Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1958
Page 5
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Tii«3i>» Chiang Say* China Revolt is Ripe Ihe titft-6 fm- a revolt hi is i-iuenihg. When it cowes, -He batted, ilg istiei-ejis M'ottia be efc*' pcdllfed fl-om blltfridi3, a . Chiang &ppafe«tly »ifti{3lied that' His own Nflliofialist foftcs Would itttei-vette ,iii a 'MuHgal-iah'lyfjc UH« i-ising, fitit 'he Sai'eMfy avoided saying (the Naiicmaiifts A9hid groutitdi'aaeli atgafttsl the dorii* fnufiists, who threw them off thc* 4 fhainlafid in I94fl, . ' ', Jh fl joihl eomfnlihique With U, S. Sedfetai-y of gate DuilcS ;OH Thiti-sdny, Chiang i-.enoUftded the iise of force $s the f>Hneif>ni meung of returning to. the main .land, .This renunciation Was re« ported sought by EiUlles to allay fears of U, S, allies that Chiang Woiild di'ag America. Into Wif With Red China, boss'lblj? touching off %orld War 111. \Vhen the cbwmuniqtie wa's issued, however, ''Na'tionalist Sources indicated the bah 'on 'forrc Sid 'not apply in case of bpe'n 'revolt. 4"he Nationalists long have contended a revolt would cotne Snd Would return them to control • 6f 'the mainland, , ' •' Dulles said in Washington ^Septs' 30 it wag "hypothetical and problematical" whether' Chiang would oe asked tb "he.nd,' any • regime' >hich might come 'out "Of a-maiiv? land revost,- This i'and other remarks by Dulles .angeed Chiangj nnd led to' v thei thre'cidHy meet-- ing this week. Chiang said todoy -people 'on the Communist mainland ace living like slaves "and -longing for-deliv-> erance by tthe Chinese National-' is<.s, A "revolt Is inevitable and .it; unqoesllonably would sncced, ho' declared, ', US Youth, 18, Admits Shooting Father NEW YORK (lAiP) •— 'Richard Hicks frr., 18, .has admitted 'shot-' ing his "father to death>nd 'dumping the body—in 'a, trunk—into 'the) Hudson /River, 'police'"say. Hicks was -'seized 'Monday, 'four ? ' Delays after, the trunk'bearing .his. wather's body 'was fished 'from the, river. . , , ; Tho Negro youth, a colleeo freshman, was booked on a homicide charge. , \ Young Hicks hid out In subways, parked cars and parks a'fter.xlis- appearing Oct. 23. When ; a'rresV cd in a Bronx park, he had only, a dime and carried-'a loaded''auto m.ttic. " . . ' He was quoted as saying argu jrients 'with his fath'e]"*oVer'^hi's "o'd Wication led to the shooting. The father, a ship's- radio offi cer, was shot once "in ''the 'hea'd 'as ho lay sleeping in his' Harlem home. _ Leslie Couillarrt,' 17, ' a whito friend of young Hicks, told police he helped • buy the trunk -an'd 'stiffI tho bodv into it, Couijlard was held in $50,000 bail as a material witness, , . Shot Four Times, Gives Birth to Boby LOS ' ANCVELES' '(At 5 )—A age-wife'who "was 'shdt four; ,..„_„ in the 'stomach '.'by Iber estranged husbancl '.snve 'birth -to a, 6-pound. 9-ounce baby Monday .flight,' 1 The baby .girl, a. morithnpro'rn'a, ture, was 'nvoimde'd superfjcjalj.v but reno"r't?d in fine) ooiydiiion' ! by jiospitaj -atfenUants, /The"mother's Tondition w»ns described as or.Ui' cal. , . . ,- ,, .' Police .sojd the /8lb'er.',MiIe? Kennedy,, 22, committed-- sujcj4jj ,, after shooting his '\vife t ' Caroling 18, during nn unsuceessfuj reconr ojijation attempt; at the home,'df Mrs, Kennedy's mother , in, ban Powney, ' ' Va, ipy— Mrs, Norman, who'ebgan play- Wig an organ in ohwrch; 9t. tho age oM3, scheduled a:piano repjtsl a Steyensburg Paptigt Church,' to pel. ebj-afe jjef 90th, birthday, -'Sfie-Js substitute Sunday .'school; pjpnjst; Mrs: Nprman is ,an aun.t of Virginia . §. gcjtfltpf'A. WHJis ROACH. HUGHIS . f ! ^li|}t?UJ^i|-CM! ;^ ! »fe:^i*;;: *™""~*, 5 !" > Hfi * CMU»}ty :«il jjitei^HiMM .^Mi^miH • r'i* 5 ? SsaSWai'i'f"! star. < ^'^ 5 8*ffl 'Mtmpriflli inJrp ^-•IHHKHI ia Pffiftetfi ^ftHffte S Bridie holding 4 High note in Guido's seals epfiefitdlpof^ Vase gSgdlbte §9AWIcJ6 8 EttdUl-ed • footstdck 3fl SelloWef , K , - - 2? dentury piaht 4tf Within lahd jOAhhoy 28 Pleasing 41 Storehouses J2 involved SO Small flowers 44 AM 0|JeniHg J| fi'bographef 34 felectrical term SOttaill "51 Shaliaw Vcs?6l 18 Shoi-Uhapped SS'Hahgmah's si Ddcade 'SSSUhima'fft-,') «WW knots 53 Roman bfohW 23 Skilled -24 PoHnai daH« 86 Kxalts 54 Maia.Va coin Sg One Wh5 OF COURSE,BUT' 1 BUT-THI3'M'3 RAT HER f'P ^<kV \ tLvflM& , MUCH &6TTEK yrWM JUNGLE H5RLOHN IN MOUNTAIN ••»*' 0 TERFSAIKjy stands 29 Quick blew Israel §2 British Money "33 Arabian bird 34 FloWer 3« Weird 43 'Plant juicfe 45 Ontario -46 G«nU« of (grants -Al Masculine mame (Heb.) L '« \Vin|llkel3art 49-Landed .property .'•>2-Petty •' ' $rince ''5.VBaili/Ts ' 36 Tranquil 5? City in fHIS ONE.IS CLOSER TO PLEAS6.., 7 WHERE WO HE COWB TPON 1 KNOW WILL YOU PFKOM. 6A8ANI ' M6 TO \^IS MB JAgBERlHa?^/TAkK HIW'TO HOME ' • AT New .mpaMbwutiKitiS) \ tan WHT-AI^, COUAL REEF TH/SN THE MAlNLAWb Id! WILLARP WAS PICKED _. / NATIvBd FK0M THOSE I5LANP& WEST, MILE* INTO TH& GULP,* "Yessir! That was some trip! states, two national parks and We went through six five months' salary!" By Nadine Se.tzer t 68'Chalcedonie» By KqfeOiann CAPTAIN EASY DO VOU WANT TO SEE WHAT I'M ) I'LL PUT ON •"" MAKE-UP AND ALL THE GOOK LIKE THE BIG GIRLS DO HMPH-ME DlDNT-SEEM TO BE VERY PROUD, 'HIS DAUGHTER » GOING TO LOOK LIKE WHEN I GROW UP TO'SEA LADY DADDVP MAMA, MAV ,1 BORROW SOME OF YOUR CLOTHES TO DRESS GROWN UP? ."Soon as that plank breaks, we'll get ,the action' picture of the yearJ" Why yes,. she was expecting you, Rodney — she just "-.'•; ;, " went out with Herbie!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A >'f^vo'E. 'POP. MISS CRONE •>- i'M-PAlMTiN' LIKE 1f(IS TRAlS <SOMMA' -qrM s^i SB^ '004,'s/q^. puy B , AS We P£ST OF THE" UMITeD J, g. WllHorw With Malpr % ESAP, VOD /AUSTJTHIS tSTH* A • YOU SHOP7 THE M6M, "BECAUSE TH' HORSE OPERAS I'VE SEEN AKJP REAP THERE 'ISN'TAMALg 7M' WH(?(-E WITH A HANP TO WORK WITH/ 6Y SUCH A ACTPR UPCMWUP«; HACKhSeyeD IP von '|PT/ SCHEME- AS THIS FAT VOUR3/-UM-/ Hfi LOOKS H AK.' —A A Cf?OY>JDETD THAN A PUSH-HOUR "I wpn't decide'on a pair today) 1 but I certainly enjoyed the TO i? IPMtV S 1?55T>TNBA S»rvlc«. Inc; T.M.'R«. U.S. fa. OH THEWAY.VQUV^ M 'AND DI?TANT, Me THg TRUTH B'T'S'-a W™*"" V -* J \ * •*""** WP~W 1 *-*••"*. «-«r- -• f .. wfr^Wd~^yfc sffii&w \mj

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