Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1958
Page 2
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Prescott News PldeiU Cuss M«e« . Wltli Mrs. Affl6)eJ prnprinlc Inlks oh the th|fri I''More 1'ower With Women The Monthly social mpctmH of rr die Pldelis Sunday School etas'! bf the First Baptist Chinch was held on Tuesday evening In the hofnc 6f CHflrles Arnold \\ilh cifh't members present. •Mrs. kcrtfieth HeaVes. president presided during the business ses* sioh. Mrs, Jlarl-cfl Hides gave the devottotiflt and led in prnyer nftci Which Mrs. Reaves directed several games, , Cof/ee and cooW^s wore sprvf< by the hostess. .*„*- MfL tfbbbit Mliofi Nnmed B&PW Woman of The ^ ' Mrs. Robbie Wilson \Vas named ^ . Woman of the Year by the Ousl - . ness and P't-ofe^Slohnl' Women's " • • clltb when it met on Tuesday eve', , ""fling in the .home of Mrs. Wilson *. with Mrs. Emrfgene Davis. Mrs -- • MiMed Milter tors; Leoln McBr.-iy I"* cr nhd TilW: BfcHtnlf JtsHrtsOn >-», slstlng hostesses. After serving;' n*B Resident of the dub the? terrn. . MrsS Wll96rt vt-'fts f>e-elebUd- president for the 1958-ft9 terrn. During hor fbmire of'officc the club made Pvt; iJrS&td'&t* IrtcVeft'se' iff tfierhbi-r- Jcir Uie yoifr. of nriy club in ^- the stale. For this distinction the ^; eltlb "was n«'Ardcd j S citritlon, *' i,lVIi'SkWilst)n-is a" clfhrter member w»»of«the lochl>club'a'nd'ls now serving w . l< n*s-' state , legislation chairman of v:"*llic' B&'PW. She is active in all civic" affairs' and- is always willing to , assist in any. undertaking lor " the ''betterment of the community. < ^ member of the- Prisstoytorinn f Ghurch'f M'rs'. Wilson sings in the- •"fchurch" choir and rilso ser\'us as tHe.pnstor's aid. She has been as- sdeiated with the Welfare Department here for the past 10 years. Mrs: Francos Fore had charge , of-' thb program and' was assisted i. py M'rs. Vornie' Hubbtird, Mrs. Them" Grecr, JVTrs. Flora Pcarce nrfd Mrs. Ora Dildy \siio made ap- were directed by Mts White and Mrs. Davis With bri/e being won by Mrs. ThelWa Kt»ef and Mrs. Drlln Stewart. Hefreshments. carrying out thi Halloween motif were served to •11 members and gueslS) Mrs. Tommy Horde, Mrs. Gcaed Go* Mr« Mnrv Ptirtie and Sard Jahel Bryson. Brewrtle TfoCp 3 The weekly meeting of Brownie Troop ,'! was Held Wednesday n/t« ertioon in thn home of the leader,' Mrs. Archie Johnston. The meeting wns obehe'd With Hie Brownie Promise and Pledge of Allegiance. HnllovVeeh false faces were made during the afternoon. Pop corH and cold drinks Werb served to Mnrlta Jane Bctnis, P,arh Fore. 1'hdcbc Jdhnson. Mary Jnnb Erskinc, Anna Cordon, Cunningham, Snr'ti fiirlle and thy Heave'!. Brownie Tr66p Has Inte'ritiedldte A riewiy fdrm'ed Brownie Troo met on Wednesday aftornboh I the home of the lender, Mrs. D. M'c'Rne Jr., for an inVeslurc service With Mrs: C. B. VandiVel assistant leader Receiving Brownie pins were KHen Gordon, Ellen (McHae, Ann Bollun. Ann Vandivor, Betty WoodeH, Kiithy Bratton, Kay Ferguson. Barbara Wilson, Sara Lou Pounds and Beth Lambert. At the close of the service a <J€S- sod ccuir.se was served to the 3ro\vnics and their mothers who .vere guests. oh Thursday evening The hohoree was showered with lovely gifts aftor which' ice JJJLL ?.T.**». Courf Doekef A * R A N I A I OttdSls W«fo Misses MaHofr BucrfShaH, .feifhne JoHcs, Spufgbfs, B^tty Milarri, flollg, Jeatf Sfioharfatt, IfaffiS flftd iSfllly erttlinRham alf icmaih'Pd for a bunking party. Mfs. g. R. Wafd E«(«Ha!fls MV SMd^i Club Wednesday M'embers of the '-I? Bridge Club were tnterlaihed with a dessert- bridge given by .Mrs. E. R Ward at her home oil Wednesday. Vitsos of rosesj a (bumpkin filled 'with au- ttirrtn blooms and flowers and fruit arranged on a tray were placed at vrtn.loge fiolnts in "the rooms. The high score award wns Won by Mrs. 0. W. WatKins. /Mrs. Ctuss McCaskill and Mrs. Dallis Atkins were guests. Other nembers Included Mrs. J. B. '•'Janlis, -Mrs. Bob Rcyrtolds, Mrs. rl Appier, .Mrs. Jim Kelson. Ars. Dob Yarbrough. Mrs. Vernon Juchanan, ,Mrs. 13111 Oates. Mrs. i. A. Lfel-.amar ari'tl Mrs. Gfttm •iairstoni •Mr. and Mrs/ Dallas Earl Bv'ftns verc the 1 Wcflrtrtdny guests of her ar^nts, Mr. and iVtrg. Wells Himy, ent-oute to their home in Fort Vorth, Texas after a- wedding trip o Hot' Springs, . King. Oriving MvMti in- ttnflcflted. Forfeited $50 cash served 1 day in jail. ; fla)e C Stuart, ffazarddtli? ctriV- i«I. Forfeited $lft cash boric!.' Kay Honeycutt. RfcoklesS* dHv- itlg Forfeitpd S2.i cash boitcl. Kdmond Wirn, Paul Ei, Vntcs. fitttHhlhg slop sign. Forfeited $5 Cash bond. Percy Lee ./one", Failure to yield right of Way Forfeited $18' cash bond. - ^ Johnnie Lee Phillips. Failijfe to yield right of way. Pica of guilty; fined $10. Mosen King, No brakes on car Forfeited $5 cash bond. ^ Kmmolt Sims, Disturbing the peace. Forfeited $35 cash" bbnd, Cecil -Fulks, Drunkenness.'Plea! Utility; fined $10. Joshua Trotter. Drunkehness. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Kennie Ray Knox, Disturbing the pence. Dismissed. Fred Scott, Assault and Batlch-y. BACK UP—The entire tear deck sWihgs* Up td {ieffflit Wbfk 6fl the motor of this he\V JoUNpasseflgef dSf ells-played St Aligg* burg, West Germany, Designed by Mes'ge^chrnitt, Ine., the alltd will not be manufactured In GerrSany, but bnly In the U.S,,' Where production rights have'all-eddy been assigned? C. Wooslev. Barbara Bolls Honored Miss Nelcla McBrayer Honored Miss Barbara Bolls with n surprise birthday party at her home YHe family* of Vernon Schooley wish to " fKis" opportunity to thank' Jrteir many friends and neigh'Bors for the sympathy and kindness shown during their recent bereave-" rfient'. The Vernon Schooley Family n Mrs. Tom Bemis and her guests Mrs. A'llan John'ston of Shrcveport and Hynes Sparks of New York City spent Tlnirsday in Mena with Neal Sparks, (Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Hamilton and Mrs. J. 'H. Bcmis spent Wed- 'ncs'dny in Tcxarkana with W. T. Hart who is a patient in St. Michael's .Hospital. Mr, and Mrs. R. L. Hob'crtson of Dallas were the Friday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cuss ivicCaskill enroilte to LI (tie Rock for a visit With M'r. and Mrs Bob Robertson Bobbv and Susan. •Mrs. Hunter Scott is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Mabrcy and son, Bobby Scott and Miss .Helen Scott In Houston. •Mr. and Mrs. Troy tMarlity-oi' TeXarkana announce the birth of a son-on Oct. 30 at the• Co'ra" ; Donnell Hospital, Dismissed. Cashic C. Johnson, Drunkenness. Dismissed. Bernai'd Conway, Petit larceny. Dismissed. Iia Itendrlx, Driving while intoxicated. Dismissed. STATE DOCKET R. L. McFnddin, Fictitious automobile license. Plea guilty; fined $25. Cato Oil Company, Evading weight sctilos. Forfeited $25 cash bond. Hurscle Gosquc, Harry D. Spain No PSC authority. Forfeited $100 cash bond; $50 of which is suspended. •South Bridge Finishing -Co. find Willard Gregory, driver; Joseph Wikowski and Leo Jenkins, driver'; No PSG authority. Forfeited $100 cash bond. Windell Butler, .Driving while in-' toxicated. Forfeited $50 cash' bond, served 1 day ift jail. n , ,...„„ „, «. L; McPadtlin, No state tar ?' f ",'?? £ ^nh^rt PUn dnlHv. t',» a A *i «?, „ ° •• , --..«.. 60 • I The Cubatin Airline said Plilel Cuba Asking Seized Plane Be Protected By GE6H6E KAUFMAN HAVANA, Cuba (AP)— file C«l« ban government today plaiin§d iff demand special protection for Cti ban airliners and passengers in the tmil£«d states as the result of rebel seizure of a plane Which crashed-and -killed <17 persons. The , three stU-ViVois said foil? Cuban rebels corHrrtaHdeei'ect 'the 1 big Viscount ttlrbo prop, airliner Sdltirdby night on a flight from* Miami to Vai-adero B*each, 8? rnilcs east of .M&Vatta, < .The wreckages was spotted Siln day in-shallow watdi's of-the BaJ of Nine .near Preston, in rebel' Jessie Shaw, Speeding, Forfeited $5 cash -bond, Ruby 3. Conway, DistuAing the peace, Forfeited $2S cash bond. Cato Oil Comptfny, ^?ortheastorl1 Truck Lines, Overload, Forfeited $25 1 cash bohd t Joe 1 Wood Lumber' Co. Overload. Dismissed .on payment of cost. 'Harry Golden, Failure to yield right of way. Tried, found not guilty. CIVIL 'DOCKET The Togge'ry Shop Vs. Leon Bur- tort, dt'acly Anthony Lumber Co., Oarnlshee, Action on account for $29.50. Judgment for Plaintiff by default, Garnishment dismissed. Detroit has 17 foreign language newspapers, Castro rebels Seized the plane Id make headlines for their movement on the eve of the Cuban Ha. tional election today but they* caused it to crash U'hen tllej? forced the pilot to attempt a larid-" ing in darkness on an airstrip that Was too small. Those killed wete the four gittf men. the lour Cuban crew mem bers, three other Cubans and si.V naturalized Americans born Jri Cuba. The' plane 'was Aha second seized in flight since Oct. 21. .On' that dale, en tnithoi'itative source said, two rebels among the passengers seized a DCS with 12"other persons aboard on, a domestic-' fljsht from .Cayo Mambi to Mao Bay. The ( rebels shot;that pilot in'th'o 4, arm and forced him to divert th§ flighT to Canrtftove. The .crew of thW alfcV % Ciibah' srildfer passenger were reported still held by the'reB'efs. but the other eighf passdtiggV^ Were allowed to return to their homes. A' spokesman for the Chban For" eign Ministry said as a result of the capture of the fmir-ongit** Viscount Saturday, the Cuban go" ernmen't "Will psk of the t'nitPti States the due protecllo'1 in Arrt-jj-- lean airports of all Cuban ait» platles, their crews and passoii- ger§," tOW-«!CI TV WITH EXCLUJIVI MoTORoU boteeN OUARANTEI y«»r gUarafite.e o"tt all tlibei attd parts,, 6 years on Golden' Tube Sentry Unit. Uta M itereo speaker. Fh>- V bUM! Chw- ()„ chor«dl Mill) C6Al; trained Mahogaby or G'r a i n • d Blond;*, Mod* •I 21T58, Hit YOUR TRADI 229" TIRE STORE 814 E. 2nd. Hope, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Pankey and children of Waldo were the Thursday guests of her parents, M'r. and Mrs. Corbctt Hale. Friends of 'Mrs. W. R. White will regret to hear that she suffered a broken arm in a fall last week. Mr. nnd Mrs. Bill Furr of Cam- dbn were the Thursday guests ,of« Mr! .and M'rs. J. V. Fore and at- tfencled ^.funeral services for Mrs. H; D. Bii!lock' at the First Baptist Church. NOW! From Lion Research Laboratories comes... ,JMrs, , George Haynie of Little' Hock was the guest Thursday of .elatives arid attended funeral Services for Mrs. H, D. Bullock. t Mr. and Mrs. Edward 'Vil»on have returned to Lake Charles, La. •\fler, a s r isit with Mr. and Mrs. W. Fo%, the Merchant... Ybif : advertise. WBy? To^talk.witli peopld about |pur merchandise? To] keep your stbrS name Kefore'pebple as a' reminder of your services? -To-create sfoWtraffic? atever your object! ve r your advertising message exposed to' $ r^po' ien^e to-fo productive, New High Cas Mileage t HP ' ' >•> -• »• -•• -4^^-' vj" f "' -t jgP •, •* - - - ' new &w cireulaiion au^ien^? We'll, people in our a'udierice pay tb'get a & teari indication 1 responsivp are t'R'e im&m of there's ai^ .. . . ,,,_.,„_, , c| protection for, the h'jgl^c'ornpressipn,'- precision- 'roacjiiped'engines of tb'is, Rocket Age}, By., ejfplbjtin'g* a v chemical break'through and uriijting petj^-ph'erflistry^vvjth 'advanced refinery technology',.Ljon Oil-'Cornpany>ese'arcJi'' *Vfaa- opened up a great ne>y > diTOen"sJ 0 n'in,automQl)jJe' , is revolutiojiary new concept, jp ' ^oto5;/«el , Is' nmde' ppssible by -NBW rjocket^g^ 1 ' tionije 1 ; This Advanced^ additive makes Won.gftsojjnes the" first Superpharging additive makes Won.gftsojjnes the" first iom- 'plete gasolines— doing the Pc'^p7//e;J9^.of : fyri»i9 f }jjnf power, etfrq. efficiency asd protf&iw far' today 'g' m'QcleM -auto engines, . • • yo v u>Kow niahy copies arS' - , wMr@ ttey are'adtii bow mii'ch readers At-'- • fe ". ?' nf A •- engines, J4on gasolines ai-f both labojitbr'y'4egtecj $fy rgad.testgd^ l eio gasolines with- N§'f ^^ckft.A'ge fe|Qnit§ 1 ~ '<V ^U^« ^^JF** SiiftBMll ^L^^|S|I4»|^^ CARBURETOR , . ,v y<V r» Jn CLEAN

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