Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1958
Page 3
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,1951 MOM tf'Al* tdM, AIKANSA1 IETY l6tW85fl § A,M, SHci 4 P.Mi Caltndar Tuiiday, 6et6bef gg the Cosmopolitan dlub will meet Tuesday, Oct. 28 at ?;45 p.m. Hi the home of Mrs. Oliver Adams, with Mrs. William E, Harris as eo«hosless. ^Cub Pack 92 will meet at Srook- 'Wood School Tuesday, Oct. 28 at t p.m, Attendance of parents and CUbs will be checked, The Jett S. Graves Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church wll IhaVe its monthly pot-luck social at 1 p.m. Oct. 28 at the Motel Schneiker. Miss Elsie Seliheiker will toe hostess and Mrs. Cook, assistant, following year. The officers of the club are Sue Moore, president, fiecky O'DelJ, Vice president, Sondra tlusscll, secretary, Shirley Alien treasurer, and Carole Coop, reporter. ^Kathleen Malory Circle ot the First Baptist Church will meet In. the home of Mrs. Cecil O'Steeii at 7130 p. m. tonight, Thursday, October 30 Brookwood School will hold its annual chicken spaghetti supper and Halloween, carnival Thursday Jiight, Supper will be served start- Ing at 5:30. Price will be $1.00 for adults and 50 cents for children. .{£' A hallosveen carnival will be held at the Garland School Thursday night October 30. Supper will be served beginning at 5:30 p. m. Music Makers M' e et in Moore Home The Music Makers met Monday afternoon October 27, in the home of Sue Moore, The purpose of the meeting was to make plans for the GRILL CAFE — BREAKFAST — 35c — 50c — 65c Home Style Hot Biscuits Open 3 A. M. to 8 P. M. FRAN'S TAP-BALLET-BALLROOM ACROBATIC-BATON Special Classes for Tiny Tots! PR 7-4335 Ann Adams Plays for Ught OfJSN Production at University of Arkansas Miss Ann Adams, daughter oi Mr. and Mrs. Oliver L. Adams and a mttsic major in her junior year at the University of Arkansas, is one of the two piaho accompanists for the University of Arkansas light opera production, "M, M, S, Pinafore," being performed at var iotis points from Litlte Rock to Memphis during the week of October 26 • November 1, Excerpts from the production Were presented by the university group on KATV, t/ittlc Rock, Sunday evening, October 26, A 1956 graduate of Hope High School, Miss Adams played the marimba In the Hope High School Band, In Hope, she was the piano pupil of Mrs, E, H. Stewart, and she studied organ under Mrs. J. D, Barlow. Sponsored jointly by the Friday Music Club of Hope and the Fine Arts Colony of Eureka Springs, At the University of Arkansas, this talented young lady is on tho music committee of the Arkansas Women's Society, is vice president of Tau Beta Sigma, honorary band sorority, and is a member of the Arkansas Boosters Club and of Zeta Tau Alpha social sorority. CJladys Roberts 6ft TMhks|lWfi| which was taken from* PSatfhs, Prayei- was theft Jed by Mrs. Mbfil Allen, the president Mfs, Hfiif* Sitdn presided ove* the feusifiSss ifid the Bible questions. The hdstess served refreshments to the five" incmbers present. Coming and Going Mr, and Mrs Weaver Collins and tfoyctt spent the weekend in 1 Shreveport-, Visiting friends dnd relatives. DOROTHY DIX Na Kidding — Divareee Will Wont Her Children Mrs. Edward Aslili and Miss Dorothy Hawh Were giiests on Saturday of Mr, afid Mrs, Herbert Hawn of Little Rock, Friendship H. D. Club Holds October Meeting The Friendship Home Demonstration Club held its October meeting in the home of Mrs. G. F. Lively. The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Earl Jester followed by a devotional by Mrs. Jim Stone using the book of First Samuels, as her text. An interesting discussion on Legislation was enjoyed by all. Roll call was answered by 6 members with "How can we cooperate more fully with our schools." The next meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Lynn Moses. Mrs. Gracly Hairston Hostess to Workers Sunday School Class The Workers Sunday School Class of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church met Monday October 27 at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Grady Hairston for their monthly meeting. The meeting was opened by prayer by Mrs. Lewis Smith and the ddvotional was given by"'Mrs. Featured in your favorite magazines) figuring, smooth with (he gentle Control of '' ^ormfit KOO l'g J'PU i*lJ§hJ»- Fred Thofnasofi Is on leave from the U. S. Navy and is visiting Mr, and Mrs. Dayton Thomasort and Mr. and Mrs. Joe McCuiley, Mr, and Mrs. C. C. Reed and sons, Chris and Mitchell of Fort Worth spent this weekend In Mope with Mr. and Mrs, Charlie Reed and Mr. and Mrs. fioyce Weisen« bcrger. Mrs. Reed and sons rc» maincd in Hope for a weeks visit, Mr. and Mrs. Robert LaGrone and Mrs, Charles Dana Gibson were the guests of the Dana Gibson family in Little Rock oh Friday and attended the football game Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ronny Nations of Klngsporl, Tennessee, arrived on Saturday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs, Harry Shiver. Also among the Arkansas football fans in Little Rock on Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kelly, Mrs. Mary Sue Evans and Luther Hollamon. Royce Weisenberger Jr. and Mary Eppler both freshmen at the University of Arkansas, visited their parents in Hope this weekend and attended the Hope-Magnolia football game on Friday. Mrs. Lloyd Drew of the Hemp stead County Welfare Office attended a meeting last Friday in Hot Springs of the Fifth District, Arkansas Conference of Social work, of which she has been chairman. At the meeting, on Friday she was succeeded in that office by Mrs. Marie Thomas of Prescott, director of the Nevada County Welfare department. Included in the group of Razorback fans in Little Rock on Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hannegan, Leonard Ellis, David'Lewis and Mr, and Mrs. Billy Duckctt. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Crane and son John and Mrs. Kelly Bryant and' daughter, Betty, joined ~Mr Bryant'in Little Rock on Saturday and attended the football game. boar Borolhy tJijt: A divorcee, the molher o? Iwrt children, has entered Hiy Jife" With such a bang that t thihk shd will be a permanent part of my future At present, we only dale beeflsloh* ally but f know that t eoiild fall m Jo'vc with her Very t Very easily, f the children are with thelf grand mother snd the girl has said that; if she remarries Ihe youngsters will remain where they art!, t definite' ly am not In the market for a re'ady made family so f must eofi» fcss that it is only on this premise of having the kids elsewhere that 1 would consider maitying the girl, Do you think I'm taking a long chance? — Mike, Dear Mike: You are 'betting on a very Ions shot but the girl is quite confident she has picked a sure winner. It's utterly Impossible to marry a woman with two chlt« dron and eliminate the small fry from the picture, In fact, they will become the most conspicuous fca* lures Of your domestic scene and you'll be the "little man who was not there" except when It's time to pay bills, Grandma may be willing to keep the children how because she hasnt much choice, But once her daughter is safely married the kids igo back where they belong—in mamma's loving arms. No woman in her right mind is going to agree to a permanent separation from her offspring. In fact, the reason you're toeing hooked is to provide shelter for the family. Not that there's anything wrong in that, if done honestly. But to snag you in the 'belief that you would have no responsibility to the young is not quite cricket. If you have qualms about accepting a ready-made family, do your da-ting elsewhere . Pvt, R, d. Richards CERtlF,ICAfe of achieve* meMt award was given recently at Port Chaffee, Ark, to Pvt. Ronald D. Richards of the First Battalion, He was tttalnee of the month. A former resident of Hope, he Is the son of Mr, and Mrs. Mlrl- Richards of Detiton, Texas. Pvt, Richards graduated from Hope High In 1952, Dear Dorothy Dix: I'm in love with a young man at our office who is five years younger than I am. I'm sure:; he; loves mo, too. because I often catch him staring at ma with that glow in his eyes. I'm sure he knows how I feel about him, although I ; have tried to hide my feelings — Elsa. Dear Elsa: Don't bank too much on a "glow." H could mean indigestion rather than heartburn, ilf the young man likes you, hell ask 1 you for a date. Tone down your too-evident affection. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. Rufus Henidon, Hope; Mrs, J,..C, Harding, Rt. 3, Hope; Mrs. Maggie Grant, Hope; Miss Beulah Breed, Hope; Miss Birdie Breed, Hope, Discharged: J. M'. Sullivan, Rt. 1, liope. Memorial Admitted: G, J. Gilbert, Rt. 1, Lewisvillo; Mrs. James F, Harrison, Fulton; William Harris, Rt. 1, Emmet; Lee Hicks, Columbus; Mrs, Julia Albright, Hope; J, W. Cunningham, Hope; Mrs. Howell IAENGER TONITE 6:30 - 8;00 Space Children Plus Colossus of New- York "•"•^••"B Starts Wednesday 'A' MARTIN^LEWIS Hilarious Fun-Pest! GIRLS!CACS!MUSIC*MIRTH! Dear Dorothy Dix: I'm a new girl in town. I did a lot of babysitting in the old town and would like to keep it up here. Trouble is, no one knows me yet and everyone is afraid to trust me How can I get the word around tl^at I'm an experienced, trust- "wbrtny'fgirl? — Celia. 'Dear Gelia: Get references from your old customers and show them around. Or >get a circular printed (it will pay for itself) showing excerpts from these references nnd giving a briej setrh of yourself. Be tousincsslic .about it but don't cut into another girl's territory. That way, you make enemies, not friends. Send a stamped, sell addressed envelope for my leaflet, "You're In Charge," which 'has many fine hints on the tender art of babysitting, Dear Dorothy Dix: May.be I'm anticipating trouble but this matter must ibe settled soon, I'll graduate from grammar school in June and my parents want me to attend a private high school jn a near.by city, I want to go to high school in my home town, so I can be with my friends. I can't bear the thought of going to the school my parents have selected and I can't talk them out of it, —• Marge, Dear Marge; You are borrowing trouble, dear, The time must come eventually, when you'll have to separate from the friends of grammar school days. Don't you think it wiii be nice to make a batch of new chunis — who will go with you through high sohooj and maybe college? At least give the school pf your parents' choice a chance. Go there for a year, be fair about it, and J'm sure if l\ continues to horrify you, §\?pm. & Dad vvW take you put, You are entering upon the age of new experiences, pon't rebel against them, and save hot rods' for occasional periods; — One Who Knows. ear Reader: yery good theory, but 'try • to put It into practice. Might as well ask a mother to restrict talking a-botit .her children to one hour dally. jVhen a husband has' an all-absorbing hobby his wife better lenrn something about it-so he can talk to her. She can also be' thankful that she knows where he Is and what he's doing. Send your problem to Dorothy Dix. Be sure to enclose a stumped self addressed envelope nnd ad- dressi • her "ill care of this newspaper. Acquitted on Charge of Manslaughter • LITTLE ROCK (APJ—A pula- ski" Circuit Court jury yesterday acquitted Paul Nnth.Yn, 33-year- old .North Little Rock Negro, o£ a choree of voluntary manslaughter. •Nathan was tried in the fatal shooting of another Negro, James Cru'dup, 24, of North Little Rock. Crudup was shot to death as he stood in front, of a North Littln Rock grocery store Sept. 28, 1957. Nathan pleaded-self defense. Judge William Kirby reduced the charge from second dcgruc murder to voluntary manslaughter before the case went to the Jury. Three Soviet Scientists Win Award By 6USTAV sVENSSON STOCKHOLM, Switch iAP) three Sdviel scientists wort tin 1D&8 Nobbl Prize In Physics Idday tot- building a bclttii- fttdmu mousetrap 1 . Due ol their Imps — a fay counter — Is now circling thu globe ill Sputnik 1. Others are in nuclear laboratories around ihd world, The winners are P. A. Chuvot> ov ( 1. $!• J<Ymi itnd Igor IT. TninlH, all Moscow prolcssors. They were cited jointly by tiii> Jtoyiil Swctilslt Acndeiny "for thd discovery nnd interpretation ot ins Chercnkuv effect," Ihe basis of a novel cosniie ray couiUofi The 1038 ehemlsliy prize was awarded to 'Dr. Frederick Sangur, •lU'yoar-old British biochemist, for pioneer work on the moluecuhir structure of insulin, the protein (hat diabetics lack, ftcmninihg to be awarded this year are tho prizes for medicine nnd physiology und the Nobel Peace Prize. The tiwnrds arc mndo from a fund Set up under the will of Sweden's Alfred Nobel, the- inventor of dynamite. Maiii ± The nwnrd to tho Russian scientists posed a dilemma for So vlel loaders angered by the award last week of the 1958 Nobel Prlzo la Literature 'to another Russian, poct-novullst Boris Pasternak The dilemma Is this! Pasternak Is the author of "Doctor Zhivngo," a novel critical of communism. Never published in the Soviet Union, it is a best-seller in the West. The Soviet press has demanded that Pn^lernnk reject the award and his $4 1/120 cash prize. The Red line Is that Nobel authorities wore motivated by politics and named him "in the interests of fannihg(tlic cold war." Only today, the Russians announced e> pulsion of -Pasternak from the Soviet Writers Union. On the -other hund, Chcrenkov, Frank and Tamm have long been ruled among Ihe elite ot Russian atomic science. They are I bo first Soviet nuclear scientists ever In receive a Nobel citation. And Ihe Kremlin likes recognition of So viel scientific achievements, A cry of polities' in this case would bo out of character. But could tho .scientists go to Stockholm to col Ject their $41,420 Dec. 12 if Pasternak is kept tit home? In layman's language, the coa mic ray counter developed from the Cherenkov effect amounts to a highly efficient trap for elusive subatomic particles. The Royal Swedish Academy said that- "without the use ol Chcrjenkov deflectors, the disaov cry of the nntiprolon which was made in Berkeley (Calif.) in 1955 would scarcely have been possi- Goi Explosion Damagei Church rAp> A naiuat sas tstpidsioH t>eel6<S brick off Ihe back of a Negro Baptist Church here y causing an estimated damage. O. 0. Cnttndn. a dfirteon ot th» Street Baptist dmi-cli, s'nlcl he had. lighted a mntcli tin ,lh8 first floor and was testing i nnlural gas line for leaks when the csplesiatt occurred In ihd basement. Wfls not Injfttired. Assl. Fire Chief T. K, said repairs tt'om a May 29 fire in the church were alttiost cdlti« plcte nnd New stoves had jtist been installed. bid." Atomic counters bnsetl on thd Chcrenkov effect nre used today in Inboraloi'lcs all over Ihe world o chock on the behavior of particles, They supply precise Information on the particles' charges,' velocity nnd direction. That Is just what he counter docs in Sputnik ttt Sen, MeCklliit 911 Union'! Pudgt Lilt ft«Hon«t k tAP) has L. .MtiCIellaH tfMfkJ efi ,H§ f & Ihd NaiidHal As°sH. bf ractutiirs fcfaafrgsd yesterday., jftdbeft A. Price of St. LouJsV AM reglohnl managers declared,- -^ "they tlhe APt-CtO) have dV, ,3j elded that Sen. Medleiaft li lirt»,,/ 4 fi| fit nnd they are goltijj id thrown 3? money ifi here to Iry ta' defdat tfvi'i him." , ;% s Price, iuldfcssintf Din .Lllllfi, *'••$ Roek Engineers Club, said Ihe >'?i& AFL-CfO was o p p b s e d til J ,'M McClellan because of the &t'pd< JS stires of his Senate flackets Cdrt mtilec unions, ends In 1M1. In its Investigations' of " present (Hear ,ldftti Toylor & Jordan USED CARS ,*-, And — •ODY SHOP 210 S. Hatef Phone 74628 Orvllle Taylor • John Bill Jordan Black Golf Leather... Youll love the way it looks ... there's nothing smarter ... wit}) all of fashion's excitement in the ^aMftt || flattering, flowing lines. Youll Jove its heavenly fit • f " and feeling, too. It's a Kcd Cross Shoe. FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where" Good,Shoes are 'Fitted Correctly , 113 E, 2nd Corbln'Foster 'Phone 7-2700 pndwl In to •tofwtr •!• Ttt tawhw IMft««f ftW (tut '&% wn The A. B.C. Symbol, . „ Peai- Dorothy Pix: I'm s girl of }B and so board (sic) that I'm at the end of 'my rope. Wfe is so dull. J can't flncj anything interesting, Is there pomeVMng } can, do for my ail* mentV ^- "B.oavd" > Pear pjrl; Prpbsbjy yoy mean you're bored stiff as a board, What you really are is just ^lain J8?y. Ever Mpd. studying? Begin Wjth spelling, There's nothing like a. gqpcj session with. b,poks to loosen the <j?j-ajn eeljs, fpjjow up with a bvisH \volK to Jopsgn. the J was yery interested in. ;| regent JPtter from 8 bride wjjgse husband w,a? interested, m nsttwi except rod?- I jyio.w what shg means, JTiy tethers wp'rij in Jh,e sa.m.e 904 wjjen. ihey £9me home ali toey sw dis^ss js S^QB until Jl*<? suWejrt Js gJefcentog JP ths IPSt P| «s, Tfte JiujfeaM of this JJU'i sbftUtSl ,§iP> Jhig'-'Wifc more his • tetefey Jie |rt h ^ The right to purchase or refrain from , purchasing this publication gives you, the ' reader, and no one else the power to pass judgment on whether •r E O it shall continue '" " ^ to survive, This symbol represents the standards by which your voluntary response is measured. It testifies to the advertising value of this publication* It also serves as a constant guide to our readers' opinion, -U.'i \&tM , '- \, i / a • A ji ; - tj V'« u-j ^• 8 S'V?,£'^ HAL L IVIAKK Olr ClhtCUL AVION

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