Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, October 31, 1958
Page 4
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Paur , Ctfo^f 31, 1959 f itle at Stake Tonight Is Hope Meets Camden »„ bruising foolbnll gnme Is in for Hope fans tonight when ., undefeated Bobcats entertnin «4he Cnmrien P.inlhers in n contest. •-that will probably deride the rtis- ^tfjet title. »,,.3?0r the fii M lime this season the + BobCals will meel n team that is bigger than they arc — in fuel Hv Vlsiiihfi P.mther line will outweigh the Bobcat line 177 to 170 pounds. However the Bobcnt bricks will out" Jveigh the Victors 1R7 to 101 pounds. Hope's tenln nvernge is Ifif). to 170 " fof Ihc Panthers /Thus Ihe Bob tnl HUP which has ,'jiilDWed opposition only 20 points nil' « Season has its work rut out for il j -'tonight. And il should be n chnl-l lehge to Hope forwards who have 1 flayed so well nil season. j ••Winning sewn straight games' hasn't been a fluke nnd Hope has • had to play hard every Friday night as every Icnm on the schedule points toward the Hobeals. i .*" "Catrtden is no exception. Tho ( Panthers are coming into town lo-i night all fired up nnd will give j Everything they got. Lust year the „ situation Wiis very much the same! with the contest to cleeide the district tillo. Hope wns favored, ns - Is Ihe 'cnsc tonight, but Cnmck'n knocked off the Dohcnls 14 to 7 'hntl eliminated ihem from the running. \ As Coach Piereo put il. "this is "the-most important panic so fur. dislrici title is nl slake. We'll ; lo put out 200 per cent to turn , the much-improved Panth- Happy to See a Champ in Action NKW YORK i API — Trt flnys nf hoxlni; drought, New York is: 'happy to see n world chnltiplod in n ring, even if his Ullc isn't nt stnke That i* why IhnrO is linllS' unl n-.terrsl in (ought's nppeni 1 ' once of llngnn (Kid) Bnssi'y. Ilia fefitherweii'.hl king. Rn«ey. 2(1 ol Nigeria, wort {(10 tilJe by knocking out Cherif Mrt' nun in P»rl« It will he his fourth Unite;! Slnti's fiHht but his first Irl The nun-title 10-1'OUIld match irr.li'h with fiirmelo Costa of Brooklyn will be rnrried by NBC indio mifl TV. slnrliiiR nl 10 p.m. Two jutlKPS nnd ! Will score il b.V ronntls, supplpini'iilnry point system in case of even rounds. Costa, only 24. used to bo n high i-nnked ront'end-r in Ihe 120-pound clnss. Of four <:l;irls this year, he hns won three. As Coslfi primnrllv is a boxer— he hns knocked out only three In •in fights — IIP isn't expected t<> tfive f!;issey loo much trouble. Tlie champ is a heavy favorite. ; ers. 7- J*Rnln during the morning will ^ Rt-'obably leave the field wet but p«.V»ol soggy. Jlou'c-vor. Ihn sun has " out at intervals during tho 7, day, and the field should bo in ''-ioirJy Rood shape burring more L._ >.rnln by gnmetimc. Tho luckoff is al fi o'clock. Attendance in American Loop DropsSharply ^ CHICAGO (AP)—The Now York y 'Yankees' runaway race in Ihe .'<!! 'American League w;is reflecleil ' |V' today by a sharp drop in official .\ l -nltendance figures fo rthe 1958 "* ^dason which attracted slislHIv ', fnore than seven million fans. • »-<—The total wns the. second lowest in J3 years. In 1953, attendance ^' Was (!,9G4,07li and in the war year 1 - of 17-15 it was f),580,'l20. ' 'Amofjcan League headquarters ', reported a 1951! tolnl iittpiidanco ,,f-' of 7,296,03.1. That was POO, 184, or >i '11 pur cent lower than the 8.190.? - 218 nttondnnee in 1957. P" "As onrlv as Mav, the Yankees * sAvere' 10 games in front of the AL t "pock, j ," .Six' clubs renorted n decronsp i ' Jrom 1057. Minor gains were ,<•' shown 1 -bv the other two clubs. ?• ^Tlie! 195f) altenrlance compares C 'with 'Iho all-time league record of g-i 11'150.099 -ft in 19-18. Jr .•'•-Throe clubs-—Now York, Del roil -"?"> nnd Boston—ench drew more than r tl one million fans at home, bill H!. O£ie,h nl^o rpnorled n d'-on com- s^V pn>'ed wit.h allnndnnco last venr. *~tJ-> i Thn Chieapo WhHp Snx phmvri *«• HIP bip un =i slnfin It^s amone the "I .pliibs—fi3a.217. T'i" Sox. who fin\'~ isbed in second nlaco, drew n lo- i,7tpl of 7<) r ).4. I i] nl 77 i?>imp'- in Cnm- * ^Jskey Park, In lO^?, when MIPV ^/jTlKO-finishod sfcoivi (, the Y:m- VJ""j)""", Ihev drew l,1356fifl ^>. .^ -Rnllii^rire'^ dron in rHpndn'irp 1957 \vns nenrlv 500.000. The J" fiine nl 7!! wjm ( i<! ill )9)S with I n90 FIIB last yenr Pishing Around Arkansai Lakes LfffLE R'OtiK iAP> - H"re is ft liShlhg report nnd forecast from Ih6 Arkansas Game and Fi.-hj Com mission: ' i Lake Notfork: ttlnfk hnss I .M' . oil crayfish; catfish fnir on trot-, JIMP. USihg live bait • ; Lake Ounchitn: fclnek buss tnir , uli live nnd artificial bull; bream! ffiir on worms. Bull Shoals: No repot I Lake Orepson: Wider choppy. Lnrgemoeth bass fair "n pl/istic worms: Inrgrmmtths nnd crippi" 1'f.ir on minnows. Lake Hamilton: Writer elr-nr find low. Black buss fair In iviod on nrtificial ball; crr.pple fnir on rninnows. Lilkc Ca'nway: Wn;ler elenr. Crnpple fair on minno\.= ; li.-ua good on nrtlfirlnl bnit: bream good on crickets ami wn'ivi« Lake Catherine: No report. Officials For From Page One Dnwoll; Clerks — Mrs B. C. Lewis nnd Truman Arrington. Sard Is No 1 .Judges M. T Hubbiird. Lloyd Jones mid W C Abbott; Clerks •=* M'rs. Arnold Mitidlebrooks ahd Mrs. Bryan Camp. Patrhos Judges — .lohn Lnbn, Mrs. Por* lus Gilley and Mrs. O T. Rider; Clerk? —' Mrs. Melvin Joy and Mrs Fen-ell Rider. Spring Hill Judges — Jess*' Collins, A. G\ Kiclcl nnd Mrs. Mary Beasley; Clerks — Mrs. Horace Phillips and Mrs. Elmer BcHs Stephenson School House Judges — A. G. Martin, Moses Shcpard. and E. O. Lafferty; — Clerks — Mrs. Henry Hunt and K. B. Clark. Home Stretch in Football Play in State By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS HJfih school footb.'ill lienrlf! dowi) the home stretch Arkansas rel- Porks Hopeful for Victory OverA&M FAYETTKVIbl-E, Ark. (AP) — The University of Arkansas Razor- biicks head for Texas today hoping fo r;i "Uicky 7" afler rolling "snake eyes" .six consocutlvn U ITU'S They fnce Texns A&M lomor- row. '(heir seveiilli opponent In n season of six losses — Ihc longest passing H.'imc yesterday in prac- The Porkers worked on their paslng came yesterday in practice, with Coach Frank Broyles commenting: "Considering everything, l_h P workoul wr.s p.ood and our spirits seem to be nil right." Me noted an improvement in the passing, which wns done mostly by quarterbacks Mike Coonev of Tyler, Tex., and Jim Mom-no of Texnrkana. * Broyles said he wns undecided on a 'starting nuprterbnck against, the miracle-finish Aggies, who garnered 27 points in the las* quarter to whip Baylor last 'week 83-27. Rpgulnr fullback Connie Stone of Fiiveltfville continued lo run al halfback nnd apparently is re- painim? his health nfter an In- fliienzn iill.-ick. But Broylos said he doubled if Stone would play aaninst AM\1. Tackle Bill Michaels of Bl.vthn villo look il easy durinc praetlce heenusp of diz?.y soells that' have troubleci him recently. He. is ex neelrd lo perform at full speed Snlnrday, howcve.r. The rest of the souad was re poHnd in sood nhysical shnijp. The Pn7oi1bncVs who will leave Fnvetteville nt 2 p.m today b.s iilnnn 'for Colloce Station, Tex nrrivlnc in lime for a workout to> nighl at Kyle Field. .. ff*V, "The 1 flOfi 094 wl""> u'r-n! to 7? in T)r> 34G last JKyiw.', ri rirnn "f 179472 vears a"o ..„*' ''"cot i IOIITIIP fittiM->'iii->nr> reeort Ippvpn?" "of "« **<\ from tho Itm? '$£• !*• %V R " V fll ° mi"htv Vankeps. wlio 1 4 n 'R 4' filfi n naf>'on ,TVi9fo", *»« 107704-7 fnllnf uipril fo "^ CHJ-TKM; jn Fonw were 104,040 fovpr than tV>p tonight hot the schedule is n lively fro nf key games. Hot Springs is nt Blytevillo rind North Little Rock lit Pine ?luff for Big Nino Conference I'fairs, but in ench iinme the isiling team is n top-henvy favor- Morrillon is al 'Little Rock Hall ,nd Forl Smith nl Fair Park of. bhreveport in non-league contests. El Dorado, lop-ranked club 'in ic Associated Press Poll, defeat- d Tcxarkana 51-B lasl night. LiUU- Ccntrnl bowed to Memphis Central 28-0. El Dorado unleased a furious ttnck, scoring the first four times t got the ball and continuflifi -M steady pace throughout the ime. Memphis who turned on frequent nirst of speed to blank the once Dowerful Little Rock Ccnlrnl. The massing of quartberbnck Elliott -lembreo played a big role in tho. ictory. The topsy-turvy season — jusi month away from its cnrl — finds Moll the onlv Big Nin« nembcr wilh a perfect record. Hie Warriors aren't eligible for lie title, however, as they could not arrange a round robin schedule. Morrillon should urovido n ruff! •c] hurdle in the Warriors' bid for n seventh straight victory. The Devil Dogs sloDoed cp into class AA this year nnd have been giving n pood account of themselves. Fort Smith is a slicht choice over Fnir Pnrk Reuion 1AA hn" no kev confer enee game this week, so FnyeH.e yilip's visit to Surincfipld. Mo. Hillc'-psl takes the spollisht since the BullHo»s will be risking a 7- n record. Rogers !<: nl Springdfil.<? for a lengiie battle. Forrest Cilv, n title contender in I?o«ion 2AA. mints n stern nl Slultgii'-t whiln Wvono i Helenn. West Momohis, fn v ori<e. hns en onen dnlf. Ben'on is at Jnrksonville nnr •Rus=pliville al Malvern 'in 3AA COU'ltPl'S. KPIIP r>nn \'irlunllv clineh "isitinn Pnmrlpn. Ol'i'"!' HaiYlP emir! frossolt lo Pninel'ownr anc Magnolia to Camrlen Fairview. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Laft nlnht's aanves MemnHU Central 28, LHtlp Rocl rvniVnl 0 T 1 ! nornfin 51. TPNa>'lcaiia C "Hni-diiiR Aeadnmv 42. Anpusia Heher pi-inpf 7, C.onwav P 7 ft'O Pnrkin 20. Hollv OI-OVP 0 p-mvCoVHsv' 11 " 42. Keiser 0 Wilson 32, Marion 7 i.iBi.OBT la=t year. Tho smnll gains WPVP mnde in Kp"=as Pil" nnd Woshlnn»on, The AHilntics drew 925.090, a •»nm of 2=1 O'a over 1957 Tlin Ronntnrs, wi"l the IAW lot"! in (ho Ir-nnne hnr' P ff nln O ! Guernsey i Judges — Arthur XV. Mclver, j Arthur C'.rny Jr. ancl Mrs. Roy Fry I Clerks — ivi'rs. Bernlce Hopson and j Mrs. N. B. Culetnan. ! Fulton Judges — Mrs. Cecil Cox. Mrs. "has Rowland and Mrs. F. L. Inrrell; Clerks — Mrs. Sam Wea* or nnd Mrs. Sam McOill. McNab Judges — B. C. Green, Mrs. Mary Sprites nnd Mrs. tva Willurns: Clerks — Mrs. Betty Revels ntl. Mrs. Edith Lewis. Saratoga Judges — W. iM. Dillard. Walter "jnthrl.ght nnd Gaston Bland; — , r U s _ Mrs. Wiley Dillard and M'rs. Clyde Rosenbaum. Columbus Judges — R, E. Jackson, Leo vans and Tommie McCorkle: — Clerks — Brs. Johnnie Wilson and the Slrangler Calmly Continued T rum Page One Tho Ii3n"no (-nnnrlprt wns 3.54T 513 i" 941 niolit nn nvp'-fl"" nf 14 7(W In 9'n nit' irnmns Ipst VPIV. i'lR (o|al W 3 flnn.nj^, nn pvpr««p of 17,2rVi i*, «8KS3&&." ^ "'S ^p Alligator GOLD 's Most tt' $42,75 keep pulling until they nuit sirup glin'g. "* * "*" He snid IIP used the snmc piece of fnsh cord nnd Iho snmc pjstn in nil assnulls. The weapons wore in his cnr whon hlcbwav patrol men found a fourth intended vie lim holdinn the aim on him afto n desoorato struggle in a ca' Monday nifiht. Thf slender, sandy-haired rx convict, who sei'Vf d prison 'term 0 Now York and Colorado for kid nnnin« nnd ranf. oonfpssed aflo two days' nuesiinnina and a flprlor fr>st, s-'irl chief or JOP) Hnys of Iho Ovnnee Coun ly distrir-l attorneys office. victims rlied IS. 8 and : r>"n in this oi'rirj 1 . DS Hny,' niptmon's ronfession: Judy Ann Dun 19, wss assaulted in p'inrtrnent after a date to pictures of her Ants. 1, 1057 He strp,iigled her o>} tho deser ipnr Jndio, about 95 m»]es eas of here, and buried her in a shnl :ow, sandy /{rave. as ''Ocoree Wjllinms. Pasadena Mrs. Bridgeford, plumber, Shirley Ann Hope Star Classified Ads ADS MUST IE IN QfflCl DAV SIPdRI PUILI6ATISN 74431 «& AD TAKER the schedule of Soiuttaf Periods, as printed beloW, hag beefl takett from John Aldeh Knight's goluhar Tables. Plan your days so that you will be fishing In good territory or hunting in good cover during these limes, if you wish to find the best sport that each day has to The Major Periods are shown in boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for aft hour and a half or two hours there« after. The Minor Periods, shown In regular type, are of. somewhat shorter duration. A. M. P.M, Minor Major Minor Major Friday 8:10 1:50 8:30 2:15 Saturday 8:55 2:35 9:15 3:00 Sunday 0:40 3:20 10:00 3:45 Monday 10:30 4:10 10:50 4:35 Tuesday 11:20 5:00 11:40 5:25 \Voclms 5:50 12:05 6'.20 Thursdiiv 12:35 6:45 1:00 7:15 Friday 1:30 7:40 1:85 8:10 Saturday 2:25 8:35 2:50 9:05 Sunday' 3:20 9:35 3:50 10:05 Mrs. R. E. Jackson. Cross Roads Judges — Mrs. " C. F. Gilbert, Mrs. Wade Gilbert and C. W. larrison; Clerks — Guy Hicks and Mrs. Joe Finchcr. Washington Judges — F. V. Porlerficld, Mrs. Moss Rowe and Thurston Hulsey; Clerks — Mrs. Carl Martin and Mrs. Russell Rowe- Ozan Judges — S. S. Robins, W. T. Hill and Rush Jones; Clerks — Mrs. Herman Worthey and Mrs. Earl Robins. Jaka Jones Judges — Lige Bearden, Mrs. Royal Strourl and Charles Salisbury; Clerks — M'rs. G. D. Royston Jr. and Mrs. H. E. Stilton. Friendship Judges — Earl Jester, Horace Montgomery and J. D. Stone; — Clerks — Mrs. A, L. Ross and Mrs. Cecil Hicks. Blngen Judges C. E. Clingan Jr. H. G. Crowell, ancl V. C. 'Bryant; — Clerks — Fred Epton and Sim Sanford. Goodlet - Sardls No. Z Judges' — Sam Ingram, Altori Bohannon and Roy Reed; Clerks — Eddie Harris and W. H. Holliday. Belton Judges — J. A. 'Peters, J. L. Eley and K. A. iDavis; Clerks — Mrs. Milton Stone nnd Mrs. Creth Eley. McCaskill judges _ c. A, Hamilton, Marshal) " Scott and R. C. Wardlow; Clerks — Mrs. R. G. Shuffield and Mrs. Bert Scott Jr. Bieyins Judges — J. J. Bruce, Elijah Stephens and Victor Hampton; — Clerks — Mrs. Elvin Campbell and Mrs. Ralph Boyce. Deanyville Judges — Mont Harris, W. T. Yarbeiry and Carl Brown; Clerks — Mrs. Zack Stone and M'rs. J. H. Ingram. Pin e y Grove Judges — Mrs. D. G. Richards, Mrs. Otis Breed and Otto Sisson; Clerks — Ralph Cridor and Mrs, Thurman Graham. Baircl's Chapel Judges — A, R. Avery, Walker Chnmbless and A, 3- Cummings; Clerks — Mrs, Robert A. Harper, and Mrs, Jewel Burke. DeAnn Judges — Jessie Burke, G. C. Clark nnd C, B. O'Steen; Clerks — Mrs. John Lloyd and Mrs- R. B. Arnold. Absent e es Judges ~ Mrs, Robert O'Neal, Mrs. C, C. McNeil and D. C. ffov- ton; Clerks — Porscy -McRae and Mrs. Ed Notice W£ Btif * We Ml > W« atiit SEAL fc'STAM5 R. B, FKAWKLIN UOMPASf A, F, fieloftey, Maasgef •Ml LoBJ BlStahCft (2sll teet 669. ff*» Eitlmaie*, Mav« V«» --Will PRESCdW fitANSfEM * SfOKAtJJB CO, MtEACOfTi BAttHAM Brothei-s House ers. Insured and free estimate. Write Barham Brothers Cale, Arkansas. 214 Mo. NO hunting or trapping will be allowed without a permit on my land In the old proving ground. This land is posted. W, 1. Stroitd. 10*l'2mo. c Services Offered LET us renovat* your old tress. W6 specialist In preisurt- ted InnersprLng. COBS MATTRESS SHOP 712 We« 4th, Phone 7- New Edsel on Display at Hope Auto Go. Edsol, America's newest car, introduces a full line of distinctively styled automobiles that are-sensible in si/o, lighter in weight, and are priced compelilively wilh the top series of the largest-selling three. The Edsel is now showing at Hope Auto Co. In answer to public demands for a car that makes more sense, the Corsair series has been trimmed .five inches in length, excess weight has been cut ah average of 150 pounds per car, and all Eclsels have been repositioned in the market. Interior dimensions, wheelbasCj all stamped body parts, and the entire lineup of models have been charged. For 1950, Edsel has a complete line of cars in three series: Ranger, Corsair and Villager station wagons. 'The Edsel will be directly com- pelitive with Ihc lop series of Ihe largest-selling three," Ben D. Mills, Ford Motor Company vice president and general manager of Mercury, Edsel and Lincoln, said, "An Edscl, comparably equipped it0.01 lor item, will sell within $50 or less of the top series of Chev- aolets, Plymoulhs and Fords," he added. All but one of Edsel's four engines for 1959 operate on lower- priced standard gasoline. The .Edsel lineup also includes for the:.first time an Economy Six for, those who wont the maximum in gas saying. Edsel transmissions include the new, 50-pound-lighter low-cost two- speed Mile-O-Matic, RALPH Mpntfoinery Market, custom lUughterkig. We have meat for your deep freeze. See u« before buyin«, 17-tf SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd. L. E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. •5-14-tf FOR a complete line of pumps, water wells or work overs. Call O. T. Clark. 711 E. 6th. Phone 7-4364. 26-1-mo-p CUSTOM slaughtering. Hogs $2. Cattle for hides. Hauled free up to 10 miles. Phone PR 7-3578 01 7-2701. 27-1-mc FURNITURE repaired ancl refin ished. Dockcry's Hobby Shop. 220 'E. 3rd St. 3'l-3fc Opportunities Offered I/>v n dlvorcpe.' of sul)urban Sen Ynlloy, through a Los Angeles lonely hearts cjub last -' ' 8. tho rope he ended Her lifp sout h of Escondido after- |orping her to Disrobe and submit fo him in his automobile. HP didn't bury Jier bopa'isc he walked hor "almost a milo inlo the desert and 1 Didn't j,hink anyone would find her t,here."> kf>st July 23 " pal|o,4 pn He Jhen "I , - waiU lo-felU jorp wg,wp?> fi'weg w *mm >Pf Ixqs, £ipwi¥to ,Fi|ty ie§/, £y4 ~$$ ' - iv&d \4to ' I' 8- *.?a-¥W ftftd, • ^i; to^ i, Jrojiv .Jdllius at bav. Avhen'. batrolir Woman Killed in Tr«ck»Car Wreck MAHIANNA, ArH, '(APi— A, 41- yo?r-old Texas woman svas killed yesterday i,n a collision beiwe'esi & car and a truck near here. Dead is "Mrs. Catherine Grigg of Killecn, Tex., a passenger in a car driven by her husband, Jerry PO>V Grigs. Stnto Trooper p, fJ. Pradshavv said Grigg and the couple's two children were not injured seriously. ' Bra,dsbaw said the truck was driven by Q. E. Boswell, about 5Q, of Moro. any answer, so J got out- the and did it the same way, J did the others. I pUed some tyrusJa and debris oji her , bpd/ and left hor there," ' Officers said Ws fourth it\tsnd ed vielim VYBS Mis? VigiL Los Angeles, whpn) hj$ §,$i®$ Monday ,ni^hl f ostensibly for pic-. ture-tak(np in. hp (Q\£ foer, hjs "i" 35 s,oyt)i on'tiw and p,arK,ed,. Uf4 .i MAN wanted for Rawleigh business in part of Hope or S. Hempstead Real opportunity. No experienci needed to start. See Corwin Crow Rt. 1, Box 30, Nashville or write 'Rawleigh 1 * Dept. AKJ - 641 - 0 Memphis, Tenn. ' 31-2t[ .„,.,. . ... -. , -..,*- ~ ,-*:.... .....^-.-^tt Female Hetp Wonted WO waitresses. Apply in JSefsbhi diamond Gafe, Mope, AfL 1941 R lift At, HOUSEWIVES Christmas Time . . . Our Big ^arnihg Time! Avon Cosfnelics has wo territories open for WorrieW vho wish to earn. Insure you? Merry Christmas! Representatives leeded for Redlarid Township (McCaskill) and Saline TownshW (Co^ urhbusK Car necessary, Write Avon, Box' 37 1 ?, Hot Springs, Ark. Give directions to your home. . . 3f>3tc WANT AD RATH All Wohf Ads are poyob'S in advonce buf dds will W accepted ovef the telephone ortd ar-tomorfo- H6H BcfcbunH dllowed with the -" J - d^fstahdiftj fh8 atcburlf IS »h6n Statement is rendered. Number 6f Words Up to 15 16 to 20 21 to 25 26 IS 36 31 fa 3S 36 ifl 40 41 to 45 6 to 3d Help Wonted MEN'WOM'EN $20 Daily. Sell Luhr inous nameplates. Write Reeves Co., Attleboro, Mass, 34nl"p For Sol* ALUMINUM screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping, Hv stilation, roofing, aWrtings, glittering, ornamental railing. Free estimates, Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5807. 9-t f HOUSE TO BE MOVED ' For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope, Ark. Raymond Byors Phone 7-2956. 13-1-m-p 1950 STUDEBAKE'R pickup, Cattle bed, heater, clean and in good condition. Phone 7-2204 or 7-4011, 29-tf INSURANCE. Fire, Tornado, Auto- mibile, Liability with the Hartford Fire Insurance Company Company group of stock companies. ARE YOU FULLY COVER ED? Call Jim Cole, Hope Insur ance Agency. 18-12tc FIVE" room house. $1,000. A good buy to rebuild or move. Johij W, Webb, Ozan, Ark. 21-lrh-p 8 Acres, Hope edge, modern 4 room furnished., $6,000 — $2,500 down payment. Balance like rent 196 acres, good stand of pine some logs and pulpwood for mark et. $10,000. Terms. Strout Realty Agency. 620 West 67 Highway. 21-1-m-c FIVE room home across stree from Brookwood School. 509 S ' Spruce. Phhe 7-2223. 25-fltp The Negro Cbmmuhity- Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 . 1951 OLDS Fordor,- hardtop. Good second car. Call PR 7-2487. 27-t Thought for the day Every day's experience shows how much more actively education goes on out-of ..the schoolroom, than in it — channing- Returns Home, Finds Porch Torn Away CONWAY, Ark. (AP) — Mrs, Helen Kelton returned home after a few hours absence and found' her front porch torn away, After investigating she learned that the construction company that was supposed to replace the porch al her neighbor's house came to the wrong address. "They were awfully sorry," Mrs. Kellon said "and replaced it wilh a new one Iree of charge," Sailor Sentenced on 12 Counts NEWPORT, R. ,J. ('AP) — Robert A. Wallers, 2i, of, Wynne, Ar!? t , a former sailpv, has been son- teneed to three years in an adult correctional in.sUlut»on on each of , 12 indictments charging Jiin; breaking OP d eutei'ing, sentences, imposed yestey. are to run concurrently, Hays to Speak at, New Qrleons (AP) . .,,„Hays (p-Ark.) will be lh.Q ,4 speaker Satuvdny night at 3 three-state ip.terfailh meeting sponsored by the *-" •'»'»"-- iioti 5=*0ftsu e ' Irwin PciuUrosfli »i-»t-i--' ••- -, tar,' ?Sid 'abovtt 100 persons from Arlsansas, Louislaps wd n/ """- sippj BVJB v^P ec * t? "' r jweetjng. r-i •n™~ Piplomsts lsi'*iW»i*WT* 4 *' I "»;*;»'<?r- ' ^W*W^W*H. Calendar of Events A Pageant "The Beautiful City of God" will be presence! at Garrett Chapel 'Baptist Church Sunday Nov. 2 at 7:30 'p.m, The public is invited. Tho New Bethel CR1E Church is celebrating Us 88th anniversary with nightly services: at 7:30 tonight 'Mt, Pleasant CM'E Church in charge. Prayer service conducted by Sister Adell Thomas, Sister Alma Knox and Bro. Willie Johnson; Sermon by Rev, A. Jones; Offering, 'Sister Florence and Bro, L, C, .Stuart, Clpw Elects Officers The Home (Economics Department of Clow T r am in g School got off to a good start this year with Die election of officers, They are: President, Gloria May; vice president, Susie 'Rodgers; secretary. Edna White; assistant secretary, Yelma Stewart; treasurer, Clarice May. 7he objective -for the year is "To Help each gji'l appreciate, beautify, and maintain the home, a,n4 to become -afl' efficient homo, The Septemjber celebration was ".Harvest JTroMo." The decoration was 'in keeping with -the season. The centerpiece was " a pumpkin cushioned 'with hay surrounded by gar corn and peafS, The main HCti' Yjties were games and socializing •followed by Williams at §arat98«i a We long resj- of gafStoga., £ied at the home pf a nephew, He wps a member of PI4E twp D?bi Nejson of Saratoga and p. WJUian\? Pf For! Smith a"d Piece*. Mrs. Webster Jdrdpn A^pip* OHJs- Mrs- Mary iains of TpHSvfeana and Mrs. Sa . o| AyvK*^ 4'* a:¥S&S«»,«. ?r.Tjf . . . .services >veve hrjd at - wM ooded Sehopl Bus yxpyfwfci. L , ff±**A " T" • Wt&n'zuKiT'f ^•afV) ^iiSff''^^! MfftfttS^? ^ f:T^7,,5"Si a'l.Hiin Rock'hosattal JOHN Deere 25, Comibine in gooc condition. J. C. Burke. PR 7 2938 or 7-2045. 28-flt( U.K.C. Registered Toy Fox Tcrrie puppies. Call Margie-Harrie a Shipley Studio, 7-5811. 28-31 THREE bedroom home. Nice sub urban location. Good garden spot .'Storm shelter. G, E. •Sundtoerg Rosston Road. 29-31 RANUNCUDUS Ready. Sunshin Greenhouse, Hwy, 67 E, a miles 29-(3t TO tear down or move from pro perty. Duplex now being use as hospital annex. See Dr, J. W Branch. 30-Gt TWO Gas Floor Furnaces, Goo condition. Guy E. Basye, 30-3t GOOD ladies black coat. Size,20 See at- Hazel's Beauty Shpp, ' 31-3t 1956 STUDEBAKER. In good con dition. Call PR 7-2559, 31-31 FIVE room home. Dinette and cai port, Complclely furnished, Se' cheap for quick sale. Phono ' 3l-6t Day .45 .60. .75 .90 1.6S 1.20 1.35 1.50 6dys .90 1.26 1.50 1.PO 2.10. 2.40 2.76 300 Six Ooys 1.50 100 2 SO 3.00 3.564.00 4.50 5.00 MohfH 4.50 6.60 7.SO 900 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 CLASSIPIED DISPLAY 1 tifne 3 tifnes 6 times SOc per Inch 65c pet Irtch 55c pcf iiich Safes quofcd above dre, fof consecutive insertions. Irregular or skip datd ads will take the one-day fate. All dally classified advertising copy will b« accepted until 5 p.m, fof publication the following day. The publisher reserves the right to revise or edit all advostisements of fered for publicctjbrt and to reject any objectionable' advertising sub* milted . .. Initials of one or more letters, groups of figures, surh as house of telephone numbers count as one'word. The Hope Star will riot be responsible for errors in Waht Ads unless errors are called 1o our attention after PIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect- insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star ' Star of Hope 1899) Press 1927 Consolidated Jonuory 18, 1929 Published everv weekdoy afternoon.by . STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Woshburn, Secy-Tres. ot The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor 8, Publisher Poul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmer, Mech. Siipt. , Entored'os second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Memiior of. the Audit Burcou'cf Circulations Subscription kotos (payable In advan^o) By carrier in Hope and neighborly towns — ' Per week f .30 Per year '•>«<> By mall in Hempstead, Nevodo, Lafayette, Howard ancl Miller Counties — One-month > ','5? Three months >•« Six months s 3.50 On* ycnr . *-. 50 All other mall' — One.month I- 3 *? Three monlhs 3-'J>, Six months .' 7.80 One year " 5 ' 6 ° Mat'l Advertising Representatives: 'Arkansas Doilies, Inc., 1602 Sterirk Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 J«xps Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N Michigan Ave., Chicaao I, III.; 60 f. 42nd St., Now York 17, N, Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member of The Associated Press; The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republicatlon of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. Instruction BEGINNING Lessons In oil paint- Ing and pastels, Interested persons may contact Freddie Jones, 4 514 -East Third Street, or call 7JJ 2732, 23-tf Wanted Hope Star route open for boys 12 years and over, Apply at Hope Star Office. ANY and all issues of the jnelori Telegraph dated 18G7, )8Q8 and 18Q9, Talbot' Feild Jr. Telephone PR 7 4509 or 7r2J09. •HARDWOQP lumber Wanted. 4x4 grqon soft, hardwood lumber of the foljosving specjes; Gum, tonwood, Willow, , , . •Maple, Sycamore and Tupelo, 5x4 green Beq[ and White Pak, wjll accept' tie siding. Jnqi»U't> for' prices pt McCqy Couch Furn> iture Mfg. Co,, Bentpn, ' sas. WANTED TO BUY pine Pulpwboo py Truck Load Cut in Woods or. otherwise, HAROLD HENDRIX Phone PR 7-4321 16th & Ueyisiana, H9P9, ArK, ROAD KINO phone 7 58QQ 209 S. Ilm FpF flgfif vice; CaU Pay ° r , Ser. house m W, Street. NO children under < High School age, H 4 ROOM duplex ^-uji private 'bath, available '%ov. 1, Jftpg Sput|) phonp J>I\ unfvtrnislied priyate bgth. Front - pacfe '.brook? flro..J3ia} MATTR155IS . t sr -M*$t !nt« lnnf« g, WsrK jii Biy . PAYI5 f MfBJtiir* i Maftrtw Ct, , 117 •»• Mim :~Ph9. 74811 Funtral H?/nf end Burial ' " v Ambwloncc ay. Rsdis, ir C <' •* T • *m • f i ^ i J«M f a js n A jn 11

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