Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 3, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, November 3, 1958
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To Cify Subscriber!! If ysu fall ta get yeur Star please tetephofig 7*3431 by 6:30 p. m. arid a spggial garner will deliver yaup paper. 60TH YEAR: VOL 60 — NO, 18 Homplltid For Wootlitr Ropoifi Sea Column at Bdttom el Tills Pap -.<#£ *»« 8» H6M, j PM»l,1«f , II, HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1958 ths Atiotialed fit a & Audit ftutgau «f etrtutaiiani A», Net Nlii Cite), i ma*, fftrfifti lief. 36, 1«Si •* MM PRICE Se COPY!Texas Prison , Escapee Is Captured Here An escapee from a Texas prison and a parole violator were captured here over the weekend by Arkan*) sas Slate Police Patrolman Al Smith and Sgt. Tom Smalley, and a car was recovered. | The escapee was listed as W. A. (JjjLawlcr, about 38, who escaped last June from a IS. S. Prison at Center* ville, Texas. His companion, listed as John Waynewrlght, aboul 14, is also a parole violator and is wanted by Dallas, Texas authorities, Ihe Slale Officers said. The men were • captured in an auto inside Hope's Fair park Saturday. The state officers, acting on a Up, met no resistance, Officer Smith said Lawler was a Ihree time >Joser and was wanted on several *hot check charges in both Arkansas and Texas. He said the hot checks passed ranged from ?1GO to over $500, the latter given as down payment on a stolen auto. Bolh .men are being held here on open charge and will be turned over to Texas officers probably sometime today, Officer Smith said. In other police aclivily here a second slolen car was recovered abandoned near Fullon by Slale ^Policeman Al Smilh and Constable Jim Moore of Fullon. The car was slolen from C, P. Birdsong al De- Queen 10-29-59. City Police arrested Rena Mae Smith, Negro woman, following an altercation at Ihe Blue Room, a Negro nighl spol, lale Saturday nighl in which another Negro woman, Willie Hardeman was stabb'ed in the chest with a knife. Lois Willie, of Dallas, texas, was (fpainfully tout not critically injured Saturday when the car which she was driving went out of control and overturned. Several other passengers in the auto escaped injury. State Policeman Al.Smith said the auto.was praclically a lolal loss, A blowout caused the accident he said, which occurred, on Highway 07 about six miles west of here. Sputnik Anniversary Marked by Soviets MOSCOW (AP) — the Soviet pi-ess today marked'the first anhl* Versary of the launching of S"tJUt» hik tl and-'Its passenger dog Laika with the boast that the "leading land of socialism" had paved the way to outer space for mankind. Weather Experment Stalion report for 24-hours ending at 7 a. m. Monday, High 70, Low 37; No precipitation; Total 1958 precipitation through October, 47.08; during the same period, a year ago, 61,94 inches, ARK REGIONAL FORECAST By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS J, All sections: Partly cloudy and 'mild this afternoon, tonight and Tuesday, Wednesday partly cloudy and continued mild. High this afternoon about 70 central, southeast and southwest, near 70 north- cast, upper 60s to low 70s north west; low tonight low to mid *40s central, southeast and southwest, low 40s. northeast, mid lo high 30s northwest, U. S. Court Plans Drastic Ruling, Faubus Claims LITTLE ROCK (AP> —GOV. or- vat E. Faubiis sctid today he had "pretty reliable" Information that Ihe Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis has prepared a "drastic ruling" in the Litllo Rock school integration case. The governor said he had hccird the court planned lo "attempt to force reopening of the public schoollsll on an Integrated basis." A three-judge federal court al St. Louis presently has under advisement a request for a parman- ent injunction against leasing public school facilities here to a private edacalional corporation. "The rather alarming information I hav.e may not be accurate bul it conforms wilh recent victories forecast by the NAACP (Na- lionul Assn. for Ihe Advancement of Colored People)," Faubus said, adding: "The NAACP always has known in advance what was going en in these cases." Asked if he felt it would be pos sible for Ihe appellate court to lorce reopening of the schools. 'Ffiubus said: "They could declaw unconstitutional the act unde.i which I closed the schools and then direct the LiCtle Hock School Board to reopen them." Legalily of Iho school closing law, recently passed in a special session of the Arkansas Lcgiiila- lure and invoked by Faubus Sept. 12 lo close Ihe city's four high schools, "was upheld by a stale court. It has not been challenged in federal court, Faubus declined direct comment on a statement made here- yesterday, by Roy Wilkins, ' executive secretary of the^NA/iCP-, thai.the'' governor was a "valuable enemy" in the school integration struggle, "He has a right to his opinion as I have to mine," Faubus said. Questioned aboul national politics, the governor predicted a. smashing nationwide victory for Ihe Democralic Party in tomorrow's general election, "The Republicans are going to take an awful licking all over tho ARKANSAS: Partly cloudy is afternoon, tonight and Tuesday with no important tempera- lure changes, low tonight 36-46, highes Tuesday around 70. 4! 34 62 33 5G 43 03 28 ,1)3 2 ,55 ,01 -THE WEATHER ELSEVVHE.RE By THE ASSOCIATEP PRESS High Low Pp, Albany, snow Albuquerque, clear AJanta, cjear Bismarck, clear .(Boston, rain 'Buffalo, clear Chicago, clear ' Cleveland, clear Ppnver, clear Des Moines, clear •Petroit, dear Fort Worth, clear Helena, cloudy Indianapolis, clear Kansas City, cjesr Los Angeles, hiear Louisville, rjear cloap • clloudy dlear 1 Mpls,-St. Paul, plear New Orleans, cloudy New York, rain Oklahoma City, clear Omaha, cJeav Philadelphia, plaudy 44 44 49 50 6} 6g 49 71 50 40 68 8} 5i G 1 ? B3 . H2 30 37. 5 44 37 4,0. 57 36 41 68 17 33 fi6 34 08 50 48 37 -7J 39 67 J7 48 ,OJ ,37 cloudy Mel, ploudy Ore., cloudy City,' pl?,ar • . cloudy St., Louis, clear.' , Seattle; 38 .. f9 5g • 47 38 42 35 S0--« SH 39'51 43 ,&Q '3.5, -eg i\ 11. ,5S .J3 .20, ^ Jhf ;' Brails -.-fits county," ho sa'id. "This has been my c o n v i c I i o n for quite somo lime," The governor said reports that public resistance to school closings was growing in Virginia probably were parl of a propaganda campaign of what he termed the Integration "cold war." "I really don't know how the people of Virginia feel," Faubus said, "Bul there certainly is no large scale resistance in Arfcaiv sas," Faubus was asked if Uie facl that Virginia, unlike Arkansas, has no concerted .private school plan might be a contributing factor So resistance. "That may be," ho said. "They made some attempt to set up private classes using public school teachers and Ihey were slopped from doing that, Our plan fpri- vate schools operated with private funds and using teachers nol connected with the public school system) was nioro difficult lo lute, bul it is much safer,". Mark Ballot Like This for Vote Against the 3rd-c Tax ' "", , t i < "• . %^ V r , "" > ' r , -i » i -, J tn •> fir 1 ' Woshburn in Radio Appeal AgainstTax In a final appeal for votes against Act 19 to defeat Ihe 3rd-cent sales tax in the general election Tuesday Alex. H. Wash-burn,, edilor and publisher of The Star, this morning (Monday) repealed over a 13-radio-stelion network the half- hour address lie .delivered over Ihe slale's six television stations last week. This brought his personal investment in TV and radio time against the Srct-ceiU sales tax to approximately $2,MOO. The broadcast was from a new tape transcription Washburn made Sunday afternoon,,but he stood by for a "live" broadcast at the originating station, KXAR, Hope, should anything have gone wrong wilh the transcription — but nothing went wrong. Washburn commissioned KXAR General Manager ,L. B. Tooloy last Sdlurday lo set up a network for all East Arkansas and Northeast Arkansas from Louisiana to the Missouri line. Washb'urn hail previously ordered . and paid for n half-hour .broadcast " 7n5 i to , 7:45 a.m, Monday over, Arkansas'-most .powerful 1 vn^»gtftU^,,U>o,otiQ^«#$ KTHS, 1090, L'ftUc"', Rock — but finally added 11 stations in the eastern counties and the Hope station. This morning's broadcast was fed from KXAR to KTHS, anf from there to the eastern stalions. Half of them broadcast it direct, the other half recording it and playing it buck, around the breakfast hour except for one broadcast at the noon hour. Here is the list of stations and actual lime the half; hour broadcast started on each of them: At 7:15 a.m. — KTHS, Little Rook; K-NBY, Newport; KLRW, Walnut Ridge; KLCN, Blytheville; KOS'E, Osceola; K-WYN, Wynne; KPF-A, Helena. At 7:25 a.m, — KXAR, Hope At 8:00 a.m. — KNEA, Jonesboro Al 8:15 a.m. — KX.IK, Forrest City Al 8:30,a.m. KBTA, BatesviUe, KHOZ, Harrison; At 12:30 p.m. — ^CDRS, Para- goujd.. Ira Tompkins, 76, 0/es Sunday in Prescott Hospital Jra >H., Thorppkjnsj, aged 70, of fresQott, died laie Sunday in a Prescott hospital. Jfe is survived by his wife, Carrie, five daughters, Mrs. T- N. White, possjcr City, La.; Mrs- RC, ijVJcBrpwer of Prescott; JYJra, 35o,rl Mohan of Lake CharU-J, La-, Mrs, Cojian Hamilton, Rk-hmprid, Qa}i(,, lyi'r's. JJpmep Ct?nkjin, Columbus, Ohio; two 'brothers, Gcuvg? and Jeff, Tompkin? of Wuljdfi. funeral spryigps will boiheld at g;3Q"l i ues4py ^ W- Moriab by £gy, \yesley Thomason. 4rrangi'- nients 'gve' in ehavge of |(erncion- ' IfataJiy -HgkKNA. Sppncpr, 38. Was '"injured Bcglflcnt pn t i'l ,Qt}ei4a, .Jflrmer. y 'in. a liUfltinn W|lHe,Biyer near Uh, ?,hiUips County i^J fte was shot 'by, Dulles in Very Good Health, CheckupShov/s WASHINGTON CAP)—Secretary ol Slate Dulles has been pronounced in an excellent stale of health—tho second anniversary ol his major cancer operation. The Stale Department disclosed, lhat 'Dulles underwent 3 pomplej,e hoi'd-to-lge physical examination Saturday a,t '.Walter Reed Army Hospital. , • He goes in for • such tests, on about a semiannual' schedule, the qme varying because pf Dulles' extensive travels whicli take blip away from Washington. , AS America's, first jet-propelled secretary of state, - Dulles ha^ logged rnore than half n~ million mijos in world, travel since ho took office J?.n. 20, 1053, Touneeinent ' saicl. . "AH tests are negative for any possible, recurrence, pf }he original colon Ipsion wjjich was rcmovert pp Nov. 3, 105Q," " Pulles" had Wis first post-operative esaroinatipii in Becejnber 1050 flowing yempya} of cancerous cojon 'tissue ai' Waller Reed, on Wffy. 3t 395a, His l&$ il^Clude4 Aug. 7,4957; and la^t -Jtinv 16.'.' U.S. Planning Another Lunar Probe Soon WASHINGTON (AP)—The United States twill launch Its third Air Force lunar probe within- a week or so the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced today. The official announcement WHS coupled with a formal estimate thai the third effort lias "one in chances of reaching Ihe vicin- ily of the moon. NASA declined to say on the record when Ihe third moon shot ,vill be attempted. Standard rcf- r.'rerice books that set forth the r/liases of the moon and the limes of Ihe year when it is relatively nearerl the earth indicate the best time *to shool for the moon would come-up in ho period of three-or Join- days slat-tine Nov. 7. At'a' news conference, Dr. Hugh L. 'Dr'yden, deputy administrator of Ihe NASA, cautioned againsl, any 'great optimism aboul Hie shoot.' "If we aie very fortunate, wo may achieve trajectory and velocity control sufficient to position Ihe .probe in the vicinity of the -m,'-' he said. ' "" 33 Senators, 32 Governors to Be Elected WASHINGTON (An — Voters will elect 33 solicitors and 32 «ov- j ernors Tuesday, in addition to till-1 ing hundreds of other federal nnd [ Mole offices. I Some of the contests for senator nnd governor, especially, could have Important 'bearing on the big-Cur political eonlesl two years hence—the 1000 presidential election. /Aside from the Democratic solid South, here's how sennlorinl and governorship contests shape up. The estimates of trends are based on AssociiUod Press surveys of! died in an explosion tt vvoclc ago, Arkansas Goes Tuesday to Acts and Miners Foil to Return to Va.Mine BISHOP, V«. (AP)—Miners at the Bishop mine, where 22 persom political writers, analysts and others experienced in sounding political Arf7.ona— Ernest W. McFarhuid (D)'has edge In Senate race over incumbent Barry Goldwater (R) with Goldwater closing fast, nob- art Morrison (D) favored over Paul Fannin (R) for governor. California— William F. Knowland (Rl sagging in race with Edmund G, Brown CD) for governor. Goodwin J. Knight (R) in lighter but> tie for Senate with Clair Engle (D) but also trailing. failed lo return to work today though federal and West Vlrgfeiin Stale officials had declared the mine snfc for opera lion, In Bcckley, W. Va., George Tit- lor, president of 'District 20, United Mine Workers of America, said his safety director, .lames Leebcr had gone to Bishop Sunday night, reporting only there was "some difficulty" between Ihe local miners and the company. A vice president of Pocahonlus Fuel Co., Roland Luther, said only some of Ihe 150 men expected for Colorado — Stephen L. R. Me- the day's 8 a.m. shlfl reported. He Confusion on How l-o Mark Ballot LITTLE BOCK (API—Officials today said there apparently was some confusion on how a ballot should be marked to signify a voter's choice on Iwo proposals in tomorrow's general election. Act. No. 19 is the number of the law by which the 1957 Logislaturo increased the sales tax rale from Iwo per cenl to three per cenl. It was referred lo popular vole by petition. If one wishes to veto to continue 1 the sales, tax- at the three per cenl rale he should vole "for" Referred Acl No. 19, If he wishes to cancel oul Ihe three per cent rale and have Ihe levy returned to two per cent he should vote "against" Heferud Act No, 19. The other proposal described MS causing some confusion is Initialed Act No, 3, which would repeal tho slate's railroad full crew laws. If he thinks the full crew laws repealed, ho should vote "for" Initialed Acl No. 1. If he thinks the full ere law* should remain in force and should not be repealed, ho - should vylp "against" Initiated Act No, 1, Wplfer Sfewort in Critical Condition MEMPHIS fAP)—The condition of Waller Stewart, sports editor Oi the Commercial ' Appeal, was unchanged and still critical today, Stewart, 52,' underwent an opur- atiqn for removal of a tarqin blood clot Oct. 23, He has been unconscious since stricken. Nichols (D) has comfortable in governorship race over Palmer L. Burch (R). Connecticut — Thomas J. Dodd ID) expected to bump William A. Purtell (R) from Senule sent. Gov. Abraham A. Ribicoff CD) appears easy winner ever Fred Zuller (Rl. Delaware—John J. Williams (HI slight favorite lo retain Senale seal againsl challenger Elbcrl N Carvel (D). Idaho—Gov. Roberl E. Smylie (R) probable repeater over A. M. Derr (D). -Indiana—'Democratic Irencl ap- parcnlly will lake Kvansvillc Mayor Vance Harlke CD) inlo Senale againsl Gov Harold W. Handley (R), Iowa—Gov. Herschel C. Loveless CD) has an eyelash loud over William G. Murray (R) in bid to retain, his post. •Kansas—Same as Iowa, with 'Democratic Gov, George Dockin/j against .Clyde Reed Jr. (R). Maryland—Son. ^ J, Glenn Beall with slight margin in tussle lo hold seal for Republicans against Thomas D'Alesandro (,D>, J. Millard Tawes (D) heavy favorite to regain governorship for Democrats against James P. S. Dcvpr- fcux (R). •Massachusetts John F. Ken- would not estimate the number. Plans fo rrcopening had ibeen announced Into Sunday nflernon and were headlined in this morning's editions of area newspapers nnd broadcast al freciuenl interval!) over radio and television stations in Hie area. Approval to resume mining operations came from the 'U;S, Bureau of Mines ul Washington, on the heels of n Sunday inspcc- lion trip by representatives of tho federal bureau and the VVesl Virginia Ucpl. of Minos. Fifty-nine miners have been killed in Iwo explosions, al Ihr, facilily within 21 months. Voting Precincts Total Six in Hope Lisl of voting places for election Tuesday In Mope! Ward I — Slewaii's Jewelry, old place al rear of First National Bank Ward !A — Klrc Sl/illon Ward 2 — Court Mouse Ward 2A — Armory Building Ward :) — City Hall Ward -I — City Hall Box No. 8 -— Meyer's Bakery Bldg. on S. Walnut, across street from Frank's Fruit Store Box No. 8 — Front Street at rear of While's Cafe. nedy (D) appears easy winner for another Senale term over Vlnconl J. Celeste (R). Foster FurcoJO (D) likely second term governorship winner over Charles Gibbons (R). Michigan—-Charles 1C, Poller (TJ expected to give up Senale seal to Philip A. Hart (D). Gov. .G. Mcnnen Williams (D) roiling to Gth term over Paul D. Bagwell (R), Minnesota—Edward J, Thye (R) a nose behind Eugene J, McCarthy (D) in race lo hang onto Son- ate scat, Democralic Gob.. OrviUw L. Freman appears sure bet for another term over George MacKinnon (R). Missiouri—Sen, Stuart Syming' ton (D) expected lo pile up heavy margin over Miss Hazel Palmer fR) in try for another term. Montana—Democrat Mike Mansfield an odds on favorite to retain Senale seal over Lou Welch (H). Nebraska—Victor E. Anderson (R) apparently sure of another lerm a? governor although Ralph G. Brooks (D) may run better than Democrats usually do In Cornhusker Stale. Nevada—Switch in trend may drop both Senate and governor seats inlo Democratic laps, How? srd Cannon tD) lias thin margin over Sen. George W- Malone (R), Grant Sawyer (D) a hairline in front of Gov. Charles M. Russell Town Th§ Star Staff ' All, Hope pub)ip Schools will be M. A'.' Sewell and was chosen on Judgment in Siahder€ase : Is Reversed •LITTLE ROCK (AP)—The Arkansas Supreme Court today reversed a $1,414 slander judgment againsl a former Paragould municipal judge. The high court suid Greene Circourt Judge H. G. Parllow erred in his Instructions to u jury which awarded a Paragould woman 514 actual damages and $1,400 punitive damages in her suit against George Kdward Thicl. The suit resulted from Thlel's testimony at a city council hearing that he had observed Police Officer Jimmy Rogers wilh a iiucle woman through a window in a Paragould apartment building. Thiftl did not identify the woman bul gave the location of an nparlment occupied by the woman ond her husband, The woman contended lhat Thiel's idenlificalion of her apartment falsely accused her of adultery, Jn the circuit court trial, she testified that two girl friends had como oyor to her apartment lo watgh television on the evening Thiel said he saw Rogers Uu-Ji^ .Rogers testified he had never been in Ihe woman's'home. Thicl claimed Imr^unily bccuu»o he did nol aclually identify the woman. But the circuit court found this was nol u basis for immunity. The Supreire Court agreed wilh this finding, However, the high court said Patilmv's instructions to the jury, saying malice might be inferred from Ihu falsity of Thiel's report, was enough to eause reversal of the judgment- The unanimous opinion was writ- ton by Associate VuSjico G cor go Rose Smith. Jn u Millet County cast', the high court upheld a $2,501 judgment In favor of Carglle Mqlor Co, to com ponsale for a stglen automobile In- s-ured with Travelers Insurance Co. The insurance firm contencjgrl Dr, fi. W. Frankenstein, a Tex- ark.Mnsas optometrist who bought Snow Chills Sections of Northeast By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A surprise snowstorm coaled n Section of the :Norlhcusl lo depths up lo five inchec 'today. The wlnlry ohslaughl in western New England and upstate New York stalled morning rush-hour traffic In some spots and closed highways temporarily. At Lilch- field, Conn., schools wore closed because of traffic hazards created by an undercooling of sleel. The snow was parl of a chilly, rainy pattern in the nation's northeast quarter. Heavy snow accumulated mainly In the Berkshire Mountains area of western Massachusetts, but spread linlo eastern New York stale, Verrnonl and noi'thcrn Connecticut. , ,,. There wcrfy sno>v.«' t$tches also in northeastern ' 'Pennsylvania's hills. ' Rainfall In most of the JSaslein stales-.was light except tor a few spots In eastern Pennsylvania. More than 2 inches of rain (loused Harrlsburg in 2-1 hours. Moderate to heavy snow foil from the loona, Pa., area 'northward into Ihe 'Elmira-Binghamton, N. Y., region. 11 also was a liltle cooler in the northern Pl'iins, thu central Rock- ies and western Washington but a warming trend was reported in most other sections of the coun' try. Light rains persisted along Ihe Pacific Coasl as far south as ex 1 Ireme northern CulifornJn and In the interior from central Idaho into extreme southwest Montana. closed all 4ay Thursday and Friday te.qchers to attend conven- the white to lions in LJUlo . go to,Hot Springs, meet Negro teachers pickets foe tty> Coi}way ga Friday flight are, now on sale at Cha\rribe4'"of Qommerce office at, !.($' pe-j,- .student tickets wre . -,,, , . . pa saja at Uie l}jgji Se&o.oJ office, • Vuj^e ; 1?. Q, !" |oljss.{jc)|-t4'|orfe ih'i'e_a.n3iij j'aad t *9$W,M fa ^ p - 'In.erej.s;! ;,;,/, jt jtjsl ftas to, be. vtpfor the this, }s t.he leadership, dependability, tism, and serviqc , , , she will attend a' luncheon at Hope in February where she will receive an awar4 tQf the honor. 'I'her.o will be a film showing aV Hope "High Tuesday at 8 a.' m- pn th,p restoration of Colonial Wi'liaTiSi burg . . . tiae project jis.sppnsorec} l..y the Wiptory Class and, Jhe Ige- ydmissipn 'fue will gp into, a fmj4 for, tl^g ves(6>i'alio,n oj ](Vash.ingto,o, Mr. ijnd Mrs. >loe ^pesey ,gj K.eesey,, SJiae Store „ attended, |h» fijy'ing- an4 Bummer ma.rJKet sJHq\\ ; - jn| in, P,al.\as pve-r.the wefi^po^^ r fh^rsd,ay is the ures4o' ,0>o ,s«hq . ty u' pjc, the had given the away dnd no theft, wys, involved. Frankenstein tegtil'iqd his secre= tary had used the car in jys iiMsi- poss and hnd disapr>eared with, it. The motor firm, which. Ijcld a $2,'j •10Q livn against the vehicle, join 'fid Frankcnsiein in filing the clsun,; lygrs Infant 0jg§ Hers SatwWpy ,' The infant of Mr- and M,rs, J^ayf ' C. Byers ^ied ^yturcjay, in ' hospital. Survjvprs, . parents, jn«?lu4e a rujy and u sbtcy P,PQ Qrie ts, vyiiije -Mr?, t-ojs, ftjr. ancl o| Mrs, Womack, 73, Dies at Her Home Here on Sunday Mrs. Lois p. Womack, aged 73, died at her home Sunday on East Avenue C. She was » member of the Methodist Church- Survivors include her huslw George W. Womack Si'., .1 son, George W. Womack Jr., Texarkana, a daughter, Mrs. G. A, Tulty o£ Memphis, and a sister, Mrs. Maude ifoobuek of UtUi; Rock. Services will be held al 10 a.m. Tuesday at Hope Gospel Tabernacle by Ihe Rev- W. C. Land and the Rev, A- J. Adrain of Texarkana Burial by Oakcresl will bu in Memory Gardens. ' Active pallbearers: Guy Down ing, Talbot fpijd Jr., N. U. Cossidy, 'JJcndrix Sprapins. T. C. Cranford and LaCrone Williams, Body of Youth Found in River POMPTON LA K # S . N.J. IAPJ -rThu body of 7'yosr-old Paul Gro chowic has byen found in the Ks- mapo R.jvgr, ending an 18 day sep.r«h involving thousand of per sons. Uorvcy of Jackson Heights,'N.Y., foetid (lie, body Sunday as he was walking along Iho river bank in a cold, drilling rain, It was pnly oOO feet from the Qrowhowic home, Apparently the youngster fell in l-nd cjrpwn,ed'npt long aflor he told his mother he was going to biey,ele ali the way to Tjcoma, Wash,, to s,ce his, grandmother, whgi?) Jv.> greatly pissed. '|'h,a,t w^s Oct. l(i, and U touched pff a' juan.im.auth. search. The .G^ochqwic family move.d l\cfo wily two months ago and. iPai^j wjis (Ji£ a l J PWJ]ted , Ujo.1 hjs . s 'wpre not e,oo)ii ( for Christmas, > is |U'andmc4lw>r s,aid IB •* *| uv 't,h,a,t tj),e. r«mehQ,wjc farnj \pjyd ,10 ^IW'i t&ere, for- J Light Vote of Only 300,000 Is Predicted <•-'•&>& LttTTLlfi ROCK (AP)—Till ihl Democratic nominees in Kansas' Piyii Congressional - Irict—including Rep. Brooks * !tny*r _;) <U-Ark) who faces write-In on—today called for parly loyaHyjy n tomorrow's' general eldctlqh 1 ..*;'^ The appeal obviously ; r wa»,J| prompted by Dr, Dale A" " write-in campaign againsl naybiRnjg who won a ninth-term nomination/?*! in this summer's primaries.-It contained In a series of advertisements published ! , . , Alford, u member of Ihe LittltfSf Rock School Board, is running ^JQ^ the segregation platform, Ho tends Hays has been loo "t crate" on the racial issue. ' !t , p p,^ Hays has countered with charge's;,!*! thai Alford once volcd approval^ ol Ihe school board's planrf-'forjj^ gradual Inlcgralion of public)^ schools, fie calls Alford's racc r a-?j sneak altack." .' ';.*'/",.', Tho Fifth Distrlcl is drawing'|fl unusual statewide interest bconus^ * of indications that Alford ls'..rtm-,| Ing wilh Gov. Orval 12, Faubus'/ tacit approval. Although .Fnubus'S: himself has refused lo discuss^lhji| Alford-'Hays affair, Alford's" cam--': puign manager is- C I V u .d/lt'S Carpenter Jr., a close' political! friend of the governor's'^ ' ", {^nYS, Hays involved himself, instil Little Rock racial crisis la^t",yeaf r | by 'seeking to mediate ~p-" f '- a '- k Gov. Faubijs and ..President: hqwcitriSltjp'e ',Uicn*Fpubu8'>;nas,< lirnoteA-that fnya, wonted'1%; surrender in Ihe redera'l-sCale; power struggle, •• • J\^"& Bolh congressional candidates-??] have television appearances -•• 1 -"'" C!l dulod for lonighl, Faubus himself has Rcpubliciuijg opposition in atlorncy George/V" Johnson of Greenwood, But neilh, Fuubus nor Johnson has ed exlensively for the election, Although the ballol slalcwidj;^ conlains a number of proposals/—^ Jinsludlng a tcsl of the three, pa cent sales tax—only a light "vol; of 300,000 is expected. More "thai a half million Arkunsans • 'a'/-' (qualified as volers, however, • -,\ ' ^ Measures on the ballot includfj:»'F1| Initiated Acl 1 — Would' repealW' Iho state' railroad full crew' laws.',^| Referred Act 10 — Would, k<?b|)if in effect the throe per ccnt',sale"4,\¥ tax vote by the 1957 Lcgislatufaip Constitulional Amendment; ,\Nj 47—Would prohibit the slate r froi levying properly luxes. ~ r "^X^ Jcvying properly luxes. ' "i-;,', Constitutional Amendment Nj 48 — Would increase Ihe puyjf^ stale legislalors from l,800*to*|3 HOO for each 2-yeqr period. '^^ ConsUlutional Amendment ,N9-- 4!) — Would allow local "gpy.fii'l /JU , ments to levy special taxes ! " j; wl|h ( ''<fl the approval of volers to -'-— >1 -— ><s< Junds through bond issues fo dustrial expansion. Poppy Be Observed , * v iv Here Saturdql^ "•,-\' : Poppy Day will be observed '• J Hope and throughout most of "fh. nation Saturday in comrnerqo,^ titm of Veteran's Day, aecprdjngfl to Mrs. C, E. Weaver pr'esi,- 11 - 3 * and Mrs. Mary Hamni,, p Chairman of the L.cslie Jivtd ton unit of the American l^egl Qn that day everyone jij city will be asked to wpar'a, p in honor of the dead of ths World Wars and the Korean flicl. Crepe paper poppies; .'r by patients of Veterans Hbsp in FayettevUle. - and North' I Rock'will be distributed on J Streets throughout, the day bj Juntwr workers from the Auxj/ and olher cooperating groups. Proceeds from the faljl g Saje will be used in the.,J^ Welfare p,rQgraui, sponsored'Jjyrt Region and, Auxilisfjv • >v*$x -s -f SI B - ,*.&?-* IML

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