Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1958
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

,19S8 M 0 P I S T A * »* Ve P I,~ ARKANSAS GJvci Silt Up Affer Two Yean SAW QtffiOTW. CaW, (AP)~A Sah Quefitih prison cohVicl U'hd stole a f>lahe and fled With three others ffofn aft honor cflfhp 1 two years ago turned hihisetf Ifl Odi-aid E, Saticitfrl, '!§. Who had beeH llVihg ih fiutle, Mohl., said he ttlal'fied aftef the dsfiabe rifle! iateF decided to "start a Rew life Withotlt b«ih| afraid to look Si hiysell ih the tfllffdr," Warden Frod bickSofl ffeetdd him With! "Cofi|rHUllfiticffi«, gflfl. 1 khoW-thls is something $-oU Will never regret, "I know that, too, Wai-ddti," Said whose dottipattiotis wef« Within a mohth of lh# Popular Pairs $ He and «. 12 Landed 13 3r£gk pdfch 14 Marble 15 Clihgifii 17 Bklst, Vo<!« BailtUrn had gel-Ved 3'/ z J*cftfS ef a S-yen^'to'life sentehee fo^ a gsti Francisco holdup \vhen he fled, the escape could moan nhothcf sentence of one year to life, The :g&H Francisco Chronicle htid announced WedtteEediiey that the fugitive Wolild surrender. 21 Sea eagld 23 Befote 54 fiisti-ess signal 2? *~=. jj6{j 29Blbiicnl hattie 32 Blackboard Sentenced to Die Reprieved ?. r .-. t .,^ . - ... LITTLE -ROCK - (APr *-' T\va Negi'b men have received reprieve from death in • the state's electric., chair, tomorrow.''. r 1--,.. . Stays' of execution-.Wei'e''granted Leo Lee of Little Ro'ck and.'James M. IWoore of.Texarkana,-both,con- demned to death' for'first 1 degree murder. . ' , A-The delays were authorized to "c'rmit 'attorneys to' prepare appeals for new* trials. • Moore's attorney plans on ap- ipeal to the U.S. Supreme Court and Lee's attorney will seek a rehearing before ' the state Supreme Court, which "has affirmed-both sentences. Moore was convicted at-'Texarkana for participation in the robbery slaying of M. R. Hamm, an elderly white man in May, 1956. ALei was convicted of the slaying of William Harrison 'Smith Jr., a Little Rock Negro postman, on Dec. .26, 1956, Until the stays . were granted both convicted men were to have been put ,to death at Tucker Prison Farm tomorrow. Says Rule by People Is Partially Lost t* , •• ' ---." ••• , '•••,. ^LITTLE . ROCK (Apy— The -u.s. Supreme Court's 1954 * school'.' desegregation decision''has 'resulted in partial loss of'. "government by' •the, people," U.S. Sen, John'.Mg.' Clellan (D-Ark) said' today.'- -.' McClellan recalled he had.'.pre- dieted'In 1954 "that , the court action would result in-loss of i some fire'edom, He . said subsequent events have confirmed the prediction. ' . ,. V,',4, -.;-w. ; f The senator confirmed- the . m is'not confined>to ^Arkansas, Virginia or the Sout»r.'v",What. 'they are, doing here they< are-'doing ,to the other states' also, JAnd. thes« states will someday^feel ft,-". ','-,* • McClellan said the''court desegregation decision disregarded repealed wfiat had been the law of, the land ! fo'r 50 'yean,- . "I ask you," he said, "who has the primary responsibility of.obeyi ing the law of the "land,-Certainly £R Supreme Court,' ",If , the court is • not guidod by' ,the*,law of the land, how onnut expect,(hn peopl? to respect it, •!« personally <don't rc-specV, that court, deslEion,'>.' • • ,-• McCJeJlan 'sppke nt'^he/ sional fprum spopsore'd-by kansas State qiCharniber. ,pf •rrierce, • -• '' ' • *' ~~ Crone Topples Into "*.e, Mbn Drowns -HOT SPRINGS, AVk, operator of q large crane, drowned yesterday., u \vhen the, machine topple4 from >nj{s ntpp Carpenter Pam and p)«ngycl into -\vnter, below UaHe Hamilton," The body of Lewis C, about 40, was rocoverec] three hovirs after the accident, wa? '.an • employe at, tjie' Power & l^ight Co, ,da'm, '• -Smith -lived at a, company "v w«'e near the da''' childrpn, 84 The mauve 3fi Pay* 3 1 ? Poi-Wer of 38 swing loosely 39 ddddess 41 Worm 42 Chest botir 44Aid,«nd— 46 Plain to b« 49 Ct'lpliles 83 — -for tat, 84 Type meaiure 50 Literary • scraps , 87 Italian river 58 Ireland 59 Oriental coin 60 Organ- part Cl Disparage DOWM '1 Fight lik« doggind — TIZZY rnargafifiS 8 Hall* SftalrS J dreek kite? 6 Made amehdi 28 Biblical Good 45 Adhesive hoiihdJ ll female sheefi FLASH GORDON ** . » 28 Motifeheafsed ., Id Girdle 20 treatise 22 ScalidinaVlaH 24 Uhdeflihg 25 Russian city Si Indian Weight 46 f^oslfll 33 Savory" 50 -=" bok 35 Artists' stands 61 Unbleached 40 NllbbJ' fabric 52 Prophet 43 State of India 55 «=«• and reel IN CLOSER AW MOt VKW HlfiH' A ClUCH HIMOUTA TH'Sk-Y/ «?77' VTH' SKY.' i i c^N' S%>\ /^^Rrr-lis MISS.' ' /A*.*V.^WMiilSwaB**! ^^iple *•"*••*» «•! I VI \* •'» •'*< A WANw A AHWK 6ASV RfrOlOED HlU TO T6LL Ud Hft FOUMOWILUKOUWHURTI ' \W PAPA FLEW WE OVEH ¥J THIS OCEAN, BUT HE GOT \^ , > VERY SICK. THEM MY PAPA HE C»eC>! YOU BET! GEE A.W 1CSLAP T<? PIMP ' TO TALK TO! T.M. tat. U.S. P.t Of. 0) 19!e b, He* Stnlcl, ln». L00KEP ALL OVER FOR. VDU. WILLARP! HOW ABOUT SOIN6 : HOWE wow? "Of all the dirty tricks, motlierl No sooner did I throw 1 Jimmy over than ho goes and gets a car!" NadSne S«.tcer I'KNOW- HE. HAD WANTED • YOU .WITH HIM VERY 8APLY. BUT VOUR •y Kate Otann O CAPTAIN EASY BELIEVE ITOR N<»3} DEARILIKE'f THERRSTOIMB SO I BOUGHT ONE FOR TWELVE DOLLARS THAT 1 KNOW YOU'LL. LIKE "fill! I DIDN'T BUV IT )' V BECAUSE 1 < (DIDN'T THINK ) YOU'D, LIKE IT t SAW THE DARLINGEST LITTLE HAT TODAY FOR ONLY FOUR DOLLARS 1958 M NCA Set»Ic«, In*. Shultz is a gypsy now—I put wheels on his dog house!" By CUlbratth ; _ , "My sister posed FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS (B,195« b/ HEA b.r.lr... Inc. T.M, (ug UJ. PH.'OH VoutLWAuic'IoTriE WE'LL WATCH NOTHING 'PUT ] •/-* YOU JMEAN WE CAN'T SEE TMV / HALLOWE'EN EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS,.. STARTING GEE, I'M , GLAD WE WE'LL WATCH NOTHING BUT EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS, STARTING rONIG-HT,' , William OUH 8«AHM»<5 OUT OU» WAY KIP FEEL MORE AT EASE WITH otp TIMERS IF THEV CPUUP 6KOVV Bl£3 M04STACHE? UKE THE IM THE ATTIC You OUP TIMERS <SC> IK) FO(? GRAV BEAEP5 AWC7 VPU'P $TILL BE PAY LATE AU 1 A SHORT/ -> AND -5HPRT PRWATgLYI ^/^e A6PUT A y ' NWN< 1Hfr dorltlvp,; lof, sugar waste in Cwtos'i" produces pa» '.and fibpr b,oanl. , TILL, SV AHO' PAYPAY/// WATCH'Aj ^ -^' "Mother! If they k?ep pwttlng you on committee?, I'm liable to b§ an eld maidl" ROACH . HUGHES VOTE FOR INCHE. Hg,,,QH ( ' ii^^iW 1 ; J^isd^jKi^s

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