Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 29, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 29, 1958
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Bitosen § A,M» and 4 P,M, Calendar eatebec 36 fifookwood School will hold Its annual chicken spaghetti stippef ahd halloweeh carhiVat Thursday flight. Supper will be served start' ittg at 5:30. Price \vill be $1,00 for adults afid 50 cents for children",' l> A hallou-een carhiVal will be held Mrs. Lloyd Coop, ahd Mrs. Charles llarrel). New Pope Asks Meets IH Scidge Club Haws Mrs. femttieji Thompson* \Vas~ hdstess td her Tuesday Bridge Club dfi Octobei- 28, and she had some pretty arrangements of Se ° l Vntttage p ° inU irt served beginning at 6;30 p. m, FMday, 6«t6beF 31 The Paisley School Carnival will be held Friday night October 31st from 5 till 'hSor'Hanv burgers, holdogs and cokes will be Served in the lunchroom. Mrs, Dew.ey, Camp Hostess t6 Bridge Club Meet Mrs. Dewey Camp Used roses to dccorale her home when she cri* tertained her Bridge Club on Tues day, October 28. Mrs, Rob Jones and Mrs. Tom Wardlaw won prizes during the afternoon. • .The hostess sei;ved a/salad 'plate and coffee to two tables of players including club members and theso biinsic! TVt>d TVtvi i\jr4*t,ji n u..^ i , i Lloyd _,_...„ was second high. During the after- nooh, shacks* coffee, and cold drinks were served by the hostess, ' Mrs,' C, V, Nunn Sc, Hostess T<J Chapter AE df PEG Chapter Afi of PEO met wu 'Mrs. C. V. Nunn Sr. on Oct. 28 Mrs. J. W. Perkins was co'hostess iLoyely arrangements of roses chrysanthemums and marigold graced the Nunn home. - Chapter president, (Mrs. L. B Tooiey, conducted the <btisines session. Ail the officers presented "Exemplification of the , Ritual. 1 At the conclusion of the meeting German chocolate: cake and coffee 6he China ahd other Cofrimunlst-dom ifiated lands. the hew Pope is ekpcetod 1o be crpwhed Within, two weeks. thd jeweled, three-tiered tirim of the papacy, topped by golden orb arid, cross. pertia(Js will ho placed tfpofi his hend Siinda.v, NdV. 8, lh the climaJc at St. Peter's Basiilc'a of the drawn (hot began with the fatal illftes^ of Pope Pms at (2aslel <3ahdolfe, Vatican" ntilhdHties prepared 1o< day for the coronation", the most doioi-ful ceremony of the Roftiaii Catholic Church, whilft messages of coiigi-aluldtioH and best wlsho-s Poured in fi'om chiefs of stale mid government heads of many na» tiohs, guests! Mrs, Tom Middlebrboks,) Were Served to d5 members. ,. r O* M« SPECIALS Thursday, Friday, Saturday SERVE YOURSELF Big assortment of Men's Nationally Advertised Shoes. They are in racks so you can Serve Yourself. 100 pairs only. 25% -33% OFF BLANKETS • Asst. Patterns and Colors • Size 74x82 • Rayon • Orion Nylon • Reg. 4.49 value $3.44 CORDUROY MATERIAL • Asst. Colors •• New, Fall Stock ,• , 39 in. Wide. • Reg, 98c Value 77c yd. Pasternak Has Continued From Page One ishod, abashed, 1 Today's cable Indicated that In the meantme something ha'd happened to Pasternak to change hi.< mind, The author of the novo "Doctor Ehlvago", Which is critt cal of communism, has been un dor rigorous attack in the Sovle |jress, ' Pasternak was named for the F,ward last week. The SOVie.t press assorted the selection Was an anti Soviet political manmiver. Prtivda. the official' Communist parly paper, heaped abuse on Pasternak and' "Doctor Zhiyago," It said he should reject the $41,450 cash pi-tee if there Were "a spark of Soviet dignity left in him." The Nobel Prize Committee presented the:'.'Russians with a dilemma. It awarded the Prize in Phys- cs Tuesday to three top-ranking soviet scientists — P. A. Cheren- •:ov. I. M. Frank and Igor E. Tamm. The question was: would he Soviets lot the scientists" accept the physics award and at the same time keep Pasternak home? The answer aapeared in the So- •iet press in Moscow today. The Russians were setting up a double itandard on the Nobel priy.es. It said the physics award, was itling but at the same time it aid it proved that the award for ieralure was dictated by "reac- ionary political aims," "Doctor' Zhivago" has never )een published in the Soviet Jnion, but it is being widely read broad. in in STRANGE B&DPELLOWS-The envy of Us the r foxholes, this fox cub joins his hvo pals at their Richardson, Tex., home. The. boys are seVetuyeaNoid Turney vktovic, left, and brother Barry, "101 They found the i?HgiVte*,i:' hcl '" "'"• °" l>p """-• <lay> M - •""» M '»« i " 9,000 School Fund Letters Sent Out Utfl-E HOCK (APt—Abohl *\,. 000 letters sollclittiK funds for the a month. Unueum made his way to ftultc ' Thf-v j*flvnfe- Sfchool Corp 1 . betrt sent IfoW Guv. Orvel fc., fjtutnts' wf/ictt flhtj one of his aido* Jlflld lodny , tftsfmhsd wns ''I'd sai> contributions plekcrd up considcMibly when, lht» Icllers bp- gati eimilnting, 1 mid Arhold shire nhd a furlong Sikca, c,socitti%'C Secretary to flic Rovenibt- ' j the winner wwtt off AtoMf'o, The tellers, bc-flHnft the slgtia- 28.1. slid marripd n cir) nre eSpectlhfl n child. fho fugitive sftid his vifr upset when she learned nboul hi,i past but agreed "it wns the HglU Iliitig for me to come back ahd i tures of Pnubtis' and 4 t3r, T. ,T Mnhe.v, eorporrtllmi (JCdRldcht, ,<n- Hell tlonnllotis in r^fdar to "eslnb- llfli privttld sclioofs lit private facilities with private hinds" In Lit* tie Rock. The ,eqrt30rhtloH doe.* not tssuo r6jlitTnr reports oH how much hloli* has received, but Rancy Half' a dozen workers spend ' in The Federal Burouu ot jgalion 'laboratory w.i? shed in 1932. Inves- estab-' DOROTHY Trick Won't Make Lover Ring Belle Dear Dorothy Dix; five-yerif'4o-llfe seHtoncc 1 for n Sah Prahc.^co grocery (holriu.'p when , ,,. , , .•--,- -,„•-„" 1e escaped and cmtld hav'e boon t! ' Blu hou ™ dn "- v iWI'nK 'he jarolcd within n fcnv months l tt<! ' s nlit ' ' l<lltl . v ftl ' 0 - bol "K sent Thfi escape will add aiiolhur' prSons who wrote Patibus, sentence of one year to life '" ''' s "ittollfi^ of the "I'm going Into this with my slll 'i<tlon ,)«?»•«.; • yes open," Baucutn snitl. . .' .1 Slkes-snld it hhtl'iiol been de» "When J get out 1 will be n free i ckled at this time how many of man, and 1 can start a new lifo i the loiters would bo circulated, but without being afraid to look at my-, Fnltbtm said reeeiHly lhal he had ?olf In the mirror." rtcolved W0.006 tfleces of matt \Vlien the escaper decided to fi'orti persons supportl'nR him. >ft : London dry tyofl tay '.fjalf 1 lenfith. with falls of Shift, SetiSftd by two Ir-htjlhs over who hail beeh the C.V Hie i'.i. me governor J5aia;'""i/reeJS they would 1iko the opiiortUHl^.tof give financial stipJdH.' Slkes sold uoHtHAmtlohs atllt'iii$ eomlrig In frotn ftlI*iccUbf(S'o|lHfe| nation, f •*, ,l ; <| "Thf 'ihliig; that stirpHscsi.jBe Jdj; You're an experienced woman. Will you give me a very frank answer to a very frank question? How can i persuade my lover to marry me? I'm willing to resort to any trickery. Here's the story, I'm 44, : single, and desperately in love' With a man Who insists that we're ' perfectly happy the way We arc) and don't have to bother with legalities, We've been living together Honor Camp Escapee to Surrender j «lve himself up, he went to his father, John Bauouin, owner of n television a'nd radio repair shop hi John Day, Ore, Then the two con- stiltpd/'San Francisco attorney I Harold \V. Tobln about surrender! ing. I The Chronicle did not say how J it contacted the fugitive but it did I print a picture of him with his i father and a San Francisco attor- ! nay. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) —A San Quenlin prisoner who escaped f "";'"' »* vu- uue., i,vm B IUHUU.U.-I! , , for three years. He further claims n i,. o)n . lf> ,.„_ „„„,.., ' n ,„, that marriage would spoil our perfect relationship. He reminds me that now he comes to see me from choice, and 'because he really iovos airplane two years apo will surrender today, the San Francisco Chronicle snys. Gerald E. Btiucu'm, 29, has bet-n me. If he had to come home to me! w<5l * ln « ns .," J4ohn , Frn " k , the compulsion would kill our love. m Bull °' Mont - at "lining, MEN'S FLANNEL SUITS • Size 35 to 44. • 100% Wool, • Solid Patterns in Grey, Blue, Black Regular $39,98 Value $29.88 Fie argues so persuasively that I can't get an angle. Would it help .o pretend I'm pregnant? — Dis- ressed. Dear Lady: You can't change »'our lover's views. He established Us position when he propositioned vou, A man who proposes house- <eeping withut matrimony is serv- ng notice that he regards 'the association as « temporary arrnngc- ncnt, to be terminated at his will. He leaves himself free to kiss 'and ;o without incurring alimony. Your are perfectly well aware of this, You know it now, you knew it vhen you accepted the offer. So vhy wail atoout it? Trickery won't \vork either. The mc.'o mention ihat a stork may Ian 1 will put wings on your lover ,s hceU and he'll fly away quicker than a Cape Canaveral missile fnsload of (lie- help you want. I can only repeat what I've told many other ladies I in your position: "You'll never Coming and Going Mrs. Buddy Ned, son, Lynn, and new 'baby, Wayne, arrived back home -Sunday.' from Arkadelphia where Wayne was born, October I see " th ~" world" through a wedding 22. ring." and con- truck driving, the piiper tinued. "I'm married now, and 1 want lo live like a normal, person," Baucum was quoted. "1 osve it lo my wife and to the kids 'we will have. I know that this is the way to do it." Baucum and three other prisoners at Happy Camp in northern California escaped Aug. 31, 195fi, They stole a private plane from an airstrip near Happy Camp, and 'Baucum flow it to Mcdford, Ore. The others were captured within GRILL CAFE — BREAKFAST — 35c — 50c — 65c Home Style Hot Biscuits Open 3 A. M. to 8 P. M. FRAN'S TAP-BALLET-BALLROOM ACROBATIC-BATON Special Classes for Tiny Toisl PR 7-4335 , , Fatibus, said maybe 100,000" mnlled. "maybe 50,000, [ Ic'tters would be "The ' people we're writing to Taylor & 7 Jo>don? USED CARS •<" -* J ?-.. And/,--, ,,.^ I''. BODY SHOP,*•«$ -, 218 3, Hatel Phofie.7"402i Orvllle Taylor * John BtllfJordan. -•41 .MARTIN AND LEWIS Fun-Fest! GIRLS! GAGS! MUSIC and MIRTH! MARTlN-lllrVlS TONITE and Thursday Sho-timeJ 6T30-8J3oT Mrs, R, W. Bayless of Gurdon is visiting her daughter, Mrs. K, G. Hamilton and Mr. Hamilton, LADIES FLATTIES • Size 41 lo 10 « Medium-Width ALSO OTHER SitlCTIP Mr, and Mrs. C, C. Lewis are in Dallas where he is attending tlig fashion market. Mrs. F, M, Horton and Mrs. Jim McKeiwie left Tuesday for Batesville. There they will be the guests of, Mrs, Lynn Ross, and they will 'also, visit, P, E, O. chapters in several Northeast Arkansas cities, James H, Jones, , superintendent of the Hope Public Schools, and Mrs, Joe Amour, Senior 'English instructor at Hope High, were among the representatives from 30 Arkansas high schools on hand for the third annual roshman-Prina- conference held gt the Uni ,versity'-of Arkansas, Monday and Tuesday, Mrs, Jam e s H, Jones and Mrs, Webb Laseter, Jr,, visited then- sons, Jimmy and Webb, and viewed tiie university campus when they were in -Payettovjlle, Monday arid Tuesday, Dear Dorothy Dix: Recently we acquired color TV — and thats when our troubles began. Friends whom we haven't seen in years 'began dropping in and we average at least two visitors every nighi, ils there any way 1 can discourage this? — K. Dear K: .I'm afraid this is a penally you must pay for having something new, novel find intriguing, If 1 knew your address I'd call mysqlf; 'I have yet to see color TV, IT you pan recall television's early days, with the post card sized screen, you will rem- eni'ber thai the same social dilemma existed. 'Everyone was curious. Few could afford TV, and people flocked to any home whore u sot was on display. Cheer up; in time the novelty will wear off, more people will own color sets and you can again retire to oblivion. Dear Dorothy Dix: The thorn in my flesh is an older sister, 23, who is my self- appojnted." monitor, .if s he doesn't like my girl friends, she tells Mom they don't have good reputations. v ,3\fj', piid Mrs, Then Jopljn, Mr, and Mrs,- MiHe ,Kelly, and Mrs, Mary Sue jSvans pre it) Dallas until Thursday at the fashion, market to yisjrM.fi and, Rjr,s. J, w. "Son" Jones, They, are, being joined, by. Mr. arid, Mrs, of I - 5 p. m. to 8 p, m. Family Hiiht seijHnuss to irswj, If, y9« J?siy§n'f m»ds it yst/ sgms s§§ why 9ur mstte is, "Serving Qegd Fssd in Arkflnsni at iti Best fsr ttsi/' . ' Re i«lfl'' «« Wight ' honestly, I wouldn't go with anyhe~w)iQ had >bnd habits or kept questionable company. I think my gister is joalpus of me .because I have Jots of friends and she never had many— Anne. Dear Anne: Appeal lo your mo- Iher's sense of justice and ask hev io inquire among her friends and see if anyone has a bad word for your pals. Since you and your friends gp to Ihe sarne school, the ne>(t meeting of th,e .p^A would be a good time to check. IF YOU ARE *&* * A- 1 ', ' i ' IF YOU ARE IF YOU ARE IF YOU ARE You are Porothy pix: J wont -wit)) a married man for j,hree years and last wfnipr I had hjs jDaby. I told him the 'baby died, — fhe first lie I ever told him. f> T ow -I have a. Chance to marry another man. Should J tell both men the truth op Keep rny mouth shut? — G. L- D.ea.r Q, L.; Only a super-duper pgUflterspy could keep seqyets like thjs, YOU can't keep a 5?§'by under- covey forever. <Fel! all -^ ;in$ fast. BETTER SCHOOLS AND DECENT SALARIES FOR TEACHERS INCREASED WELFARE AID FOR OUR AGED AND NEEDY IMPROVED STATE INSTITUTIONS PROGRESS IN ARKANSAS... the 3% Sales Tax AT f HE POLLS ON NOVEMBER 4 THE BALLOT FOR REFERRED ACT NO. 19 (FOR THE EXISTING 3% SALES) TAX WILL LOOK LIKE THIS: ! Fire Alarm Box Is Removed ^ ROCK removoc) an outside f!n> bloji wh.iph htid been respon- |.oji thjffr fftjse "alurms in two ' a.t the Cppttol HH1 Schu-jl. ,iY; B. *H^r»er nrinriop] of (hit -box either wos defective or |A apeessiblp to REFERRED ACT HQ, 19 OF 1957 (BY PPTITIQN)' RIPIAL 1% AppJTiQNAfr SALES TAX ' FOR REFERRED ACT 19 AGAINST REFERRED ACT 19 passed In 11937, Increased frpm 2% to 3% the rotf £f the grg§§ receipt^ or ^alfs rtqx/ and the com^ pensQtjng pr use, tax for ,th,f purpost of providing gdf revenues for various §tqte -funds In need thereof mm MI\*$T up M9,1? ACT HO, 1? $ •k f, !, ! S

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