Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1958
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V To City Subicribtri: I? ydu fail is g§f ysup Star pi§6sg fglephofl§ 74431 by 6:36 p. m, afid a Will delivfef yoUf 66TH YEA£: VOL. 60 Weather Reports 568 Coluwrt of Bottom of This Page MOM, ARKANSAS, TUtSDAY,.NOVIMIIH 4, 19SS M«»ltft AUttllfil * I Audit lufC80 6l eiftul«ll6fll J.I80 PRICE Sn COPY !»|..'! Allies to Ask •Reds to Join Inspection Plan By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON (AP) — 'Tho Western Allies will ask the Soviet Union to join in developing a vast -military inspection system capa- '•'•'ole of blocking a surprise nuclear attack by any great power i'or perhaps 10 years. Any system worked out now would have to be overhauled'after a decade, it was explained, to take into account new % weapons, The proposed system would moan an end to much secrecy in the Soviet Union, and otficials are not optimistic, ^'A**^!* The first round of talk's,opening ,'^ Monday-in Geneva/'Switzerland, ^ is designed to be highly, technical — to see whether Communists and Continued on Page. Six,, NEW SON — Annette Dlonne Allard and her husband. Geri main look fondly'at their new son who will be christened Jean Francois In a Montreal, Canada, hospital. Annet Is the second'of the famed Dionne quintuplets to give birth to a child. — NEA Telephoto Weather Experiment Station report for 24-hours ending at 7 a, rn, Tuesday, High 69, Losv 42; No precipitation; Total 1358 precipitation through October, 47,08; during the same • ^period a year ago, f jl,94 inches, ARK REGIONAL FORECAST By THE, ASSOCIATED PRESS Central, northeast, norlhwe&l and southwest Arkansas; Partly cloudy and mild this afternoon, tonight and Wednesday, little change jn humidity, Southeast Arkansas; Partly cloudy and mild this after,' noon, tonight and Wednesday with chance of occasional rain tonight i ,« and Wednesday, little change in '^ humidity. High this afternoon, low 70s centra!, mid 60s to low 70s northeast and southeast, low to mid 70s northwest and southwest; low tonight mid' 40s to low - 30s central, mid to high 40s northeqsl, near 50 southefitt, mid 40s )iortji« west, high 40s to mid 50s southwest, • ^ Arkansas: Partly o ] o it d y to cleudy and mild this afternoon, _ j, tonight and Wcdnesdpyj occasions) jams mainly south portion tonight and Wednesday, jfigb this ' aftor» nocn mid 60s io m,id 70s, low to« flight mid 40s to mid 60s; highest Wednesday afternoon niid 60s tQ mid 705, By TH AS§05IATgP PRg§§ - Ish tew r, y, clear 15 g9 46 e, • clear 63 38 . Atlanta, cloudy - 60 si o, ploaj- pjevelaud, cloudy •penyer. cjpydy PCS Moinps, clc,a.r 52 <ft 60 4,§ 57 4^ - 63 H 70 1 42 „ 5Q 43 rl Worth, cloudy 75 §1 58 48 ,,§8 37 Pity, ffl , Yoi% Pleaiv - 49 ia it^ cJcav ?5. 43 ' 1-pujsyjJJc, ^, Memphis. J?loudy ?4iajni, clear e, Cloudy American Egghead Coming Into Own AUSTIN, Tex. (AP)—The American egghead appears to be coming into'his own. Colleges and universities are giving him 'the big lush once reserved for fast halfbacks. State university officials meeting here welcomed that trend. "Those fellows from the Ivy League arc beating the bushos everywhere for the best brains. If there is a really good student at a high school in these parts, 'you are sure to find someone from tho Ivy League down here to recruit him," one Texas dean said Rules of the conference arc that •the university officials may not he identified, Storms Lash , >iVestern U.S. Coast By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Stormy weather that lashed the Pacific [Northwest with gusts reaching hurricane fores and resulting in the death of at least one person, moved eastward .today, some of its fury subsiding as it headed inland, Generally clear skies, with cool woathe rin the Northeast, prevailed in broad areas of the country, Rains continued in sections of the South. Vice President Nixon, his family, and a party of newsmen ar rived in Seattle Monday night by plane from Alaska only minutes ailor the full fury of the storm had, passed. Those aboard said they' had a relatively quiet flight. Gusts of up to about JOJ miles an hour wore recorded at Die Naselle Air Force radar station on the north side of the Columbia River as the rapidly moving Morm center moved jnto Wash' ington find Oregon. Gusts reached 06 m,p,h' at Pohdleton, Ore,, a''d 5S m.p.h, at geatllp. ' A freak accident killed a teenage girl pedestrian in Tapom.Pt Wfl?b. The wind knocked, a branch from ft tree. It fejl across a power ling und. tho broken wire goijed around. Ann Maureen 'Thomas, ;8, Softttjo, electrocuting her, Trpf?s were toppled, blocking highways, Boats Were swarnix'd 8114 cities blacked - out as, the strong wipds swept the area, TJio j'jiin, pe}t expanded eaaj^ard. dm-. ing the night into centra) Moptana and southward into the C|flli(orpla coastaj seetiqns Set fprNoY.ll The McCasHil IRuval .Cpmnmnity Jmj?rovernent GW)?, supppytqd. by the retail mershsnts cgtTHJlittee of. the Is'ashyilje Cijgmjjer • of. Com- ^ncrce and, the Southwestern EJec,- trie ppwej,- ?p-, will spoji§or'a pan- Piak.e supper and gsj'ty »t the Me< cofliniunjty cpnier Tuesday 'start at & p,m, and. pon,tin,u.o 39 long jas fQ^s come to »• ,,T1^ Raviy will start at | with -$a,sh,vjlle In Schools Seek Cash for L R. Students LITTLE ROCK U'P) — Thc'Ar- kansas^Eduoalion Department said yustcVday 38 public school districts', had applied for state, aid for a total of" 1(56"'students""who transferred from ,;Little ' 'Rock's closed ;high schools.'^ '" l . ' ,/." H. Z.' Snell, thV'tdepartmchl's budget" and loans "[director, said, however, payments Hyould be-'hold up a lew weeks. ( to allow limb for more districts to-file.I/ Accredited schools, .public and private,',may receive. $172 for each transfer, "* •> • None of Little Hock's new pri- ,'vatfr^schools •"-"JU'Ei'fdHgible Jftftf tlicT' payments" at present because nont» arc as yet accredited. In other developments, Dr. T. J. Rancy, _ president of the Little- Rock Private School Corp,, sairl donations to the. corporation school now totaled 9175,000, Wednesday, the corporation will begin classes for about 350 high school sophomores. Classes for juniors and seniors already arc under way. This will bring to about-1,250 the combined enrollment of (he newly opened private schools }h L1U10 Rook, Becbe Special, While County, 4; Stuttgart,' Arkansas' County, 10; 'De Wilt, Arkansas County, V 4; Crossett, Ashley County , 4;-Rogers, Benlon County, ,4u Emerson, Columbia County, • 2; Mo'rrlllon, Conway County,- 4; ' Jonqsbpro, Craighegd _Cqunly," ^6;-* 'Fordypo, Dallas County,* 9;" Dumas Special, Desha County, 2; Guy-Perkins, Faulkner County, 2; Malvevn, Hot Spring County, G; Batcsville,' Independence County, 7; Newport Special, Jackson County, : Altbc> jmer, Jefferson County, 2; Dollar- way, Jefferson County, 3: White Hall, Jefferson county, 2; Glendaje Lincoln County,- JO; Atkins, Pope County, 2; Russeljvjile, Pope Coun' ty, 7; De Queen, Sevier County, g; El Dorado, Union County, 5; Springdajc, Washington County, 3 1 , McCrory, Woodruff County, 3; Pardaneijc, Yell Cpunty, 4; and, County Line, Franklin County,; Paragoujd, Greene County, C)ark,s» yille,' Johnson County,' Ashdown, LittJe River Cquntyi Pans, Logan County; Carlisle, LonoHe County; \Yilson, Mississippi County; Brink< Jey t Monroe County; WiUisvillo, Nevada Pounty;, Van Cove, ?»)'.<, County and LjneaJo, Washington. County, one eqcb. U, S, Brands Red Charges as Lies Hog Went to Market But Bolted lor Hills PHILADELPHIA fApl 1- This hog went to market, but the iu\- cestrnl bast- !h htm ettme forth nnd he bolted fot- the hills. The 300-pouiid hog escaped from a poll al n meat packing plmil Monday nnd went trolling dowh tho street. Atosl people feol oul of' the way. A few didn't—for a moment nt Jcast—and thti hog ttit-iicd toward them, pawi.ig Ihe ground as If to charge, Two patrolmen thought they could handle the sltuallon, They couldn't, They chased the elusive hog down si heels nnd id- leys, Finally, exhausted, they cornered him under a loading pint' form, and started shooting. Ten shots hit everything but the hoc. One ricocheted into a man'd leg. The wound Was superficial. At last, some expert hfiiidlcYs from " the • packing plant arrived ai'il 'captured the unfriendly hog, Faubus Urged to Form a Third Party MILTON, Fla. (AP)— About 70 members of the Santa Rysa Coun ty Citizens Council Monday -night signed a resolution urging the formation of a third party with Arkansas Gov. Orval E. Faubus as leader, The proposal -declared that "Ihe present Democratic party no longer represents or even countenaiic- es the philosophies of our Southern people and Paul Butler, chairman of the present Democratic party, har. made this crystal clear in numerous public statements." About a fourth of the 200 parsons, present indicated that they. would attend a picnic 'scheduled. I'or Crestvicw Saturday to sell Paubus-for-president flags. Faubus is scheduled to speak at the picnic. ' State Sen. Newman C. Brackin ! of Crestvicw tolcl the council that he agreed that "it is well to advance ideas as to ways and means to protect our segregated schorl system," but he said he would be to a third party, "";"I think we should stick together to solve this problem," -Brackin said. "We should >stay in the Democratic party and. make it stronger," 48 Mil lion to Cast Ballots in U. S, Today By THE ASSOCIATED §tatef ifldgy braced, as " lie?" fled. Cjiina's c the Chinese ftajio'nsijsts poispn gas shells Jn the fightjnj; St^te pepartipgnt statem.cn!; the Beds m?y jjave' made the "jn gn,' world attoaitil?n us ki}Jii)| o£ v the Nationalists pjj ,e usf of sliempt tp Jhe City Buys Land for Disposing of Garbage iHope City Board of Directors j last night decided to purchase iflj acres of land on the Rooky Mound' road to be used to 'bury city garbage, Tho land is owned by Moore Bros, and the city agreed to a price of $2,000, The group also agreed to go its part in erecting a fence separating tho Airport property from the J. O, Luck property, The project, before tho city government for a number of years, will bo a joint undertaking with the City and Mr, Luck bearing the cost. The group delayed action on a proposal to close an alloy between Fulton and Hamilton streets. The Planning Board, met with the City Directors in regard to the matter which wiJl probably be decided at a future meet, Much discussion was devoted to the problem of truck parking on narrow downtown streets, When a large truck parks at an angle, especially on Second, it creates a traffic h^ard, The group delayed any action 'but will probably fix some regulations later for future use. Jt was decided to have free parking downtown when Farm City day is observed, here, Mon Killed By 0 Falling Tree Ark. sey Rogers,' about 45, pf Ark., was killed by a falling tfpe yesterday afternoon, Rogers wa? a member of a crew cuting trees near heyo. Companions said, a tree was putting Iq^gcd another, ppgcrs attempted tp jodge jjje first tree gog it tell him." jn a similar aeeident. Yietjm, i§ survived by h'» • |w9 sons an?} t ft r e P daHgh.te.rs,' \yASHWOTON (APi - Voting wit,<! reported moderately heavy in mnny nrcas of the country in today's off-ybur election of n now Congress, State and local offl» cers. Generally, the weather was (jood, And, in early reports, there were n few straws to boost Republican hopes thai their partisans wore Uivnlnjc oul In a fashion to trump advdnco Democratic claims of possible unprecedented giiins- OutsUUc Michigan, much of It traditionally Republican, reported very 1 ' heavy voting while In Dem- icrritlc Detroit the balloting was rliriijini* 'behind 1954 nnd 105(1. Maryland's early vote WHS heavier "'thnn anticipated. In the past, a bi'g'-Votc has Usually worked tn ho* advantage of Republicans In !hnt heavily Democratic state. Pre-election estimates were that 4B million voters would cast ballots'"' across the country. Hot fights in some states over right - to - work proposals helped dra.w voters to the polls. A record ••'off-year vote appeared in pros- jcct in Ohio. Many polling places, particularly in Industrial sections, bad long lines waiting when they opened. The-right-to-work proposals bar labor-management contracts Which require a worker to join a union "to hold h!s job. In addition to Ohio, such pioposals were on the ballot in California, Colorado, Kansas, Idaho and Washington. JnfNew York, the contest bc- IW'C'QTV" Democratic Cov. Avcrell Harriman and Republican Nelson Rockefeller for Ihe governorship was| pulling out voters in apparently record or near-record numbers.- 'As • usual, there were a few srnall 'polling places which got ballots quickly from all their eligible voters and made their counts. Watorvillc,' N, H., was first. It gave .15 voles lo 'Wesley Powell, Republican candidate for gover- nor,,,nnd six to Bernard L. Boutin, j^Fjicn^pcratlc , opp9nont, , /Two years'ago, th'is cnrrimun'ity 'cast^lS votes,' all Republican. The combined vote from this Lown plus two other small Now Hampshire (owns was 29-11 in favor ot Powell, To years ago, the, same communities went to Ihe GOP 21-9, Pointe Aux ( .Barques, Mich., gave the GOP H cbJrit of 13-3 compared wilh 12-3 two years ag'o and 11.0 four years ago. f President Eisenhower' 1 was one of those who got*in his vote carlv, He hopped by helicopter from the While House lawn to Gettysburg, Pa,, where he is registered, and put in his ballot, then returned to Washington, • Former President Herbert Hoover and former Democratic Chairman James A. Farley exchanged greetings as both put their ballots in early in the sar/jc JSTcw York City precinct. In advance claims, Democrats were shooting the congressional election rnoon for unprecedented Senate gains, Democrats aimed at a record in Senate gains to eclipse the 12-seat gain they madp m 1033. Republicans, ducking a barrago o( contrary predictions, still talHcd hopcfuJiy of a lost-hour resr cue by the voters from what looked like a possibility deva&tating string of congressional defeats stretching from coast to coast. Final soundings of grass root opinion appeared to point to Democratic gajns Qf from 8 to 13 Senate seats, including 'hat wrest. e4 frprn GOp Sen, Frederick. G, Payne by Gov. Sdrnund Si Muskie in Maine's September ejection, This did not late into account Alaska'? two seats, lo be filled, Nov. §5. Pomocrats now outnumber Sen.- Continued, QB Ps|e §& Voting Is Light Locally, Around in General Elect Hays-Alford District Race May Be Heavy By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Voting generally was light throughout Arkansas In lodiiy's ttoncral election, Only about 55 per cent of the state's eligible voters were expected : to cast ballots, Except In the Fifth Congressional Dlstrlcl, where Democratic nominee Rep. Brooks Hays was opposed by write-in cat^ dldate Dr, Dale Alford of 'Little Bock, most contests for public office were settled in the summer primaries. Checks at Little Kock, Hot Springs, Fort Smith, Toxarkana, FayeUeville, El Dorado and other larger cities indicated the forecast of a light overall vote would bo an accurate one. ; In the Fifth Congressional District Con way was the only point reporting" a heavy vote by late morning. The Faulkner County clerk said the i ii r n o u t w.is "heavier than usual" for 11 general election. At Morrilton, Sheriff Mnrlin Hawkins—an announced supporter of Hays—predicted a 4,000 vote compared to the 3,400 in the IflSft general election. There arc 6,0,11 qualified voters in the county. Hawkins said early voting at Morrilton was heavier than usual. Another Fifth District County- Perry—had only a light voter turn-' out. The county clerk predicted the total vote would be GO/per cent lighter than in the summer primaries. Today's balloti,consists .mostly of a series W pr'6j/osnls v *'sutli^as re*- tcntion of tho three per cent sales tax law and im initiated net lo repeal the railroad "Full 'Crew Law." However, Arkansas will elect a governor — choosing between Democratic Gov. Orval K. Faubus and his Republican challenger, George W, Johnson, 75»year-«ld Greenwood attorney. While the Republican state chairman, Ben Henley of Harrison, has predicted- that Johnson will draw a sizeable—although admittedly losing—vote, Henley's Democratic counterpart, Tom Harper of Fort Smith has contended: "It's no contest," ' ' Johnson limited his campaigning to a few speeches and newspaper advertisement; Ffiubus, ignoring, Johnson, concentrated his mild campaigning to support' of tho hif-'her sales tax, The stale's other constitulional officers were unopposed, The polling limes were irom t n,m, to 0:30 p,m. Amendment 47 —- To prohibit the slate from levying ad valorem 01 properly taxes, ' Amendment 48 — To increase tho salaries of state legislators from J 1,200 to .$3,000 for each two years. Amcndmnl 49 — To permit git- ics and towns to issue bonds, after voting an additional miilage, to laisc money for attracting dustry, A large number of local issues, including annexation and bond proposals, also wore on t'np ballots, Jonesboro voted on* changing its form of government frvro, mayor council to city manage,' , f Little (took, already operating with a city rmnngor, balloted o three rity directorships and on $4 950,000 in bond issues /or improvements. Standard Files Suit Against U, S, Oil Co. LITTLE HOCK (AP)—The GSKO Standard Oil Co. yesterdny filed suit in federal district court lion. 1 , charging the United Stales Oil Ca. of Bntesvillu With trademark tn- fflnflOrncnl. JSsso charges that United Stales Oil Is selling petroleum products under the loiters "USO" in combination with colors red, while and blue. H further contends thnt the Balesville firm uses Ihe word "Golden" and the colord gold on Its gasoline pumps nncl advertising. The suit all-Jges (lint these emblems are tin Imitation of ISsso's trademarks "SO," "Esso," und "Golden Esso," and of iho company's colors, They are'calculated to deceive Ihe public, Esso charges. JSsso seeks nn injunction preventing United Stales Oil from using any Idlers, words or colors which could be confused with Ksso's trademarks and Iradciuimcs. It itlse- iisks payment of three limes the sum of profits .realized by tho alleged infringements. Precincts Votes at Airman Dies, 3 Parachute to Safety ABILENE. Tex. (AP)—One air- mim died and three parachuted Hnfely as their 73<I7 medium jot bomber crashed In flames todjy. The ship cracked up in a pas- lure II miles southwest of here in west central Texas shortly a£tar takeoff from Dyess Air Forco Base, Air'Police 'temporarily detained newsmen and several olh,cis. They said this was done to penult n check for radiation effects A Dyess spokesman declined lo say whether the B47, a Strategic Air Command craft, carried a nuclear weapon. Air Force authorities in Ihe past have said SAC bombers are so armed. The Dyess information office said that control tower personnel warned crewmen their ship was til Ire dunn/' takuoff bill it wus airborne within seconds. The crew chief, an cnhnlud man, died. His name was withhold pending notification of relatives. -Officials identified the three survivors as Maj, Don 10. Youns- markcr, Capt,' John W. Guiding, and Capt, John M, Dowling, Voting In Hi'iiipMuud and HOE,, was nt-neihlly light Intl" htMvy'^^ ,a noii-pri'HicIeiiti,ii electi«»i yca^'t i [check of tho j>oJI.« hoi-o I nbout 10 a m. tada,v The six local pi ccituda 1 1'.'iri lod only 277 vi,i>'s, U|i to ab'oufrit i am. In tho tdftrt KCMUUI) ,< j over ,'(,300 voles wctc (v*t ltt ( > i sluiirl, duo Dimcijj.iliv to the i denlial ulrction and a iiiiuor , lion vote.- Normally nil ot year pulls only u Ct-w voters. The Star dues not pl.ui an lion )>arty, confminu ihi-rn to local's Dumocrntlc c'lcc'li'ins I lUului Stallon KXAH will . _ . and broadcast rc-tur n mi .thoy,^ cornu in The bn>.n)c«J.-.t will tiiiue until u di'Iuute ti'i'ud ia -os-JSj labhshod. '^ KXAiIt roducMs (.H.ttmtx to turn m it'ijultsi to Iho Clork's oflice ,u uuaiJy siblc. ill Around Town IX The 5tor night in Hope was pne of. yic quietest jn history and School officials wi}l give aJJ students jn, the fiistfjgt a holiday on, Jfoy, JO es a ri>war4 . . . hpre' potiducted themselves <3ies an4 gpnUempn . : , "we are always on them for everything they dp wrcyig and { think j(s yej-y fitting tJiat WP should, awa.rcl them wnpji they aJ -e dpserviflg," Principal Julius A4am§ Jo lourigjng thp holiday . . , \vhUe students will lake iVjQ schools wjij give iy 0,1 Wednesday th's Wight worg |rjt,o a.n anwal aftair, jf, l\ The Ware farm, 04 Jfopc Bt, ? has been sold to ft, R, Jiardin of yenesoteia, South America, accord," ing to Sam anol JVilma. M'c^ford of United ^"arm Agency , , . ancj Calvin Ware hag purchased the floy Seawall land sit Qakhaycn jn the SPQ an<J i? J« lH'°9e»s of (bui!4- ing a home- Youth Admits Shooting a Schoolmate JOMKT, m. (AP)—A 13-year- old boy has admitted, polipu said, the fatal shooting of his 12-yeuc- old school playmate last iTnday because he heckled him. But in' ctUgators present 'U a lie detector test Monday night 3;>id the boy i elated that after shooting David Benscn once in the body ho took $6 from him and tis the victim pleaded for hi.s We, shot him in Ihe head and watchc-d as thu bgdy rolled into n ravine. Sheriff Roy OOP* Her said the boy, Raleigh Roblnuttc, aJmitti'd alter three hours of questioning (hat 'H' killed the Bensuu boy JJot'rflor quoted the boy as ^uyini? ho was mad because Benson v»a;> JifjcKJing him. The body of Bo<is"n. a B^,v geoul and only son of Mr, and, rs, Robert Benson, wab found Saturday morning in a i a vino near /oliot RQbJm-'tte was questioned attar it was learr)«fl ihc Bunson b(/j had, gone- to the Robin,*, ttu home \vUh' Kalcigh wftev (caving .school where' they were seventh grade classics, A neighbor gtrj tuld deputies she saw D'IVJQ ; nd fjaiei^h entpr the woods Friday afternoon. Jloblnette is one of it) chlldri-n, of Mr, and Mr*. pusM'U cttc. Compulsory Union Up in Six States j f{" £,£ WASHINGTON CAD , --, f'|.h^| quustian of c< iiti"]l»<-i>iy membi'i'ship undi-rvo"-, it> . m ^ populiu-ily test today oo v<tte*;«r if hlx blat-cs balbl on prop- "'• 1 -' v *™ ! ban tin? uruon "-hop. An oullmtitwl 10 Mul'ifii in Cnhfoinii, Culm-ado:, Kansas,' Ohiui and lUifchirgkifi 'i O.Xpt-'C'tt'd i(> Ixillfjl >1> lions, which then -<n ,. promoti-d under the runno "riijjiyj to-work." Aitliouoh l?i olhr't flntf,,, in the Smith nnd Wt-«t, hove ,0,4^1 acU-d such Ian I' ts v,i!l be largest numbvr »l \' •> to q$ une clfiy on th" i 1 - i '! If may well- Jnilij -t • <>'''"t bnltlos in tdlmf j>;t>'i u! the lion. The rigiit-lo->"u!fi [ similar in i-at-h "i l f . , a . s — whether ti« fif'0,-1 a date 1 b'nnt* tracts 01 which r<;c{iii union mi- In advonco of 1< both advyejiie, i,;id dicnlocl uiif-'i Ian i> (-•ome, Both sidt-s «ldi'JI Ui voting t» b'> ul'ifi s' OJ-iO. th". For tl <- moM ti i' shop ban is nf>)») id i r labor while tlio bui 1 . ot i!)U for it ha 1 ? c'lnn 1,.,-j group*. Both sifles luiv! Mn-r*- on the fujh 1 , ^»'\t <• ««t»a5r efforts chu-JIy iu tiiiiu i*i Itirnia, Jn it b e 11' t i>, ,<) 4 vi>u to i l-\ Ki- i v-t, • S f.rlvocaU'^ i., I, 1 i'j- i •) what lie u ill, L' i i i^-'iiv 't'? Vide domi>n.i<y in ui i, bers. a movt; to w \M Bonk Cosh?fr I'-; Placed ow PwhQtitm % 1JTT1 K VHA'l' > ^ . ij/ Distiit't Jti'lj,,' Av ' t rt,i-!s tt>id'»y oS«v< {' a I ' i i ii<i^c ttlllH J'lMIS f 1 '-* '* '' " '•' »*}'*»/ \viiimm i, <; r - r '(I V 'I? ^' IIIOIK'J' »T! ! '. "'I ' , '{'he ji,t?' J '- f v»i > "i 'i j and jrt ivvi '.'">, H |>i't>VfiK-(f t-« > F'.iV.l- •mvunt Fw .'J!i""i f. K '. > T4 had patt'ttd a j'K-< *- ( ••^i-r*Ky ^ , ...»

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