409.00 Village President's Secretary 921.55 118,193.04 j Tot al Receipts I Disbursements: Contract Hauling i Wages for Clean-Up Week Truck Expense Payment of Loan to Emergency Fund 18,958.44 8,300.00 25.00 25.020.00 930.51 9.63 25.00 , -,-, ,.* Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 ... 4.o61 69 WATER REVENUE FUND , „., . i OPERATING FUND 1,920.00, Casll on H a , 1t] May ^ 19 62 , I Receipts from: ; Wat er Revenue ; Service Charges , | Water Taps , •i- oa'j 11 i ' nslirance Claims , *i.L83.44 j Dividends on Savings and Loan Stock.... 29.203.79 398.94 8,008.17 61,985.69 14.00 375.00 137.75 2,350.63 124.28;>.a8 i Tof a | Disbursements j Balance Cash on Hand April 30. 1963 . i PUBLIC BENEFIT FUND Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 ' Receipts from: Corporation Taxes Illinois Power Co—.Right-of-Way Ease 483.25 110.00 '.Net Receipts Total Receipts Disbursements: Payment for Right-of-Way Transfer to General Fund . Total Disbursements from Salary Funds STREET AND ALLEY FUND: Wages Repairs to Sidewalks 21.318.06 1.371.26 342 10 Total Disbursements 1.00 1,000.00 1 Total Receipts WATER REVENUE FUND CONTINUED Disbursements: ! Salary and Wages 17,465.13 •'•i 985 14 : New Metcrs 1,711.59 2o.98o.14 , Insllranc ,p 132 60 Auditing 430.00 Repairs and Supplies 4,006.56 .. „„, „ I Water Purchase 7,834.45 1,062.91 (office Expense 993.19 Rent 13,200.00 Ext ension Water Lines 48.00 I Travel Expense 162.20 .Water Department's Share I.M.R.F 1,664.72 593.25 jTransferiert to Bond and Coupon Account 11,695.00 17— Dividends Transferred to Special Funds 1.6o6.22| Dividend Account 2,043.75 jTransferred to Water Revenue Bond Debit I Account 2,695.00 JTruck Expense 818.67 Radio Rental 240.00 6486307 TOP BUNKER HILL STUDENTS ' 7 , H71 .;;i Gerald Renken, left, and Gary Welch, commencement Tuesday evening. Danny ^' oa ~* center, gave the valedictory and saluta- Eastman, right, was presented the cltt- tory addresses at the Bunker Hill High zenship award during the program. 1,001.00 Total Disbursements from Street and Alley Fund POLICE FUND Fire and Police Commissioner's Salary... Fire and Police Commissioner's Expense . Fire and Police Commissioner's Supplies. Salary Police Department Maintenance Vehicles Maintenance Police Radio System Disposal St ray Dogs Telephone New Equipment Uniforms and Supplies Miscellaneous Expense Total Disbursements- F1RE FUND NO. 1 Salaries oi Firemen • -Police Fund •120.00 349.00 10.00 43,470.27 2,629.60 1.190.00 266.00 60.05 1.676.37 1.402.00 34.75 4,263.75 Total Disbursements—Fire Fund No. 1 SEWER FUND Salaries and Wages Mat erial Supplies Repairs Right of Way Easement for Sewer ... 427.45 393.17 376.56 75.71 1,501.00 Total Disbursements—Sewer Fund PUBLIC BUILDING FUND Salaries Building Supplies Heating Maintenance Public Building New Equipment Repair to Public Buildings Total Disbursements—Public Bldg. Fund.. GENERAL ADMINISTRATION FUND Insurance Premiums Bond Premiums Publications Auditing Dues to Illinois Municipal League Office Supplies Post age Repairs to Equipment Telephone Legal Fees President's Expense Liquor Commissioner's Expense Total Disbursements—General Administration Fund LIGHT FUND Lights Total Disbursements ELECTION FUND Salaries Election Judges Election Supplies 6.447.48 1,157.61 40S.82 1,648.17 1,926.39 1,800.71 4,578.95 264.50 3,101.05 525.00 200.00 1,292.90 334.42 9.45 105.41 503.00 2,400.00 1,200.00 8,118,55 1,250.00 392.70 Total Disbursements — Election Fund Transfers 1% Business and. Liquor License Fees to Firemen's Pension Fund Total Disbursements from General Funds. Balance Cash on Hand in GENERAL FUNDS April 30, 1963 SPECIAL FUNDS STREET AND BRIDGE FUND Cash on Hand May 1. 1962 Receipts from: Corporation Taxes Road and Bridge Tax Reimbursements for Repairs Reimbursement for Street Material Reimbursement for Salt Loan from Emergency Fund 11.356.48 9,400.55 535.88 3,669.85 62.05 1,500.00 Net Receipts Total Receipts Disbursements: Salaries and Wages 12.354.60 Maintenance Material 8.196.06 Gas and Oil 794.58 Supplies 444.68 Engineering 931.31 Radio Service 240.00 Payment of Loan to Emergency Fund 1,500.00 Total Disbursements Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 FTRK FUND No. 2 Cash on Hand May 11, 1962 Receipts from: Corporation Taxes 21.002.98 Transfer from Sales Tax Fund 2,000.00 Net Receipts Total Receipts Disbursements: Salaries Fire Calls by Volunteer Department Supplies Repairs to Equipment Gas and Oil Uniforms Radio Service New Equipment 2,382.60 610.80 193.29 127.87 349.29 240.00 2,447.50 Total Disbursements Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 PLAYGROUND FUND Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 Receipts from: Corporation Taxes 10,01^8.24 Insurance Claim 54.00 Refund 9.00 Electrjc Lights Electric Repairs Supplies Maintenance Equipment Improvement to Grounds .... New Equipment , Insurance Telephone Water Purchase Bill Paid in Error (Refunded) Total Disbursements Balance Cash on Hand April 30. 1963 CIVIL DEITENSK Cflhh on Hand May 1, 1962 Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 [COMMUNITY BUILDING AND RECREATION FUND 1,713.36 |T a -\. Funds Received (Tax Funds Transferred to Trustees of Com| munily Building and Recreation Fund j Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 j PUBLIC; LIBRARY FUND i Tax Funds Received JTax Funds Transferred to Trustees of Pub- j lie Library Fund i Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 i MAINTENANCE OF EQUD7MENT FUND | Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 |Receipts from: Total Disbursements 655.22; i Balance Cash on Hand April 30. 1963 .... 17,006.83; WATER REVENUE BOND ACCOUNT ,_ ' 0 , ; Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 1 i.006.83i Receipts from: ~" i Water Revenue Fund 65,140.86 7,730.38 10,000.00 none 14,390.00 ,,.-•,, r,n 16.o04.99j Disbursements: Funds: Transferred to Water Revenue Bond Debit Account 24,390.00 16.504.99 none none at Illinois State Bank for Retirement of 9 Bonds al $1,000.00 308 Coupons at $.17.50 9,000.00 5,390.00 Total Transfers 14,390.00 51,508.04 Loan from Emergency Fund Maintenance of Equipment . I Transfer from Sales Tax .... 1,000.00 8445.47 1,000.00 4,263.75''Net Receipts 'Total Receipts (Disbursements: I Salary of Mechanic 5.213.84 Gas and Oil 2.097.94 Parts 2,259.34 ! Balance Cash on Hand April 30. 1963 ! WATER REVENUE BOND DEBIT ACCOUNT ! Cash on Deposit with Illinois State Bank 10.445.47} May 1, 1962 I Transfers from Water Revenue Account 10,000.00 105.00 Graf ton Couple Observes 59th Wedding Anniversary 54 Greenfield 8th Graders To Graduate GREENFIELD - Fifty - four eighth grade students will receive diplomas Friday at 8 p.m. at the high school auditorium. Robert Gaither. junior-senior high principal, will present the class and presentation of diplomas will be made by Francis Stcckel, parents of four children, Mrs. j of the Homemakers Extension |>< member of the hoard of educa- Alice Rayburn and Elmer Forbes!Council will meet in Greenfield of Alton and Fred Forbes Jr., and j next week. Mrs. Alma Auston of Grafton. j Members of the Night Unit GHAFTON—Mr. and Mrs. Fred Forbes Sr. quietly observed their 59th wedding anniversary at their homr Friday. The. couple was married by Hie late Rev. William Gaither at the Baptist parsonage in Jerseyville. Their attendants were- Mrs. Mabel Forbes Hole and Harry Forbes. Mr. and Mrs. Forbes are the Greenfield Units to Meet Next Week GREENFIELD Three units Entertains Club GRAFTON Mrs. Robert Groves entertained members of the Canasta Club at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Cole Tues- jwill meet at 8 p.m. Tuesday in the home of Miss Lela Faulkner. Mrs. Lee Wilt will give the major lesson, "Caring for Today's Fabrics." and the topic of the select- day night. Prizes were awardedlecl subject will he, "Repairs of to Mrs. John Rowling, Mrs. Rob-j Electrical Cords and Plugs." ert Groves, Mrs. Richard Rowl- : Mrs. Edwin Mebner will he hosting mid Mrs. James Auston. Fish Supper Tonight ess at the meet ing of the Day Unit ai 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. The 10.445.47: 2,773.89 Total Disbursements 9,571.12; : Total i Disbursements: Bonds and Coupons Redeemed: j 6 Bonds at 51,000.00 6,000.00 ; 302 Coupons at S17.50 5,285.00 GRAFTON — The Crusaders]same program lessons will be pre- 14,390.00 Class will sponsor a fish supper | sent eel and Mrs. Robert Miller 'at. the annex tonight with serving!will be leader of the major lesson | and Mrs. Andrew- Dalton, trader of the selected subject. Mis.i The recently organized Young Balance Cash on Hand April 30. 1963 EQUIPMENT RENTAL FUND: Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 Receipts from: Rental of Equipment 6.819.90 477.18 13,389.18 Net Receipts 6.819.90 Total Receipts . Disbursements: New Equipment 14,514.68 Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 2% FIRE TAX FUND Cash on Hand May 1. 1962 Receipts from: 2% Tax on Insurance Companies 8,142.01 j Net Receipts i Total Receipts Disbursements: 7,297.08 830.79 6.466.29 399.30 i Total Bonds and Coupons Redeemed .... Unredeemed Bonds and Coupons April 30. 1963 WATER REVENUE FUND INTEREST ACCOUNT Interest Received on Savings Account 1962-1963 SUMMARY WATER FUNDS Bank Account Water Revenue Operating Fund Water Revenue Fund Interest Fund Invested Funds: Water Revenue Bond Account Water Revenue Bond Reserve Account .. 14,495.00 1 beginning at 5 p.m. | Grafton Notes ! GRAFTON — Mr. and iAvery Gisy entertained at a wiener jroast on the lawn at their home 11,285.00 (Thursday evening. Guests were " JMr. and Mrs. Charles Updike and " °10 00 1 son ' " '" anc ' Kenneth j Water Works Depreciation Account 71.66 7,730.38 71.66 10,000.00 15,000.00 15,000.00 I Grand Total Water Funds ; EAST ALTON STORM SEWER BOND ACCOUNT 8,142.01 Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 -— Receipts from: 8,541.31 Corporation Taxes 8,118.551 Transfer to Volunteer Fire Department ... 850.00 Supplies . ... 18.08 Collection Fee to Illinois Municipal League 569.94 j Firemen's Convention Expense 50.00 47,802.04 4,840.62 21,430.47 I sol and son. David Blackorby and Patty Kramer. Mr. and Mrs. August of Jerseyville were dinner guests Thursday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phillips ajid daughter, Sharon of Alton, were guests Thursday at the home of the former's mother, Mrs. Lola Freirnan. 1,642.70 106.98 119.349.17 Total Disbursements 1,488.021 Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 , .MUTT; JUDGMENT FUND Balance on Hand May 1, 1962 ....... Funds Transferred to General Fund 7,053.29 10.51 10.51 ) Total Receipts j Disbursements: ' Funds Transferred to East Alton Storm ] Sewer Bond 1 Debit Account at Illinois State Bank Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 EAST ALTON STORM SEWER BOND DEBIT ACCOUNT Cash on Deposit, with Illinois State Bank May 1,1962 Funds Transferred to Debit Account 26,271.09 21,646.30 4,936.41 i Balance None -- Account Closed April 30, 1963 NEW BUILDING FUND Balance on Hand May 1. 1962 i Funrls Transferred to General Fund 4,624.79 11.20 21,646.30 3.182.63 3,182.63 3,537.52 F.aUineo None -- Account Closed April 30. 1963 DIMDEND FUND Cash on Hand May 1. 1962 Receipts from: ! Interest on Special Fund Savings Account 1.715.01 ! Transferred from Water Fund Dividend ! Account 2,043.75 jSalo of Used Equipment 77.50 Not 112.50 314.94 26.524.81 30,062.33 . Disbursements: Equipment i Disbursements .. , 2,573.38 27.412.48 I Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 I EMERGENCY FUND j Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 I Payment of'Loans from: Garbage Fund 25.00 Street and Bridge Fund 1,500.00 2.649.85 3,040.59 23,002.96 26,043.57 23,645.86 2,397.71 5,904.29 Transferred from East Alton Sewer Fund 24.94 Net Receipts Total Receipts Disbursements: Loans to: Garbage Fund Maintenance Equipment Fund Street and Bridge Fund 25.00 1,000.00 2,100.00 Total Disbursements Total _ Bonds And Coupons Redeemed:' 18 Bonds at $1,000.00 18,000.00 266 Coupons at $13.75 3,657.50 Total Redemption Bond and Coupons .... 109.73 ! Balance April 30, 1963 EAST ALTON STORM SEWER DIVIDEND AND INTEREST ACCOUNT Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 i Receipts from: .Alton Savings and Loan Association Illinois Slate Bank 3,336.26, j Vet Receipts 3,945.99 j No Disbursements i i Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 GRAND TOTAL EAST ALTON STORM 2,573.38 j SEWER BOND ACCOUNT •; Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 1,372.61 (Receipts from: ' Treasury of United States 5,117.03i ! Total Receipts j Disbursements: i Engineering Costs ' Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 1,549.94; NORTHEAST SANITARY SEWER FUND i No Receipts or Disbursements 6,666.99! Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 ! EAST ALTON SEWER FUND : Back Taxes in Amount of 524.95 Received I and Transferred to Emergency Fund j Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 ! MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEE'S RETDIEMENT FUND 'Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 21,657.50 21,657.50 none Carrollton Notes CARROLLTON — Mrs. Bill Wolf of Augusta, Kans. will leave Monday to return to her home after a visit with her mother, Mrs. Margaret Fagin. Mrs. Lloyd Berlihe and daughter, Mrs. Charles Kirbach of Hillview, were guests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. Arch Howard. Guests Thursday of Mrs. Oren Siebermann were Mrs. Bill Wolf of Augusta, Kan., Mrs. Ora Brai- nercl of Grafton, Dick Meldrum of Jacksonville, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meldrum of White Hall, Mrs.Margaret Fagin and M r s. Homemakers unit will meet at. 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the home of Mrs. Sam Thornton Jr, Mrs. Robert Lamb, Mrs. Fred Becker, and Mrs. Wally Davenport will be program leaders. Roll call topic for the three units \vill be, "Laundry Hints." Greenfield Society Inducts 8 Members GREENFIELD — Eight members have been added to the Fleui de Lis Chapter oi the National Honor Society of Greenfield Community Unit District 10. The new members are Connie Wayham, John Koehm, John Roberts, Kay Smith, Larry Hubbard Merle Steckel, Mary Hut-1"""", '• r-riltnl lion. The class roll is as follows: Claivt Lee Parks, Jackie Meng, Ann Morgan, Ruth Ann Melvin, Jane Plogger, Sherry Plogger, Kathleen Baker, Pamela Griffin, Barbara Baldes, Charlene Baldes, Carol Barnard, Ruth Helen Cole, Nancy Doyle, Phyllis Gustine, Lyivio Handling, Bonnie Langley, Alice Ann Lorlon, Patricia Price, Piiliio.ia Thiiyer, Phyllis Range, Pal''ida Ross. Cynthia Seed, Barbara Smith, Pamela Wright, t Soiinp.boni, Kay Gillespie, Eleise Kra/ier, Brenrin Goode, Kay Goode. IVslph Albrecht. Harold Arnold, John Barton. Robert Brooks, Charles Bryant, Terry Cummins, Merle Davidson. Jay Feathers(on?, Larry Ford, James Gan, Randell Kinser, George Knisley, Richard Loy, James Prough, James Randell, Terry Roberts, Loyal Range, William Reed, Jerry Sanson, Gary Stcckel, Harry Stewart, Robert Terpening, Michael Thaxton, Larry Thievagt, William Harr. Two Eldred Graders Win Legion Aivards ELDRED — Susan Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Her- chison and Kenneth Plogger. Greenfield Notes GREENFIELD — Mrs. H. L. Knudscn has sold her residence on West Walnut street, to Mr. and Mrs Howard Phillips, who will take possession July 1. Mr. and Mrs Phillips are members of the faculty of Unit District 1.0. Mn;. Knudsnn will return to Bak- ersl'iL'ld, Calif., to be with her schel Williams, and James Best, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Best, were presented American Legion awards at the grade school promotional exercises this week. The awards were presented by Robert McGIasson, commander of the Eldred American Legion. Other eighth grade graduates were: Mark MeGlasson, Gary and Margaret Scofield, Roger Shire- jman, James Kurtx, Lynn Carter, 273.22 427.44 Gregg Fuller of Carrollton. ' dausrnter, Miss Jean Knudson. , Mr and Mrs. Russell Dowdall 1 M«. Ruby Harrington and Miss Karen Varble. Carolyn and Gla- and two .sons of Rochellc were Hall entertained a. a fam .|£'« Ucoy. Connie. Bottom. Gml guests Thursday of Dowdall's fa- ily party Tuesday evening h O n-l"«y |fi ' ' , " ",,".' ther, L. M. Dowdall. loving their brother, Charles Hall.lJ* 8 - blanley BMlld Miss Janet Blackstone, a stu-jof Si. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Roy'' V:o1 • dent at Monmouth College at Mon- Hancock of St. Louis were guests •nouth, will be home Saturday, June 8, to spend a few days with icr parents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blackstone, before returning to to attend summer 700.66 5,225.45 none 9,500.00 Monmouth school. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Polotto ofj Sycamore arrived Wednesday toj 9,500.00 9,500.00 none Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 Loans Outstanding April 30, 1963 SALES TAX FUND Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 Receipts from Sales Tax: February 1962 to January 1963 inclusive.. Total Receipts Disbursements: Transfers to: General Fund Fire Fund No. 2 Garbage Fund Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund Maintenance Village Equipment Fund ... Purchase o| Land for Disposal Purposes. Puroh.isp of Silo tor Sewer Disposal Plant 3,125.00 3,541.99 1,600.00 15,162.90 73,038.49 Receipts from: Transfer from Sales Tax Fund 6,500.00 Net Receipts ,,..,...,. Total Receipts Disbursements: Village's Share Illinois Municipal Retire- 5.13 None 975.93 6,500.00 88,201.391 ment 17,000.00 2,000.00 8,300.00 6.500.00 1,000.00 5,000.00 4,520.00 i Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 .... POLICE PENSION FUND > Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 ! Receipts from: 1 Corporation Taxes 1,486.93 'Employee's Contributions 3,129.21 Dividends 2,054.06 Net Receipts Total Receipts Disbursements: Salaries and Wages 4,613.25 Maintenance — Wages 1,283.69 372.00 63.83 , 1,091.54 733.16 471.14 529.12 101.06 137.53 26.85 9.00 Tut a 1 Disbursements 10,081.24] Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963 15,985.531 OR AND TOTAL SPECIAL FUNDS I Funds in Special Funds Checking Account ! Funds in Special Funds Savings Account... Grand Total Special Funds MOTOR FUEL TAX FUNDS Maintenance Arterial Streets—1962 Cash on Hand May 1, 1962 Receipts: State of Illinois (to correct error) Street and Bridge Fund—Refund .. j Net Receipts Net Receipts 44.320.00 :Total Receipts 43,881.39' Disbursements: i Treasurer's Bond 19,001.661 Annual Report Filing Fee 64,224.741 Total Disbursements 83,226.40 7,475.93 6,917.48 558.45 42,862.42 5,670.20 .01 121,35 9,432,17 6,553.36 3,183.51 Total Receipts Disbursements: Salary and \Vat;es Contract Work and Material Equipment Rental Maintenance Traffic Signals Treasurer's Fee 10,511.86 19,232.36 7. J 66.64 145.95 607.44 42,731.94 121.36 42,853.30 175.00 25.00 48,532.62 200.00 Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963.... FIREMEN'S PENSION FUND Cash on Hand May I, 1962 Receipts from: Corporation Taxes 1,022.27 Employee's Contributions 1,033.66 Dividends 1,381.81 48,332.6: 30,838.61 1% Business Licenses 1% Liquor Licenses Net Receipts Total Receipts Disbursements: Treasurer's Bond Annual Report Filing Fee 40.50 66.46 3,546.70 34,385.31 45.00 25.00 of Mrs. Harrington Thursday. Mv.i. J. T. Linder wont to Springfield Thursday to visit her sister, Mrs. C. J. Doyle. Mrs. W. C. Buchanan spent Wednesday here with her aunt, Mrs Linder. \VSCS Meeting SH GREENFIELD — Mrs. Roy spend the remainder of the week j Gut hrie will be program chnir- with Mrs. Pololto's relatives, Mr. | man on the subject, "What Mis- and Mrs. Russell Wiles, Mr. andjsions Moan lo Me," at a meeting Mrs. Everett Painter and Mr. and j of the Woman's Society of Chris- Itian Service at. 2 p.m. Werlnes- Mrs. Howard McAdams. Kenneth Ross, manager of the I day in the' fellowship 'rooms of « iwr - Mre . _.. _ ... . . i .' . _ . .. „. . rim WHS an local Kroger Store, will begin a|the Methodist Church. two-week vacation Monday which he will spend at his home here. Guests Tuesday at the W. G. Vogt home will be Mr. and Mrs. Arthur May and daughter, Jo-Ellen of Denver, Colo., Mrs. Virginia Schuette and Mrs. Julia Holler of Columbia, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Ballard and sons of Clarendon Hills arrived Thursday to spend a few days with their parents, Mrs. Ada Ballard, and Mr, and Mrs. Charles Meek. Mike Shackelford will leave Sunday for Charleston, where he will attend summer school at (he Eastern Illinois University after spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Shackelford. Shackelford and Miss Donna Hindelang and Miss Donna Allen, all students at (he Eastern Illinois University, arrived home several days ago having completed their year at the University, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ballard and family are spending the weekend at DesPlaines with Ballard's brother-in-law an sister, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Wiles. Klilrcd ELDRKD — The Pastime Club will meet Wednesday afternoon al the home of Mrs. Otto Newton. Mr. and Mrs. George Holford of Rivera Beach Fla., are visiting his mother, Mrs. H o w a r d Darr and Mr. Darr. They are also visiting her father in Alton. Memorial Day dinner guests of Mrs. Charles Smith were: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Borman and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hensort of Wood Adcrton of Hardin was an afternoon caller. Mr. and Mrs. Keith MFarland of Wood River visited Thursday with Mr. .-.nd Mrs. Otto Newton. Mrs. Evelena Black and Miss Karen Hundlin spent the past week at Tallulah, La., as guests of Mrs. Mrs. Claude Linn and Mrs. Ruby Harrington will also take part in the program, and special mu;sic has been arranged. Circle to Meet GREENFIELD — Mrs Edwin Hebner and Miss Pearl Bermes will be hostesses at a meeting of the Mary Martha Circle of the Baptist Church at 2 p.m. Thursday in the home of Mrs. Hebner. The June meeting of the night group, the Dorcas Circle, has been postponed from June 3 to the following Monday, June 10, and will take place \n the home of Mrs. Earl Cannedy. Church Notes GREENFIELD — Morning worship services at the Presbyterian Church Sunday will be canceled due to the absence of the pastor, the Rev. S. W. Thornton. Sunday school classes will uon-j MEDORA --The American Le- Black's son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. William Querry, and attended the wedding of the Querry's daughter, Miss Gwenolyn Querry to Lt. Thomas James. Miss Handlin is on vacation from her duties as student nurse at Springfield Memorial Hospital. Next weekend she will go to Cook County Hospital in Chicago for three month special training. Medora Post and Auxiliary to Meet vene at the regular time. The Rev. Thornton and h i s mother, Mrs. J. B. Thornton, were culled to Bethesda, Md., Thurs. day because of the critical illness and death o( Mrs. Thornton's daughter, Mrs. Paul Eckle, follow- igion and Auxiliary will meet Monday at legion Hall Disability Pension to Retired Employee. Refund of Pension Deduction 2,087.50 15.00 Total Disbursements Balance Cash on Hand April 30, 1963. 2,172.50 32.212.81 This is to certify that the foregoing report Is a true and correct accounting of the receipts and disbursements of all funds of the Village of East Alton which were in the jurisdiction of the Village Treasurer for the year beginning May 1, 1962 and ending April 30, 1963. MARGARET L. PRUITT Margaret L. Pruill, Village Treasurer Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17th day of May, 1963. MILDRED V. HELM Mildred V. Helm, Notary Public i p.m. Hostesses will be at 8 Mrs. Vernori Dougherty, Miss Ethel Dougherty and Mrs, Vernon Maska. Starting Date 8el DAKAR—Production will start in 1965 in the steel smelter now abuilding in Senegal. ing major surgery. Two other daughters, Mrs. Nelson Darragh, St. Louis, and Mrs. Irwin Woerner, Chicago, accompanied them, Mrs. Eckle, 56, the former Helen Thornton, was born in India while her parents, Mrs. J. B. Thornton, and the late Rev. Thornton were missionaries there.

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