Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1958
Page 3
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31, 1»SI file" Paisley School Halloweeri Garritval will be held Friday night October 31st from 5 till lisa* Mam* bufgcrs, hotdogs and cokes Will be served IH the Iunciir6orri ( MoHd.ay, Circle No. 1 of the W&3S bf the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, Nov. 3 at 3 t>.hi, « the home of Mrs, M, S. Moore. Circle 2 of the WSCs of the First Methodist Church will meet ort iMoriday, Nov. 3 at 3 p.m. in the - home of Mrs", C. D'. Lester with iMrs. L, L. Sail as Co'hostess* The Mope Band Auxiliary will meet at Cannon Mall Monday. Jlov, 3 at ?:-30 p.m. feieeutive Meeting will be at 1 This is an important meeting and the trip to Conway Will be discussed, November 3 Circle 3 of the WSCS of the First Methodist Church will meet Circle 4 WSCS of the First M'eth^ Monday, Nov. 3 at 3 p.m. in the """' ' " • -- • ji om ; e qf Mrs. o. W. Amos. Mrs. J. t). Walker will be co-hostess. otltst Church will meet Monday, Nov. 3 at,3 p,m. in the home of Mi's. £, J. McCabe. Circle d of 'WiSCS of Ihe First Methodist Church will meet Mondff-, Nov. 3 at 2 p.m. in the home of Mrs. L. B. Tooley, The Builders Bible Class of the First Baptist Church will meet on Tuesday, 'Nov. 4 at the church at 1 p,m. A covered dish super will GET MORE OUT OF LIFE SAENGEH GO OUT TO A MOVIE TONITE & SATURDAY — Double Feature A trip into Outer Space on a Rocket Ship! SPACEMASTER X-7 • ACTION — PLUS — ACTION • BIG HALLOWEEN LATE SHOW... TONITE 10:45 * ALSO: .SATURDAY MORNING AT 10:00 FOR ALL THE KIDDIES WHO CAN'T STAY UP LATE HALLOWEEN NITE . IT WILLSCMtTHE LIVING YELL OUT OF YOU! STARTS SUNDAY FEATURE TIME 1:17 - 3:36 - 5:38 7:20 - 9;39 Star of "ground The World In 80 Days' They called him the STRANGER WITH A GUN-. ^LESLIE NIELSEN 1IDKEYSHAUQHNESSY. EDGAR fee served. All to attend. are fhe Hope tlnii tsf.' the dOuncil of tihercfi WoftieH «-ill meet IH the Chapel of the first PH&S byterlan Church at % p.m. Ofi MqV. 1 Mrs. Jafties Piiklhtoii Will Have charge df the pro|ram. fhe thethb of It Will >be "EJtchaftge: d&od Ideas, People.' Those atlefidiHg afe asKed lo ferihg warm fclolhifig and ah offering. Sseiety Wests IH 6'8t«SH Hews flie Kathleen Malory MIssioHary soeiety met Tuesdaj' Might in the home of Mrs. Cecil o'Steett. Mrs. d-rad> Burloft program chairman presented the program "fted Lol» ler Cay." The hostess served a delicious dessert plate lo the seven memibers present, Wedding Miss Charlotle Ann firown, the daughter of Mi', and Mrs, deorge F. Brown, and Lewis Franklin dona, son of Mr. and Mrs, Marry Lindsey of Can-idem, were united In marriage at eight o'clock on the evening of Friday, Oct. 24, in the Theta XI fraternity house at the University of Oklahoma in Norman Oklahoma. Dr. Fenis A. Crutchfield, pastor of Ihe First Methodist Church In Norman, performed the double ring ceremony in the living room of the fraternity house. Dick Mcdlund, a student at the university, accompanied Don Stephens of the Pi Kappa Alpha house,'Who sang "Because" and "Truly,", The ceremony was performed before an improvised alter decorated with white .stock and chrysanthemums, white tapers and greenery. The bride and groom entered the room together. The bride was attired in a frock of beige lace over taffeta, with a sesuin half-hat. Her accessories were of a matching hue. Her necklace of seed pearls was a gift of the groom. She carried a white Bible, topped with svhilc carnations which were entwined with tiny pearls. Miss Karen Kinsler of Davenport, Iowa, roommate of Miss Brown; served as her maid of honor, Miss Kinsler wore a navy sheath dress With matching accessories. Her corsage was of light blue carnations. Franklin Spooner of Stephens, Arkansas, a fraternity brother of the groom, was best man. A small reception was held in the entrance hall of the fraternity hocse with the house mother, Mrs. B, N. Woodward, presiding at the punch bowl. Miss Lea Pierce, a student at the university, .served the three tiered wedding cake, topped with wedding bells, trimmed with silver and?pink roses. A freshman at the University of Oklahoma, the->bride is majoring in Home Economics. She, was recently selected a school Beauty to represent ,Parker House. The groom is a University Junior in the School of Geology, He is a mem- iber of Theta''XI, social fraternity. Mrs. Goza chose a blue spit with matching accssories for her traveling ensemble", She pinned a cor- DIXIE DRIVE-IN THEATRE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL TONITE! Sot-Sun 2 Great Disney Hits in Color PICTURE OF THE YEAR , ., , BAMBt IN COUOR Adults Childcm Under 59$ 12 FREE TINY TIM IS REALLY LIVINC-timothy Paul Prigimeiei- makes his small way Into the world at Lutheran Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. He weighed in at two pounds, two ounces ind was 12 inches loHg, not very much bigger than this pie» till 1 *, Hospital officials Vainly searched Uielf records tor * smaller premntuie baby than the one barn lo proud William and Judy Prlglmcler of suburban Lakcwood, Put into an incubator, Tiny Tim's weight dropped to one poululi 12'ounce*. However, he gained weight in Ihe Incubator and graduated from eye-dropper lo bottle feeding, NO SWITCHBLADE THIS'TIME — Although he Vloosn't particularly look it here, Sal Mlnco is happy because he has escaped from the "Rebel .Without Cause" type-casting of a snarling- punk with n switchblade knife. In his new picture, Walt Disney's "Tonka," he plays a Sioux Indian boy, nephew of Sitting Bull, with a crazy, wild horse named Tonka. sage of white carnations at her shoulder. After a short wedding trip, the couple is residing at: Apt. AV.W.C., Box 4702: Norman, Oklahoma. !L Fil Jill mn wwo w> u ^ Junior Iris ;Garden Cluh Me e ts on MonAay , The Junior Iris Garden CJu'p of Oglcs'by .School met .Monday, Octo/ ibcr 27, 1958 V iiv the' Sixth Grade room. The President, Wayne Moses, presided over the meeting, and the Secretary, Brenda Smith, -rend the minutes of the last meeting. Mrs. Coy Breeding, Club Sponsor from (he Senior Iris Garden Club introduced Mrs- A, A, Halbcrt as guest spaaker. Mrs. Halbcrt displayed a viriely of drirci materials she had brought in form the woods and fields and showed the children how to malic an attractive arrangement from the dried weeds and grasses that can be secured at no expense. Mrs, Breeding urged the children to purchase 'bulbs for fall planting and early 'spring blooms. At the close of the meeting candy was served and Mrs. Halbort presented the completed arrangement to the room, Reporter; Joan Butler, Mrs, E, J, WMU sHonored On 84th Birthday Mrs, E. J. Willis celebrated her 8<tth birthday Sunday October 26th in the'horne of her daughter Mrs, S. J. Burke, Mrs. WilUs Is the mother of 13 children with 10 still Jiving, she has 52 grandchildren, 06 great grandchildren and one great, great, grandchild, She enjoyed opening many lovely gifts, Th,°s° who enjoyed the pic.- njc Jun.ch on, the lawn of the home were; Mr, and Mrs, Geeter WilKs, Me, and. Mrs, Wllborn Willis, Glynn and Gail of prescott. Mi's, Omy Arnold of El Dorado. Garretl Willis, Mr, and Mrs, Alden Willis, Mr, and Mrs. Alvin WiUis, Mr. and Mrs, Elmer Clark,, ' Brenda and Judy, Mr. and M,i' s . Eujas Burke, Sher/y, John and Ginger of Hope, Mr, and, Mrs, Earl Orr, Vicky Lynn of Ai> k,a.d.eJph,ia, Mr, and, Mrs. CHfton past and Curtis of Shover Springs, Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Barrong, Bsrba, of New Hope, arid Mt'5, Raymond -Reeves and Tout of Spring Hi|l, La,, JYlr, and, Mrs, Jjffje Hartsfiejd, Mr, and Mrs, Qrqv§r Clark, Jam,es, Roy, Nelda, Mr, grid, IflfS. Clmid Q'Steen, Many |rjpnS§ Sfid relatives yjsjfe in tb? Mrs. Leon Prescott. Mrs. Herman Rhodes, Mrs. J. A. Soveclge, Mrs. J. G. Prescott, Mrs. Loy Dodgers, Mrs. A. L, Ross, and three men, A. L. Ross, Cloid Bittick, and John Denton Prescotl Second place red ribbons went to Mrs. Herbert Dodson ol! Hope, Mrs. Ray Allen and Mrs. George Hughes of the Rose Garden Club of Hope, Mrs. Loy, Rodgers, Mrs, A. L. Ross, Mrs, R. G, Shuftield, Mrs. Hcnnan.;Rbodes, Mrs. J, G, Prescott, Mrs. Cloid Bittick, Mrs. Dorothy Sevedge, who came down from her teaching in Fort Smith to help with the flower show, Cloid Bittick was the second place winner in the men's class of "A Hunting We Wiil Go," Coming and Going Mrs, P, D. Burton of Lcwisvillu is spending several days this week with Mr, and Mrs, George Peck and Miss Julia Peck, Mrs. Martin 'Pool returned Wed nesday from a visit in Hot Springs with Mr. and Mrs. Coyler Cox and in Conway with IMiss Lou Noll Cox, a student at Hondrix College, Notice There will be open house tonight at the Country Club alter the Hope Camden football game, Hosts will be Wfr. and M'rs. Teddy Jones and Mr, und 'Mrs. Roy Taylor. Hospital Notes Memorial Admitted: Mi's, Vincent Turnip* seed, fit. 1. Lewis villcj J. T. Hodges, l}ope; Morgan Johnson, Hope £. A, Stark, Rt. l, Spring Will, Carmel Stone. Patmos; Jerry Brown, Hope; Julia Barber, Hope, piscthgrcied; Garjand tpiljard of H6pej 'Mrs. Howell Goad, Ri, }, Hope; 'William Paris, Rt. 1 ISrnmet Mrs. James F. Harrison and baby boy, Fulton;' K- V- 'Atkins, Hopo; Bennie Graham, Rt. '1, HQpe: Mrs. y, p. Troxel, <Jiope; J, W. Cunning^ ham, Hope; Mrs. W, C. Adney, Rt. 4, Hope; Or. W. R, Alexander, ol Hope;Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Pepper o( Rt. ? Hope, announce, the arri' val of 3 b^by boy, 'born Qyt. g?, 1958. ' Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Twrn{psee4 of fit. J ILewjsyille announue tl;e JM,r, and Mrs. Homer Ward were the weekend guests ol -their daughter, Mrs, Bill 'Pratt and family in bright' feiue weather W|is v>'el9Qrn,ed, by tlie Arkon5Q5 to Cut \v|tl) $ fall festival of frujls. wh.ieH attract(?4 o| ]sto|-' to 9Qmrr«iuty the y\efaes developed, r " 'Mrs. T. C. M'oRat Jr- has had her guests, -Dr. and M,rs. C,,'f. and chjjdra! of Tulsa, flla, ' ROCK WjJJ cut % ?6,2g,090 Its rrtuiti-miytori d.oH?4 bond d$M thi^ week by , end A1rs. Jipndrix Dildy and yywe the Sunday gfterpwn guests of J"Jv- &n4 Mrs- I- Tom pjidy in th.c payment vvjl} t 19 If geek's .- £>$. i'Qr.e Jadian Supv. for tlje Squirrels", $$ their guests; Sunday/ and. ms;i4ii',«rM ^$ w«^ •iW4 if /-,!•»* n 10d I i fct 1/1 t rtn inn i (i Prescott News Evans-QIbbs Vows Repeated Mi", and Mrs. Wells B.Vnrs Ham-, bv announce the mnrrinijc of their daughter. Irmn Hnmby Gibbn, to Dnllns .Earl Evans of Ft. Worth, Texas, son of Mr. and Mrs, Howard 1. .Evans of El Dorado on Oct. 2(! ul 3 p.m. in the KVMIIK home. Rev, Alfred DdBluck performed Ihe single ring ceremony before n background of southern smilax, Bion7e and yellow mums decorated the spacious recaption hull wheie, the ceremony was performed. . , The bride wore n bluo silk fnille Mienth and carried a whito satin Bible topped with white mums and lilici of the valley. Mrs. ,Wade 'Bell of Houston was her sisters matron of honor. and wore a blue silk .shofith. Her shoulder corsngc was of pink carnations. Howard Evans of Mngnolia wus his brothers best m,in. An informal reception was held in the dining room after tho wedding. The serving table, covered with a white cut work cloth, was centered with an.arrangement of yellow, ;and while mums in a cut glass 'bowl. A bcHutiful three tiered wedding cake decorated with yellow roses, yellow candles in lull crystal holders, mints and nuts in cut glass bowls and a crystal punch bowl filled wi.th lemon punch also decorated the table. •Miss Sylvia Evans of El Dorado sister of the groom, IMrs. ,W, C. Lassetter of Memphis, aunt, of the bride'and ;Mis's Ruth Steil of Fordyce assisted in the dining room. After a short wedding trip the couple will be at home* in Fort Worth,, where Mr, .Evans is a nuclear engineer with Convuir Corp. Oi.it of town guests for the wedding were Mr- and Mrs, Howard, I,: Evans, Miss Sylvia Evans, Mr. rind Mrs. ILloyd Evans, Susan -and Bill Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Evans, Henry, Gail, Wendy, Byron and 'Reggie Evans, Mr. and (M'rs. 'Morris Evans and son Richard, Mrs, W. C, Lyons of El Dorado; Mr. and Mrs. c\V. C, Lnsseler of Memphis, Tonn.j Mr, and Mrs, Wade Bell, Susan and Alan Bell of 'Houston; Miss Ruth Stell, J n .or- clyce; Wells B. Ufamby Jr. of Camden; Mrs, Warren Nesbitt of Ble- vinos and Howard Evans of Magnolia, and Mr. and Mrs. Chnsu Stephens of Gurdon. Mr. undiMrs. 11. W. (Butler Sunday, Misses Louise -Martin mid Chnr- lotto Dc-woody of Shreveporl were the weekend gtiestS of'their par- Ruisia Now Suggest! Slopping A-Tiitr t,6tit36N tAP'j -Mosfitiw- Sold loftfgrit tH<s Soviet ttnfoH immediately Stop hucieflf tet the United Stales and BHtaift Jft it talk on Eflst'West ni«<f§af Discussions staffing W denetf*\ frrlday, the Moscow <5omm6ftlaM<' snid; . e"*, "If Ihd governments of mi 1 U.S.A. nml firilain nfe fbhdy sifth such nH agreement theft Soviet Union will im join lliew nfttl Will stop Its rtuclcrtt- Icsls, despite 1 fuel thnt It hns CnfHcd bUl fd miclcftr lesls than the olh{!fs7' Hospital Board May Set! Some Land • LtttLT5 MOCK (AP)«-Tiio Stftl6\l Hospital Board of Control h6&«a:y In sell snrrte tnrm Innd soon ld^ rnlsc money for n mnxlttiUrtt &&> if Ctirity building. "Cl 'Dr. dritnvlllo T,. Jones, hospital-^ siiiicrlnldndenl, snicl yesterday he'".^ hopes bids oh the building CatT^l be Invited within a few months. $ The itihd which the board pro«j%| fjosos ID sell totfils more llifln 2,<;''J OCO neres. it Is i\l Bnueum Pafm t '." ! S enst of North Udlo Rock, ah'd r nt the liospllal's Bcnton unit, cuts, Mr. and Mrs. J3r>h Flncncf of,'*" Jonesboro wcru the weekend guests t of Mr. utitl (Mrs. W, P. Ciimmlngs. * WMU Circle 1 Meets With Mrs, Purkett WMU CiiclQ 1 of the First Bap- list Church met on Monday afternoon in the homo of Mrs. R. W. Burkcll with 12 members present. Mrs, H. W. Butler, chairman, called Die meeting to order and Miss 'Lillio Butcher led in prayer, Mrs. Clifford Johnson gave the devotional on '^Prayer 1 reading the scripture 'Matthew/ 2<!:;)-(J. Mrs. Harreii Hines, assisted by Mrs. Wilburn WiHls, Mrs. C, II, Tompkins, 'Mrs. Watson !\Vhite Jr. Mrs, J, T. McRac and M'rs. Cutler presented the program on "Red Letter Days," Mrs, Jtlnes voiced thu closing prayer. f>. salad course and coffee was served by the hostess, Mr. and Mrs. 'B. A, DelLamar t attended homecoming activities at Baylor in Waco, Texas Saturday and saw the Baylor-Texas -A. & M football game. Or, R- 'Nelson attended a board meeting of the Arkansas Pp« tometric Assn. in Little Rock Shn- day of which he Js president. JVJrs, Harold Lewis arid Miss Nancy Lewis' accompanied Jyjr. ant Mrs. Joe Lavender of Texarkana to Waco for the weekend where they were the guests of Joe kayen-- der a Baylor student and saw'4ne gayJor-Texas A#M football game, LAST DAY! Tonight 5 p. m. to 8 p. m. Final Public Showing of our Model Home "The Plainsman" 1120 Sol Walnut Don't miss seeing this completely furnished Model Home. You'll be glad you did. . Thanks, for the fine response during our showing. .„ i Hope Builders Supply Co. HOPE, ARK. THI TRENTQN fAe<je\ 8???? Tofel* 1" overall <J|gg,2$? line melpl cabinet grqinsd blend 99k

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