Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1958
Page 3
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Tvttiliy, N RANSA1 CIETY Ph'6RS 74431 § * U Attdl J Ik ftft AtM* Infl 4 PiMi Calendar Tusiday, Navewbir 4. . The Builders Mibie class of the First Baptist Church will meet on Tuesday) NoV, 4 al the church si 1 p.m. A covered dish super wil: be served, All members are Ufgec lu atleHdi : Wednesday) NdvewBeP 5 The Victory HtJ Club will meet Wednesday, Nov, 5 tti 'i p.m. in the home of Mrs, .John Kaumnan, 'Mothers of children in 4th, 5th and Oth grades of the Brookwood School will meet to discuss the child and his allowance, Wcdlies s day, Nov. a at lo a,m, in the home of MI-SI Jim McReniie. The Gardenia Garden Club will .Jilcet Wednesday, Nov, 5 at 2 p.m. In the home ol Mrs, Tom Foster, 307 Edgcwood. Mrs, C. W. Evans Js associate hostess, Mrs. Manuel Hamm will have charge of the program on dried arrangements. Members are reminded to bring their Thanksgiving arrangements Thursday, November 6 The Order of The Eastern Star will hold it's annual friendship meeting Thursday, November ti. Pot Luck at 6 p.m. and regular meeting at 7;30. Ail old and nesv members are urged to attend, The Catholic Alter Society will have their annual spaghetti flipper Thursday Nov. 6, at the Catholic Hall/ Supper will 'be served: frpm 5:30 till 7:30. The Pal Cletourne Chapter U.D.C. •J; TONITE — 2 BIG HORROR SHOWS .-!__--! "- — ' How To Make A Monster Plus Teenage Caveman Starts Wednesday Its a Barrel of Fun & Loffs Tlitt Mfttehmaltfr ^PwV^v V ^WW^VW^WW^W^r^ Matinee Thur - Fri Starting 2:00 P. M. Will friddt fhttfsday ft I 12:30 p at Ihe fiiafii6fid Cafe. Mfs, Otis Hayhds Will have charge of the program. The Hope tfriii of the United Council d Chiifeh Women will meet in the Chapel of the First £res< •byterian Church at 10 a,m. o« Nov, 7, Mrs, James Ptlkmton will have charge of the program. The theme of il will ibe "fixdhsrigei Good Ideas, People, 1 Those attending are asked to .bring \varm clothing ant an offering. Rose Gardctt Club will meet on Friday, Nov. t at 3 p.m. In the home of Mrs. Harry Shiver, M'rs. W. B, Mason and Mrs, A, B, Sprag gins Will be assistant hostesses, Members are asked to bring their Christmas packages for hospitals In Benlott, Mrs, Lester Kent Hostess to Liberty Hill HOC liberty Mill HDC met In the home of Mrs. Lester Kent Oct. 18, During the short Intslness session ne\tf officers were elected for the coming year- Mrs. May gave a demonstration on "Health". The Nov. meeting will be held in the home of (Mrs. Clyde Huckabec. The hostess served punch ane cake to nine members and. 1 guest. Christ Ambassadors of The Hope Gospel Tabernacle Entertained by Social The Christ Ambassadors of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle enjoyed a social meeting Saturday night Nov. 1. Freddie Smith served as master of ceremonies. Refreshments were served by 'Mrs, T. C. Cranford and Mrs. Charlie Webb to 32 present. Circle 3 of The WSCS Meets in Home of Mrs. 0. W. Amos Circle 3 of the WSCS met in the home of Mrs. O. W." Amos with Mrs. J. D. Walker as co-hostess. The meeting was called to order by the circle chairman, Mrs. Webb Laseter, Jr., who also gave t'ne opening prayer. Mz's, C. M. Agee called the roll and read the minutes. During the short business meeting, dues- were collected and plans were made for the Christmas luncheon to ( be held in. Mrs, Garrett Story's" home, Dec, 1, The circle chairman then read an editorial from '.'The Arkansas Methodist" entitled ".Kitchens and Chapels'. M'rs. Steve Carrigan, Jr, presented an inspirational devotional on •"Thanksgiving",^ using the 67th and 300th Psalms as the scriptures, This was concluded with prayer and the reading of a hymn, "Thanksgiving", with responses ,by all present. Mrs, H, O, Kyler, Sr. gave an article from the "Methodist Wo- nan" entitled "The Word Became Plesh", by Dr. Georgia Harkncss, an ordained methodist minister and also' a professor at Pacific School of Religion at Berkeley, Calif, The meeting closed with the ;roup repeating the Lords Prayer in unison, During the social hour the host- N A AC P Co Us Foubus Q Valuable Foe LfffL! liSoO Arkansas Negfdel thtmde agt-eemenl yeslefdajf when « high dffieial of the Nstienal A§sn. to? t h e Advjtfteemeftt d I Colored People ehlled Gov, Otval fi f'subus B "valuable enemy." "1 trust He stays healthy altt live, coming out OH the odd numbefed days with new plans to replace those which did not work on the eveH'ttumbCi'ed days," sale Roy Wilklns of New Yol-k, NAACP Wliki.ns, vlsitln'g Little ftock for the fli'St lime sinet? ihe outbreaK ot the fedefaUslale school in gration struggle here, addresset his organization's 14th annual slat*. "Victory is n e a r at hand, asserted Wftkins, in a, fiery speech designed to launch a statewide NAACP membership drive, Re peatcdly, he was Interrupted by applause from the crowd whic jammed a big, city«owfied commu» nity center— built especially for use by Negroes. Wilklns urged Little Rock Negroes to stand fast m" , their light for integrated schools, anc rejected any suggestion that they open private schools ol their own. He referred to the establishment of private, segregated schools, to replace the public high schools closed by Faubtis to avoid Integration, The new private schools rtcr are for white students only; none has been opened for displaC ed Negro students. "I know it is hard to watcl iome of the white students getting :omc little education while your own high school, students arc shul ut of school by your governor.' But, Wllkitu continued, "the segregationists have set up theh temporary schools' to 'defy the law, £.lso." Wilklns promised new, undisclosed legal moves in the Lit :le Rock dispute, And he predicted that soon "sober people" would demand that the' closed schools be reopened, "It is conceivable," he said, ''that if the states chose to deny everyone an education rather than give up segregation, the federal government will iind. a way to fill he breach." Here, the NAACP executive left 16 doubt that he meant possible operation of public schools by the 'edcral government. "Our constitutional history hns ihpwn that where the" states fail he people, the federal government must act in the general welfare. Wilkins said. "The general welfare certainly requircE, in this day and line, the best possible education or all our children." Turning to the Arkansas governor, Wilkins said "il regard Gov. Faubus as a valuable enemy. He has aided in many ways in clar- lying the issue of segregation." Wilkins said Faubus had helped ho NAAOP's cause by.: 1. Disposing effectively of the interposition proposal when he used state troops to keep Negro children out of Little Rock Central High School and did not succcd. 2. Arousing to the NAACP's oint of view millions ol people n America and abroad who had ittle or no feeling on the racial ssuc, ' 3. Firing the cnthusiasim of people who believe in integration esses served a delicious strawberry ce course and coffee to 16 members and one new member, Mrs, W. O, McClellan, Mrs, C, D, Uester Hostess To Circle a of WSCS of The First Methodist Church Circle 2 of the WSCS of the First Methodist Church met in the home of Mrs, C, , Lester with Mrs, L. L. Ball as corhostess on Monday at 3 p,m, The meeting was opened-with a raycr toy 'Mrs. Cli$ Bridgers, The chairman, Mrs, R, T, White pre< .jded over the business session, The : dates for the mission wore unnounpecj, 'Mi's. Edwin Ward re' on the weoH of prayer which vas held last week, A most inspir- ng devotional was given by Mrs, ,, L. paJJ on "Grqgc of Good Mrs. George ?{ew<t?ern was in hEU'ge o{ t|ie program and pyet ented an article on "The srtip film", She was assisted by oe kaseter, wlw spoHen °n an adventure in the 49tft & rjepsert, platp with ?o|fee was to the 19 members, Coming and Going , end Mrs. George Crews of had gs their Sunday s' M.C, and 'Mr 8 ' < Ismily of »e' Ann Allen of Utflg THE ly Trtnl "The returns are in; which editorial do you want to run?" •*- ftcprinlod from Editor &. Publisher, N, Y, DQHOTHY DIX Are Thrills and Chills a Key to Real Love Dear Dorothy Dix! You often Say , that thrills -and chills aren't esSehtlal to true bve, I'd like to- KO along with that. I once had .the same .problem- 1 was engaged to a wonrlorftil boy but ho didn't bring the glow-that came when 1 saw Tab Hunter or Tony Curtis. I reasoned, tliarefot'e, tha't I didn't really loVe him and broke the engagement.'He married some one else and ten years later I'm still walling for the'stars to foil. I realize, too -that I -.really loved this tooy and made the big mistake of 1 my -life in not inarrylng him. — -N. T. Dear N.'T;: Love comes to different people in 'different ways. Sometimes it is accompanied by ringing bells and blazing fireworks but just as often it sneaks into our lives with nothing more tempestuous than a warm glow. It's a \vise, (and lucky) person who can pick the real -thing—and the right mate Dear Dorothy Dix: A few weeks ago I met a : very shy iboy. I like him very much but am stunxped on the question by giving them a "human image" In the nine Negro students who, despite segregationist opposition, attended ' Central High School under protection of federal troops. 4. Forcing- the Sept. 29 ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court, thus blocking others from even temporary success should they try similar tactics. On Sept. 29, Ihe high tribunal .refused 1o give Little Rock a breathing spell -from; integration. •.*"-• 5, Causing a temporary federal' court ruling against leasing of .public schools for use as private segregated institutions, "The price being paid for refusing to accept,Negro students an. desegregated high schools has' been, the closing of the schools.'"-! Wilkins said, "The price is too high," of getting him lo ask for a dale. He's friendly when we mcel but doesn't say much. — Pal. . Dear Pat: Send n stamped, self- addressed envelope for my leaflet "The Shy Beau." Be very friendly when you see him, gra'b the first opportunity lo invite, him to something — a record session at your house, a dance al scho'oi, or a play to ;whlch you just happen lo have an extra ticket .(even if it cost most of last week's allowance). 'Truly shy people are completely won iby a few very friendly overtures. Dear Dorothy Dix: 'Recently we'acquired new neighbors, who seemed like very nice people, They called and asked us over to a barbecue one day — If we could get a baby sitter. 1 turned the invitation down. If they don't want our baby (a darling 15 month old girl) they can't have us. Was T right? — Nan Dear Nan: If you want lo cut your visiting list down to nothing flat, you're on the right track. You are much too quick to take offense where no slight is intended. Your neighbors were having a strictly ajdult party and simply felt it was not an occasion for children , Dear Dorothy Dix: ' I'm a high school senior faced -'with a difficult problem in one of my. classes. While I don't pretend to know everything about the English language, my English teacher often makes serious mistakes •in our lessons. I've corrected fier at times but she pays no attention to me and the other kids think I'm just showing off. Shall I stick up for what I know is right or go along with what she says? — Etiz'/.Ied Student ,- 'Dear P- S,: Constant correction of her mistakes will only lead to 'very bad feelings between you, the faculty and the other students, particularly since you are a new girl Managing Editor of Ark, Democrat Dies UfTLfe HOCK (AW-«a\Mrt ,f. Liskff, 65, t««ftdtfftK editor of the ArkaiisflS KffHoCfni, died nl fl Ll(; Us Sock he*iJltnl Ibdny after nrt illness of scVqral weeks. He sut- fet-ed frttrtt s heart eofidltloii A native of NcHli Little Hook, Liske was « sNduhlc of the Um< fpfsily of Arktmshs and the AN teansflS LflU- School, ifc started Id jourftallsrtt as (t reporter for lit* Arkansas Gazette prior lo World Wai- ! and Intof wtii-ked tat trw SI. Lmtis Star-times, Liskc joined the news staff n' the tSetHoertU here In 1018. tis- ec|>t foe Military set-Vice lit \VoMd Wni- 1 and a year ns an Assbdi* nlcd Pi-cSs newsman nt Memphis in the cfit'iy 1020s, his nssoeiatloti will) the bcmocrnl continued uii« ill his death. He, was promoted to news edltbt of the Democrnl lit J02d niid np* pointed hMinhfllhg editor In 1040. Llske was n Member of tho .Roman Catholic Church. Survivors Include a daughter, Mrs, 'Pnt 1tardln« of Lltile nock; his porenls, Mr. and Mrs, John A. Llske of North Little nock, and two grandchildren, Funeral nrratiKcmelUs wore lit- complete. Wide Cor May Cost the Owner Extra NEW YORK (AP)--Owners of longer and wider 105!) enrs will ho Charged 15 to 30 per cent moro lo park them in some city git- rages, 'The decision to honst rates for Jfirger ears was reached at n meeting of the executive board of the Metropolitan Garage Board of. Trade, The board said a lower rate of increase will apply lo regular customers, while transients will pay the higher rate. Monthly ruts now range from $22 to$50. Fellow Wasn't Kidding About That Bear MEMPHIS (APJ — The Humane Shelter telephone rang and an excited voice shouted: "Come and get this bear down off my roof!" Harry Wulff wasn't kiddin&. Shelter and zoo employes plus two dozen cops armed with rifles and shotguns rushed to the Wulff residence. There, perched on the rooftop, -was a shaggy 400 pound bear. After two hours of manuevering, a zoo attendant finally lassoed the bruin and hustled him off to- the zoo. Wulff said lie first saw the animal yesterday afternoon when he bolted from the Wulft garngu, climbed « tree and leaped atop the roof. "There's no telling whore that bear came from," a zoo worker said, "He's well fed—fat as a bill- tertaall. Could have hurt' someone at the school. They have apparently gotten along with her for a long time and "won't -change on your say-so, Discuss the problem 'With your parents, who could bring it to the attention of the school board if they think a protest is justified, Ut S, Trying fo Pin Plant Responsibility UP} - Th* United Stales is trying to find etit whether the Cuban fpbel mav6- rmnl \vaa responsible lot Ihe M* jacking Saturday of a Mlrttnl-to- Cuba ulrtlfier, The filrtfic trasheJ killing l 1 ?, including tf U.S. ciu» Slate WepMi-lfTtttU press Lincoln White snld Ihe l),8, Embassy rtt ItflVnnn hns sent nn offi* cdr to the slid of the cfitsh Id mnkc nn litvestlffntlotl, Whifc House Aides Take Oath Today WASHINGTON (APi—Two key White Mouse aides, Ctenild d. Morgan and tonvld VV. Kendiill, Were swoi'n Into office today. Mbr-> gan took over ns the President*.! (ii-incl()nl deputy rtsslstniU. Ren« all was sworn In as ISi.tenhower'.s special counsel, a job Morgan had held prevlolinly. The new assignments, for Mor« «an and Kendall result from ihe resignation of Shermmi Adams a» ElsenhoWur's chief nldc. The Adatns job now. Is filled fo> Wilton D. Persons. vote In- trt^gctvetfll %!«rett9» ju.,-^ fhe t^tsfffof, is §ehTOtil€ajv?e3*i Peace-•-tJtfieeM-Assfi.v h6F« flrtd the Afk«fls8t .... Lertgue's c«mvefttioH if) Mot ^.^ lunehcnn Ih connection with Iftf" dodicfiffon of s treW ftitiltliiig ihe-State Mrjspltal, flhd Sfltilfd..,™ he 18 scheduled trt Mfike..anol1l^ talk at Crestvlesffi $*at< - . fcti t-aule home, F*fHibus wit! a .,^ at New Ortcahs lo make a^speetoj Qoorge Pcalhel-stoiiehattgH, hfh'. itibrt English Reolrjglsl, Vlslfotr 1ft- Arknnsns In IBS') nttd wtiS atflftged! nt his flHtilhfls &l Majsnej That arort hna t lhi* filghesf ! concen tratibn of minerals for lis sf«8"o any plrtco lfT the WoMd,\' 7 Strike Against Airline Delayed NEW YORK (AP)—15(is(orn Alt Lines nnnouncccl today Ihht n ma^ c'hlnlsls' strike scheduled ngainoi It for midnight tonight hhd been' jjoslponcd. An airline spokesman said the union involved had postponed tho wnlkout to permit It to fulthcr consider the company's latest o/^ for.. Six major nirlines hnd agreed lo share the financial burdens <)/ !i wnlkout hitting any one of Ihcm,' They arc Amurlcnii, Trans 'World Airways, Pan American, Eastern and Cnpllnl Airlines. Governor to Spend Little Time in Office LITTLK ROCK (AP)—Barring unforseen developments, Gov, Orval IS. Fiiubus will spend little time in his office here this week. His aides said the governor will remain In his home town of Hunts- villc today and tomorrow, and will badly." Several sections of Arkansas had bear scares recently. At Joncsboro, bruins paid visits to residential neighborhoods on two consecutive days, Other b ears were seen near Hoxle, and Crossett, >>mr> for a now Kodak FLASH KODAK!) FLASH OUTFIT [Imagine! A reflex camera). 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Yw fff'lhi mast baiylifitl raatl- al/il/iy yw'K tver knotvit*-in Atntrifx'i Kuittfar Q) Rqitii Ciirl fwo gr?at,ii?w engines to choos? ffora»»fh? Tern ! <m$wt$n$ advanstf \ hmdiing <wdptrfrmeufiii And they're popped by a pest 42Q for the ultimate in Y<8 action an<| jespon$e rs i exdm|y§ $ 11 WidcrTrag^ Wbsfll! Everything abcw this money-saving ^oijipanion, the Tsmpegr, 41Q$, % tig .new kind of ?ar wa? d?signed to givt yfiu ddyio^ $§ ypu'v? nevcc that 'KW ngtdar gat qnd driven fatter fliilwge thun m<tny swiiltir «: Aif'Cs9ie4 TfUC*Q3fllQ»r Bfakgi for precise, unvary* with fwdkd "wwmy engines"; Styling?™r,he n ?w?st» lowest look fQiurol in «Qp af$sr step aftfj it'ej? j 11 sjpacjQus yistii-loun^? en thp foad^frofsct?4 by Ma^Mtof oomfaJ? finish: Them's wit)} Sftill^wj^^ f^M''J «9/i mirf /uU'Circle yisibjjity flwh inofg^cpmp g'e? for ypurjelf^iii tJ>§• wojldwfwl flew R?§l (h?repf)j . in

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