Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 1, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 1, 1958
Page 6
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Pap Six tf©M STAR ARKANSAS Bobcats Smash Comden lor District Crown !•"«»' "' |»a> t.., ... Ittl^y eHAftt-Es WYLIE JR. , —— • _,,. ^--.-.-. ^ Coach itohh Piercc's Hope Bob- /*fKflflSuS rOOtoOll '{Z'fc'flls defeated the Cnmdm fan-1 - . . •* fliers 34*14. The game was played j**Jfl Hamrnofis stadium before a near ?* "fttpnctty crowd of 2000. ,*"***JTllis was the game the Bobrati 'f,t hnd to win because the 4-AA distill? was al slake. THEY DO NT P ADI AWAY *fhe B"obcats won Ihe toss of thf' «*-,. c6IH and elected lo i cceive. * Don Booth look tho opening kick\* '6ff on his 20 and relumed it to Ihe *"44." The Bobcats tan up anainst a . scrappy Panther defense and \verc * forded to punt after three downs. * JohH Graves boolud the ball 45 t "j'ards ahd put the Panthers deep '' ih their own territory. The Panthers qulck'klck to their own thirty where the' ball was downed by a Bobcat. . Four plays later lullback Don f" Boolhc plunged over Horn the 0 Bootho P. A. T. was good Graves kicked off but Camck'ti Was forced to punl nflcr throe downs, bavc Walkins relumed the ptmted ball lo his own 48 The nexl ' I 'play' from scnmmage Graves "' reeled off a 30 yard run The next :. piny the Bobcats, weic hindered • }byia,16 yard penally. After the ;' , Bobca'ls had Iricd to pass for Iwo 1 downs they were foiced to punl. ^ "John Graves 47 yaid punl went to '* ."tho'C yard line where a Panther ;_ « fumbled around with Ihe ball and :*" BilMlalrr fan in and recovered Ihc „!,,•* fumbled ball. The next play Don ?'-<< BOOlhes pluiiRcd over from Ihe li I 3 " 4 Boolhes P.A.T. was good. \C *.For-Ihc first part of the second if'» quarter bolh teams were held lo p"» ^"standstill, but with four minutes j^; loftCin the first half Don Bootlic fjl.scampered 21 yards for a T. D. i-V Watklns P.A.T. was good. The |;'-^ first half ended with the Bobcats £*'!, leading 20-0. «,;' Bolh bands gave a fine lialf- ^-j tlnTO performance with the Bobcat £ "'Gysmo Band pulling a cute stunt. |r"( « Je;;ry Thurman kicked oft and ,s*«,Jerry Thurman recovered a fum- ?|'?''bj.o o;i the Panthers '10. The next Tt/.play (he Bobcats fumbled and Caim- jjr^r ,den recovered. After three clowns •4* Cjamden was forced lo punt. But !*'-'a/ter'three plays Graves punted tor the Bpbcats. The Panthers were h'alled an dthe Bobcats look posses" "of the ball on the 43. The College Poolball By THE ASSOCIATE Tulaiio 27. tt-xos Tech 0 Vandfiblll 28. Miami (Flni li New Mexico 21, Defivtir 16 Nebraska Wt'sleyai) 47, Concord! in (Neb> 0 Chndrou 20. Peru (Neb) 0 Simpson 20. Upper town 19 Grnei-lnnd 20. Drake "B" 13 Kearney <Neb) 73, Dnna lU Northeastern Okla 28, Central Okla. 8. Bethany (Katn 1 Pi lends 7 (lie) 14 Colorado Mines 23. klnho Stale Guslavus Aclolphus 20. St. Thomas (Minn) 12 Valley C'lty Tchrs IP. Dicksinson (NDi 7 Concordn (Minn) 40. St. Johns i Mini) fi Wahpelon Science 21, Ellendalo 7 Stevens Points 32, Suoerinc (Wist 14 Norlhweslern Okla 33, East Central Okla 13 Mnmeslown (ND) 28. Mayville 1U San Francisco Stale 27, Cal Aj,'- gios 14 Northern Slate Tchrs 48, D.akplu Vef-li-yan 27 t.ox An«f'U>s State 30, 'National 'olyteehnic (Mexico) 30 Culver Stockton 14, Tiirklo Georgetown (Ky) 35. on (Ohio) 13 Eastern New Mexico 13. Adams ColtD Stale 0 •f T> ' £>JUI1 UA l*IV Will* uu IMW -lit. Jl.v. |yi,iBobcats were hindered by a 15 yard g^.'penally. • But (he next play from. ••^•scrimmage John Graves reeled f,'\off 7J < ,yprds and a T. D. Watson's j P,.A.f. wa's good. \> «•' Jerry Thurman kicked off but the !>"•* panthers ran up against a powerful •jjfJ-r'Bobcjjt defense and wei*e forced '"£ T tb.puht. Then thc'Bpbcats fumbled fi'deop in their own territory. Three later Jay Wilson ran over the one for the Panthers first . 1'orj-y Bowies P.A.T. was f/~\ - Foiv.tlio' J'ost of the third quarter ^•, A \.;the j.\yo teams battled to a cam?.."'i pletfevstandstill. ot the fourth Roy IJowe recovej'cd' a ,_ , fiimble' on the 50. Five ..^ ^ plays* later Bootho raced 22 yards fc'.c* t'o'the'Panther 2. Three plays later ~$ Jolih"Graves jumped two yards for -.'»ihe-T. D. Wntkm's P.A T. was good. ' 'In the last seconds ot the game P*, Jimrny Lewis threw a pass to rvBullock >vho raced 45 yards for a , T, D, Bowie's P.A.T, was good, ^ t Coach John Pierce commented ^ V'llilach boy played his part well ^",,and put out tremendous team of- A° ,'J^ T ext week the Bobcats travel to "?on>vay, 'Statistics k -' "" Hope «., Yiiirds rusliing 278 ,"r Fy-s't'downs 15 ,-•5 Passes attempted 6 , '*" completed average 1 35 •»? Camden 85 5 16 4 23 45 _ oot Runs Down R|*nwoy r c'>ST LP.UIS (AP)—An unidenti ^f|e'd object streaked down a run ~ aj. L.ambprt-St.Louis Airpor man in the gontro took a closer look will §tefies, It was $ gogt. pg|1 "pol),co sppd to tho run in a paj,rpj car, .and tb,e chase on. Tho goat (leaded for Iho operj spaces p/ runway? anc . Pljtj'an and outm^neuvere lor ?fj minuses before By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Blylhevillf 2Q, Hot Springs 19" Lillje Rock Hall 11. Morrillon 0 Noith Little Rock 13. Pine Bluff Fort Smith 27, Shr.evcport Fair 'ark 2f> Llllle Rock Catholic 31, Subia- !O Magnolia 13, Camden Fairviow G SurjngHolci, Mo. " Central 47. larrison 6 Helena 12, Wynne 0 Hope 34, Camden 14 Conway 13,' Jpncsboro 7 Benton 7, Jacksonville 0 Malvern 23, Russollvillc 13 Newport 33, S'cri'rcy 12 Rogers 12, Springdale 15 Foj-rcst City 20, Stuttgart 0 Gurdon 60, Arkadclphia 0 Gr'ecnwf'Od 41, Atkins 7 Bentonville 25, Bcrryvitle 6 Baxuite S6, Bryant 1? Clarksvillc 36, Booneville 6 Carlislp 7, Cabot 0 Marvelll 27, Clarendon 20 'Dardjinclle 27, panville 6 Dicrks 39, Hot Springs Lnkesidr Etidora 20, Dermott 0 Ea'rle 7, Osceola 6 England 25, SheriSun 0 Barton 33, Elaine 0 Cottoii Plant. 7,;GJllctfO Mari'anna 38. Hughes 0 Horatio 44, Mul'/rebsbpr.o 0 Lt'wsville 27, Ashdown 7 Lake Village 44, McGohee 13 Mountain Home 7, Huntsvillc 6 Bald Knob 20, TVlcCrory 19 Mena 39, Nashville 0 Magnet Cove 54, Clinton 35 O/ark 20, Alma 0 Piggol 7, Harrisburg .. PARAGOULD , Poc 13 Puragould 20, Pocnhonlus 13 Prcscott 25, Mineral Springs 13 Rison 12, Hazen 7 Bourdon 33, Stamps 0 Hamburg 19, Star City 7 Walnut Ridge. 7, Bntesvillo 0 - Waldron 26, Mansfield 0 Fordyce 45.' WhitP Hall 13 Monttcejlo 20, Wjirren 0 (tin) Camden Lincoln'13, North Little Rock Jones 7 Watson Chapel 40, Dumas 12 tried to hole) .the pat by n chain outside life oai, ' But the goa jumped , inside and began to but l.pPi.pcoj,p and Patrolman W»Uum pallecj for a truck drove the goal lo a boiler nnd tied it ,up, Brown. They CoirvOperoted Machines Barred LITTLE ROCK (APS — A York firm failed yesterday to go permission to distribute in Avkan sas coln-opovatcd machines whip ttst n person's blood pressure. The state Poard of J-Jealth tumc down the request of the "' " Ball Co., which stiid the th> police |or ?g minxes before Bail uo., w^Jfi* S »» B "^ '"HVHHJV [hpy' cornered it' agaiftsi a feneet registered s\ person's b}oo4 prt'i But the fight wasn't over, * sufe on a dial, announced it or, Pjnt;J?5 r ««!n«,.o <W tntn "thoin nui' snonlfpp find rtlsDGUSed a Cai'U SVltJl br^'officej's got into 'their car.speakpr o,nd, pi^-* P»trpJn\9n. Fvflnls LoPjcculothc |t|«re • „ ABS MUST fit IN OPFICI DAY BtWRl PUSLtCATI0N — PHONI y»3431 rpfc AD TAKtR the schedule of Soiuhaf as' printed beloW, has beefl takefl from .John Alden Knight's SollltiSf fables. Plan your days J;6 ^thflt you will be fishing Ih good tefmofjf of hunling in good coVcf dUt-iftg these times, if you Wish to find the best sport thai each day has to o/fer. The Major Periods are showii ifi boldface type. These begin at the limes shown and last tot an hour and a half or two hours there* after. The Minor Periods, shoWn ill regular type, are of somewhat •shorter duration. A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Saturday 8:55 2:35 9:15 SiOO 3:20 4:10 Sunday 9:40 Monday 10:30 Tuesday 11:20 5:00 - 5:50 Thursday 12:35 6:45 Friday ' 1:30 7:40 Saturday 2:25 8:35 Sunday 3:20 9:35 10:00 3!45 10:50 4:35 11:40 5!25 12:05 6:20 1:00 7! 15 1:55 8:10 2:50 9:05 3:50 10105 The Negro Comniuhify Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 4-H Club Winners Are Announced LITTLE ROCK (.API—Names of joven state winners in Arkansas -H Club work have been released by .C. A. Vines, associate director of the Agricultural extension Serice, University of Arkansas. The seven, and work categories, are: Kaye Johnson of Washington Jouiity, clothing; Janet Miller of Boone County, canning; Norman Bells of Jackson County, cotton ':harles Webb of Benton County, entomology; Paula Madison County, achievement; ind Donald Bowman of JackMin 'ounty, home improvement, and ^eon P.enclcgrass of Baxter Conns', garden. The winners will receive expense-paid trips to Ihe national 4-H ?lub Congress at Chicago Nnv 30- Dec. 4. 'They will 'ilso recoi\i_ :pecial recognition at the 13th an- Calendar of Events A Pageant "The Beautiful City of God" will be prosencd at Gar roll Chapel Baptist Church .Sunday Nov. 2 at 7:30 p.m. The -public is invited. SuggestsThot Others Report to President By GAY PAULEY. 0$ UP I Women's Editor NEW'YORK (UPI)— Secretary of "Stfa'te Dulles reports to President Eisenhower after each trip abroad, so why can't other travelers My own mileage in the last year is nowhere near Mr. Dulles' total, but two trips to Europe and on? to the Far East arc sufficient to convince me of one thing, Mr; President. We lourisls are failure's us the good-will ambassn- dor§ you ask us to bo, in lhal message inclcded with each new The Now Bethel CME ChurcV is celebrating its 88lh anniversary \vilh nightly services: at 7:30 to night Ml. Pleasant CME Church in charge. Prayer service conduct ed by Sister Adell Thomas, Sisle Alma Knox and Bro.- Willie John son; Sermon by Rev. A. Jones Offering, Sister Florence and Bro L. C. Stuart. :,' Help Wonted ^I-.-,,V>.,^L- £20 Daily. Sell Lufn* ihous fiafneplales. Write, fteeVes Co., Altlcbof-o, Mass. 3*itti-{5 Strvicti til jefifiVit* tfesi, ted ifi did mat ifti' MATTftfiSS West 4th, Phoa* SALPtt Motttgotnffjr Mat-kit, eU»- toitt ijiUfhterifii, We have meat ' yotli 1 deep <t*«e, See Ui be- ,„„„„„ SEWtNG MACHINE. CO. Sales ana 1 Service, 513 East 3rd. L. E. Booth, Phone PR - •--• CUSTOM slaughtering, Hogs $2. Gallic for hides. Mauled free tip to 10 miles. Phone PR 7-3578 or 7-2701. 274-mc FURNITURE repaired and refin- ishcd. Dockery's Hobby Shop. 220 13. 3rd St. ' 31-3fc Opportunities Offered MAN wanted lor Rawleigh business in part of Hope or S. Hempstead, Real opportunity. No experience needed to start. See Corwln Crow Rt. 1'. Box 30, Nashville or \\-rlte Rawleigh's Dept. AKJ - 641 - 0, Memphis, Tenn. 31-2lp Business Opportunities OPPORTUNITY- Man or Woman Responsible person from this area, lo service and collec from cigarette dispensers. No selling. Car, references, anc $600.00 to $1800.00 investmen necessary. 7 to 12 hours weeklj nets up to $350.00 monthly in come. Possibility fulltime work For local interview give phone and particulars. Write Interna tional Distributing Co., P. O •Box 865, Okla. City, Okla. Mil Reol Estate for Sole passport. As person-to-person diplomats,. SI Jt W'M i JLvUKinVlUll »'l ii>*- J.M vi i !.«•• ^V^ |JVt O«JJl~H-'(Jti owi4 vi« i-* »—m»-« v«--t :iual stale 4-H Club Congress a. ' most of us should be ousted. -We Little Rock Nov. 14-15 Witnesses Called in Pine Bluff Rape Case PINE BLUFF, Ark. CAP) — At least a do/en state witnesses were ]to be called today in the trial of Clarence Allen, a 35-year-old Negro charged with raping a whit 1 housewife, The woman took the witness stand yesterday and pointed out Allen, a resident of the ntarby Pastoria community, as her at- tacHer, She was one of oieht prosecution witnesses called on open,- Jng day of tho trial in Jefferson Circuit Court. Allen is charged with assaulting the woman at her home in Wright AUT. 10 while her husband was al a National Guard encampment. An all'Aialo, all-white jury is hearing trjal. |s|pn?Aqri Workers at Highest Level ROCK (API—N,on-A_gvi- employment hit its highest Ipypl of the year in .. , last month, the state Employmen 'Cjyisjgn estimated """ travel in the sheltering cocoon of t.'imliar things, instead of gettins to know how others .live. Accent The Negative Since the positive approach Isn't hiking lo well, I suggest we accent the negative, In an effort to be helpful, I've compiled a list of fiv sure ways wo visitors vcrseas are Hire NOT to win ira-nds —Be th.ouahtloss. One American wnn-mn in Tokyo set a perfecl example ol (his art, just after Typhoon Ida Inundated. Japan recently. She was one of several hundred euo!-l<! at the Hotel Imperial's Ida Hooded. Gucsls were without lights othor than candjes. Elova- toi service came to a halt. Hot \\ater wasn't. But she compaincd b-Uerlv, esnecially because she h,ic! to "walk six floors lo my room " I don I think it occurred to her that the typhoon svhich caused her a litto exe.rclse di owned more than 1,000 Japa* ncse, Four ^ugg?5t!,on§ —•Be compavatlve. Always VC' member lo say that "Back home, we do things this way.' Gripe bet cause the soap isn't perfumed, or because theve isn't soap. Be critical of native dishes; hotel chefs may be talented with coq au yin or 'tompura, but what you'd UKe' is a good steak and french fries. —Slay in hotels or Jims cater. ing only to Americans. Y-flu/re bound to miss a.pni}aintanpp 'with th? local populou?, feut yow'U mot simply |a?WOaU»Jg '—-'"'- fiom Duluth, Keokyk and ...... asha, A')d yovill bo gjjlp to co]}> pare notes ' with thorp- ou w|)flt hotels in other parts pf $hp \vurl4 cater to Ameriejms. —Ignore local ccsioms <(s Why botljer to $ with a Japanese b^th stance, Suve. it s a i»e Celendar Of Events 88th Annoversary Of Nevy Bethel Baptist Church Sunday, November 1 9:45 a. m. Sunday School 10:45 a. m. Prayer Service 11:45 a- m. Sermon, Pastor, Rev. Lee Turner. Offering :„, Lunch j , 2:30 p. m. Prayer Service'" "" .Welcome . . . Sister Dorothy Jean Washington Response — Sister Captoria Smith Solo — Deacon Joseph Stuuri Short Talk — Sister Callie Ward History of the Church — Sister Will Ask for More Soil Bank Funds -UTTUE ROCK (AP) — The Arkansas Agricultural Stabliatioi pnd Conservation Committee plans lo ask Ihe federal govcrnmenl foi moro money for tho soil bank re 'servo program. The request will be made be cause more Arkansas farmers have asked to take part In the program than money is available to accommodate. Jay Neal Jr. of Van Bui-en, A?)C committee chairman, said yostpr day Arkansas farmers have offer cd' to place eight per cent of tho state's cropland into the reserv program, Nenl said offers have been n-> ceived from 8,07?, farmers on t total of 591,000 acres, But'the state's appropriation o federal funds far short of enougl to complete all of the' contracts offered, he said. He 'said tho state's 1959 appro priation. is $6.702 rflO. payments would total $1,109,000 on old cop tracts and §9.988,000 on all the lie\y opes, 'If additional federal fun,d.s F, btaine4 thf contracts will ,,„ .iwarflfld to firmois who make tj\e b^t offers, Neql said, Qffers have peon made from, a} IJie' sttjt,Q's 75 counties. jSoynty tons the. Ji?| with aci'ps pffeved by 64? f? , . - " iei' js second \vjih 3,0.O^t anql Henipsteac} third >viil: fpj 1 the tub. but juu'rp ton>cci to ' Don't 'bother to stujjy. . . , . spoken , wherever /ay-> yisU- ' J| it I'n'l ou "can alwa^#°«\Plau> H'* ;• ^ !S££ '^«»tiii||pMi| s • x»«tl It-relay, r,i i, ,1 1:1 had H9 >^5 PQ ^^ £>$ I&JOP; >Y^" Ffbfya w , vviwj w^^SDi'^n^^ Mj<w* ,ert ataat.. \ -? ^ --;-',** \i"3f ,, J. Ji''.SjsH4v <BSD "' u ^ n '' 1 ^ u ' s '^ a ' ;QI1 ' 1 ' ponseryatjpp reserve w »/e'£i?> J s £lesl?nprl tp take Jgnr put sf Si'op pro,duqiion ano; use j t,9V pons^rvation measjAnvf —"'" gyass anrf the prei of'fisil pncl wildlife. The - - nn4 make r'«V4»i3fr-5 >i »$;'^T" N TT ( ™ kS4>.fe?: lJ»*p4/w, Female Help Wanted 1 WO waitresses. Apply 1« )iefs6H, J3taHiond Cale, Hope, Ark. Christmas Time . , . Ottf Big Earning Time! Avon Cosmelies has wo lerritories open for wohlell vho wish to earn. Insure you? Merry Christmas! ttepresetttatives needed for Redland TowhsHip (Me* Casklll) and Saline Townshl-j (Cq* umbus). Cat' necessarj*. Write Avoh, Box 377, Hoi Springs, Ark, ive directions to yotlf hotrte, 30-3tc WANT-AD RATES All Wohf ^ds ire 6oy6b-« m advance but ads will be iceepted 6v8f ffie letephbne arid ar.toriioda- II6H acfcBUrtts oildWed with thg ifo defifdhding IHe account Is payable ' statement IS rendered. fo IS lo i6 16 2S to 30 tb 35' *6 40 ta 4S »4 55 $ .75 .90 I JO'S us 1.56 three B_ayi .90 1.26 1.50 1.W 2.46 7.76 3.60 Six DciyS 1.50 ft.OO 2.50 3 00 3.50_ 4.00 4.50 6.00 Mohff 4,56 6.00 7.50 onrt 16.50. 12.00 13.50 15.00 For Sole ALUMINUM screens, do6r$, stbfift vlndows, Weather - stripping, In* sttlatioh, robflng, awnings, guttering, ornamental railing. Free estimates, Andy Andrews, Phdtte 7.5867. • 9i " HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope, Ark. Raymond Byers Phohe 7-295G. 13-1-rh-p 1950 STUDEBAKBR pickup. Cattle bed, healer, clean and In good condillon, Phone :7-2204 or 7-4011. 29-tf F1VB room house. $1,000. A good buy to rebuild or move. Joh>j W. Webb, Ozan, Ark. 21-lm-p CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ineh IrtcH Inch Rate* quoted above are fbr c<j>h* sedlitivii Insertions. It-regular or skip date ads will take thf one-day rate. 'All doily:classified advertising copy Will' be" accepted urttil 5 p.m. for publleallon the following day, The publisher wservss the right to fevise or edit all ddvestisements of feted (of pub,! (cation and_ to reiect any obiectiohabie advertising sub* 1 fnittecf. '"' , .. Initials of one or More letters, groups" of figures, such as house or telephone numbers count as ond Word. The Hope Star will not be responsible "for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. , PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 8 Acres, Hope edge, modern 4 room furnished. $0.000 — $2,500 down payment. Balance like rent. 196 acres, good sland of pine, some logs and pulpwood for market. $10,000. Terms. Strout Realty Agency. G20 West 67 Highway. 21-1-m-c 1951 OLDS Fordor, hardtop.'Good second car. Call PR 7-2487. 27-tf JOHN Deere 25 Combine in good, condition. J. C. Burke. PR 72938 or 7-2045. * 28-6tc BUY A HOME FpRST 17 Wesl Avenue C. A lobely _ bedroom, 2 '-bath home that wi: :be vacant : ncxt weekend. 'Heal ed with floor furnaces and co'o: ed by air condition window uni plus attic fan. Ideal for famil wanting close in,' F, H. A financing approved, Only $400.0 down payment required. j 06 N. Washington An extra large home for a large family wanting elbow room, 3 bedrooms, 2 ba'ths, living room, den, dining' room; kitchen 'and breakfast room, all on 150' x 150' shady corner lot. Vacant now. On Springhill ,iRoad about 1 .mile out of town, * 6 l /2 acres with 6 room stucco home, outbuildings, exlra home site, vacant now. On Springhill Road 3 bedrooms, 2 balhs, double carport, closets galore, large kitchen and breakfast room, vacant now, On 2.U North Main an older six room home that can be bought worth the money, Needs repairs and repainting, but save by the do it yourself method and end up with a nice home at a low cost - $3,250.00. We can finance,any of the property, Why not trade your home or olhcr properly in on one of these, F, H, A, .' CONVENTIONAL G. I, LOANS,' FOSTER REALTY COMPANY 217,South Main Hope, Arkansas Phone BRospect 7-4691 l-3tc U.K.C. Registered Toy Fox Terrier puppies. Call Margie Harrie at Shipley Studio, 7-581-1. l-3tc RANUNCULUS Ready. Sunshine .Greenhouse. Hwy, 67 E. 5 miles. 29-6tp Hope Star > • >* Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs.' C. E.' Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secy-Tres. at The Star Building 212-M South Wa.'nut Street Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H., Jones, Managing Editor Dona I Parker, Advertising Mgr. George. W. Hosmer, Meeh. Supt. Entered'as second class mutter ot the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, • under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of »he Audit Bureau of Circulations TO tear down or move from property. Duplex now being used as hospital annex. See Dr, J. W. •Branch. 30-6tc TWO Gas Floor Furnaces. Good condition. Guy E. Basye. 30-3tc Pc-avl Washington, Song, led by Pl'othor Tom Bostio Sermon — Pev, W, M, Martin of LewJsyjJle, Ark, Offering JBenedjclJon Rey. Lee Turner, Pastor] Sislct fMary Bell Stuarl, Mistress ot Ceremony. GOOD ladies black coat. Size.20. See at Hazel's Beauty Shop. "<•• - '*- 31-3lc 1956 STU'DEBAKER- In good condition, Call PR 7-2559, 31-3tc FIVE room home, Dinette and carport. Completely furnished. Sell cheap for quick sale, Phone 74047. ' .31-61 p CHOICE paper shell pecans'. Phone 7-3298, 1-<H C Wanted Hope Slar route open for boys 12 • years and over. Apply at Hope Star Office, ANY and all issues of the Washington Telegraph dated 1867, 18S8 and 1869, Talbot'Feild Jr, Telephone PR 7-4509 or 7-2109, , 31-atp HARDWOOD lumber wanted, ^ green sofl, hardwood lumber-of !the following species; Gum,-Cot' tonsvood, Willow, Ash,.Hackborry Maple, Sycamore and >,T u P n !°. 5x4 green Red and White Oak, will accept tic sjcljng, Inqujro for prices at McCoy Couch Fum- iture Mfg, Co,, Penton, Arkansas. ' ' 31'lStc Subscription hotss (payable in advances) i '• By carrier .in" Hope and neighbKina ; i,.f.!t owns — , ,„ Per week, ( S .30 Per year ,....»»,.;... li60 By moil In rfempstead, Nevodo, LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties — One-month .! * ,'SI Three months '••* SlK months , , 3 - J ° One year .„& 6 ' !0 One month Three 'mon Six. months One year V, moil -j^ 1.30 3.90 ; 7.80 15.60 , c" Net'l';Vkc>ycrt|sIng Representatives: Arkansas^r|a > tii^s, Inc., 1602 Sterlrk Bldg," Mernphis -2, Tenn.; 505 J«xos BanK Bldgr, ? pajlas \ Texas; 360 N MIchlgan^Aye.^Chlcago 1, III.; 60 I? 163 , . .. 17, N. Y.; 1763 PeriobscptffBldg}, , Detroit 2, Mich,; Terminal-VBIbgr,', Oklahomo City 1, Okla. -'P/IV,' Member 'of The AMecioted Press: The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcation of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news ) dispatches, Funeral Directors - Am'bulnnce Service Burial Association 'OAKCRRST FTTNEPAL HOME ' Dial'PR 7-2123 ' for |l«nt trailprs." Byers. GuJ| • yjce, Call Pay op NigM- At Bfthsl Xlje rnem'bjers qf pethpl A. M. , Chiircj] wilt J\on<jr tljp % pastor nd Ws \vife ( Rev, and lyj'vs. J. S, Morgan,'with an Appreciation Sev. vie? Sunday, November g, at 3 p, ro. ' c,s ol Magnojia, 'ArH.i will 4" Mi> Pleasant c, M. E, .,...,., T\vs Mil? Branch pommunity, smv TWs 'Jprpgra.iry i? b>jng "sponsored b/ Mj's t Ryth TyWc-r. t f^e will in spflgei'i at Hew M, B, ^Jwf*}). NasJiy V^feer J. at § p. ro. vvith SJ,S}BT Humming; The P*^9 J , ed to $Ufl4 • RSY- J?- §• •flwii r » 5i*U9te 1 4L4'E J 'ffi-ifiiS I TigtfM«**fl^SU»lliMaj WANTEO TO BUY Pine-Pwlpwooo' by Tryck Load Cut in Woods op HAROLD HENDRIX ' .- Phone PR ,7,43g1 16th & UoMlstgnai Hepe house H? W. l?th Street, No chi!<i(' e n upcier High School age. $45. Phone 2374 caw- ' • ', 4 ROOM duplex yvith prjyst? " . 'Nov. >,. }QOg South Phone PR 7 DAVI5 fiirfiitiirf itti Ct« Ambulonct ond HAULING "« imt 3r\tntw£t A D •'A ^PW^y, ' aS^w™^™* i>^k^ ^^"*"^~ ~ ^i "*^ " v "'A^V^fpPM^ylf^lf^:^^t*W*' "-,r' * % "" '^^wSw^K^r L1S fa«t D!viiiAii*%r<,-«. • f

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