Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1958
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Page 51* t STAt, HOM, A t K A N I Al , CMifcirll, 1111 Rice Menfli h far November <J> I95J by Rifllherl 1 Compony, lit. * THE S T O R V: Kalherlnet * eei-Ulh that Her stepfather had I S&mtthing to do wit h her rttblher's death, hss decided to ' lay ine whole matter before ". her Auhl Millicent. , AulH Milliecnt s.-ud. "Just b' lore lunch, 1 u.'^ re.idin)! the iivi.- borrifyimj ni Hell m lhal magn- Z j )lc — nil .ibuut adult discuses \vhen they .itt.uk childn-n. I'd tlcVer thought about it before --I [ m , Ot course, that \<,is just wlial thc , ,, f tl tirlicle said - tlmt i>i-n|>U- don t think about it enough — it's on:: Of the blind M>"<* "' llu ' nub1 ' 1 ' Conscience ' " She paused --lid her spoon into Di&tribotid bf NEA Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — And — BODY SHOP 216 S. Hazel orvtlle Taylor Phone 7-4022 John Bill Jordan i.eh s ii> tin but I" - 11 > S-AM-I is com <L- ; , ;uid as if on ,',..- n... IOM- to tlirt't mouths. Millicent dipped the stioon iln ihc bowl again. She ucl '|K i self to I'aul: "Have , i iinniisht about children (in Sr tilings'."' a ,. t > p I y reluctantly, hniK up, "No." ii-iriil was raying, mirsf my mind went in Bunks. Hi'i 1 sloni- M-nsitivt. you know. i v!i-'ve jil \ui.vs ntid (I lot Mr u ilh it. We ve had her ,!,„ i vi.-r and over again, ..IA.I.VS .--ays th'- name tiling i,,.t in mve hi-r su many ,,,„! Hied funds. Well, of \iiii!':, i-uliculous. Simply 1.1 Mi. LITTLE MOCK (Al'i-Oov. Orval K. Faubus lodny proclaimed (he month of November as Rice jviuntn in Arkansas. j-aubus signed trie proclamation alter J. M. Spicer ol Stuttgart, president of tuc Arkansas Kice signal, I(jiowtM-s Assn., presented him with samples of Arkansas rice. Tom IJudson of Stuttgart, exccif live secretary of the association, loki thc- governor thai nee was a 0U million dollar annual inuustry for ihc state. Dodson said the association would provide ns much rice as the governor and his stall could use during Rice Month. she's in particular. A 11 n t Milhci-nt GRILL CAFE _ BREAKFAST — 35c — 50c — 65c Home Style Hot Biscuits Open 3 A. M. to 8 P. M. ! "ft,,. |« -i I'm ailernu- i ini mid I « • i • Well ' .-< >.|mvh. ' Hunks might have, an nl- I'lrii'.v' I haiiii-. thought of thai. It | m ,giil ii"t l>e ••' cancer "Her all. • i ,.. iiu'i *' ^ »'n Ji li (ho si i other llu. ;t!ttclc — UiborcuJu- REA Tells of Many Attacks OKLAHOMA CITY iAPi— Power monopolies .i(ad line Eisenhower Administration have repeatedly at- lacked Ihc Rural Electrification program this year, the national president of thc rural elccirtc co- o|)eiiitive nssn. said here today. "We- have been able to hold them Studies Driver's License Bureau LlffLE fiOdtf (Af>)-*-A committee has been appointed from the Arkansas Legislative Council to study the possibility of ft clearing house fof drivers' a* Censes as a separate division 1 0? Ihc State Police. Sens. Marshal! Shacklpford Jr> ot £1 Dorado, who is pofrriSiipri! chairman, and Clifton Wftde of Faycttoville were named to thd committee. Shaekleford and Wndd Charged that some drivers lost their lt» cchscs because of traffic offenses ahd then purchased replacements at other towns. -State Police Director Hdfrnan E. Lindscy told the coUttCli th'at the Revenue 'Department had bCBI nski'd to check with Stnle Polic before selling a license to persons without tin old one or without cvU donee of having taken a driver's examination. Cut ho said that the ryslorn Is not foolproof. FRAN'S TAP-BALLET-BALLROOM ACROBATIC-BATON Special Classes for Tiny Tots! PR 7-4335 ihinns in MS ." l''runi tin- n.ni-ow while line be- | lwriu his lip-. 1'a.il said, "It's, I'nibiiM.Y fooil poisoning." J Aunt '.VlillieiMil was just putting i i,.i so-'n in lu-r mouth. There uas a' black Mlmce for almosl it miniili-. iinil t h r n Kalherine's \oii:c. holh.w ami clenel, eclioed: j •'|.',,o(| puis'iniiis: . . •" ; p.uil \ia; l-.okint; at her. She: glaiirrd liunu^ly at. her plate in ciinriiKiiin Stir had lo bo more can-Mil. I'.nl I'ov.- euulc', the soup b,.. poiMHied' 1 l':iu' had not soUen nn.vwheri' in-ill 1 il. Aunt Milliei-nl was saying. "Oil. that s ini|joss!l)li-' No one could bi- more cv.nMu! than I am. Why, j always bin- thr best food in the woild. 'My kilc'ii-n's as elean as a pin." I'aul and Auni Millicent were but thc ing against us — and It is questionable how long we will be able to hold the fort." said John M. George of Lowisloji. Idaho, in a .speech prepared for delivery at a four-slate regional meeting of the H EGA. The two-day meeting opened today, attracting 700 delegates from Arknnsus, Louisiana, Missouri and Oklahoma. For Safety — For Silence — We Install International Parts Mufflers All Welded Construction "Silikotc" Protection Guaranteed for Life of Cor No Installation Charge Wylie Gloss & Salvage Co. Hwy, 67 Wes^ Hope, Ark. Heart of Law Softens a Bit DETROIT lAP) — Thc heart of the law softened today to permit an injured squirrel to Join Its mas- tor in jail. When jobless Charlie Spin-lock. UK. wont behind bars Wednesday on a bc-.d check charge, officers carried off his pet squirrel, Pcrrl, to tho dog pound. Charlie wept a I the separation. Thc squirrel has an injured hind leg, 'She gees everywhere with me," ho said. "She hangs onto rny jacket nnd sleeps in the pocket." Charlie was so upset the cellblock attendants got pel-mission to return the squirrel to him. Spurlock joyfully popped .Porri into his prison shirt pocket and fed her peanuts. Negroes Denied Try to Amend Order BIRMINGHAM. Ala. (AP).—Me groes altacking bus segregation i Birmingham today wore dcnic permission to amend a federa court suit in order to attack a ncv legal barrier to integrated seat ing. Effect of the ruling of U.S. Di.s Iricl Court Judge H. Hobart Grooms was to give the Negroes the option of continuing their attack on a law that has been repealed, or to file a completely new suit. , Tho new ordinance which Negro attorneys attempted to substitute in their case docs not mention sog- i-pgMion but e m p o w c r s bits drivers to tell passengers where to sit. Thc Birmingham Transit Co has posted notices directing wliitcs to sit from thc front and Negroes from thc rear. ^ Phone 7-2786 Legal Notice i- „ !-•>€-, " Holds 52 Travel Needs! TAX SflV§ ^ on this Pr§*Chrislmfls Special to, get a Samiontte Train pavjng. It's perfect m a gift; Uwl as 19 ypurgeU- He«iovsWe tray hm twttw for M . l\\ 8 ihcp? jn i» the \ - 1 5 h,a.d, -Uio t »*ZXx:**rtto K ?>&t*' ***.' '.- both watching her. She said carefully controlling her voice, "People have been poisoned. You read about it in the paper all the time." "Why. what on earth do you mean, darling?" said 'Aunt Milli- eent, (bewilderment written across her face. "Murder." "Oh, nobody'd want lo murder Bunks. She's only nine years old " "I wasn't thinking of Bunks particularly," "Darling, what were you thin!?I in.a about?' Kathorino finished off her soup without anwering. Aunt Millicent rang the boll beide her on tho table, and Amy came in to clear away the bowl. When he hart gone. Katherine said, "I was thinking about people getting Killed." • Aunt Millicent laughed loudly. She said to Paul, "Children are all alike. It's those comic bopks they road, of course, That's wha* gives them these ideas about mur- dor and killing people. Have you ever looked at one" Paul said, "No," "1 don't read comic book,'.-,' t.aid Katherine, Aunt Millicent disregarded this She went on talking, addressing herself to Paul. "And its not just thi. comic books, either, Not by any m cans, Look at (he movies Where Wolves — Franken.-•ten m oust 1 ors — vampires— gangsters — hoodlums — crimi; nsils . , ." Katherine said, "I don't go to that kind of movies." "Well, you must have gotten all these ideas from someplace." Kathoiine said slowl,v 1 fechng Unit nosv she was indeed taking hue hie directly in her own hands. "Theie are other ways tq kill people " "What do you meiuv "I mean that . . . if'you'ie going to murder somebody , , . Ihoro arc easier ways to do it than poisoning them," Sh,a {wished up with a sudden rush ap4 looked clown at tho table, not daring to met the expression, in Pttiu s eyes. Aunt MiUicein said., kinds of ways" 'Well ... if you run over them with a car., it might looH UHe an ,'ccidvnt." She stopped, and thought tor a moment, "P? U they fall off a high phjco m rjpbociy could tell if they'd been pusljpij." "Why, this is perfepJJy tpJ'rJMc, 1 ' said Aunt MJllieenJ righteous^' •'Where in the world did you hear of such things 11 * K,tilhfniip though^' J J'YO _ . this for. i might as yv}\ §o < ;>U thc way. '. She had almost gotten ,up her neivB, elenchng her "''- ""'' towing herself t» the table, when a tray of san.fJv pt potato saHwt, Jront of Aunt M-„.-,..*, pile of plates for Jv?* handed the p 1 s t -f s liable, and the IN THE HEMPSTEAD COUNTY CHANCERY COURT ADELL COOPER PLAINTIFF MARVIN COOPER DEFENDANT WARNING ORDER The Defendant, Marvin Cooper is hereby warned to appear in this Court within thirty (30) days hereafter and answer the complaint of Ihe Plaintiff herein. WITNESS MY HAND and seal as Clerk of this Court on thc 10th clay of October, 1958. CLARA BYERS, Clerk By: J. P. BYERS, D. C. Oct. 10, 17, 24, 31, 1958 Legal Notice No. 8139 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. JAMES WESLEY BETTS ...... Plaintiff ETHEL LOUISE BETTS . .. Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant', Ethel Louise Belts is warned to appear in this court within thirty days i and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, James Wesley Bells. ' . . Witness my hand and. the seal of said court this 10th day of October 1958. Clara Byers, Clerk. By Katherine B. Lautcrbach, D, C. ' Oct. 10, 17, 24, 31, 1958, Legol Notice No,' 8138 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. STEVIE P, CATO BUTLER , Plaintiff CATHERJNK B. BURKHARDT, ET AL Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendants, Catherine B, Burkharclt, O(is Bundy and Mrs, Otis Bundy, his wife, Mabel B, Wu- Jiams, Snow Smith Messner, Jen-y Smith McBoy, Roberta Catp Greenhaw, Willie Mae Collins Barnes, Earl Cato and Bess Cato, his wife, Vcrtion Cato and Mary Cato, his wife, and Barney Cato, are warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer tho complaint «{ the Plaintiff, Stevle P. Cato Butler, Witness my hand and the sea] of said court this Olh day of; Optobey, J958. Clava Byers, Clerk By Katherine B. Lavitorb;$eh, D, C, (SEAL) Oct. 10, 17, 24, 3), 1958 Legal Notice HE.MPSTEA.D, CHANCERY COVRT ET vs, ET 6RBIR PowpU. PJorgnpp Go , wife, H, Taylor and wife, Pieptha Tayloj'. jijid Annie Teylpr, Jlis Wif9, J* Tayjor, Emma Jones, bis , Copper JNJonrpjp, yjlie P?lony 4 Uve, si GOV. FAUBUS Says .. Full Crew Law Doesn't Hurt Vole AGAINST Initiated Aet Ho. 1 •Arkonsos Gaxett., July 1S« If M Governor Fiubus signs,* full crew petirion for S. J, Smith at Fofdyce, Arfu The Arkansas Committee for Railroad Safety appreciates Governor Faubus' stand against the attempt of outsiders to "use" the state of Arkansas, The Eastern railroad interests are trying to bleed Arkansas of $3,000,000 a year more profits at the expense of safety and service. They will eliminate thousands of jobs and force more of owr people to leave the state, They will cause death and injury to Arkansas eiti&ens, These out« side interests have sallously engaged in a "brainwashing" campaign. They want ; to repejl pwr safety laws, cause unern* ployment, a^d force rnors pfpple to leave Arkansas, . . . And of this will Wdws* ths cpst 9! living or freight rites, '* *$P-$i!£!ii!!2^^

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