Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1958
Page 6
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in'- Pagi Six He|li S T A M 5 M 4,1911 The Negro Community Esihrr Hicl<s Plwne 7-4678 of 7-4474 ('hull, am! l-.iu'ravin^ by Hope Star Verger homt'coming Qurin Louise Essex poses above with her court and lootbnil co-captains, preceeding the coronation cere- mories held Frid.iy afternoon in the Yerger glyinnaslum. Flower girls In front prp Lind,i N-»lion I'lght ;-re Jessie Mno Bror'i, ^'ncl runner-up find C" c ,ir>t,iri Fiei-ma are Georgia Graves. 1st ruimpr-ui: and football captain John L. Scott, the ceremony. The Seventy si tin of the VV Conference o! pal l)i-'i n ; Episcopal rin St. Phillip; Jiolia, \\Vcli,' -< Sunday. No- fercnee inan.\ men will add. < Mrs. Kstella Conference H the Senior Mi,- I- I \,'!Mh i ,' ill ciihv rni a! I'll,u i h 1(1 Ma,; .. N'm ,'i tin nun!) Durum ibis cnii- list.indiiig church- t'.a- delegMles. ilriVcll of KuSsldll id) President of n;,n v Socifty and Linda Gamble. On the Queen'a rtiiinrr-up.Josic Williams, 4th Prater. On the Queen'a left Erirllne Smith, 3rd runner-up who crowned the queen during \l I- I. Hicks tin- C'nnlcrence l'i mi 1 Nipiis MII of the Young i'i ,i I )i p ii 'tii'-nt. will preside ,i' i'i, -.is-anii.. nl tin 1 fJepai Imonl. \utli AI O 1, .Sliernuin. Kpisco- PJI! Si .riM.Mii nl the 12th District Mi- I- M Nel-on. Conference Sunday School Supt. svill preside ,i! tin' C'liiil'eriMice Sunday School uii Sunday morning. Krv S. .). C'laiTctt is host pastor icid tin- Uuiht Res-. O. L. Sherman is presiding llishop. Pope John !s Crownedin Ceremonies By WILLIAM L. FiYAN VATICAN CITY (AF» - Popo ,/nhn XXIII was rrnsvncd today in elilt'-riug medieval crirmnnics investing him as the 2H2ud spiritual i liter t.t the Human Catholic Church. A rniRhly roar wr-i-.t up from sonic 200.000 f>"rh"nf in the great srjuprc of St. Ppln'5 ill Ihc Cii- mntic moment in Ihc 1 coronation of Ihc successor to Pope Pius Xlt.. Nlculn Cardinal C'!in;ili. aged pni-flrnn of Ihc College of Ca)'- chnnl.s, )>):iet'd the hcolnvt'-shnped Unrii of jewel-end listed nold on the hccrl of the' sharecropper's son from a lilllp north Italian village There were more than four hours of impressive religious riles Inside Ihc vast bnsilllcn of SI. IVtcM- 1 "! The coronation took place on Uio fame contra! balcony overlooking Ihc sr|ii;irr.' on which Pope John made his first jipprarpn.ce a week ago today after his election by tho Colleni' of Cardinals. All the pomp nnci ceremony of llv.' Roman Calhi'lic Church were mustered for the coronation ritos. But there was humility, too. In the presence of the pontiff's family. Three brothers, a sister anil numerous nephews ;md nieces wore present, deressed in black p e a s a n t Suiidi y best. They watched in awe. woe-pin" with r motion, as their kinsman, tho former Anue-lo Giuseppe Cardinal Koi'calli. went through the corn- ration ceremony Throuuh it oil the 7G-vcar-old former patriarch of Venice ro' Highlights in Life of Pope John XXIII I 1957 by Kinthott & Company, Inc. THE STORY: P.iul is try. Ing to burn the evidence tha 1 he m u r d e r e d Katharine's mother, Kntherine is tiyrng to stop him, but Kdtherine, ' being only 12, is unable to get the burning piece of paper. Chapter XIII Distributed by NtA xrvlce, Inc. per She of the He said, "You had .your chaiiLO pearlier—down on tin. beach," and laughed .main She didn't a i; s w e r him. She grabbed his ami »n!< bum hrr :liands, and drained down on il with her full weight. The match •wont out. His arm svas starling lo give, to come dossn ur, iiith or u.s she- t.tought lU'i i' >idi IK> kicked her hard across the shins. She setc-anied .ind let ^u of him al the same tune 'J he p.ipei \>v!it ;bi!ck up into the air, and s.io .heard him laugh as she benl do.vn to nurse Ihe biokcn lle-sl.. •Ho said calmly. "Maybe it's just as well Ihal you're cuie Wnen you bee that this p..go is binned, too, you can slop ail this Uo _u;U think anybody ssiuild cstr !JP licve you" Kneeling there on tin. iloor, her hand on her \s "united Ion. she suis> almost os'eicumo with fuiy; siie was 4iot lri.U)lem>d now, '<i> he loss'ered above bei, holding ihe hoi tii asp, ,.nd al- j i iiu thinking what she [ )ui kaned os 01 ayumsl <i.i' in-, licr fwcc into the i w |, n [ trousers and hn 1 0( the kneo Sho toll tcoth goum into a quick hall'.nob-s, held it, trembling, in s coi c h e d hand, and around uvei her ulioulder through Ihe black arch ol the firt-plaeo. She could not soo P a u 1 for a Miiumnl, aid then abiuptly she aah/ed uhat he svas doing he.ird that distant hum, and then Hie closei gl Hiding of metal on iix'i.'ii. Hr v.'as s t a n ci i n g just around l!io .'djje Oi Ihe hearlh. He had pushed the button there on the wall, and ihe iron sheet of the fin- seiiMMi uas starting lo descend, sliding down out of te mimtolpioce on lop of her. j There was nol even a second iin which she could think Sho I could not sci amble backsvards oul fireplace in time; the screen i« down would crush her it before she could back It wasn't as if il wort fatal, bo ing sealed inlo the I i replace. As :;oon as anyone noliced that sho was missing, they would begin to look for her. A picture rose uo belore her in the dark, of Amv's fact contorted in distress, calling her . . . calling And Aunt Milliccnl would start lo look; cs'en Paul would have lo I 1C1 . pretend lo look for her. They ,(, c l (might walk back and forth past ' it a doyen times, actually within inches of her, and she wouldn't knosv it ' Maybe she wouldn't even 'be able to make Aunt Milli- gj'~|-cuit hear her • Ol course, the air wouldn't run out' Theie was the chimney above hoi : air ssould come down tile chimney. She lifted her faco and looked up unable to sec anything In the blackness. What ivns it that she'ci hit her head on -• svas the chimney until i oul She drew her feet in beneath hi i pressing her whole body against (he rear wall of the fireplace and, glancing around onyj more, had barely a moment in svhk-h to sou |hc> narrow line of | light at the bottom of the screen j b 1 a c It oul altogether. She was '.'wiled up inside the fireplace as securely a s if a brick wail 'hn I been built across opening, Her bvyimd most without Was doing she his leg in-e.iaii cloth of his him just ahovi her shiup httlo tho flesh, tasted _ nnd JH the -\,me si com! he lifti d J)is free hy»d and struck hoi ,o hard that she svas knocked bad? !i£airjst thp chair Wild (lashes explodod 'aside her head, and tl'u i-oom uivi-ied euui- ly.jll front (if her Through a luuc she saw his ha ad m> lo his knee ' and come assay b|ood>. nnd for a second she thouaht lie u us $40- ing to hit her again. Bui he did not. He took ihe buok of nialchus down from the maiilo! whero he had laid u, and lighted a nos\ one. He field Ihe match to a coiner it the paper and in a second (ha flame- took hold She made ,i tr«nuc of toil to net hold of hot-sell Ho su-.s noi U>ul.- j'ng al her now; he %vas ivuei'ii- trntitig on the > i U 1 u iiuiiguKu' flame al ihe eiirm-r ol tin 1 j><i]u>r • She forced horselt to move. Sh" pulled herself foiwu-,i on her hands across the nia toward him She could think of only one Hum; ,•*-<• to bUe him Hsaiii and ;nak,> biro drop ihe jjapor. Now that i! was burning la- .--nuld net, svave -jt around so fjeoly svithout burii- ,- jng himself. Hi ssould have to lei ." g^Q of it jn order to doal with her. Sh<? crept slosviy inward him on t '_alj fours until sho oould. reach her fy'i't ^8ve °wt as"inst ins i"j,; linn Mu- |?>4'J»i 1 ^i B| ii !lllf < tn ' s time >ani; her |jlfc?Jge4h inlo in* c-\U Ijff.i^ii^ ' Jet j;o unmeduilely arc! back tnui! htm o littlo. Up, as lu» uhnJid aroujid Iji.r. And as bho bad ex- he It I go ol the burning he kicked ouv, at her. it down to iK'r, thouati, sailtci ii into the depths sti}l Uumiwg faint- xjpe sidy. ref.c'hcjd. the fircplas-'e and ' aud,, sho'lkkrs i»' r/4'h,e paper was at ihe very pvawled in iartliw-. first thought in that com- blacknesb, as it pressed in own on her, was: This time- e svalkod into a trap fact Ihal lie had known •she was doing every step the way seemed to her to be U'o final homfyitiR aspect of the s\holc affair, more hornfjing at Hie moment than tho paui from whore hi; had hit her, or evon Mlo apparent hopelessness of her situation. Sating the r e, ftio-pUieu like an thought there's about the screen tinu- of the year n i'hv in August. 11 occurred io her now, for the first lime, to wonder what Paul intended to do with her. This in- eidc-nt would surely require P u-udjustment of his own plans, too. huddled in the e m b r y o, she nothing unusual being dosvn thi.; We never have Thon her fingers touched the piece of paper. She had lorgotlen ?ill about il 111 Ihe stress of this, lu-w difficulty, but now shy picked it up, feeling il gingoily in Ihc dmkness. The llame had gone out til(i>gether when she pressed her hand dosvn on U. She felt around tho edges; it had nol been too badly burned; ii wai Mill almost in- lad. Sho folded it up very gently, beiny carnful nol lo crack off more ol Ihc burned edges than t,hq could li e 1 p. She had no pockets, no place lo nui it, She Ihoup.ht for u moment, ond UUMJ pushed U up inside the band of her hhort puffed sleeve- She could jnot think t-f any safei- place for it, j I wonder if J could stand up if I put my head up in the chimney. She raised hersoit with u less cHutious movement lhau she had used befoie, and got a sharp, hprd Crr.ck on the Iwud. Her litad already ached from Paul's blow; Uil now shp thowyhl hv an iu- t-tant that hcv skull had been split open und her brains ss-eve, { out wound her. She sank weakly omo the- heartii. \sanUrt? to cry, but'workiuo des- pvralely not to Jlet herself, • The Urpplatx 1 pressed in u t jofl her, making her ijead. throb worsv than ever, until al lat>i -r just at the jnornenl wltcu she had opened her mouth to screaw and up ggain - and ' da|h her the hriclj — JJu* pain to fehb sway g little, leaving • Shaking, Shu »n.d Very tentatively, very cautiously, she stretched out her hand; and almost at once it touched something in Ihe air, a foot in front of her face. She had touched the end of the chain hanging down from the damper. Over and over her mother had said lo her: "Be sure you open the damper before you Hgnl the fire. If you don't the smoke can't gel out. The living room will get all smoked up." And the damper svas what she had hit her herd against. She remembered nosv that (here were two chains svith wrought- iron letlers hanging at the ends — 0 on one for open, S on the other for shut. She reached oul her hand again; and Ihe letter materialized under her fingers; it was an O. She gripped it tightly and Hissed on it. Through Die square hole at the far end she could see the blue sky, and inside toward the tip, of Ihal tall, straight passage, she could distinguish the red bricks with which the chimney was lined. She tried to remember the proportions of her figure. Her head still ached, and there svas a pain in her hand syhere she had purnod it, but now these went lo. ihe back of her m i n d, submerged in her now flood of hope, Sho \viggled around until her head was diicclly under tho damper; and then, pushing herself up an inch al a time, sho raised herself until her head was nisi below the opening, When she fejt tho iron touching her hair she Isvisted herself carefully inlo position and pushed herself up again, inserting Uer head into the opening as delicately as it it wort the mpnth of a lion. Her head was too big. It would not 0,0 through. She let herself down, twisted around sideways in the fireplace, boosted herself, and tried again. This time her head g'ot much larthcr inlo Ihe opening; il d.d not get r e a i I y tight until sho bad gotten in as far as her temples. She pushed, and got in another i n c h, flcr ears were caught under the me.tal nosvi they were holding hw flown. Finally, holding both her cars flat against her head, she gave a last heavy push. Her head went through. One side of her fs»ee was scratched by a piece pf rough inual. She 'twisted l>er body around the right way, arid then suddenly she bce,anio i'raut|c. She had a horrible sensation of hanging there, like, criminals tho gallows- She svas. so taken lip terrors of this pietyvp she did, m e r e 1 y as .straighten her crumped, l,ej;s |i lit lie, she was startled., back (o reality by £h,e diseoyc'ry ljia.1 j\er shoulders Csune thvoijiglj |,h,e opeiv ing very easily. She -<»--».almost straight, up, qn. live'4 001 ' ..... "' \vilh when s> . ,- p'ftiu Iho,t iip" Iti'tUgJUjjned ' Uw t» HIGHLIGHTS IN LIFE OF POPE JOHN,XXIII ," love ol parish work was first evidenced when, as in 1925, Appointed Nuncio to Paris In December, —Born Nov. 25, 1881, in the village of Sotto 11 .assistant to the'Bishop of Bergamo, 1905-1914, 1944, be served there in the'difficult postwar Monte, near Bergamo, in northern Italy, Angelo he instituted (3) the then-daring innovation of years. Elevated to the Cardinatate In 1953, ha Giuseppe Roncalli' was the son of' an Italian publishing parish news bulletins. Drafted into became (5) Patriarch of Venice. On Oct. 28, sharecropper. The third of 13 children,' he left the Italian army at outbreak of World 'War I, he 1958, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli took the name of home (1) at the age of 11 for the seminary. Or- served first in the'medical corps, later as an Pope John XXI11, after being elected by the dained In 1904 (2), he officiated his first mass in army chaplain (4),-, Pius' XI started him on his Sacred College of Cardinals to become the 262nd the same year in St, Peter's Basilica: His great diplomatic career as apostolic visitor to Bulgaria leader (6) of the Roman Catholic Church. mained serene, often smiling b<v ginly. His voice throughout tne long mass and his greetings.to-tb> Catholic hierarchy of the world remained clear and resonant. The crowd began to roar as 84- year-old Cardinal Canali took tho crown in his hands and prepared to place it on the pontiff's head. The pontiff adjusted the crown himself and looked solemnly out into the crowd, The Pope rose slowly and chanted his "urbi et orbi" — tlia'.tradi- tional blessing of the pontiff to tho City of Rome and the world. The crowd remained silent ! throughout his recitation. Allies to Ask Contlnuea From Page One , Western experts can agree on the requirements of a workable inspection arrangement. If the mooting 'makes progress, officials indicated, that the United Slates is prepared to provide the Soviets with some now-secret in-' formation about radar and prob- pbly other devices which could br> used In detecting military motili- ynUon moves, missile'and aircraft flights and the like The technical meeting may be followed — again depending on its success — by later political ncgo» (iations, The powers then 'would he confronted wjth specific quf3' lions of the location arid area of, inspection zones to begfrj putting Ihe proposed system into' opera* tion, ' ' j The Soviets ha'ye said (hey, ln« tend to raise the question of at tho conference beginning sveek, American and Allied nego-' tialors svil not, agree to deal with such matters at this time, informants here sa"id. Hence the Jfirs^ round of talks at Gencs'a may be a svrangle over \vhat shoujd talked about, 48 Million to rag? PB? , ate Republicans ^p-47- "Wjtl' 's vote they need unjy. to JioW [heir own in today's congests , ta have the required 50 majority afc, er Alaska add? its two.-'. , *'•."" Test reading? .from srouh.4 ' lji§ country shosvpd ihe D'cmftersts might pipk. up from 17 to <J9 Hovis-3 reals and possibly morp, But if tho peinocratic, v ock et w§pt o«)y that high, it would fall far shori of the P7 seats th? pafty iool$ irom the Jjeputaican? i« 1933 ocrat? now ou^numt>er flpusc publicans 235-JOO. A wajgrity the nejfl Congress, wjt,h a seat for Al,asfea, wjil Jse |}8. \ln hotly contested races, P?ino9ra.ts \ver,y to tkc out a not gain o.f lo thre, in wh^{ mjh some spectacular house eontrpl to/ Pcmocratle gqyevijors ftftsy number Ropu^liea.ns, |94g. 'Diking the ' spo.Ujgh.1 York's bjjtjp. of ill? the ^efforjt 1 ^ock;o|ci,ler o{ Ba,r|igs., iii a,\yay ' gsjftpfrep -' * Pope John XXJH Youth Killed in Headon Crash ^rk. CAP>~-A year-Old boy sva& killed and Oirjdr persons wore injured last njgb.1 in' the hcndon collision of a l-niPk and 'an autoiriobile at a highway intersection near here. pead i* Plvie Gen*- Myers, son pf Mi'. a"d Mrs.' frank Myers of near MonottpT MypJ's Wfls a> passenge^ jir the trugk. drivpo by Jimmy Chipmau, JQ, o| ^enetto, phipman suffevi'd p*-broken IPS in the eojiision. An- p^ej« passenger in the truck, Lar, (ty JJarypll, '15^ ,ef M,oi)ette, suffer' : ed head 'injuries and ipteyna.1 'm- juries, • vidoipU ftowsorru 50, of Loaclv , driver of the SW> suffered Hilps aj^d a brokon hip. thr?e inured, persons were . anls said HarreJl's gonditJon was serious fi|id Nfitfs^a and Qhiprnim yvp'rp in"' good »o|iditioj"i today. ; gtatBi' Trooper gen X?flbln said £hjunw 4"-'eyp t"5 t^ lc H past a traffic gtop sign ns til? car was wfi'Mw ?ff v ? r W- f "~' ^ASHJW9» : (m* j ;jW « Ji^WW 1 L^ cu lJf Mi a fe^ Affl£U]£"iUli$&9^ J ' ' « 'i CTTO?^*^^'*^ W- ^ MMto7»5toWi'4SiWv ;; y,;.; jgf^Wf '^i 5r«t.»\I»trtc. i fino ca( . ffrin Ml Space Age Hair Styles Are Out MTTLE ROCK (AP) — Somo space ago hair styles came oul at Hie hair styling contest of the Arkansas Hairdressers' and Cosrne, tologists Assn., convention here yesterday. , " , * gome^oC the rnodels displayed sjiades qf pink, JavcpUer and green hajr. - - . ' fn-$i p|aqo winner was it cre«r tjo0 by .jpfj-y Gayjor.of Qkla, Sevond \vijs -Pete of ,Fovt Wpiih, TOX,; and third, svas Jack Johnson of Memphis, ijrWie state o o n t e s t;, McCourtney of fort Smith fjrst; Mafilyn Hoh of Noit fiopk.'sepoijd, and Beth of kittle Sock, thirdr PuijliiW Pnvis f of, Wovlh ytt^ Rpcls won .first place i\\ the stvjdent politest, Rajnona, Bain of Hlpna «,'3S seppncjl pijd Pariine Cates o| Greei}j sypd, jtl^rcl^ , " • J» The convention dye'sy an ji ctancp gstijpated at U§ JHOT '^('9pvs B P| JW9 $®m im\ lW& yf?te|d8y-aM (teX« 0 4fW;io>»i^: %W 4<? FPi;!' "- 1 "- - 1 —• 'W'4RYI> t,i9*:$rii\* Election Picture at a Glance By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS •Approximately 48 million, or (33 per cent of tho estimated eligible voters, are expected lo cast ballots today. More than 1,000 candidates arc seeking 33 seats in HIP U,S. Senate, 432 in the House, 32 governorships. Weather forecast: Sunny and mild in most of the nation, with temperatures ranging from the 50s lo the 70s. Maine held its election Sept. 3, when the 'Democrats picked up n Senate and a House scat, and Alaska holds its first election Nov. 25, Thus, the new Congress opening in Janusry svill have 98 senators, including 62 holdovers, and 436 House members, with 50 needed to control the Senate and 219 the House, Democrats now control both .houses, the Senate 49-47, and th'i House 235-200, not counting ihe Maine results. To win back control o i Congress, Republicans ss'ouhl have to show a net gain of 3 senators and 19 House members. Counting Maine and Alaska, 34 governors are being elected this year, Democrats now hold 29 governorships, Republicans J9, Polls close today as early aj 4 p,m,, EST, in parts of Rhode Island and Tennessee and as late &s 11 p,m, on the West Coast, Singer's Wife Takes Overdose of Pills LOS ANGELES (AP)—An overdose of steeping pills follosved 'by ft 1'ajl from a stretcher has left singer Allan Jones' heiress wife in critical condition, Police said i\Jary Florsheim Picking Jones, 38, apparently a^ tempted suicide, after an. ar^u- jnent with her husband. But Jones denicc) il, "There was nq suicide jnlont. ft' svas just an unconscious accident," ho said, Mrs, Jones is Jiejrc&s to thP v FJoj'sh,eip} shoe fortune, She gnc] the singer were married l«sl p@- cembev—the , day h'e divorced 'f»v ires? Irene pcrvey^ his wife ol ^ than 2Q years, daugh,t(,r,l3y a previous maj v , Ellen Pigjung, 17, told po- Jjce she believed |ior arjatlicr had taken J2 sleeping pjjls, Jopes said^ altendanjg carrying his wife oiit of theiv Wcst f woo$ home Sunday ''drppped her on h^j' heqcj on the s(dewa}k A'Q"i <1 height, of four or five f^ot, Jfej< head 'split open t ^i^d Jhgrg was. Says McClellan Is a Good Candidate ARKADELPHIA, Ark. (AP5 — Sen, John L, McClellan (D-ArlO last night svas introduced here as "a man who would make a g^Jd candidate for President or Vice President two years hence." This introduction by Dr. Ralph Phelps. president of Ouachita Bap-' fist College here, brought a standing ovation irom the 350 persons attending Arkadclphia's first annual Industry Appreciation Day banquet, ' And it caused McClellan to remark: ' •'" " <(|<f "What T' hpve 1 heard here "tonight sounds"good, 'Don't forget&t for the next tsvo years." In his pr'epaied address, the senior senator continued his scathing attack " on tlie U,S. Supreme Court- for its integration decisions, and discussed corrective measures that he said should be taken, in the fields of national economy, foreign aid and labor-management .relations. Nobody Unhurt in f ' Pop Bottle Blast STEPHENS, Ark, (AP) — Jackie Sanders, H, got herself a bottle of pop from the refrigerator sun. day night, found it to be trozen, and put it in the unlighted kitchen oven to thaw out, Then she went to church and forgpl about it. Monday morning' her grandmother, Mrs, J. T. M'ilner, begin to prepare breakfast and lit the oven, .No one svas hurt by the pop bottle blast that followed, Keep Distance/ Campaigners Told WTTLE'RQCK-(AD - Cum- paigners'apd observers, roust keep thpir distance from the polJs whip today's yaling is going on, '**> The pttovney general's office an. fwcrecl two questions on that"pOHjt yesterday, ' One opinion said "o}09i|otiecr< mg" must toko plage at least }0Q feet away from, the,polls, The spp> ond said,, observers must remain at Joast' §Q -fpet from the po}U while yotjng is unjpr way, bipod n\l over eyorytiijng, 11 A spokesman for- MjlJer's lance service, whjel> my*. Jpnps tp thg y. center, sajd, sftg felj pr,ly ' *

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