Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 31, 1963 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1963
Page 22
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PAGE TWENTY-TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, MAY 31,1963 Hospital Notes jersey Community MEDICAL Ed. Thompson, .Tcrsryville. Mrs. John Bray Jr., Jcrseyville Mrs. Helen LrniRloy, Ficlrlon. Mrs. Maude Rarr, Jrrseyville. Mrs. Florence Miller, Fieldon. Kara Waggoner, Graf ton. Charles Klaas, Batchtown. Mrs. John Pohlman, Jer«=eyville. Stephen Pohlman. Jerseyville. DISMISS AI-S Mrs. Thomns Martin. Jerseyville. Carl Wittmati. Jprseyville. James French, Jerseyville. Si. Joseph's MEDICAL 0. B. Hollows, -183 State Aid Rd., Wood River. Oliver Fraley, 200 Valley Drive, East Alton. Mrs. Melissa Peeler, Hardin. William C. Morris, Dupo. Ralph Sullivan, Edwardsville. Henry Covey, Cottage Hills. Robert Carter. Chesterfield. Mrs Florence Mason, 109 Tenth. Mrs Thelma McFern, 1014 Belle. Mrs. Mae Naylor, 3337 Franor. Miss Holly Rutherford, Godfrey. Erwin Quade Sr., 551 Leslie, Wood River. I Greggorv Hcl^cti. Bethalto. SURGICAL William C. Moore, 313 Broadway, East Alton. John L. Stone. Piasa. Mrs. Alice Lahne. Hardin. Mrs. Tallie Winslow, Cottage Hills. Charles Mindrup, Godfrey. Bruce McBraycr, Jenkins. Mo. Mrs. Beverly Klingmnn, Ferguson, Mo. James Willeford. Hartford. DISMISSALS Mrs. Earlene Barnes, Rte. 2. Bunker Hill. Albert Bopp. Jerseyville. Gary Chamberline, Godfrey. Mrs. Rosalie Dean, Fieldon. Mrs. Lula Derham, 1917 Liberty. Mrs. Dolores Flanders, Wood River. Robert Green, 1012 Wallace. William Haintz. 424 Prospect. Mrs. Alynne Lawson, 409 State. Mrs. Viola McCauley, Brighton. Mrs. Betty Moggio, Wood River. William C. Morris, Dupo. Mrs. Pauline Newcomb, Godfrey. Harold Rayphole, Godfrey. Mrs. Bonita Springman, E. Alton. Mrs. Helen Tipsword, Wood River Mrs. Vivien Turner, East Alton. Harold Wright, Godfrey. Andrew Podhorn, 1512 Fourth. Sharon Westbrook, 1225 Sixth. Star Curtis, 614 Semple. John Glynn, 1033 Fourth. Mrs. Patsy Bernt, Bethalto. Mrs. Myrtle Braham, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Carol Bricker, Cottage Hills Mrs. Shirley Brush, Bunker Hill. Mrs. Ruth Carmen, 2314 Humbert Mrs. Nancy Disher, Shipman. Mrs. Myrtle Emerson, Bethalto. Marty Foster, Bethalto. Roy Fraser, Roxana. Mrs. Amey Garrett, 1013 Ninth. Thomas Glatras, 2212 Mills. Mrs. Jeanette Herring, Jerseyville Mrs. Elizabeth Hewitt, 406 Prospect. Mrs. Delmn Isom. 191-5 Gross. Mrs. Myra Jamison. 2704 Viewland. ' Mrs Helen Mortland, Easl Alton Mrs. Annie Paschel. 2 E. Sixth. Srolty fined. Cottage Hills. Mrs 'Audrey Sehold. 3fi1G Western Gilbrrt Smith. 2302 Hale. Nathaniel Tmvnscr. IfiOS Piasa. Norman Wells. Kdxvardsville. Mrs. Betty \Vbitaker. Brighton. Alton Memorial MKH1CAL Cordelia Douglas. East Alton. Mrs. Nellie Schroeder, Dow. Mrs. Gertrude Dooling, Wood River. Mrs. Lucille Balentine. Cottage Hills. Danny Romine, 2800 Santord. Du-igiit McKee, Carlylc. Robert Lovcll, Roxana. jce Brown, East Alton. JoAnn Nasello, 2901 Fcrnwood. <clli \Volf, 3218 Burton. Mary Stalp. 600 Ridge. Uiss Lois Lakin, East Alton. Mrs. Margaret Sheldon, St. Charles, Mo. Pete Roberts, East Alton. Rrenda Jennings, Wood River. Tohn Jacobs. Lockport, 111. SUKGICAL Mrs. Virginia Golley, 3320 Brown Charleno Hanks, Bunker Hill. Melvin Thornhill, 443 Third. Sam Mormino, 219 Dorris. Mrs. Roberta Soehausen, 27R Madison. Gary Thomhill. 443 Third. Mrs. Adriene Temple, 622 Anderson Elizabeth Reid, 3405 Lincoln. Harry Stover, Wood River. Arthur Eicken, Carrollton. John Hunter, Jerseyville. Mrs. Sandra Romann, Edwardsville. Kim Brooks, Belhalto. DISMISSALS Ronald Ragus, Wood River. Mrs. Elizabeth Vanhorne, Wood River. George Mager, 910 Milnor. Mrs. Elinor Rowe, South Roxana. Carlene Hanks, Bunker Hill. William Harris. East Alton. Mrs. Pauline Cox, 804 Herbert. R. Keith Purl, 4500 College. Mrs. Theresa Higgins, 1209 Hazel Mrs. Betty Carter, East Alton. Jeanie Wilkerson, East Alton. Mrs. Lauretta Camerer, 3229 Oakwood. •William Simmons. Wood River. Laverne Overbey, Greenfield. Cathy and James Schneider Jr., 321 Glover. Steven Pearson, 4006 Aberdeen. Charles Summers, 8 Fail-mount. Thomas Sparrowk, Bethalto. Miss Daphne Gillespie, 614 Blair. Mrs. Donna Hellemeyer, E. Alton Mrs. Lela Hatfield, Mozier. Mrs. Wanda Matthews, Roxana. Leo Geisen, 1709 Oakwood. Thomas Hartig, East Alton. Kathv Buel, 2425 Main. Mrs. Margaret Harford, 429 George. Jerry Vaughn, Jerseyville. James Doussard, Bethalto. Otto Heap, 431 Keller. Mrs. Lulu Gvillo, Alton. Mrs. Virginia Craig, 3536 California. Joseph Ryots, Gillespie. Paula Clark, 306 Dooley. Patricia and Diana Shaw, Moro. Richard Rook, 735 Park. Mrs. Susan Coffman, East Alton. Charles Prnngc, Bethalto. Mrs. Mary Holland, 230 Rozier. Joseph Hammond, Moro. Mrs. Betty Hcnsler. S. Roxana. Mrs. Bernice 1 ledger, East Alton. St. Anthony's MIQDK'AL Patricia Moorrison. 657 Grove, Wood River. Paul Maggos, 3-113 Brown. Mrs. Carolyn McNear, Rte. 2. Godfrey. Mrs. Eleanor Cole, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Fern Pugh, 2403 Agnes. Mrs. Patsy Vinyard, 16 Marion Lane, East Alton. iVilliam Meyers, Godfrey. Julius Seibold, 505 Crestview, East Alton. Mrs. Mercedes Jordan, 2115 College. Mrs. Leota Pitts, 509 Mitchell. Mrs. Nora Krankel, Bethalto. DISMISSALS Mrs. Idella Schaefcr, Piasa. Paul Bechtold, Rte. 1, Dow. Fred Garrod, 1628 Clawson. Thomas Phillips, Rte. 4, Edwardsville. Mrs. Mabel Loveall, 3416 Gillham Mrs. Loris Kruse, Wood River. Mrs. Kathryn Heskett, Wood River. Mrs. Paralee Judd, Wood River. i Harry Thiele, 810 Silver. Harold Wainwright, Rte. 1, Jerseyville. Harvey Travis, 2316 Central. Mrs. Ruth Stanka, Rte. 4, Jerseyville. James Dial, East Alton. Mrs? Dorothy Coats, Roxana. Mrs. Doris Miller, Godfrey. Wood Hiver Township MEDICAL Mrs. Mary Courtoise, 74 Wilson, East Alton. Mrs. Pearl Casto, 322 Old St. Louis Road. John Marmino. 426 Short. Mrs. Helen Redenbo, 3217 Duco. Mrs. Judith Hatiser, Cottage Hills Sandra Rose, Rte. 1, East Alton. Elbert Dixon, Rte. 1, Dorsey. Mrs. Maude Jones, Hartford. Cletis Mondy, 3203 Edgewood. SURGICAL Lafe Porchie, Hartford. DISMISSALS Mrs. Gertrude C. Dooling, 558 Prospect. Mrs. Patsy Bugg, S. Roxana. Albert DeSberlia, 81 Marguerite. Howard Spoon, Roxana. Daniel Schuster, East Alton. Leon Anslyn, East Alton. Mrs. Shirley Myers, 1122 Seller. Mrs. Isabel Piro, Bethalto. Mrs. LaVern Martin, 1201 Willard Mrs, Mabel Phipps, South Roxana Mrs. Geraldine Brueggeman, East Alton. Miss Joann Oglesby, Roxana. Four or six horses drew the heavy, slow, but exceedingly strong Conestoga wagon, which could carry five tons. Raf fety Memorial Rites at Carrollton rCARROLLTON — M e m o r 1- al services for the late Mrs. C. Mae Raffety, wife of Clive K. Raf fety of St. Petersburg, Fla., will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. at Simpson Funeral Home, with the Rev. Charles Fradenburgh, pastor of the Methodist Church, officiating. The ashes will be interred in the Carollton City cemetery. Mrs. RaJfety, 73, died March 14, 1963 in the Mound Park Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla., after an illness of several years. She was born in Carrollton, Jan. 6, 1890, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sackman. Following her graduation from high school she taught country school for four years before becoming chief op- e'-alor for the Bell Telephone Co. I in Carrollton. She was marrM Dec. 6, 1913, to Clive K. Raffety and they resided on a farm north west of Greenfield for 12 years. She became deputy circuit clerk in Greene County in December, 1924, and served until Jan. 1, 1937, shen she went to Springfield where she accepted a position as supervisor in the cashier division of the Internal Revtnue office, which position she held until her retirement in November, 1958. Following her retirement she and her husband moved to St. Petersburg, where she resided until her death. She is survived by her husband, two brothers, Charles Sackman of New Spring & Summer Styles al Low Prices 217 1'lasn Street St. Petersburg, Fla., and Robert Sackman of Royal Oak, Mich, and one sister, Mrs. Carlos Morrow, of White Hall. To Attend Conference CARROLLTON — The Rev. Charles Fradenburgh, pastor of the local Methodist Church, will go to Bloomington June 4 where he will remain through June 7 attending the 140th annual session of the Central Illinois Conference of Methodists. Hospital Notes CARROLLTON — Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tepen of Kampsvllle are parents of a son born Tuesday in Boyd Memorial Hospital. Admitted to the hospital Tuesday as medical patients were Mrs. Myrtle Ashford of Greenfield and Larry Hardwick of Carrollton. Wesley Carpunky of Jerseyville was dismissed Tuesday. Dismissed Wednesday were Mrs. Karen Kirbach and Michael Graner, both of Carrollton. 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