Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 5, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1958
Page 2
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Page T*« MOM IT AH, MO PI, AIRANSAI K Presidency Hope Hinges on Election §y JAM§§ MABL6W N*w* WASHINGTON fAf 1 ) — Wlial- <•<>*!' hopes thfee lop Republicans i "P f^f the presidency — or at l"isf a crack fit H — Will bp in•» -"hr-'d by toddy's election t-e- -,,1tr t* u e same ts Into, perhaps to a 1 ••>•• "Kfttrtl. tot some ttem0cr.il' u -»"«fi»ls. But lake tHe case 61 ''•- tJ-nnbllCfifts — Vice President *'•-..,., e pn RnowiniKi Of Collfoi" »M Nelson ftockpfeiler of Now • - «i, *" fir in 'President ElsenhoW' — '- »".'o tornls Richard Nixon has <-,-,i-^i ijk c the falr-hnlt'pd boy t-n'«i tho inside track for the fte- r>i>bi|r,i)i presidential nomination 1*1 1060. No other Republican in f'"ii» .had such an edge. A '^ no Republican sinqe Etsen- hrnvm-'s first election worked for the party and, of in tho long run, tot him-••elf then NlXon. He had carii- riMsned tirelessly. tte had lined up <'<(» RoDUblican pros on his side. fiiinos looked .eood for him in Then seemingly out of no-came Nelson, Rockefeller, 'Republican, trying to 1nko..th e , New York governorship nwnv from another, millionaire, Democrat 'Averoll Ilarrimnh. • And, 'as this day 'dawned, sur- VPVR sug'upsted that* Rockefeller, a 50-year old glamor boy and a newcomer to politics, had a good "iioncq to; beat Harrirrian. Tf he does, this one victory will »nt him, In a prime- spot to chal- lenre Nixon for the Republican presidential nomination in 1900, rwrUculnrly since he'll be top Re, vmbltean jn the state with the most "votes. New York." , ' • Going Into the Republican convention two years from now — as head of the New York delegation —would give him a key place fcr ^bettering his own political ambitions. And no matter how hard Nixon hns worked for the party, If the dp'egates' thought Rockefeller had a better chance to win the presidency than Nixon, they wouldn't waste much sentiment on Nixon. They want a winner. Further: Nixon's home state of California is ne,\t to "New York in Apolitical size and importance. And if, it's lost to the Democrats this 'year, Nixon's hopes for sweeping it in I960, if he get the nomination, would suffer. • v The survey? heavjly Indicate a .'Democratic victpry ,tbls year In ; California where a 'Republican cle-. ', feat would spell, the end of any ^ presidential hopes he,!d' toy Sen. 'Knowland, probably the, end to his whole political career. Knowland gave up his Senate ,, seat to run for the governorship of California, If 1 he won, he could head his state's Republican delegation to the party's I960 convention and, if he chose, coylcl work to push Nixon fiside and act the presidential nom.ina.iion for himself. Bxit iti his driving ambition to be governor he ha,?, split, (he Republican party in, California, , -jeopardizing' both hjs cwn/ chances and those of his Republican running- rirmte, Gov. Gpbd\vin Knight, who's trying for the Senate. Briefs ,. MOSCOW <AF?.;— Premier Ni- k'ta Khrushchev- $aid.tQ4ay if tho Wpst carries outi atomip tests "lut Jhem nt thjnfc that,,we, will mean- wMV> dpz?.an.d 'wnjt.wbije tho Jm, b\iild up' 'their forces t US)'' 1 •*>•'•" predicted' that the 'United and Britain wpvild resume' nuclear weapon, " tests within t\ •>'ffiv, This was the. reason, ho said, we, the Western nations are TipeoUatipg at, Geneva for only n vpnr's suspension of tests. He spokp at a syorHprs in NICOSIA, Cyprus fAP>-'A spo, eial • ?owrt today , sentenced two young .Greek Cypr}o{s to 4eath for murdering a, -90jxipaWo$ }«s( July , on ovcler? 9l EOKA " BARCELONA'. , J/ose Claray AyPt?, bes.t 79,' p»> , 3?4 I il|,''"l> 1 Wri ssuJptQr, of. a heart " Spain's at his 41st meeting f4 the Arkansas Congress ,wii Iheai' ,a.i\ §tate Jnsuyaftce Com, l^rvsy ,G. eomb« to. Oiflcers wlU be elepted U)i? by sonie Btf-fipnjyess ; ta attend to «ggsioi) pf the all organizations, si MUFPLINO THE THUNDER - All set for a Crotind test, a superSonit' F«1D5 ThUtidc-rchief Is hooked up to D Riant silencer stretching out behind it. The now $2">0.000, two-stoiy muffler is claimed to reduce the roar of (he 20,000- pound thrust .MS engine to a low-pilchod moan. Normal conversation can be carried on a dozen feet away even while the jet is going full blast during tests. The front section of the muffler, fronted by two six-ton doors, has a perforated metal lin'-r backed by compressed glass fiber, The liner, aided by air drawn in through the 38*foot-high stacks, absorbs niosl of the noise. The remainder i& funneled to the mufrlef tniik and blown out through an exhaust stack. Special re» straining devices under the plane hold it in place. The inufller system, -which is portable, is said to be more than 12 times 'as effective as previous models. It was recently unveiled at Republic Aviation's field at Farmlngdale, N.Y. ALL ABOARD—Although his left foreleg is broken in throe places and is held'together with ' Vj metal brace.":, v.'ith pins right through the bones, "Snoopy" doesn't miss out on any fun.< He's \< at Ins hivonte, a ride on (he miniature train at Hoover's Funland in Casper, Wyo.- The'pet',',. f-< of John Hoover, the proprietor, "Snoopy" is the victim of a hit-and-run driver. - • "' ."<{'< , ' •",••--' -r" WARMING UP HONEST JOHN—Two Canadian artillerymen carefully wrap an Honest John-',' rocket in a heating pad to bring the fuel to an even temperature before firing. The Cahjt*. 5j dians are among soldiers of, many nations training with the U,S, Army at Ft, Sill, Okla, v _jstf Prescott News Ct(b Scout Pack Meeting Held Scout Pack No, 21 mo( on Thursday evening, Oct. 30 in the city hall. The meeting opened with j prayer led iby Miss Lila Grimes followed by a song ''America" sung by tho cubs. A ne-w den, No. a with the following boys were- welcomed; Tonv my Cornelius, Mike Harris, Roiv pie Yapdiver. MiHe Robertson, Charles Crane, Jimmy Franks, Donald \Vilson and JacHiu Man- zeJUi. These boys repeated the Cub Scout Promise, the kaw of the Pack 'and gave s snappy Cu|3 Spout salute to Scoutmaster 0- W- Watking as 1)9 presented eaph Cub with Ilis registration parcl, Bobcat •pin and patch, These boys also had on display false faces which they }ia4 made at den meetings. The following members of" Pen, 2 received their Wolf cards, pin and patch: »Iim piekerson, ' son. John Reynolds, William Taylor and Gary Stewart, Rit'liarcl Dales of Den 7 received one gold and one silver arrow. The following from Den 8 received one gold and tvvo silver arrows: Johnny Redfern, Gary and Jerry Beck, Bill Oliver, David Pry, Mike Garner and BUiy Jiines who received an extra silver arrow. Scoutmaster Watkins directed the group in playing the hot-cold game and practiced some synchronistic muscular exercises. Mrs. Bill Beck directed the cubs'in a game entitled "The Old Witch Is Dead, The next meeting will be held Nov. 20. puke, Jim and, Gene payis, Cajlipott, Jim Fairgbjld Jer B ry Nottingham afld Gj>orge'Clay. The- ?up§ from P?n, i who presented their Wolf parcl, pin patch w'evp Bandy Grimes, fjoysc, (yli§s Gin^gr Pruse tp Reign A? Qinger 'Cruse \yill reign as queen at the- Prospott Ciylay Wolves' homecoming game with Bear-. 4on tp bo playcijl tonigjit at Cummins Field. Pruse js the daughter pf Mrs. Yucy 1-e.e Cruse and 'is a majorette in the high sehpp} l?ancl. 4 sgnioj', she hag been vice presi- of her class during her four in high schPQ), class beauty 'Pfti'i ru«iw; "P last- yea (or ijpr has school Peayty been select three years. eJ.s> « fliember Bolls, daughter of Mr. 'and ,Mrs, Fred Bolls. , , , Tho coronation will begjn-at 7;40 and music will 'be furnished by the High School band. The -queen will be crowned by captain' Jirnrny Worthinglon, Crown beaj-ers \viU bo Sara liW Pounds, daughter Ol Mr. and Mrs- Haroid Pounds- Tommy DeBlack, son of. Rev, and Mrs, Alfred peBlack, Miss Ugon will be- escorted by Charles Pry. Other * jjjpjnbers of (he squqd who will servfl.jB? escorts for the maid arc tHnimy .". . John Ed Moore, Jpho.'BiUiflgsJey, John Daniels, "" George Le>vis, Billy Loomis, Jgme? Howard Steed, Japips Jjul§H, Sullivan, roll Steed, And tester joint Henry •Mr. and Mrs, Rodney 'B and son, Howard of La. spent Sunday \y}Jh hlg P8}'?nts, Mr. and Mrs, R. S. Mrs. Robert, M«WPjl 'of ana was thp gug§t and Mrs, Be* 9l Mrs. R. f, by her slstevs, Mj'S, J» Miss MaUie Royston flf Fwit^O Mrs. W. J- were- gupsts R. King of ' Mrs, Knutson Beaten in Minnesota . Mrs,..£eyfi Khutson, the Minnesota eoftgrMSwofftaH Whose fafnlly got mixed tip with poll ties this StimWef, Was beaten today in ^e/ .bid tot A thiul term. 4S*Vcar-6ld former schooi- Hiafftt thus" be*eaffle the nation's first ineumbeUt ' tteffidefat unseated by a ftepubiicnh ift Txiesday's doftgressiottal fades, She lost in Ihe &lh District to Odin Langen. also 45, a fafhifef'leglslatori With returhs tabulated from 023 6"* 641 firikfticts thhgeh had vote's to ,46. (500 for Mrs. ant with. alienation and slander, He Said the stilt Gubernatorial Continued Ptom Page One elected and* 34' Republicans. Still uncertain was the bid by. Republican Sen, Frank Barrett ( pf, Wyoming to hold his seat. Ho"ttfaV trailing Democrat Gale W. Me-' Gee. » '. 1 For the House, the count *waS 277 Dnmocrals elected and 141 Republicans. Still undecided' were '13 races. Republicans led in 18, of these, Democrats in 5. On Nov. 25, Alaska wjll elect two senators and one House member. The Democrats have not hacl so many House members since 1930 when they elected 333. In the present Congress, which will give way in January to the newly elected one, the party division is — Senate: 'Democrats 49, Republicans 47; House: Demo^ crats 235, Republicans 200. In Ohio and California voters balloted "no" on referenda on the question of enacting state right-to work laws. Unions were fighting these proposals which would bar any requirement for union membership' in- 'order to hold a job- ( Such a proposition also-was'vot- ed down in Washington, Colorado but was approved in the election outcome seems to augur a bigger voice for. union leaders, in Democratic aj» fairs and' more powerful influence in the selection of the party's 19PJ presidential i candidate. . In 33 governor contests, ^Domo" crats swept\ip .2 -'and were leading in 3 .others. Republicans'.,\vpn seven "and led in • one. Ten .statehouses changed hands, with tho Democrats'winning the keys to sis and the, Republicans ifour. But- tlje' election winds that 'uprooted • Republicns In all sections of the country blew a crazy-quilt pattern that "left room for sp'eq tncular' GOP victories in .sucih places -as'New York and-,Arizona. Jn' New York, .Nelson Rockefeller,; the OOP's freshept face in ,a Decade, won a smashing victprv over ;'Democratic Gov, Avercll Ha,rrjjri8n. The velocity of 4 ' v 'th<» Rockefeller victory carried 1 " alpni? GOP Rep; Kenneth B, Keating to a Senate -.seqt, In/ "'Arizona, Barrv Goldwatfl, th'e'j (Voice of. Republican "consor- vattve'j;,'' rode roughshod ovor his Devppc'ratic, opponent') jrj , hjs bjd forflre-electiop Jo the Senate, i In - Ohio,' another Republican conservative lost ouj.as'Sen, John W,.BvJcker was defeated by Democrat^ Stephen M- Young, Republicans already had Jos; Senate seats -in Connecticut, ijjcU- ana, ..Maine" (in September); Mich- jgan, Nevada. New Jersey, Ohio, Utah and two in West Virginia, \yer.e topsy-turvy results ,. . . Her defeat came 12 hows after her estranged httsbafhd, Andrew Kmitsoh -of Oklee, Minn,, said he Will file a suit charging M«tf'. Kfttttsoh's adminJstfative assist' of affections would name William KjeldaM, 29, accused by Rnuts&n of "breaking 1 up my li6me. H , Knilt^on, SO, • issued hig Wife an ultifhattim Lh May "to get out of politics and come home." Two Weeks before the election Rnuts.on 'Said -he would. Vote for his Wife. despite, the rift "because I'm a Democrat nnd won't vote 'for Langen;" ' Pro-Egyptian Riots Sweeping Iraq 'LONDON (AP)—-A wave of pro- Egyptian rioting 1 swept Iraq the week "before Tuesday s surprise arrest of extremist "Col. Abclcl Salam Aref, Western diplomats said today. Word of the demonstrations fv voring the restoration of Aref was said ' to have reached Western governments through diplomatic 'channels. Newsmen 'in Baghdad apparently were barred by censors from reporting the events that presumably led Aref' to return without ably official 'permision bassadorial 'post from his am- in' West Ger and Idaho Kansas, Over-all, . all pver the, nation, , , , the Republicans Showed, more strength in the, in apy. other area, Yor'K 1 ' Jeadjng .the way, th.e GOP preserved Senate seat? in 'Peja, ware; - Maryland, Pennsylvania fl(K(, yermoat. Tliey. lost ,seat§ in Qqprjeeijctit, N?w Jej-soy an4 two in/, West Virginia. ijepublipans overturned Pem°' £ra,tip governors jn New \ ! or)t and Island, They }qst tl)e gov» pffipe ID Maryland, The Petjiperatic $i4e rosp hjgh» in- thg Midwest farm, b_e)U that area jjorjh, , _ on)y Nebyaskg remajnecTas. ao4 ll) tome after feeing BUtlf a patient foj Mr?. 4 wg fl frje in Hope, Tes8r)s$fta.,JuiS'Fu.Uo.fl'. Yanbrewglu &. »'4h Mrs- 'Mr- and j Mrs, Httle Suire an,4 yt&m. Mj . wtt' M ^^Mf.;$gne; m a Siin/Ja-n' moatinoVS' 1 "33' ..M'ri'SI s^Mljfa$}ft£;>£3 A Mi'§' tlje-flrrjyaj pf a. ojj Ost« 11 si of 1 Republicanism. Farther 'west,. Republicans held out in Arizona, Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming against a Democratic slide }hat rumbled to the Pacific Coast. The expected happened in -California. There, Sen. William F_. Knowland slid down to disastrous defeat and the probable end of a 25-year political career. ex- A Powerful Thor Missile Explodes CAPE CANAVERAL. Fla. —A powerful Thor intermediate- range missile—the heart of moort rocket t'ioneer—blew apart with a" brilliant flash shotlly after launching early today. It \Vas- the fifth straight .hat a ballistic weapon had piloded in spectacular style in 'he past few months. The shattered sections of the missile appcrred to plunge into the Atlantic just oft the Cape. The Air Force announced it malfunction occurred about 3d sec* ottds after liftoff and that the missile was destroyed by the t'attge safety officer, The 05-foot war rocket blasted aloft at 3:53 a. m from a huge [x>ol of orange flarile. It began to Veer left and right almost immediately. After about 25 seconds. Still pouring out a thin trail of flame, the Thor suddenly jerked to the left. At that point the. ran so safe ty officer pressed a destruction button and the missile burst apart, Flaming debris rained into the water, A- hug'c black cloud hung against the moonlit Florida sky ; Missile men hnpod the launching,.would, give them a preview of the next Air Force Pioneer moon rocket shoot which the Natibnsil Aeronautic-and Space Administration says svill take place la'e this week. In an adjacent tower lc?s than 500 yards away stood a multistage Thor Which is believed to be moon rocket No. 3. Truman is Happy With Reiuits ormer President Marry' S. frit j msh said lodsy he is hanpy over the election results. Me campaigned !ar ahd wide for the party in the off-year rlf<^ tiohs. "1 sincerely hope that as a- rn- sillt of the overwhelming congressional Victories," he snid. " Democrats will be abl* to t over, the executive department tha government in i960." the Gimmakars in Great. Britain, •1'lon.ce regarded as 'artists by grouse hunters and other sportsmen, almost disappeared after World War 11. They found thej-y could make larger precision industry. salaries in in }W4 the'French census listed 20 while soldiers ahd 10 Negi'oes at Arkansas Post, In addition to numerous settlers and traders. <Q Plagued Day And Night with Bladder Discomfort? , tltiwlse eatihj? or dilnktrtg may Be ft source of mild, but amioyltirt bladdeh irri- tiitintis - (unking you reel .»9tlcss, tenw, and imcohifortablci And If restless niKhtsi «1th tinftsitiff backache, headnche or JiJiiW ctllnt' aches and pnlns due to ovet-e*ertion, N - slntirt or ehiotloim! tipset, ore adding to your Mlaery-don't wait-try Bonn's Pills. Conn's Mils net 3 wnys foe speedy ie- lief, 1 - They have it soothing effect on bladder Irritations, 2-A fast pnln-itllev- ina action on nnRgthB backache, head- nches, miuculnr (iches and pnlns, S — A ' wontloffully mild dlui-etlc action thru the kidneys, temllog to Increase tlie output of the 16 mtl.ua, of kidney tubes. So, get the siima hupliy relief millions have enjoyed for over GO ycui'S. New, larpce, economy size saves money. Get Bonn's Pills, today I 21* OVM-ALl MAO. PICTURi TUBE 261 10. IH, WfW/NO AKlA many. Iraqi Premier Abdel Kerim Kassom was said to have called out the army in several key centers- including the capital—to quell disorders. About 100 persons were arrested. Kassem, a reputed moderate who wants to keep Iraq independent, sent the ardent Nasserlte Aref into virtual exile as ambassador to .West Germany. Aref had been the most outspoken protagonist oC an Iraqi union with President Nasser's United Arab Republic. As a leader of the July 14 revolt he had strong public and army support. IOW-PRICB TV WITH EXCLUSIVI MOTOROLA GOLDEN OUARANTCI i Full year guarantee on all tubes and parts, 6 years on Golden Tube Sentry Unit. Use u stereo speaker. Fin• iahes: Char- (u, charm) (MiM coal, Grained Mahogany or Grained Blond. Mod- 229 ' 5 al 21T68. US! YOUR TRAOI EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E. 2nd. Hope, Ark. itt Press Counter... Connected to our presses, this device counts the number of copies we print each issue. That's all.it does. It doesn't tell us—or our advertisers, how many copies were sold, spoiled, or never delivered; how much the reader paid or where he lives; or the answers to a host of other questions, Qur A, B.'C, report* does, though, This report is a factual inventory of our ; circulation audience, based on an audit, of , our records, and measured according to A. B, 0. standards and terms. ;-v, • It'is important to merchants, who. buy advertising time or space a§ a means oi circulating product or service messages? to k»ow what they are buying. r ,. 0 r$p press run figure^ like probable audienae are Impant, $fuation Coverage

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