Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1958
Page 3
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, Qtl&bst 35, 19SS HOPS SfARr HCft,' ARftAHSA'S Ph6fl« 4 P.M. Calendar Satsbsp 58 seheel \vill hold 'its efitcken spaghetti siippet hfitt Hapweett .tBHilVal 'Thursday flight, Supper Will be served start* at 5J30. Pride Will be $1.00 for tS Slid 50 cents for children, •Halloween cat-nival Will be held at the Gai'laftd Schdol Thursday Jiight October 30, Supper Will be served begihhing at S:30 p. m, f rlddyi Oatobfic 31 The 1 Paisley School Halloween f Carnival will be held Friday night October 31st from 5 till T.'SO, Mam- burgers, hotdogs and cokes u-lll be served in the lunchroom. ,^6hd,ay, Navember 3 Wrcle 2 of the WSCS of the First Methodist Church will meet oil Monday, Nov. 3 at 3 p.m. in the home of Mrs. .C. D. 'Lester 'With iMrs. L. L. -'Bail as co^hostcss. giub Seasotial fl6\Ver* were Used 4$ Mrs. B. fi. Paris When she eftie^ (Sifted, the Mt Friettdship CltiB 0(1 (Jet. 20. The meeting was opened With' prayer by Mrs. Bryah Clark, with the text taken from Matthew J;141 All members joined in the discussion of the gospel. During the business meeting the rules and 'by laws were discussed by the group, The scrprise pack* age was won ,by Mrs, V. C. Cole- mart. Potato Pie or Jam Cake and coffee were served to the club members and one guest. Mrs. It. 'M. Volcntinc. 3 Die in Jet Crash of Pine Bluff Suggests Way to Solve the Race Problem Circled WSCE! of'the First M'eth« odist Church will meet .Monday, Nov, 3. at'3/p.m. in the home of Mrs. E'.'.'J.' McCabe. , Circle.6 of WSCS-of the •First Me- thlgiist Church will meet Uq^tf, Nay. 3;at,2 'p.m. .In the honie-of Mrs. >L.',B;'Tpoley. •Circle'No. 1 of the WSCS of the First Methodist Church will.meet Monday,' Nov. 3 at 3 p.m. in 'the home of Mrs. R. B. Moore. Cosmopolitan Club Meets Mrs. Olive)' Adams and MVs. William 12. Harris were -Co-hostes* ses for the Cosmopolitan Club when It met at the Adams home on Del. 28. Pretty chrysanthemu'ms decorated the mantle and on the dining room table Was an autumn arrange ment of marigolds, colored leaves, and tiny pumpkins. "Taps .For Private Tcssie" by Jessie Stuart was reviewed for the groitp by Mrs. R. 'E. Jackson. Mrs, : P. t.. Perkins stumped nienrbers with a "Secret" they could not identify. It, concerned the total number of years she had been in School, as a teacher and as a student. •At the close of the meeting, the hostesses served pie and coffee to the 15 members'Who were present. The Hope Band Auxiliary will meet at Cannon Hall Monday, Nov. 3- at 7:30 p.m. Executive Meeting will; ; toe at T. This is an important noting and the trip to Conway will be discussed. Mrs.'Roy Burke Hostess To DeAnn 4-H' Club The DeAnn 4-H Club met Oct.- C in the home of Mrs. Roy Burke with 16 mem'bers present. .Officers for the^'coming year were electqd as follows: • President, David.-Samuel;. vice president; 'J: D. Samuel; secretary ai^' treasurer, Ricky Willis; song Idmicr, ' fl JuAy .Samuel; reporter, Janice Lloyd; recreational leader. Palsy Roberts and 'scrapbook leader, BnSnda Faulkner. •Refreshments of cookies and cold- drinks; were served'by, Mrs] Burke,;'assisted, by her daughter, Kay. Them ex t' meeting will be Nov: 3 in' the'vDe'Ann Community .Build;. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Charles Routon and daughter, Ann of Little Rock visited Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Routon during the past weekend. A family dinner honored Ann'on her 'birthday, Saturday, given by her grandmother. Dr. and Mrs, John McClanahan and Mrs. Sarah.Moses spent Tuesday ih.Ruston, La, where Dr. McClanahan- was chapel speaker at .Louisiana- .Tech. Mr.--and'Mrs. lE. P. Young Sr. were in Hot-Springs' this past week ,end', attending a meeting of the 'Arkansas Automobile -Dealers Association. Mr..Young was recently appointed' National'Area Chairman of the, Assn. " JMr. and Mrs! ,W. "M. Reinha'rdt •'have'X'sperit" the past few .days' in •Fayetteyille ,with her, .parents, .Mr. ^^ MLWF, Atk. CAW Three wen died yesletdfty' ftheii ad ftF4? jet (from Lltfle Hack Aif Force Bast pltirnifielcd into fl. eoltoh field and burst {file flarttiJs. One of the 1 men ejected himself as tH6 plane iiUH!<?d biirtmVffffl. but his parachute failed to oftefli The base public tofbr:ittfttlflrl office said the {slfiJid had. bei>3 practicing low level approaches fel he municipal airport herd wlibH i suddenly stalled ahd W6f» ifrtf a spin. Air Force officials identified .iw !cad as Capt. Walter THorrifis Bernirtger, 3d, of CataWlssa, Prt,. nslruclor pilot; 1st Lt, Lutl'ftr £dgar Connon, 30. of LaveiiWdrfh, Wash.; and Maj. Hr.rry Geot'Sc Johnson, 38. of Lake Charles, La Connon and Johnson were student all-craft commanders assign ed to the 4250th Student Squadron at the Little Roc base, Each of the three Was survived by his widow and two children Witnesses said the plane exploded when it hit abm.it one fourth mile west of the. air field. Two oE the bodies were founii n the wreckage.' The third was about 150 feet ;nvay. ,• A board of officers began an investigation to. ..'determine the cause of .the crash,. A plane of thai type normally carries a -four-man, crew, but the base public information office said the fourth man had been excused from the flight because of illness. Officials declined to'identify him. New State Agency May Be Permanent LITTLE-ROCK (API—The Arkansas Ports and Harbors Development Assn. moved yesterday toward becoming a permanent and official state agency. J. G. Burke, a-Helena attorney, was named association .chairman r.nd Boyd Ridgeway, .managing director of the Little' Rocta. Chamber of Commerce, secretary. Three men were named to a committee to investigate whether the association should become a slate agency. Members are John Riggs..Jr. of Little- Rock, state Sen. Robert Hays'Williams if Rus- s'cllvillc, and H. '!<.'• Thatcher of Camden. . ."I and "Mrs. 'M: G. Lewis who was in nil auto accident'."last week, but arc reported to be'.doing nicely. M'rs.' Lucille Bruce and son, Richard 'of -.Coalinga, Calif., - are visiting -her p'arc'nis.'"Mr. and Mrs. ( Joe-' Ross; , /'. - '-v - HOCK (AP»*-A afilhrcipbtogist today advahfied 3 radical method of solving Wofld'g rficial problems by graphical segregation. M, M, Valli?, author, aftd professor of ethnology ftf Marcos University Hi Lima, Pent, proposed a mas* migration, with each race oectiping a temperaUur ?.0he best suited to its ph.vri makeup. Under the theory, the races would occupy the northern latitudes, the dark races woliM live in the toi-rld?.oties and between the two would be n buffm- zone of "brunette peoples." Valle. recognized as nn author. ty on anthropology, said the hu man race faces extinction if racial jroblems are hot worked out arttt 1C termed his proposal the only solution. Valle said the segregation-imp crntion problem as we know )< should not c.vist. "These words arc jolitical In meaning," he said, "used by people who know noih ng of the fundamentals of rat-v." "No court has a right to rttti: on a question involving race" Valle said, "because the judge* are not familiar with tlie problem." He said the mass migration of* ils theory should begin within W years or "man faces extinction." "It is only in Ihe past few con-- turies that we have had lai-RS scale invasion by whites of the lorried zones and by Negroes of tho temperate zones," Vnlle said 'Unless the trend is reversed, the Negro in the north and the white- man near the equator will sicken and die because the climate is t'ot suited to his physiology." Valle came to Little Rock to study the racial situation. Ho is en route back to Lima from an anthropological mooting in Beltr- ium. He left today for his native Lime after a three-day study. The professor stressed the Importance of education in race re lations. "Reduced to essentials the race problem loses political import," he said. "It becomes a matte" of education. To much we stress the importance nf color without re.Sii.rding the deeper portents of race." Vnlle said he checked materinl on race available at the public library hero and found it, as in most libraries, inadequate. "Until people understand exactly what race is and how it affects the individual, how-.can any-tda- cision toward solving the problem be reached" he said-.. To make it America's most prncllenl cnt', the 19S!) iWsel 1ms been rcpositioncd in wice and In s Je OrtVml ii n SicUdti of JO models in ll.ree wi-les - Unntfer, UonM ?id \M nVo- sin im So -Iho 1959 ICtisei roHdlt'es increased Uu«wn«ev apnce wilh add d oveSl! !e,Vth •e.lt.ced loin) Nyeight and a ^le «,«..ion o •J^ 1 Ji 1 J 1 ^ and (ranamissions, Shown here, lel't, is the Corsair Jour-duor hai'dtop and at tlio.ngiit, the roar of the Hanger four-door sedan, ' • Cardinals Homage to the New Pope ClTV (AFi-Tfcp Cot-- t' of Cardinals paid Wrmal homime Id fopp John XXtft IfT- tiay for the* third <Micce',«stvC> day. Tho how rtonttf ef the flhttiaft Cf.lhollc Church was srfltcd nn his IhrotiC before the flHnr of the Sisline Chnpcl. Ont? by one, Ihi? princes of tho chtn-eh whd elpfit&tl him two days flRo npffoocihetl, knnll rtrttt kls.tpd l)ls hiindi The cardinals made their flrsl net of obeisance to tho new Pope,' immr'dlnioly nflpr his elcctloh Tut'sday. Their second homage wax ijcrfnrmed Wednesday just before Po|is ,/nhr made his first radio address to the world, an ap- prtnl for rtracc, Officials of the Vallc.-tn, meanwhile, Were busy with prep-U'- i.tlnns for the enronallon of Pohc John nest TueEdtiy, Nov. 4. The most colorful of all ceremonies' of the Human Ctrthollc Church, U likely will bo (elpviied throughout Europe. •i ! H,,3 RR Wonts to Abondon Seven Miles of Line WASHINGTON (AP) — The Kl-. Dorado & Wesson Railway today j asked the Interstate Commerce Commission for permission lo abandon seven miles ol its lino in Union County, Ark. The company said the line, running from a point north of Parker's Chapel Id Wesson, handles lillln business. Make Hair Softer, Easier To ' Manage. Caril Fugafc Goes fo Trial Today LfNCOLN, Neb, (API—The father of a slain schoolboy wept today as he identified til the Caiil Fugale murder trial jury a picture of hlr clcnd son, Flfloen-ycinr-old Carll, charged with aiding and abetting condemned killer Charles Starkweather In Die slaying of Robert W. Jensen, watched the show of onto linn f|iilt'lly-but Intently. HobtM-l I!!. Jensen, operator of n general store in nearby Ocmiot, Neb.,, was I ho first prosecution witness in I hi' first de-grot 1 murder trial: ' ' ' ' Young Jensen,,.17, and his fl'.rl friend, Caril King, If), loft homo Cor a short evening .ride ,last Jan, 2-7. IBrtdics of-the pair,, both tihot lo death, Were found Iho next day In a storm cave. • The l\vo wci'e nmonff 10 persons slain during a. thrca-day murder rampage In Nebraska and Wyoming last January. Crtfll Wart SlBrkivpnlber'.* companion dUflng Ihe bloody lllghl. CaiMI maintain she was not nn /iccompllec but was n hostage, nncl Charli-s McArlhur, her, aHor« iu-y. told tho jury she was an Immature person cowed by nn armed and despot'tile killer. Tht.' hunt Tor Starkweather and Carll began nflcr tl'c bodies of Carll's mother, step-fathci' and half-sister wo^e found In Ihetr 1 ' Iwmd. Carll -.has maintained she did not know of those deaths Until' she and Starkweather were cap-' lured In Wyoming, FORMULA CREAM RINSE Hair Conditioner Removes ^^ ^^ clandrufT $4Q ( -ounce.' " John P. Cox Drug Co. WE GIXE S&H GREEN STAMPS PHONE7-4616 HOPE, ARK. P SALE THURSDAY, FRJDAyj ; ^T§||| YOUR FRIENDLY "DELUXE ALL-NITER" Electric Vaporizer With automatic shutoff. | ] OQ-oz. capacity, In blue or pink, EE inhalant..-.,' :: «,ii.,3ii«(>,.:W6> J »*!;•; • '"*-'" '^ -». "> "^^. >r-' : ^^ MR ^S F"< *^.T."^/,-,»".4T' ,«** • cnAP r* r ffmB^nlr iintiiAiiiA ..REDUCING •' V F* T "i«P~W f "/5k" T ' 7 " r ^l la Jt ors *i:A Gillette BLUE BLADES Dispenser ol 20 98c You Sa¥e 47 and th^ new vacuum-fresh package costs less! .•ypu're $mwt to gave the di •,, vwhen the /inesi.cpffee pom§^ "shp#efc80e, ••- ' S ne.w plastie keeps,jt'-fr^h four tim Ign&er* And, J1Q q^v geffe?, no ,, matter ,hpw ^'pen^iy^! san sprpa§ the'iJaYo^rishngsi sf -~ - - •APMJRATJQN, ApHfanypn^ -Who iQ9k the $25,000 Taste/f.esti §tt^' yet.4 ' '•Ahd iseg .fpr m'll agre,e »-, PERFECTION SKIN LOTION With Silicones GMard'qgpinst detergents,,, xposwre to wind & w§eth«r Whine! Twin Pack of 8 oz. Bottles SIM i LAC l'QQ(l 'f- f ,,/& **-r* f r ' * * There are "Unseen Element*" in ey*ry filled proscription , , . elements invisible bu) urgently Jmpprlant, They are the integrity sf the phormotist hlmstlf qn«I the prpfessl9n he represents i 1 i the freshness 9! )h« dtwgs he uses ,,, end qur repytpfion bo?l<e^ fey meny years pf dependoble prejcriptipn ?ery» He. These "Unseen Plements" flrt y«yr q?s«ran«e Of qv'/'y. YOU CAN ALWAYS RilY ON OUR PHARMACIST NEW! for Children Yitiwnmsl WPS? far ehil Bottle of 100, -«Ji!ilH i/V ^ ?*§

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