Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 27, 1958 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1958
Page 7
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foore Little Rock Students Bock in School LifTLfc fiodtf, Ai-k. ( ; expanding pMVafg school prepared today Id admit attolher g'^'P of Little Hock's displaced while high school students. Orientation progrfeitis toetd Scheduled foF abtjift 230 jiiflidfs 6rt- foiled With the Lilild Kodie PriVSli* SdHool doffr afid fof abtiut 350 slitc'enls—sophoffioi'es, juniors afirJ seiilors^-Who Will attend a ttdtf Baptist High §<>hool. glasses fuf them will begifi Tuesday", *rH6 corporation school Was h?> gartizcd as the principal feplaee« fnafil fof Jhe three white pltbtte hifh schools closed by dov, Ofval i'aubllS to aVoid eotlft-ofdofed in» legi-atioh, it began classes for 256 seniors Tuesday and esipedtg td g(M its pi'ograrri ih full operation Nov. 8 with the stall of classes lot 1 sophofnores. The Baptist High School and several Interim church schools were set up to take care of Hits overflow. 8 0 private school has been t>s» ilished for Negro students, whose public high schools also was closed. ' Tlie governor's "closing .order .last, month left a total of 3,693 high school students-without''class- rooms. However, -many- 'of them fotitid other way's to continue thetr studies. ' ' • . Some have f left :the : state. Several hundred white students and aboiit 200 Negroes'have trans- 1'c'Acd to nearby 'county <schoois, Some 350 have undertaken correspondence courses. ft A'l Military Matters thlfiks &H H Military ti exist tZBlbliesl WTbfigUfd - (eemb, fatm) if Total 36Th6r(5Ughfafe 32 Staid S Luting leiieral 5 Operatic io!3 w h?uui 6 N6l lOBikiHg 1? PlUhdefed 18 Sphere of action 23 Organs of smell S4 festive ' 25 tigg'shnped 26 Monkihg birds If 0iei Tumi* S? Shihy colton fabnd 28 ShoshoneaH Ihciiahs §S AHciehl pei-sian 81 Ideni Stale S3 Sofd 38 fancy 40 Metric- measure 41 a*» uhlfoffft 42 Possess 43 Wdf god 6f dteece 44 AhgefS 46 Awry 4? What aViat&M dd 46 Chihesd «—• Wars SO Cliest bohe Henley Wants Out of Cases <jn Integration »ARRISON, Ark. (AP) — J. Smith Henley, newly appointed interim -judge for the Eastern District of Arkansas, prefers 'not to handle cases, ^stemming fr'om 'the Little Rock -ihtegra'tipn disputed Henley revealed , yesterday! 'he will make a special -request- -that he^not be assigned to 1 such cases.' President Eisenhower gave' the 41-vcar-old Henley, -a 'former 'resi- dtllt of Harrison, the interim a,p-'. pointmenl SnturdEjr. ' Henley said he doubted • if anyone coming directly frdrri the' Justice Department, as he did, J-hould be assigned to integration cases; •, " "However," ho gadded, '.""I'll So to work anywhere'' I am'' need-' ed." ' • -- ,'v;,, - - ;;.." The judge-appointee^ .'a^Repiib Jioan, has been .director 'ofiVth Jrf lice .Department's 1 " Office"." o Legal Procedure, a divjsion.,of/thp Office of Legal. Counsel, \}pl;,'Awo years, ,, » , 4 ' *' - HeVjs.a*. brother of Arkansas GOP ^Chairman Ben Henley of Harrison,'" . . „ Henley emphasized, 'he took no part 'at all in the Little -Rock ca(?e du'ring his -association with the Justice Department; : He said he would make his request' to'-be ex- c;^ed from hearing- -integration matters , to Chief Judge 'Archibald K, Gardner of the .'Eighth U.' S. Circuit Court of 'Appeals' at 'St. ' ' tt Altitude (ab.) »7Cohdition II Clamping 40 Hurried 41 Biblical tribe republic .4SStribUi 41 Amount behind et Also 62 Swerve 63 Followers 64 Light brown 55 Essential . "fcelng 56 Insects, 57 W6rk unit '" '"'DOWN : 1 Polynesian ' • cloth It 10 II 18 t.M. RH. U.S. I'll. Ofl. (f> 195B b; HE* £mlc«, Inc. "Your plan isn't practical! I borrow money to consolidate my bills and now the payments , t , are more than I earn!" '"'* PLASH GORDON THIS fTeWD^CTVL THM"S . (30T (3ur PISTRESSEP... ARE V«tJRE WF C/XN \ A Lit ILE RIP OP )M T,' B61CHA/ '•••yL-<t*«i •* •• .v » AULfcV PIE Br Nadlne S^.tier By Kate Oionn . , ,., , Henley said he": 'hoped , to 'be sworn in during the next. few days so he can "start 1 ' taking csr,e-,. of Eapterrj 'D^tript Nitliatlgn, 4 .There is a -heavy^'backlog^of "case? 'ir» 'the district, 'which- has '.been \vHh- out a" regular judge l since- Judge Thomas C. Trjmb'le of Lonoke quit more than 18 months ' , , , Hen]ey coujd " be' sworn in by Judge Johr,' E, Millej- pf the \Vept- tern District of Arkansas, Judge Miller . holds • eoiirj. at " Harrison several days this wepK, 'BlU Henley declined to say just what details wJH be worked out on the geremoiiy, * '•*.•. ;- • fje gflid he plans 'tp' go'' to Little" Rook to study the Eastern Pivi- sion dpcket aftej- taking the oath, '^ie flippojnl.ee would not specr ulate pbout whether, thp, woujcj con/ij'rn him to U)e judgeshj)?, I ROACH - HUGHES .IMSUMNSg AM*f * flrtJ.filft A Qliu ffi 1958 ty NEA S.rrlc., l T.M. Reg.'U.S. Pit Oil.' "I Wifio excited about<6eirig,-asked to the "Junior Hop , -//••- ^"th'at-l forgot to-ask^'wh6'was calling!" " ± <»/ ',; ' * „,.,. J , . f.M. «(J. V.9. PH. OH. © 19S8 b> NEA SiMce, )n«. APT6R WU REPORTED THE CASE AT TWO DAYS ALL CITI63 Wette ALBRT60 1 . 6VBMTH6 ATOPIES HA.VB TURWEO UP NO ^FORMATION! vr-tt-»C( NP WE'VE WOiMED FOR FORTY MILES LON6 THE COAdr NEW<6fiT TH6 IftLAMOi ONLY A SMALL BOAT WOULD 66 ART TO 6TOP THEfcEi BUT WB PtfUNp NONB THAf 66&NJ THAT FAR ' WHAT ABOUT THESE \ A FEW west of- ir?) MEN HAVE BBBW MlflHT TH6 NATIVES J SBEN (JgAR TH6 THAT FA*? 57 CO«AL RBtFj AWD _ TH& YUCATAM PORT Of 1 SISAL, POLICE HAve NO NEW6 Of- THE MISS IMG BOV THE NBW5PAP6MI CAPTAIN EASY . I WANT TO > GET MV NIGHT CREAM '*'! thought I'd give them a break—1 slipped in some cartoon movies 1'* "!" , r ;,-." SIDF G«.AMCFS ;.;;/ By G«lbrai»hVv" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Aeour THE Mep^ SIGHT OF A CAPET CopfS THAT L SUESS ITS'.TMET' BRISK /VVLITAR^ MAMMER. Of WALK- THE FINE POSTURF — AH/YES' g F-r-I HAP A <300D WIFE AM' HUP. FOUP. I ^ ^i* >. *j ixj' iW f^'?vr^K :.f>.''•?.'•./•«-"x\ M/U !>(,y a^ »^f ,'l/j •' i ,-•1 %' I *" '* f © 1SS8 by NE* Etrylti, Inc. A«siD HER BUODIEb TRY COUNTINC3- PRISCILLAI! THAT WORKS! OUT OUR WAY J, H Wiflian* "In my •"%-5'n't 1 work a nest fpr m&r» YOU GIVE" WINTHROP PARTlNVOfJ PUY EVERY AW, TELL HER VUF WERE TAKIN' VOUTO .VPB TEAtHER, J5fe ( fs~jr3 v .O! SKMSsTirir*^ NOW J ( VPU'P HAPTA BE UOOK / WHV YOU SURE TORE. OM CPMIN)' -THE P0CTORVOU /y\EMev /^iwrmTTAWKpn i WHEW OKAY ., COUNT THBTOOCH CROWOlMS HAE AMY AMOTHEK 5 EV&RY TIMS He THATA ^eCRETl WALKS TILI ER A I ATTU , /I' foKSls MV PRNATB JWi rrsnnvc

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